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00:29 mason aaah, heres the fix for me...
00:29 mason ./ -a -b -r -x
00:30 mason using the '-x' arg, handles the bad record better, and skips/succeeds - rather than barfing
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01:18 chris handy
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02:37 * chris_n adds color-coding to about->Perl Modules to indicate when modules need updating relative to Koha's requirements
02:37 SelfishMan pretty
02:40 chris nice
02:41 * chris_n notices that git rebase -i has new options
02:41 chris_n #  p, pick = use commit
02:41 chris_n #  r, reword = use commit, but edit the commit message
02:41 chris_n #  e, edit = use commit, but stop for amending
02:41 chris_n #  s, squash = use commit, but meld into previous commit
02:41 chris_n #  f, fixup = like "squash", but discard this commit's log message
02:41 chris oh cool
03:17 chris_n g'night
03:17 chris night
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03:33 Amit_G heya chris
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05:00 chris[…]th-ptfs/#comments
05:00 chris ben is back
05:00 chris and quoting jo out of context, ie merging 2 separate comments
05:00 * brendan goes to look
05:01 brendan ben always seem to take anything out of context...
05:01 larsw not just merging, but also picking words to make it look like she said something she didn't
05:02 chris yep
05:02 larsw which is a vile form of lying
05:02 chris yes, yes it is
05:05 chris not sure what to do about it
05:05 chris i think ill sleep on it
05:05 chris hopefully someone else will do something and i will no longer feel the need to :)
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05:20 kmkale humph no local trains running in Mumbai today. Everything almost at a standstill
05:20 kmkale good morning all
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05:46 Amit_G heya kmkale
05:46 Amit_G kmkale: have u solve your problem
05:46 Amit_G ?
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06:35 kmkale hey amit lost connection for a while
06:35 kmkale yes i solved it
06:46 Amit_G good
06:47 robin chris: don't suppose you're about?
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06:57 hdl_laptop hi
06:57 hdl_laptop chris around ?
06:57 Ropuch^_ Morning #koha
07:02 magnus g'day #koha
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07:23 kf good morning #koha
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07:32 chris am now
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07:33 robin chris: hey. koha fields are like 'biblio.title', but I'd like to have people just say 'title'. At the moment I'm iterating through the three prefixes checking for the right one. Is that sufficient?
07:33 robin Importantly, will they ever duplicate?
07:34 robin so 'biblioitems.title' and 'biblio.title'?
07:34 chris some things duplicate, title isnt one of them,
07:35 chris not between items, biblio and biblioitems anyway
07:35 robin But others can duplicate between them? (title was just an example)
07:35 chris im trying to think if any do
07:36 chris maybe just do a describe on each of those tables and eyeball them
07:36 robin yeah OK
07:36 robin tomorrow though :)
07:36 chris :)
07:36 chris off the top of my head, its just the biblionumber
07:36 chris which we wont be importing, but creating instead
07:37 robin now my script can take a CSV, load it, build an array of MARC records from that, and all without errors :)
07:37 robin However, there is currently no validation and no output.
07:37 chris its a darn good start :)
07:38 robin e.g. ./ -m title=title -m author=author -i EROlibrary.csv -o test.xml --kohaconf /home/robin/koha-dev/etc/koha-conf.xml
07:38 chris sweet
07:38 robin will extract author and title and apply them to the MARC records that match those koha field names.
07:39 chris awesome, doing it that way, means that it will work for MARC21 and UNIMARC too
07:39 robin yeah, that's what I figured. Putting an 'output' switch on it won't be hard.
07:39 robin but now, there's a SOBA get-together at Bodega, so I'm going to the pub :)
07:39 chris sounds good
07:40 robin catch you tomorrow
07:40 chris yep, have fun :)
07:51 chris hdl_laptop: you wanted me?
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08:32 hdl_laptop chris : I just wanted to say thanks for your hints on fcgi
08:32 hdl_laptop ?
08:32 hdl_laptop .
08:35 chris no problem
08:35 chris you see the FCGI::Async script?
08:36 chris ill commit my ngnix conf too
08:38 chris[…]e935219e5951c0671
08:38 chris im playing with psgi now to see how that performs
08:38 hdl_laptop good. let me know
08:38 hdl_laptop I saw that patch
08:39 chris i just committed it now :)
08:39 chris it has the nginx config too
08:40 hdl_laptop psgi require some heavy work on scripts
08:41 chris nope
08:42 hdl_laptop not at first.
08:42 hdl_laptop But will still.
08:42 chris not if you use CGI::Compile and CGI::Emulate
08:42 hdl_laptop sure, but then you donot really use psgi
08:43 hdl_laptop at its full but kind of emulation of CGI
08:43 chris it compiles them into psgi, and runs them persistently
08:43 chris and persistent is the main thing that psgi gives you
08:45 chris its worth benchmarking anyway, to see if its any faster than FCGI::Async
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08:59 chris Test total duration was 24 seconds and CAPS average 16:
08:59 chris H/F   Req:310,1xx:0,2xx:310,3xx:0,4xx:0,5xx:0,Err:0,T-E​rr:0,D:5406ms,D-2xx:5406ms,Ti:87962B/s,To:2289B/s
08:59 chris H/F/S Req:0,1xx:0,2xx:0,3xx:0,4xx:0,5xx:0,Err:0​,T-Err:0,D:0ms,D-2xx:0ms,Ti:0B/s,To:0B/s
09:00 chris hdl_laptop: does
09:00 chris work for you?
09:00 chris thats what i just benchmarked
09:00 chris im running it like this
09:01 hdl_laptop http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]
09:01 chris yeah that wont work
09:01 hdl_laptop http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]koha/
09:01 chris neither will that
09:01 chris only the url i pasted
09:01 chris ive only set it up for that url just for testing
09:01 hdl_laptop it works
09:01 chris cool
09:02 chris so served 310 requests in 24 seconds
09:02 chris under this
09:02 chris plackup -MPlack::App::CGIBin -e 'Plack::App::CGIBin->new(root => "/home/chris/git/koha.git/opac")->to_app'
09:02 chris with ngnix in front
09:03 hdl_laptop I tried this but css and js was not loaded.
09:04 chris yep, nginx is doing the css and js
09:04 chris that might have been the missing piece
09:04 chris i just ramped it up
09:05 Amit_G hdl_laptop around
09:05 Amit_G i m just reading your comment on[…]nuary/005276.html
09:06 hdl_laptop Amit_G: ?
09:07 Amit_G st-numeric  is not correct for lexile searching
09:11 chris Test total duration was 182 seconds and CAPS average 13:
09:11 chris H/F   Req:1502,1xx:0,2xx:1502,3xx:0,4xx:0,5xx:0,Err:0,T-​Err:0,D:5992ms,D-2xx:5992ms,Ti:56201B/s,To:1315B/s
09:11 chris H/F/S Req:0,1xx:0,2xx:0,3xx:0,4xx:0,5xx:0,Err:0​,T-Err:0,D:0ms,D-2xx:0ms,Ti:0B/s,To:0B/s
09:13 hdl_laptop Amit_G: I am not using MARC21 neither lexile.
09:13 Amit_G ok
09:14 hdl_laptop I was just suggesting another way ro do things.
09:15 Amit_G but pubdate also using the same st-numeric
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09:21 chris hdl_laptop: http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]
09:21 chris all urls should work now
09:21 hdl_laptop http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]?biblionumber=155
09:22 chris yeah thats not psgi tho
09:22 chris thats me breaking
09:23 hdl_laptop http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]
09:23 hdl_laptop Same thing.
09:26 chris yep Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at /home/chris/git/koha.git/opac/ line 101.
09:26 chris valid perl errors
09:29 chris login works tho
09:30 chris so far, it seems just those 2
09:30 chris interesting works fine if you are logged
09:30 chris in
09:31 chris ah yep i see why
09:31 chris $template->param( branchloop => GetBranchesLoop(C4::Contex​t->userenv->{'branch'}));
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09:31 chris http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]
09:32 chris its broken in apache2 as well
09:32 * chris fixes
09:32 chris fixed that one
09:32 chris http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]  work for you now?
09:34 hdl_laptop yes
09:34 chris what i did was this
09:35 chris if (C4::Context->userenv){                                                                                                    $template->param( branchloop => GetBranchesLoop(C4::Contex​t->userenv->{'branch'}));
09:35 chris }
09:35 chris else {                                                                                                                        $template->param( branchloop => GetBranchesLoop());
09:35 chris }
09:35 chris should have been done anyway so thats fine, ill look at opac-detail now
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10:04 * magnus admires the effect of switching from the deprecated zebraqueue-daemon to running rebuild_zebra from cron every 2 minutes[…]oha-load-week.png
10:09 magnus is now known as magnus_lunch
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10:17 zico hi
10:17 zico i have a little bit problem with book of Bangla language
10:17 zico i am from Dhaka, Bangladesh
10:17 zico the problem is
10:18 zico i can generate english barcode label with koha
10:18 zico but, when Bangla book comes, when i tries to generate barcode in pdf.. it don`t work
10:19 zico pdf reader shows me the error that, "unable to open"
10:19 zico can anyone help me a little?
10:19 Amit_G heya zico
10:22 zico hello Amit_G
10:23 dan_paris Hello!!
10:23 dan_paris do you know how change the first administrator login/password after install ?
10:24 kmkale Hey anybody upgraded to Lucid yet? I did and am now stuck with "error: unexpectedly disconnected from boot status daemon" system wont boot beyond this point.
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10:39 kf dan_paris: its in the xml config file of koha
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10:56 greenmang0 @wunder mumbai
10:56 munin greenmang0: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 33.0�C (3:40 PM IST on May 04, 2010). Conditions: Smoke. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: 24.0�C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1004 hPa (Steady).
10:56 greenmang0 thanks munin
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10:57 chris_n kmkale: I did last week and all is well
10:57 chris_n and good morning #koha
10:58 chris_n kmkale: that sounds like a nasty error though :-P
10:58 chris hi chris_n
10:58 chris_n heya chris
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11:07 chris_n @later tell kmkale: I succesfully upgraded to lucid last week
11:07 munin chris_n: The operation succeeded.
11:09 kmkale chris_n: did you do a upgrade via upgrade manager or from a cd / dvd?
11:11 chris_n upgrade manager (using -d)
11:12 * chris_n is not fully awake yet
11:18 kmkale i wonder how you guyz wonder aloud like that :(
11:20 kmkale i did too but now am locked out of ubuntu trying to boot into fedora partition and repair ubuntu boot and cursing myself as all the work is stuck
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11:21 dan_paris chris: thank KF!
11:22 kf huh?
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11:24 chris huh?
11:25 nengard first thing I see after logging in - 'huh?' -- that's not a nice greeting chris :) hehe
11:25 nengard good morning all!!
11:26 Colin g'day #koha (huh?)
11:27 chris Colin: thanks for the plack hint
11:27 chris http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]koha/
11:28 Colin It looks nice... has defiite potential
11:28 chris running with nginx in front, plack behind
11:28 chris everying but works
11:28 chris contrast with
11:28 chris http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]koha/
11:28 chris exact same code
11:28 chris but with apache2
11:28 chris and cig
11:28 chris cgi too
11:30 Colin There's a definite difference
11:30 chris yep, tis faster but the main win is throughput
11:31 chris if i hit that url with 100 concurrent connection on apache2
11:31 chris the machine bursts into flames
11:31 chris (or at least load gets to 120+ and it starts swapping like mad)
11:32 chris with nginx and plack it barely notices
11:34 Colin Nice thing is that it dosen't require too much rethinking of existing code to take advantage of that
11:34 chris yeah, pretty much none at all
11:35 chris (thats why i was testing FCGI::Async) because it didnt need much either
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11:37 jdavidb hello, #koha! :)
11:38 Colin welcome jdavidb
11:38 chris hiya jdavidb
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11:40 chris ok, time for sleep
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11:44 gmcharlt good morning
11:45 jwagner Morning....
