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03:17 genji1 hiya. whats the zebra method of getting how many results would be retrieved by a given search, without actually returning those results?
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03:24 Amit_G heya chris
03:24 genji1 hey amit
03:25 genji1 whats the zebra method of getting how many results would be retrieved by a given search, without actually returning those results?
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03:32 Amit_G heya genji1
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04:04 wajasu deployed a my kohs based library today on the inet for my client. folks are happy.
04:04 wajasu koha++
04:04 larsw wajasu, cool
04:08 wajasu Now that that project is done, maybe i'll have time to help out fixing some bugs. Do you guys need/want help or is the community sufficient?
04:10 chris we never say no to help
04:10 chris ... if you find any ones marked for 3.2.9
04:10 chris sorry 3.2.0
04:11 chris squashing them will make the release come sooner
04:11 chris
04:11 chris if you get bored of bugs
04:12 chris but doing bug fixes would help us out the most
04:12 chris
04:13 chris does that url work?
04:13 chris where Priority = PAT means a patch has been sent, anything else is fair game
04:13 larsw chris, I get a bug list for koha
04:13 chris cool thanks larsw
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04:24 wajasu ok. i'll try to get into the git scene.
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04:24 chris awesome
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05:43 CGI623 hi
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06:29 CGI923 hello
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07:47 magnus g'day #koha
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08:02 kf good morning koha
08:05 magnus Guten Morgen kf
08:05 kf guten morgen magnus
08:17 Amit_G heya kf
08:19 kf hdl_laptop: around?
08:27 kf chris: around?
08:31 chris yep
08:32 kf ah hi
08:33 kf we have serious problems with serials that seem connected to translation
08:33 kf I wondered if an update of the files in pootle would help
08:33 kf we patched our installation so this patch from hdl is included
08:33 kf[…]April/005990.html
08:33 kf but it had no effect
08:34 kf var errortext = _("<b>Warning irregularity detected<\/b><br \/>"); (english template)
08:34 kf var errortext = _("<b>Warnung Unregelmässigkeit entdeckt<\\/b><br \\/>");  (german template) too many \?)
08:37 kf next strange thing is, I see: <b>Warning irregularity  detected<\/b><br \/> in Pootle, but <b>Warning irregularity detected<\\/b><br \\/> in the po-file
08:37 kf chris: still around? :)
08:44 kf hm, I scared him away...
08:48 chris sorry got busy in another window
08:49 chris interesting, so when you download the file from pootle it has the \\ ?
08:50 kf yes
08:51 chris and if you edit the .po file to fix that line
08:51 kf the problem is, that my colleague wants to start documenting serials, but she cant because you cant add subscriptions, all buttons rely on javascript and are not working right now :(
08:51 chris then run the translation does that fix it?
08:52 kf I can try that, but its confusing
08:52 chris you should be able to search and replace
08:52 kf <b>Warning irregularity detected<\\/b><br \\/> is english in pootle, but our templates show <b>Warning irregularity detected<\/b><br \/>
08:52 chris yes thats right
08:52 kf so the english version in pootle differs from what I see in our koha installation
08:53 chris you have to escape the \
08:53 chris in pootle
08:53 kf with \\ or \?
08:53 chris when it gets converted it should change to \\ to \
08:54 kf ok, so wahts the right form of <b>Warnung: Unregelmässigkeit entdeckt</b><br /> in pootle?
