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00:00 chris again, no idea with your koha, havent seen it happen on master though
00:00 genji1 man, its annoying, being out of sync with everyone else.
00:02 nod genji1: grep is your friend: grep -Rl GetUsedMarcStructure *
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00:16 chris heya collum
00:17 chris nod, collum has also done tons of bug2505 work
00:19 genji1 bug 2505
00:19 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2505 major, P3, ---,, NEW, enable Perl warnings in all modules and scripts
00:21 collum hey chris
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00:23 nod hey collum
00:23 collum hi all
00:23 nod for bug 2505 you should be able to grep for 2505 and see lots of stuff to fix :)
00:24 chris when the patches get pushed that is :)
00:24 chris hiya owen
00:25 collum yep.  Files without warnings can be found by using grep -L warnings
00:25 owen Hi chris
00:25 collum assuming warnings have not been commented out.
00:25 owen thanks for the offer of help on the statistics yesterday. I think I figured out where all of the discrepanices came from
00:25 chris excellent
00:26 owen NPL's deleteditems table was not getting populated for a period of time
00:27 owen Our statistical reports will all have to have a column for "unknown branch" and "unknown ccode" :|
00:28 chris ahhhh :(
00:29 owen But that's better than not having a count for those circs at all. The way I had been aggregating the data before I was missing circs for stuff that had been deleted
00:29 chris ahh using a straight join, instead of a left?
00:30 owen that's the trouble... I'm not good at choosing joins
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01:51 chris_n g'night #koha
01:52 chris night chris_n
02:11 genji1 is there a javascript way of subfieldid = find id "773_a_*"?
02:12 genji1 since subfields have random elements in their name.. how do you refer to their id's, if you don't know what the random element is?
02:13 genji1 i suspect, my taking away of the random numbers in the 773 fields, in order for other javascript to function, could be causing the repeated tag...
02:37 genji1 ah hell. found the problem
02:37 genji1 how do you delete a repeated subfield from all records?
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05:37 Amit_G hyea cait
05:37 mib_jrc1sa Hi
05:39 cait hi Amit_G
06:23 cait bye #koha
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06:36 chris well that was fun
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06:48 chris hi paul_p
06:48 paul_p hi chris
06:48 paul_p answering to koha@ and kelly sherman atm (Just to say the same things as others)
06:49 paul_p (I got the mail too)
06:49 chris[…]gton-after-outage
06:49 chris we had an interestng day
06:49 chris ah yeah, that was an interesting start to the day
07:07 paul_p chris, some available for some technical discussion ?
07:07 paul_p do you know dancer ?
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07:08 kf good morning
07:08 paul_p
07:08 paul_p hi kf
07:08 chris the framework?
07:08 chris only briefly
07:08 chris ive never tested it out
07:08 kf hi paul_p and chris
07:09 chris hiya kf
07:09 paul_p some ppl at BibLibre thinks it could be a good tool to use in Koha.
07:09 chris i think you could write somethng like ils-di
07:09 chris in it pretty easily
07:09 paul_p same thing for too
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07:09 paul_p chris, yep, ils-di with dancer would be easier.
07:09 chris my answer to most of those things is, do a prototype and see how it works
07:10 chris so with dancer, id pick somethign we would like a nice restful interface for
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07:10 chris and have a go at writng it
07:10 paul_p (what's nice with dancer is that it is compatible with TT)
07:10 chris *nod*
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07:12 chris what might be nice
07:12 chris is a dancer app, with nginx in front
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07:12 paul_p chris: in 2 weeks (may 3-7), everynoe at BibLibre has a "coderun". We try to have 2 every year, where everybody is in the same physical place. One of our goal for this meeting is to try some nice new technologies we could use for Koha (like dancer, plack, mojo, catalyst, CGI::Fast, DBIx::Class,...)
07:12 chris nginx to serve the static content and proxy to dancer
07:13 chris i had nginx and fastcgi going with perl
07:13 chris sorry with the opac
07:13 paul_p chris, another goal is to do some load tests of koha 3.2, find & solve as many perf limits as possible. Because there are a lot of optimisations that can be done.
07:14 chris yes, thats the major plan for 3.4
07:14 chris speed
07:14 chris ok gotta put the kids to bed bbab
07:14 paul_p chris: my feeling is that it won't be called 3.4, but 4.0 !
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07:47 magnus wow, ptfs makes a move and slips...
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07:56 kf yes
07:57 chris paul_p: well no, it will be 3.4
07:57 chris its not going to have major new features
07:57 chris but its going to be much faster/tidier
07:57 chris and i hope to have a short release cycle
07:58 chris aiming for 6 months
07:58 chris if we try for 4.0 it will take too long
07:58 chris id rather go for short release cycles
07:59 magnus short_release_cycles++
07:59 chris magnus: yeah, was a fairly clear indication they still don't get it
07:59 Ekel hi, may i ask if u have experience getting this error with *** glibc detected *** /usr/bin/perl: double free or corruption (!prev): 0x000000000395e4a0 ***
08:02 paul_p chris, short_release_cycles++
08:04 magnus @karma short_release_cycles
08:04 munin magnus: Karma for "short_release_cycles" has been increased 2 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 2.
08:08 genji chris++
08:08 genji hlt++
08:09 genji what else haven't i increased in ages..
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08:11 kf short_release_cycles++
08:12 chris heh
08:12 magnus you have our support, chris... ;-)
08:12 chris yikes that error of Ekels' looked nasty
08:23 kf I think we should try to stick to a schedule with releases, so its a bit easier to plan for things.
08:23 chris yep, within reason
08:23 chris but we can stick to as schedule for feature freeze
08:24 chris still have to release when the bugs are fixed
08:24 kf I agree
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09:00 chris kf: i forget, did the overwrite work?
