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00:22 chris @wunder wellington,nz
00:22 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 17.0�C (11:00 AM NZST on April 20, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Steady).
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01:07 chris_n @wunder 28334
01:07 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 11.8�C (9:07 PM EDT on April 19, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 30%. Dew Point: -5.0�C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1003.9 hPa (Falling).
02:10 pastebot "chris" at pasted "How cool is this?" (46 lines) at
02:10 chris larsw++
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03:24 Amit_G heya brendan, chris
03:24 chris hi Amit_G
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03:29 Amit_G heya genji
03:29 genji hiya all.
04:07 brendan heya Amit_G
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06:55 magnus g'day #koha
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06:59 alohabot hiya magnus
07:00 magnus hi alohabot
07:00 mason bah, wrong window :p
07:01 mason magnus: any news about the weather over by you...?
07:02 magnus mason: we have been clear of the cloud for a day or two now, but it's coming back. Closed airports in the west as a beginning.
07:04 mason oooh, just looking at video now...
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07:07 mason magnus: this stuff is pretty good...
07:07 mason
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07:24 magnus mason: yeah, good & scary!
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07:37 kf good morning #koha
07:41 magnus good morning kf
07:42 kf hi magnus
07:58 kf meeting, bbl
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08:36 hdl_laptop hi all
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10:37 chris_n g'morning
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11:49 Amit_G heya jwagner
11:50 chris_n heya Amit_G
11:50 Amit_G heya chris_n, jdavidb
11:50 chris_n Amit_G: have you worked any more with pazpar2?
11:50 jdavidb Hi, Amit_G. :)
11:51 Amit_G right now i m not working with pazpar2
11:51 Amit_G chris_n: Any question related to pazpar2
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11:51 chris_n I am having problems with the termlist command not returning anything
11:52 chris_n even though the search returns some 200 records
11:52 chris_n and all other commands seem to work as expected
11:53 chris_n this morning I ran the daemon from the command line and got several warns about the config
11:53 pastebot "chris_n" at pasted "pazpar2 stdio" (13 lines) at
11:54 chris_n so I wonder if the current configuration files in git need some syntax updating
11:54 jwagner Morning Amit_G and all
11:54 * chris_n waves up I95 to jwagner
11:54 Amit_G chris_n: ok
11:54 chris_n and jdavidb
11:55 jwagner I-95 was pretty clogged, according to the traffic reports.  As long as you're waving, maybe you could wave traffic out of the way?
11:55 chris_n hehe
11:55 jwagner (Fortunately I don't commute from that side of town.)
11:56 kf hi jwagner :)
11:56 Amit_G heya kf
11:56 kf hi Amit_G
11:56 chris_n a friend traveled up to Manasses this past weekend and on the return trip said northbound I95 was locked up solid from DC to Richmond
11:57 jwagner It always is.  And so is I-66 west of town.  I've driven those routes at 2:00 AM and still found stop & go traffic.  Sigh.
11:57 * chris_n grimaces at the thought of 100 miles of gridlocked traffic
11:57 * jwagner agrees it ain't no fun :-(
11:57 jdavidb I've only been on I-66 once, when I moved here.  Driving into town, during rush hour, at the tail end of a 1200 mile trip with two kids and a cat and an overloaded vehicle pulling an overloaded trailer...
11:58 * chris_n used to get up and leave at 4:30 am to drive from Culpepper to Fairfax to be at work on time at 8
11:59 chris_n jdavidb: ouch!
11:59 mason ouch indeed!
11:59 jdavidb Patrick and jwagner tried to warn me not to do that.  It wasn't *that* bad, just sat still a lot.  I grew up in Dallas traffic:  take that many cars, that close together, and set them all at 70 mph.  *that's* scary.
12:00 * jwagner still has nightmares about riding with jdavidb on Dallas freeways at Kohacon
12:02 jdavidb you had it lucky, jwagner; we were in a pickup, up high, so you could see your impending doom.  Imagine that ride in a sports car.
12:02 * jwagner whimpers
12:04 jwagner I'd prefer not to see my impending doom, thank you.  Let it sneak up on me....
12:05 * chris_n quickly looks over his shoulder
12:06 chris_n heya mason
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12:17 jwagner morning, owen (and Nate, and collum)
12:17 owen Hi
12:17 collum Good morning.
