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00:09 chris_n @wunder 28334
00:09 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 5.0�C (7:01 PM EST on February 18, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 45%. Dew Point: -6.0�C. Windchill: 5.0�C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Falling).
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00:13 chris_n wb gmcharlt
00:13 gmcharlt hi chris_n
00:13 chris_n cats tripping over your network cable?
00:13 gmcharlt sorry for bouncing in and out, setting up a proxy
00:13 chris_n ;)
00:14 gmcharlt alas, no kitties in my hotel room
00:14 brendan @locate gmcharlt
00:14 munin brendan: Error: "locate" is not a valid command.
00:14 brendan bummer
00:14 * gmcharlt thinks that every hotel ought to come with a cat or two
00:14 gmcharlt brendan: Norcross this week
00:14 brendan :)
00:15 * collum_ would be glad to lend his cat.  But it doesn't bounce. It plops.
00:15 chris_n hehe
00:16 gmcharlt as does one of mine :)
00:16 gmcharlt[…]2157602776641761/
00:16 braedon|work chris: do you have 2(possibly 3?) buzz profiles?
00:17 collum_ :)
00:17 chris who knows, ive never looked
00:17 braedon|work do you have multiple gmail accounts?
00:18 chris one hosted and one @gmail
00:18 braedon|work three "Chris Cormack"s come up
00:18 chilts would the real Chris please stand up?
00:18 chris i never use the @gmail one
00:18 chris cepting to login to the kohacon site
00:19 braedon|work two "Senior Developer at Catalyst - Wellington," - One "New Zealand", the other "NZ"
00:19 chris yeah it grabs stuff from everywhere
00:19 braedon|work it doesn't seem to want to give me the associated email addresses, without following
00:19 chris (buzz does)
00:19 chris like linkedin, friendfeed, knol, etc
00:21 braedon|work is this you?
00:22 chris no
00:22 braedon|work :)
00:22 braedon|work just thought i  would check
00:22 chris is me
00:23 chris <-- that too
00:23 braedon|work no double life as a photographer?
00:24 chris nope :)
00:25 braedon|work ahh, this one looks better[…]488836096108#buzz
00:26 chris that looks atbout right
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00:49 chris @quote random
00:49 munin chris: Quote #54: "<@gmcharlt> from my POV, bug wrangling expands to fill all available volunteers" (added by jwagner at 03:05 PM, February 09, 2010)
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01:23 chris_n bad news in Georgia for koha:[…]ebra-Atlanta.html
01:23 chris heh
01:24 gmcharlt darn - missed it, and I was even in the area, more or less :)
01:24 chris_n I figure they just should have called you galen
01:24 chris_n ;)
01:26 richard wcl?
01:26 richard oops
01:26 chris heh
01:26 chris no ib in here
01:26 richard sometimes i just forget ;)
01:35 ebegin OT: 2-1 Canada-Switzerland Men Ice Hockey
01:36 russ that is much closer than the womens game
01:37 ebegin russ, Oh yes...
01:52 ebegin Doh! 2-2... :\
01:55 * gmcharlt is willing to bet that the WHOLE REST OF THE WORLD is getting better coverage of the Olympics than we are in the US
02:00 chris im betting so
02:00 chris we have 4 channels dedicated to it
02:00 chris on my cable plan
02:00 brendan yeah US coverage is usually very horrible
02:01 brendan I'm in the same time zone but I can't see finishes of races until about 4 hours after they are done
02:02 brendan cya all later :)
02:02 chris cya later
02:02 chris_n bye
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02:49 brendan @quote random
02:49 munin brendan: Quote #22: "<jdavidb> owen: you wouldn't know this, being the skinny thing you are, but it is also good for maintaining a panoramic physique, like mine." (added by gmcharlt at 12:24 PM, August 06, 2009)
02:49 chris_n lol
02:49 chris_n panoramic... that is hilarious :-O
02:50 brendan heh yup
02:50 brendan heya chris_n
02:50 brendan how goes it
02:50 chris_n great
02:50 brendan awesome
02:51 chris_n how about yourself?
02:51 brendan good SUI-CAN hockey game on
02:51 brendan 2-2 overtime
02:52 chris_n any broken sticks yet?
02:52 chris_n or heads?
02:52 brendan seen some Canadians with black eyes
02:52 brendan and pretty smiles
02:53 chris_n man t/Dates.t still blows chunks
02:53 brendan heh
02:53 brendan chunks--
02:54 gmcharlt chris_n: is it failing for you?
02:54 chris_n # Testing Legacy Functions: format_date and format_date_in_iso
02:54 chris_n #
02:54 chris_n Illegal date specified (year = 1952, month = 1, day = 0) at t/Dates.t line 62
02:54 chris_n Illegal date specified (year = 1952, month = 1, day = 00) at t/Dates.t line 62
02:54 chris_n Illegal date specified (year = 1952, month = 1, day = 00) at t/Dates.t line 65
02:54 chris_n opps
02:54 chris_n my bad
02:55 * chris_n needs 'SHOULD' to be in flashing red type
02:57 brendan wow shootouts for hockey
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03:27 Amit hi all
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03:45 chris_n heya Amit
03:45 Amit heya chris_n, chris
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05:16 CGI933 hi all
05:16 CGI933 I have following problem in FAST index
05:16 CGI933 nouman@lumhs-b70715be2:/usr/share/koha$ bin/migration_tools/ -b -w14:12:37-17/02 zebraidx(17858) [warn] zebra_lock_create fail fname=/var/lock/koha/zebradb/biblios/norm..LCK [Permission denied]14:12:37-17/02 zebraidx(17858) [warn] zebra_lock_create fail fname=/var/lock/koha/zebradb/biblios/shadow..LCK [Permission denied]14:12:37-17/02 zebraidx(17858) [fatal] Could not select database biblios errCode=109
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05:27 CGI933 is any one help me?
05:28 CGI933 nouman@lumhs-b70715be2:/usr/share/koha$ bin/migration_tools/ -b -w14:12:37-17/02 zebraidx(17858) [warn] zebra_lock_create fail fname=/var/lock/koha/zebradb/biblios/norm..LCK [Permission denied]14:12:37-17/02 zebraidx(17858) [warn] zebra_lock_create fail fname=/var/lock/koha/zebradb/biblios/shadow..LCK [Permission denied]14:12:37-17/02 zebraidx(17858) [fatal] Could not select database biblios errCode=109
05:34 CGI933 ?
05:34 CGI933 .
05:43 CGI933 could any one help me?
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06:00 htaccess chris: forked your github
06:00 htaccess looks like theres plenty of fun for a janitor
06:01 htaccess whats the coding style url?
06:01 htaccess i see plenty of cuddled elses and _lots_ of tabs
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06:03 jairuz i recently installed koha 2.2.5 'coz i have no luck migrating our data from 2.2.3 to 3.0.
06:03 jairuz my problem is i cant access the librarian module of koha
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06:03 jairuz what could be the problem?
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06:16 chris htaccess:[…]:codingguidelines
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06:19 htaccess chris: ive been having a look, we should have a chat about howto approcach things
06:19 htaccess like should i do a commit for _all_ trailing whitespace?