09:02 kf chris: yes :) And we updated our installation from pootle today and serials work fine now
09:04 chris excellent
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11:30 kf does someone know how 942 is populated? I see problems where 942 is a different item type than the items (using item level itpyes)
11:37 chris_n g'morning #koha
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11:46 kf good morning chris_n
11:46 kf hi jwagner
11:46 kf does someone know how 942 is populated? I see problems where 942 is a different item type than the items (using item level itpyes) (942 is not for loan, item type is for loan, opac says: not for loan...)
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11:47 chris_n kf: sorry, I'm not sure
11:47 chris kf i think its in the marc editor
11:47 chris you choose itemtype there
11:48 kf yes, but it should not use it?
11:48 chris thats the only place i know of that 942 is populated
11:48 jwagner_brb Hi kf and chris and chris_n -- am waiting for a repairman to show up so I may get called away any minute.
11:48 kf we use item level itypes and so we dont set it
11:48 chris right
11:49 kf im just not sure if there is a configuraton problem too
11:49 chris so its blank?
11:49 kf want to report a bug
11:49 kf not its a pulldown
11:49 jwagner_brb kf, somewhere in the code, and I hope to hunt it down with heavy weapons, things still look at the 942c item type instead of the item-level item type.  If it's not correct, bad things happen.
11:49 kf it seems it gets set to the first entry in the pull down
11:49 kf which is a not for loan itype... although the items are for loan
11:49 chris well it should look at 942c if thats what the systempref says to look at
11:50 kf my syspref is set to specific item (item-level_itypes on)
11:50 chris right in that case it shouldnt
11:51 kf just want to make sure, I write on the bug report right now
11:51 kf but perhaps it should not be set at all, when using item-level_itypes?
11:52 chris well not being set at all wouldnt fix the bug, if its not respecting the syspref its just going to use a blank itemtype instead
11:53 kf you are right
11:54 kf perhaps I can define a better default value, an item type that is for loan
11:54 chris every once in a while i am :)
11:55 chris if you file the bug, mark it blocker
11:55 chris thats one that needs to be fixed before release
11:55 kf near to always would be my guess :)
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11:55 kf will do
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12:03 kf Bug 4396
12:03 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4396 blocker, P5, ---,, NEW, item level itypes not working correctly when 942c itype is not for loan
12:04 chris cool
12:04 kf hope its understandable
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12:07 kf working on my list "strange things" today
12:08 * jdavidb wishes he had a "not strange things" list somewhere.
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12:10 kf there is a saying in German about not seeing the forrest because of all the trees...
12:11 jdavidb We say that here, too. :)
12:11 kf :)
12:11 * jdavidb sometimes can't see the trees, either, for all the bizarre, mutated little weeds that have grown up in the way.
12:13 kf :)
12:15 kf another bug candidate: scan index in advanced search can not display umlauts and ß - is this because of indexing (with icu reducing ü to u?) and does not work with hebrew
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12:31 owen Interesting... The "Add & Duplicate" function auto-increments the barcode even if  autoBarcode  is off
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12:37 magnus owen: would probably be better if it left the barcodes blank? But then again - why enter a barcode for an item you want to duplicate?
12:38 owen The "Add & Duplicate" button adds the item you've just entered and then pre-populates the add item form again with the same values
12:39 kf I think this feature is for cataloging more than one item at once with preprinted barcodes
12:39 owen So you have to enter the barcode the first time, but I question whether the pre-populated form should contain an auto-incremented barcode when you have that preference turned off
12:39 kf where the barcodes are incrementing
12:40 owen The pre-populated form increments the barcode you entered in the first form.
12:40 owen ...which assumes you're adding a series of items from the same batch of barcodes
12:40 kf perhaps when you have more than one cataloger, you split your barcode sheets between them, so it does not imcrement from the highest barcode in the database but from the onr you entered?
12:41 owen We use a different set of barcodes for each library
12:42 owen ...and there is no guarantee that the next physical barcode the cataloger chooses will be +1 from the last barcode used
12:42 kf I think the auto-increment syspref is for generating barcodes in general, so its not really related to the duplicate add feature, perhaps should be another syspref
12:42 owen The auto-increment syspref automatically populates the add item screen with an incremented barcode doesn't it?
12:43 magnus sorry owen, i was thinking of the functionality to add say 50 items in one fell swoop
12:43 kf yes, but it uses the highest number in the database
12:43 kf ah
12:44 kf me too
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12:46 owen Hi nengard. Evergreen conference today?
12:48 nengard yep
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12:48 nengard and no power strips in the conference room!!!
12:48 nengard crazy talk at a tech conference
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12:49 owen It's remarkable how badly-planned a tech conference can be. Maybe because none of the techs want anything to do with planning it?
12:49 nengard everything else is a-ok
12:50 nengard awesome wfi
12:50 nengard wifi
12:50 nengard just no power in this room :(
12:50 jwagner_brb is now known as jwagner
12:50 nengard and we're here for 2 hours i think
12:50 nengard so i hope my battery holds out for blogging purposes
12:50 * jwagner just got good news and bad news
12:50 owen Uh oh
12:51 jwagner The bad news is that my air conditioning compressor is completely failed.  The good news is that the unit is under warranty for precisely more month...  I finally got a break on a major home repair!
12:51 * owen is glad the good news balances out the bad in this case
12:51 * chris_n bets jwagner is glad it is not the middle of the summer
12:51 jwagner Yes, and unless we get another week of 93 degree weather like we had 3 weeks ago, I can wait until the part is ordered to get it fixed.
12:52 jwagner Turned on the AC then, and, wow, no cold air!
12:52 nengard well that is lucky
12:52 owen @wunder 45701
12:52 munin owen: The current temperature in Ohio University, Athens, Ohio is 10.6�C (8:46 AM EDT on April 22, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: 4.0�C. Pressure: 29.82 in 1009.7 hPa (Falling).
