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00:26 chris_n larsw++
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03:03 genji1 anyone here?
03:04 genji1 specifically... i have a question about utf8 conversion.... how to go from utf8 to something like \xa7
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03:24 genji1 Hello Amit/
03:24 genji1 ?
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03:40 Amit_G genji1
03:41 Amit_G hi genji1, chris
03:41 genji1 hiya. you know how to get utf8 strings to strings like \xa4?
03:52 nod genji1: if you have vim you can move the cursour over the utf8 char and type 'ga'
03:53 nod it will show you the decimal  hex and octal values
03:54 genji1 hmm... im wanting to sidestep buildquery, to go from arabic to \x codes...
03:54 chris thats because you arent using zebra eh?
03:55 nod genji1: so you want some perl to do that?
03:55 genji1 oh, im using zebra...
03:55 chris why do you want to do that then?
03:55 chris  have you seen this?
03:55 genji1 but, the routines need it in \x format.
03:57 chris you should ask them how they did it
03:57 chris cos they have it working fine
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04:13 genji1 ya.. i have koha here phrasing arabic from utf8 to \x just fine.... but don't know how its done yet.
04:19 Amit_G heya chris i think i become 110th committer on koha
04:20 chris yep you did, i sent a patch
04:20 chris to update the history
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06:54 Amit_G hi alex_a
06:54 alex_a hi Amit_G
06:54 Ropuch^_ Morning #koha
06:54 Amit_G heya Ropuch
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07:27 kf good morning #koha
07:28 imp heyho :)
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07:54 magnus g'day #koha
07:56 hdl_laptop hi all
07:57 kf hi magnus and hdl_laptop
07:59 chris hi all
08:01 kf hi chris
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08:13 bigbrovar Hi guys I setup a koha instance for the library of the school where i work. I was able to import their spreadsheet based catalog into koha using marcedit. However I have not been able to get search to work.. when i try to search the follow error shows up in the error.log same thing happens when i run
08:14 bigbrovar I am using koha 3.0.5 on Ubuntu 8.04 I used the following installation guide[…]uide_ubuntu_hardy
08:16 chris you should make sure you followed all the steps in INSTALL.ubuntu
08:16 chris specifically the ones around setting up zebra and zebra indexing
08:20 chris that error is just a warn, not an error, can be ignored
08:20 chris when you try to run do it with -v for verbose so you can see what happens
08:21 chris -b -a -v
08:21 bigbrovar I followed everything here[…]exing_using_zebra
08:21 chris also you need to make sure your zebrarsrv is running
08:21 chris bigbrovar: id follow the guide in the tarball, not the wiki
08:22 chris and try it without the -w
08:22 chris also are you sure zerbrasrv is running?
08:22 chris ps axf | grep "zebrasrv"
08:23 bigbrovar chris: I followed the one in the tarball and i ran into some perl deps issues
08:24 chris those wont be to do with the search, so you are sure zebrasrv is running, and you saw all the records get indexed when you ran rebuild_zebra?
08:27 bigbrovar chris: this is the logs from the -b -a -v  and this is the output of the ps axf | grep "zebrasrv"
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08:30 chris that looks good
08:31 chris and when you search, in both the opac, and the intranet sites, you get no results?
08:33 chris one thing you can try, is stop the zebrasrv with the init.d script
08:33 chris then run it by hand as the koha user
08:34 chris zebrasrv -f /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
08:34 chris then try a search and make see what hits zebra
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08:38 bigbrovar_ because when i try to search using the the koha public link (which is an intranet site) I cant get search to work.
08:39 kf bigbrovar: have you checked zebrasrv is running?
08:39 chris but it works on the librarian side?
08:39 chris or does it not work on both
08:40 bigbrovar_ chris: ok let me check
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08:43 bigbrovar_ chris: omg it does work from the liberian side
08:44 chris yeah in that case its probaby just the opacsuppresion
08:44 bigbrovar_ chris: I just did a search now and it worked!..