06:19 htaccess but theres loys of stuff
06:20 htaccess lots of this: $itemdata=GetItem($itemnumber);
06:21 chris yeah
06:21 htaccess but in general it looks fun
06:21 chris cool
06:21 htaccess pretty much it looks like you need a janitor :)
06:22 chris maybe we should organise a little irc meeting, or put it on the agenda for the next general irc meeting, be good to get Colin (the QA manager) and Galen (current release manager) involved in the discussion
06:22 htaccess yea i would like to have a mandate to do x
06:22 htaccess and then i will go do x
06:23 chris *nod*
06:23 * chris looks up when the next meeting is
06:23 htaccess but after a quick look it seems therre is plenty of x to do
06:23 chris[…]etingnotes10mar03
06:24 chris march 3, ill put it on the agenda for then
06:24 htaccess cool
06:26 chris there we go, it's on the agenda now
06:27 htaccess chris: after having a look about I _so_ want to be a koha janitor
06:27 chris :)
06:27 htaccess but yea you need a mandate
06:28 htaccess but file at random: koha/tools/
06:28 chris yep
06:29 htaccess do you have a name convention?
06:29 htaccess filname
06:29 chris not a strict one, actually thats a good point
06:30 chris[…]odingguidelines&s[]=coding&s[]=guidelines#to_be_decided
06:30 htaccess file-name vs file_name of fileName
06:30 chris if you want you could add that to the to be decided section, and cast a vote one way or the other
06:31 chris i prefer file_name
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06:32 chris but could live with any of them
06:33 htaccess well theres plenty of cleanup to do within files so ill leave that
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06:35 chris yeah, theres certainly no shortage
06:40 Ropuch Morning #koha
06:41 chris hi Ropuch, how's poland today?
06:43 Ropuch Well, not bad
06:43 Ropuch It's quite warm
06:43 Ropuch And how's NZ?
06:44 chris nice weather today, and its friday evening, so all good
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07:30 * chris_n heads off to sleep
07:30 chris_n g'night
07:30 chris_n what's left of it anyway
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08:11 chris interesting
08:11 chris
08:11 chris and by interesting i mean very disappointing
08:12 chilts hmm, by PTFS too ... not good
08:13 chris well yeah, that was the original reason they werent listed, then the fixed it, .. step backwards
08:15 magnus ooops...
08:16 chris yeah, fairly recent change, it used to redirect to .. they must have just changed it
08:17 paul_p hi world.
08:18 paul_p koha.ptfs is still here & points to
08:18 paul_p oups. I mean : still here & still the same content
08:20 chris yep, thats fine, we said that was ok
08:20 chris it was and that we said shouldnt point to that
08:21 magnus hm, could it be a slip of the apache config?
08:21 chris still redirects to .. no longer does
08:21 paul_p magnus: yes it is (apache config)
08:21 chris might be, so far my emails have been ignored
08:21 chris so someone else might want to email and ask if htey could fix it up please
08:22 magnus someone from hlt, perhaps?
08:22 paul_p chris not sure it's a good idea. it's harmless imho, and we are in the middle of a strategic path.
08:22 chris its harmless?
08:22 magnus might be taken more seriously than if it comes from a competitor?
08:22 chris what the hell did we complain for the first time then?
08:23 paul_p chris: OK, more details :
08:23 paul_p there are 2 known koha strategies today : the "community" one, and the "LibLime" one. For PTFS we don't know what are they plan.
08:24 paul_p if we upset them, we may finish with 3 path, the "PTFS one".
08:24 chris sure, but if it was a mistake they could fix it pretty easy
08:24 chris if it wasnt a mistake, we see their strategy already
08:24 paul_p and in this case, we have strictly NO WAY to prevent them to use kohails of whatever they want.
08:24 chris of course we dont
08:25 chris but i do find it interesting they have just recently changed it
08:26 chris im not making the same mistake we made with liblime
08:26 chris im not prepared to wait for years while they make a mess
08:26 chris if someone is going to be hostile, we should move on sooner rather than later
08:27 paul_p I suspect J Yokley  is already "annoyed" by what happends with the acquisition. He is willing to speak with us (BibLibre), I would be disappointed if I meet someone saying : "you're all mad in koha project : LL & everybody else. You're annoying me with very minor details. So, I'll do my path myself, good bye"
08:27 chris frankly thats his call
08:31 chris and i dont see it as a reason for me to stop commenting
08:31 paul_p don't misunderstand me : the url problem is a real one. But sometimes it's better to create a good relationship before saying "hey, you made a mistake". At KohaCon, all the ppl we met from PTFS were nice, friendly and we had frankly discussion with them. So, I think instead we should avoid "firing" at JY and try the "friendly" approach. (and the business one : definetly, he's a business man, he's not concerned by FOSS evangelism)
08:32 chris its philosophy and ethics not evangelism
08:32 chris and i dont suggest demanding, i suggest asking if they made a mistake
08:33 paul_p chris: right (that's the term I was looking for)
08:33 chris im concerned with ethical behaviour, thats why i work on free software
08:33 chris im not going to suspend ethics for monetary concerns, ever
08:34 paul_p chris: yes, and me too. But it's not the case for everyone.
08:34 chris sure, but that's their problem, not mine
08:35 chris anyway, this not fruitful, because the person we should be talking to about is not here :)
08:36 chris maybe you could mention it in passing if you get the chance, it would be nice of them to point it at
08:39 chris on to happier news, we have a volunteer to be koha janitor
08:40 magnus nice, what does the koha janitor do? ;-)
08:41 chris cleans up bad styles, badly named scripts/variables etc
08:42 chris i added it to the agenda for the next irc meetng, so we can come up with some tasks
08:44 magnus ah, i see
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08:46 magnus btw, chris, you forgot what is probably the tinyest patch in the history of koha in your recent update to history.txt:[…]20f3f8bb2c839b7f5 ;-)
08:47 chris hehe ill add that right now
08:48 magnus great - i'm ever so slightly proud of having my name added to that list... :-)
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08:51 chris done
08:52 magnus thanks
08:53 chris 102 :)
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08:55 magnus yup, that's me! ;-)
08:56 chris with your normarc work, we should be able to add libriotech to the about page soon :)
08:58 magnus cool!
08:59 magnus i'm sort of waiting for 3.2 to be "finished", so the normarc work can go into 3.4, if the RM sees fit
08:59 chris *nod*
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08:59 chris its getting very close, galen has been pushing patches like crazy :)
09:00 chris we only have a few more blockers left
09:00 CGI833 hi all
09:00 CGI833 is any one here?
09:00 magnus oh, yeah, i have a hard time keeping my install of head up to date :-)
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09:45 gmcharlt good morning
09:46 hdl_laptop hi gmcharlt
09:46 chris wow you are awake early gmcharlt
09:49 gmcharlt eh, too much caffeine last night
09:49 chris that'd do it
09:49 gmcharlt htaccess: welcome future code janitor!
09:50 gmcharlt [but /me likes cuddled elses and doesn't understand anybody who doesn't ;) ]
09:50 chris gmcharlt: he did volunteer after friday drinks at work, .. but it's in the logs now :)
09:52 gmcharlt paul_p: chris: arg - hopefully that website change is just a glitch
09:52 paul_p 'morning gmcharlt
09:52 paul_p gmcharlt: yep
09:53 gmcharlt of course, I can see how the vs. thing could make someone rather unsure where to redirect to
09:54 gmcharlt magnus: your normarc work - is it a set of framework SQL, or do you also have code changes?
09:54 magnus gmcharlt: both
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09:55 paul_p mmm... about => shouldn't we decide to move definetly to ?