12:52 owen Still nice and cool in the mornings here
12:52 nengard not sure what the zip is here ... and don't feel like looking it up
12:53 nengard but i'm sure its cold out there
12:53 jwagner nengard, considering all the major home disasters I've had since I bought the place, I think I hit the lottery on this one.
12:53 owen @munin whereis nengard
12:53 munin owen: Error: "munin" is not a valid command.
12:53 nengard jwagner that sounds like our old house
12:53 nengard we got out of there pretty quick
12:53 jwagner Law of averages catching up with me, I think.  My last two houses never had any major problems.
12:53 nengard ahhh
12:54 nengard our problem is that most of the houses we can afford in eastern PA are 50+ years old
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12:54 nengard so no matter what we have issues
12:54 nengard in the new house it's the plumbing
12:54 nengard and the electrical  - which we upgraded to handle our very gadget heavy lifestyle
12:55 * paul_p look at the opened window, with birds singing, and think Marseille is really a nice place to live !
12:55 paul_p hello US ppl
12:56 owen Hi paul_p
12:56 jwagner paul_p, trying to make us jealous?
12:56 paul_p jwagner, yes ;-)
12:56 jwagner Washington DC in springtime is pretty nice too!
12:56 paul_p jwagner, in Marseille, we say : "there are 2 kind of french ppl : those living in Marseille, and those dreaming of living in Marseille" :D :D
12:57 jwagner I'm going to have to visit that part of France someday.  The furthest south I got when I was there was the Loire valley.
12:58 paul_p while ppl of the far north say : "you cry twice in Nord-Pas de Calais : when you arrive, and when you leave" (when you arrive, because it's a cold/awful/... place, when you leave, because ppl have in their hart the heat you don't get outside)
12:58 nengard hello paul_p
12:59 collum @wunder 49503
12:59 munin collum: The current temperature in WXGR.NET, Grand Rapids, Michigan is 5.4�C (8:59 AM EDT on April 22, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: -1.0�C. Windchill: 5.0�C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010.0 hPa (Rising). Freeze warning in effect until 9 am EDT this morning...
12:59 jwagner @wunder 20740
12:59 munin jwagner: The current temperature in Hollywood, College Park, Maryland is 9.8�C (8:59 AM EDT on April 22, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 99%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Windchill: 10.0�C. Pressure: 29.79 in 1008.7 hPa (Steady). Dense fog advisory in effect until 9 am EDT this morning...
13:00 magnus wunder bodo, norway
13:00 magnus @wunder bodo, norway
13:00 munin magnus: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 5.0�C (2:50 PM CEST on April 22, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 53%. Dew Point: -4.0�C. Windchill: 2.0�C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Steady).
13:00 jwagner By the way, I'm still chuckling over some traffic on the Unicorn admin listserv yesterday.  One of the admins passed on a question from one of his staff, for the entertainment value:
13:00 jwagner "Could the recent upgrade possibly have anything to do with our loss of phone service?"
13:01 jwagner This of course spiraled into a discussion of how everything was Sirsi's fault!  Earthquakes, Icelandic volcanoes, McAfee software debacles, etc.
13:01 jwagner Sirsi staff joined in this morning too :-)
13:03 collum The patch for Icelandic volcanoes was promised in the Horizon 8.0 release.
13:04 jwagner There was a reference in one of the earthquake messages to "the SirsiDynix fault"
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13:13 jwagner chris_n, still online?
13:13 chris_n yup
13:14 chris_n mostly ;)
13:14 jwagner You were the one who was doing some report work with ExtractValue & the XML stuff, right?  I thought I had kept the messages etc., but I can't find them.
13:14 jwagner You had some screenshots, I think.
13:14 * chris_n confesses to it
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13:15 jwagner Are those still up anywhere?
13:15 chris_n hmm... I don't remember the screen shots
13:15 chris_n most of the references to it are in the irc logs and maybe an email or two
13:16 gmcharlt biblibre++
13:17 kf jwagner: I think there is something about Extract Value on the reports page in the wiki too
13:17 chris_n jwagner:[…]10-01-26#i_378258
13:17 kf cant use it... wrong mysql version here :(
13:17 jwagner Yes, I'm looking at the wiki page, but I think chris_n's examples were more detailed.  Am searching the IRC logs now.  Thanks.
13:17 chris_n[…]09-11-25#i_348004
13:19 kf magnus: nice screenshot ;)
13:19 magnus thanks
13:20 jwagner OK, let me look at those examples some.  Thanks.
13:20 owen gmcharlt: What prompted that?
13:20 magnus kf: quite similar to yours, i guess ;-)
13:21 gmcharlt owen: good news, but I"m being mysterious for now :)  their good news to tell
13:21 owen Good news is good news. Otherwise I was going to declare a random karma party
13:22 owen mangoes++ !
13:22 magnus aww, we want to know it too! :-)
13:22 magnus puffindogs++
13:22 * kf is curious too
13:22 collum random_karma_parties++
13:23 magnus perhaps we could bug paul_p or nicomo_laptop or someone to tell us!
13:24 magnus @karma random_karma_parties
13:24 munin magnus: Karma for "random_karma_parties" has been increased 1 time and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 1.
13:24 kf allergies--
13:26 paul_p jesse--
13:26 paul_p there are a lot of sysprefs that are reversed in the .pref files
13:26 paul_p for example :
13:26 paul_p - pref: hidelostitems
13:26 paul_p choices:
13:26 paul_p yes: Show
13:26 paul_p no: "Don't show"
13:27 paul_p hidelostitem = 1 = don't show lost items :(((
13:28 chris_n ouch
13:29 gmcharlt paul_p: little harsh to decrement him, but at any rate, I've been pushing patches to fix those where they appear
13:29 paul_p ok, because of channel request I tell : Lyon3 university is live since 1 week, things seems, it's the 1st french university with a OS-ILS. We should announce that publicly in a few days, pls keep it for yourself
13:29 chris_n biblibre++
13:29 magnus biblibre++
13:30 jwagner Congrats!