08:44 bigbrovar_ chris: how do i enable opacsuppresion cus that is popping up alot
08:45 bigbrovar_ chris: like most of my googling is saying i need to do something about opacsuppresion
08:45 chris you want to disable t
08:45 chris go to systempreferences
08:47 bigbrovar_ chris: it should be under cataloging ?
08:47 chris yes
08:47 chris set it to don't hide
08:47 chris and then try your search on the opac again
08:48 bigbrovar_ chris: the options are on of off and its already set to off
08:48 chris try switching it to on then
08:50 chris if that doesnt work, check the value in the db, and make sure its set to 0
08:50 bigbrovar_ I turned it on again and reindex zebra still no show, searching doesnt work.. and i still get a "No results match your search for “kw,wrdl: An Introduction to Philosophy"
08:51 chris ok check it in the db
08:51 chris make sure the value for it is set to 0
08:51 chris no need to reindex
08:52 chris you only need to reindex if you set up a suppress index which you havent done
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08:52 chris i suspect that off is not actually turning it off (or its putting off as the value instead of 0)
08:53 chris your biblio records have items eh?
08:56 bigbrovar_ yeah i imported some items from spreadsheet using marcedit and that seems to have gone fine
08:56 bigbrovar_ how to i set the value to 0?
08:58 chris because often the opac wont show results if the biblio has no items attached
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08:59 bigbrovar_ chris: ok so even if i can search from localhost:8080 and items shows up when i search. it might now work on opac?
08:59 chris items or biblios show up?
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09:01 chris the librarian can see biblio records that have no items, but the opac often doesnt show them, so you dont show the public records you dont have any copies of
09:02 chris how many copies of the introduction to philosophy do you have, ie how many items are attached to that record, you can see that in the librarian interface in the search results, it will say 2 items available etc
09:04 bigbrovar_ chris: it says no items available ..
09:05 bigbrovar_ it seems importing catalogs to koha is not enough, i have to define them as items.?
09:08 chris when you import you usually import the item data too
09:08 chris it is stored in 952
09:09 chris try adding an item to one of those records, then reindex and search on it, and see if it now shows up
09:09 chris if so, then that is the problem, you have no items
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09:12 chris early start chris_n` ?
09:13 bigbrovar_ how can i add imported catalog from spreadsheet using this guide[…]ha_using_marcedit
09:15 bigbrovar_ thanks chris i would look into that
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11:27 Amit_G heya nengard, collum
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11:45 collum Good morning Amit_G
11:51 jwagner Good morning, all
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11:52 kf good morning jwagner, collum and Amit_G
11:53 Amit_G heya kf, jwagner
11:56 collum good morning, all
11:56 bigbrovar__ .
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12:06 bigbrovar__ is there a way i cna delete all my bilblio records on koha
12:11 gmcharlt good morning
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12:21 jdavidb Mmmmph.
12:21 * gmcharlt hands jdavidb a cup of coffee
12:22 * jdavidb pours it in with the IV of diet cola, and mainlines it.
12:22 * jwagner hides under my desk for the morning....
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12:32 hdl_laptop salut
12:32 hdl_laptop hi
12:32 jwagner Bonjour
12:35 kf bigbrovar__ I think there is a delete (-d?) option for bulkmarcimport script
12:35 * kf shares her first self baked brownies
12:36 jdavidb kf++
12:37 jwagner Mmmmmmmmmm
12:37 bigbrovar__ kf: thanks i figured it out
12:38 kf :)
12:38 kf must share them before I eat them all
12:39 jdavidb My evil minion made easy-peasy peanut butter cookies last night.  Many of them have already disappeared.
12:40 jdavidb @karma kf
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12:40 kf growing slowly :)
12:41 jdavidb only nine?    gosh.    Someone's been stingy at giving you good karma, kf.
