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00:01 * richard -> lunch
00:40 moodaepo @wunder 56001
00:40 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is 12.3�C (7:40 PM CDT on May 13, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Pressure: 29.93 in 1013.4 hPa (Rising).
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03:18 kmkale Good morning all
03:18 chris hi kmkale
03:18 kmkale hi chris
03:22 kmkale chris: is it correct to put a copyright notice at the bottom of Koha OPAC with the library as the the holder?
03:22 kmkale somehow I feel its wrong
03:22 chris you could do both
03:22 chris copyright library and koha development team
03:22 chris something like that
03:23 chris but yeah its kinda misleading to put just the library
03:23 kmkale I should talk to the trustees about this
03:23 chris undoubtedly some of hte text on the page is theirs
03:23 chris but some is definitely written by otheres
03:24 chris -e
03:24 kmkale yes but it implies that the web app is designed and copyrighted by the library
03:24 chris *nod*
03:24 kmkale gotta run. see you later. have a nice day
03:25 robin is there a need to put a copyright notice there at all? To me they usually are just visual noise when used unnecessarily.
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03:45 Amit_G heya chris
03:46 chris hi Amit_G
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04:47 jo hi all
04:47 jo can anyone point me to a list of fields in the borrowers database from which I can select compulsory fields in patron setup
04:49 Amit_G heya jo
04:50 jo Hia Amit
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06:22 Amit_G heya nicomo
06:23 nicomo hi Amit_G
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06:33 hdl hi all
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07:18 kf good morning all
07:20 chris hi kf
07:20 kf fredericd: around?
07:20 kf hi chris
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07:33 Filippo Hi
07:34 Filippo I've just succeded, ... I hope in installing Koha on my Red Hat server, but I cannot find a way to start it...
07:35 Filippo I have installed the "dev" version and under the installation directory I have now 6 sub-folders: bin, doc, etc, man, misc, var
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07:37 Filippo I do not know hot to proceed to start Koha with my Apache (publishing folder of Apache is /var/www/html)
07:38 Filippo Can anyone help me starting Koha...?
07:43 fredericd kf: yes
07:45 Filippo Do you know a guide to follow to start Koha, or some simple command to make it start?
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07:47 fredericd Filippo: Koha is not a PHP application. Its installation process is more complex. Read in details the installation notes in koha root directory
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07:50 kf fredericd: hi :)
07:51 kf fredericd: I saw you cc-ed my bug report about javascript error messages - I tried to make a message in the js directory translatable yesterday and I noticed that most of the messages were formatted correctly but not in po. is the js file included for translation?
07:53 fredericd kf: It should and it certainly was.
07:54 kf ok, I was testing on my laptop yesterday, I can check in my test installation here again. file a bug if the files are not translated?
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07:54 fredericd yes. Do you recreate .po files yourself or do you work exclusively with pootle?
07:57 kf I update them and upload to pootle
07:57 kf upload to pootle from time to time, updated them yesterday to test my changes to the template fles
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07:59 fredericd Do you remember is .js files texts were ever available in .po files?
07:59 kf Im really not sure
08:00 kf I do a lot of translation work but its difficult to tell. I started this project because my colleagues and the library were complaining about the english error messages
08:00 fredericd It's possible that javascript were translatable when available in .tmpl files but not for .js files texts.
08:01 kf most of the template files are ok, I checked a lot of them yesterday
08:02 kf I want to get rid of line breaks in translation strings, pootle adds an additional \ so you get  \\n. Pootle shows \n in web interface, but after downloading its  \\n
08:04 fredericd kf: This is another story. You should file two separate bugs.
08:05 kf I will add another bug for the \n-case
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08:07 kf I checked in my test installation - the js files are not translated - an example is koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/de-DE/js/member.js
08:10 kf I m reporting it as bug now
08:12 kmkale kf: just for my knowledge what tools and process do you use for translation? is there some way of automating it by using a dictionary etc?
08:12 kf fredericd: assign the bug to you? default assignee is still chris
08:13 fredericd kf: yes, please, and CC to Chris
08:13 kf kmkale: I use pootle and poedit, no automation.
08:14 fredericd I can confirm that .js files were never translatable
08:14 kf ah ok, so mark as enhancementß
08:14 kmkale ok. Thats what I am doing. But very slow going
08:15 kf kmkale: not sure automation can really work here.
08:15 kmkale I can hope and ask cant I? ;)
08:18 kf kmkale: I can understand the wish for automation very well :)
08:19 kmkale :)
08:19 kf bug 4503
08:19 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4503 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Javascript files in js directory are not translated
08:19 kf hm should be directories... *sigh*
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09:28 kf closing bugs is fun :)
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10:32 kf hm, can someone tell why this does not work?
10:32 kf hinzufügen
10:32 kf sorry, this: <input type="submit" name="submit" class="icon delete cancel" value="Cancel" onclick="return confirmDelete(_("Are you sure you want to cancel this hold?"));" /></form>
10:32 kf the button works, but translation not
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11:04 chris hi nengard
11:04 nengard howdy
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11:08 gmcharlt good morning
11:08 chris_n g'morning
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11:13 chris hi gmcharlt  and chris_n
11:16 paul_p hi chris & gmcharlt & chris_n & nengard & al
11:16 nengard hello all
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11:24 paul_p why Philippe Chabanon join BibLibre :[…]-rejoins-biblibre
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11:27 chris reading now
11:33 kmkale yikes suddenly the mailbox is crawling with bugs
11:33 * paul_p heads to nimes server to update their setup with the 2nd iteration of their migration...
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12:05 nengard this sucks royally:   can we change KohaCon to this month?? :)
12:09 chilts wow, that's not a bad deal
12:09 chilts just come over anyway :)
12:11 nengard hehe
12:17 kf my mailbox exceeded limit?
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12:41 kmkale gmcharlt: re minimum version of Perl required to 5.8.2 I can verify make test failed on two separate machines with perl 5.8.8 both machines. On both machines I had tried pulling fron as well as
12:42 gmcharlt kmkale: well, that may or may not mean a problem with the test suite or with the version of Perl
12:42 gmcharlt would need more information to determine if 5.8.8 is a better value for the minimum required version
12:42 kmkale make test ran with perl 5.10.1
12:43 kmkale gmcharlt: I am saying oit fails with 5.8.8 so its not sutaible
12:43 kmkale -oit +it
12:43 gmcharlt and I'm saying that's not enough information - we would need to know *why* the test suite fails
12:44 kmkale humm. I had pasted it that day here and discussed with chris_n. he suggested I try newer version of perl and it worked
12:44 kmkale dunno if we can retrieve that paste of make test errors
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12:47 kf another translation problem :) confirmation messages in opac are not translated, can someone see what the problem is?
