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01:38 brendan evening #koha
01:39 brendan @wunder 93117
01:39 munin brendan: The current temperature in ASOS_HFM SANTA BARBARA, CA, Santa Barbara, California is 18.9�C (6:20 PM PDT on May 11, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 40%. Dew Point: 5.0�C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015.1 hPa (Rising). Wind Advisory in effect until 3 am PDT Wednesday...
01:39 brendan munin it sure is windy outside
01:39 munin brendan: Error: "it" is not a valid command.
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02:32 chris_n g'night
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02:58 kmkale @notes
02:58 munin kmkale: I currently have notes waiting for christ, Genji:, gmcharlt:, hdl:, hdl_laptop:, km_kale, kmkale:, LadyNight32, matts, nengard:, nicole, owen:, paul, Schuster:, sekjal:, seneca:, slef:, thd-away, and wizzyrea:.
02:58 kmkale @notes km_kale
02:58 munin kmkale: Sent 1 week, 1 day, 8 hours, and 34 minutes ago: <chris_n> you should try resending your patch and/or checking your git send-email setup; see[…]l_some_parameters
02:59 kmkale @notes kmkale
02:59 munin kmkale: Error: I have no notes for that nick.
02:59 kmkale @notes kmkale:
02:59 munin kmkale: Sent 1 week, 0 days, 15 hours, and 53 minutes ago: <chris_n> I succesfully upgraded to lucid last week
02:59 kmkale @notes kmkale_
02:59 munin kmkale: Error: I have no notes for that nick.
02:59 kmkale @notes kmkale_:
02:59 munin kmkale: Error: I have no notes for that nick.
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04:33 Amit_G heya brendan, chris
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05:34 brendan hiya amit_g
05:34 brendan night all
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07:14 kf good morning all :)
07:25 chris hi kf
07:26 kf hi chris :)
07:27 kf investigating a problem with umlauts and item import today, something somewhere breaks my umlauts in marcxml
07:28 chris ah bound to be some utf8 conversion thing
07:28 kf I think so
07:29 kf items table is correct
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07:29 kf when I edit the item without changes its correct in marcxml after that
07:32 chris yeah that does sound like a conversion on import
07:47 genji how do i delete all authorities with 0 biblios attached to it?
07:53 Amit_G heya genji, kf
07:54 kf hi genji and Amit_G
07:54 kf genji: good question!
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07:57 genji cause i have lots of them.
08:04 hdl_laptop genji: iirc you have a clean_unised_authorities script in 3.2
08:06 genji hmm...
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09:53 gmcharlt good morning
10:26 Amit_G heya galen
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10:36 chris_n 'morning
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11:36 nahuel[…]ary-on-the-globe/
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11:38 Amit_G heya nahuel, jwagner
11:38 jwagner Hi, Amit_G
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11:48 hdl_laptop hi gmcharlt jwagner
11:51 jwagner Bonjour, hdl_laptop
11:51 jdavidb harrumph!
11:51 jwagner That's my line....
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12:00 kyle hey all
12:05 jwagner Hi, kyle
12:10 kf harrumph!
12:10 kf hi jwagner, jdavidb and kyle
12:10 jdavidb Hi, kf! :)
12:10 kf and and hi everybody else of course
12:11 gmcharlt hi kf kyle
12:11 gmcharlt et al
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12:16 kyle It looks like the ability to place holds is broken in master, can anyone confim/refute this?
12:17 owen kyle, have you checked your issuing rules?
12:18 kyle Nothing in our data has changed, I simply pulled the latest master and now I can go through the motions of placing a hold, but it doesn't 'stick'
12:20 * owen feels like every time he turns around there's some glitch with holds
12:22 kf @random
12:22 munin kf: Error: The command "random" is available in the Dict, Factoids, and Quote plugins.  Please specify the plugin whose command you wish to call by using its name as a command before "random".
12:22 kf @random quote
12:22 munin kf: Error: The command "random" is available in the Dict, Factoids, and Quote plugins.  Please specify the plugin whose command you wish to call by using its name as a command before "random".
