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00:00 chris probably not
00:01 chris we have a history of electing property developers, or ppl who have property developers as spouses
00:01 chris who then do retarded things for the next 3 years
00:01 chris and then we do it all again
00:01 slef ah, march of the asshats
00:02 reed I learn a new word everyday
00:02 robin reed: march?
00:02 slef yesterday scads, today asshats
00:03 slef tomorrow EBW?
00:03 slef I'll accept nominations
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02:29 chris ohh nice work
02:29 chris way to burn up your goodwill
02:29 chris
02:30 richard jeepers
02:32 chris its like they have a compulsion or something
02:32 chris 'what can we do to piss off the community today'
02:46 chilts they calling their version of Koha, Harley?
02:46 chilts hmm
02:46 chilts not quite
02:46 chris they are passing it off as a koha release
02:46 chris instead of their own release
02:47 chris also im pretty sure thats not how you spell maintained
02:47 jo I think they truly don't get it
02:47 chris or don't want to get it
02:48 jo maybe Kelly is some poor kid thrown in the deep end, new grad, no experience etc
02:48 chris yeah
02:48 chilts so their patches are from ages ago, so that's like 3.0 with some stuff, rather than wait for 3.2
02:48 chilts that right?
02:48 chris thats right
02:48 chris dont get me wrong there is some nice stuff in there
02:49 jo shouldn't the koha release manager for 3.2 issue an official; statement clarifying what Harley is and isn't?
02:49 chris and doing their own release is all well and good
02:49 chris but pretending its a koha release is the problem
02:49 jo like its a perfectly valid and wonderful thing  - but its not Koha. its lek
02:49 chilts also, Harley _isn't_ "currently maintened [sic] by a team of software providers and library technology staff from around the world"
02:49 chris its not lek jo
02:49 chris there is none of lek code in it
02:49 jo well whatever it is it isn't koha
02:49 chris this is old ptfs code
02:49 chilts jo: good idea, it needs to be clarified
02:50 jo its noty an official koha release is what i mean
02:50 chris *nod*
02:50 chris mind you, thats on not the official koha site either ;)
02:50 chilts and to add even more to the mix, their site _still_ sucks :)
02:50 richard :0
02:50 chris it would be so much better if that just pointed to the official site
02:51 reed so, are we sure a dispute resolution try wouldn't work?
02:52 reed there 3 tests and I think they would be able to keep it base on one of them which is loosely "has some legitimate use of the domain"
02:53 chris i think the TM would clinch it
02:53 reed (may english is normally better than this)
02:53 reed you think?
02:53 chris yep
02:53 reed hard to be sure
02:54 chris getting the domain back would be nice, but i like better now anyway
02:55 reed me too, except for the name
02:55 chris yep
02:55 chris ptfs--
02:56 chris its like they have a need to balance anything positive with a pile of negative
02:56 jo I wish they could have just made the code available and then enjoyed the warmth of a grateful community
02:57 chris *nod*
02:57 jo given the relationship time to warm up
02:58 reed anyhows, seems like there does need to be a community statement that this is an unsupported unofficial release by a private party
02:58 chris you know what im sick of
02:58 reed who's the right person to do that?
02:58 reed chris, what?
02:58 chris some ptfs clients
02:58 chris im not sick of them
02:58 chris those are the right ppl to do this
02:58 reed ptfs clients?
02:58 chris im sick of us hving to be the ppl to say these things
02:58 reed why?
