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01:45 chris hey what the
01:46 chris i didnt know the national library of the philipines ran Koha
01:47 chris you learn something new every day
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01:55 CGI805 Hey everyone, I've got a question regarding cataloging and the MARC format, can someone spare a moment?
01:55 chris i might not be able to help, but i can try
01:55 chris you are probably better off asking a cataloguer than a developer :)
01:56 CGI805 Well, its more of a conceptual question than a library procedure question :P
01:56 CGI805 So
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01:57 chris well MARC as a concept is retarded :)
01:57 chris good enough :P
01:57 CGI805 At my library, we took over all of the previous owners' books and properties - which I thought would be OK - until they decided to tear out their ILS system
01:57 CGI805 They were also nice enough to sharpie over all of the book's barcodes
01:58 chris wtf?
01:58 chris did they salt the land too?
01:58 CGI805 Haha - we were not too happy with them
01:58 CGI805 Anyways, so I am now stuck with over 4,000 properties that are not in any sort of DB whatsoever
01:58 chris right
01:59 chris they sharpied out the isbn numbers too?
02:00 CGI805 No
02:00 mason fools!!!
02:00 CGI805 But
02:00 CGI805 I assume the manufacturer's barcode is ISBN?
02:00 CGI805 If so, I am hesitant to use that because I have been told that there could be collisions between ISBN and other numbering systems
02:00 chris the isbn is a unique code publishers assign to a title
02:01 chris you certainly dont use it in place of a barcode
02:01 CGI805 I get that, but I assume that the barcode that the book leaves the printer with encodes the ISBN?
02:01 chris but the isbn will allow you to get the catalogue record for that book from somewhere like Library of Congress
02:02 chris then all you need to do is add to it your library information (shelf number, branch, barcode etc)
02:02 chris rather than recataloguing 4000 things
02:02 CGI805 Ok - that sounds like we are getting somewhere.  My question is - in Koha - what is the fastest,easiest,simplest way to add each book into the catalogue on the fly?
02:02 CGI805 Or am I going about this the wrong way
02:02 chris you go into cataloguing
02:02 chris choose z3950 search
02:03 chris punch in the isbn
02:03 CGI805 I guess what I am asking is, how can I get these properties in the system so that they are visible in OPAC and the librarians can check them out
02:03 chris import the record that is right
02:03 chris then add your item information
02:03 chris and its in
02:03 CGI805 Oh wow, thats great
02:04 CGI805 Can I make Koha auto-assign barcodes to each incoming record so I can do a batch barcode export?
02:04 chris yes, you can turn on autobarcode
02:04 chris in systempreferences
02:04 chris it will just increment a number
02:05 CGI805 Ok
02:05 chris nothing fancier than that
02:06 CGI805 That's great, thank you very much for your help Chris!
02:06 chris no worries, good luck
02:06 CGI805 Have a good night
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02:07 eythian Surprised they didn't set fire to the place on the way out from the sounds of that.
02:09 chris heh
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02:18 CGI073 hola?
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03:21 Amit_G heya lall
03:21 Amit_G heya chris
03:21 chris hi Amit_G
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05:37 cait goog morning #koha
05:38 Amit_G heya cait
05:39 cait hi Amit_g
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06:30 cait ok, time for work
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07:14 kf good morning #koha
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07:35 magnus g'day #koha
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07:50 kf good morning magnus
07:50 Amit_G heya kf
07:50 magnus Guten Morgen kf & Amit_G
07:50 Amit_G heya magnus
07:50 kf hi Amit_G
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09:01 juan Hi community¡¡
09:02 juan we are testing koha with load applications
09:02 genji ooo... cool.
09:03 juan do you used or know any application to do it? we used loadrunner, but we have to test koha with another tools
09:04 juan to compare results
09:05 genji question is... what is your goal with load testing?
09:06 genji do  you already have a library you want to move  to koha?
09:06 genji Or are you helping with the developing, finding places where speed is lagging?
09:07 genji profiling, i think its  called...
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10:34 kf hi, can someone confirm that bibtex export in head is not working?
10:42 kf gmcharlt: thx for pushing my patch :) - can you take a look at the patches for bug 4208?