08:55 chris the only way to know is to try editing it and regenerating the templates
08:55 kf ok, will try
08:56 chris if changing it to \/ in the .po file fixes the templates then we will have to make sure that when ppl translate they do that
08:56 kf Im sill confused
08:57 kf another example from pootle:
08:57 kf were entered. <br \/>Please  indicate which date(s) an issue is not expected<br \/>
08:57 kf wurden eingefügt. <br \/>Bitte geben Sie an, zu welchem Datum keine Ausgabe erwartet wird<br \/>
08:57 kf so translation should be correct
08:57 kf po files
08:57 kf were entered. <br \\/>Please indicate which date(s) an issue is not expected<br \\/>
08:57 kf wurden eingefügt. <br \\/>Bitte geben Sie an, zu welchem Datum keine Ausgabe erwartet wird<br \\/>
08:58 chris yes
08:58 kf and templates
08:58 kf wurden eingefügt. <br \\/>Bitte geben Sie an, zu welchem Datum keine Ausgabe erwartet wird<br \\/>"
08:59 chris right that should be <br />
08:59 kf were entered. <br \/>Please indicate which date(s) an issue is not expected<br \/>
08:59 chris so when you translate, don't copy the \
08:59 kf ok, means that I would have normal html in pootle
09:00 kf thx for listening
09:00 chris urden eingefügt. <br /> Bitte geben Sie an, zu welchem Datum keine Ausgabe erwartet wird<br />
09:00 kf I will try to "repair" the translation for subscription_add.tmpl and see how it works out
09:00 chris like that .. try that and see if that works
09:00 chris cool
09:00 chris i think pootle is trying to be clever, and not helpng
09:00 kf translation is a beast
09:01 chris yay paul_p just registered for kohacon :)
09:01 kf atm looks like I will follow kohacon on twitter again
09:02 chris paul_p: chilts and nod are organising the developer conferece
09:02 chris we have some good talks/sessions lined up
09:02 chris kf: aww thats a shame, maybe 2011
09:03 kf perhaps, europe will be possible
09:03 chris yep, if volcanoes stop errupting
09:04 kf :)
09:06 kf I think many peoply hope it will stop soon
09:06 chris yes my sister is stuck in london
09:06 kf people hat problems to get back from the conference where I spoke about koha
09:07 chris i saw lots of tweets about that, (your talk)
09:07 kf the parents of a colleague are stuck on mallorca and my colleague had to cancel her trip to ireland
09:07 paul_p hi chris
09:07 paul_p ;-)
09:07 chris yeah, even the trains are full
09:07 chris hi paul_p :)
09:07 kf yes, a lot of twitter there, they projected the tweets next to my presentation on the wall
09:08 paul_p chris, mail sent just a few minuts ago to say that hdl could come as well. (Although it depends on some things)
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09:10 chris yep, thats why i said the developer conference would be good :)
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09:36 kf chris: did not work with pootle, I have now null instead of one \, will try to edit po-files next
09:36 chris ok
10:03 kf chris: changing the po-files worked, but it seems you cant make the correct change inside pootle - will do some more testing
10:04 chris thanks
10:05 * kf is happy now, because serials finally work in German :)
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10:11 magnus congratulations kf! ;-)
10:12 hdl_laptop kf : some translation guidelines were updated
10:12 kf hdl_laptop: hi, can you explain?
10:13 kf hdl_laptop: the problem is how pootle handles \
10:15 hdl_laptop[…]lates_style_guide
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10:16 hdl_laptop here you have don'ts
10:16 hdl_laptop And the fact is that the translated string should now be ok. i.e. without <br />
10:16 hdl_laptop and markup inside the strings
10:17 hdl_laptop I think I sent a patch for that.
10:17 hdl_laptop kf 3.0 or 3.2 ?
10:17 kf hdl_laptop: lets try to solve this :)
10:18 kf I have a freshly updated 3.2 head install for testing
10:18 kf we updated with current files from pootle
10:18 kf but serials were still not working, the problem as you described in your patch
10:18 kf I compared the generated template files for english and german
10:18 kf and notices that in german we had \\/ instead of \/
10:19 kf noticed
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10:21 hdl_laptop kf: yes. But I think it is not po file, but translator automatic process which has this problem.
10:21 kf hdl_laptop: ah, I think I see it now, the po files are not up to date?
10:21 hdl_laptop kf they might not be. Since they have not been updated for quite a while now
10:22 kf I think the German files are a bit newer, because chris updated them to test the patch for submit buttons
10:22 kf hm
10:23 kf not sure how to solve or report this problem
10:26 kf perhaps we need to update files in pootle to check if the problem still exists after that?