11:46 kf good morning jdavidb, Colin, jwagner and gmcharlt :)
11:47 Colin morning or afternoon as it is here
11:49 jwagner Good [time of day of choice] :-)
11:49 jwagner Any French speakers online?  I need a syspref translation.
11:51 * magnus thinks the biblibre gang is in a meeting
11:54 jwagner Oh well.....
11:55 jdavidb If I was feeling mean-spirited, jwagner, I'd suggest that you use Google Translate, so they'd point and laugh when they read what you use from it....
11:57 * jwagner looks over the tops of her glasses at jdavidb
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11:58 jwagner AHA!  A French speaker!
11:58 * jdavidb cowers in fear
11:58 chris_n lol jdavidb
11:58 jwagner Was just asking for one, for a translation :-)
11:59 hdl_laptop jwagner: sure
12:00 jwagner I'm changing the description of opaccolorstylesheet, and I'll have a couple of new ones later.  Here's the 1st one:
12:00 jwagner Define an auxiliary stylesheet for OPAC use, to override specified settings from the primary opac.css stylesheet. Enter the filename (if the file is in the server's css directory) or a complete URL beginning with http (if the file lives on a remote server).
12:00 kf jdavidb: more chocolate?
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12:00 hdl_laptop hi all
12:01 jdavidb Just a little, kf.  Things are much better today than yesterday.  (funny what nine hours of sleep will do)
12:02 * kf hands jdavid some chocolate
12:02 kf sleep is a fascinating thing, would like to get more of it
12:03 * jwagner wants chocolate too!
12:03 * jdavidb found a recipe for home-made Snickers bars, and is thinking of making a 9x13" panful for jwagner
12:04 jwagner Mmmmmmmmmmmm
12:05 * jdavidb makes a note on the recipe card:  "jwagner approves."
12:05 hdl_laptop Définit une feuille de style auxiliaire pour l'OPAC qui prend le pas sur la feuille de style primaire. Entrez le nom du fichier (si le fichier est sur le serveur) ou une URL commencant par http (si le fichier est sur un serveur distant)
12:05 jwagner Well, I haven't approved YET -- I was indicating approval of the idea!
12:06 jwagner Merci, hdl_laptop!
12:06 dan_paris An other question please; An administrator can reset or change user password ? i don't find where is it..
12:07 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: do you have any patches to fix the translateable templates errors in admin/aqplan.tmpl
12:08 hdl_laptop Un administrateur peut réinitialiser ou changer le mot de passe utilisateur.
12:08 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: think so.
12:09 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: will  search and send you
12:09 gmcharlt hdl_laptop++
12:10 dan_paris hdl_laptop> oky merci
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12:11 * kf hands out chocolate to jwagner too
12:11 * jwagner thanks kf
12:11 kf I thought jdavidb would share
12:11 jwagner Share?  CHOCOLATE??? You must be joking!  (I wouldn't share either.....)
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12:15 kmkale @quit
12:15 munin kmkale: Error: You don't have the owner capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.
12:15 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: aqbudgets.tmpl has a similar issue of tmpl_if embeded in a <td> element
12:15 kmkale left #koha
12:15 hdl_laptop will fix that either.
12:16 hdl_laptop any #bug ?
12:24 jwagner hdl_laptop, see Bug 4394 -- I think the revised version takes care of your concerns with it.
12:24 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4394 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, opaccolorstylesheet syspref won't allow an external URL
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12:52 owen jwagner++ # for opaccolorstylesheet pref enhancement
12:54 hdl_laptop k
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12:56 jwagner owen, thanks.  Hope it takes care of the themes directory problem with the first patch.
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12:59 nengard I have an amazon question.  I'm on my test system and have all amazon content turned on, yet when i click on reviews it says there aren't any - but on amazon there are
12:59 nengard and i don't see any similar items even though i know i have similar items in my catlaog
12:59 nengard do i need to do something other than turn the preferences on?
13:00 * owen is wondering why he clicked through to that comment from Ben Ide. Terrible way to start the day.
13:00 nengard :(
13:02 * chris_n wonders if anyone has a patch to fix a bug he has... ie. a bad cold
13:03 owen chris_n: I have a patch for that, but it takes a week to ten days to merge it properly.
13:03 chris_n :D
13:03 nengard goofy boys
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13:11 jwagner chris_n, it's on the development list, right after the cloning and time travel modules....
13:12 * chris_n has to admit cloning should be at the top :)
13:12 owen Man I really wish the tag moderation page linked to the record/records which users have added tags to.
13:12 nengard owen - me too!
13:12 nengard I'd also like to approve tags on a per title basis
13:13 nengard in addition to as a blanket 'this word is bad'
13:13 nengard type
13:13 nengard i'd also like there to be a tagging utility for the staff client
13:19 chris_n critiques:
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13:20 chris_n wb hdl_laptop
13:21 nengard chris_n are you suggesting color coding that page? are you asking what we think?
13:21 nengard it works for me :)
13:23 chris_n yes, yes, great
13:23 nengard :)
13:23 nengard what does yellow mean?
13:23 collum nengard: what do you envision the functionality of a tagging utility to be?
13:23 chris_n but that is just the skin of an overhaul of the underlying code
13:23 chris_n yellow = need to upgrade relative to Koha's requirements
13:23 collum I would like there to be a way to populate tags based on librarything.
13:23 nengard collum I envision a lot of changes - in order to pull tags from LT I think you need to pay for LT4L
13:23 chris_n nengard: ie. Koha is looking for a newer version than that installed
13:24 nengard chris_n figured that
13:25 owen chris_n: I'd say don't highlight the good ones with green, just highlight the problems
13:25 nengard collum i think that first, librarians should be able to add tags in bulk to items if they want.  second, tags should be searchable - or else they're just there for fun.  third, i think librarians should be able to approve/reject tags both per title and as a word (ex. if i tag harry potter as 'devil worshipping' a librarians should be able to reject that tag on harry potter but let it still be used on books about 'devil worshippi
13:25 nengard ng')
13:25 chris_n owen: yeah, I thought all the green might be a bit overwhelming
13:26 chris_n not to mention ugly imho
13:26 nengard :)
13:26 collum all good things. Bulk and searchable would be nice.
13:27 nengard patrons can add tags in bulk now - and techincally so can staff if they log into the opac-  but it should be in the staff client as well
13:28 nengard collum, john blyberg mentioned some neat ideas for tags in his sopac talk:
13:30 owen Here's an interesting case from my catalog: Someone just added a tag to this title[…]blionumber=208268
13:30 owen Their tag, "  Wings in the Night bk. 3 "
13:30 collum It's been a while since I played with tags.  I really like the concept of rejecting or approving on a per title basis.
13:31 owen Helpful because the record doesn't contain that information. But since a regular search won't hit on the tag, it doesn't end up helping anyone else
13:32 owen And since this "tag" really only applies to one title, I question whether it should be approved
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13:37 * collum wonders if a tag, after it is approved, could be incorporated into a repeatable option field in the marc record, possibly in the 900s.
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13:43 chris_n hi Nate
13:43 Nate morning chris_n!
13:43 Nate and everyone
13:44 sekjal morning, Nate!
13:45 Nate hiya sekjal
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13:50 magnus yay![…]3_2_0.txt;hb=HEAD
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13:59 sekjal is anyone else out there having issues with renewals on the latest code?  I'm noticing on several machines that I can't renew anything, even if I override.
14:01 * wizzyrea goes to check
14:01 kf sekjal: let me check, we just updated our system
14:01 sekjal thanks, wizzyrea and kf!
14:02 kf kf: I used an account with already checked out items, i marked 2 and renewed, it worked, but I see                     Renewal Failed for all other items - although I didnt mark them for renewal
14:03 kf hm, and override renewal limit automagically marks all items not for renewal, I think this is a new behaviour (that I dont like9
14:04 wizzyrea sekjal: it seems to be working for me
14:04 kf hm
14:04 wizzyrea let me try again
14:04 kf when I click on override renewal on check out tab no items are marked
14:05 kf when I click on override renewal on details tab all not renewable items are marked
14:05 kf this is not consistend
14:05 kf consistent
14:05 kf swap the tabs
14:05 sekjal there was just a new patch that fixed some of the SQL in CanBookBeRenewed, but I'm still getting a failure when I run that function.
14:06 sekjal it's called twice, once when the page is rendered to determine what checkboxes to show, and again when you actually try to renew an item
14:06 wizzyrea I personally don't think we should allow any processing of items on the details page
14:07 wizzyrea display only
14:07 gmcharlt wizzyrea: staff or OPAC?
14:07 wizzyrea staff
14:07 wizzyrea patron detail
14:07 wizzyrea it's a lot to try and keep consistent, and it's not that hard to click over to the checkout tab
14:07 wizzyrea to do work with it
14:08 wizzyrea but I may be a cuckoo, too
14:08 kf I think it is fixed now, but in our 3.0.61 you could only set a specific renewal date on details tab
14:08 wizzyrea yea, that needs to be moved to the checkout if it's not there
14:08 kf my librarians got confused
14:08 wizzyrea it's there on the checkout page
14:09 wizzyrea < mine definitely would have as well
14:09 kf yes, look ok now
14:09 wizzyrea and good morning
14:09 kf but the error message is confusing
14:10 kf it shows renewal fail for those item that I did not mark for renewal
14:10 kf wizzyrea: can you confim?
14:10 kf hm letters missing... renwal failED for those itemS...
14:10 wizzyrea how did you test it? checked out a bunch of items, checked only a couple for renewal, clicked renew/return checked items?
14:10 wizzyrea (making sure I'm doing the same thing you are)
14:11 kf yes
14:11 wizzyrea k sec
14:12 kf hm, not sure this is new: I opened another account with overdue items and the items are already checked for renewal.
14:13 owen Not new kf
14:14 kf hi owen
14:14 wizzyrea kf: I wasn't able to duplicate that
14:14 wizzyrea the renewal fail for unchecked items
14:15 kf wizzyrea: I tested with another account and it didnt happen again
14:15 * kf confused
14:15 wizzyrea were the items overdue or otherwise restricted?
14:15 wizzyrea like, maybe someone had a hold?
14:15 kf overdue
14:15 wizzyrea ah all of mine were current...
14:15 wizzyrea one sec
14:16 kf hm
14:17 kf wizzyrea: wait, I think I have an idea - our templates might not have been updated
14:17 wizzyrea Ah!
14:17 wizzyrea I have the newest stuff as of about 10 minutes ago
14:17 wizzyrea it's all out of the bo
14:17 kf wizzyrea: I tested with German - English is ok
14:17 wizzyrea box*
14:17 sekjal I think the problem I'm having is somewhere in the SQL... when working on a system with only two, simple loan rules, it behaves itself.  The SQL for CanBookBeRenewed is very complex
14:18 wizzyrea what kind of rules are you working with?
14:18 wizzyrea where you see the problem?
14:18 kf i dont use default values, too many problems with other ils in the past
14:19 kf I have every combination of borrowercategory and itemtype
14:19 wizzyrea oh wow
14:19 wizzyrea < impressed by your tenacity
14:19 wizzyrea :)
14:19 wizzyrea that must have been a bear to set up
14:20 wizzyrea (rather, it would have been in our system)
14:20 wajasu joined #koha
14:22 sekjal one of the systems I'm working on has mostly default branchcode, and only two enumerated patron categories.