12:47 kf <input type="submit" name="submit" class="icon delete cancel" value="Cancel" onclick="return confirmDelete(_('Are you sure you want to cancel this hold?'));"
12:51 hdl seems that two pages are using perl 5.10
12:51 hdl given when
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12:56 kmkale make test "Error:  "MarkIssueReturned" is not exported by the C4::Circulation module"
12:56 gmcharlt hdl: which pages?
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12:56 jdavidb howdy, #koha.
12:57 sekjal morning, jdavidb
12:58 kf morning jdavidb
12:58 hdl gmcharlt:
12:58 hdl uses Switch
12:59 hdl the second is
12:59 hdl +if (C4::Context->userenv){
12:59 hdl +    $template->param( branchloop => GetBranchesLoop(C4::Contex​t->userenv->{'branch'}));
12:59 hdl +}
12:59 hdl +else {
12:59 hdl +    $template->param( branchloop => GetBranchesLoop());
12:59 hdl +}
12:59 hdl Should take that.
13:00 gmcharlt hdl: Switch is a core module in 5.8.8
13:01 gmcharlt I'm also missing why that snippet of would require 5.10
13:03 gmcharlt bumping up the minimum version to 5.8.8 seems reasonable to me, and I'm not necessarily opposed to going as high as 5.10, but the latter woudl have to be proposed and discussed on koha-devel
13:04 hdl gmcharlt: no doesnot require 5.10
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13:34 ccurry Hello all.  I'm having trouble getting the script to automate.  I logged in as koha and typed crontab -e, saved and was informed that a new crontab had been installed.  I ran the script manually as koha and it worked perfectly.  Here is my crontab: & here is my syslog: "May 14 03:00:01 eucalyptus /USR/SBIN/CRON[18532]: (koha) CMD (perl...
13:34 ccurry .../usr/local/src/kohaclone/mis​c/cronjobs/ -v --sessions --zebraqueue 10>>/var/log/koha/cleanup_database.log)"  Anyone know why I still have rows in my zebra queue table older than 10 days?
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13:53 hdl ccurry: --zebraqueue 10 >>/var/log....
13:53 hdl 10>> is not correct
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14:14 ccurry hdl: the ">>" part specifically?  I tried it with the command ending at "10" and I added ">>/var/log/koha/cleanup_database.log" so I could see the output.  No output is being created, of course.
14:15 ccurry I created the log file, of course.
14:15 ccurry I wanted it to continue to log the activity, rather than overwrite the file every time, hence the ">>"
14:16 ccurry hdl: sorry for the delayed response.  I was away from my desk.
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14:18 gmcharlt ccurry: there needs to be a space
14:18 gmcharlt 10 >>
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14:24 ccurry gmcharlt: ah...but this doesn't explain why the command didn't run when I wasn't using the logging.  Can you tell if I missed anything else in the cron setup?
14:26 ccurry Thanks, btw, gmcharlt & hdl.  I have thick head today, I guess.
14:28 gmcharlt[…]st/280054428.html
14:39 chris_n *grumble*
14:39 paul_p chris_n what kind of grumble ?
14:40 * paul_p can't decide how to understand this blog post...
14:41 wizzyrea we're in disarray, apparently
14:41 paul_p wizzyrea, you're disarrayed too ?
14:42 * paul_p thought it was my english...
14:42 wizzyrea some people would contend that I'm always in disarray ;)
14:42 wizzyrea disarray = mess
14:42 wizzyrea afk a minute
14:43 chris_n paul_p: a grumble at those who seem to know exactly what our problem is and what we should do, but are in no other way involved
14:44 paul_p so you think he's wrong blogging this ?
14:44 nengard thanks gmcharlt i have commented
14:45 nengard paul_p I only think one point is wrong - and that's the 'disarray' part
14:45 chris_n I think it is yet another opinion which appears to me to lend credence to the ptfs koha vs community koha thought
14:45 nengard as I stated in my comment
14:46 * chris_n wonders if it would help mitigate this thought by having every vendor do a Vendor-X koha release
14:47 nengard chris_n the problem is with the word 'release'
14:47 nengard we have a 'release manager' for a reason
14:47 nengard I liked gmcharlt's post
14:47 nengard on that topic
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14:50 libtek Wondering if anyone knows how to resolve koha installation issue.  I'm at the end of building Koha 3, and the last line in ubuntu fails.  I type "sudo -u koha zebrasrv -f /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml &", and I get the message "sudo: zebrasrv?: command not found".  Any ideas what to do?
14:50 wizzyrea or we could define a set of rules: only posted on your site, never labeled as an official release
14:51 wizzyrea can you do a which zebrasrv?
14:51 chris_n only if there is a whole herd of them :)
14:51 wizzyrea you probably need the full path, since your koha user probably doesn't have default paths defined
14:52 libtek wizzyrea: I'm still new to ubuntu and koha.  Can you explain?
14:53 wizzyrea well
14:53 wizzyrea what that command does
14:53 bgkriegel libtek: what version of ubuntu?
14:53 libtek wizzrea: I'm having trouble even finding where zebrasrv is
14:53 libtek wizzrea: 9.10
14:54 chris_n libtek: you can also do: 'sudo updatedb' and then 'locate zebrasrv'
14:55 wizzyrea is says "substitute user Koha wants to run zebrasrv"
14:55 wizzyrea but apparently user koha doesn't know where zebrasrv is
14:56 wizzyrea so do what chris said
14:56 wizzyrea sudo updatedb
14:56 wizzyrea locate zebrasrv
14:56 bgkriegel libtek: is zebra zebra? on Ubuntu 9.10 do "sudo apt-get install idzebra-2.0"
14:56 bgkriegel sorry, is zebra installed?
14:59 libtek According to my instructions, I entered "sudo aptitude install yaz idzebra idzebra-2.0-doc".  When I enter "locate zebrasrv" I get "/usr/share/doc/idzebra-2.0-d​oc/idzebra-2.0/zebrasrv.html"
15:02 chris_n libtek: zebra is not installed in that case I think
15:02 chris_n you need to do what bgkriegel said
15:02 libtek Okay.  I'll give that a try
15:02 bgkriegel libtek: the virtual package is idezebra-2.0, if you do apt-get install idzebra you got an error message
15:05 chris_n libtek: to head off another potential issue: you should *not* run the zebraqueue daemon
15:06 libtek Thanks for the heads up on that.  I am trying the install with idzebra-2.0 rather than just idzebra.  So far, looks good.
15:07 bgkriegel chris_n: why not run zebraqueue?
15:07 libtek That worked.  It's working on it now.  Thank you everyone for your help!
15:09 chris_n bgkriegel: it has been deprecated due to memory leaks
15:09 chris_n the current recommendation is a cronjob using
15:10 bgkriegel Ok then, this info must be updated on the READMEs
15:11 bgkriegel I have zebraqueue running and a cronjob to rebuild..