10:28 hdl_laptop you certainly could try and update your po file locally and see if you have the same problem.
10:28 hdl_laptop Then you could update your translation file into pootle
10:28 hdl_laptop Then you could upload your updated translation file into pootle
10:29 hdl_laptop second phrase should replace the previous
10:30 kf ok, you are right
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10:56 bigbrovar_ hi guys.. am in the process of adding my koha server to my backup server.. i added /var/lib/mysql, /var/lib/koha, /usr/share/koha, and /etc which other dir should I consider adding?
10:58 genji anyone active?
10:58 genji my question is.. why won't my subfield edit in marc subfield structure admin, take effect?
11:00 chris no idea genji as you are running an old and heavily modified version of koha, it could be all sorts of reasons
11:01 genji yeah.. -sighs-
11:01 chris bigbrovar_: where does you zebra stores its indices?
11:01 chris bigbrovar_: backing up those as well wouldnt hurt (if you have space)
11:02 bigbrovar_ chris: I cant remember setting that.. but how can i find out
11:02 chris look in the config files probably /etc/koha/zebradb
11:03 chris zebra-biblios.cfg is what you are looking for
11:04 chris in there it should have the location of the files
11:04 chris its not a biggy, because you can always recreate them with rebuild_zebra
11:05 bigbrovar_ chris: I already backed the whole of /etc anyway
11:05 genji Yay, new achievement, manually selecting and updating the marc_subfield_structure.
11:06 chris bigbrovar_: no that file will tell you where zebra is storing its indexes :)
11:06 chris i hope it doesnt store the indexes in /etc that would be bad
11:07 bigbrovar_ ok am in there now and i can see more directories
11:10 bigbrovar_ chris: I added /usr/lib/idzebra-2.0/ : /var/lock/koha
11:11 chris cool
11:13 bigbrovar_ chris: what about this  dir /var/lock/koha?
11:13 chris not worth backing that up
11:13 chris not the contents of it anyway
11:14 chris lock files are only useful when the applications are running
11:14 bigbrovar_ chris: ok thanks
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12:18 owen Hi #koha
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12:20 jdavidb Good [morning|afternoon|evening], #koha.
12:21 jwagner Morning, all.  owen, following up on our conversation yesterday, see Bug 4394
12:21 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4394 enhancement, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, opaccolorstylesheet syspref won't allow an external URL
12:21 jwagner Do you see any problem with that fix?
12:22 jwagner (The call is in
12:23 jwagner Also, anyone else know if any part of themes was ever implemented?
12:23 jdavidb The language part is, at least; I've seen that functional several places.
12:23 owen themes worked fine in 2.x
12:24 owen In 3.x we've allowed a bunch of hard-coded /prog/ paths to creep in
12:25 owen So it's not that the theme feature was never implemented, it's that we've kinda broken it
12:25 jwagner :-(
12:25 owen ...mostly on the assumption that it's really hard to create an alternate theme (entirely duplicated set of templates)
12:26 owen Or rather, it's easy to get started down that road and incredibly difficult to keep up with updates once you do
12:26 owen (theme == template if that wasn't clear)
12:26 jwagner So do you think this fix would be a problem?
12:27 owen The problem I see is that it can be really hard for the librarian to know the correct path to a local file
12:28 owen Maybe that's okay because a librarian isn't going to be editing CSS on their Koha server? I don't know.
12:28 jdavidb Need to check some way, if the syspref contains http:// then pass it through as jane suggests, else, prepend themelang/css.
12:28 jdavidb ?
12:28 jdavidb That could be done all the way back in C4::Context, maybe.
12:29 jwagner The fix is intended to serve two purposes -- cut down on the number of local customizations (i.e., commits) on the server and allow the library to edit the css file without having access to the Koha server.