10:42 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4208 blocker, P1, ---,, NEW, Many submit buttons are not translatable in 3.2
10:54 kf gmcharlt++
10:57 chris i confirm kf, i get a zero byte file when i do a bibtex expor
10:57 chris t
10:57 kf ah hi chris, reported as bug 4400
10:57 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4400 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, BIBTEX export from OPAC results in empty file
10:58 kf gmcharlt pushed owens patch, hope he will push the other too
11:00 kf my colleague will not be happy that they are English again in our installation
11:02 gmcharlt kf: which other patches, specifically?
11:02 kf hi gmcharlt
11:03 kf[…]March/005872.html
11:03 kf I added the link to the bug, the patch is from hdl and I tested it with chris
11:04 gmcharlt not the most informative of patch descriptions
11:07 kf I tried my best to keep the bug updated, but should have opened another but for the opac-detail problem
11:08 gmcharlt not your fault
11:12 kf I will test it later when i'm at home (cant update our installation here)
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11:33 kf gmcharlt: sorting through my bugs and mails today - I found another patch that is not in HEAD yet:[…]March/005893.html
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11:56 kf gmcharlt++
11:57 jdavidb Howdy, #koha.
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12:02 chris_n g'day #koha
12:03 kf hi jdavidb and chrisn
12:04 jdavidb :D  Hi, kf.
12:04 kf chris_n
12:04 jdavidb ls
12:04 * jdavidb grumps, and switches back to the other window
12:05 chris_n lol :)
12:09 jdavidb More caffeine, like a motion to adjourn, is almost always in order.
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12:28 kf ok, will start my weekend now :) bye!
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12:47 hilongo hello everyone! :)
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12:56 hilongo does anyone know of a bug that prevents that the system show the name of the patron who has a book on loan with independant branches 'on'??
13:02 hilongo that is.... when the patron belongs to another branch :)
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13:09 ebegin good morning
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13:48 chris_n have I missed something?
13:48 chris_n "Koha includes many customer-commissioned development features, including several highly-anticipated academic library requirements, such as course reserves, expanded acquisition tools, and enhanced searching for music collections."
13:55 schuster Depends on where you are seeing that from... :)
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14:02 * chris_n tries on several pairs of glasses and still cannot seem to see it that way ;-)
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14:04 chris_n heya brendan
14:04 brendan heya chris_n
14:07 wizzyrea_laptop chris_n where did you read that?
14:08 * wizzyrea_laptop thinks she can guess.
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14:58 chris_n wizzyrea_laptop:[…]migration-to-koha
15:02 schuster those are "in development" not necessarily deliverable.
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15:04 schuster Question about 3.2...  I see from what I can tell in Bugzilla - there are 16 Blockers, and several of those have patches pushed.
15:04 schuster Do we need the bug wrangler to get involved?
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15:05 schuster I'm trying to figure out what I can do to help move 3.2 into a BETA stage release.
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15:08 gmcharlt schuster: it's up to people to take up blockers and work on them
15:10 chris_n bywater_git_hosting++
15:11 chris_n schuster: the point is that Koha does not have these features :)
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16:03 cait hi #koha
16:16 wizzyrea_laptop hey cait
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16:16 cait hi wizzyrea
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16:25 schuster question on the intranet-tmpl - for reserve/ - when placing a hold it defaults to first available with the checkmark - what would I need to change so the librarian would HAVE to put the checkmark there?
16:25 schuster or the box would be blank?
16:33 * owen is jquerying...
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16:34 owen schuster: Your goal is to make the user choose a specific copy?
16:36 schuster Yes
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16:40 cait owen: testing your patch, still a lot of error messages when updating po files, but po file looks better
16:41 owen I'm happy to look at other errors you find
16:42 cait owen: thx :)
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16:46 cait owen: translation really looks better! but still a lot of missing strings. not sure how to get those errormessages together.  open a new bug for those template problems?
16:46 owen Yeah, it might be good to open an "omnibus" translation error bug report
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16:48 cait uh
16:48 cait just tried to export in ris or bibtex to confirm my earlier bug report, got a perl error message :(
16:50 cait now all export formats are broken, this is not getting better
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16:55 cait Can't locate Text/CSV/  is this a missing perl package?