12:22 kf @quote random
12:22 munin kf: Quote #20: "<wizzyrea> you will see no wedgie-ing from me" (added by jdavidb at 11:50 AM, July 31, 2009)
12:22 owen kyle: I was able to place a hold from the OPAC
12:23 kf @quote random
12:23 munin kf: Quote #12: "<owen> Every time you check in a book a little video loads and Nancy Pearl recites her capsule review of it." (added by gmcharlt at 02:36 PM, July 06, 2009)
12:23 jdavidb @quote random
12:23 munin jdavidb: Quote #73: "<chris_n> owen: try /msg munin identify nick password" (added by owen at 08:38 AM, April 29, 2010)
12:24 chris_n how boring :)
12:24 chris_n @quote random
12:24 munin chris_n: Quote #20: "<wizzyrea> you will see no wedgie-ing from me" (added by jdavidb at 11:50 AM, July 31, 2009)
12:24 owen kyle: ...and from the staff client as well
12:24 owen kyle: Double-check that you have a "holds allowed" value specified for the patron category/item type combination you're trying to do a hold for
12:25 kyle Thanks for the help. Must be a problem with our data. Time to do some digging.
12:25 kyle I'm placing holds as kohaadmin
12:25 owen Doing anything as kohaadmin is never a good idea from a testing point of view
12:25 owen Weirdness occurs.
12:26 kyle still borked with a standard librarian account. sigh.
12:29 kf no error message?
12:31 hdl_laptop kyle : must be your issuingrules
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12:33 kmkale good evening all
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12:35 kf *sigh* I hate non-repeatable errors
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12:52 owen kyle: Can you describe the problem you're having? I'm attempting to debug some holds stuff too
12:54 kyle sure. I'm just walking through the process of placing a hold from the intranet. Everything seems find up to and including the final click of the 'Place Hold' button. But the hold does no get added to the list of existing holds. I've tried it with multiple patrons and items. I checked out an older version and was able to place holds without a problem.
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13:00 kyle I figured out my problem. reserves.expirationdate was set to NULL=no. I don't know how or why.
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13:01 kyle updatedatabase and kohastructure both allow null values for reserves.expirationdate as far as I can tell.
13:01 kf jwagner++ for updating all bugs in bugzilla
13:03 jwagner Still working on that, kf -- apologies for all the emails generated :-)
13:03 nengard jwagner -thanks for reminding us about the bugzilla plan!!
13:04 nengard and I don't mind the emails ;)
13:04 nengard updated bugs are more important
13:04 kf they are
13:04 * owen is just glad the emails are going through again!
13:04 kf perhaps we could link new sponsored features in the wiki to bugzilla - an overview and more details in the bugs
13:07 kf @karma jwagner
13:07 munin kf: Karma for "jwagner" has been increased 34 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 34.
13:09 jwagner :-)  But I meant to mention the other day, while people were giving jdavidb & me so much karma -- we're the ones you see online, but there are a LOT of other people who worked on these features and deserve some love.  People like David Birmingham and Colin Campbell, among others. jdavidb & I didn't do everything by ourselves here (much as it felt like it at times)
13:11 kf @karma Colin
13:11 munin kf: Karma for "Colin" has been increased 9 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 9.
13:11 kf Colin++
13:11 kf @karma ptfs
13:11 munin kf: Karma for "ptfs" has been increased 8 times and decreased 3 times for a total karma of 5.
13:13 owen hdl_laptop, jwagner, chris_n:  I see comments on Bug 4045 about various people working together to solve the problem. Is that happening?
13:13 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4045 critical, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, No check for maximum number of allowed holds.
13:13 owen Right now uses two different methods for determining the maximum number of holds allowed.
13:14 owen One way is the "new way," by checking issuingrules. The other is a check for the maxreserves system preference which no longer exists
13:14 owen Line 83 of my $MAXIMUM_NUMBER_OF_RESERVES = C4::Context->preference("maxreserves");
13:15 hdl_laptop owen: yes.
13:16 jwagner owen, my message in that entry was referencing our new devel, Bug 3507
13:16 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3507 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Circ rules enhancements, maximum fine warning
13:16 jwagner I think it checks maxreserves as a backup.  It could be reconciled, I imagine.
13:16 jdavidb I've got a puzzler for the Zebra gods and goddesses...  Client can search using yaz-client just fine, but all searches in Koha are broken; the zebra log gives this--(line breaks mine):
13:16 hdl_laptop We worked on that but relies on issuing rules and holding rules in the issuingrules table
13:16 owen The maxreserves check isn't a backup, it's an inconsistency. The two methods are used in different places
13:17 jdavidb zebrasrv-2.0(1) [request] Search biblios ERROR 114 1 1+0 RPN @attrset Bib-1
13:17 jdavidb @or @or @or @or @or
13:17 munin jdavidb: Error: "or" is not a valid command.