12:29 owen I certainly agree with your goal jwagner
12:31 jwagner I like jdavidb's check for http long-term, but right now there's no code like that in C4 or anywhere -- it's just the difference in the call to the two stylesheets.
12:32 jdavidb The only itch I see with your fix, jwagner, is if a site should be using themes/languages (which partially works, at least), and wanted a different CSS in different langs, your fix would break it.  With what you've got, the current default value of the syspref would need to include the path /prog/en/<file>
12:33 jdavidb (I can't *imagine* why a site would do that, but I've seen libraries want sillier things than that.)
12:33 * jwagner thinks "libraries? SILLY? Never!"
12:34 * jdavidb thinks about Bug 3477
12:34 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3477 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Store patron OPAC passwords in plain text
12:34 owen Good example :)
12:34 * jwagner thinks jdavidb is playing dirty :-)
12:34 jdavidb I think that one will go down as the Ultimate Really Bad Idea.
12:35 jwagner We Just Does What The Client Wants....  (After trying unsuccessfully to talk them out of it)
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12:36 jwagner I think I'll go ahead and send the patch in, but owen and jdavidb, why don't you update bugzilla with the potential problems?
12:38 paul_p hello US ppl !
12:38 paul_p jwagner, no news from our patch for multiple item reserves ?
12:39 jwagner paul_p, still trying.  Hoping for some word today....
12:39 paul_p hurray for jwagner if you can do that !!!
12:49 * owen is off to tech planning meeting
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12:53 kf hi jwagner and jdavidb
12:53 jdavidb_phone Hi, kf! :)
12:54 jwagner Hi kf
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13:16 magnus hiya nicomo_laptop
13:16 nicomo_laptop hi ma
13:16 nicomo_laptop hi magnus
13:32 kf hi nicomo_laptop
13:32 nicomo_laptop hi kf
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13:34 brendan morning
13:42 chris_n g'morning
13:50 bigbrovar_ hi guys. I have amazoncoverimage enabled on my koha instance. (I have both the awsaccesskeid and awsprivatekey) what else do i need to do to make koha pull coverimage from amazon. (like do i need to run a script or reindex or reboot)
13:52 hilongo Hi bigbrovar_
13:53 bigbrovar_ hilongo: hi
13:53 hilongo I think that there is nothing to run after setting those variables
13:54 hilongo do you ask because you can't see any cover when you search your catalogue?
13:55 bigbrovar_ hilongo: ok so the coverimage would just show up automatically in my opac searches? also I was reading that amazon uses the first isbn number in the marc records.. how does that work?
13:57 paul_p jwagner++
14:09 kf bigbrovar: it should work automagically after setting the sysprefs, there are to sysprefs for covers in staff and in opac. Koha uses a web service from amazon where you send the isbn and get the cover back if one exists
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14:32 bigbrovar_ kf: thanks
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15:10 owen Hi again...anyone here know how the hidelostitems preference works? Is it a zebra thing?
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15:20 kf bye #koha :)
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15:52 slef has anyone seen a problem with saving damaged status?
15:53 owen Like, you set it and it doesn't save?
15:53 * owen goes to try it
15:55 slef that's it and I don't understand why not - probably overlooked something simple and just been staring at it too long
15:56 owen Seems to be working in the latest HEAD
15:56 slef I'm in 3.0
15:56 slef as usual... librarians love to start from stable
15:56 slef 3.0.5 I think
15:57 slef I'll go play on our test server, but I think it doesn't have DAMAGED authority set up yet
15:57 * owen doesn't have a 3.0.5 install in which to test
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16:01 owen slef do you know if the hidelostitems system pref is tied to zebra?