12:17 jwagner Got a question for owen on stylesheets -- can you refresh my memory about how to tell Koha to use an auxiliary stylesheet?
12:17 Nate mornin jwagner
12:17 Nate and everyone else in #koha land
12:18 jwagner I thought you could just plug it into one of the sysprefs, but when I try that the entire OPAC goes very screwy.
12:18 owen Do you want a complete replacement stylesheet or just some additions?
12:19 owen opaccolorstylesheet  specifies the file name of a stylesheet on the Koha server which will be applied in addition to the default one
12:19 owen opacstylesheet  specifies a URL for a complete replacement
12:20 jwagner Just some additions and some settings to override the default.  I tried using the opaccolorstylesheet syspref with no luck.  The stylesheet lives on a different server, and I entered a full URL, if that makes a difference.
12:20 owen It does
12:20 owen The opaccolorstylesheet preference doesn't work with a full URL
12:21 jwagner Well, that would explain it :-(  Any reason why it can't?  (Codewise, that is?)
12:21 jwagner Can the code be modified to make it read an external stylesheet?
12:21 owen I'm not sure how you would set it up so that Koha would know whether you were specifying a local one or a remote one
12:22 jwagner Hrmmm.  Food for further thought.  In the meantime, I'll stick to making my changes in OPACUserCSS.  At least that works....
12:24 owen opaccolorstylesheet works fine if you have access to the file on the server, but that's not always the case
12:24 jwagner But if I'm understanding correctly, I could make a complete copy of opac-css, make my changes, and put _that_ on another server?  Then change opaclayoutstylesheet to point to it?
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12:26 jwagner Sorry, put the complete copy's URL in opacstylesheet instead?
12:29 owen Yes, with one caveat
12:29 owen The first two lines of opac.css import two other CSS files: reset-fonts-grids.css and skin.css
12:29 owen You'll have to change those lines so that they point to full URLs as well
12:30 jwagner OK, I'll do some experimenting with that.  Thanks!
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13:26 kmkale_ @weather
13:26 munin kmkale_: (weather <US zip code | US/Canada city, state | Foreign city, country>) -- Returns the approximate weather conditions for a given city.
13:26 kmkale_ @weather mumbai
13:26 munin kmkale_: The current temperature in Mumbai / Santacruz, India is 32.0�C (5:30 PM IST on April 20, 2010). Conditions: Smoke. Humidity: 55%. Dew Point: 24.0�C. Pressure: 29.87 in 1011 hPa.
13:29 kf @wunder
13:29 munin kf: (wunder <US zip code | US/Canada city, state | Foreign city, country>) -- Returns the approximate weather conditions for a given city.
13:29 kf @wunder Konstanz
13:29 munin kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Germany is 14.8�C (3:25 PM CEST on April 20, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 68%. Dew Point: 9.0�C. Pressure: 30.02 in 1016.5 hPa (Steady).
13:30 nengard can someone remind me how to revert a specific patch?  I need to resubmit one of my patches without a file
13:34 chris_n nengard: is it your last commit you want to revert?
13:34 nengard no :(
13:34 chris_n you can 'git rebase -i HEAD~10' which will allow you to reorder the last 10 commits
13:35 chris_n then reorder so that the one you want to 'fix' is the last
13:35 nengard hmm
13:35 nengard off to give it a whirl
13:35 chris_n then 'git reset -soft HEAD^' iirc to roll back without resetting the changes
13:35 chris_n do some foo, and then 'git commit' again
13:36 owen Interesting tip chris_n, I'll have to remember the '~10' syntax
13:36 nengard how do i reorder them now?
13:36 chris_n you should have a list of commits
13:36 nengard is this just vi?
13:36 chris_n yes
13:36 nengard oh - got it
13:37 chris_n one caveat: sometimes the commits will not apply out of order depending on what sort of foo you have done and in what order you did it
13:38 chris_n but you can always abort the rebase and try again
13:38 nengard hmmm - i can't seem to Yank (with Y or yy) the line ...
13:38 chris_n is it vi or vim?
13:39 nengard vi i think -- oh and Y works in vim
13:39 nengard any idea on how to do it in vi
13:39 chris_n dd
13:39 chris_n then p or P
13:39 chris_n depending on after or before
13:40 chris_n the current line of the cursor
13:40 nengard thank you!