13:17 jdavidb @attr 1=36 @attr 4=1 @attr 6=3 @attr 9=32 @attr 2=102 petit
13:17 munin jdavidb: Error: "attr" is not a valid command.
13:17 jdavidb @attr 1=4 @attr 4=1 @attr 6=3 @attr 9=28 @attr 2=102 petit
13:17 munin jdavidb: Error: "attr" is not a valid command.
13:17 jdavidb @attr 1=4 @attr 4=1 @attr 9=26 @attr 2=102 petit
13:17 munin jdavidb: Error: "attr" is not a valid command.
13:17 jdavidb @attr 4=6 @attr 5=103 @attr 9=16 @attr 2=102 petit
13:17 munin jdavidb: Error: "attr" is not a valid command.
13:17 jdavidb @attr 4=6 @attr 5=1 @attr 9=14 @attr 2=102 "petit? "
13:17 munin jdavidb: You've given me 5 invalid commands within the last minute; I'm now ignoring you for 10 minutes.
13:17 jdavidb @attr 4=6 @attr 9=14 @attr 2=102 petit
13:17 * jdavidb pokes munin.
13:17 hdl_laptop ERROR 114 is an attribute error
13:18 hdl_laptop is your db in ICU ?
13:18 jdavidb 114 indicates attribute problems, yeah, but I'm not seeing anything obvious.
13:18 hdl_laptop Are you using QueryFuzzy ?
13:18 jdavidb That's a good question; I do not know.  I rather doubt it, though.
13:18 hdl_laptop It ssems yes.
13:18 jdavidb It looks like Fuzzy is on, yes.
13:18 hdl_laptop turn it off.
13:19 hdl_laptop icu zebra is not supporting attr5=103
13:19 jdavidb Ah-hah!  If fuzzy is on, and icu is being used, you get nothing.
13:19 jdavidb hdl_laptop, you are *awesome!*
13:19 hdl_laptop well.... zebra is not what I would call error-forgivable.
13:20 kf icu+fuzzy--
13:21 hdl_laptop icu+truncation--
13:22 hdl_laptop But rather zebra support of icu--
13:24 jdavidb I was chasing all sorts of shadows here; this particular customer is on Red Hat Enterprise, so I was wallowing around in the maybe-the-wrong-version-of-X sort of thing.
13:27 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: has indexdata said anything about when/if that might be changed?
13:32 hdl_laptop No answer.
13:34 jwagner gmcharlt, online?
13:34 gmcharlt yes
13:35 jwagner On Bug 4238, we've received the permission for using the code.  Do you want a copy of the email forwarded to you?
13:35 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4238 enhancement, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, OPAC timeout feature for patron privacy
13:35 gmcharlt please attach it to the bug
13:35 jwagner Save the email itself & do as an attachment?
13:35 jdavidb Well, rats.
13:36 jdavidb hdl_laptop++  , but that didn't solve their issue.  Back to ye olde drawing board.
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13:36 gmcharlt jwagner: copy and paste of the email is fine - what I'm looking for is the exchange, i.e., how you asked the question
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13:47 owen Not to diminish in any way the work that PTFS has done, but I wonder whether "patch sent" is really the right status for a bug which has a fix on an unreconciled branch
13:48 gmcharlt owen: it depends
13:48 gmcharlt for a branch to be pullable, it has to be a descendent of the current master, implying a rebase
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13:48 gmcharlt for the topic branches that are just a couple patches
13:49 gmcharlt cherry-picking from those branches is likely good enough
13:49 gmcharlt but for more complex things like the granular circ permissions
13:49 gmcharlt they really do need to be rebased against master first before being pulled
13:49 gmcharlt now that's something that anybody could take on
13:50 gmcharlt but for complex merges, I'd want jdavidb and crew to take the first crack at it
13:52 jwagner owen, it's the only status available :-)
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13:56 gmcharlt jwagner: one thing I do suggest is send emails to the patches list when a branch is actually pullable or cherry-pickable
13:56 gmcharlt otherwise it is possible for something to be lost in the suffle of the dozens of bug status updates that can take place during  a day
14:01 chris_n jwagner: bug 3738 appears to already be fixed in head
14:01 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3738 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Automate login to web-based self-check system
14:13 jwagner Yes, I'd sent that patch earlier.