16:01 slef not OTTOMH but I should be able to find easily
16:02 * owen is wondering if it would be feasible to have a similar preference for the staff client
16:04 bigbrovar_ hey koha people.. I have closed for the day.. thanks for all the help
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16:08 slef owen: first glance looks like it's all in perl
16:08 owen Hmmm... Okay. I don't know if that makes it harder or not
16:09 owen We have these old overdues that the staff is tired of seeing in search results
16:09 owen We'd rather not delete them because then they wouldn't be on the patron's record anymore
16:09 owen So we're thinking about our options
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16:34 chris_n hdl_laptop: re bug 4074, you reference bug 3854 which does not seem right
16:34 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4074 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---,, CLOSED FIXED, The 'Subject(s)' link(s) are malformed resulting in no search results
16:34 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3854 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---,, RESOLVED FIXED, References to Budget Period should be Root Budget
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16:35 cait hi chris_n
16:35 chris_n hey cait
16:35 cait oh, I responded to your hi from yesterday :)
16:36 hdl_laptop chris_n you're right :3584
16:36 cait hi #koha
16:36 chris_n tnx
16:36 hdl_laptop hi again cait
16:37 jdavidb hi, cait. :)
16:37 cait hi hdl_laptop - at home now, hope I can test that translation problem later
16:37 cait hi jdavidb :)
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17:04 zico hi
17:04 zico i am facing problem with "outstanding fines" in Koha 3.0.5
17:04 zico i ran
17:04 zico but.. nothing changed
17:04 zico this is very important for me... because.. our koha is in production machine... and we are facing lot of troubles for this fines
17:05 zico can anyone please help me?? i need it badly!!
17:05 zico :(
17:05 cait is finesMode set to production?
17:07 zico cait: finesMode? i am afraid that, actually which one is "finesMode"? but... i can add that, we have configured our Fines section from System Preferences
17:08 cait its a syspref
17:08 cait there is off, test and production as possible setting iirc
17:10 zico cait: it`s on
17:11 cait and you have configured fine, fine interval and grace periods in administration?
17:12 cait what are your settings?
17:13 zico ok... finesMode`s value is in "production"
17:14 cait ok, without production you will get no fines :)
17:14 cait we use fines in 3.01.61
17:14 cait and I did a lot of fines and notices testing the last weeks and months
17:20 * owen discovers his statistics problems can be explained by imperfect data in the deleteditems table
17:20 * owen can stop tearing his hair out now
17:22 * jwagner sends owen a bottle of hair restorer
17:24 * jdavidb wants one too!
17:24 owen For those following along at home: There was a time when deleted items did not get put into the deleteditems table as they should. Therefore we have imperfect historical data.
17:24 cait me too
17:25 cait oh, sound like something that is not easy to find out
17:25 * jwagner sends jdavidb a bottle of hair restorer too, in the interests of peace and quiet in the office :-)
17:27 owen I knew of that problem with the deleteditems table, but I didn't realize the implications for doing statistical reports linking statistics.itemnumber to items.itemnumber (and deleteditems.itemnumber)
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17:51 zico cait: where is "grace period" in system preferences? I have been searching for this
17:53 jwagner zico, grace period is defined in the circulation rules.
17:53 cait fine interval and fines are defined there too
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18:02 Sharon Hi all, what does 'consigned' mean in koha?
18:03 Sharon I'm still trying to find an exact example, so I know more about what this librarian is asking me...
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18:44 jcamins Hello, #koha
18:46 jcamins Does anyone know if Koha has a "Report a problem" feature built in? (we don't want to just put a mailto: link in the footer)
18:47 chris nope it doesn't
18:47 chris but if you file it as an enhancement request then it soon might have
18:48 chris
18:48 gmcharlt jcamins: to clarify - report a problem with the catalog to the library?
18:49 chris ah yeah, i just assumed that was what jcamins meant
18:49 chris nengard++ #for the koha-community email
18:51 jcamins gmcharlt: Yes, exactly.
18:52 gmcharlt jcamins: would it just need to send an email to the library, or somehow store the comments so that they can be retrieved from the staff interface?
18:53 jcamins I was just hoping for something that would e-mail the comments, although if there's already a feature that works through the staff interface, that would be fine too.