02:59 chris cos its their code
02:59 chris thats being misrepresented
02:59 reed it wont get said otherwise
02:59 chris yeah
02:59 chris and thats what im sick of
03:00 reed what I see is ptfs saying "here's a koha release that is community supported"
03:00 chris yes
03:00 reed so, it really does need to be the community that says "oh, hey, wait, wrong number dude"
03:00 chris yes
03:00 chris and the community is everybody
03:00 * chris_n submits the final revision of his dependency centralization code
03:01 chris anyone can make a post on the koha-community website thats the point
03:01 chris i just hate it having to be the same old suspects always saying it
03:01 reed should vendors take a lead? I don't want someone calling us up expecting to get Harley support
03:01 chris itd be nice if users exercised their voice a bit too
03:01 chris not just the developers
03:02 chris because we get dismissed, especially those of us who for a vendor
03:02 chris thats why i appreciate people like chris_n, and owen and lee who stand up to be counted
03:02 chris and of course liz and the other kansasians
03:03 reed some will, but most don't have time and or an understanding of the nuances and why the distinction is key
03:03 chris yes, but i think one of us saying it, will be dismissed
03:03 chris the same way as our account of the conference call was dismissed
03:04 reed not sure I agree
03:04 reed one vendor is one voice tho
03:05 reed it's only meaningful if others speak -- but as well and not instead of
03:05 chris yep, and maybe first for a change
03:05 reed chris, you worry too much
03:05 chris heh
03:06 richard someone has to :0
03:06 chris guess im just not feeling the love this week
03:06 chris_n ptfs needs to hire a web designer imho
03:06 reed you need a ficshburger
03:06 * richard wonders about the lack coordinatin between little finger and shift key
03:06 chris_n the site looks terrible
03:06 reed I'll be in the office tomorrow, I'll buy
03:07 chris :)
03:07 * chris_n will obviously have to bump the licensing thread
03:07 reed w/beets and cheese and a perkynana thickshake
03:07 chris hehe
03:08 chris do they make those?
03:08 reed yes
03:08 chris we should get richard to meet us for a fishburger sometime
03:08 reed tomorrow?
03:08 chris do you know offbeat burgers in leftbank richard?
03:08 * richard partial to the fishburger
03:08 richard was just going to ask where you went
03:08 robin reed: did I hear you saying you're buying?
03:08 robin :)
03:09 reed eh
03:09 reed only rangi's
03:09 richard never been there - i'm overwhelmed by the number of takeaways in island bay as it is
03:09 reed i hear maranui cafe is reopening
03:10 chris richard: we do lunches there quite often, sounds like we will be tomorrrow :)
03:11 richard actually mightn't be able to make it tomorrow. i'm filling in for rach on some breakfast do
03:11 richard which will eat up quite a bit of my day
03:11 richard but next week for sure
03:11 reed cool
03:13 chris excellet
03:13 chris +n
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03:25 chris heya brendan
03:26 chris ohh and nice work on the dependencies chris_n
03:26 chris chris_n++
03:27 brendan heya chris
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03:42 chris hi Amit_G
03:43 brendan heya Amit_G
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03:47 Amit_G heya chris, brendan
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05:06 UPL_Begz hi all
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05:42 mason any PTFS-ers about?
05:43 mason jane or david perhaps?
05:43 mason me checks the time....
05:44 mason any idea what time they clock-in?
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05:58 mason hmm, not for another few hours.... :/
06:05 brendan @wunder 93117
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06:05 brendan heya mason
06:13 Amit_G heya mason
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06:17 kmkale Good morning all
06:18 kmkale whats the best marc tag for type of book (fiction/non fiction/romance etc)?
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06:52 alreadygone hi, what does this mean: make test had returned bad status, won't install without force
06:53 alreadygone i'm trying to install: perl -MCPAN -e 'install ZOOM'   and got:
06:53 alreadygone #   Failed test 'connection to non-existent host '' fails'
06:53 alreadygone #   at t/1-Net-Z3950-ZOOM.t line 22.
07:13 kmkale is 500a general note the right place for summary of the book?
07:18 robin kmkale: there is a synopsis field, is that what you're after for a summary?
07:39 alreadygone now I am getting: production mode - trapped fatal error
07:44 alreadygone i am on Slackware 13 by the way...
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08:11 kmkale robin: sorry I was called away from desk. Whats the synopsis field tag no? is it displayed in opac?
08:19 kmkale is it 520a?