14:14 kyle gmcharlt: Hello, I recently found a bit of javascript you wrote ( assuming there aren't many Andreas Blixt's out there. ) We would like to use it in Koha, and Open Source library management system. Would you be willing to allow me to release this code under the GPLv2 or later?
14:14 gmcharlt and it was pushed a couple months ago, so I think it's a candidated for closing
14:15 kyle the reply: Haha I had a hard time even remembering I wrote that code. Go ahead. :)
14:15 kyle As a general rule I say that all my minor pieces of code are MIT licensed, but I always appreciate a mention. :)
14:15 kyle yes, the smiley's were his ; )
14:15 gmcharlt kyle: good enough - paste that in the bug, please
14:15 gmcharlt and a follow-up patch the file to mention attribution would be good
14:19 kf jwagner: is 952$i  mandatory for item suppress? we have our inventory numbers in $i now :)
14:19 kf ok, stupid question, it is because of the index
14:21 jwagner kyle and gmcharlt, I've updated the bug with the permission exchange.  Thanks.
14:21 * chris_n chuckles at nahuel's wording "weird code in search scripts"
14:21 chris_n imagine that :)
14:21 gmcharlt thanks
14:22 jwagner kf, I'm not sure of the code.  If you're using that subfield, I'd update the bug report to note that; it might need to be modified at integration.
14:22 nahuel chris_n, what do you mean by chukles ?
14:22 nahuel :)
14:22 jwagner Looks like Kyle beat me to it :-)
14:22 chris_n nahuel: lol
14:22 chris_n or laughs
14:23 * chris_n thinks there is much weird code in the search stuff
14:23 kyle ; )
14:23 nahuel ok ok :)
14:23 paul_ last week, nahuel worked on a POC of koha + solr = in 2hours, it was working a little bit, and 95% of search code had been removed.
14:23 paul_ nice way to clean code :D
14:24 kf jwagner: I m not sure, I saw that biblibre added a new features for stocknumbers, perhaps it makes sense to move our data
14:24 jdavidb nahuel++
14:25 kyle I was we thinking we should change all the 'reserves' language in the code to 'holds', in case someone wants to add a true reserves system later on. Sometimes the code uses way too many different terms for the same thing i.e. borrowers, patrons, members
14:26 nahuel zebra must go out :)
14:26 nahuel and koha must stop trying to do a search engine job
14:26 nahuel like creating ccl/pqf queries
14:26 * jdavidb gives nahuel the zebra-hunter hat.
14:26 kf das solr work with icu?
14:26 gmcharlt nahuel: Zebra shouldn't be killed - not everybody is going to want to run a tomcat stack
14:26 gmcharlt better is multi-search engine support
14:26 kf das = does
14:27 gmcharlt I do fully support killing NoZebra, though :)
14:27 hdl_laptop kf: yes.
14:27 hdl_laptop kf: it uses icu4j
14:27 kf hdl_laptop: ah, thx
14:27 kyle but I use NoZebra for my home library!
14:27 nahuel gmcharlt, solr can run in any servlet daemon
14:27 nahuel AND
14:27 nahuel solr can be a remote service
14:27 nahuel like one provided by the acquia company
14:28 gmcharlt and ... not everybody is going to want to run a servlet stack :)
14:28 nahuel And no body want's to run a badly working search engine like zebra :)
14:28 nahuel well...
14:28 nahuel zebra IS NOT a search engine
14:28 nahuel it's only a z3950 serveR...
14:28 nahuel so useless...
14:28 nahuel that's not what users needs
14:30 kf I saw chris was working on pazpar2 and I had a question about federated search
14:30 gmcharlt useless?  that's a little too string of a statement
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14:30 gmcharlt I'm not against *adding* support for other searchings, including Solr
14:31 kf zebra is not that bad
14:31 nahuel zebra is _not_ a search engine
14:31 nahuel it doesn't answer what user wants/needs
14:31 nahuel zebra doesn't  provide google like search
14:32 nahuel koha must parse user search to generate something like a google pseudo-like search...