09:55 magnus value_builders + there are some places that assume unimarc as the default, i thought i'd to send an email to the devel-list on how i should handle those
09:56 paul_p who takes the ball on this matter ? hlt/jransom ?
09:56 gmcharlt magnus: cool
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09:57 paul_p because, of course, we have no hope to retrieve - at least until LL goes bankrupt -
09:57 gmcharlt paul_p: yeah, I guess one way would be for Jo and HLT so say that they're officially giving up and recommend moving to
09:59 magnus as i recall it we were just about to give up on LL when the PTFS-thing was announced, so i would guess we are back at that point now...
09:59 gmcharlt yeah
10:02 chris yep, there is a meeting 2nd march
10:02 chris we can discuss it then
10:04 gmcharlt yep
10:09 chris currently points to my server where pootle lives, so if we cant get that pointed to where fredericd wants it, we might need to do
10:10 chris magnus: gmcharlt pushed the patch, you're official :)
10:10 magnus woohoo! ;-)
10:11 magnus virtual "Freia melkesjokolade" (norwegian milk chocolate) for everyone!
10:11 gmcharlt magnus++
10:11 magnus @karma magnus
10:11 munin magnus: Karma for "magnus" has been increased 2 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 2.
10:12 magnus hm, guess i need to pass out more chocolate...
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10:17 Amit hi all
10:26 magnus ho Amit
10:26 magnus oups... hi Amit
10:26 gmcharlt hi Amit
10:28 Amit hi magnus, galen
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10:43 magnus is now known as magnus_away
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12:19 nengard morning all!
12:19 nengard can someone test the fix for: emailLibrarianWhenHoldIsPlaced  -- I don't have email working on my test system yet
12:25 gmcharlt morning nengard
12:25 nengard morning!! :)
12:25 gmcharlt it puts the message in message_queue, so you can look at the table to at least see that the message was added
12:28 nengard i don't have that cron running either ;)
12:30 gmcharlt yeah
12:30 gmcharlt but looking at the table with mysql will at least show that the message is ready to go once you start running the cronjob and get email working :)
12:30 nengard oh! yeah :) got it
12:33 nengard well there it is!! :)
12:33 nengard awesome
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12:33 nengard now i just have to figure out how to get email working on this darn virtualbox ... maybe someone could write up a tutorial for that??
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12:37 Colin Morning all
12:38 jdavidb Hi, Colin! :)
12:38 jwagner Morning.
12:38 gmcharlt hi Colin  jwagner jdavidb
12:39 paul_p hi jwagner & jdavidb & nengard & all america world
12:39 * jwagner thinks paul_p is feeling pretty expansive today ;-)
12:40 gmcharlt not expansive enough, what about the poor Selenes? ;)
12:40 jwagner And the Martians, and the Venusians?
12:41 Colin and dimensions beyond our ken
12:42 jwagner Maybe our default greeting should be Hello Universe or Multiverse?
12:42 jwagner Nah, too much trouble....
12:43 paul_p the problem with universe/multiverse is that we don't know who is at morning, who is at evening, who is sleeping, who is at lunch, who is at dinner...
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12:43 paul_p things would be so easier if : 1-everyone spoke french 2-live at UTC :D
12:45 * jdavidb just barely speaks English, he's been told.
12:45 * jwagner debates the inevitable collisions when everyone thinks their locale is the center of the universe
12:45 chris_n nengard: it works, I have it running here nightly
12:46 chris_n nengard: I submitted a how to for setting up gmail as an smtp
12:46 nengard chris_n - where????
12:46 chris_n to patches@
12:46 chris_n om
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12:48 nengard chris_n and all - when you send emails for documentation to patches can you put DOCUMENTATION or DOCS or something in the subject so I catch it?? I missed your last one chris_n - but I"ll get those changes in there
12:49 chris_n nengard: this was submitted as an enhancement for 3.4 so I'm not sure it will make it into 3.2
12:49 chris_n I'll send you a link in a moment
12:49 gmcharlt chris_n: no, the patch to the koha manual you did
12:49 nengard chris_n - the email librarian patch? cause Galen pushed it last night
12:50 jwagner Question on tracing catalog records -- Is there any way starting from the bib record in Koha to tell what import batch loaded it?  With several hundred batches in the list, it's not feasible to try to look through each one to find the title.
12:51 chris_n hmm.... I'm missing it
12:52 gmcharlt jwagner: import_biblios.matched_biblionumber -> import_records -> import_batch
12:53 chris_n nengard:[…]ruary/005572.html
12:53 chris_n gmcharlt: I don't see that that ^^ was pushed
12:53 nengard Oh!! Yeah
12:54 chris_n nengard: it needs the coding changes
12:54 gmcharlt chris_n: no, not yet
12:54 chris_n and I see a syntax error...
12:54 nengard chris_n -- regarding this:[…]ruary/005574.html
12:54 nengard I think your changes are in the manual now
12:54 chris_n right
12:54 * chris_n needs to rebase that
12:55 chris_n tn
12:55 chris_n tnx even
12:55 nengard and that was the email i meant to put DOCS in the subject or something to make me notice it
12:56 jwagner gmcharlt, thanks.
12:57 chris_n gmcharlt: I was not sure how much enh stuff you wanted in 3.2 hence my 3.4 subject line
12:58 chris_n nengard: will do
12:58 nengard in the case of that message - i actually found those errors and had fixed them - sometimes i forget to check my validation in XMLEditor
12:59 gmcharlt chris_n: generally speaking, I'll be pushing 3.4 enhancements patches to 3.2 only if they are self-evidently won't break something else
12:59 chris_n yeah, a docbook2pdf converter discovered them on my side
13:00 chris_n gmcharlt: it seems this one should not (I need to resubmit to correct a syntax error)
13:00 htaccess does chris c have a koha email address?
13:00 gmcharlt chris cormack?
13:01 gmcharlt chris_n: yeah, I'd like to avoid pushing syntax errors :)
13:01 * gmcharlt notes that occassionally that hasn't stopped him from doing so at times :/
13:01 chris_n :)
13:02 htaccess yes, chris cormack
13:02 gmcharlt htaccess:
13:02 chris_n gmcharlt: would you like for me to implement your recommendations on moving the deps list and resubmit for 3.2?
13:02 chris_n or 3.4
13:03 htaccess gmcharlt: thanks
13:04 gmcharlt chris_n: 3.2, but also please include have get its list of modules from C4::Installer
13:04 hdl_laptop left #koha
13:04 gmcharlt another thought occurs - let's stick them into C4::Installer::Deps or C4::Installer::PerlModules
13:04 chris_n k, I'll do it
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13:20 chris_n gmcharlt: gmail patch resubmitted
13:21 chris_n heya owen
13:21 owen Hi
13:22 sekjal joined #koha
13:29 gmcharlt hi owen
13:31 htaccess im curious, looking at the koha code i notice there is a lot of inconsistency for example tabs and spaces for whitespace, trailing whitespace, cuddled elses and many things contra to 'perl best practices', is there any desire to fix this stuff or is it a case of 'if it aint broke' ?
13:32 htaccess im wondering if the koha community would value a janitor?
13:32 htaccess cf
13:32 gmcharlt htaccess: sure
13:32 htaccess but i notice you say here[…]:codingguidelines
13:32 gmcharlt are you subscribed to koha-devel ?
13:32 htaccess Refactoring Code
13:32 htaccess Don't needlessly refactor code, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Don't waste time on changing style from someone else's style to your's! If you must refactor, make sure that the commit for the refactoring is completely separate from a bugfix, etc.