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08:41 Amit_G heya kmkale
08:42 kmkale hi amit
08:45 alreadygone kindly have a look:
08:49 chris Can't locate HTML/Template/
08:49 chris is the relevant bit you are missing that module
08:51 alreadygone ok, let me try to install that
08:52 chris when you ran perl Makefile.PL
08:53 chris it should have listed all the missing modules
08:55 alreadygone Yes I saw a long list, I should have noted them then :|
08:56 alreadygone is there a way to get the list of missing things again?
08:56 chris you can run the perl Makefile.PL again
08:57 chris just dont do the make, make install bits
08:57 alreadygone aah, cool
08:57 alreadygone ok
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09:33 chris hi Colin
09:40 chris_n g'morning
09:43 chris hi chris_n
09:43 Colin hi guys
09:45 alreadygone \o/ it worked ! thank you very much chris
09:47 chris no worries
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10:36 alreadygone I am trying to save a MARC record, getting this error when trying to save:   Can't save this record because the following field aren't filled : * tag 942 subfield c Item type in tab 9
10:36 alreadygone there is a drop down list on that subfield, but the list has no options to choose from!
10:37 alreadygone chris?
10:42 chris you need to go to admin
10:42 chris and then add some itemtypes
10:42 chris[…]?ch=x2875#AEN2963
10:43 alreadygone thanks again chris
10:43 gmcharlt morning
10:44 alreadygone morning gmcharlt
10:52 chris alreadygone: are you setting up a library for yourself?
10:52 alreadygone yes, :)
10:52 alreadygone just trying Koha to start knowing it better
10:53 alreadygone got admission in college for Library science, 1st semester
10:53 alreadygone Koha may not be discussed till 2nd semester, but I want to know about it now
10:54 alreadygone chris, here is another error for you, when I tried to "save" the record:
10:55 chris that looks like a legit error .. what version of koha?
10:56 alreadygone wait
10:57 alreadygone name of zip file I used:   koha-3.00.02.tar.gz
10:59 * chris_n heads off to the park for the day
10:59 chris_n bbl
10:59 alreadygone uhh ho
11:02 chris ahhh thats a pretty old version
11:03 chris latest 3.0. release is 3.0.5
11:04 chris
11:06 alreadygone ok, came back from the park? :)  thanks, I guess I'll have to download the latest version
11:09 alreadygone crap, that's a different chris
11:10 chris yeah thats chris n, im chris c
11:10 chris :)
11:11 alreadygone :)
11:16 chris alreadygone: you are in pakistan?
11:16 alreadygone yup, ran Traceroute?
11:16 chris yup
11:17 chris from nz, to la, then through france to .pk
11:17 chris lots of hops
11:17 alreadygone thousands of miles away...
11:18 alreadygone how do you register nick on this network? Freenode's command does not work here.
11:19 chris you can't
11:20 alreadygone so I can't get a cloak either
11:20 chris nope
11:21 alreadygone you have a cloak. Where did you get that from?
11:22 alreadygone is it a cloak you have... or is it just not an IP, but a real address
11:22 chris the latter
11:22 chris it does a reverse dns lookup
11:22 alreadygone i see
11:29 alreadygone what is your profession chris ?
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11:31 chris developer
11:32 alreadygone ok
11:36 chris hi jwagner
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11:47 chris hi nengard
11:47 nengard hiya
11:47 nengard what a morning already
11:47 nengard had 2 pups with sick tummies
11:47 nengard and hairy pups with sick tummies leads to puppy baths
11:47 chris ahh yep
11:47 jwagner morning, all
11:48 alreadygone morning jwagner
11:54 gmcharlt nengard: and puppy baths lead to in-house weather?