14:32 nahuel (a pseudo-google-like-search)
14:33 nahuel it's not the job of koha to parse user search queries
14:33 nahuel that is a fact
14:33 gmcharlt kyle: well, there is a place for a search subsystem that is purely in-database (a la Evergreen) w/o external dependencies, but the current NoZebra implementation I would argue should be scrapped and replaced
14:33 gmcharlt nahuel: that is an opinion
14:34 nahuel I think it's _the_ opinion ;)
14:34 gmcharlt there are library search domain semantics, including a hypothetical browse search, that can only work if Koha actually knows what it is searching for and how
14:35 nahuel i'm tired finding problems with search in koha
14:35 nahuel search parsing
14:35 nahuel search indexes
14:35 nahuel crash of zebra
14:35 nahuel something that is not extensible easily
14:35 nahuel etc...
14:36 gmcharlt nahuel: which is why we're proposing to rewrite it in 3.4
14:36 gmcharlt but extensibility does have to include support for Zebra as well as Solr and potentially other search engines
14:37 kyle Agreed, I can always upgrade to zebra.
14:38 nahuel don't think it's a good idea :)
14:38 jwagner gmcharlt, I've finished updating all the bugzilla entries, I think.  Still need to go through the wiki integration page and add some more notes about dependencies, etc.
14:38 gmcharlt cool
14:39 jwagner We still have some features we're working on that aren't ready yet, so there will be some more coming out later.  But no more big batches like this, I hope.  (for jdavidb's sanity!)
14:39 jwagner I had missed creating entries for a couple of these -- just created them & entered the branch names.
14:39 gmcharlt jwagner: are there bugs for those features?  if not, RFCs and bugs would be a nicenees
14:40 jwagner A couple of them have bugzilla entries, 4283 and 4236.  I'll have to cross-check my list to see if there are any more we missed.
14:41 jwagner A couple of the branches also got missed being included in the release notes :-(
14:44 owen Does anyone know where default_branch_circ_rules.holdallowed comes from? Where do you set it?
14:44 gmcharlt via, as rule for default branch
14:46 owen When I "select * from default_branch_circ_rules" I get
14:46 owen | branchcode | maxissueqty | holdallowed |
14:46 owen +------------+-------------+-------------+
14:46 owen | APL        |          99 |           2 |
14:47 owen When I look at, I don't see the number 2 anywhere
14:47 kf I think its the value corresponds to the pulldown?
14:47 kf from all libraries etc.
14:47 gmcharlt right
14:48 owen I get it, it's the "hold policy" number.
14:48 gmcharlt yep - look around line 471 of admin/
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14:53 owen @wunder 45701
14:53 munin owen: The current temperature in Ohio University, Athens, Ohio is 20.0�C (10:46 AM EDT on May 12, 2010). Conditions: Thunderstorm. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 17.0�C. Pressure: 29.94 in 1013.8 hPa (Steady).
14:54 kf @wunder Konstanz
14:54 munin kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Germany is 17.1�C (4:56 PM CEST on May 12, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 54%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.71 in 1006.0 hPa (Steady).
14:57 cythrax hi there, i attempted to uninstall my koha 3.05 today to install 3.04, but when i try to 'make' i get an error saying Can't open blib/KOHA_CONF_DIR/koha-conf.xml for read at rewrite-config.PL line 172., i have removed the /etc/koha folder . can anyone suggest what i need to do?
14:57 kmkale bye all
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15:00 * owen is struggling to understand why he's not allowed to place a hold on a particular item type
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15:01 owen Oh wait, messed-up item type in that record.
15:06 owen jwagner: I'm curious about the policy behind Bug 3508
15:06 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3508 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Limit number of on-shelf holds per day
15:07 owen Is that to deter some kind of behavior the library doesn't like?
15:08 cythrax just incase someone finds this searching for the same error, using rm -rf ./blib followed by make clean solved that particular problem ;)
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15:18 collum The two recurring themes that our system has pertaining to hold shelves are behavior and lack of space.
15:28 jwagner owen, sorry, was off on another screen.  We were asked for a feature to limit the number of on-shelf holds _per day_ that a patron could place, so that's what this is doing.
15:29 * owen simply wonders what that library's patrons were doing to prompt the request
15:29 jwagner That library's patrons place an _unbelievable_ number of holds in general.  They probably just wanted to slow it down a bit :-)
15:30 * owen should stop wondering why libraries ask for weird things
15:31 jwagner We Just Does What They Asks :-)
15:37 chris_n $holds->apply_brakes($patron) maybe?
15:37 jwagner probably
15:38 gmcharlt why oh why does nobody ever implement the robotic-arm-to-slap-patrons interface?