13:33 htaccess gmcharlt: yes i am subbed
13:33 gmcharlt there was some discussion of perltidy and do a mass whitespace cleanup when we branch 3.4
13:33 htaccess gmcharlt: i would be keen on being involved
13:33 nengard can someone help me get some cron jobs set up? I thought I did it right, but I must have missed a step or have a syntax error - cause they're not running  (I'm on debian)
13:33 gmcharlt cool
13:33 htaccess but dont want to step on any toes
13:34 gmcharlt nengard: please paste your crontab; also check /var/log/messages to see if cron is reporting anything amiss
13:34 nengard will do
13:34 gmcharlt htaccess: start small, don't try to rebuild the world in one go :)
13:34 htaccess i have forked and am keen to get busy but thought i should sound out the community
13:34 gmcharlt a good starting point might be bug 2505 (adding the use warnings pragma)
13:34 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2505 major, P3, ---,, NEW, enable Perl warnings in all modules and scripts
13:35 gmcharlt Garry Collum has been sending a number of patches for that, but there are still lots of scripts that need it
13:35 nengard okay - it's been a while since I did this ... remind me where my crontab is :)
13:35 gmcharlt and he's done quite well
13:35 htaccess gmcharlt: would you suggest bringing up the issue on the list?
13:35 schuster joined #koha
13:35 gmcharlt nengard: run crontab -l
13:36 gmcharlt htaccess: have you submitted patches before?
13:36 gmcharlt to Koha, that is
13:36 htaccess gmcharlt: no not to koha
13:36 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "crontab" (28 lines) at
13:37 gmcharlt well, you can certainly bring it up on the list, but I think a better start would be to pick a few small bugs and submit patches for them first
13:37 gmcharlt build up a few kudos before announcing any grand plans :)
13:37 htaccess gmcharlt: ok that sounds sensible
13:38 gmcharlt if you want to focus on whitespace cleanup, that's fine, but please don't mix whitespace and bugfixes in the same patch
13:38 htaccess gmcharlt: defintly
13:38 htaccess actually:
13:38 gmcharlt and use the existing perltidyrc - it's xt/perltidyrc
13:38 nengard gmcharlt - nothing in /var/log/messages
13:39 htaccess In terms of the actual patches should I:
13:39 htaccess Fix one issue universally as one big patch
13:39 htaccess Fix one issue in one file as a single patch
13:39 htaccess Fix one issue all files in one directory as a single patch
13:39 htaccess Fix multiple different issues in a single file as a single patch
13:39 owen I found this via a google alert for my library's name:
13:39 gmcharlt #2 or #3 are better (one issue per file or one issue per directory)
13:39 owen someone spamming... something in my catalog?
13:40 nengard wierd
13:40 htaccess gmcharlt: thanks, ill have a look at 2505 and go from there
13:40 owen I'm not sure what they get out of it
13:40 gmcharlt owen: congratulations!  you have now figured out how libraries can be relevant in a web 2.0 world!
13:40 nengard keywords??
13:40 gmcharlt ;)
13:40 collum owen gets more stats
13:41 chris_n nengard: no in your crontab
13:41 nengard chris_n - cause I don't have email working :)
13:41 nengard I'd just be happy if search rebuilt on its own
13:41 nengard search and authorities
13:41 chris_n change -z to -r
13:41 chris_n but that is a problem if you have too many bibs/items
13:42 chris_n -z does not seem to work here, but I've not taken the time to debug it
13:42 gmcharlt nengard: if that's the entirity of your cron tab, you may also be missing
13:42 gmcharlt PERL5LIB=/home/liblime/kohaclone
13:42 gmcharlt KOHA_CONF=/home/liblime/ko​haclone/etc/koha-conf.xml
13:42 gmcharlt replace '/home/liblime' with the correct path, of course
13:43 nengard okay  - so where is my crontab so I can edit it? crontab -l just shows me the contents
13:43 gmcharlt crontab -e edits it
13:43 nengard ah
13:43 nengard where do i put those lines
13:43 nengard does it matter?
13:43 Nate joined #koha
13:43 chris_n top
13:46 nengard k - done - so the rest is okay? will this rebuild search and calculate fines and populate the holds resports -- aka - everything that doesn't require email
13:46 jdavidb left #koha
13:46 chris_n it should
13:46 nengard :) we'll see in a few hours I guess
13:47 gmcharlt check crontab.example in one of last few commits - there's a new job to cancel expired holds
13:47 gmcharlt[…]a6f4d1555a11c8089
14:01 gatchen joined #koha
14:01 gatchen hello
14:02 gatchen anybody here
14:02 sekjal hi, gatchen
14:03 laurenthdl joined #koha
14:15 nengard what controls when a hold is canceled - i thought it was a sys pref, but I don't see it
14:15 nengard oh - is it:  ReservesMaxPickUpDelay
14:18 nengard if so then the description for that pref is wrong - can anyone confirm?
14:18 nengard gmcharlt - can you tell me what preference controls that cron job - how does it know when to cancel a hold?
14:19 gmcharlt it's cancelling unfilled hold requests that have an explicit expiration date
14:19 gmcharlt not the same thing as the case that would be handled by ReservesMaxPickUpDelay, which would need a report of items that should be taken off the holds shelf
14:20 gmcharlt circ/ handles that
14:20 nengard gmcharlt - how do we set an expiration date for a hold?
14:21 gmcharlt when it's created - may I suggest that you go install last night's patches first and try testing placing a hold request?
14:21 nengard i have last night's patches :)
14:21 nengard but I did not try a hold request
14:22 nengard off to do that
14:23 nengard ah - okay - so this cron only works if an expiration date has been set for a hold - and right now that is only done at the time the hold is placed?
14:23 nengard just to confirm
14:23 gmcharlt correct
14:24 owen nengard: I agree with your comment on Bug 2970, but I'm not sure how to better handle that case
14:24 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2970 enhancement, P3, ---,, ASSIGNED, Create a permission for modifying holds priority
14:24 owen It doesn't really make sense to give someone permission to modify holds but not to place them
14:25 nengard i agree - so we either need to remove the permission or make it work :)
14:26 jwagner nengard and gmcharlt, I missed a lot of the discussion, but you're talking about expiring holds?
14:26 nengard yes
14:27 jwagner Did you look at Bug 3474?
14:27 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3474 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Handling of and report for expired or cancelled holds, display expiration dates
14:27 jwagner This is one of the items that we should be sending out soon (once we get it updated to current head).
14:28 jwagner Does that help with your issue?
14:28 gmcharlt jwagner: yes, that's another piece of the puzzle
14:30 nengard k - time to give a webinar
14:30 nengard be back later
14:30 nengard left #koha
14:31 gmcharlt owen: nengard: re 2970, I don't think that's a huge deal - certainly not worth removing the permission - but perhaps setting the flagsrequired to reserveforothers => '*' will get you what you want
14:31 gmcharlt in reserve/
14:31 owen Thanks gmcharlt I'll try that.
14:37 jwagner On the list of checkouts in the patron record (Details and Checkout tab), what does the Charge column refer to?  Rental charge? Fine?
14:37 gmcharlt rental charge
14:37 jwagner I was afraid of that :-(  Thanks.