11:54 nengard LOL yes they do
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12:18 owen Hi #koha
12:18 jdavidb howdy
12:18 Nate morning owen, jdavidb
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12:52 gmcharlt @bug 4444
12:52 munin gmcharlt: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4444 enhancement, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, Centralize Code Handling Perl Dependencies
12:59 alreadygone \o/ koha 3.00.05 works great. thanks chris :)
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13:07 cait hi #koha
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13:59 * jdavidb waves to cait
14:01 * cait waves to jdavidb
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14:06 jdavidb @wunder 20817
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14:34 sekjal does anyone know what the intent is behind the "Hide My Tags" link in the patron account section of the OPAC?
14:34 sekjal is this to hide the "My Tags" section underneath the tag cloud, or to filter out your tags from the tag cloud (so you only see what others have tagged)?
14:38 owen I would think the latter
14:38 indradg joined #koha
14:38 owen sekjal: Does neither happen in practice?
14:39 sekjal owen:  the former certainly does not.  the latter doesn't seem to, but perhaps that because none of my tags were part of the cloud. will retest
14:42 nengard let's take a step back and tell Nicole where this hide link is :) I don't have it documented - I don't remember ever seeing it before
14:43 sekjal nengard:  in the OPAC, under Tag Cloud, if you're logged in, there is a link "Hide My Tags" next to the Show up to X option
14:44 owen sekjal: I can't figure out what it's doing just by trying it
14:44 owen It doesn't hide my approved tags and show me only other users' tags
14:44 nengard sekjal i think it would be so you could see what other people used as tags
14:44 owen And my rejected tags don't show up in the cloud anyway
14:45 nengard owen - same here
14:45 sekjal my test patron has an approved tag that only he has used.  When I click the "Hide My Tags" link, that tag is NOT filtered from the cloud
14:45 sekjal this link seems to have no effect
14:45 nengard that is my guess as well
14:45 owen I notice the interface also does not change the "hide" language after it has been activated
14:46 sekjal I think this feature may be a stub at this point
14:46 nengard owen - but it does put a flag in the URL
14:46 sekjal but it seems logical to say that clicking it should filter out your tags from the tag cloud
14:47 nengard yes
14:47 sekjal what if some else also used a tag of yours?  should that tag stay or go?
14:47 nengard i'd say stay
14:47 nengard cause it is someone else's tag
14:48 sekjal I'd say go, because you can search for all your tags in the "My Tags" list below
14:48 sekjal perhaps a compromise
14:48 nengard hehe
14:48 sekjal color tags of yours that others have used too in some different color
14:48 sekjal perhaps fade them
14:49 nengard we'd have to make it clear what was happening
14:49 nengard or remove the link altogether - what other site offers that functionality?
14:49 nengard I've never seen it before
14:49 nengard the point of tags is to have the wisdom of the crowd and i'm part of thata crowd
14:49 nengard that crowd
14:49 owen gmcharlt++ # for
14:50 sekjal I don't see it as a particularly desirable feature, but maybe someone would want the option
14:50 sekjal I haven't looked too deeply at the code to see what it would take to actually implement, though
14:50 sekjal maybe that's why it's a stub: too hard
14:51 wizzyrea hm
14:51 wizzyrea gmcharlt++
14:52 cait gmcharlt++
14:52 nengard gmcharlt++
14:53 nengard now I need to get ready for my presentation and then head out - see you all tonight or tomorrow
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15:05 owen sekjal: The "hidemytags" stuff has been in the template since 2008, but some changes to the script were made by paul_p in 2009
15:05 sekjal not seeming any respect for the hidemytags param anywhere in opac/
15:05 sekjal hmmm
15:06 wizzyrea it don't get no respect.
15:06 wizzyrea sorry, I had to.
15:12 owen A girl phoned hidemytags the other day and said... Come on over, there's nobody home. hidemytags went over. Nobody was home.
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15:14 wizzyrea owen: the opac keeps getting sexier and sexier.
15:14 wizzyrea I love it.
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15:19 cait huh?
15:19 cait :)
15:19 cait I cant follow your conversation
15:19 cait workig on javascript error message translation :)
15:20 * collum points cait to Rodney Dangerfield jokes.
15:20 cait thx collum!