15:15 paul_p hey, seems I missed what nengard pointed (in roy blog post) : there is no disarray in koha community. Just a fork, and the forker having !
15:15 wizzyrea hehe forker
15:15 wizzyrea hey forker, give us back our domain!
15:16 * wizzyrea giggles... that's terribly inappropriate
15:16 chris_n forker it over... now
15:16 wizzyrea chris_n:
15:17 wizzyrea this is a very slippery slope, leading to uncontrollable giggling
15:17 chris_n and its friday too
15:18 wizzyrea oh, right, I forgot
15:18 wizzyrea all bets are off in that case
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15:59 kf jacmins: around?
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16:08 jcamins kf: Sorry about the delay. I was bumped and didn't notice. But, yes (assuming you mean jcamins...).
16:09 kf jcamins: yes :) I finally started work on xslt today, I added a bug 4506
16:09 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4506 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Add support of record linking by record control number in $w
16:10 kf jcamins: I saw your bug about analytics and printed the paper, will read at the weekend, but I think it touches the same things
16:11 kf ok, time for weekend now :) bye koha!
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16:13 chris_n gmcharlt, hdl: re: code using switch... switch is deprecated in 5.10 so we should probably re-factor code that uses it (in 3.4 at least)
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16:22 nengard is now known as nengard_lunch
16:22 jdavidb a flashmob of wizzyreas?  Wait, there's more than one?
16:24 gmcharlt chris_n: seems to imply that Switch is a core module for 5.12
16:24 chris_n gmcharlt:[…]html#Deprecations
16:25 chris_n especially this: "Switch is buggy and should be avoided. You may find Perl's new given /when  feature a suitable replacement. See "Switch statements" in perlsyn for more information."
16:25 gmcharlt ah, ok
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16:29 chris_n heya Colin
16:30 Colin Hi
16:30 wizzyrea_mob omg
16:30 wizzyrea_mob so many of me
16:30 wizzyrea_mob I'm getting confused!
16:31 gmcharlt wizzyrea_mob: just don't start arguing with yourself
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16:31 * jdavidb thinks extra wizzyreas would be a good thing to have around.
16:32 wizzyrea_mob gmcharlt: yea, I agree, that would probably be ugly for all involved
16:33 * wizzyrea_mob is feeling a bit like nemo's dad inside the whale these days
16:43 paul_p git moved to Only ML need to be moved now isn't it ? we (BibLibre) will try to work on that next week
16:46 paul_p bye world. Time for week-end for frenchies !
16:46 paul_p see you on monday
16:47 wizzyrea_mob bye paul_p
16:47 paul_p one of our server just started running a 1 200 000 items migration !
16:48 chris_n bye paul_p
16:49 wizzyrea_mob well when sean gets here, we should shower him with hugs.
16:49 * wizzyrea_mob hugs jdavidb and jwagner
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16:49 nengard_lunch is now known as nengard
16:49 nengard hehe
16:50 jdavidb :)  thanks, Liz.
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16:50 jdavidb dbirmingham and cfouts and I all think Sean is pretty great!  He's certainly cut out a lot of the chaos that was our lives in development.
16:51 wizzyrea_mob we should get them in here too :)
16:51 wizzyrea_mob I have lots of hugs to hand out.
16:52 jdavidb I keep trying.  dbirmingham is my office-mate, so he at least knows what's going on.
16:55 * wizzyrea_mob is impressed by the size of paul_p's migration
16:55 joetho size matters
16:55 wizzyrea_mob oh hi joetho
16:56 wizzyrea_mob NExpress isn't quite to 1 million yet
16:56 wizzyrea_mob 650k
16:56 joetho <--440k
16:56 joetho a consortium-wide inventory would probably reduce that somewhat
16:57 joetho like HALF
16:58 wizzyrea_mob !!
16:58 nengard waasn't there another library with 1million?
16:58 nengard a few years ago - i thought chris was telling me about one
16:59 gmcharlt technically speaking, is essentially a Koha database with 30 million bibs
16:59 gmcharlt no circulation transactions in it, of course
17:00 nengard nope it's not biblios - it was some government library - i thought -but i might just be creating false memories :)
17:02 libtek Okay.  I'm stuck again.  On my Koha/Ubuntu install, I am trying to browse the apache server (http://[servername]:8080/) to answer some questions for the install.  I just get a "The webpage cannot be found" error.  Anyone have any ideas?
17:04 wizzyrea_mob have you restarted apache?
17:05 wizzyrea_mob apache2ctl restart
17:09 libtek Yes.  I tried both "sudo apache2ctl restart" and "sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart"
17:11 wizzyrea_mob that's not the actual name of the server?
17:11 wizzyrea_mob you're not actually trying to browse to http://[servername]:8080/
17:11 wizzyrea_mob you are substituting your server name for [servername] right?
17:11 libtek I can get the default "It works!" page if I don't add the port 8080, but since then I've disabled that default site and ensured that the koha site was enabled.
17:12 wizzyrea_mob ok, it sounds like your virtual hosts are messed up
17:12 libtek I am not typing [servername].  I am at my computer in the browser and I actually am typing the IP address for that server.
17:13 wizzyrea_mob k good, sorry I know that sounds like a condescending question, it wasn't meant to be
17:13 wizzyrea_mob we get all skill levels here :)
17:14 jdavidb oooo...sean just asked me for the URL to get here!
17:14 wizzyrea_mob[…]z&channel=%23koha
17:14 libtek that's ok
17:15 wizzyrea_mob if I were at my normal computer, libtek, I could probalby help you more
17:15 wizzyrea_mob :/
17:16 chris_n libtek: can you paste your koha-httpd.conf to
17:18 libtek I've never used that before.  I'm not sure how to get the file off the ubuntu server.  I am really green with ubuntu.  I'd copy it to a flash drive if I knew how, or I'd do it straight from the server if I knew how.  Sorry.  It's rough starting out.
17:19 chris_n np, do you have ssh access to the server?
17:19 libtek No clue.  :/
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17:20 chris_n one step back then: how did you get koha installed?
17:20 smcintyre Hello everyone!
17:20 * jdavidb proudly introduces his boss, smcintyre, to his friends and colleagues in #koha.
17:20 chris_n heya smcintyre
17:20 * wizzyrea_mob waves
17:20 collum hi smcintyre
17:21 Colin Hi Sean
17:21 smcintyre waves back to everyone
17:21 * wizzyrea_mob would hug you, but we just met
17:21 jdavidb Would I be out of line calling for Roll Call, so Sean knows where you're from and all?
17:21 libtek chris_n: I am following the instructions via​_3_install_guide_ubuntu_hardy.