14:23 schuster Before I start beating my head against a wall...  in the Main nav in the opac what have people used there?  My boss wants some widgets and as I start "building" them I am getting lots of options, javascript, iframe, html, what have others used?
14:23 jwagner schuster, anything from bare text to elaborate menu links :-)
14:24 wizzyrea we have tested all of those
14:24 wizzyrea they all seem to work
14:24 wizzyrea what kidn of widgets?
14:24 schuster I've got bare text...  So I'm looking at some widgets..  Do some work better than others?  Database type widgets mainly...  I'm looking at word of the day, this day in history, ebsco, gale etc...
14:25 schuster jwagner - do you have any Koha instances that I can go and look at what you may have done?  I'm also thinking about the three boxes that I have seen others do in the middle
14:25 jwagner The main thing, I think, is to keep it self-contained and make sure the HTML/scripts don't clash.
14:25 wizzyrea uses librarything
14:25 wizzyrea er
14:25 wizzyrea sorry
14:25 wizzyrea that's not the right URL at all
14:25 jwagner schuster, not offhand -- I'd have to dig some up.  It's been a while.
14:26 wizzyrea
14:26 dan_paris left #koha
14:27 schuster That is the trick isn't it...  The vendors don't like to play nicely.
14:27 wizzyrea ?
14:27 wizzyrea oh you mean the widget vendors
14:27 schuster I have to be careful what I put there as it is pertinent to ALL levels k-12(database vendors that is - the Gale widget wants to over right the ebsco widget and take over the page.
14:28 wizzyrea ah
14:28 wizzyrea you could do what we did
14:28 wizzyrea and put them in the nav bar
14:29 jwagner schuster, I didn't create this page, but I did some updates on it:
14:29 nengard I have an amazon question.  For some reason only amazon cover images are working for me - none of the other content - and I'm wondering if it's possible that the slash in my awsprivatekey is causing errors in koha code - anyone think that might be it?
14:29 owen schuster:
14:29 owen schuster:
14:30 wizzyrea a lot of it is putting pretty graphics over links
14:31 wizzyrea nyack is pretty
14:31 wizzyrea rfpl definitely likes their widgets
14:31 kf wizzyrea: I added my issuingrules with sql... ;)
14:31 wizzyrea kf: very smart.
14:31 wizzyrea :)
14:32 wizzyrea we also add things to the detail pages:
14:33 wizzyrea though there's a pref for that now I think
14:33 wizzyrea (which I thank your diety of choice for)
14:35 jwagner wizzyrea, I think the diety for that one is named nengard :-)
14:35 nengard huh? what? have I been promoted??
14:35 wizzyrea we also need to remember to change the text in the system preferences for OCLCAffiliateID: they allow 1k requests/day for users with no ID now
14:35 jwagner According to wizzyrea, you have....
14:36 wizzyrea you made the editable block pref for the opac detail pages, right?
14:36 nengard yes
14:36 nengard the one for search in other
14:36 wizzyrea then yes, you would be the diety of choice, in this case
14:36 wizzyrea ;)
14:36 nengard hehe :) wow - why thanks :) hehe
14:37 wizzyrea lordy bugs is slow today
14:41 jwagner It was fine earlier -- an hour or so ago.
14:42 kf bug 4386--
14:42 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4386 blocker, P2, ---,, NEW, New print notice feature not obeying email address for hold notices
14:42 kf fine here too
14:42 wizzyrea man it took like 2 minutes for it to even come up here... everything else is speedy
14:42 wizzyrea now that I'm in it's ok though
14:43 wizzyrea oh well
14:44 sekjal ah ha!  error in the SQL syntax!  but only on one machine.... and they are supposedly running the same code...
14:44 wizzyrea !!
14:45 sekjal well, obviously they are not... time to do some git-blaming
14:49 sekjal ah.  the same patch was applied, but resulted in a different commit.
14:50 kf gmcharlt++ #3.2alpha2
14:50 owen gmcharlt: I'd like to lobby for the inclusion of my patch for Bug 4387
14:50 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4387 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Cart popup shadow fails to hide itself consistently
14:51 schuster all owen patches get my vote - as my boss says "it makes it look pretty..."
14:52 gmcharlt owen: no string changes, and failure mode in IE is hardly going to raise hackles, so fine
14:53 gmcharlt I will roast anybody who makes a blocker bug complaining about a missing shadow in IE8
14:53 gmcharlt :)
14:53 sekjal owen++
14:53 kf :)
14:54 kf hay anybody tested syspref translation? my colleague told me he got no error message but everything is still English
14:54 kf cant type today
14:54 kf *sigh*
14:55 moodaepo left #koha
15:00 owen Bug 2375 says "fixed," but it doesn't look like my patch was approved. Is the "fixed" status an error?
15:00 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2375 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---,, RESOLVED FIXED, Serials holdings data does not display in opac-detail
15:01 gmcharlt owen: nengard closed it, maybe she was staistfied with the current display? duno
15:02 chris_n gmcharlt++ #3.2alpha2
15:02 wizzyrea left #koha
15:03 wizzyrea joined #koha
15:09 wizzyrea woo alpha2!
15:09 * owen points his browser to and settles down for a game of solitaire
15:09 wizzyrea ! mine was slow too!
15:11 owen Maybe it's from furious bug-fixing
15:12 nengard owen gmcharlt, i don't remember why i closed it ....
15:12 schuster New question about widgets and boxes and news...  So if you are running a "custom" template you can't use news in the opac as that isn't an option..
15:12 owen schuster: By custom do you mean using opacmainuserblock?
15:13 wizzyrea ^^
15:13 wizzyrea I thought the news went above that
15:13 owen Right, you should be able to use both
15:13 schuster Yes.
15:14 schuster we are not using prog - templates and so when I put something in the OPAC(en) as a "news" item nothing shows up above the opacmain or nav...???
15:14 schuster hmmm I'll go back and switch the template back to prog and see if it works then.
15:14 wizzyrea oh, then yea, maybe your template is different
15:15 dan_paris joined #koha
15:15 johnindy joined #koha
15:17 owen Bug 2375 reopened and revised patch submitted
15:17 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2375 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---,, REOPENED, Serials holdings data does not display in opac-detail
15:25 wizzyrea changing the text of system preferences: you only have to change the text in the template file for that section? (enhanced-preferences.pref, for example)
15:25 wizzyrea or is there more I need to do
15:25 wizzyrea (get translations, for example)
15:25 owen gmcharlt: I resubmitted another patch which is now described as Bug 4446. I didn't see it in the patches list archive so I wasn't sure if it made it through
15:25 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4446 enhancement, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, Style changes to cart popup window more compact display
15:26 biglego left #koha
15:27 biglego joined #koha
15:28 kf owen: did your patch remove display of 952 serial enumeration?
15:29 kf owen: or only if its not used?
15:30 owen My patch removed some things from the holdings display which are correctly displayed under the subscriptions tab
15:30 kf owen: ah, i think I figured it out from the patch code
15:30 wajasu nengard: i was wondering if anything else beside book covers should show for amazon content.
15:31 nengard wajasu not for me
15:31 nengard oh - sorry - yes more should show
15:31 nengard if you have those preferences turned on
15:31 nengard but they're not working for me right now
15:32 wajasu maybe i just need to find something with a review....
15:34 kf I can test tomorrow - perhaps remind me. we use amazon in our catalogs
15:34 Nate left #koha
15:36 wajasu i also wonder if on the item detail page, when i hover/click over the book cover it links to amazon, but is there a way to get the AmazonAssociateTag added to the end of the link?
15:37 wajasu if thats how thats supposed to work to get credit if my patron make a purchase.
15:41 bgkriegel joined #koha
15:42 owen That's how one would expect it to work. In reality the  AmazonAssocTag  preference doesn't seem to be used at all in Koha's code.
15:42 owen wajasu: Could you file a bug report for that?
15:43 wajasu sure.  I'll file bug.
15:46 * owen wonders if that was ever used... in 2.x maybe?
15:47 jwagner owen and anyone else interested in XSLT, see Bug 4447 -- discussion?
15:47 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4447 enhancement, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, Allow external URL/storage location for XSLT stylesheets
15:48 wizzyrea I'm for that
15:49 jwagner The code makes it tricky -- it's building the path on the fly, based on the suffix (results or details), so it seems to be all or nothing.
15:50 kf jwagner: I wonder if this could lead to problems with ie and https
15:50 kf jwagner: translation is another problem
15:50 jwagner Good one -- hadn't thought of that.  "I don't know" is the answer :-)
15:52 wajasu i had also added the AmazonAssociateTag in my "more searches" drop down that I added.  It would be nice to have {AMAZONASSOCID} available as well. Should that be a separate enhancement?
15:52 wizzyrea presumably, if you were using an external XSLT, you would be localizing it to your language anyway
15:52 wizzyrea i.e. as far as translating it, you wouldn't need to, because your files aren't in the project, if that makes sense.
15:52 hdl_laptop jwagner: I wrote a patch to allow usage of alternative xslts
15:52 hdl_laptop I sent it.
15:52 jwagner Yeah, my contemplated workflow is to ftp the two .xsl files from the server, customize them however you want, & stick them off on another server.  For translation, you'd copy the other language ones.
15:53 jwagner hdl_laptop, really?  I missed that.  Do you have a bug #?
15:53 greenmang0 left #koha
15:53 hdl_laptop But it just needed to use different system preference
15:53 schuster OK throw the brick at me...  On the news it works - I had today as the publish date, as soon as I set it to yesterday guess what - It shows up!
15:53 wizzyrea yea, that's a bug
15:53 wizzyrea one I think I fixed, actually
15:54 wizzyrea so you probably just don't have the update that fixes that
15:54 jwagner wizzyrea, bug # for that fix?
15:54 hdl_laptop bug 3042
15:54 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3042 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, RESOLVED DUPLICATE, Add more details to OPAC search results RSS
15:54 wizzyrea 1s lemme look
15:54 sekjal mysql claims I have a syntax error.  There is in fact none.  Unfortunately, you can't argue with a machine.
15:55 kf wizzyrea: we are using mroe than one language in opac :)
15:55 jwagner hdl_laptop, that bug doesn't seem to be related to XSLT files.
15:55 wizzyrea bug 3685, but I didn't attach the patch to it. Will look for it and do that.
15:55 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3685 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, tools / news = error with date
15:55 wizzyrea but it's fixed in head
15:56 wizzyrea regardless.
15:56 hdl_laptop patch sent on the 05 02
15:56 hdl_laptop And was numbered bug 3042
15:56 jwagner wizzyrea, please do attach the patch -- we can grab it from there.
15:57 wizzyrea also this
15:57 wizzyrea[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3289
15:57 munin Bug 3289: normal, P5, ---,, RESOLVED FIXED, News items do not appear on current date, must be backdated.
15:58 wizzyrea can't get it from git? sorry, I'm a bit thick.
15:59 jwagner wizzyrea, I dunno.  Patch files are always safe :-)
15:59 hdl_laptop[…]org/msg04447.html
15:59 * chris_n tries to imagine a thick wizzyrea
16:00 hdl_laptop
16:00 hdl_laptop jwagner you can look at thos two patches
16:01 kf ok, really time to leave, will be back later for the meeting
16:02 kf left #koha
16:02 jwagner hdl_laptop, thanks.  Looks like a similar approach but yours is more elaborate.  I'll update my bug report with those references.
16:02 hdl_laptop jwagner: al you would have to add is changing xslt syspref names
16:03 hdl_laptop + adding a default to present xslt filenames
16:04 hdl_laptop in case XSLTOPACResult (for instance) is on And XSLTWhateveryounameit would not.