12:42 kf @karma cait
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12:42 owen The trouble with multiple nicks
12:42 owen Hi all
12:42 kf perhaps people are confused :)
12:42 jwagner Well, that's better.  munin needs to deal with split personalities, though.
12:44 kf @karma konstanz
12:44 munin kf: konstanz has neutral karma.
12:44 kf oh
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12:57 kf mistake in configuration :( have to restart my fines&notices test cases *sigh*
12:58 jdavidb @wunder 20817
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13:11 bigbrovar__ kf: is there anything i need to do after using the  bulkmarcimport script -d because after deleting all biblio records, i cant seem to import new  staged records  to my koha database
13:11 chris_n good morning #koha
13:11 gmcharlt hi chris_n
13:12 bigbrovar__ when i click the "import into catalog" button the browser just doesnt respond and progress stays at 0%
13:12 kf bigbrovar__: hm I dont know, have you staged those records before using -d?
13:13 kf bigbrovar__: I never mixed bulkmarcimport and staged imports
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13:27 bigbrovar__ thanks chris_n I finally followed your advise about creating a 956 item and it fixed the problem. search now works again :)
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13:33 owen Good morning schuster
13:33 schuster Hey!  Back from TLA - now to catch up on everything I didn't get done while at a conference...  And planning for ALA, and dreaming of 3.2 release!
13:37 owen schuster: One of my Ohio colleagues was at TLA I think... Laura Solomon
13:37 schuster her and about 7,996 other of your closest librarian friends from Texas ;)
13:38 schuster did she present or a vendor?
13:39 owen She presented, but I'm not sure what
13:39 owen Probably social media or Second Life
13:40 schuster I just started to read the latest newsletter!!  WOW what a great list of articles and features for hopefully 3.2 - especially the did you mean.  I sure hope that makes it in!
13:40 schuster owen - there was a second life presentation...  I did't attend it - not something I'm overly interested in, but there was a LOT of great content at the conference and I found myself often having to choose between 2 things.
13:42 * owen has got to get himself to one of these librarian meetings some day.
13:45 schuster Don't be fooled...  we are not all work...  Librarians let down their hair at a conference...  Just ask the hotel and restaurant operators from San Antonio last week.
13:46 jwagner HAH!  I _knew_ you weren't all sipping lemonade!
13:47 schuster Oh but it was goood lemonade.
13:48 jwagner Is that the stuff they advertise as Mike's Hard Lemonade?
13:48 owen I thought down south it was always mint juleps
13:48 schuster Margarita...
13:49 * chris_n grumbles about the near total lack of indentation in the template files
13:50 owen Total lack?
13:52 chris_n only "near"
13:52 chris_n ie. opac-results*.tmpl files
13:53 owen chris_n: You're working with opac-results-grouped now aren't you?
13:54 chris_n yes, and comparing it to opac-results.tmpl
13:54 owen I haven't touched opac-results-grouped in a long time because I wasn't aware it was working
13:54 * chris_n wonders if owen is psychic :)
13:56 chris_n owen: I am messing with the pazpar2 stuff that chris has been doing
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13:57 chris_n the grouped version of the template differs quite dramatically from the other, so I thought I might mess with it a bit and try to bring it more into sync
13:59 owen I'm not psychic, I saw in the log that you were messing with pazpar2
14:00 owen I remembered that LibLime has worked on the federated search a long time ago and then dropped it, so I wasn't aware it was functional
14:03 kf chris_n: would like to see how it works. is configurtion difficult?
14:03 chris_n I don't know about the LL thing. I'm more interested in the ability to search other resources and group the results
14:04 chris_n kf: I just pulled two patches from chris's repo, setup pazpar2, and things work for testing purposes
14:06 chris_n the pazpar2 setup is not straight forward if you did not select it during Makefile.PL
14:06 kf pulling patches - sounds difficult for me :) but perhaps there will be some time this week to play
14:06 chris_n you have to sub out all of the __VARS__ by hand in the config files
14:07 kf uh
14:09 chris_n I don't think you can get away with just rerunning rewrite-config.PL as I think it relies upon env vars exported by makefile
14:11 chris_n chris has it setup to search project gutenberg
14:11 chris_n and I added to my config
14:14 chris_n kf: the last two commits here are the ones:[…]h=refs/heads/ashs
14:17 kf chris_n: not sure I will get the VARS right, perhaps reinstall koha with pazpar2 first... hm.