14:42 IrmaCalyx joined #koha
14:51 IrmaCalyx left #koha
14:55 eric_b joined #koha
15:02 wizzyrea joined #koha
15:03 ebegin left #koha
15:10 wizzyrea good morning
15:11 jwagner good morning wizzyrea
15:11 wizzyrea *yawn* how goes the koha hacking today
15:14 jwagner hacking as in the axe murderer scenario?  I'm about ready to do that on one of our setups :-(
15:16 Sharon joined #koha
15:17 paul_p yesterday, two of us lost 4 hours on a new setup... just because zebra has been setup zebra 1.x :'(((((
15:18 paul_p (and, of course, zebra error messages are really hard to deal with...)
15:18 gmcharlt wizzyrea: pushed a bunch of holds patches - none of which yet fix the transiting issues, but aiming to close the queue of functionality changes before working on the bugfixes
15:18 sekjal paul_p:  ugh, that sounds horrid.
15:18 wizzyrea I think I just pulled them
15:18 wizzyrea we will look closely this afternoon :)
15:19 wizzyrea so we should expect a little wierdness, perhaps?
15:19 gmcharlt hopefully not too much (more than normal, anyway :) )
15:19 paul_p wizzyrea is now a geek : "i just pull them", said like "I bought the bread" :D
15:20 sekjal I'm probably the only one getting this, but does anyone else have an issue with Label Creator and adding items to a batch?
15:20 sekjal whenever I do a search for items to add, I get a software error back
15:20 sekjal Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-b​in/labels/ line 129.
15:21 sekjal probably something local, if no one else has noticed this, but still a major hassle for my colleagues
15:21 wizzyrea paul_p: I think you mean "Wizzyrea is now a Koha geek" because my geek flag has been flown high for quite a while now... just not in Git/Perl/Koha lol
15:21 wizzyrea but thank you for promoting me :)
15:22 * jwagner wonders if there are official levels of geekdom
15:24 jwagner But I have to brag a little on my jquery geekdom -- used owen's example of how to hide the first/last table column, and figured out how to hide, say, the 6th column :-)
15:24 wizzyrea I love jquery. I wish I used it more.
15:25 wizzyrea or, had occasion to use it more
15:25 wizzyrea it's like magic
15:25 sekjal is now known as sekjal-meeting
15:25 jwagner I'm in the middle of an upgrade from a site installed a year ago -- jquery has saved me about 16-17 template customizations at latest count.
15:25 wizzyrea yea, I have a Zillion of them in ours
15:26 jwagner Now I need to do the same for other sites -- figure out what I hardcoded that could be replaced by a jquery instead.  It's gonna make upgrading SO much easier in the future.
15:26 wizzyrea there's just no reason to change the template, and I owe all of that realization to owen and gmcharlt (poor gmcharlt had to deal with us before we were using jquery and was so gentle in his suggestion to try jquery)
15:27 wizzyrea and owen for his most excellent kohacon presentation
15:27 sekjal-meeting left #koha
15:27 jwagner Suggestion for the wiki -- we have the sample SQL page, maybe we should have a sample jquery page.  Here's what I wanted to do, here's the command that worked.
15:27 wizzyrea oh, that's a really good idea
15:27 gatchen left #koha
15:28 jwagner I'll be putting together such a list for our internal sites but most of it would be useful for others.
15:29 jwagner I don't speak wiki enough to create such a page, but if someone else can set it up, I can add some of mine.
15:29 wizzyrea jwagner: i'll try to create the page right now, but then have to run off to a training session
15:29 wizzyrea (web work day, actually)
15:29 jwagner No great rush -- I have too much else to do right now anyway.
15:29 eric_b is now known as ebegin
15:29 jwagner But for the future....
15:30 rhcl2 joined #koha
15:31 rhcl2 is thd the only sysop?
15:32 wizzyrea gmcharlt do you have anyone who has committed to production beta 3.2?
15:32 wizzyrea if that makes sense
15:37 rhcl2 is now known as rhcl
15:38 owen wizzyrea: Do you mean people who have said they'd go into production with 3.2 once it was in beta?
15:45 Colin We've just trained a site on 3.2 alpha going soon real soon now
15:45 Colin thats live real soon now
15:51 paul_p Colin++
15:51 jwagner owen, speaking of jquery :-) does it work on XSLT labels?  I didn't see how offhand.
15:51 paul_p (although a little bit risky imo...)
15:53 owen jwagner: Bug 3382
15:53 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3382 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Add classes to XSLT results and detail displays to facilitate CSS styling
15:54 jwagner if I'm reading that right, that's something you'd like to build in, but isn't present yet?
15:54 tomascohen left #koha
15:55 wizzyrea_ joined #koha
15:55 wizzyrea left #koha
16:03 jwagner Somebody doublecheck me -- the QueryRemoveStopwords syspref is only relevant if you AREN'T using zebra, correct?
16:03 pianohackr|work joined #koha
16:05 nengard joined #koha
16:15 pianohackr|work Really, nothing makes a morning like walking into a recurring kernel panic on your production koha server
16:16 magnus_away ouch...
16:16 magnus_away is now known as magnus
16:16 Kivutar left #koha
16:35 gmcharlt wizzyrea_: production beta 3.2? no - glad Colin has found a guinea pig :)
16:36 francharb left #koha
16:47 gmcharlt jwagner: riffing on something you mentioned earlier -
16:48 gmcharlt jwagner: correct - QueryRemoveStopwords doesn't need to be on if you're using Zebra
16:48 jwagner gmcharlt, thanks.  Just wanted to confirm.
16:49 gatchen joined #koha
16:50 * jwagner snickers at the geek thing. I am not worthy!
16:50 gatchen hi all
16:50 pianohackr|wor1 joined #koha
16:51 owen Welcome back gatchen
16:51 gatchen yess
16:52 gatchen owen
16:53 owen gatchen: there is no up-to-date version of Koha that works on Windows at the moment
16:53 owen However, you can use software like VirtualBox to run Linux in a virtual machine on your windows machine
16:54 laurenthdl left #koha
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16:56 pianohackr|work joined #koha
16:57 brendan joined #koha
16:59 chris_n pianohackr|work: sounds like my day yesterday
16:59 pianohackr|work eh. What happened?
17:00 chris_n I discovered my production db instance was not built with the InnoDB engine and all my tables were MyISAM
17:00 sekjal joined #koha
17:00 chris_n heya sekja
17:00 chris_n sekjal even
17:00 pianohackr|work hey ian
17:00 sekjal hi!
17:00 chris_n bbiab
17:01 sekjal just wanted to pop in quick and let wizzyrea_ and gmcharlt (and everyone else) know that NYUHSL is committed to being live on 3.2 beta
17:01 gmcharlt sekjal++
17:01 sekjal I just moved them to the latest and greatest this morning
17:02 sekjal Bib Control is ecstatic
17:05 pianohackr|wor1 left #koha
17:06 gatchen left #koha
17:15 gmcharlt Bib Control?  cataloging?
17:15 sekjal gmcharlt: yes
17:16 gmcharlt do your bibs often run amuck?
17:16 sekjal they love the interface improvements to the Edit Items screen (no more scrolling every which way)
17:16 sekjal some may feel so about our bibs, yes, but I think they're in good hands
17:16 gmcharlt :)
17:17 sekjal I guess this can be considered my parting gift to them; today is my last day with NYUHSL
17:19 jwagner Hmmm.  Upgrade to new version and leave immediately :-)
17:20 gmcharlt jwagner: are any PTFSers going to Code4Lib?
17:20 laurence left #koha
17:21 jwagner I don't think so.  Timing of other events kind of prevented us from making the travel plans.