16:05 wizzyrea coopetition++
16:05 hdl_laptop those two patches however are a step into the desired direction and seems to me more general than a hardcoded path.
16:07 hdl_laptop A problem not really easy to solve is the usage of OPAC stylesheets at intranet for Results.
16:07 hdl_laptop Since at the moment, C4::Search is not "aware" of templates.
16:08 hdl_laptop and, at the moment, the display of biblios is done not at the pl level, but in the getRecords Level, which in my opinion, is a crazy thing.
16:08 jwagner hdl_laptop, thanks.  I'll take a look at yours & see if it does what I'm wanting.
16:08 hdl_laptop let me know
16:09 hdl_laptop Will be online tonight
16:09 brendan joined #koha
16:11 schuster wizzyrea - I saw you linked on the detail page to novel list - was it easy?  what did you do?
16:12 wizzyrea I did it with jquery
16:12 wizzyrea one sec I'll go grab the code
16:12 schuster Cool. - I was thinking of doing something similar with a webservice that finds websites...
16:13 wizzyrea $("li:contains('in This Series')").after("<li><a target='_blank' href='[…]d&amp;dataid=183'>NoveList</a></li>");
16:13 wizzyrea I am SURE there is a better way to pinpoint that location in the list
16:13 owen wizzyrea: What's an example of this in use?
16:13 wizzyrea but when I wrote it I didn't know what it was
16:14 wizzyrea search for this title in:
16:14 wizzyrea http://catalog.nexpresslibrary[…]blionumber=147824
16:15 Nate joined #koha
16:15 schuster I'm not in Kansas anymore dorothy so the click on novel list doesn't go anywhere.  Can you do a screen shot?
16:16 owen wizzyrea: You could try the eq() method in that kind of situation
16:16 owen[…]/traversal-eq.htm
16:17 wizzyrea hm.
16:17 schuster OK you two are talking jquery which to me is as good as french - sorry don't understand any of it...
16:17 wizzyrea schuster: novelist looks just like novelist anywhere else
16:18 wizzyrea you would paste that code (or something like it) into your opacuserjs
16:18 schuster So wizzyrea - does it actually pull the series into Novel list or just goes there and then you type in your series you are looking for?
16:18 wizzyrea goes there and you type in the series
16:18 wizzyrea they asked me for a link
16:18 wizzyrea so I gave them one ;)
16:19 wizzyrea i'm certain it could be better
16:19 schuster It would be way cool if it actually could pull the series authority into the search!
16:20 wizzyrea yep, though NEKLS doesn't use authorities
16:20 wizzyrea (yet)
16:20 schuster But they may already be in the MARC record...
16:20 wizzyrea I agree in principle it would be cool, but 1. i'm not that smart and 2. I'm not that smart.
16:21 wizzyrea ;)
16:21 schuster ah but we know someone who is....  "oh owennnnn..."
16:21 * jwagner offers owen a desk to hide under
16:22 owen I've got a great hiding-under desk!
16:22 owen If I had a nice mat I could nap under it
16:23 schuster http://catalog.nexpresslibrary[…]blionumber=267697 - you already have a series heading in the display...
16:23 chris_n wonderful memories... the days when we were able to take naps; if my kids could know what I do, they'd love taking naps
16:24 jwagner I've been lobbying for a nap room for years, at various jobs.  No luck.  Of course, I also once proposed to turn the rare book room into a staff spa complete with jacuzzi....
16:24 jwagner is now known as jwagner_lunch
16:25 chris_n hehe
16:25 schuster OK looking at your cataloging wizzyrea - and that bib oh my... creative cataloging 101... in the series heading.
16:26 * wizzyrea points to Sharon and Heather. They are the ones who train on that.
16:26 schuster I can also see you are anxiously awaiting as I am for the bib merge tool!
16:26 wizzyrea yep.
16:36 dan_paris left #koha
16:38 schuster[…]-manual/?ch=x8278  nengard / wizzyrea - in reading this should "item" really be "Title"? as it doesn't track items per say as it keeps lists of Titles.
16:40 nengard i can change it
16:41 * wizzyrea only puts the manual on the web ;)
16:41 wizzyrea nengard writes it :D
16:43 nengard git updated
16:44 zico joined #koha
16:47 wajasu there sure are lots of systems being integrated.  are we heading into an N-to-N integration problem? where a change  to a biib or item, requires code changes in lots of modules?
16:49 wajasu maybe there should be plans for some sort of ESB(enterprise service bus) or message bus that modules can listen on to decouple things. anyone thinking about that these days?
16:52 CGI480 joined #koha
16:53 alohabot is now known as masonj
16:53 masonj is now known as alohabot
16:53 schuster Thank you Ladies.
16:53 alohabot left #koha
16:54 cait joined #koha
16:54 cait hi #koha
16:54 alohabot joined #koha
16:56 hdl_laptop left #koha
16:58 jwagner_lunch is now known as jwagner
16:59 CGI480 Hello
17:00 wizzyrea hi
17:01 CGI480 have an query
17:01 wizzyrea go ahead :)
17:01 CGI480 what computer language is Koha developed on
17:01 wizzyrea Perl
17:01 CGI480 we are planning to use Koha for a client
17:02 CGI480 who needs a library management system
17:02 wizzyrea you may want to check out the official website for Koha at
17:02 wizzyrea lots of info there
17:03 kmkale joined #koha
17:03 wizzyrea hi kmkale
17:04 wizzyrea I have bad news, I don't think your patch went through :(
17:04 CGI480 since we are .Net  guys we want to stay within .net so that we can modify the stuff that we want to
17:04 wizzyrea Ah
17:05 wizzyrea yea, Koha doesn't go there.
17:05 CGI480 oh
17:05 CGI480 okay, thanks for the info.
17:05 wizzyrea sure thing :)
17:06 CGI480 are you aware of some product htat you can suggest using .Net ?
17:06 wizzyrea not FOSS
17:06 wizzyrea that I know of
17:06 cait dont know one
17:06 wizzyrea ILS's in general don't go .NET (that I am aware of)
17:07 CGI480 :(
17:07 wizzyrea lots of java, C, Perl, and PHP
17:07 kmkale hi wizzyrea
17:07 kmkale hi all
17:07 CGI480 okay thanks for the info
17:07 kmkale whew!!! back up on ubuntu
17:07 wizzyrea sure thing :)
17:08 kmkale had to reinstall grub after upgrade to lucid
17:08 wizzyrea owch
17:08 zico hi
17:08 zico i am facing problem with barcode generation
17:08 zico our koha can generate barcode of english titles
17:08 kmkale chris_n: i read in the irc log that my email never reached anybody. true still?
17:08 zico but, if we go for Bangla lanugage barcode generation... pdf file shows ... "Unable to read"
17:09 CGI480 left #koha
17:10 nengard wizzyrea i was wrong before - git is updated now - it wasn't before - anyway -is the script running nightly?
17:10 kmkale zico i remember reading somewhere its a bug in the perl module. I am unable to generate barcode in Marathi or Hindi
17:10 kmkale I use Kbarcode
17:10 Colin left #koha
17:11 kmkale gmcharlt: did the patch mail reach you?
17:11 wizzyrea sunday, actually
17:11 wizzyrea I can run it anytime though
17:11 wizzyrea want me to update it?
17:12 wizzyrea (also, did you see the french manual?)
17:12 wizzyrea nengard
17:12 nengard wizzyrea - no need to update now
17:12 nengard still writing
17:12 nengard but maybe tomorrow would be good
17:12 moodaepo joined #koha
17:12 nengard and yes i saw the french!! :)
17:12 nengard also - I updated the French so you shouldn't have errors anymore
17:12 wizzyrea who was it that helped with that script to update? he was polish
17:13 wizzyrea super nice guy, and I CANNOT remember his name
17:13 wizzyrea ah ok will fetch french too.
17:14 * wizzyrea resolves to get a master script that does all of the manuals
17:14 nengard that would be ideal :)
17:14 nengard of course only English and French are actively being worked on
17:14 cait Ropuch
17:14 nengard I have volunteers for the others but they're not actually working on it yet - not that I cna see
17:14 wizzyrea YES
17:14 wizzyrea thanks you
17:14 cait nengard: guilty
17:14 nengard :) hehe
17:15 cait and I have to go through this ssh key thing again :(
17:15 nengard cait actually you just send gmcharlt the same thing you sent hdl
17:15 gmcharlt kmkale: no, it hasn't shown up
17:15 nengard you don't have ot do it again
17:15 nengard that's what i ddi
17:15 nengard did
17:15 nengard I can't type today
17:15 cait me too :)
17:16 nengard cait if you'd rather you can always start the edits and just email me the file once in a while and i'll take care of the git part
17:16 cait spend all free time on distance study and no time at work for translating the manual right now
17:16 nengard got it!
17:16 nengard no prob
17:16 kmkale gmcharlt: how do I test my git-email setup?
17:16 cait but we will write some German documentation for serials soon and put it in our wiki
17:17 cait nengard: thx -will remember you :) never pushed to a git repo
17:17 nengard send us the link when it's done and I'll add it to the 'Other docs' page on the site
17:17 nengard cait of course you do have to pull the files down from the repo before starting
17:17 gmcharlt kmkale: first let's try testing your basic mail config
17:17 gmcharlt try the following
17:17 gmcharlt cat README |mailx -s "test message"
17:18 gmcharlt where README is any text file that is OK for me to see
17:18 kmkale k
17:18 cait[…]ha-handbuch:start
17:18 cait it still needs a ton of work and updates
17:19 cait we dont explain configuration and its a bit special because its for ourl ibraries that use our union catalog for cataloging, not koha
17:19 chris_n zico kmkale: the issue with barcodes has as its root a fundamental problem with how the pdf standard handles glifs, etc. The code in the perl modules could be fixed, but it will take a great deal of time
17:19 cait nengard: pull is no problem, I already figured out how to do that :)
17:19 kmkale gmcharlt:
17:19 kmkale The program 'mailx' can be found in the following packages:
17:19 * chris_n wonders if it would not be better to write a module to handle printing from koha rather than having the browser do it, but that presents issues as well
17:19 kmkale * heirloom-mailx
17:19 kmkale * mailutils
17:19 kmkale Try: sudo apt-get install <selected package>
17:20 kmkale chris_n: i remember reading its a problem of some perl module Koha uses so its really deeper than Koha. correct?
17:21 chris_n both to some extent, but the standard is the more costly problem
17:21 zico chris_n kmkale: is there any option to handle this?
17:21 zico i mean.. we have 10,000 Bangla books in our library, many of them are really rare!
17:21 zico so.. it is very necessary for us
17:21 chris_n atz and I had some conversation on this awhile back on the list and the issues were presented there
17:22 chris_n zico: kmkale says kbarcode will do the trick
17:22 kmkale gmcharlt: I have sendmail running on localhost
17:22 gmcharlt kmkale: in that case, see what
17:22 gmcharlt sudo mailq
17:22 gmcharlt tells you
17:22 chris_n zico: I've never used it and it requires some extra leg work as I understand, but many do use it
17:22 kmkale k
17:23 chris_n zico: search the list archives
17:23 kmkale gmcharlt: both client and MTA ques empty with total requests zero
17:24 zico kbarcode?? as far as i can understand.. this is third party software from kde.. right?
17:24 kmkale zico: correct
17:25 gmcharlt kmkale: ok, try installing mailutils and do the mailx
17:25 kmkale gmcharlt: i have just installed mailx from mailutils and sent a mail with the cat command you gave
17:25 gmcharlt kmkale: ok, I"ll let you know if I get it
17:25 kmkale gmcharlt: please and thanks..