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14:19 kf chris_n: thx :)
14:31 chris_n kf: a reinstall with pazpar2 would be the easier route
14:33 chris_n kf: you probably could do: 'perl Makefile.PL --prev-install-log /path/to/koha-install-log' and then do 'make && make install' rather than upgrade and get it done over-top of your present install if you wanted that
14:36 kf I use virtual box - so its easy to try :)
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14:53 kf ok, time to leave - bye #koha
14:56 wizzyrea[…]ha-mailing-lists/ cool? sucky?
14:57 gmcharlt wizzyrea: if you're citing whose hosting it, Katipo should get credit for hosting the main one
14:58 gmcharlt I like the insertion of the latest messages from the main mailing list
14:59 * owen too!
14:59 wizzyrea Ah, yes, good point
15:00 gmcharlt but you should probably do the same for the French and Spanish ones, and any other language-specific main users lists that crop up
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15:00 gmcharlt s/spanish/Spanish/
15:01 gmcharlt s/german/German/, etc.
15:02 * chris_n likes the latest messages as well
15:02 * wizzyrea copied all of the text from the old Koha site
15:02 wizzyrea well, with minor revisions
15:02 wizzyrea ;)
15:02 wizzyrea will fix language caps tho
15:03 chris_n is there anything hindering us from having a copy of the koha 3.0 manual on the new site rather than pointing back to the old site?
15:03 wizzyrea yes, LL copyright.
15:03 owen Boo. :P
15:03 wizzyrea ^^ what he said
15:03 chris_n so it was not released under any sort of license?
15:05 wizzyrea I am not sure, when we set up the site I wasn't really interested in tempting the lawsuit gods by copying it over.
15:05 wizzyrea lemme check
15:05 owen nengard worked on it when she was a LibLime employee, therefore LL copyright
15:06 wizzyrea ^^
15:06 wizzyrea and it doesn't have the license attached to it like the 3.2 manual does
15:06 wizzyrea at least not the online version
15:06 wizzyrea though the entire site says distributed under GNU GPL
15:07 * wizzyrea is not an expert in these things
15:07 owen The general rule of thumb: If it was possible for LL to be a dick about something, we planned for that contingency
15:08 wizzyrea owen++ for succinctly stating my position
15:08 owen See also:[…]lic_participation
15:13 paul_p wizzyrea, about the mailing lists : we are willing & ready to move to (we changed our server, and asked LL for a DNS move, but of course had no answer)
15:13 chris_n so the 3.0 manual was the sole work of LL then?
15:13 paul_p (so the server is live only for koha mailing lists)
15:14 owen chris_n: It may have been the sole work of nengard while she was there, she would be the one to ask
15:14 * owen can't remember if others contributed
15:15 nengard joined #koha
15:15 chris_n snap
15:15 * chris_n wonders if nengard knew we were just mentioning her?
15:15 owen nengard's ears were burning?
15:15 chris_n nengard: is the 3.0 manual the sole work of LL?
15:16 nengard nengard - the 3.0 manual is the sole work of ME - but it's copyrighted by LL
15:16 nengard oops - i meant chris_n -- not talking to myself :) hehe
15:16 nengard it's monday
15:16 chris_n lol
15:16 wizzyrea paul_p: we'll get it in due time I"m sure. :)
15:17 nengard is that what you were talking about me for?
15:17 nengard the manual?