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15:30 moodaepo gmcharlt++
15:32 wizzyrea schuster++
15:52 wizzyrea I wonder if we will ever do formal usability testing on koha
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15:58 gmcharlt wizzyrea: would be nice - although that something (unless we can talk a usability graduate class into doing it) that woudl definitely require paid professionals
15:58 wizzyrea *nod*
16:06 * wizzyrea notes that there is a major university in her town
16:06 * wizzyrea makes another note to see if they have usability classes
16:26 cait hm
16:26 cait -     var StrAlert = _("Can't save this  record because the following field aren't filled :\n\n");
16:26 cait +    var StrAlert = _("Can't save this  record because the following field aren't filled :") + "\n\n";
16:27 cait I want to get the line breaks out of the strings for translation, because pootle does strange things to the \
16:27 cait but after this change the tabs in cataloging are broken
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16:48 cait hm solved it
16:48 gmcharlt what was it?
16:51 Johnindy joined #koha
16:51 cait Im not sure, but     var StrAlert = _("Can't save this record because the following field aren't filled");
16:51 cait StrAlert += "\n\n"; works
16:51 wizzyrea 42?
16:51 cait its seems deklaration and concatenation of the variable dont work together?
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16:59 CGI484 Hel
17:00 CGI484 Hello!
17:00 cait hello CGI484
17:00 CGI484 I would be interested in evaluatiing the Cloud version of Koha
17:01 CGI484 May I know if it is available and how much would it cost for an average group of user of about 100 people?
17:02 cait not sure what the cloud version of koha is? are you talking about koha express or something like that?
17:03 CGI484 yes precisely
17:03 wizzyrea you would want to talk to them directly about that
17:03 CGI484 Ok thank you!
17:03 wizzyrea and they are only one of several vendors who would host you in a cloud environment
17:04 wizzyrea
17:04 CGI484 thank you
17:04 wizzyrea btw, that is the official koha website.
17:04 wizzyrea not
17:04 wizzyrea I know it's confusing
17:05 * cait nods
17:05 CGI484 Do you know the difference between Koha and Liblime?
17:05 wizzyrea yes. Liblime is a support comapny that supports Koha Library Software
17:05 wizzyrea Koha is the software they are using
17:06 wizzyrea and is the website of the project
17:06 wizzyrea (and I should note, Liblime is a division of PTFS)
17:06 wizzyrea and they are one among *many* support companies
17:07 wizzyrea I cannot stress this enough.
17:07 wizzyrea are you in the US?
17:07 owen CGI484: The "cloud version" of Koha is simply Koha hosted by someone other than yourself.
17:07 owen There isn't anything magically cloud-like about it.
17:07 CGI484 Thanks :) .  Is there a free version I can dowload and install?
17:07 wizzyrea absolutely
17:07 wizzyrea
17:08 CGI484 Ok, so that is the one I found too. It seemed strange because it is 90MB....
17:09 wizzyrea ?
17:09 CGI484 Besides I had problems installing it on a Red Hat server
17:09 CGI484 Is there a lighter version of the software?
17:09 wizzyrea most people have trouble installing it the first time
17:10 CGI484 :)
17:10 wizzyrea :)
17:10 CGI484 DO you know a page with FAQs or tips regarding the installation process?
17:10 owen CGI484: The 3.0.5 download is large because it includes various translations
17:11 owen The 3.2 Alpha2 is lighter because it doesn't include the same translations
17:11 CGI484 Thank you, I think I'll give it a try
17:11 wizzyrea but, it  might be buggier. ;)
17:12 wizzyrea fair warning
17:13 CGI484 Ok. It seems to me the installation is not easy, and many dependencies are required. I'm going to try the installation again. Thank you very much for your tips!
17:13 cait hm I can save an empty currency form?