17:21 jwagner Wish we were, though.
17:21 sekjal jwagner: yes, I do feel a little bad about that, but they know where to find me if they want to contract for support.
17:26 owen "Bib Control" That's great.
17:26 owen "My 9-month-old may not be walking yet, but she's got great bib control."
17:27 sekjal lol
17:31 gmcharlt @quote add owen> "My 9-month-old may not be walking yet, but she's got great bib control."
17:31 sekjal owen: are you coming to Code4Lib?  I owe you a Beverage if you are...
17:31 munin gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.  Quote #59 added.
17:31 gmcharlt @quote remove 59
17:31 munin gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
17:31 gmcharlt @quote add <owen> "My 9-month-old may not be walking yet, but she's got great bib control."
17:31 munin gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.  Quote #60 added.
17:32 janewagner joined #koha
17:32 Nate_ joined #koha
17:32 owen_ joined #koha
17:33 owen_ I'm back, I was just downstairs renaming our cataloging department "Bibliographic Processing and Control"
17:35 owen_ sekjal: I wish I could make it to code4Lib, but I can't
17:35 owen_ I've been shirking all my non-Koha duties lately and now I've got to catch up
17:36 jwagner left #koha
17:36 nengard wizzyrea_ where are we with getting the documentation updated on the new site? right now it's not the complete manual and it's not the most recent version.  Is there anything I can do to help out?
17:36 sekjal owen_: understand. sorry you can't make it, but there will be other code4libs, and other conferences
17:38 owen_ sekjal: Will presentations be put online?
17:38 sekjal yes
17:38 sekjal at least mine will
17:38 Nate left #koha
17:38 Nate_ is now known as Nate
17:38 sekjal I assume others will do the same, at least in large part
17:40 owen left #koha
17:42 Colin left #koha
17:44 owen_ is now known as owen
17:52 Colin joined #koha
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17:56 jdavidb joined #koha
17:57 janewagner is now known as jwagner
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18:05 sekjal brb
18:05 sekjal left #koha
18:17 brendan joined #koha
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18:26 bankhead joined #koha
18:36 sekjal joined #koha
18:36 chris morning
18:37 sekjal morning, chris
18:37 jwagner G'morning chris
18:37 brendan morning chris
18:37 brendan @wunder 93117
18:37 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 13.8�C (10:34 AM PST on February 19, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 29.94 in 1013.8 hPa (Steady).
18:39 wizzyrea_ no, not much to do to help out, unless you can procure extra time for me. I will look at it this weekend, nengard
18:39 wizzyrea_ but the docbook2html chokes on some of your characters, and that's why it's not complete
18:39 wizzyrea_ so I have to figure out how to tell the script to ignore those errors, or make the threshold higher
18:39 wizzyrea_ and I'm tied up all afternoon with holds system testing
18:41 wizzyrea_ when it's perfect I will make it automatic
18:41 wizzyrea_ on a schedule
18:41 wizzyrea_ so all you'll have to do is update the git repo and the changes will come in with no intervention
18:41 wizzyrea_ i'm sorry I haven't had more time to look at it
18:42 nengard no that's A-OK!!
18:42 nengard I understand time issues
18:42 nengard just wanted to help if I could
18:42 nengard it looks like the script is choking on the first table
18:42 sekjal just saw this on Slashdot: Jacobsen v. Katzer Settled - Victory of F/OSS
18:42 nengard so it's the <table> tags - which is weird cause they're the same in HTML as in DocBook
18:43 chris sekjal: sweet!
18:46 chris_n gmcharlt: just speaking with nengard about the need at times of communicating misc info to the user after an upgrade (not necessarily a db upgrade)
18:47 chris_n it would be nice to have a one-time redirect after every upgrade to an upgrade notes page or something like that
18:47 gmcharlt that or just include a link to the release notes on the page after the update finishes
18:47 chris_n ie. the redirect bit resets after the page is accessed until the next upgrade sets it again
18:47 gmcharlt but sure
18:48 wizzyrea_ nengard: openjade:/home/koha-community/publ​ic_html/wp-content/uploads/kohadoc​s/en/koha3-2manual.xml:19385:55:E: non SGML character number 147
18:48 wizzyrea_ kind of errors
18:48 wizzyrea_ over 200 of them, varying numbers
18:49 wizzyrea_ I think it quits parsing when it gets to 200
18:49 wizzyrea_ so the place where it stops is based on that, not the content of where it stops, if that makes sense
18:50 wizzyrea_ chris_n: could put an automatic news item
18:50 wizzyrea_ that expires 1 day after date of update
18:50 wizzyrea_ into the DB
18:50 wizzyrea_ with every update
18:50 chris_n wizzyrea_++
18:50 chris_n excellent idea
18:50 nengard wizzyrea_++
18:50 nengard love it
18:50 nengard but make it 2 or 3 days :)
18:50 wizzyrea_ i mean, it's deletable before that
18:50 wizzyrea_ well yea
18:50 wizzyrea_ :)
18:50 chris_n owen could whip up some special css to make it flash lights and ring bells
18:50 nengard cause people won't know to look there
18:51 nengard LOL
18:51 nengard chris_n those are all very very bad web design :)
18:51 chris_n especially with the new sounds feature :)
18:51 wizzyrea_ i like the sounds, but wow it beeps a lot
18:51 nengard yeah - why does it beep when i get to the page itself?
18:51 nengard i don't need a sound to tell me i opened a new page ;)
18:51 wizzyrea_ I understand the logic behind the beep on page load but it's annoying lol
18:52 nengard what's the logic?
18:52 wizzyrea_ darrel sent me a long email telling me why
18:52 wizzyrea_ because he wants to know when the page is ready for action
18:52 owen chris_n must have seen my animated background example
18:52 nengard ah!
18:52 nengard i guess that's okay
18:52 wizzyrea_ it should be a different sound than the checkout noise
18:52 wizzyrea_ imo
18:52 wizzyrea_ ok, food
18:52 chris_n owen: very nice
18:53 wizzyrea_ starving, must have brain food to slog through holds this afternoon :)
18:53 owen Does anyone know what the source of the sounds is?
18:54 owen ...and do they require their own license statement?
18:56 chris the sounds are totally syspref controlled eh?
18:56 owen One pref to rule them all
18:57 owen What we probably  need is an "audio control panel" in Administration where you can check off which ones you want
18:57 chris yeah
18:58 schuster owen ++
18:58 chris cos most ppl (i suspect) only want a beep on error
18:58 chris (or will after 20 mins of constant noise)
18:59 chris_n hehe
18:59 schuster chris++ error or non regular checkin or credit/payment/overdue
18:59 schuster what do you work in a library or something?  sheesh.
18:59 schuster ;)
19:00 gmcharlt owen: described in the patch - Darrell says they fall under the Artistic License
19:02 owen Do we need some kind of documentation of that?
19:05 gmcharlt patch description would seem to be enough, unless you want to ask Darrell to toss a LICENSE into the sound directory
19:18 sekjal I'm still getting an error with Label Creator... a null HASH reference on line 129 of /labels/
19:19 mib_n7hlic left #koha
19:19 sekjal my system doesn't seem to like "my $item_data->{'_item_number'} = "
19:23 ebegin sekjal, do in it 2 lines.  my %item_data;
19:23 ebegin $item_data->{'_item_number'} =''
19:24 sekjal ebegin: just did, and it seemed to fix the immediate problem
19:24 ebegin cool
19:24 sekjal similar error has now moved to C4/Creators/
19:25 ebegin hmmm... did you modified the code?