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17:00 chris_n cait: yes
17:01 chris_n Text::CSV::Encoded
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17:01 * chris_n works on setting up a new dual quad-core xeon box
17:02 cait chris_n: thx :) it works now
17:04 * cait is fighting translation bugs with minimal success
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17:06 CGI481 Hi everyone, I'm having problems with Z39.50 searches on my Koha installation, can anyone help?
17:06 cait we will try :)
17:06 CGI481 Thank you, OK so
17:07 CGI481 I have the default servers setup as shown here[…]rs/z39.50-servers
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17:07 CGI481 But I have tried searching for Stephen King's book 'Coffey on the Mile'
17:07 CGI481 I have tried via ISBN and title, and gotten no results
17:07 cait are you behind a firewall?
17:08 CGI481 I am not
17:08 CGI481 Neither on the router, nor the computer accessing Koha
17:08 cait ok
17:08 wizzyrea_laptop what about the server
17:08 wizzyrea_laptop is it behind a firewall?
17:08 cait ah wizzyrea thx
17:08 CGI481 Ok, let me disable iptables real quick on the server
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17:09 CGI481 Ok, all firewalls are off and I am not getting any results
17:11 wizzyrea_laptop hm
17:11 owen I've heard recommendations to try the yaz-client from the command line in this situation but I don't know the details
17:12 CGI481 Hmm
17:12 CGI481 It doesn't look like I have yaz installed on the server
17:13 cait this could be the problem
17:13 CGI481 :)
17:14 CGI481 I also just noticed in the docs that the z3950 daemon must be started, and I can't find that on the server either
17:14 CGI481 SO I will go try and it work both of those out, thank you both for your help!
17:14 wizzyrea_laptop[…]32.html#a26755632
17:14 slef hi all. I'm having a bad day and I'm tempted to reply to the all your belong to us email.
17:15 cait you want us to stop or to encourage? ;)
17:15 slef as you feel ;-)
17:15 CGI481 I actually have to run and get a friend at the airport, but thank you!
17:15 CGI481 Have a nice day
17:15 wizzyrea_laptop sure stop by anytime
17:15 slef oh and do companies using "koha" in their commercial domain name still get dropped from the Paid Support list or not?
17:16 wizzyrea_laptop idk, ll was the main objector to that and now they are one and the same so...
17:16 wizzyrea_laptop well, one among several
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17:16 owen Perhaps something to bring up at the next community meeting?
17:16 chris_n slef: it is in clear violation of community policy
17:17 slef perhaps... I can't remember if we mentioned this one before
17:17 cait is the community policy on
17:17 wizzyrea_laptop omg, no it isn't
17:17 wizzyrea_laptop can anyone point me to something I can copy?
17:17 slef no, which is why I was asking
17:17 chris_n but it is on right?
17:17 * wizzyrea_laptop goes to look
17:17 cait I did not know about it for a long time and we had some servers using koha.
17:17 chris_n if not, it is in the list archives
17:18 chris_n aamof, the community has been down this road before with ptfs
17:18 cait just want to say that people need to know about them :)
17:19 slef chris_n: how did you know it was ptfs again?
17:19 chris_n
17:19 wizzyrea_laptop we are psychic
17:19 wizzyrea_laptop and that
17:19 brendan
17:19 slef chris_n: not the domain I was thinking of, though.
17:19 owen
17:20 wizzyrea_laptop oh great
17:20 wizzyrea_laptop but LL took
17:20 chris_n
17:20 wizzyrea_laptop oh wow, this is a full court press isn't it
17:20 chris_n looks like a full-fledged rebellion imho
17:21 owen It certainly appears that PTFS has decided that with LibLime under their control they don't need to please anyone anymore
17:21 wizzyrea_laptop I think you mean with under their control
17:21 slef Well, do they? What can we do except junk years of publicity by renaming?
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17:22 * wizzyrea_laptop sighs
17:22 slef As you know, I'm up for a fight and I think the rest of the co-op are too, but we're small fry and have no salesmen or marketers.