13:40 nengard okay so now i do this:  git reset -soft HEAD^
13:41 nengard and it will revert my last commit
13:41 chris_n right
13:41 nengard nengard@debian:~/kohaclone$ git reset -soft HEAD^
13:41 chris_n afterward you can do 'git status' to verify that you have the uncommitted files
13:41 nengard error: unknown switch `s'
13:41 chris_n opps
13:41 chris_n om
13:41 nengard hehe
13:42 chris_n --soft
13:42 nengard hmmm
13:43 nengard it appears to have reverted my last commit - not the one i moved -- and now i know why - i put it first not last
13:43 nengard geeze
13:43 chris_n so just 'git commit'
13:43 chris_n and then do the rebase thing over again
13:44 nengard bingo
13:44 nengard thanks
13:45 nengard you rock
13:45 nengard chris_n++
13:45 chris_n :)
13:45 * kf makes a note who to ask about git... :)
13:46 chris_n if you do a bunch of work, you can also use the interactive rebase to squash many patches into one
13:46 chris_n so... commit early and often
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13:58 chris_n brb
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14:02 nengard got a database question - how do you know which items in your issues table have been returned?  I'm looking at my data and return and returndate are both set to NULL for all lines
14:02 nengard or does issues only show items that are still checked out?
14:04 owen Once things get checked in they're moved to old_issues
14:04 nengard ah - then it seems silly to have all those return fields in the issues table ... just saying :)
14:04 owen I think it's a new thing? I'm not sure.
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14:06 owen chris_n: Do you know if it's a recent development that issues are moved to old_issues when items are returned?
14:07 chris_n owen: I don't
14:11 nengard at least i know i wrote my query right - that's all i need for now :)
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14:14 hilongo Hello there :)
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14:33 nengard me again - old_issues doesn't have any data in the return or the returndate field either ....
14:33 nengard do we not track when an item was returned?
14:33 nengard nevermind!
14:33 nengard hehe
14:48 chris_n brb... installing new hardware :-P
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14:53 hdl_laptop owen: move to old_issues was in 3.0
14:54 hdl_laptop nengard: it is not that silly. It allows you to have the same data structure between old_issues and current issues. You may want to use UNION for queries.
14:55 hdl_laptop And having different table structure would not allow that.
14:55 nengard thanks for clarifying hdl
14:55 nengard didn't think of that
14:56 nengard I have another question about old_issues
14:56 nengard i'm seeing a due date of 2009-09-13 and then I'm seeing a return date of 2009-08-22
14:56 nengard that can't be right ....
14:56 nengard I'm seeing this on 2 systems
14:57 nengard also issuedate is 2009-08-23 and the timestamp is  2009-11-24 12:07:00
14:58 nengard is it possible that the returndate is actually in the timstamp field?
14:58 nengard nope - further exploration shows that timestamp is usually the check out date
14:59 nengard ideas?
15:01 wizzyrea maybe I"m misunderstanding, but the return date was when the item was actually returned, and the due date when it was due?
15:01 wizzyrea so the patron brought it back early
15:01 wizzyrea ?
15:01 nengard wizzyrea .... Oh my goodness .... I'm so out of it!!!
15:01 nengard you're right!!
15:01 nengard I'm wrong!!
15:02 nengard I do have an issuedate that is after the return date though - in a few places
15:02 wizzyrea renewal maybe?
15:02 nengard i'm thinking it's the bug i saw recently
15:02 wizzyrea or that
15:02 kf perhaps renewal
15:03 nengard thank you for making me see the light - don't know why i didn't realize that originally
15:03 wizzyrea :) you're welcome
15:03 wizzyrea i'm fiddling around with elgg
15:04 nengard oooooo
15:06 nengard my only prob with these social networking sites is that i so so so so don't need to belong to another one
15:07 nengard i did however bookmark a bunch of open source social networks (and other stuff) the other day:
15:08 wizzyrea yea, i'm not sure what we would use it for
15:08 wizzyrea but it's fun to play with
15:08 wizzyrea
15:17 kf bye #koha
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15:21 * wizzyrea is having and I <3 debian moment
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15:21 * chris_n gets a dns error on that url
15:25 wizzyrea not surprising, it's spanky new
15:25 wizzyrea it probably hasn't propagated yet
15:41 wizzyrea nengard: I think I found your problem, but you'll have to check.