15:17 wizzyrea yep
15:17 wizzyrea :)
15:19 wizzyrea one would think, with all the other crap they have to deal with now, LL would be so excited to offload their community responsibilities
15:20 wizzyrea especially with so many capable people ready to help
15:20 wizzyrea brb
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15:22 owen I think the people who are actively managing those responsibilities aren't the ones allowed to make that decision
15:22 wizzyrea of course they're not
15:26 wizzyrea oh this is a cool post, good idea:
15:27 wizzyrea (not my idea)
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15:33 chris_n niced
15:34 chris_n nice even
15:34 wizzyrea man, now I have this urge to see whether there is a unix daemon 'niced'
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15:35 chris_n lol :)
15:35 wizzyrea which the more I think about it, is funny on multiple levels. *sigh* I'm in a strange mood today
15:36 wizzyrea has anybody looked at elgg?
15:37 wizzyrea
15:37 * gmcharlt ponders the applications of renice(1)
15:38 wizzyrea not that the world needs more social networks really, but wowie could you make one hell of a sopac with that.
15:53 * jdavidb would have fun with elgg...create a meta-social-network, where you relink things from all your others...or start a 12-step group for social-networking addicts...
15:54 nengard hmmmm -[…]tuses/12460072821
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15:57 wizzyrea wonder what he saw
15:57 owen It might be neat to use elgg as an organization-specific social network, let your staff create a new way to share info
15:59 wizzyrea that guy, if you look at his tweets, he's an extreme pessimist, lol
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16:02 nengard HA - that's why i didn't bother answering him
16:03 wizzyrea maybe it's just his online persona. Couldn't hurt to find out what he thinks I guess.
16:04 wizzyrea I'll bite :P
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16:09 owen So... If you want to get statistics by collection code, and you pull data from the statistics table by saying "where statistics.itemnumber = items.itemnumber," you won't be able to count circs of items which have since been deleted.
16:09 chris_n humm.... "Extremely not user-friendly..." not Koha.... but perhaps Zebra :)
16:10 owen What would be the best way to pull in data from deleteditems?
16:10 owen "OR statistics.itemnumber = deleteditems.itemnumber" ?
16:12 chris_n owen: sounds like that might work
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16:17 nengard can someone send me a screenshot of the overdues with fines report with data on it?  I don't have any data in my system, but need a screenshot for the manual
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16:20 CGI484 hola
16:21 owen Hi CGI484
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16:21 CGI484 alguien que me pueda ayudar con el Koha?
16:22 CGI484 hola
16:22 CGI484 mmm
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16:27 CGI616 op´
16:27 CGI616 op{
16:27 CGI616 rylfh
16:28 owen Yes we can see what you're typing CGI616
16:29 CGI616 hello
16:29 CGI616 left #koha
16:30 owen It's gonna be a long day
16:30 chris_n hehe
16:31 hdl_laptop nengard: I fear we donot often use fines in France.
16:31 hdl_laptop SAN does.
16:31 hdl_laptop But might be our only customer
16:32 chris_n nengard: I have data with some overdues... om
16:32 nengard K - no prob, I'm sure a US library can help
16:33 nengard under the Circulation menu
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16:39 cait hi #koha
16:43 jdavidb hi, cait. :)
16:50 cait :)
16:52 brendan morning
16:52 brendan @wunder 93117
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16:52 cait morning brendan
16:52 cait @wunder konstanz
16:52 munin cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Germany is 17.3�C (6:50 PM CEST on April 19, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 45%. Dew Point: 5.0�C. Pressure: 29.93 in 1013.4 hPa (Steady).
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16:59 cait1 windows--
17:00 cait1 @karma windoes
17:00 munin cait1: windoes has neutral karma.
17:00 cait1 @karma windows
17:00 munin cait1: Karma for "windows" has been increased 0 times and decreased 2 times for a total karma of -2.
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17:03 chris_n windows-- # /me jumps on the band-wagon
17:03 SJeffery Does anyone have a rough idea of the number of lines of code in Koha?