17:22 owen I noticed in their latest press release they're not even using "LibLime Enterprise Koha," just "Koha"
17:23 slef (as you may have noticed... a marketer would probably have banned me from emailing certain things long ago ;-) )
17:23 wizzyrea_laptop yea
17:23 chris_n I emailed them about that one
17:23 wizzyrea_laptop to owen, not slef
17:23 slef wizzyrea_laptop: I guessed that, but best make it clear in logs ;-)
17:24 slef perhaps we should make a "koha rebellion edition"? ;-)
17:24 chris_n it sure has all the trimmings of a hostile takeover
17:24 chris_n slef: lol
17:24 owen So much for optimism.
17:24 wizzyrea_laptop and yokely has stated that koha needs governance
17:24 slef Koha 3.2: Insurrection
17:24 chris_n hehe
17:24 owen :D
17:24 nengard owen is it fully-managed koha
17:24 slef wizzyrea_laptop: Where and did it include the letters BOGU?
17:24 nengard cause i'm thinking that's the same
17:25 wizzyrea_laptop it was in that podcast he did with nengard a while back... lemme look
17:25 wizzyrea_laptop maybe she has a link at her fingertips
17:25 slef oh yeah, I read something about that recently
17:25 slef I have a link nearby
17:25 wizzyrea_laptop insurrection... lol
17:26 * chris_n reads slef's shameless self-promotion ;-)
17:27 slef[…]0/04/vendors.html
17:27 slef chris_n: I said I was in an odd mood.
17:27 slef actually no, I said I was in a bad mood
17:28 slef I think having a vendor-free open day is wrong, but I think it probably helps us in that case (we have no spare workers in London at the moment, so it would be a tired slef trekking in from Somerset)
17:29 slef You know how much I love splitting the world into users and vendors
17:29 slef as in, not at all
17:29 slef There's a bit of HHGTTG about that, isn't there?
17:30 nengard yokley stated that he wants a company to be in charge of governance not the community
17:30 nengard that's what we went back and forth about
17:30 chris_n so what's the diff?
17:30 wizzyrea_laptop looks like he's determined to get his way
17:30 nengard in that podcast
17:31 nengard getting the url in case you all missed it
17:31 slef nengard: I don't think having a company in charge is a problem.  I suspect he wants *his* company in charge, which would be awful.
17:31 wizzyrea_laptop it's like WP and automattic
17:31 nengard i think it should be a non profit in charge
17:32 wizzyrea_laptop ^^
17:32 nengard someone who has nothing to gain
17:32 slef Haven't we already put HLT in charge?
17:32 wizzyrea_laptop but they have a foundation too
17:32 nengard looking out for the best interests
17:32 chris_n as I've always said, his customers will vote with their money
17:32 nengard as i said in the podcast
17:32 nengard my wifi sucks here - but you can find it here:[…]ezAbHzwlQ7DQih8mw
17:32 nengard ick
17:32 nengard
17:32 nengard and look for the most recent open source talk
17:32 slef chris_n: so our challenge is getting a fair hearing for the cooperators
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17:34 slef "By a curious coincidence, None at all is exactly how much suspicion the ape-descendant Arthur Dent had that one of his closest friends was not descended from an ape, but was in fact from a small planet in the vicinity of Betelgeuse and not from Guildford as he usually claimed."
17:34 slef dissecting #leadersdebate
17:37 slef yes, my link was wrong - sorry about that
17:38 wizzyrea_laptop I wish there were a punctuation mark that was half way between a period and an exclamation point
17:39 chris_n heh
17:39 jwagner Folks, with regard to the various PTFS-bashing :-( going on, let me say a couple of things.  And remember I'm not authorized to speak to definitive decisions or anything.  We just took on over a hundred new customers with a large number of outstanding helpdesk tickets that have to be dealt with first.  We also have a whole bunch of new development needs to analyze and work on.
17:39 jwagner The web site is on our list, but it can't be near the top.  We finally allocated some time for someone to at least open up the press release portion, which appears to be what started this.
17:40 jwagner I think there's some tone-deafness and some willingness to assume the worst on both sides.  Please don't jump to conclusions so rapidly.
17:40 wizzyrea_laptop actually, I think the change is what really started it
17:40 chris_n jwagner: with all due respect, there is a bit more going on here than meets the eye
17:40 owen jwagner: We understand you're caught in the middle of this, but here's our concern: Someone at PTFS had to take action to remove the redirect that pointed to
17:40 chris_n changes *are* happening
17:40 chris_n just in the wrong direction
17:41 chris_n what owen said
17:41 jwagner I'll pass that on.