17:21 smcintyre smiles
17:22 * wizzyrea_mob <- Liz Rea, NEKLS
17:22 smcintyre hi Liz
17:22 smcintyre always happy to meet a customer
17:22 chris_n libtek: you might want to read up on setting up openssh-server on your ubuntu box
17:22 wizzyrea_mob :)
17:22 wizzyrea_mob libtek: apt-get install ssh should do it :P
17:22 chris_n libtek: that will make your life much easier
17:23 * collum is Garry Collum, Kenton County Public Library, kibitzing atm
17:23 smcintyre hi Garry
17:23 chris_n libtek: if your desktop is windows, you can use putty to connect to your server
17:23 chris_n libtek: if it's *nix, then just ssh
17:24 chris_n chris_n: as wizzyrea_mob says, its probably a problem with your virtual host setup
17:24 smcintyre Let me apologize in advance to the LibLime customers, I am not familiar with all of our customers, so I may not recognize you as such, you may need to remind me...
17:24 chris_n but we'd need to see koha-httpd.conf to be of much help
17:25 libtek okay, I just "sudo apt-get install ssh".   Looks like it did its thing.
17:25 libtek now I need putty on my computer?
17:25 wizzyrea_mob
17:26 chris_n
17:26 chris_n heh
17:26 chris_n libtek: also get pscp.exe as well
17:26 sekjal hi, smcintyre. welcome!
17:26 * sekjal is Ian Walls, ByWater Solutions
17:26 smcintyre hello Ian!
17:26 chris_n and put both in your system32 folder or add the path to their location to the PATH envar
17:27 chris_n libtek: you may also want to do something like 'sudo apt-get install vim'
17:27 wizzyrea_mob yikes chris_n
17:27 gmcharlt hi smcintyre
17:27 * wizzyrea_mob would only ever suggest nano
17:27 wizzyrea_mob lol
17:27 wizzyrea_mob for a beginner :P
17:27 chris_n vim++
17:28 smcintyre hello gmcharlt
17:28 libtek got it
17:28 chris_n wizzyrea_mob: awww.... just come on in the deep end
17:28 wizzyrea_mob *beginner*
17:28 cait joined #koha
17:29 wizzyrea_mob no need to make it worse (lol)
17:29 cait hi all
17:29 wizzyrea_mob hi cait
17:29 chris hi smcintyre
17:29 chris heya cait
17:29 * jdavidb waves happily to cait, and introduces her to his boss, smcintyre, who just entered the channel a few minutes ago.
17:29 cait smcintyre: hi and welcome :)
17:30 smcintyre hi Chris
17:30 smcintyre hi cait
17:30 * cait smiles and waves back to jdavidb
17:32 libtek okay.  I have logged into the server via putty/ssh.
17:32 libtek It is saying a system restar required.
17:32 libtek restart
17:33 wizzyrea_mob that's fine
17:33 cait wizzyrea: mob?
17:33 wizzyrea_mob kind of mobile, I'm here through mibbit
17:33 chris_n == many wizzyreas
17:33 wizzyrea_mob I left my laptop at home and needed to have contact with my pals :P
17:33 wizzyrea_mob and am not at my normal computer
17:33 chris_n libtek: what type of koha install did you do? ie. standard, dev, single
17:33 cait ah, mobile. :) I had other associations
17:34 libtek I pressed enter for the default, which I believe was standard
17:35 chris_n libtek: ok, then either 'vim /etc/koha/koha-httpd.conf' or 'nano /etc/koha/koha-httpd.conf' depending on your preference
17:36 libtek chris_n: okay done
17:37 bgkriegel left #koha
17:38 chris_n libtek: select the contents of the putty screen (you may want to maximize first) then head over to and paste it in; no need to do a copy in the putty screen btw
17:42 libtek chris_n: Okay.  Do I fill out parts 1-3 and then paste it?
17:43 chris_n right
17:43 pastebot "libtek" at pasted "copy of koha-httpd.conf" (72 lines) at
17:43 bgkriegel joined #koha
17:44 libtek chris_n: Interesting tool
17:44 chris i still need to fix the fact that nat confuses it
17:44 chris but other than that, it works great
17:46 libtek chris_n: I've made no alterations to this file.  This is how it came.
17:46 chris_n libtek: so does ubuntu01 resolve to the correct ip for this box?
17:47 davi joined #koha
17:47 chris_n opps
17:48 libtek chris_n: no.  We are not involving a DNS at this point.  I am strictly testing and going by IP at this point.
17:48 chris_n libtek: we need to change the loopback address to the network interface ip
17:49 chris_n then restart apache
17:49 chris_n then try
17:50 libtek chris_n: so should I replace ubuntu01 with the IP address of the ubuntu box then, for all instances?
17:50 libtek chris_n: or localhost?
17:50 wizzyrea_mob yep
17:50 chris_n yes to both
17:50 chris_n not localhost
17:50 chris_n but also the virtualhost ip
17:50 libtek okay.  I'll do that right now.
17:51 chris_n so ServerName and VirtualHost
17:51 wizzyrea_mob then reload apache
17:51 chris_n and be sure to get the port in there for now
17:51 chris_n tag_team_tech_support++
17:51 * wizzyrea_mob high-fives chris_n
17:53 collum left #koha
17:54 libtek chris_n: The port is already listed with VirtualHost.  Should it be with ServerName too?
17:56 chris_n I believe so
17:57 libtek production mode - trapped fatal error
17:57 libtek production mode - trapped fatal error
17:57 libtek chris_n:I didn't, but it seems to work.  If I browse just the IP, I get the catalog.  :)  However, when I go to port 8080, I get this message: "
17:57 libtek Sorry, paste doesn't work here.  :/
17:58 chris_n you need to include the port on at least the ServerName entry for your 8080 instance
17:59 libtek chris_n: At least now the site is responding.  That's something.  Now, I just have to figure out why I am getting this error.
17:59 chris_n libtek: what error message are you getting?
17:59 libtek chris_n: production mode - trapped fatal error
18:00 chris the error logs will help with that
18:00 chris dollars for donuts its a missing perl module, or it cant connect to the db
18:02 libtek chris: would the logs be in the /build/koha-3.00.02/errors directory?
18:03 chris nope, the main apache2 error log will be in
18:03 chris /var/log/apache2
18:04 chris and the koha specific ones are most likely in /usr/share/koha/var/log/
18:05 libtek chris: nothing in error.log.  I will check the koha specific ones now.
18:09 libtek chris: the only directories under /usr/share/koha are bin, doc, intranet, lib, man, misc, and opac.  no var.
18:10 wizzyrea_mob left #koha
18:11 chris theres no /var/log/koha either?
18:11 chris actually your koha-httpd.conf will tell you where they are logging
18:12 chris_n libtek: looks like /var/log/koha
18:12 chris cool
18:13 chris my isn't functioning good yet, its only 6.15am so i still have the dumb
18:14 * chris_n hand chris coffee
18:14 chris_n we need to teach munin to make coffee
18:14 libtek yep, that's the one.  It is showing tons of errors.  :/  UGH!