13:30 gmcharlt wouldn't be a bad idea for us to rename the "negative" sysprefs to avoid double-negative confusion
13:30 magnus thanks for telling us, paul_p! ;-)
13:30 chris_n gmcharlt++
13:30 owen gmcharlt++
13:30 paul_p gmcharlt, you're right, but I spend half a day understanding what was happening on my setup, so i'm a little bit bored & maybe a little but too much, you're right
13:30 * chris_n seems to recall something about negative logic in Perl Best Practices
13:30 chris_n better to avoid it when at all possible
13:31 paul_p chris_n, it's not Perl specific ;-)
13:31 gmcharlt I am not in complete disagreement with you, chris_n
13:31 chris_n paul_p: not not true ;-)
13:32 magnus is now known as magnus_away
13:41 owen SQL gurus I throw myself at your feet. I'm querying the statistics table to get a count of circs by ccode and by branch for a given month:
13:41 owen SELECT COUNT(statistics.itemnumber) as count FROM items,statistics WHERE statistics.itemnumber= items.itemnumber AND  items.ccode = 'AF' AND statistics.branch='APL' AND MONTH(datetime) = 1 AND YEAR(datetime) = 2009 AND (statistics.type = 'issue' OR statistics.type = 'renew')
13:41 owen ...but this won't count circs for items which have been deleted
13:42 owen Can I create a single query which includes deleteditems without doing "OR (statistics.itemnumber = delteditems.itemnumber)"... which seems very inefficient
13:44 owen Is there some kind of JOIN magic I should be using?
13:47 jwagner owen, I've been working on a weeding report for one site that might give you some pointers.  See if maybe you can adapt this:
13:47 jwagner SELECT items.barcode, items.homebranch AS 'branch', items.itemcallnumber, biblio.title, items.issues as 'Total # Checkouts' FROM items LEFT JOIN biblio on  (items.biblionumber = biblio.biblionumber) LEFT JOIN old_issues on (items.itemnumber = old_issues.itemnumber) WHERE items.itype != 'REF'  AND items.itemcallnumber LIKE 'OV%' AND items.homebranch = 'M' AND ( (items.issues <= '3' OR items.issues IS NULL) OR date(old_issues.issuedate) NOT BETWEEN '2004-01-01' A
13:47 jwagner Look at the part after the itemcallnumber limit
13:50 jwagner Of course, jdavidb gets the credit for the SQL magic :-)
13:51 jdavidb When doing perverted JOINs like that, it helps to have a twisted mind.
13:52 sekjal joined #koha
13:52 owen That would make me the Ward Cleaver of SQL I guess :|
13:52 * jwagner wasn't going to comment on jdavidb's abilities....
13:53 * jdavidb found that working for a fairly Fundamentalist Christian university for a while warps you in all sorts of interesting ways.
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13:54 gmcharlt jdavidb: and it's even worse when you add Cartesian philosphy to the SQL mix
13:54 kf biblibre++
13:56 owen I get confused by multiple LEFT JOINs.
13:56 owen I tried this:
13:56 owen SELECT count( statistics.itemnumber )
13:56 owen FROM statistics
13:56 owen LEFT JOIN items ON ( items.itemnumber = statistics.itemnumber )
13:56 owen LEFT JOIN deleteditems ON ( deleteditems.itemnumber = statistics.itemnumber )
13:56 owen WHERE MONTH( statistics.datetime ) =1
13:56 owen AND YEAR( statistics.datetime ) =2009
13:57 owen ...but that gives me a slightly different count than two separate queries, one of items and one of deleteditems
13:57 kf post office opening times force me to leave now - bye all :)
13:59 jdavidb One way that could happen, owen, is if the itemnumber appeared in both items and deleteditems.  It *shouldn't*, I know, but...
13:59 kf left #koha
14:00 sekjal owen:  running some tests now...
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14:01 owen jdavidb: That explains one of the 1161 difference
14:01 jdavidb :-O
14:01 sekjal owen: nope, your items and deleteditems are disjoint
14:02 * jdavidb doesn't consider 1161 difference "sight" in populations of  less than a half-million.
14:02 sekjal can't find any itemnumber that's in both tables
14:03 jdavidb Separately count the ones in statistics that have (somehow) fallen out of *both* tables?   Same query, only WHERE deleteditems.itemnumber IS NULL AND items.itemnumber IS NULL ?
14:04 jdavidb (flunking both JOINs, so to speak)
14:04 paul_p git question : is there a way to check between 2 branches patches that are not applied on the other branch ?
14:06 jdavidb paul_p:  I think there's a variation on git diff that does that.  I think I might have used it once.
14:06 owen jdavidb: 1161!
14:06 jdavidb owen:  Bingo.
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14:08 jdavidb There's a lot of other hoopla in statistics, though; narrowing things down a little may help.   Might add a WHERE type="issue", for instance.
14:08 Kivutar joined #koha
14:09 jdavidb (if that's what you're trying to count, anyway.)
14:12 gmcharlt paul_p: git log --pretty=one-line branchA...branchB can help
14:20 owen jdavidb: I'm actually planning to work with a database that pulls just the issues & renewals out for statistics queries.
14:25 Kivutar left #koha
14:25 Kivutar1 joined #koha
14:27 Sharon joined #koha
14:30 owen Hi Sharon, did you get your "Consigned" answer yesterday?