17:03 chris_n
17:03 SJeffery hah, fantastic
17:04 owen Timely!
17:04 SJeffery Our IT department came back with "hey, it is just checkin and checkout functions, why can't we just code the application"
17:05 owen Down this dark road many an unwary traveler has passed
17:05 cait left #koha
17:05 owen SJeffery: On the other hand, that's what the original developers of Koha said too :) "It's just a big database, right?"
17:06 SJeffery Heh, true. Unfortunately I can't send a reply of *facepalm*
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17:19 schuster another question - I thought there was some discussion that 3.2 would have a merge bib feature?
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17:27 nengard schuster yes
17:28 nengard[…]?ch=c6726#AEN6845
17:28 nengard[…]?ch=c7676#AEN7771
17:28 nengard it's already in 3.2 and works great!
17:29 cait windows-- #again...
17:30 chris_n cait: lol... why not 'while (1){print'windows--\n';}'
17:31 cait no, laptop could get angry with me...
17:34 wizzyrea yea, it's a big database, with millions and millions of exceptions.
17:34 wizzyrea and exceptions to the exception
17:34 wizzyrea s
17:34 wizzyrea I could go on.
17:34 cait :)
17:35 collum joined #koha
17:37 * chris_n wonders what db wizzyrea is referring to
17:39 owen My comment at 13:05
17:46 wizzyrea oh, angry twitterboy was mad about the install being hard.
17:46 wizzyrea we have a deb pkg coming soon though, right?
17:47 gmcharlt certainly much more forward progress on it
17:47 wizzyrea cool, will tell him that
17:47 wizzyrea (of COURSE the install process isn't user friendly. Sheesh.)
17:48 wizzyrea it's only admin friendly, and sometimes not even that.
17:48 gmcharlt although remarkably functional if one follows the instructions precisely
17:48 wizzyrea true!
17:48 gmcharlt I realize that isn't a substitue for true usabilty, but still ...
17:49 wizzyrea i'm not doggin on it. Really, I'm not. There's always room for improvement
17:49 wizzyrea apt-get install koha would rule.
17:52 wajasu i made an archlinux pacman PKGBUILD that builds and archlinux koha-mysql-zebra-3.3_alpha.tar.pkg.gz from source, and chooses mysql,zebra,dom, and has perl deps from the makefile.  but i had to write a script to pull and build all the perl deps and make perl-<MODULE> archlinux packages as well.
17:52 wajasu 20 minutes as opposed to a couple of hours.
17:54 gmcharlt wajasu: the difference is that you knew enough about the platform to do that - sometimes we gets questions like "why isn't there a README for my obscure distro? GIVE IT TO ME NOW!" or "why did this deviation from the instructions that I made without understanding cause something to break?"
17:56 nengard can someone please come tell the man next door to stop with the chain saw - my head hurts and he's not helping :(
17:56 * chris_n notes that many people don't even read the INSTALL.flavor files before asking for them
17:56 wizzyrea boo
17:58 wizzyrea it's all true: you can't control your users. :(
17:58 wajasu making a package for a dist is an art (dependency problem).  but I am waiting for your 3.2 release to put it in the archlinux AUR source build repo.  It would be nice to have a makefile.PL option to spit out the perl dependency list with the >= version numbers so I can use that to drive my script to grab the perl modules from CPAN.  Right now I have to inspect and diff that long list.
17:59 gmcharlt wajasu: good idea
18:01 chris_n wajasu: I have code that can generate the perl dep list
18:01 * chris_n just needs time to polish it up and submit it :-(
18:02 brendan sounds pretty cool[…]2010/#newfeatures
18:02 brendan biblibre++
18:11 wajasu i listened to that library gang site audio.  now I understand the struggles of the library community more.
18:14 wajasu its funny, because the computer IT world build the infrastructure to allow businesses to classify information, using metadata repos, and its a tough problem with politics as well.  fold in UNIONS and other self interests and roadblocks abound.