18:15 chris_n is your friend
18:15 libtek I'll past the last attempt
18:19 pastebot "libtek" at pasted "part of koha-err_log" (26 lines) at
18:20 libtek looks like it can't find tables
18:21 chris_n libtek: did the webinstaller run without incident?
18:22 chris yeah it wont be able to until the web installer has run, you should be being directed to that on the staff interface
18:23 chris_n is that the bottom of the log?
18:24 libtek no.  Had trouble copying.  I could only copy so much at a time, then when I tried to scroll down for more, I kept loosing my place.  The lines are too similar, and hard to track when scrolling in the editors.  There is a lot more.
18:24 chris_n what are the bottom two lines?
18:25 chris_n use this 'tail /var/log/koha/koha-error_log
18:26 libtek The only issue I noted when following the instructions was when I installed libssl0.9.7.  I had to replace the i386 references with amd64 references.
18:27 pastebot "libtek" at pasted "bottom two lines of errors" (3 lines) at
18:27 chris_n and there is nothing in the /var/log/apache2/error.log file?
18:29 libtek not since we restarted the server with the correct host ips.
18:31 libtek I'm wondering if this could be because of my installing on Ubuntu 9.10, or maybe that I have perl 5.10.  There were warnings in the instructions, but I was trudging ahead since there were 9.10 instructions included.
18:31 chris_n nope
18:32 libtek strictly a db issue?
18:32 * chris_n does Koha development on 64bit Lucid
18:32 chris_n sounds like a permission problem, although I'm not sure how atm
18:34 bgkriegel left #koha
18:34 ccurry left #koha
18:35 chris_n libtek: were any perl modules noted missing when you ran Makefile.PL?
18:36 chris_n and what do the permissions look like on /usr/share/koha/intranet/cg​i-bin/installer/
18:38 libtek Not sure.  Most of that flies by so fast, it's hard to catch, or I don't know what's normal for the install.  The instructions did not that I would recieve some errors during the make test, and they could be ignored.  So, I may have just ignored what I saw as errors.
18:39 jdavidb left #koha
18:39 chris_n do this and post the result: 'ls -l /usr/share/koha/intranet/cg​i-bin/installer/'
18:39 Colin left #koha
18:40 chris_n libtek: also, what version of Koha is this? (I missed that earlier)
18:41 libtek -rwxr-xr-x 1 koha koha 18711 2009-06-03 07:24 /usr/share/koha/intranet/cg​i-bin/installer/
18:41 libtek version 3.00.02
18:42 chris_n that looks ok
18:42 libtek If there are versions of ubuntu and koha I would be better off with for beginning, I'm all for it.
18:42 chris_n so lets re-run 'perl Makefile.PL' and see if it complains about missing modules
18:43 chris_n this should work just fine
18:43 libtek ok.  I appreciate the help, by the way.  Your time has helped a lot.
18:43 libtek Let me get to the right page....
18:43 libtek okay
18:44 libtek starting it now...
18:44 chris_n glad to help
18:44 chris_n libtek: you can just accept the defaults as we will not be 'making' again
18:48 tomascohen left #koha
18:49 libtek I'm at the place where it wants the name of the user that owns the database.  I was instructed to use something other than the user name and password given in the creation of the MySQL database.  So I assume I use the same name that I used when I created the db, right?
18:49 chris_n you can just accept the defaults on this run
18:49 libtek okay
18:49 chris_n the results will have no effect on your current install
18:51 libtek I defaulted to the grs1 authorities indexing mode.  Originally I used dom as the instructions suggested.
18:51 mle joined #koha
18:51 mle : )
18:52 libtek chris_n: okay, it's done.
18:52 chris_n did it complain about missing modules?
18:52 libtek no
18:52 chris_n hmmm
18:52 chris ok, tail -f the error koha-error_log
18:52 libtek Wait
18:53 libtek reverse that
18:53 chris (dont do the make, make install etc)
18:53 * chris_n hangs on the edge of his desk
18:53 libtek Makefile.PL: Warning: prerequisite CGI::Session::Serialize::yaml 4.2 not found.
18:53 * chris_n thought that might be the case
18:53 * mle awards RP karma to chris_n : )
18:53 chris_n bingo
18:54 chris_n mle:?
18:54 mle sorryu
18:55 mle chris_n just nice image of you hanging on your desk.
18:55 chris_n ahh :)
18:55 * mle thinks that there is not enough roleplaying in chans
18:55 chris_n libtek: so we need to install that module
18:55 chris_n om
18:56 chris_n do this: 'sudo apt-get install libcgi-session-serialize-yaml-perl'
18:56 libtek ok...did I miss it somehow, or did things just change enough since the instructions that it got missed?
18:56 chris_n no, it complained the first time you ran it as well
18:57 chris_n you were probably just suffering information overload at the time ;-)
18:57 chris_n but which instructions are you using?
18:57 libtek okay, working on it.  Done
18:57 chris_n now hit the staff client and see what happens
18:58 libtek​_3_install_guide_ubuntu_hardy
18:58 libtek Radiant beams of light have decended upon your head!
18:58 libtek The form came up!
18:59 * mle is curious as why Ubuntu, but is here to learn not troll.
18:59 chris_n INSTALL.ubuntu might have been better
18:59 mle libtek: lol
18:59 chris yeah don't use that wiki anymore is a good rule of thumb
18:59 chris has more up to date info
18:59 chris_n mle: ubuntu is cousin to debian
18:59 mle : ) yes I am on Debian
18:59 chris_n debian is the platform used by most Koha developers
18:59 libtek I went to what I was lead to in my search for installation instructions.  :)
18:59 chris and yep, the INSTALL files with the tarball or in the git repo are the best bet
19:00 mle chris_n oh that is wonderful news.  :)
19:00 libtek Can you point me to a specific URL for a good install document?  Not that I ever want to have to go through this again.
19:00 libtek :)
19:01 libtek chris and chris_n, thank you SO MUCH for helping me out.  By the way, my name is Christopher.  :)  LOL
19:01 chris so is mine
19:01 chris :)
19:01 chris and so is chris_n :)
19:01 chris_n libtek: nice name
19:01 chris_n and no problem on the help
19:02 chris_n just be sure to send any great Koha code you come up with back our way :)
19:03 mle I have a lot of updates to do. but I dont want to distrub the koha install. I am looking to see if I can get Debian to just do the security updates. tips?
19:03 chris_n obviously you cannot have too many chris's ;-)
19:03 libtek Well, if we decide to go with this, I'm sure I might come up with something.  Our consortium has a year to shop around for an alternative ILS.  We are being priced out of our current situation.