14:32 Sharon left #koha
14:33 wizzyrea_laptop she's at a meeting today owen, she'll be in and out
14:34 wizzyrea_laptop (so am I, but I'm rude, so I'll stay put :P)
14:35 Sharon joined #koha
14:35 wizzyrea_laptop left #koha
14:36 Sharon no, never got a sample of it showing up, either
14:36 wizzyrea_laptop joined #koha
14:37 wizzyrea_laptop left #koha
14:44 wizzyrea_laptop joined #koha
14:45 CGI684 joined #koha
14:46 CGI684 Does anyone here know how to generate a AmazonAssocTag? I have been searching the page for ages and can't figure it out?
14:46 wizzyrea_laptop http://affiliate-program.amazo[…]p/associates/join
14:46 wizzyrea_laptop does this help?
14:48 wizzyrea_laptop I found it here: http://developer.amazonwebserv[…]pa?externalID=636
14:48 wizzyrea_laptop googling "amazon assoc tag"
14:49 CGI684 Ah, no mention of that in any of the Koha docs, its referred to as something completly different...thanks.....I am setting one up now!
14:50 wizzyrea_laptop :) we'll note it to nengard that it's not in the docs.
14:50 owen jdavidb: Can I ask you another sql question?
14:50 jdavidb Sure.  :)
14:50 owen SELECT count( statistics.itemnumber )
14:50 owen FROM statistics
14:50 owen LEFT JOIN items ON ( items.itemnumber = statistics.itemnumber )
14:50 owen LEFT JOIN deleteditems ON ( deleteditems.itemnumber = statistics.itemnumber )
14:50 owen WHERE MONTH( statistics.datetime ) =1
14:50 owen AND YEAR( statistics.datetime ) =2009
14:51 nengard live blogging a conference - email me whatever it is i'm supposed to do/read
14:51 owen Given that query, how I do get the ccode? It might be coming from items or deleteditems
14:51 wizzyrea_laptop k
14:51 jdavidb an idea.. 'sec.
14:52 owen jdavidb: Hang on
14:52 owen I don't think I asked that correctly
14:52 jdavidb how about CONCAT (items.ccode,deleteditems.ccode) as 'ccode'
14:52 jdavidb One or the other will be NULL, so you'll get the other.
14:52 brendan joined #koha
14:53 owen jdavidb: What I want to do is *limit* by ccode
14:53 owen (nice CONCAT trick though!)
14:54 owen Should I just be adding a WHERE for items and deleteditems?
14:54 jdavidb *nod*  should be able to still use it:  WHERE CONCAT(items.ccode,deleteditems.ccode) NOT IN ('codes','you','want','to','exclude'), for example,
14:54 jdavidb You could do that.  a WHERE this OR that should work.
15:01 CGI684 left #koha
15:07 brendan_ joined #koha
15:07 brendan left #koha
15:07 sekjal left #koha
15:07 brendan_ is now known as brendan
15:08 brendan left #koha
15:09 bigbrovar joined #koha
15:14 wizzyrea_laptop oh this is great
15:15 collum left #koha
15:16 nengard left #koha
15:21 CGI537 joined #koha
15:24 brendan joined #koha
15:24 CGI537 Hello. I just enabled AmazonBook covers in my Koha and no images appear, the log show the following: Illegal Date '10/10/1997' does not match 'iso' format: yyyy-mm-dd at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 1528
15:25 CGI537 does anyone think this is relatde to the Amazon problem or a suprious error?
15:25 wizzyrea_laptop what version?
15:25 wizzyrea_laptop and do you have all of your keys put in correctly?
15:27 CGI537 I think so, the only one that is bothering me a little is the AmazonAssocTag, in the SysPrefs the description feild says go to but I had to go the affiliate site instead
15:27 CGI537 to register for one, that is
15:27 CGI537 3.0004019 is the version
15:29 wizzyrea_laptop Ah, yes. I know related items and reviews won't work
15:29 wizzyrea_laptop with that version (amazon changed their setup)
15:29 CGI537 Should the book jackets work though?
15:29 wizzyrea_laptop as for why you're not getting images: do your records have ISBN's?
15:29 wizzyrea_laptop if your bibs have ISBN's they should work
15:30 CGI537 ISBNs? I hope so!! There are all full USMarc records from certified sources, the marc view shows them but the display in Koha doesn't,. would that be it?
15:31 collum joined #koha
15:34 wizzyrea_laptop do you ahve a link to your catalog?
15:35 paul_p left #koha
15:36 CGI537 It's in house at the moment, I think you might be on to something with the ISBNs though, the marc load seems to have screwed up the tag mappings and the ISBN on most of the records aren't in the 020, strange!!
15:36 owen That would do it
15:37 wizzyrea_laptop ^^
15:38 alex_a left #koha
15:46 CGI729 joined #koha
15:47 Kivutar1 left #koha
15:48 CGI729 hola
15:49 ebegin joined #koha
15:49 wizzyrea_laptop hello
15:49 ebegin hello!
15:56 CGI729 hi, im looking for some help with my koha installation
15:56 chris_n lunch
15:56 wizzyrea_laptop this is the place to find it
15:57 chris_n lunch or help ;-)
15:58 CGI729 great, well let me introdu my sel; im eduardo mori, libraryan for the ministry of labour and emplyment promotion of peru
15:59 wizzyrea_laptop chris_n: if you like eating bits, then this is the place. Mostly help though. :)
15:59 wizzyrea_laptop hi :)
15:59 CGI729 we have just installed koha 3.0.2 and there are some doubts we'd like to answer
16:00 wizzyrea_laptop any particular reason you did 3.0.2 instead of 3.0.5? Lots of bugfixes in 3.0.5
16:00 wizzyrea_laptop
16:01 wizzyrea_laptop (that's the official, up to date site)
16:01 CGI729 oh well
16:01 wizzyrea_laptop but you can go ahead with your questions
16:01 wizzyrea_laptop :)
16:02 owen strikes again
16:02 ebegin Anybody tried ? :)
16:02 wizzyrea_laptop oh lord
16:02 CGI729 yeah! since we're working on a guberment institution, it's a little hard to change things, so we'd like to resolve the errors in our current installation
16:03 owen ebegin: I thought that used to redirect to
16:03 wizzyrea_laptop it did
16:03 owen If it did, then PTFS has decided to change it now that LibLime is not hounding them to do so
16:04 owen PTFS is not making any friends this week.