17:41 wizzyrea_laptop (we're not mad at you jane)
17:41 chris_n ditto
17:41 * jwagner hides under the table
17:41 * wizzyrea_laptop hugs jwagner
17:42 * chris_n hands jwagner a box of chocolate covered donuts
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17:42 wizzyrea_laptop (share with jdavidb, lol)
17:42 chris_n wb brendan... again ;-)
17:42 brendan wireless is bad here :)
17:43 wizzyrea_laptop afk, executing nap time for kiddo
17:43 * nengard hugs jwagner too
17:43 cait ok, can I interrupt with a newbie question? I have a dev install and want do update the translator files in my koha-dev folder... just copy them from kohaclone or is there a better way?
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17:44 * cait hands jwagner some coffee for the donuts
17:44 slef Depends what update you want to do, but git pull?
17:45 cait I did git pull, I want to test a patch for translator scripts
17:45 cait but I normally use the scripts in koha-dev folder, which is not in git
17:45 slef I think the problem remains that no-one from PTFS who *is* authorised has talked to the community much.  I'd still appreciate formal withdrawal of the last year's legal threat, although I know I'm in a minority.
17:46 chris_n legal threat?
17:46 slef cait: erm :-S
17:47 slef chris_n: oh whoops did I just make that public for the first time?
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17:47 chris_n cait: copying maybe the most straightforward method
17:47 slef There is a reason why I hated the koha-manage list. I struggle to remember what is secret.
17:47 chris_n heh
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17:48 slef My memory is terrible, so I'm not suited for mixed development. If a project is private, I'm OK. I've a project is open, I'm OK.  If it's mixed, I mess up.
17:48 chris_n nothing like breaking news
17:48 cait slef: erm?
17:48 cait chris_n: thx
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17:52 slef OK, now that I've said it: on 30 Jan 2009, John Yokley emailed me to say part of the "Regrets Failure" press release was "not true" and that he was "prepared" to turn it into a "legal issue". That's why I've generally not interacted directly with PTFS, Inc workers.
17:54 nengard wizzyrea i have updated the manual again
17:55 slef I've no "willingness to assume the worst". It's just recognition of what was already done.
17:55 nengard i forget if it was yesterday or today that you were pulling the update to the website
17:55 wizzyrea_laptop kk will go grab it
17:55 wizzyrea_laptop today
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18:06 * jdavidb returns to his desk, reads the backlog, and wants a donut.
18:07 cait ok, another question: can I write the output or in a txt file?
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18:11 chris_n man does ubuntu lucid boot fast
18:11 * chris_n hands jdavidb one
18:14 slef cait: output as in the error/warning/other messages?
18:14 slef cait: if so, put ">outputfile.txt 2>&1" on the end of the line
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18:18 cait slef: thx, will try that.
18:19 slef cait: I assume bash or similar shell.
18:20 cait slef: I wanted to catch the output of translator scripts I start from command line
18:20 slef cait: you can probably also " >outputfile.txt 2>errorfile.txt " if you want to keep the output and the errors apart
18:20 cait ah, I think this is why I just gut "seems successful" when I tried >error.txt
18:20 slef 2>&1 simply means "add errors to regular output"
18:21 slef yes, each command-line program has a standard input, a standard output and a standard error channel
18:22 slef unless someone tells it otherwise ;-)
18:22 slef I could get into non-linear pipelines now, but then I'd have to kill me.
18:22 cait thx :) I added it to my linux wiki page - so I dont forget it
18:22 slef one gotcha: 2>&1 must come *after* you redirect output
18:23 cait noted
18:24 joetho liblime customers are are now trained to assume the worst.
18:24 slef I should sell Linux courses.  Oh wait, we used to and no-one came ;-)
18:25 slef there are some downsides to only having workers, no salesmen
18:28 cait slef: I could need one
18:28 cait owen: errors from tanslator for opac
18:29 slef cait: well, if you do and are looking to buy, let us know ;-)
18:29 owen cait: The same Syndetics and Librarything errors again.
18:30 nengard joetho that is so the wrong way things should be
18:30 nengard :(
18:30 nengard okay all - heading to airport to go home!!