17:25 sekjal left #koha
17:32 gmcharlt kmkale: hasn't shown up; I'll ping you if it does, but I suspect that it got hung up somehwere
17:33 zico chris_n: can u please bring me any link regarding this pdf issue? i searched with "pdf + bangla language" in mailing archive
17:33 gmcharlt in meantime, you can sftp your patch off your server, then send it to the patches list as an attachment
17:33 zico but, didnot find anything
17:35 Colin joined #koha
17:36 kmkale gmcharlt: I have attached it to the bug report for bug 4440
17:36 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4440 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, Adding feature to print fines/fees receipts
17:39 chris_n zico:[…]org/msg02764.html (note it is still a low priority project for me)
17:46 jwagner left #koha
17:48 vickiteal joined #koha
17:48 vickiteal Hey folks. I have another meeting prior to the community handoff meeting. I hope to be back, but may be late.
17:56 zico left #koha
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18:10 cm joined #koha
18:14 ksundin joined #koha
18:15 vokalr joined #koha
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18:21 kmkale joined #koha
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18:22 sekjal joined #koha
18:24 hdl_laptop joined #koha
18:25 nengard gmcharlt do you know if the template for the patron privacy setting has been pushed yet?
18:25 gmcharlt nengard: not yet, it's on my list
18:25 nengard no prob - just making sure I'm not missing it
18:26 owen What setting blocks the librarian from checking out to a patron with XX amount in fines?
18:27 owen nm, found it:  noissuescharge
18:29 larsw joined #koha
18:35 owen I have a question about uploading a barcode file to batch item mod
18:35 owen What format is expected?
18:35 owen One barcode per line?
18:35 owen CSV?
18:36 chris one barcode per line
18:36 owen Hi chris. Neither one is working for me
18:37 chris if you just type in the box, one barcode per line .. it does though?
18:37 owen Yes
18:38 owen Let me test in an unmodified branch before I go crying wolf.
18:38 * owen has been tweaking the template
18:39 owen No, same results
18:40 chris the code does look like it expects one barcode per line
18:40 chris ahh actually
18:41 chris do you have radio buttons to choose the type of file?
18:41 owen Yes
18:42 chris and barcode file is chosen eh?
18:42 owen Yes
18:43 chris right im out of silly questions
18:44 cait not sure I can stay awake till meeting time
18:45 chris :(
18:45 cait will try :)
18:45 owen Itemnumber upload works fine
18:45 cait just very tired
18:45 nengard it did work in a previous version because I did it for documentation
18:46 chris ohhh interesting owen
18:46 * chris_n hands cait coffee
18:46 cait thx chris_n
18:51 chris nengard: can you remember about when you tested it?
18:51 owen Hmmm... Making items "lost" through the batch mod interface doesn't remove them from the patron's account and add a charge
18:51 nengard months ago
18:51 nengard when it first was added
18:51 nengard owen - sounds like a not good bug to me
18:51 owen Yeah :(
18:52 chris yep, that needs a bug filed
18:52 chris_n regressions--
18:53 hdl_laptop chris_n: it is not a regression on a feature. It is a lack of specification in what "marking item lost" should do
18:54 jcamins joined #koha
18:54 kmkale gmcharlt: i found smtp connectoins from my ip are being refused by both gmail and yahoo ( correctly :( as its a dsl connection) thats may be why it never reached you.
18:54 owen there is an established outcome based on the behavior of the interface on
18:55 gmcharlt kmkale: sound likely; you'll have to find somebody to relay mail for you
18:55 chris_n hdl_laptop: I was referring to the fact the upload of a barcode file worked at one time and now does not
18:56 kmkale gmcharlt: but now that I am trying to put in my company smtp server details in git config and do git send-email I get a Command unknown: 'AUTH' at /usr/lib/git-core/git-send-email line 981, <FIN> line 4.
18:56 hdl_laptop owen: Is this behaviour  "centralised" in C4/ ?
18:56 kmkale any hint?
18:56 chris_n kmkale: could it be your isp blocking those ports?
18:56 hdl_laptop Is it also done on ?
18:57 hdl_laptop coherence problem
18:57 hdl_laptop --
18:57 kmkale chris_n : no I can telnet and get the standard smtp greeting
18:57 kmkale any hints on " Command unknown: 'AUTH' at /usr/lib/git-core/git-send-email line 981, <FIN> line 4. " ??
18:57 DRULM joined #koha
18:58 DRULM Hello.
18:58 DRULM Starting at 3pm I assume.
18:58 chris_n kmkale: not sure on that one
18:58 gmcharlt DRULM: correct
18:58 owen hdl_laptop: True, when setting the status via the additem interface I don't have the same expectation
18:58 larsw kmkale, may also be useful for relaying purposes
18:59 hdl_laptop owen: why so ?
18:59 sekjal I'm doing some enhancements of Auth_with_ldap which require another perl module to be installed.  it is fortunately debian packaged.  where else should I update this information besides install-misc/debian.packages?
19:00 gmcharlt sekjal:, Makefile.PL
19:00 gmcharlt at least until chris_n finishes his Koha dependency registry
19:01 owen hdl_laptop: It's entirely subjective, sloppy reasoning probably.
19:01 sekjal thanks, gmcharlt.  on it!
19:01 owen hdl_laptop: Setting a lost status should have the same effect anywhere unless the interface offers alternatives
19:02 nengard owen i get is - if i'm adding an item why would it be lost? and if i'm adding a lost item to the collection for some strange reason then i can assume that it's not checked out by a patron
19:02 chris_n kmkale: the only thing I find suggests just setting sendmail.smtpserver and nothing else
19:02 robin-home joined #koha
19:02 chris_n ie. let it prompt you for your un/passwd
19:02 larsw sekjal, you could also patch debian/control with the new dependency
19:02 reed joined #koha
19:03 gmcharlt looks like it's 19:00 UTC+0
19:03 hdl_laptop nengard: can be used also as a update
19:03 gmcharlt so let's get starte
19:03 hdl_laptop hi
19:03 gmcharlt page for meeting is[…]etingnotes10may04
19:03 gmcharlt current agenda is
19:03 gmcharlt 1.
19:03 gmcharlt Welcomes and introductions.
19:03 gmcharlt 2.
19:03 gmcharlt Report on Subcommittee
19:03 gmcharlt 3.
19:03 gmcharlt Report on status of negotiations over assignment of trademarks and domains.
19:03 gmcharlt 4.
19:03 gmcharlt Possible suggestions on unresolved negotiations.
19:03 gmcharlt 5.
19:03 gmcharlt Next issues if negotiations have concluded.
19:03 gmcharlt 6.
19:03 gmcharlt Agree time of next meeting.
19:03 gmcharlt so let's start with roll-call
19:03 * gmcharlt = Galen Charlton, 3.2 release manager, Equinox
19:03 * owen = Owen Leonard, Nelsonville Public Library
19:03 * nengard = Nicole C. Engard, ByWater Solutions & Documentation Manager
19:03 magnus_away Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway
19:03 Nate Nate Curulla, ByWater Solutions
19:04 * wizzyrea Liz Rea Northeast Kansas Library System
19:04 chris_n chris_n = Chris Nighswonger, 3.2 release maintainer, FBC
19:04 sekjal Ian Walls, ByWater Solutions
19:04 Colin Colin Campbell, PTFS Europe Ltd.
19:04 vickiteal Vicki Teal Lovely, South Central Library System, Madison, WI
19:04 jransom joined #koha
19:04 * reed Reed Wade, Catalyst, IT, NZ
19:04 * chris = Chris Cormack, Catalyst IT, 3.2 translation manager, 3.4 Release manager
19:04 * hdl_laptop 3.0 release maintainer, BibLibre
19:04 jransom phew ..
19:04 vokalr vokalr = Richard Pritsky, Tech Director, vokal
19:04 DRULM Darrell Ulm, SMFPL
19:04 jransom Joann Ransom. Horowhenua Library Trust
19:04 * cait Katrin Fischer, Germany
19:04 * larsw = Lars Wirzenius, Catalyst IT, NZ, currently working on Koha Debian packaging
19:04 collum Garry Collum, Kenton County Public Library, KY
19:05 * robin-home is robin sheat @ catalyst it, helping Chris
19:05 cm Cindy Murdock Ames, CCFLS
19:06 ksundin kelly sundin, california institute of integral studies
19:06 rhcl Greg Lawson, Rolling Hills Consolidated Library
19:06 joetho joined #koha
19:07 chris Bob Birchall sends his apologies
19:07 joetho Joe Tholen -Tech Coordinator - SEKLS - Kansas
19:08 johnindy John Long Net admin Independence Public Library- kansas
19:08 gmcharlt thanks
19:08 gmcharlt latecomers feel free to chime in with intros
19:08 kmkale Koustubha Kale Anant Corporation and
19:09 gmcharlt next agenda item:
19:09 gmcharlt 2. Report on Subcommittee
19:09 jransom th eblog post on the site was fairly complete
19:09 wizzyrea[…]ssions-with-ptfs/
19:11 jransom I'm happy to answer any questions people have
19:11 DRULM Any progress, or still the same?
19:11 jransom as I'm the entire committee is - we acted together throughout, agreeing on words and courses of action
19:12 richard joined #koha
19:12 jransom no contact other than Kelly's post which I fear was very poorly judged
19:13 jransom can someone postthe link to that one here toplease
19:13 nengard
19:13 reed is there anyone here who can speak for PTFS?
19:14 genji joined #koha
19:14 owen PTFS doesn't speak for itself on IRC
19:14 genji greetings all
19:14 chris genji: we are in the community meeting so you might like to intro yourself
19:15 richard sorry, for being late - richard from katipo
19:15 genji uh... drat.... when did it start?
19:15 chris 13 mins ago
19:15 genji wheres the log?
19:15 jransom[…]g/koha/2010-05-04 for what you've missed
19:15 genji Thanks.
19:16 owen No questions for jransom?
19:16 nengard sounds to me the posts in question answer both the 1st & 2nd agenda items
19:16 nengard both were very clear
19:16 jransom ok - well I guess thats the report from the cubcom done
19:16 * owen agrees
19:16 joetho The failed conference call was unfortunate.
19:17 chris for the record the nz tm application still is in place, ie has not been withdrawn .. so nothing has changed
19:17 joetho However, it seemed doomed from the start.
19:17 owen PTFS failed to agree to terms for a call which would maintain openness, as I understand it
19:17 genji Hi, Im Waylon Robertson, 33rd committer to Koha, currently developer for, an arabic digital archive library.
19:17 jransom I increasingly felt that it would be counter productive
19:18 rhcl so what, if anything, does the community need to do at this point?
19:18 chris release alpha2
19:18 joetho It seemed that way to me too, as an outsider looking in.
19:18 chris oh wait, we just did
19:18 owen I appreciate all who refused to sign an NDA just they could talk to PTFS
19:18 chris :)
19:18 chris_n +1
19:18 nengard +1
19:18 wizzyrea +!
19:18 genji ...
19:18 wizzyrea +1, even
19:18 joetho The NDA was ridiculous.
19:19 genji NDA, just so one could talk?
19:19 vokalr +!
19:19 chris i think it needs to be stated the NDA was prior to the conference call
19:19 chris that was with individual people
19:19 chris in discussions going back months
19:19 joetho but - moving forward - how to deal with this?
19:19 gmcharlt correct, the NDA was not meant as a condition for discussion between PTFS and the Koha subcommitee collecitvely
19:20 chris i was only semi joking when i said release alpha2
19:20 CGI265 joined #koha
19:20 joetho initiate communication between PTFS CEO and ... _____________ (who?)