16:04 wizzyrea_laptop eek yea
16:04 ebegin owen : That what I though too ;)
16:05 collum Oy!
16:06 wizzyrea_laptop anybody have fabulous google fu?
16:06 CGI729 queston: why my opac doesn't display my records? :-(
16:06 wizzyrea_laptop goole SEO fu?
16:06 wizzyrea_laptop you might try some of the tips here:[…]on/faq/searching/
16:07 wizzyrea_laptop especially entry 3
16:07 wizzyrea_laptop[…]faq/searching/#16
16:07 wizzyrea_laptop indexing in general is a trip up point
16:07 wizzyrea_laptop so make sure your indexes are running
16:07 wizzyrea_laptop *zebra, I mean
16:08 CGI729 ok
16:11 CGI729 another question: i run the framework test and this is what i got: The biblio.biblionumber and biblioitems.biblioitemnumber > fields be mapped to a MARC subfield
16:11 CGI729 i have biblio.biblionumber on 999 $c and biblioitems.biblioitemsnumber on 999 $d
16:12 CGI729 what is the reason to that error
16:12 CGI729 documentation i found didn't help much
16:14 wizzyrea_laptop hmm. That one I don't have a fast answer for you for.
16:14 wizzyrea_laptop let me look though :)
16:16 CGI729 you rock!
16:16 wizzyrea_laptop we aim to please :)
16:18 CGI537 left #koha
16:18 wizzyrea_laptop this thread from the mailing list archives may help
16:18 wizzyrea_laptop[…]44.html#a11247444
16:18 collum left #koha
16:19 CGI729 reading
16:19 wizzyrea_laptop or the theories therein
16:19 wizzyrea_laptop it's not exactly your fields
16:20 wizzyrea_laptop here's another one
16:20 wizzyrea_laptop[…]91.html#a20470191
16:20 wizzyrea_laptop maybe better, actually
16:20 brendan left #koha
16:21 CGI729 ok
16:21 CGI729 090? thats confusing
16:22 wizzyrea_laptop yea, I'd look at the 2nd link instead, I think it's probably more relevant
16:22 wizzyrea_laptop and that one really should be a faq
16:22 CGI729 sure
16:22 CGI729 reading
16:23 francharb left #koha
16:24 tomas joined #koha
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16:25 jwagner left #koha
16:29 tomas left #koha
16:29 tomas joined #koha
16:30 CGI729 well took a look on that tread, still not very helpfull, it's an unresolved problem
16:30 jdavidb is now known as jdavidb_lunch
16:30 CGI729 what could it be?
16:30 Sharon left #koha
16:31 wizzyrea_laptop left #koha
16:47 Sharon joined #koha
17:21 jdavidb_lunch is now known as jdavidb
17:22 cait joined #koha
17:22 cait hi #koha
17:26 brendan joined #koha
17:31 * owen cheers for some statistics numbers that actually add up!
17:31 cait :)
17:32 Sharon left #koha
17:32 Sharon joined #koha
17:43 CGI729 left #koha
17:47 Sharon left #koha
17:50 brendan left #koha
17:50 * chris_n did not realize that you could hack Koha into a CMS
17:59 mrfnuts joined #koha
18:00 mrfnuts left #koha
18:01 brendan joined #koha
18:02 collum joined #koha
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18:41 cait hmpf opac-detail has some serious translation problems :(
18:46 owen Like what cait?
18:46 cait I just updated the bug
18:47 cait bug 4208
18:47 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4208 critical, P1, ---,, NEW, Many submit buttons are not translatable in 3.2
18:47 cait should have opened a new bug...
18:48 cait is it ok to change that bug to blocker?
18:49 owen If translations don't work, I would think so
18:49 collum joined #koha
18:49 cait opac-detail is very important in opac, submit buttons too
18:50 cait I thought updating the po files would help, it did solve my other problem with serials in intranet yesterday
18:58 owen Oh man all the TMPL_IFs in that Syndetics code is making my eyes hurt!
18:59 owen It's no wonder the translator is choking on it
19:00 cait translator: (too confused to show details)
19:00 cait :)
19:02 davi joined #koha
19:03 cait I have another small bug in serials where a link is not translated, will try to solve that
19:03 davi left #koha
19:04 owen Anyone around who has worked with this Syndetics code? jdavidb?
19:04 jdavidb A teeny little bit, yeah.  David Birmingham has spent more time on it than I have.
19:05 owen The Syndetics cover markup in the template:
19:05 owen <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="normalized_upc" -->&amp;upc=<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="normalized_upc" --><!-- /TMPL_IF --><!-- TMPL_IF NAME="normalized_oclc" -->&amp;oclc=<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="normalized_oclc" --><!-- /TMPL_IF -->
19:06 owen Do you know if there is a reason why it couldn't send both &upc=&oclc= ?
19:06 owen I'm assuming only one would be populated?
19:07 owen Actually I guess I can't assume that from the code, but I wonder if it's a problem if the URL contains an empty parameter: &upc=&oclc=[some number]
19:08 owen If that was the case we could take the TMPL_IFs out from inside the <img> tag and make the translator happy
19:08 jdavidb I don't know from experience, but intuitively, normally only one would be, I would think.  I don't know if that causes issues at Syndetics.
19:09 owen I could create a patch, but I can't test since I don't have a  SyndeticsClientCode
19:11 owen CC you or jwagner on the bug jdavidb?