18:16 wajasu i think projects like this will encapsulate and bypass the existing institutions (even LOC).  just build it and they will come.
18:19 wajasu i keep hitting projects where identifier vocabulary need to be downloadable on demand, and drive the underlying application.  But thats a hard problem.  Every agency/org/industry wants to control their industry and say they determine those identfiers.
18:20 wajasu what if a generic service like DNS but for identifiers/vocabularies is made available by the few experts, and the rest of us bind accordingly to those to drive our solutions.
18:20 wajasu sorry for the rant. maybe not applicable to this channel.
18:21 gmcharlt wajasu: no, it's fine
18:22 gmcharlt it's a long road to get there, with potential pitfalls such as Google ending up with a monopoly on everything
18:22 gmcharlt have you done much reading about RDF?
18:23 wajasu not enough, but the solutions needs to be outside of google, as it must pass away as well.
18:27 nengard left #koha
18:28 wajasu the deal is language (words change meaning over time) and the solution must account for that.  concepts must be described, and the subjects/words we bind to the concepts must do so accordingly.
18:30 wajasu this has been the function of programmers, but the tools/engines need to be shared, in an ESB on the internet.  Of course, who does one trust to be their provider.  Today it google, etc.
18:38 * chris_n thinks reverting to a pictorial rather than an alphabetic/phonetic language would fix many communication problems :)
18:38 chobbs joined #koha
18:38 chobbs wizzyrea:  thanks for IP
18:39 wizzyrea you're welcome :)
18:41 chobbs Here's one I thought I'd solved once before, but I've re-imported records since. All items show "No copies available" in, but shows items correctly. Staff client shows correctly as well. Any ideas?
18:41 wajasu chris_n: i agree
18:44 collum left #koha
18:45 chobbs Example:[…]limit=branch%3AES
18:53 chobbs Looks like somebody got DNS squared away again!
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19:18 chris morning
19:20 cait morning chris and good night #koha
19:20 cait left #koha
19:24 chris_n g'morning chris
19:28 chris hi chris_n
19:35 chris how cool is this
19:35 brendan morning chris
19:36 chris_n heya brendan
19:36 chris koha_3.2.git20100419223812.1d56af6c-1_all.deb
19:38 chris_n nice
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19:57 chris bus time
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20:20 larsw joined #koha
20:38 chris back
20:41 schuster left #koha
20:47 richard joined #koha
20:47 richard hi
20:48 chris hiya richard
20:48 richard hi chris
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22:24 JeremyHumboldt Has anyone installed the latest production koha on
22:26 larsw koha produces some log files... are they important for anything except debugging problem situations?
22:26 larsw I am wondering if I should make the Debian packaging for Koha remove everything in /var/log/koha/ when the package is purged from the system
22:27 larsw in other words, if you uninstall koha, would you want the logs to be removed too, or might they have useful information that you want to keep?
22:28 chris i think removed
22:28 chris JeremyHumboldt: not me, does let you install modules from cpan?
22:32 larsw chris, ack, I'll make the package remove /var/log/koha
22:37 brendan joined #koha
22:45 brendan afternoon all
22:46 chris hi brendan
22:51 JeremyHumboldt jeremyHumboldt to chris -- Good idea, I'll check.
22:51 JeremyHumboldt thanks, later...
22:51 JeremyHumboldt left #koha
22:57 * larsw declares the Debian packaging for koha to be Perfect, Beautiful, and Timeless, with no changes ever needed again, forever, after the latest patch he sent
22:58 eythian larsw: until build ~catalyst2 ?
22:58 larsw (I'll say anything to get people to test it ;-)
22:59 chris_n but perfect code = no job ;)
23:00 brendan larsw++
23:03 chris_n @seen Amit
23:03 munin chris_n: Amit was last seen in #koha 1 week, 6 days, 10 hours, 49 minutes, and 26 seconds ago: <Amit> heya kf, gmcharlt
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