19:20 nengard I'm with Chris - to move forward we just do - we continue to do what we're doing
19:20 nengard continue adding content to the new official site and keep working on pushing koha 3.2 out
19:20 GeorgeSue joined #koha
19:21 joetho I wonder if it would help to have a single person attempt communication with the Koha trademark holder?
19:21 genji Well, it seems PTFS doesn't understand that Koha is biggerr than HLT?
19:21 rhcl Would somebody from NZ care to comment briefly on the meaning of PTFS's NZ trademark app?
19:21 jransom george:[…]g/koha/2010-05-04
19:21 vickiteal I agree on moving forward, but also as Joanna posted, it was the Committee that canceled the call.
19:21 owen I agree... Koha will move forward without PTFS. But: Is there something more we can do to fight the trademark application?
19:21 chris Joann vickiteal
19:21 chris -a
19:21 vickiteal Sorry Joann!
19:21 jransom sorry - with goeorge on phone
19:22 joetho I think there is a process to contest trademark applications in the United States- something similar in NZ?
19:22 chris yes, the call was cancelled, i think we have been clear with the reasons why
19:22 jransom my apologies
19:22 jransom Georeg Sue is here now - Chair, HLT
19:22 owen Pointing at who canceled the call isn't helpful IMO
19:22 joetho agree w owen
19:22 chris_n and is beside the point as the reasoning was sound
19:22 chris joetho: if it is accepted in NZ
19:22 Nate Here in the US, assets held by indegenous (sp) cultures are held very close to those cultures
19:22 chris joetho: then we have 3 months to object
19:22 chilts oopse, missed the start ... Andrew Chilton, Catalyst IT :)
19:23 jransom we get to challenge the application
19:23 chris joetho: and we will
19:23 Nate so if the Maori were made aware of this application they may be interested in taking action
19:23 genji And have us in the papers...
19:23 jransom we have spoken to the Ministrty of Maori affairs already
19:23 Nate just a thought?
19:23 gmcharlt Nate: that is a standard part of NZ trademark review, as I understand
19:23 jransom yes it is
19:23 chris it would nice to not have to waste time and money
19:23 chris though
19:23 joetho irc log for today, current within a minute or two:[…]g/koha/2010-05-04
19:24 genji trademark challenges are a popular thing to appear in the dominion post, especially david vs goliath, indigenous vs overseas use.
19:24 CGI265 left #koha
19:24 jransom Sharon thought it would be a very interesting story for Wired or some Tech magazine
19:24 chris yeah going after a small library trust in nz factor too .. it wont be good pres
19:24 chris s
19:25 joetho I would interpret the NZ trademark application as a very ominous sign of PTFS plans.
19:25 owen Anyone consider the possibility of challenging the trademark in the US as well?
19:25 jransom showing how an open source community and project can be the victim of a takeover by some corportae who wants it
19:25 * gmcharlt points out that the NZ trademark application was not made by PTFS
19:25 chris jransom: it cant be
19:25 chris thats the point
19:25 nengard owen if they only have 3 months in NZ to contest - I'm sure there is something similar here in the US
19:25 jransom I had an email from someone - its about $2kUSD to cghallenge
19:25 gmcharlt but by Metavore prior to the assumption of LibLime by PTFS
19:25 chris yep
19:25 rhcl agree with joetho
19:25 chris_n owen: SFLC was consulted on that
19:26 jransom so has PTFS 'purchased' that application or not
19:26 jransom and we will never know
19:26 genji when liblime brought Koha division... was there any sign  that this could happen, before katipo?
19:26 jransom advice was a challenge would fail
19:26 joetho I was thinking of the US trademark issue this morning. Wondered how that relates to the general Koha license
19:26 rhcl thd was working with some OS people--and then that was put on hold
19:26 rhcl should that be restarted?
19:26 genji .. before katipo signed... sorry..
19:26 chris_n SFLC thought the US trademark would not be succesfully challenged
19:27 jransom I have come round to thinking it doesn't matter. The koha community is fiercely defending our right to operate our project as we choose
19:27 joetho what about some other organization ALSO applying for the Koha tm in NZ ?
19:27 chris i agree, i think the ball is in ptfs' court
19:27 joetho that would certainly force the issue
19:27 jransom if PTFS threaten to sue us they look worse than they do (which cant be good for business) and we rename and keep moving forward
19:27 jransom the world will not stop turning
19:27 genji joetho: HLT already is.
19:27 vokalr Yes, that's what I'm wondering: what happens to us if they get a trademark?
19:28 chris vokalr: PTFS have US trademark already
19:28 jransom We have filed a counter application in NZ for Koha
19:28 vokalr And what does that do to us?
19:28 genji oh wait... in nz. sorry.
19:28 jransom we have used it for 10 years remember
19:28 * genji is half asleep..
19:28 chris_n vokalr: not much
19:28 chris vokalr: nothing unless they try to enforce it
19:28 chris_n and even then it might be doubtful that enforcement on the koha project would be successful
19:29 jransom court of public opinion cricifys them
19:29 chris the way i see it, we need to stop thinking talking about ptfs/lek
19:29 vokalr And when they try to enforce it, does that mean we just have to change the name?
19:29 chris_n due to long-standing acceptance of usage by the trademark holder
19:29 jransom (did you like that spelling :)
19:29 chris and just continue to move on with
19:29 owen chris: I just want to make sure we're doing what we can on the remaining open fronts, like the TM.
19:29 larsw if PTFS does not enforce their US trademark against us, they risk losing the trademark; if they do enforce it, we may have to change the name, but PTFS gets lots of bad publicity, we get lots of sympathy; win/win
19:30 jransom ultimately we may which will be sad but not the end of the world
19:30 vokalr So it's bau.
19:30 richard i think so
19:30 wizzyrea the ultimate goal is to make great software, right?
19:30 wizzyrea regardless of the name?
19:30 joetho I am not particularly familiar with ins and outs of the GNU license, but *surely* there is some protection there?
19:30 jransom thats my thinking
19:30 sekjal now that the conference call is no longer happening, is communication between PTFS and the Committee staled?
19:30 vokalr The code is still open
19:30 chris sekjal: yes, there has been no further communicaton
19:30 joetho how about "Joe-ha"?
19:30 joetho I like it.
19:30 gmcharlt sekjal: at this point, yes, but we remain open to a discussion with PTFS
19:30 larsw joetho, GPL provides no protections related to trademarks
19:31 vickiteal I agree, isn't the code the important thing.
19:31 jransom pTFS are absolutely welcome to comunicate with the community as every other vendor does
19:31 vickiteal You have already established as a successful web site.
19:31 * chris_n hoped they might show up at this meeting
19:31 robin-home Remaining to "kia kaha" wouldn't be the end of the world:)
19:31 vokalr Whatever it changes to, I need it to start w/ a K so I don't have to change vokal
19:31 sekjal from the committee's point of view, what is required from PTFS to make a dialogue happen?
19:31 jransom lol
19:31 jransom I like it!
19:31 jransom kia kaha = be strong
19:31 rhcl kia is a korean kar. maybe not so good?
19:32 chris_n lol
19:32 rhcl trademark, and kia is not a very good car either
19:32 wizzyrea kaha = strong?
19:32 vokalr kaha! Yes!
19:32 joetho A name change seems drastic.
19:32 jransom we invited PTFS to try and agree on the things we could agree with via email
19:32 gmcharlt sekjal: written update on one of the top four issues - NZ traemark, for instance, could be easily disposed of
19:32 jransom too early i think
19:33 jransom i can't see what PTFS have to gain by alienating the entire koha world
19:33 rhcl really
19:33 genji i might say, that kia can be reused..... Koha itself has many trademarks under its name. its even a new zealand wine.
19:33 gmcharlt but in the meantime, I think focus should be on 3.2, then 3.4
19:33 chris ++
19:33 wizzyrea ++
19:33 hdl_laptop ++
19:33 chris_n ++
19:33 nengard ++
19:33 larsw ++
19:33 richard ++
19:33 vokalr ++
19:33 sekjal ++
19:33 jransom I agree
19:33 wizzyrea < just wants to help make a great ILS
19:33 jransom we have been very honest with PTFS - not wasting their time.
19:33 jransom there are things we can talk about - and others we can't
19:34 jransom there are things which are bottom lines
19:34 nengard that said this meeting is supposed to be the handover meeting - so my question is - is the handover done? It seems that we have transferred what needs to be transferred
19:34 wizzyrea yea, status of other web presences?
19:34 wizzyrea is up... what about the wiki/bugs/git?
19:34 gmcharlt is up and running
19:34 chris is up
19:34 gmcharlt seems to be stable, and has git statistics
19:34 nengard is up :)
19:35 jransom woo hoo
19:35 gmcharlt transition to that will just need instructions
19:35 wizzyrea well
19:35 owen Oh bugs are migrated too?
19:35 reed mailing list pages
19:35 chris i have done test migration
19:35 gmcharlt no, bugs are not yet migrated
19:35 jransom the new manual?
19:35 nengard manual has been up for a while
19:35 gmcharlt but will take a bit more organization to migrate
19:35 chris jransom: the new manual was done ages ago
19:35 wizzyrea
19:35 jransom so what is left to transfer?
19:35 wizzyrea in english AND french ;)
19:35 chris the bugs are all backed up
19:35 sekjal contribs?
19:35 gmcharlt since we'll need to get user accounts set up
19:35 nengard and by done chris means in it's new home - but not completely written yet :) hehe
19:35 gmcharlt sekjal: contribs just needs a host, but is small
19:36 chris points to a new biblibre host
19:36 wizzyrea we could probably do contribs on KLOW
19:36 wizzyrea if I can get a DNS name for it
19:36 wizzyrea as a sub site of k-c
19:36 chris we need a volunteer for
19:36 chris_n think bandwidth
19:36 * wizzyrea hides
19:37 richard i'll check with si to see what he thinks about that
19:37 gmcharlt I think we'll just need a relatively inexpensive FTP host
19:37 gmcharlt and perhaps mirrors on a couple conteintents
19:37 schuster David Schuster  - Plano ISD
19:38 chris wizzyrea: i can do dns for ya
19:38 larsw what's for? the release tarballs?
19:38 chris larsw: yes
19:38 chris wizzyrea: talk after the meeting :)
19:38 hdl_laptop could be with debain packages
19:38 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: hosting is ready for the debina packages
19:39 biglego left #koha
19:39 chris ah yes is being set up
19:39 genji as a true debian repository i can apt-get on?
19:39 chris yes
19:39 genji Sweet!
19:39 vokalr Yay!
19:40 larsw any idea of the bandwidth required for
19:40 chris not sure, ptfs could tell us :-)
19:40 biglego joined #koha
19:40 chilts heh
19:41 joetho Invite support vendors to provide mirrors?
19:41 chris bandwidth is stupid expensive in nz
19:41 jransom Hi biglego, we are in a meeting. would you like to identify yourself
19:41 chris at lesat international transit is
19:41 larsw mirroring is good, but introduces complexity: start with one, then add mirrors if necessary?
19:41 fredericd Frédéric Demians, Tamil -- good evening, or so
19:42 gmcharlt larsw: makes sense
19:42 jransom we could invite vendors to host mirrors
19:42 Nate I will speak with Brendan about ByWater being of assistance if needed
19:42 jransom even 1 goes bad it doesn't matter
19:42 chris jransom: larsw just answered that :-)
19:42 gmcharlt to bring this meeting round again - I think we're getting situated regarding services
19:42 chris yep
19:42 brendan Brendan Gallagher, ByWater Solutions (late to the show - but I've caught up)
19:43 gmcharlt and I should point out that the new websites are not just alternatives, but in many cases have additional or upgraded features from the current ones
19:43 chris_n it might be good to provide some for elected koha community positions
19:43 nengard like the bugs site no longer has the ugly bug on it :) hehe
19:43 hdl_laptop where is ?