17:15 wizzyrea sure, stop by anytime if you get stuck
17:15 wizzyrea we are pro at helping with installs ;)
17:18 cait wizzyrea++
17:18 wizzyrea CGI484: we should probably note that in the works is a debian package, so you can just apt-get install koha
17:18 wizzyrea and be done with it (more or less)
17:19 CGI484 thank you. Actually I'm already stuck during the "make" process, but it's my server's problem: "No space left on device at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/ExtUtils/ line 443", though I have sapce under /usr  ...
17:21 CGI484 Do you know if I can change koha to another directory different from /usr?
17:25 wizzyrea does this help you at all?[…]f9270fbd6;hb=HEAD
17:26 wizzyrea there are a lot of debian/ubuntu nerds here, not so many redhat folk
17:27 CGI484 Thank you! You're great :)   I'll follow the guide and if problems persist I'll get back here for help.
17:27 CGI484 Yes, I prefer ubuntu too, but the company server is Red Hat, so....
17:27 wizzyrea aha!
17:27 CGI484 :)
17:28 wizzyrea dare I ask what you are going to use koha for? a company library?
17:28 jdavidb wizzyrea++ #she's just awesome like that.
17:28 cait CGI484: you can choose dev install instead of standard, you can choose the path and its all in 2 directories
17:29 CGI484 yes, we'd like to have an internal library for some books and e-books we internally share
17:30 wizzyrea cool beans
17:31 CGI484 Thanks all guys. I'll try the dev install, 'cause the library seems really cool and professional ;) THANKS
17:31 wizzyrea sure thing
17:31 CGI484 ;)
17:37 wizzyrea @karma
17:37 munin wizzyrea: Highest karma: "gmcharlt" (139), "chris" (129), and "owen" (103).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-56), "failed" (-36), and "-" (-23).  You (wizzyrea) are ranked 4 out of 821.
17:37 * gmcharlt issuing general call to anybody who wants to publish Koha wip trees to
17:37 wizzyrea @karma wizzyrea
17:37 gmcharlt send me your SSH public keys
17:37 munin wizzyrea: Karma for "wizzyrea" has been increased 93 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 93.
17:37 wizzyrea ooh, owen
17:37 wizzyrea I'm catching you
17:38 wizzyrea but I shall never seek to surpass you
17:38 wizzyrea because you are awesom
17:38 wizzyrea e
17:38 owen Well yeah, but I've been so mean to people lately
17:38 wizzyrea where mean = valid righteous indignation
17:39 cait @karma cait
17:39 munin cait: Karma for "cait" has been increased 5 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 5.
17:39 cait still a lot to learn to get near wizzyrea and owen :)
17:40 wizzyrea @karma kf
17:40 munin wizzyrea: Karma for "kf" has been increased 13 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 13.
17:40 wizzyrea cait++ kf++
17:40 wizzyrea cait++ for all the help with jquery
17:40 wizzyrea cait++ for generally being sweet
17:41 * cait blushes
17:41 wizzyrea hm. too hungry to think of more atm, but just you wait til I have had lunch
17:41 wizzyrea ;)
17:42 cait I try to help, but cant explain as good as others and often dont know enough
17:43 cait wizzyrea++ for good explanations :)
17:44 cait hm can I trust this OK message from git send-email?
17:49 jwagner_meeting is now known as jwagner
17:50 owen cait: I don't see anything from you on the patches list yet
17:53 brendan left #koha
17:54 cait me neither
17:54 cait :(
17:54 cait perhaps I messed with my git send-email configuration again
17:55 cait owen: I will wait a bit longer and resend later
18:05 CGI484 left #koha
18:16 cait owen: resent with thunderbird...
18:22 cait gmcharlt: thx :) working on the next patch - wanted to add them all to bug 4499
18:22 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4499 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Javascript erorr messages not translatable
18:22 gmcharlt cait++
18:23 chris yay
18:24 chris cait++
18:26 cait yay :)
18:28 cait thanks :)
18:36 wizzyrea ok this is bizarre
18:36 wizzyrea from an imported record
18:36 wizzyrea Can't call method "field" on an undefined value at /home/nekls/kohaclone/C4/ line 1104.