15:42 chris_n hehe
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15:44 jwagner gmcharlt, I'd prefer the automatic phaser, with sysprefs to control whether it's set to stun, seriously injure, or kill :-)
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15:45 wizzyrea_laptop hehe
15:45 wizzyrea_laptop[…]ogramming-jargon/
15:46 jwagner ooooo, I LIKE bugfoot -- can we adopt that one?
15:46 wizzyrea_laptop hehe
15:48 owen nengard's Amazon content bug was a bugfoot until kf reproduced it
15:48 nengard WOO HOO - I'm not alone???
15:48 kf no
15:48 kf I wrote to the mailing list
15:48 wizzyrea_laptop lol, hindenbug
15:48 nengard i actually forgot about that :)
15:48 kf tss :)
15:49 kf but bugfoot is nice
15:49 nengard can someone take a look at this page:[…]_improvements_RFC and tell me why the heading is linking??
15:49 kf I cant reproduce my import breaks umlauts in callnumbers
15:49 nengard or make it stop linking on their own :)
15:49 kf but we have this problem in 2 databases...
15:49 * kf is not a friend of mediawiki
15:52 nengard kf - me neither
15:54 kf so why have we switched to mediawiki?
15:54 owen nengard: You mean the "RFC 3" part?
15:54 nengard yes
15:54 owen I'll bet it's some kind of Mediawiki plugin which automatically links RFCs
15:54 owen Like Bugzilla will automatically link "Bug 23" to the correct bug in comments
15:54 munin Bug[…]how_bug.cgi?id=23 normal, P2, ---,, RESOLVED FIXED, Virtual Bookshelfs not functional
15:55 schuster left #koha
15:56 wizzyrea_laptop I changed it to 3.2 RFC and it's better
15:56 owen "At the moment all occurences of "RFC nnnn" in Wikipedia are automagically linked to for numbers nnnn."
15:56 owen[…]aWiki_talk:Rfcurl
15:56 owen
15:57 owen "If you do not want this behaviour, put something like <nowiki>RFC</nowiki>  in your wikitext"
15:57 nengard strane
15:57 nengard strange
16:02 chris_n ahh... lunch :)
16:03 gmcharlt nengard: I've disabled the RFC auto-linking
16:04 nengard oo :) thanks
16:04 nengard why would they do that?
16:05 gmcharlt just a bit of hardcoded stuff from wikipedia
16:16 jcamins I inadvertantly tried to clone over http, and I got an error: fatal: not found: did you run git update-server-info on the server?
16:16 jcamins I'm not sure who I should notify about that.
16:22 nengard left #koha
16:23 sekjal left #koha
16:25 kf ok, tomorrow is holiday - will be back friday :)
16:25 kf bye all!
16:26 kf left #koha
16:28 gmcharlt jcamins: I've updated it
16:28 gmcharlt clone-over-http shoudl work now
16:28 jcamins Good, thanks.
16:44 owen I notice handles enhanced content a little differently for each source
16:44 owen For instance, it says "use C4::External::Amazon;"
16:44 joetho joined #koha
16:44 owen But then below it says "if (C4::Context->preference('BakerTaylorEnabled')) {"
16:44 owen ... "require C4::External::BakerTaylor;"
16:45 owen Is the latter more efficient?
16:54 chris_n the latter only loads the module if it is needed
16:54 chris_n sort of like autouse
16:55 * owen doesn't know what autouse is
16:55 chris_n iiuc
16:55 chris_n perldoc autouse
16:56 sekjal joined #koha
16:56 chris_n or
16:57 owen chris_n in the example why is the BakerTaylorEnabled check wrapped in "BEGIN {" ?
16:58 chris_n that ensures that it executes prior to the rest of the code being compiled
16:59 owen Is there any reason not to put the call to C4::External::Amazon in the same kind of conditional?
16:59 chris_n probably not
16:59 jwagner is now known as jwagner_meeting
16:59 kyle left #koha
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17:02 kyle_ joined #koha
17:02 kyle_ is now known as kyle
17:15 owen is now known as owen-away
17:28 rhcl Hey kyle
17:29 rhcl Just emailed you.
17:31 kyle rhcl: fixed.
17:31 kyle rchl: more to do still
17:32 * chris_n sends kyle a bunch of emails :)
17:32 jcamins Has anyone ever gotten the error "fatal: cannot convert from UTF-8utf-8 to UTF-8" when trying to do a rebase?