19:11 cait thx for your help owen
19:12 jdavidb yes, please..  I'll pass it along on this end, see if DLB knows anything.
19:13 mib_7fjw2v joined #koha
19:13 mib_7fjw2v hi
19:13 cait we dont have a SyndeticsClientCode, not sure there are German libraries using Syndetics
19:13 mib_7fjw2v looking for help
19:13 sekjal joined #koha
19:14 owen providing help
19:14 mib_7fjw2v good
19:14 mib_7fjw2v i's like to know why my koha doesn't display the calendar
19:14 mib_7fjw2v any sugestion?
19:15 cait the calendar page in tools or the calendar to set dates?
19:15 owen What version of Koha? What browser?
19:15 mib_7fjw2v both
19:15 jdavidb left #koha
19:18 ebegin mib_7fjw2v in Firefox, you can open the Java Console, you will probably have some info there when trying to display the calendar. (Tools » Java Console)
19:19 mib_7fjw2v my koha version is 3.02 and my browser is mozilla firefox
19:19 ebegin mib_7fjw2v, which language?  are java scripts reachable?
19:19 mib_7fjw2v you think is a problem with java?
19:20 mib_7fjw2v becouse thats what i was thinking
19:21 ebegin yes, that would be my guess
19:21 mib_7fjw2v well, everything seemed to be working with java
19:23 mib_7fjw2v another thing, my sistem is set on spanish
19:23 ebegin English language?
19:23 ebegin ok :)
19:24 mib_7fjw2v does that matter?
19:24 owen mib_7fjw2v: Were you able to pull up Firefox's error console?
19:24 Sharon joined #koha
19:25 cait owen: you are fast :)
19:25 ebegin what is spanish language code? sp?
19:25 mib_7fjw2v the firefoxs error says: calendar is not defined
19:26 owen cait: It was a pretty simple fix (assuming it works for you and for Syndetics users)
19:26 ebegin make sure you have the file <kohainstalldir>/intranet/htdo​cs/intranet-tmpl/prog/<SPANISH LANGAUGE CODE>/includes/
19:27 wizzyrea_laptop I think es is the code for español
19:27 ebegin wizzyrea_laptop, I should have though of this :)
19:27 ebegin s/though/thought
19:27 mib_7fjw2v yes: the code is es
19:28 cait owen: I dont know how to apply patches to my installation (my git knowledge is very limited) but will test as soon as I find out or when its available in git
19:29 owen Are you testing on HEAD cait?
19:30 cait yes
19:31 cait I use git pull for updating my installation, but need to learn more about how to work with branches and updating them
19:31 owen cait I just emailed you the updated opac-detail.tmpl if you want to give it a try
19:32 cait kf: nice! will try
19:33 cait owen: got the file, thx :)
19:34 Sharon left #koha
19:35 owen Any luck mib_7fjw2v  ?
19:36 owen mib_7fjw2v: You should also be able to reach http:// [your koha URL ]/intranet-tmpl/prog/es/lib/calendar/calendar.js
19:38 * chris_n stands very much corrected on Koha being a CMS :-\
19:38 cait oh my, to fix the translation bug in claims I need a missing issue - but not able to save a subscription?
19:39 nengard joined #koha
19:40 nengard wizzyrea
19:40 nengard regarding the amazon thing
19:40 nengard if i click that link it takes me to the login
19:40 cait can someone try and add a subscription in current head?
19:40 nengard has anyone signed up recently? do you know if you create a key when you create an account?
19:40 nengard I already have an account
19:42 brendan_ joined #koha
19:43 owen cait: I was able to save a new subscription. Are you getting an error?
19:43 cait no, I get the summary page but its empty
19:44 cait the field labels show, but no content
19:44 cait I filled out everything, tested my prediction pattern, no irregularities and saved.
19:44 cait when I search for subscriptions there are none
19:44 wizzyrea_laptop nengard: what we need is a link to somewhere you can sign up for an amazon assoc id
19:45 wizzyrea_laptop it's apparently not on the AWS site
19:45 nengard yeah - that i know - but if you don't have an account first that link won't work
19:45 nengard or if you're not logged in
19:45 wizzyrea_laptop
19:45 wizzyrea_laptop may be a better one
19:45 nengard so what i need to know is if when you sign up do you get an id then
19:45 wizzyrea_laptop giant "join now for free" button
19:46 magnus_away left #koha
19:46 nengard will that give you an id?
19:46 wizzyrea_laptop i'm about to find out
19:46 nengard i have an account already :) so I can't
19:46 cait I have some error messages in the koha-error.log
19:48 collum left #koha
19:48 wizzyrea_laptop yes, indeed that does give you an amazon assoc d
19:48 wizzyrea_laptop id
19:49 nengard good
19:49 nengard then documentation will be pushed and i thnk that means it will be up to date on the web tomorrow
19:50 wizzyrea_laptop yep, I'll update it tomorrow (must remember to schedule that...)
19:50 brendan left #koha
19:50 brendan_ is now known as brendan
19:50 nengard k - session over -time to move
19:50 wizzyrea_laptop gl :)
19:50 nengard be back later
19:51 nengard left #koha
19:53 cait ah, I missed the important error messages in pastebin:
20:01 cait owen: you can add subscriptions without problems? have you set and end date?
20:02 sekjal_ joined #koha
20:02 collum joined #koha
20:03 owen cait: I'm not positive I added an end date
20:04 cait owen: I had no subscriptions before, perhaps this could be a problem? can you take a look at the 2 first error messages in my secons pastebin link?
20:05 mib_7fjw2v left #koha
20:05 owen "unknown column" makes it sound like there is a problem with your database structure, but I'm not really sure
20:06 cait there is only startdate and firstacqdate in my subscriptions table...
20:06 cait am i magnetic to bugs today?