19:25 sekjal no, this is all fresh off this morning
19:26 sekjal I assume that since no one else has reported a bug about this (it prevents me from using the Label Creator at all), that it's somehow local to my system
19:29 wizzyrea_lab joined #koha
19:32 chris_n sekjal: probably a data corruption issue there
19:33 * chris_n has d�j� vu
19:33 chris_n didn't we work through your data the other day?
19:33 sekjal chris_n:  wouldn't be surprised, after all I've been through lately.  but I've had luck by splitting offending lines in two
19:33 sekjal chris_n: yes
19:34 sekjal chris_n: I spent last night comparing my current DB structure to kohastructure.sql, and couldn't find any significant differences
19:34 chris_n sekjal: it may not have all come through cleanly
19:34 sekjal but maybe my crossed eyes missed something (it was late)
19:35 chris_n the structure may be ok, but some of the labels data corrupted in the conversion
19:35 chris that wouldnt be causing a syntax error tho
19:35 chris other errors yes, but a syntax one nope
19:35 tirabo joined #koha
19:35 chris_n hmm...
19:36 sekjal what it's looking like to me right now is way my Perl is setup, it doesn't want to let me assign a hash reference to a variable on the same line I'm declaring it
19:36 chris_n sekjal: exactly what are you doing to get the error?
19:36 nengard left #koha
19:36 chris yeah that line doesnt look right to me
19:36 sekjal in Label Creator, New Batch, press Add Item(s), and search for a term
19:36 * chris_n looks
19:36 sekjal only get the error if I get at least one result
19:37 sekjal Zebra is working and returning fine, as far as I can tell (have it running in a terminal window)
19:37 chris perl -e "my $item_data->{'_item_number'};"
19:37 chris syntax error at -e line 1, near "my ->"
19:37 chris so tis not just your perl, but perl in general sekjal
19:37 ebegin I don't think this is valid
19:38 chris_n weird error
19:38 chris nope its not
19:38 ebegin The code tries to access a hash that wasn't created yet...
19:38 chris yep
19:38 chris_n so one cannot declare a hashref and load an element in one line?
19:39 sekjal well, it must work somewhere for someone.
19:39 * chris_n wonders why we have not had this problem here
19:39 sekjal I can't be the first person to try to use the Label Creator
19:39 chris actually i lie that is valid
19:39 ebegin you may be sekjal  :)
19:39 chris_n we have run over 250 batches on that code :-)
19:40 sekjal so, local configurations must factor in somehow
19:40 chris 8:39 ~/git/koha (documentation)$ perl -e 'use strict; my $item_data->{"_item_number"}'
19:40 chris 08:39 ~/git/koha (documentation)$
19:40 chris works ok
19:40 chris_n works fine here
19:40 chris_n sekjal: what perl version
19:40 ebegin perl -e "use strict; my $hashname->{'hashkey'} = '123';"
19:40 ebegin syntax error at -e line 1, near "my ->"
19:41 sekjal 5.008008
19:41 chris_n hmmm... v5.10.0 here
19:41 chris_n ebegin: what version are you on?
19:41 ebegin 5.10
19:42 chris_n ebegin: I get your error as well
19:43 ebegin I didn't run the code... hold on
19:44 chris you cant use " on the commandline, the $ gets interpolated
19:44 chris perl -e 'use strict; my $hashname->{"hashkey"} = "123";'
19:44 chris_n snap
19:44 chris_n :)
19:44 chris_n that works fine
19:45 sekjal so, it looks like some folks get the error, others don't, depending on things outside of Koha and its data.  If we patch to split the offending lines, it should work for everyone, right?
19:45 chris_n maybe corrupted data?
19:45 ebegin perl -e 'use strict; my $hashname->{"hashkey"} = 123; print $hashname->{"hashkey"}'
19:45 ebegin 123
19:45 ebegin test passed :)
19:45 chris_n if so, you probably want to locate the data and fix it
19:45 wizzyrea_lab owen did you do that awesome new patron search design?
19:46 wizzyrea_lab the little [+]
19:46 owen I didn't add that feature, I only tweaked the display a little bit
19:46 wizzyrea_lab right, the display of it is ++ nice
19:47 chris_n sekjal: I'd try dumping the contents of the $item_results hash and see if something is screwed up there
19:49 owen wizzyrea_lab: hdl gets the ++ for the [+] and the functionality
19:49 owen It was a nice subtle modification to the UI that really works.
19:50 sekjal chris_n:  okay, I'll give that a go
19:52 * owen still thinks we need a full-blown advanced search for patrons
19:53 * owen wants to be able to search by address, phone number, email address, etc.
19:53 jwagner owen, see Bug 3468 -- the SQL search part
19:53 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3468 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Enhanced patron searching, patron batch edit/delete
19:53 wizzyrea_lab hm, has anyone reported that placing hold from cart fails on items that are unholdable, in a very silent way
19:53 wizzyrea_lab like, click the button nothing happens kind of way
19:55 owen wizzyrea_lab: doesn't sound familiar to me
19:55 wizzyrea_lab k I will write it up
19:58 owen jwagner: that enhanced searching sounds useful for maintenance tasks, but all I want is a bunch of form fields like the regular advanced search page.
20:01 pianohackr|work left #koha
20:01 wizzyrea_lab bug 4231
20:01 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4231 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Placing holds from cart fails silently
20:03 schuster left #koha
20:10 jwagner owen, our feature does add email and phone number to the pulldown for the basic patron search, which should help some.
20:21 wizzyrea_lab lol omg
20:21 wizzyrea_lab so batch conversion changes locations
20:21 wizzyrea_lab even if you don't want to overwrite them >.>
20:22 wizzyrea_lab there's no option for "no change"
20:22 chris_n sounds like fun :)
20:22 wizzyrea_lab all of the dropdowns need to default to no change lol
20:22 * wizzyrea_lab goes to file a bug
20:22 owen I think that has been discussed, probably a bug for it already
20:22 owen Some talk on the mailing list at least?
20:24 wizzyrea_lab hmm, 4172
20:24 schuster joined #koha
20:24 schuster ptfs still around?  jwagner jdavidb?
20:24 wizzyrea_lab maybe?
20:25 jwagner Yes, we're here.  Brain not terribly functional, but...
20:25 schuster Seems like I read someplace that you all were doing something with a calling system for overdues?
20:25 jwagner phone notification? yes
20:25 jwagner Itiva Talking Tech is the phone system.
20:25 jwagner Still a few problems to iron out with it, though.
20:26 * jdavidb is here, but only semi-functional as well.
20:26 jwagner Sorry, no -- the phone one is pretty much OK.  It's the selfcheck SIP we've been also doing that still has a couple of problems.
20:27 schuster OK - there was a LL client asking about it and I thought I had seen someplace that someone had done work with it.  Was there coding you all had to do in order for it to work?
20:28 jwagner Yes.  I'm not too familiar with the details on that one, but for sure there's a script that transfers data to the phone system, and I think some SIP tweaks for data coming back the other way.
20:28 jwagner That's one of the items that I still need to write up for bugzilla, sorry.
20:31 wizzyrea_lab you guys are going to hate me today
20:32 owen Not if you're finding bugs wizzyrea_lab
20:33 * jdavidb finds it hard to imagine hating wizzyrea_lab.  Ever.