17:34 kyle rhcl: fixed again ; )
17:35 kyle chris_n: haven't got'em yet, but I'll be on the lookout.
17:38 alreadygone joined #koha
17:39 alreadygone hi, how do I install Koha on Slackware 13?
17:40 cait joined #koha
17:40 cait hi #koha
17:41 alreadygone hi cait
17:42 alreadygone do you use koha on Linux?
17:42 wizzyrea_laptop alreadygone:
17:42 wizzyrea_laptop now, this is the last version
17:43 wizzyrea_laptop so it's probably different
17:43 wizzyrea_laptop most people use debian/ubuntu
17:43 alreadygone thanks a million wizzyrea_laptop
17:44 wizzyrea_laptop not many at all use it on slackware (that I know of)
17:46 alreadygone well, I use only Slackware... I'll try to install. let's see
17:47 rhcl Kyle: now you have to create a category...
17:59 alreadygone DBD::mysql and MARC::Record are installed.... now installing the remaining things
17:59 kyle rchl: done.
17:59 kyle is now known as kyle_away
18:00 alreadygone is now known as Oak
18:01 Oak is now known as register
18:01 register is now known as Oak
18:20 owen-away is now known as owen
18:26 jwagner_meeting is now known as jwagner
18:26 cait1 joined #koha
18:28 cait1 t
18:32 jwagner left #koha
18:32 cait left #koha
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18:38 Johnindy joined #koha
19:06 saorge_ joined #koha
19:12 saorge left #koha
19:14 cait1 untranslated_things--
19:25 slef @later tell chris seen this? "help develop a FLOSS strategy for Wellington, New Zealand that we can share and share alike.[…]rategy-wellington"
19:25 munin slef: The operation succeeded.
19:26 slef others near Wellington might also be interested, of course
19:28 Oak left #koha
19:57 nengard joined #koha
19:58 collum left #koha
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20:19 paul_p joined #koha
20:31 francharb left #koha
20:34 richard joined #koha
20:34 richard hi
20:40 jcamins left #koha
20:45 cait1 owen: around?
20:46 cait1 can someone else help me with a template?
20:48 cait1 i wonder why this is not translated:  <li><a href="">Pending (1)</a></li>
20:51 paul_p time to go to bed for european people (11PM). tomorrow closed day, back on friday !
20:51 paul_p left #koha
20:51 jo joined #koha
20:51 jo moning all
20:52 cait1 good morning jo
20:59 nengard hey does anyone know where the page is that is referenced in but 4496 ?
20:59 nengard i meant bug 4496 -- is there a recent acq page I don't know about?
20:59 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4496 minor, P5, ---,, NEW, In recent acquisitions page (intranet) combo boxes disappear
21:00 cait1 nengard: no, just started testing acq
21:01 nengard okay
21:01 jo (waves at Nicole )
21:02 cait1 searching for untranslated terms, links, buttons... :)
21:02 cait1 gmcharlt: around?
21:02 gmcharlt cait1: yep
21:02 cait1 hi :)
21:02 cait1 working on translation problems
21:02 cait1 I noticed that a lot of javascript error messages are not translated
21:03 cait1 does it make sense to work on that?
21:03 nengard hi jo
21:04 gmcharlt cait1: yes - straightforward to fix
21:04 cait1 for 3.2?
21:05 cait1 I saw that there is something planned for javascript in 3.4, so was not sure
21:05 cait1 is now known as cait
21:10 gmcharlt cait: 3.2 is fine
21:11 cait gmcharlt: thx :)
21:23 chris joined #koha
21:26 wajasu joined #koha
21:32 sekjal left #koha
21:33 nengard left #koha
21:38 cait can someone try to add an authorized value in current head?
21:38 cait I can not add authorized values - not sure its a problem with my installation
21:39 jo I can
21:39 jo will check what version we are running ... actually Chris will know
21:39 cait thx jo!
21:39 gmcharlt cait: works for me
21:40 cait ok
21:42 cait perhaps a problem with my database?
21:42 gmcharlt anything in the error log?  there was an earlier bug at one point
21:43 cait im missing a comlumn, the description for opac
21:43 cait can I empty the database without deleting it? so I can get a clean database from the web installer?