20:07 sekjal left #koha
20:07 sekjal_ is now known as sekjal
20:08 owen cait: sounds like you missed a database update somewhere along the way
20:08 cait bad timing perhaps
20:09 Sharon joined #koha
20:11 owen cait: You can try manually rolling back your Koha version number in system preferences to trigger an updatedateabase
20:11 cait oh, thats a good idea
20:14 redmr joined #koha
20:14 cait its seems to be missing in the new syspref editor
20:15 redmr i set i the associates id in my "More searches" anchor link. works fine.  When I get the book covers, should those have my &tag=xxxxxxxxx in them as well?
20:15 owen cait: You can still go to admin/ to get the old version
20:16 cait owen: you are great
20:16 redmr When i add the tag to the extended content, what links actually get the associates id added?
20:17 owen I'll have to quit while I'm ahead. Time to go!
20:17 owen left #koha
20:17 cait owen++
20:20 redmr left #koha
20:21 cait @later tell owen can add subscriptions now - thx!
20:21 munin cait: The operation succeeded.
20:22 brendan left #koha
20:22 matts left #koha
20:26 brendan joined #koha
20:31 chris left #koha
20:32 chris joined #koha
20:42 collum left #koha
20:42 * chris is happy to see the arabic guys discussing zebra on the site ... that's how it should be
20:42 larsw joined #koha
20:51 sekjal left #koha
20:52 richard joined #koha
20:52 richard hi
20:52 * chris
20:52 chris heh
20:52 richard :)
20:54 cait hi chris
20:54 chris heya cait and richard
20:56 schuster left #koha
20:58 brendan kohacon++
20:59 brendan left #koha
21:05 cait chris: I forgot that updating my po files will kill the translated submit buttons :(
21:06 cait @karma translation
21:06 munin cait: translation has neutral karma.
21:16 Nate left #koha
21:17 Sharon left #koha
21:32 chris cait: looks like owen is busy fixing that
21:33 cait no thats another bug, got confuing because I added another problem to the bug (which turned out to be not related)
21:33 chris ahh
21:33 chris so then its probably just because the fix has not been pushed up
21:33 chris ill chat to gmcharlt about that
21:33 cait there is a patch for the first bug (submit buttons), but its not in head yet. I think you added the patch locally.
21:33 chris yeah
21:34 cait :)
21:34 cait I just send a patch for bug 4399
21:34 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4399 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Untranslated link 'Export selected items data' in claims.tmpl
21:34 cait not sure my git-email worked
21:35 chris don't see it yet
21:36 cait will wait till tomorrow, to tired now
21:36 chris :)
21:36 chris sleep well
21:36 cait it takes me forever to fix such small things :(
21:37 chris you'll get faster, everyone starts slow
21:37 cait I really want to believe you :) good night!
21:37 larsw I confirm what chris said
21:38 cait left #koha
21:45 mib_3xhl0q joined #koha
21:45 mib_3xhl0q hello, all
21:45 mib_3xhl0q i have a question
21:46 mib_3xhl0q i've cataloged a title: 245 a$ North Star. p$ Reading and writing.
21:46 mib_3xhl0q but in the OPAC the title appears as only: North Star.
21:46 mib_3xhl0q How can I make sure the rest of the title appears?
21:49 chris what version of koha?
21:50 mib_3xhl0q let me check...
21:51 mib_3xhl0q
21:55 mib_3xhl0q that's the version i'm using
21:55 chris ahh in the newer versions i would tell you to turn on the XSLT
21:55 chris for the opac-detail
21:55 hilongo joined #koha
21:55 chris its a systempreference
21:55 chris and that should show the full title
21:56 mib_3xhl0q boy, oh boy
21:56 chris for 3.0.2 im not sure that exists, take a look in systempreferences
21:56 chris in the opac tab
21:56 mib_3xhl0q i'll take a look right now...
21:56 chris and see if there is one
21:56 genji joined #koha
21:57 mib_3xhl0q XSLTDetailsDisplay
21:57 mib_3xhl0q that it?
21:58 mib_3xhl0q seems that might be it
21:58 chris yeah, try that
21:58 chris fingers crossed :)
21:58 mib_3xhl0q just turn it ON, right
21:59 mib_3xhl0q just did... noe i jkust have to check the OPAC and see how it lloks?
21:59 mib_3xhl0q sorry for the garbled typing
22:01 mib_3xhl0q it worked!
22:01 chris yay!
22:02 mib_3xhl0q thank you!
22:03 chris no worries
22:04 mib_3xhl0q if i wanted a bit more space between title and subtitle, i would have to know CSS, I guess
22:06 chris yeah :)
22:09 mib_3xhl0q left #koha
22:13 eythian joined #koha
22:18 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
22:21 chris_n wiki, wow!
22:27 richard beginning to think i should email the nz-libs email list and say it wasn't katipo who made the new site
22:27 richard for lianza
22:27 richard oops
22:27 chris_n heya richard
22:27 richard cripes, wrong channel
22:28 richard hi chris_n
22:28 chris heh i did that just before too
22:28 * chris_n hates pressing 'send' before finishing an email
22:29 chris_n or worse yet... sending it to the wrong person because auto-complete screwed up
22:30 larsw I use Evolution for e-mail... it uses control-backspace to delete the word before the cursor, and control-enter to send an email...
22:30 larsw backspace and enter being right next to each other, sometimes I send e-mail with words I would really not have
22:31 richard never got going with evolution. had thunderbird on a windows machine and stuck with that for my ubuntu one
22:31 chris_n heh
22:34 bigbrovar left #koha
22:37 eythian left #koha
22:37 wizzyrea_laptop anyone can tell you that I have a terrible time with "reply to list"
22:39 chris :)
22:39 eythian joined #koha
22:42 chilts joined #koha

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