18:54 jcamins Anything to cut down on the number of printouts that appear on my keyboard every morning. ;-)
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19:22 cait I dont like this - somthing not working in our updated test installation at work but in my installation at home :(
19:29 joetho I am trying to find any bugs referring to users being logged off when processing holds and transfers. Can't find any in bugzilla...
19:36 joetho anyone else have this problem?
19:36 joetho I mean having users logged off, not getting lost in bugzilla...
19:39 cait we dont have this problen or nobody told me :)
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19:56 magnus_away g'night #koha
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20:21 chris back
20:25 * larsw wonders whether should use a picture of a katipo as the image, rather than the current one
20:27 chris :)
20:27 cait good morning chris :)
20:27 chris it had the koha logo for a while, but then that disappeared
20:27 larsw if I am filing a bug against the Debian packaging, which component should I use?
20:28 chris hmm is there a packaging one?
20:28 chris if not i should be able to make you one
20:28 larsw I don't see one
20:29 chris 2 secs ill fix that
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20:29 larsw if it requires a default assignee, you make me be it
20:30 chris will do, lars@catalyst ?
20:30 larsw yup
20:30 cait chris: I updated the German intranet po file to test if there are still problems in serials module. no problem. Is it ok to upload/merge this newer file to pootle?
20:30 chris it sure is
20:30 chris hmm who else got an email from Kelly Sherman at PTFS ?
20:32 cait no mail here
20:33 chris must be just support companies
20:33 cait oh pootle :(
20:33 cait I chose 'Merge the file with the current file and turn conflicts into suggestions' and now the file in pootle is empty...
20:35 chris ahh just choose overwrite
20:35 cait trying now
20:38 cait ok :)
20:38 cait @later
20:38 munin cait: Error: "later" is not a valid command.
20:38 cait @tell
20:38 munin cait: (tell <nick> <text>) -- Tells the <nick> whatever <text> is. Use nested commands to your benefit here.
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20:39 cait @tell hdl_laptop I updated German po files in pootle and the problems in serials are solved :)
20:39 cait hm
20:40 larsw chris, any progress on the packaging component?
20:41 chris got distracted by email from ptfs about domain
20:41 chris back on it now
20:42 cait chris: you make me curious :)
20:42 cait but its time to sleep now - good night all :)
20:43 chris right packaging component made
20:43 cait left #koha
20:44 larsw chris, thanks
20:47 richard joined #koha
20:47 richard hi
20:48 jcamins left #koha
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21:03 schuster left #koha
21:07 imp joined #koha
21:26 sekjal joined #koha
21:28 chris @later tell cait there that should slate your curiousity
21:28 munin chris: The operation succeeded.
21:41 brendan left #koha
21:42 sekjal left #koha
21:52 wizzyrea_laptop joined #koha
22:02 CGI340 joined #koha
22:02 genji joined #koha
22:05 CGI340 testing
22:05 jo joined #koha
22:06 chris hi CGI340
22:06 CGI340 left #koha
22:07 wizzyrea_laptop 10 bucks it's kelly sherman
22:07 jo naive
22:10 jo maybe PTFS don't have email and maybe their staff don't know about
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22:52 wajasu joined #koha
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23:39 genji1 hey all
23:40 genji1 where does $usedTagsLib come from?
23:40 genji1 its used in sub build_tabs ... but its not defined within it.
23:40 genji1 its a global variable?
23:42 nod our($tagslib,$authorised_values_sth,$is_a_modi​f,$usedTagsLib,$mandatory_z3950);$usedTagsLib     = &GetUsedMarcStructure( $frameworkcode ); ?
23:50 genji1 and where does GetUsedMarcStructure come from?
23:51 genji1 got  a case of repeating tag and subfields, only in ... when they are set to non-repeating... oddly, in the second copy, only one subfield has a value.
23:55 richard left #koha
23:56 chris use grep genji1
23:56 chris i dont keep all 566k lines in my head ;-)
23:57 genji1 eh, i found it. just guessed, by looking in the biggest file in C4. of course.
23:59 richard joined #koha
23:59 genji1 what would make an entire tag, repeat?

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