21:44 Nate left #koha
21:44 gmcharlt cait: you can just do
21:44 gmcharlt ALTER TABLE authorised_values ADD COLUMN `lib_opac` VARCHAR(80) default NULL AFTER `lib`;
21:46 cait gmcharlt: thx, it worked
21:48 cait I wonder how this happened
21:52 nahuel left #koha
22:03 nahuel joined #koha
22:14 cait I dropped my database and ran web installer and acq says: 1  suggestions waiting?
22:15 chris yeah thats a bug
22:15 chris it always says 1
22:15 chris its on my list
22:15 chris says 1 if there are 10, or 0
22:16 cait is there a bug for this?
22:16 cait 1  suggestions waiting and manage suggestions show as links and both link to
22:16 cait and hi chris :)
22:17 chris :)
22:17 chris im not sure its reported, i only spotted it a couple of days ago when doing a demo
22:18 cait want me to add a bug?
22:18 chris yes please
22:18 chris i was thinking i might call a bug freeze for next friday?
22:18 chris and import the bugs in then
22:19 cait what will this mean? no bug reporting or changing? for how long?
22:19 chris a day or so
22:19 cait ah ok
22:19 chris and then from then on, use the new site
22:19 cait im in full bug reporting mode :)
22:20 cait assign bug to you? default for acq is hdl
22:20 chris yep assign to me
22:20 chris 56 ppl have registered on the new bugzilla
22:21 joetho left #koha
22:21 chris pretty much all the active people
22:21 chris so thats good
22:22 chris ill send out an email tomorrow i think giving ppl one week more to register, then ill shift the bugs over
22:24 rhcl left #koha
22:25 cait bug 4498
22:25 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4498 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Acq always shows '1 suggestions waiting'
22:27 chris ta
22:27 cait there are some more strange things in suggestions, still not sure its a bug or I just dont get it
22:28 chris its most likely a bug
22:28 wizzyrea_laptop left #koha
22:29 cait there are the new filters owen did for suggestion managment, suggeston information has management date and suggested on, but no input fields
22:29 cait will file another bug
22:30 reed joined #koha
22:31 cait ah there already is a bug 3922
22:31 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3922 major, P5, ---,, NEW, Managing suggestions: filter form missing information
22:35 cait chris: ah, I tried to reproduce my import problem today... all itemcallnumbers with umlauts loaded without problems using staged marc import. Perhaps the problem is in bulk marc import. I was not able to test that. we repaired the data with the sync-script for items and marcxml.
22:36 chris right
22:39 brendan @gcalc 4619 seconds in minutes
22:39 munin brendan: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
22:40 brendan @gcalc what is 4619 seconds converted to minutes
22:40 munin brendan: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
22:40 robin I wonder if google's site changes have broken it.
22:40 cait @roulette
22:40 munin *BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
22:40 * munin reloads and spins the chambers.
22:40 cait oh
22:40 wizzyrea_laptop joined #koha
22:41 brendan @roulette
22:41 munin brendan: *click*
22:41 brendan :)
22:41 cait @roulette
22:41 munin cait: *click*
22:41 brendan @gcalc 4619 seconds
22:41 munin brendan: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
22:42 brendan I give up munin
22:42 brendan google did give me the answer
22:58 cait @roulette
22:58 munin cait: *click*
23:00 slef oh yeah, google's site changes broke
23:00 slef a lot of automated services used the old ie interface because it was easiest to parse
23:02 chilts I think munin was broken before the recent Google changes
23:03 slef Aren't incompatible API changes usually evil? ;-)
23:04 robin chilts: yeah, but google changes fairly regularly. I wrote a scraper that worked with the PDA interface, and it was always breaking.
23:05 chilts I'm not surprised, there's a different between scraping HTML and using an API
23:06 chilts those search engines which rely on Google should use a CSE (Custom Search Engine)
23:17 cait ok, really late now
23:17 cait good night all!
23:17 chris night cait
23:18 brendan left #koha
23:25 cait left #koha
23:27 Johnindep joined #koha
23:44 slef chris: did you get the wellington link I sent by munin?
23:48 chris yep
23:48 chris the nzoss is helping him draft a policy
23:48 chris one of the directors of catalyst is president of the society :)
23:49 chris jack yan has other policies you as an avid cyclist would like too
23:49 chris like car free days
23:51 chris[…]ay-free-of-trafc/
23:58 slef cool
23:58 slef stand any chance?

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