19:43 chris yeah bugs is a much newer versio
19:43 jransom (the new website is just great - kudos to all involved)
19:43 chris and accepts formated email
19:44 chris to update and create bugs
19:44 gmcharlt e.g., has the latest stable release of bugzilla, which ... drumroll ... had some scientific UI testing done on it
19:44 wizzyrea we could set up a google apps domain for that... it'd be free
19:44 chris_n yup
19:44 hdl_laptop up and running to.
19:44 Nate Have we spoken at all about the promotion of the new site?
19:44 chris yep, fredericd has been working on that hdl_laptop
19:44 Nate ie having funds set aside for marketing etc..
19:44 hdl_laptop good
19:44 wizzyrea nate: not formally
19:44 gmcharlt Nate: usage is the best promotion
19:44 brendan gmcharlt++ #excellent point many of these services will be better with the upgrades to software
19:45 nengard Nate the new site is already on the 1st page of results on Google - a few more links to it and I bet it will move up :)
19:45 larsw link to the new site whenever mentioning Koha
19:45 wizzyrea yes, they have all gotten some much needed love
19:45 * wizzyrea has been watching fairly carefully the google analytics for
19:45 wizzyrea and putzing about the webmaster tools
19:45 fredericd reversly, is there any service still on domain? wiki?
19:45 wizzyrea all are still up
19:46 schuster Do we need to "update" any of the documentation for entering enhancements or are the fields all ok  etc. or has someone done that already?
19:46 reed there does need to be a short simple updated explanation so casual visitors can understand whys and whats between k.o and k-c.or
19:46 gmcharlt schuster: pointers will undoubted get updated as things get moved/copied over
19:46 wizzyrea like this:
19:47 chris_n shall I pursue setting up a google apps account for
19:47 reed wizzyrea, yeah, I guess that is still correct and complete
19:47 brendan so when do we stop updating and posting to ?
19:47 wizzyrea a couple of months ago :P
19:47 chris the website?
19:47 brendan not the website but the different sub domains
19:47 wizzyrea oh, that, nm >.>
19:47 brendan like wiki or git
19:47 brendan of mailing lists
19:47 * sekjal is currently writing up a bug report on
19:47 brendan s/of/or
19:48 genji what would google apps give us?
19:48 wizzyrea we should set a cutoff date
19:48 brendan +1
19:48 chris_n +1
19:48 chris_n genji: to provide some for elected koha community positions
19:48 gmcharlt genji: not necessarily anything we need - just need overall mail service, but perhaps can tie off of biblibre's management of the mailng lists for that?
19:48 wizzyrea genji: in terms of email hosting? up to 50 accounts @ 7GB+ each
19:48 hdl_laptop wizzyrea: for services ?
19:48 schuster Do you have a timeframe for  Do we all have to reregister or???
19:48 wizzyrea yea
19:49 genji ah... a replacement for domain hosted horde...
19:49 chris i can migrate bugs any time after users are registered (using the same email address as on
19:49 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: yes We can do that.
19:49 wizzyrea so go do it... like, now.
19:49 larsw chris, can you post an announcement to get people to register?
19:50 wizzyrea :)
19:50 chris can do, people agree that is a good idea?
19:50 wizzyrea +1
19:50 chris_n +1
19:50 owen +1
19:50 vokalr It just took me 30 seconds to register.
19:50 cait what happens with bugs people do not reregister for?
19:50 vokalr +1
19:50 chris i can do an announcement on the website and the mailing lists (koha + devel)
19:50 nengard +1   (but I'd wait until all the content is moved - and we're supposed to start using it)
19:50 sekjal +1
19:50 chris cait: they get assigned to me
19:50 Nate +1
19:50 joetho will there be a problem with developers registering with a different email address than they used for old bugs?
19:50 chris so please dont let that happen
19:50 gmcharlt +1
19:50 cait chris: ah, ok
19:50 chris joetho: if they do, their bugs get assigned to me
19:50 gmcharlt joetho: the old email addresses will need to be used for the migration, but can be changed afterwards
19:50 chris and i yell at them
19:51 * chilts is collecting all the subdomains mentioned ->
19:51 * chris_n sees chris's list getting big :)
19:51 chilts so I know more ;)
19:51 hdl_laptop +1
19:51 wizzyrea (you don't want that)
19:51 wizzyrea (chris yelling at you)
19:51 chris hehe
19:51 schuster Let me know if there is something I can help you with chris.
19:52 chris theres plenty ptfs customers can do
19:52 DRULM left #koha
19:52 chris and i think they know what it is :)
19:52 chris_n chilts: perhaps
19:52 genji who gets emails?
19:52 gmcharlt schuster: you might want to ahve a go at checking out the new BZ now - there are some features that I think you'll like
19:52 wizzyrea ^^
19:52 * reed heads to the train
19:52 reed left #koha
19:52 schuster I just registered..
19:52 wizzyrea was thinking of you when I saw it schuster
19:52 chris cool :)
19:52 chris try out the sponsorship stuff
19:53 chris beware any bugs you put there, i will trash in the migraton
19:53 chris so dont put real stuff there yet
19:53 wizzyrea so yea, we probably do need to update docs re: sponsoring
19:53 schuster k - and several of us PTFS customers are doing what we can as you know.
19:53 chris *nod*
19:53 wizzyrea ^^
19:53 chris that was a general statement
19:54 chris not directed at anyone in particular
19:54 vickiteal Is there going to be a place to list events other than the calendar?
19:54 gmcharlt vickiteal: there could be - what kind of place do you have in mind?
19:54 nengard why do we need more than one place?e
19:54 chris they all show in the events category
19:54 chris
19:55 chris like that vickiteal ?
19:55 wizzyrea < is happy to do (almost) whatever anybody wants
19:55 vickiteal I'm gonna have to think about what I want! Right now, you click on a date, right?
19:55 wizzyrea not necessarily
19:55 wizzyrea you can also click on Events under categories
19:55 nengard there is an RSS feed and a category page as well
19:56 biglego left #koha
19:56 vickiteal Thanks. I'll look around.
19:56 chris  <-- rss feed for events
19:56 nengard as for the new sites, do we just wait for an announcement before we start to use them? git and bugs etc etc
19:57 vickiteal Thanks Chris.
19:57 chris i thnk wiki start now
19:57 chris git start now
19:57 nengard gmcharlt said we need instructions for git
19:58 chris yeah if you dont know how to change remotes
19:58 gmcharlt nengard: well, more that people in general will need instructions, but those who are already git experts will be fine
19:58 nengard ah
19:58 jransom A post to the discussion list and on the new listing all the services now up and running sounds it might be a good idea
19:58 wizzyrea update the git documentation
19:58 wizzyrea because it's mighty fine git documentation
19:58 robin-home Sounds like a good use of the new wiki
19:59 wizzyrea shame to waste it ;)
19:59 chris ill do a post about bugs when i get to work
19:59 schuster Is there anything in the new wiki?  looks pretty blank?
19:59 biglego joined #koha
19:59 wizzyrea nope, nothing in it yet
19:59 nengard schuster nothing there yet
19:59 wizzyrea or very little
19:59 richard i think it's just there and ready to put stuff into
19:59 gmcharlt schuster: yep, that's on purpose - part of the reason for doing it that way is to ensure that all wiki content is under the GPL2
19:59 larsw is there a grand plan for the new wiki content,or should we just add things ad hoc?
19:59 chris what richard said
19:59 nengard larsw i'd love to see some structure
20:00 schuster So the minutes/agendas from this meeting for example should go there and then maybe a link from the old meeting site on the old wiki?
20:00 nengard personally
20:00 gmcharlt larsw: well, absent somebody else volunteering to be the wiki editor, I'd say just go for it
20:00 * chris_n thinks thd was doing wiki engineering
20:00 gmcharlt thd had volunteered, but doesn't have much time at the moment
20:00 larsw nengard, do you have an outline for the structure?
20:00 gmcharlt afaik
20:00 owen chris_n: What does that mean?
20:00 nengard I don't mind putting structure to the wiki
20:00 wizzyrea well and there was that whole namespace discussion from a while back
20:00 nengard larsw I don't have one yet
20:00 nengard but I'll gladly add wiki editor to my doc manager duties
20:01 gmcharlt nengard++
20:01 * wizzyrea doesn't know the details but it was quite an involved deal
20:01 chris_n owen: aka working on setting up wiki structure
20:01 brendan nengard++
20:01 wizzyrea I will help out with that, nengard
20:01 schuster She must be a librarian that nengard...
20:01 nengard if no one has any objects I'll start working on creating some top level pages for people to move content too
20:01 chris_n it does seem to naturally fall to nengard's realm :)
20:01 schuster Always wanting structure...
20:01 wizzyrea to help maintain continuity between the website and the wiki
20:02 chris_n wizzyrea++
20:02 wizzyrea and reduce duplication of effort >.>
20:02 chilts chris: is this the current state of usage?
20:02 gmcharlt reminder: ping me if you need shell access to the wiki server
20:02 * chilts hopes that helps
20:02 chris yes
20:02 chris that does help
20:02 chris contrib
20:02 chris is the other one
20:03 wizzyrea contribs, yea
20:03 * chilts adds
20:03 chilts is that a 'use now' one?
20:03 wizzyrea no, it's not ready
20:03 wizzyrea haven't even started it
20:03 chris ditto for shell access to the bugzilla server
20:03 chris ping me
20:03 larsw chilts, add that to the wiki? someone can then add exlanations for the purpose of each domain
20:03 chilts heh
20:03 chilts larsw: good idea :)
20:03 wizzyrea very good idea
20:03 wizzyrea very glad you're on our team larsw :)
20:03 * chilts goes in search of the wiki ... lol!
20:04 chilts it's kinda self-recursion :)
20:04 gmcharlt ok, so to bring this meeting to a close
20:04 gmcharlt is there a current need to schedule another meeting?
20:04 chris i dont think so
20:04 chris_n seems not
20:05 gmcharlt or leave it until circumstances change?
20:05 chris_n +1
20:05 magnus_away +1
20:05 jransom if anything changes we can all a meeting
20:05 richard +1
20:05 hdl_laptop +1
20:05 jransom +1
20:05 owen +1
20:05 rhcl +1
20:05 brendan +1
20:05 cait +1
20:05 vokalr +1
20:05 magnus_away is now known as magnus
20:05 collum +1
20:05 chris the rest can be discussed in the regular meetings
20:05 Nate +1
20:05 joetho Here's hoping for good news.
20:05 schuster +1 - hope springs eternal.
20:05 Colin +1
20:05 joetho +1
20:05 gmcharlt ok, so noted
20:05 vickiteal But, the door is open for further negotiation if both PTFS and the community agrees, right?
20:05 gmcharlt vickiteal: yes
20:06 chris i think ptfs are smart enough that they will do the right thing
20:06 joetho absolutely
20:06 chris vickiteal: it was never closed
20:06 vickiteal Also, the issue is separate from development, right?
20:06 gmcharlt vickiteal: entirely separate
20:06 chilts hmm, I wonder if the front page is ok for that domain list?
20:06 chris not by us, the same mechanisms that have served everyone else for 11 years are all still there
20:06 vickiteal OK. Thanks.
20:06 GeorgeSue thanks guys for all your inport:)
20:06 gmcharlt any issues concerning LLEK are in the hands of PTFS and its customers at this point
20:06 joetho Renaming seems drastic, to me, but it would certainly resolve  a few issues
20:06 gmcharlt I for one encourage release of it
20:07 chris_n +1
20:07 joetho +1
20:07 gmcharlt but development of mainstream Koha will go on regardless
20:07 chris i wouldnt support renaming unless forced to
20:07 * magnus waves "good night" to the wonderful Koha-crowd
20:07 magnus left #koha
20:07 jransom me neither
20:07 chris as an nzer of maori descent i find the propsect quite appalling
20:07 joetho ok, define "forced to"
20:07 chris trademark action is taken against us libraries or us support companies
20:08 vickiteal My opinion, renaming is very premature.