15:41 nengard nope :( that's not it
15:42 wizzyrea boo
15:43 nengard that was my first thought
15:43 nengard and i already tried that
15:43 nengard that's why i think it's the css not the files/images
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15:54 owen nengard: Try changing #nav .page_item a {}
15:54 owen Change "padding:12px 12px 6px 12px;" to "padding:12px 12px 3px 12px;"
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15:55 owen I think you also want to change #search { top: 90px } to top: 84px;
15:56 owen ...but I've only tried those changes via Firebug in Firefox, so double check
15:56 nengard WOO HOO - you fixed on issue - the dark blue line - but not the orange
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15:58 wizzyrea the orange is in the graphic, is it an alignment thing with the slide effect?
15:58 owen Are you sure nengard? Looks fixed to me now
15:59 wizzyrea oh, for me too, actually
15:59 nengard hmmm
15:59 nengard on FF in Mac it still has orange at the bottom
15:59 wizzyrea < also on ff/mac
15:59 wizzyrea no line
15:59 nengard hmmm
15:59 owen Even after shift+reload nengard?
15:59 nengard yes - but i'll restart
15:59 * wizzyrea was going to suggest that
16:01 nengard also not right in mac/safari
16:01 nengard reloading FF now
16:01 nengard it is okay in IE6 - but there are other issues
16:01 nengard cause it's IE6 :)
16:01 owen Looks fine in IE8 FWIW
16:02 nengard still not okay in FF/mac .... hmmmmm strange
16:02 nengard wizzyrea can you send me a screenshot of what you see
16:03 wizzyrea ya sec
16:03 wizzyrea
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16:04 owen Interesting...I don't see that white line under the tabs
16:04 nengard ah - that's not what i see - but that's not right either - the tab should be on the blue line - no white line
16:04 wizzyrea safari:
16:04 nengard why the heck can't all computers follow the samn damn standards!!!
16:04 wizzyrea lulz
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16:04 nengard safari is closer
16:05 wizzyrea I thought the line was intentional >.>
16:05 wizzyrea white line
16:05 wizzyrea it certainly doesn't look bad, imo
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16:09 owen[…]882b-cc3023f4a9a7
16:09 owen FF3.6/Win7
16:10 wizzyrea well truthfully, that's not what I see, but what I do see isn't insulting to my eyes.
16:10 wizzyrea mines ff3.6.3/snow leopard
16:11 wizzyrea one version back safari... I could check chrome/osx too
16:17 nengard owen that's it
16:17 nengard that's what we're supposed to seee
16:17 nengard hmmm
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17:15 cait hi #koha
17:20 chris_n hello cait
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19:31 chris morning
19:31 owen Hi chris
19:32 jwagner morning chris
19:33 gmcharlt hi chris
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19:47 owen Gah, these statistics are driving me up the wall!
19:49 chris bus time, ill give you a hand later, when i get to work, if you are still around owen
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20:31 richard hi
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20:40 wizzyrea hey richard, larsw
20:40 larsw good morning
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20:47 chris back
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21:23 * chris_n is glad his irc client is up on its vaccinations :)
21:26 chobbs Just realized my items.onloan are filled with '0000-00-00' for items not currently issued. Am I right in assuming I should change those all to NULL? It seems to fix my all items checked out problem.
21:27 chris yep
21:27 chris also, file a bug
21:28 chobbs May well be my import file that causecd it :)
21:28 chris yeah but the import should set 0000-00-00 to be NULL
21:28 chobbs Ahhh. Will do.
21:28 chilts I'm sure I thought once that MySQL treated 0000-00-00 _as_ null
21:29 chilts but I'm probably wrong
21:29 chris naw, it hands that back as that to the code
21:29 chilts gotta love MySQL
21:29 chris heh
21:30 chobbs Yay, my opac looks so much happier now :)
21:35 chobbs Hmm. Is katipo's DNS having trouble again? Can't get to
21:35 chobbs ne'er mind
21:36 si hey, that reminds me
21:36 * si goes off to fix that
21:39 chris :)
21:49 chris_n wb si
21:51 chobbs Hooray, my first bug submission :) bug 4392
21:51 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4392 major, P4, ---,, NEW, leaves items.onloan set to '0000-00-00' instead of NULL
21:51 chris :)
21:52 chris_n chobbs++
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