18:30 nengard left #koha
18:30 jwagner joetho, we're working on retraining :-)  That's why helpdesk tickets are at the top of the priority list.
18:31 cait slef: with the flight it might get a bit expensive :)
18:31 slef I can answer line 68, &systype probably should be &systype
18:31 slef cait: ITYM train
18:31 cait owen: yeah, not sure what makes it so unhappy - but: opac-detail translation looks a lot better now. only xslt translation is still missing
18:32 cait and I got my submit buttons all translated :)
18:32 owen I've got to hear more about jwagner's problem with my patch before I can address these problems
18:32 jwagner owen, I can't tell if the problem was with your patch or with trying to use a Syndetics ID from another site.
18:32 cait just wanted to let you know, will update bug now
18:32 slef Is it because HTML::Template's pseudo-SGML causes confusion with the template's real SGML?
18:33 slef I think that whoever decided to use SGML comments for HTML::Template instructions needs their bumps read.
18:33 cait i will open a new bug for xslt translation, so we can close it when syndetics is tested
18:33 owen slef: As I understand it it's a problem with gettext
18:33 brendan joined #koha
18:34 owen ...and we had to switch from <TMPL> to <!-- TMPL --> in order to accomodate gettext
18:34 slef owen: odd. It looks like a problem with the template tags.
18:34 owen slef: it's a problem with embedding TMPL_IF inside an HTML tag
18:35 slef sure it's not a problem if a TMPL_IF branch containing half an HTML tag?
18:35 slef s/if/with/
18:35 owen Yes, you put it more correctly.
18:35 slef test it like this:
18:35 slef opac-readingrecord.tmpl: line 58
18:36 slef can we move the <img src=" before the <!-- TMPL_IF ... -->
18:36 slef and delete it from both branches?
18:36 * slef looks that up on a source tree
18:37 owen Well, I know we can't do this: <option value="something" <!-- TMPL_IF name="selected" --> selected="selected"<!-- /TMPL_IF-->>
18:37 brendan_ joined #koha
18:38 slef indeed... because gettext is reading it only as SGML
18:38 indradg left #koha
18:38 indradg joined #koha
18:39 slef actually, opac-readingrecord.tmpl: line 58 is going to be very awkward to refactor into valid SGML in my copy :-(
18:40 owen slef: see the patch I submitted for Bug 4208 yesterday for opac-detail.tmpl
18:40 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4208 blocker, P1, ---,, NEW, Many submit buttons are not translatable in 3.2
18:40 slef looking
18:41 owen We *might* be able to eliminate a couple of those IFs, assuming it doesn't break the Syndetcs URL... which it might.
18:43 slef looks better... bugs like this are painful, so all credit for fixing it
18:43 owen So slef, your preference would have been that we use a different delimiter for HTML::Template markup?
18:44 slef is "try to avoid TMPL_IFs inside tags" in our style guide?
18:44 slef owen: I wonder if Processing Instructions (like <?htp ... ?>) would break fewer tools.
18:44 sekjal left #koha
18:44 brendan left #koha
18:44 * slef hunts the style guide
18:45 slef owen: but I think this is an argument i lost a few years ago
18:45 * slef adds it to the style guide
18:47 * owen doesn't remember the argument, just remembers that the <TAG> formatting worked better with his HTML-editor
18:47 cait bug 4403
18:47 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4403 blocker, P5, ---,, NEW, XSLT files not translated
18:47 owen Being able to find a matching ending tag was very useful
18:47 slef owen: argument was with HTML::Template upstream IIRC
18:48 owen I see
18:48 * owen supposes template toolkit will change things?
18:49 slef I don't remember :-/
18:49 cait owen thy again for your help yesterday! owen++
18:49 brendan_ left #koha
18:51 cait and slef++
18:52 slef aww thanks
18:53 slef owen: you should use wily as editor ;-) right-click TMPL_IF to skip to the /TMPL_IF
18:53 slef actually, that's not perfect
18:53 slef it skips to next appearance of the text by default ;-)
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19:01 slef dinner :)
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19:08 owen weekend :)
19:08 owen left #koha
19:19 * cait closing bugs :)
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22:08 cait good night #koha
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22:08 brendan night
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