20:08 vokalr Agree
20:08 jransom I agree absoluitely.
20:08 chris and we get advice that we would lose the case
20:08 jransom will be up to PTFS to make that happen
20:08 jransom but there is no win for them long term so why would they?
20:08 joetho And just how deep are their pockets for a suit like that?
20:08 chris_n joetho: there are organization who provide legal counsel to foss projects for things like that as well
20:09 chris_n at no charge
20:09 * chris_n must go vote (if only to secure whining rights)
20:09 vickiteal I think talk of a suit is premature as well, my opinion.
20:09 chris yeah, renaming is off the table barring circumstances changing imho
20:09 gmcharlt vickiteal: agreed - no reason to invite trouble
20:09 * wizzyrea likes the name we have
20:09 joetho The vendor in question *may* be pondering these issues at this very moment.
20:09 gmcharlt in any event, I declare this meeting closed
20:09 vokalr I don't think it would be a good business decision on their part
20:09 schuster Remember PTFS didn't actually file it originally...  They have a lot on their plate to deal with and figure out what is going on...
20:10 jransom of course - but PTFS are not stupid.
20:10 joetho Schuster: I agree. Talk about "buying a pig in a poke"
20:10 chris schuster: 19 days now .. 20 min phone call to get it pulled
20:10 chris (the nz one that is)
20:10 chilts links on front page ->[…]dex.php/Main_Page
20:10 jransom its probably 2 min phone call
20:10 schuster Thanks all - look forward to the meeting tomorrow.  Thanks for all the hard work on the 3.2(alpha2)
20:10 chilts looks nice
20:10 chris that excuse only stretches so far
20:11 jransom Great working with everyone - thanks all :)
20:11 vokalr Ciao!
20:11 owen Thanks jransom
20:11 joetho 3.2 release is a pretty significant step forward.
20:11 chris[…]-master/tags.html
20:11 vokalr left #koha
20:11 chris 619 committs since alpha1
20:11 rhcl left #koha
20:11 chris great work all
20:11 joetho And it represents billions of hours of work for which all of us are grateful.,
20:11 larsw left #koha
20:12 * owen has contributed at least 1 billion hours just today
20:12 genji so, chris, mandumah finally said yes to upgrading from 3rc1.  So... whats my highest version to  go to, 3.05? or something else?
20:12 chilts heh
20:12 brendan owen+
20:12 brendan owen++
20:12 * wizzyrea wonders what kind of quantum parallel universe Owen lives in
20:12 chris maybe hold off for 3.2 release?
20:13 rhcl joined #koha
20:13 chris but 3.0.5 is the latest stable
20:13 cm owen has a Time-Turner?  ;)
20:13 owen Man, I wish
20:14 owen I'd sleep until morning and turn it back for another night's sleep
20:14 chris heh
20:14 cm a tardis would be cooler.  :)  but i'd take either.
20:14 * robin-home gets out of bed to hopefully get that migration script completed today (IRC meetings are handy :)
20:15 genji right.. well... i can get my mods and my predecessors mods to 3rc1, gitted and then i can rebase,  to 3.05... and later, i can just git to 3.2?
20:15 gmcharlt genji: yep
20:15 * chilts gets up too
20:15 chris yep time to get up and go to work
20:15 chilts heh
20:15 ksundin left #koha
20:15 richard heh
20:16 genji So... how do i get my mods into my own 3rc1, so i can rebase?
20:16 cait time to sleep here :)
20:16 gmcharlt genji: are you starting from a git clone?
20:16 cait good night all
20:16 * chris heads off
20:16 cait left #koha
20:16 bgkriegel left #koha
20:17 jransom oh good lord - why doidn't i do that! i got up at in the middle of the night - harrassed 3 sleepy children out of bed and into showers since they have to make their own lunches and walk to the bus stop then drove like a mad woman into work. Its so friggin cold I'm wrapped in a balnket because it was still dark and I dressedwrongly for the weather :)
20:17 chilts :(
20:17 chilts it's warming up now though :)
20:17 jransom will go and stand in a patch of sunlight in the carpark outside I think
20:18 chilts good plan
20:18 * chilts waves goodbye for now
20:18 jransom cya
20:18 genji gmcharlt: its laid out correctly, like a git clone yes. but it did not have any git info before i did a git fetch of 3rc1, then copied the files over.
20:19 biglego left #koha
20:19 genji whats the first patch since 3rc1? how can i test that indeed, i have 3rc1 and not a later release?
20:19 schuster jransom - wireless laptop sitting in bed...  good idea... ;)
20:20 robin-home jransom: yeah that's the wrong way to do it:) I just lay in bed with my phone connected to IRC.
20:21 genji hm... i could of sat in bed with my wifi pda... but I wouldn't of been able to respond.
20:22 collum left #koha
20:22 Colin left #koha
20:22 genji gmcharlt: ?
20:25 richard left #koha
20:26 wizzyrea[…]orting_Guidelines
20:26 wizzyrea it's one of my pets. :P
20:27 jransom left #koha
20:27 genji gmcharlt: hello?
20:27 jransom joined #koha
20:29 reed joined #koha
20:30 owen left #koha
20:34 richard joined #koha
20:37 gmcharlt ebegin: pong
20:37 gmcharlt ack, sorry
20:37 gmcharlt genji: pong
20:37 ebegin gmcharlt, yes^
20:37 genji gmcharlt: did you see my response?
20:37 gmcharlt ebegin: sorry, didn't mean to ping you
20:38 ebegin :) np
20:38 gmcharlt genji: I had stepped out; anyway, you can do is to make a new git clone of 3rc1
20:38 gmcharlt copy your production version over
20:38 gmcharlt do a git diff
20:38 gmcharlt and start organizing your local customizations into a set of commits on the cline
20:39 gmcharlt once you've got that situation, you can then try rebasing against the current 3.0.x head
20:39 genji okay.... im not even sure how to commit.
20:42 vickiteal left #koha
20:46 gmcharlt genji: ah, have you used git at all?
20:46 genji only to fetch
20:46 genji to show..
20:47 genji and to log.
20:47 genji yea.. basically..  read only functionality.
20:47 gmcharlt ok - first step will be a perusal of[…]lopment:git_usage
20:48 gmcharlt particularly the 'for developers sectoin'
20:48 gmcharlt how extensive are your customizations?
20:48 genji ah.... this isn't good... 3rc1 is 3.00 00 094?
20:48 mbreeding left #koha
20:49 gmcharlt yep
20:50 genji yet i have a side by side view of 094 and our install of koha.... 094 is supposed to have, under modbiblio "Exported function (core API) etc" but our install has the full explaination of Modbiblio.
20:54 robin-home left #koha
20:55 bgkriegel joined #koha
20:56 cm left #koha
20:56 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: bug fix sent for translatability
20:58 wizzyrea please look this over
20:58 wizzyrea[…]ng_Git#Browse_Git
20:58 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: C4/ is a real nightmare.
21:00 nengard left #koha
21:00 wizzyrea those links to the git repos are going to be wrong I think
21:00 jransom left #koha
21:02 genji gmcharlt: so.... how do i find out what version of koha i have? 094 doesn't match..... whens the last time that modbiblio had "Exported' under it?
21:03 gmcharlt genji: what does say?
21:04 genji 094
21:05 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: But will try and send folllowup on previous patch for C4/
21:05 genji does every git commit, change
21:05 russ gmcharlt: did you get my email? i kept getting bounces when trying to send to your work address
21:06 biglego joined #koha
21:06 chris_n a C4 module that's a nightmare? you don't say. ;-)
21:06 * wizzyrea explodes into a million pieces
21:06 wizzyrea did somebody say C4?
21:07 biglego left #koha
21:07 schuster left #koha
21:08 hdl_laptop chris_n: hehe
21:08 gmcharlt russ: no
21:08 gmcharlt are you using ?
21:09 russ i'll try that now
21:13 gmcharlt russ: I have it now
21:13 kmkale left #koha
21:13 kmkale joined #koha
21:15 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: is still in use in 3.2?
21:16 russ gmcharlt: cheers
21:16 larsw joined #koha
21:16 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: it's not linked to anything, but at the moment it's the only way to add local-use sysprefs
21:16 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: it looks like it has not been deleted.
21:16 gmcharlt so may need to stick aroudn for that purpose
21:17 hdl_laptop duplication of tools ----
21:17 gmcharlt until we have a fix for bug 3756
21:17 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3756 blocker, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, new sys prefs - no way to add a new local use preference
21:17 genji gmcharlt: so... why is my 094 modbiblio, different from 094? it seems like its description is from a later version...... maybe copied.. or maybe its a later version?
21:17 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: I agree 3756 is really really serious
21:17 gmcharlt genji: hard to say, you could have a slightly post-RC1 version
21:18 genji when did modbiblio start deleting any item fields from incoming records to avoid duplication?
21:19 genji ah.. another difference.... in GetBiblioitemdata.. a bug  was fixed.,... from " biblio left join biblioitems on biblio.biblionumber =bibioitems.bibioitemnumber' to the correct" biblioitems.biblionumber"
21:22 hdl_laptop But then, should we release the code with both and systempreferences ?
21:22 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: yes, or perhaps strip out most of, make it handle *only* local-use sysprefs, and rename it to or the like
21:23 gmcharlt kmkale: looks like you fixed your git-send-email problem
21:25 chris_n maybe we could write a parser module to update the yaml syspref files?
21:26 chris_n thus allowing local sysprefs to be added
21:26 gmcharlt chris_n: I'm uncomfortable about adding a feature that writes to the filesystem so late into 3.2
21:27 chris_n I was thinking more for 3.4
21:28 kmkale left #koha
21:32 chris back
21:33 Nate gnight #koha
21:33 Nate left #koha
21:33 sekjal left #koha
21:35 genji how do i walk the git, to find out what version of matches the one i have?
21:40 chris i bet you have local changes, so no version matches it
21:41 genji hmm...  i mean.. some parts of seem like they are from a later version of koha.
21:41 genji koha 3rc1 has "Exported (core api)..." as the description for modbiblio sub.
21:41 genji but my supposed koha 3rc1 has the actual description.
21:42 genji so.. when was the description, added to modbiblio?
21:44 hdl_laptop gitk could helpyou
21:45 gmcharlt genji: that change was made between 3.0-rc1 and 3.0.0
21:46 genji so, its possible that i might have 3 final?
21:46 wajasu joined #koha
21:47 gmcharlt check your db revision
21:47 gmcharlt if it's, you likely have 3.0.0 final
21:47 genji 094 it says in
21:48 gmcharlt sounds like it's in some state between rc1 and final, then
21:48 genji do i really need to find out exactly what the last commit was?
21:50 gmcharlt not necessarily, but it would help in order to figure exactly which files you had customized
21:50 gmcharlt unless you have a logbook or something you can refer to
21:53 genji okay... hmm..
21:53 genji when was 3rc1 released?
21:53 genji or gitmarked?
21:54 wajasu left #koha
21:55 wizzyrea left #koha
21:55 reed left #koha
22:02 larsw could someone give me the url to the log of the meeting earlier?
22:03 joetho
22:03 larsw thanks
22:06 chris is someone doing minutes?
22:07 joetho left #koha
22:29 jcamins left #koha
22:34 brendan left #koha
22:38 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away

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