19:04 chris_n libtek: well, you see just how much installation support costs :)
19:04 libtek :)
19:04 chris_n I'm not sure you can get priced out of that one
19:05 * chris_n has to get back to labeling a new set of DLT tapes
19:05 mle apt-get upgrade -s shows two held back packages. : /   pazpar2 yaz
19:05 libtek Thanks again!
19:05 mle enjoy the labeling :)
19:06 libtek left #koha
19:07 libtek joined #koha
19:07 mle left #koha
19:08 libtek chris_n: one last question.  If I want to change the user name and password from kohaadmin and katikoan, where do I find those to change them?
19:08 chris koha-conf.xml
19:09 chris now those are the ones used to connect to the db
19:09 chris so you need to change that too
19:09 chris and then ... make a staff user, give it superlibrarian
19:09 chris and never log in with that user again
19:09 chris ie, you shouldnt run koha as that user .. you should make a proper user
19:10 chris_n libtek: you also have to change them in the db
19:10 chris_n opps
19:10 libtek yeah, I set up those with custom credentials when I created the mySQL db.  So, I need to make sure Koha has those credentials.
19:10 mle joined #koha
19:10 chris[…]-manual/?ch=x5468
19:11 libtek Ugh!  Getting ahead of me.  I just have to get my credentials lined up again first, then I'll work on the staff user.  When I learn how.  :)
19:12 chris its all in the manual :)
19:13 wajasu joined #koha
19:19 cait @roulette
19:19 munin cait: *click*
19:19 cait @games
19:19 munin cait: Error: "games" is not a valid command.
19:19 cait @game
19:19 munin cait: Error: "game" is not a valid command.
19:20 cait @roulette
19:20 munin *BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
19:20 * munin reloads and spins the chambers.
19:20 cait munin: ok, I get it, you dont want to play with me... *sniffs*
19:20 munin cait: Error: "ok," is not a valid command.
19:23 chris @list games
19:23 munin chris: coin, dice, eightball, monologue, and roulette
19:23 chris @eightball should i take my 3 year old son to the food show?
19:23 munin chris: You're kidding, right?
19:23 chris well played munin
19:26 mle chris I wanted to say that I liked the way you did the logbot page. neat
19:27 mle @eightball more beer
19:27 munin mle: It is possible.
19:27 mle munin: ty
19:27 munin mle: Error: "ty" is not a valid command.
19:27 mle lolo
19:27 mle @lart munin
19:27 munin mle: Error: There are no larts in my database for #koha.
19:28 mle i am sorry to hear the munin. larts are useful things
19:29 cait @eightball rain tomorrow?
19:29 munin cait: No clue.
19:30 libtek left #koha
19:30 joetho @eightball will my daughter arrive in kansas by midnite?
19:30 munin joetho: Obviously.
19:30 joetho whoa
19:30 joetho she is driving from San ANtonio
19:31 joetho thru austin
19:31 joetho thru dallas
19:31 cait @eightball will I finish xslt changes next week?
19:31 munin cait: About as likely as pigs flying.
19:31 chris thats like 8 million miles or something isnt it
19:31 chris cait: he knows you too well :-)
19:31 cait munin does not like me :(
19:31 munin cait: Error: "does" is not a valid command.
19:32 cait or he just know more about next week than I do
19:32 chris :-)
19:32 joetho @eightball will my daughter stop and play on the way?
19:32 munin joetho: The answer is certainly yes.
19:33 tekonivel left #koha
19:33 tekonivel joined #koha
19:34 nengard left #koha
19:35 chris <--sekjals talk at code4lib
19:37 chris @later tell tomascohen i got your patch, will apply and then send on up to
19:37 munin chris: The operation succeeded.
19:37 cait chris: did you see the new german article about koha?
19:38 chris another one?
19:38 cait yes
19:38 chris yep, google translate didnt do a very good job on it
19:38 chris but i think it was about harley??
19:38 cait it was
19:39 cait mostly about the features
19:39 chris you saw the integration page eh?
19:39 chris[…]to-mainline-koha/
19:40 cait of course I did, you cant miss it
19:40 chris :)
19:44 sekjal hey, thanks for the link, chris!  I had forgotten the presentation was videoed
19:46 cait thank god mine was not
19:47 mle uho koha just fell over
19:48 mle seems like point release changes have still b0rked the service. sigh.
19:52 mle @eightball Should I switch to Redbull?
19:52 munin mle: It shall be.
20:04 jcamins Does anyone know... will bad things happen if I run -r -a -b without disabling cron?
20:05 cait I hope not, did that today
20:05 kyle joined #koha
20:05 jcamins Good.
20:06 jcamins Thanks.
20:07 cait jcamins: that was not an answer :)
20:07 chris cait: just sent a patch from tomas .. that adds links to the marc21 docs for each field
20:07 chris in the addbiblio screen
20:07 chris thought you might find it handy
20:07 jcamins cait: I know, but it was an indication of solidarity. :-)
20:08 cait ah ok :)
20:08 chris jcamins: should be fine, ive done it plenty
20:09 jcamins Thanks.
20:10 cait chris: not sure, my libarians will want me to translate the marc21 docs for them...
20:10 kyle_away left #koha
20:11 chris well its a link to LOC
20:11 chris so its LOC's problem :-)
20:14 libtek joined #koha
20:14 cait there is a German translation, but only pdf
20:14 libtek chris_n: Are you still there/
20:14 libtek ?
20:15 libtek chris: are you there?
20:15 chris_n back for a moment libtek
20:16 chris yeah for a little bit more before i take the kids out for the day
20:17 libtek chris_n: Everything is going great so far.  However, I have to now configure and start zebra.  The wiki info shows that I need to enter: sudo -u ${KOHA_USER} zebrasrv -f /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml.  It doesn't seem to like the -f switch.  Any suggestions?
20:18 chris_n libtek: take a look at INSTALL.ubuntu
20:19 chris_n you need to use the init.d script
20:19 libtek chris_n: You mentioned that before, but we got sidetracked.  Is this a file, or a site?
20:19 chris_n that's a file
20:20 chris_n it should be in the root of the koha install files
20:20 libtek got it.  thanks again.
20:20 chris_n same place as Makefile.PL
20:20 chris_n great
20:21 libtek no ubuntu though.  There are different distros like debian though.
20:22 chris_n[…]0663;hb=HEAD#l266
20:23 hdl left #koha
20:23 chris_n you want option #2
20:23 hdl joined #koha
20:23 libtek Okay.  Thanks once again!
20:24 chris_n you can 'locate' to find it if you need to
20:35 nengard joined #koha
20:40 chris hey nengard, hows the vomit?
20:40 chris[…]ves/3848#comments
20:40 nengard I don't know - not sure I can keep it all down
20:41 nengard in between the laughing
20:42 nengard I write an honest piece about my feelings and that's the kind of reply I get - I don't think I've ever had such a childish response and I've written some pretty nasty things over the years ....