18:36 wizzyrea is that a problem with the record, or something else?
18:43 jdavidb When I see that, it's usually a trashy record, wizzyrea.
18:44 owen a Harlequin Romance maybe.
18:44 wizzyrea that's what I thought
18:44 wizzyrea oh snap owen
18:44 jdavidb :-O
18:44 wizzyrea these came from OCLC though
18:44 wizzyrea the reporter says "They were all working yesterday"
18:44 wizzyrea mmm hmm.
18:45 * gmcharlt has connexion access - what is the OCLC number?
18:45 * jdavidb found a *bag* of trashy romances--12 for $5--at the Friends of the MoCo Library bookstore this weekend.
18:45 wizzyrea 035$a?
18:45 gmcharlt wizzyrea: yep, if it has a number starting with ocm or ocn
18:45 wizzyrea ocn548616666
18:54 gmcharlt wizzyrea: I was able to import that record w/o problem
18:54 wizzyrea yea, there must be something screwed up aobut it
18:55 chris_n gmcharlt++ # blog entry
18:56 wizzyrea I mean, our system
18:56 wizzyrea we do have an impending evening migration
18:56 wizzyrea which I don't know if that would affect it, but in my small mind it seems like it could.
19:07 tomascohen left #koha
19:13 cait chris: are the js files not parsed for translation? (koha_tmpl...en/js?
19:13 chris not sure, i thought they were
19:14 wizzyrea left #koha
19:14 chris fredericd is the one to ask, he has done some recent work on the translation scrips
19:14 cait ah ok
19:14 wizzyrea joined #koha
19:14 cait fredericd: around?
19:14 cait my filed in de-DE are not translated, although the strings are marked with _(" ")
19:16 chris maybe email to him and koha-translate might be the easiest
19:17 cait yes, he is not here very often, was easier with you :)
19:17 wizzyrea well chris is awesome like that
19:18 cait he is :)
19:18 cait will write him from work tomorrow
19:21 jdavidb left #koha
19:23 chris cool
19:25 owen Hi chris, how's it going?
19:25 cait but js directory seems to be not included in translation
19:26 Nate left #koha
19:28 chris good thanks owen, hows things with you?
19:29 owen Busy busy.
19:30 owen Back to working on statistics for a while after a couple of days of Koha bug fixing
19:31 chris ahhh
19:34 jwagner left #koha
19:36 sekjal working on hourly loans: I'm thinking of using the minute as the base unit.  is there any good case for using seconds?
19:39 cait hourly loans - cool!
19:41 cait delete borrower from - german error message - same button on details page - english error message
19:42 gmcharlt sekjal: not unless a library has a compelling reason to charge overdue fines on the basis of a farthing every second
19:42 owen cait: two different * files
19:42 cait suer?
19:42 cait sure?
19:43 cait I found circ_toolbar_inc
19:43 owen I know that there are two patron-related toolbar include files
19:43 owen ...although I can't remember why...
19:44 owen check
19:44 owen In fact I can see right now that it's not properly formatted for translation
19:45 cait yes, thx for your help!
19:45 cait owen++ :)
19:47 * owen is off tomorrow, wishes everyone a good weekend
19:47 owen left #koha
19:55 chris bus time
20:03 collum left #koha
20:10 Johnindy_ joined #koha
20:18 Johnindy left #koha
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20:42 sekjal left #koha
20:42 reed joined #koha
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22:21 richard joined #koha
22:21 richard hi
22:21 chris hi richard
22:22 richard hey chris
22:27 cait good night #koha
22:27 cait left #koha
22:42 chris_n larsw: nice response to Bob
22:44 larsw thank you
22:47 jo joined #koha
22:57 chris_n heya jo
22:57 reed left #koha
22:58 chris bbiab
23:03 jo hiya
23:05 reed joined #koha
23:22 chris back
23:39 chris[…]5-13-027-35-NW-SW
23:41 reed left #koha
23:50 reed joined #koha

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