20:42 chris it was fairly low
20:42 chris_n nice IT footwork nengard
20:43 nengard :) thanks
20:43 chris_n ip tells it all
20:43 mle yay. its not b0rked.  :)
20:43 chris_n whoever the poster really is just added more to their list of woes
20:44 nengard and list of areas of tech to learn more about - open source and now privacy on the web
20:44 chris_n lol
20:45 chris well, if you post on someones personal blog ... you have to realise that that blog software tells them your ip
20:45 nengard unless you've never used a blog ....
20:45 nengard or paid attention - I'm sure I know some people with blogs who never noticed that the IP was kept
20:46 nengard hubby is home - must share with him ... be back shortly
20:46 jcamins Or don't realize that it's trivial to trace an IP.
20:46 jcamins Have a good weekend, #koha
20:46 jcamins left #koha
20:47 hdl hi there.
20:48 cait hi hdl
20:48 wizzyrea hey hdl
20:49 hdl hi wizzyrea
20:49 sekjal left #koha
20:49 chris poor smcintyre, what unfortunate timing
20:50 hdl I think I will may release the 3.0.6 tonight if I can get the xslt stuff fixed for 3.0
20:50 libtek update-rc.d: /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon: file does not exist
20:50 chris w00t
20:50 chris thats awesome news hdl
20:50 chris_n hdl++
20:50 joetho post the IP
20:50 joetho post the IP
20:50 gmcharlt hdl++
20:50 joetho post the IP
20:50 chris_n joetho++
20:50 mle nengard: chris: lol ty. lots to learn about all this. useful intro.
20:50 hdl Where should I post releas notes and download package ?
20:51 joetho although, to smile and move on is a far better thing
20:51 gmcharlt hdl: cfouts is still accepting requests, but I also suggest uploading it to savannah as well
20:51 nengard wasn't hubby was mommy - had to try and explain IP addresses to her :)
20:51 chris hehe
20:51 chris_n lol
20:51 wizzyrea and I can get you rights to edit the download page on
20:51 libtek chris_n: update-rc.d: /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon: file does not exist / I do see koha-zebra-daemon in /etc/init.d/
20:51 wizzyrea which I think you should have anyway...
20:52 hdl gmcharlt: are the 3.2 tarballs on savannah ?
20:52 chris_n libtek: update-rc.d koha-zebra-daemon
20:52 chris hdl: i can put it on ohloh too
20:52 chris_n iirc
20:52 gmcharlt hdl: not yet - when I released the second alpha, for some reason it was taking a while to accept the SSH key I had just added
20:52 gmcharlt i'll try again
20:53 gmcharlt hmm, no, still doesn't like my key
20:54 libtek chris_n: sorry, should I not do the sudo or defaults?
20:54 wizzyrea hdl: you can edit the download page at
20:54 wizzyrea when you're ready
20:54 libtek Anyone know where I can find man 8 chkconfig?
20:54 hdl good.
20:57 wajasu i had done a migration of a non-marc library database to koha.  i am seeing some umlaut characters in personal names as <U+ff0c>.  So when I built my marc records and streamed them out as marc records, I might have needed to do some conversion.
20:57 wizzyrea nengard, the manual has a section on the OPAC, right?
20:57 wajasu any ideas on how i should proceed to clean them up?
20:58 wizzyrea i'm looking at
20:58 wizzyrea and wondering what we should put "For Users"
20:58 wizzyrea and by users I think I mean "patrons"
20:58 wajasu libtek: google worked :)
20:58 chris you mean borrowers? :)
20:58 chris_n libtek: man chkconfig
20:58 wizzyrea maybe I mean "members"
20:59 cait no, you mean 'benutzer' ;)
20:59 wizzyrea um... people who use the library?
20:59 chris :)
20:59 chris_n libtek: sudo update-rc.d koha-zebra-daemon defaults is right
20:59 wizzyrea how about
20:59 wizzyrea "My library uses Koha"
20:59 smcintyre thanks for the nice welcome everyone, enjoy your weekends!  Off to camp with the Cub Scouts...
20:59 wizzyrea ooh, fun
20:59 chris ohh awesome
20:59 wizzyrea we'll talk to you next week man, have a great weekend
20:59 smcintyre thanks, u2
20:59 chris_n ttyl smcintyre
20:59 cait have a nice weekend :)
21:00 chris_n camping++
21:00 chris introduce a koha badge :)
21:00 libtek chris_n: yep.  Something else must be broke.  I got this when I did that: update-rc.d: /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon: file does not exist
21:00 joetho camping with kids is dabest
21:00 smcintyre alfs...
21:00 wajasu DO YOUR BEST
21:00 smcintyre left #koha
21:00 gmcharlt[…]it-badges-ma.html
21:00 joetho Obey the laws of the pack!
21:01 chris_n libtek: possibly a broken sym link?
21:02 libtek chris_n: don't know what sym is
21:02 chris_n ie. the 'ln -s' command was typo'd
21:03 libtek chris_n: I had typed: sudo ln -s $/usr/share/koha/bin/ /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon
21:04 wajasu if I am seeing <U+ff0c>  is it something wrong with my data int he DB? or a display decoding problem in the webpages?
21:04 chris_n libtek: what does 'ln -l /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon' say?
21:06 mle libtek> chris_n: I had typed: sudo ln -s $/usr/share/koha/bin/ /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon  - is it not the $?
21:07 chris_n right
21:07 cait oooh :)
21:07 chris_n drop the $
21:08 chris_n libtek: 'sudo rm /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon'
21:08 chris_n then
21:08 chris_n sudo ln -s /usr/share/koha/bin/ /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon
21:08 chris_n mle++
21:08 chris_n good catch
21:08 mle chris_n: ty.  : )
21:08 mle @eightball more beer?
21:08 munin mle: NO!
21:09 mle dammchoo munin
21:09 hdl Is there any git-hooks we could/should share in order to ensure some quality ?
21:09 * chris_n would like to see a git-hook to munin which notifies on commits to the main repo
21:09 chris_n sort of like CIA
21:09 hdl I have some basics. But I would be happy to see if ppl are willing to try and foo that way.
21:09 * mle wonders which one munin is
21:10 hdl chris_n: there once was on kohanews.
21:10 gmcharlt hdl: propose them on the mailng list
21:10 * mle wonders which bot munin is
21:10 wizzyrea supybot
21:10 chris_n mle: supybot
21:10 chris_n snap
21:10 * wizzyrea gives chris_n the "great minds" eye
21:10 libtek ln: invalid option -- 'l'
21:10 hdl Will do as soon as I am satisfied enough with that.
21:10 libtek ln: invalid option -- 'l'
21:10 mle wizzyrea++
21:10 libtek ln -l /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon returns
21:10 libtek ln: invalid option -- 'l'
21:10 wizzyrea chris_n++
21:10 mle : )
21:11 wizzyrea have to pass that one along ;)
21:11 mle this chan rocks
21:11 hdl at the moment, it does the same both for template and perl files, which is not what I want.
21:11 hdl rather not what I really would like to propose.
21:14 chris_n libtek: ln -s
21:14 mle am i right in thinking fedora has git supybot notify code but debian doesnt?[…]upybot-notify.git
21:14 chris_n not l
21:15 gmcharlt hdl: should be up and running later this evening - I'll let you know when it's ready
21:15 hdl will not be on chan this week end.
21:15 gmcharlt mle: I'll play around with that plugin
21:16 gmcharlt hdl: I'll email you then
21:16 chris_n I looked at that the other day
21:16 hdl ok
21:16 gmcharlt quick show of hands - do people want git push notifications in #koha or in a separate cahnnel?
21:16 chris_n but it did not look too promising
21:16 chris_n #koha +1
21:16 cait #koha
21:16 cait +1
21:16 libtek <chris_n> libtek: what does 'ln -l /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon' say?
21:16 libtek chris_n: You had asked
21:17 chris_n libtek: sorry... just run the ln -s without the $
21:17 chris_n I meant to type ls -l :)
21:17 chris_n libtek: that is *after* removing the present link
21:18 chris #koha is fine
21:18 mle try #koha
21:18 libtek ugh...sorry!
21:18 mle if it gets annoying then shift it
21:19 libtek chris_n: so I have to into something to remove this line?
21:19 libtek link
21:19 chris_n <chris_n> libtek: 'sudo rm /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon'
21:19 chris_n <chris_n> sudo ln -s /usr/share/koha/bin/ /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon
21:22 libtek chris_n: OKAY.  (sigh)  Done.  Now I'll try the 'sudo update-rc.d koha-zebra-daemon defaults'
21:23 wizzyrea the export tool doesn't delete anything
21:23 wizzyrea right
21:23 wizzyrea ?
21:23 wizzyrea it just gives you a file with your bibs/items in it, right?
21:23 libtek bingo
21:24 libtek What ever happened to point and click???  It made me soft in the head apparently!
21:24 chris_n lol
21:25 libtek all this because of a blasted $!
21:25 libtek :)
21:25 libtek you have patience BEYOND belief.  :)
21:27 brendan_ joined #koha
21:27 chris hi brendan_
21:27 brendan_ hi
21:27 hdl hi brendan
21:27 brendan_ hi hdl
21:28 chris_n heya brendan_ with an underscore :)
21:29 brendan_ is now known as brendna
21:29 brendna is now known as brendan_
21:33 joetho @roulette
21:33 munin joetho: *click*
21:33 joetho @roulette
21:33 munin joetho: *click*
21:33 joetho @roulette
21:33 munin joetho: *click*
21:33 joetho @roulette
21:33 munin *BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
21:33 * munin reloads and spins the chambers.
21:33 joetho left #koha
21:36 brendan left #koha
21:36 brendan_ is now known as brendan
21:37 cait @roulette
21:37 munin cait: *click*
21:37 cait @eightball go and sleep?
21:37 munin cait: No.
21:37 cait ok
21:45 reed joined #koha
21:51 cait ok, really late here - have a nice weekend all!
21:51 cait left #koha
21:52 wizzyrea gnite... i'm always too slow with her.
21:52 wizzyrea I was going to say
21:52 wizzyrea gnite cait, have a lovely weekend
21:53 chris hey reed
21:54 chris going to the food show?
21:54 * wizzyrea wants to go to the food show
21:54 reed hello - looking for comments on my comments to Sean McIntyre
21:54 reed hey!
21:54 reed batts in my keyboard just died
21:54 chris ahh
21:55 reed food show?
21:55 reed i like food
21:55 reed and shows
21:55 chris[…]Visit/Wellington/
21:55 chris reading your email now
21:55 reed and wellington
21:55 chris heh
21:56 chris good points reed
21:56 nengard agreed
21:57 reed i want everyone to be happy and everything to be ok
21:57 nengard agreed
21:57 nengard :)
21:57 wizzyrea I like happy and ok
21:58 wizzyrea because I'd rather go back to making jokes and helping write great software
21:58 bgkriegel joined #koha
21:58 wizzyrea ok, got to go
21:58 wizzyrea everybody, have a wonderful (rest of your) weekend.
21:58 reed you too
21:58 wizzyrea don't let this drama cloud your enjoyment thereof.
21:58 wizzyrea :)
21:59 reed ok
21:59 gmcharlt g'night wizzyrea
22:00 reed chris, good tip  - Jan and I probly will head down there once we get sorted
22:01 chris :)
22:02 chris ok time to go, might bump into you
22:02 reed cool
22:03 moodaepo left #koha
22:04 wajasu i need to know if my db recs need fixin.  I have  <U+00fc> and such in columns and &lt;U+00fc&gt in biblioitems.marcxml recs.
22:05 wajasu marcxml is longtext  in db, so i would expect some textual unicode format that gets decoded upon extraction by perl.
22:06 nengard left #koha
22:06 moodaepo joined #koha
22:08 chris_n nice email reed
22:08 reed thanks
22:08 wajasu   shows my concern
22:10 wajasu i hope its not because i staged my recs instead of bulkmarcimport
22:10 reed wajasu, i wish i knew more about mysql utf8 handling
22:11 bgkriegel wajasu: what is the origin of the record? it seems to be normal accents
22:11 chris_n wajasu: I do know you have to be sure that your db and mysql and... are all setup for utf8
22:11 wajasu its confusing to know who is responsbile (db, perl modules).  I'll dig into the perl and discern the intents myself later.
22:11 bgkriegel if they were right
22:11 davi left #koha
22:12 wajasu i checked they were set up right in mysql.  in fact my distro defaults fine.
22:12 chris_n wajasu:[…]ncodingscratchpad
22:12 chris_n might be of some help
22:13 wajasu i just read that.  I'll did into.  just wondered if anyone could do a query on a db like i did and see rows like me.
22:14 wajasu i'll get into it later. weekend is here.
22:25 bgkriegel left #koha
22:26 bgkriegel joined #koha
22:26 libtek left #koha
22:54 Nate left #koha
22:59 francharb left #koha
23:10 wizzyrea_laptop joined #koha
23:13 bgkriegel left #koha
23:52 wizzyrea_laptop left #koha
23:52 wizzyrea_laptop joined #koha
23:52 wizzyrea_laptop left #koha
23:53 hdl So close to release.
23:54 hdl But I must get some sleep
23:54 wizzyrea_laptop joined #koha
23:55 hdl Sorry all. We will have to wait 2 days more

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