20:33 wizzyrea_lab well I am finding them... I'm trying to make sure I'm not duplicating but you know how that goes
20:33 owen The only time I mind a duplicate bug report is if the newer one is better than mine.
20:35 owen wizzyrea_lab: Bug 3916
20:35 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3916 trivial, P5, ---,, NEW, Batch Modify Items Tool Needs Small Change
20:35 owen the title of that bug needs small change too
20:36 wizzyrea_lab lol
20:36 jwagner Passing the hat to fund enhancements?  Big change would be better than small change....
20:37 wizzyrea_lab bug 3916
20:37 chris_n sekjal: did you try this test case at the command prompt: perl -e 'use strict; my $hashname->{"hashkey"} = 123; print $hashname->{"hashkey"}'
20:37 wizzyrea_lab gerg
20:37 wizzyrea_lab bug 3916
20:38 jwagner I think it wants a capital B -- Bug 3916
20:38 jwagner unless munin and/or bugzilla have gone on strike....
20:38 wizzyrea_lab seems that way
20:38 * wizzyrea_lab cries
20:39 wizzyrea_lab[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3916
20:39 munin Bug 3916: trivial, P5, ---,, NEW, Batch Modify tool overwrites dropdown fields - no option for "no change"
20:39 wizzyrea_lab how's that for a title :P
20:39 owen I think munin tries not to spam us with bug descriptions if they come repeatedly.
20:39 wizzyrea_lab AH
20:39 * owen is guessing
20:39 owen munin is polite like that
20:39 munin owen: Error: "is" is not a valid command.
20:40 jwagner good person, munin!
20:40 schuster until schuster tries playing with munin then he looses his/her mind....  schuster goes to the corner...
20:40 chris_n lol
20:41 jwagner munin cage match?
20:41 munin jwagner: Error: "cage" is not a valid command.
20:41 gmcharlt @bug 3916
20:41 munin gmcharlt: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3916 trivial, P5, ---,, NEW, Batch Modify tool overwrites dropdown fields - no option for "no change"
20:41 wizzyrea_lab hrm
20:41 wizzyrea_lab this holds stuff is very interesting
20:42 wizzyrea_lab there's no way to tell if an item was assigned to a patron by koha or by a person
20:42 sekjal chris_n: Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at -e line 1.
20:42 owen wizzyrea_lab: yeah, I hate that
20:43 chris_n sekjal: thank, I'll send a patch off over the weekend
20:43 sekjal got one written up and ready to go
20:43 chris_n cool
20:43 chris_n sekjal++
20:43 * chris_n thinks all perls aught to be built equal :)
20:43 chris_n ought even
20:44 sekjal hopefully I'm not missing something huge with this patch, but it does give me a chance to show of my fancy new email address
20:52 jwagner left #koha
20:54 collum left #koha
20:57 gmcharlt sekjal: what version of Perl were you testing it on, out of curiosity?
20:57 sekjal I'm on 5.008008
20:59 wizzyrea_lab bug 4234
20:59 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4234 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Automatic transfer shouldn't take precedence over a hold transit
20:59 wizzyrea_lab help, does this make sense?
20:59 gmcharlt wizzyrea_lab: yes
21:00 gmcharlt time to add a 'why' column to branchtransfers, perhaps
21:01 owen I think that's the same as Bug 4040
21:01 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4040 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Checking in an already confirmed on-hold item results in duplicate dialogs
21:02 * chris_n imagines wizzyrea_lab in a long white coat
21:02 chris_n bbl
21:02 wizzyrea_lab owen: that's actually the same as the next one I was going to submit
21:02 gmcharlt owen: it's related, but not the same - 4234 is specifically for the automatic item return case
21:03 wizzyrea_lab thanks for finding that owen, less typing for me :)
21:03 owen I guess 4040 could happen either with an automatic transfer or a manual one, so yeah.
21:04 wizzyrea_lab yea, we've seen both situations
21:04 wizzyrea_lab actually, they should probably be sequential: transfer home should only appear if a hold transit has been ignored
21:05 wizzyrea_lab like, you shouldn't even know about a home transfer unless a hold transfer has been ignored
21:07 Genji joined #koha
21:07 Genji hiya all... eeep.. only one op and hes away...
21:07 Genji not a good situation......
21:07 owen wizzyrea_lab: How do you define "has been ignored" ?
21:08 Genji err... irc server got reset huh?
21:08 wizzyrea_lab click "ignore" on the confirm hold and transfer dialog
21:08 Genji Anyway, installing koha on ubuntu Koala.... same as installing on debian lenny?
21:09 owen wizzyrea_lab: Okay, yeah, that makes sense
21:10 wizzyrea_lab genji: afaik, it's very close
21:11 wizzyrea_lab chris_n: more like with my pocket protector
21:13 Genji so[…]TALL.debian-lenny would work with ubuntu?
21:14 wizzyrea_lab when did the "confirm checkout for hold" dialog appear?
21:14 wizzyrea_lab (and is it a syspref, can we turn it off)
21:14 owen What is that wizzyrea_lab ?
21:17 wizzyrea_lab gmcharlt: I am sending you ibuprofen and booze. Not to be taken at the same time, of course
21:20 * owen wonders how he can get in on that action
21:20 wizzyrea_lab lol
21:21 owen It's quitting time, I guess I can get my own booze.
21:21 gmcharlt wizzyrea_lab: heh - I'll be driving from Atlanta to Gainesville starting in a few minutes
21:21 owen have a good weekend all
21:21 owen left #koha
21:21 * gmcharlt takes the ibuprofen, shelves the booze for later :)
21:22 gmcharlt Genji: there's also an INSTALL.ubuntu
21:23 wajasu left #koha
21:24 wizzyrea_lab owen: the next time I see you we will have lots of booze together lol
21:25 Genji oh sweet.thanks gmcharlt. hmm.... using this to install koha 3rc1 should be safe ya?
21:25 gmcharlt 3.0 rc1?
21:26 gmcharlt umm, why are you installing that instead of 3.0.5 or 3.2.0 alpha?
21:26 Nate left #koha
21:27 Genji because thats what my client is working with... and right now, upgrading would take long. custom files..
21:27 gmcharlt gotcha
21:27 gmcharlt yeah, the head INSTALL.ubuntu will be safe enough
21:28 Genji though, updatemanager wants to upgrade libxml2 file...
21:29 Genji opps
21:29 Genji installing libxml2-dev automatically updated libxml2.. uhh.....
21:30 Genji so, i now have xml2 version 2.7.5....
21:33 Genji and my works dev box and hostgator box have 2.6.32....
21:34 tirabo left #koha
21:41 wizzyrea_lab oh what's the command to get your environment variables to stick
21:42 wizzyrea_lab through relogs
21:42 * wizzyrea_lab is having a brain fart
21:42 gmcharlt vi ~/.bashrc
21:45 gmcharlt hitting the road - bbiab
21:54 sekjal time to leave.  good night, all
21:54 sekjal left #koha
21:56 schuster closing shop for the weekend!  have a good one all.
21:56 schuster left #koha
21:57 jdavidb left #koha
22:00 brendan and now is the quietest time on #koha for the week
22:00 brendan East coast is starting their weekend.
22:00 * brendan feels like he's on the end of the planet
22:02 wizzyrea_lab is there something you have to do to make the xslt stylesheets be updated?
22:02 wizzyrea_lab I feel like I'm changng them but nothing is happening :(
22:05 wizzyrea_lab 1 hour to go
22:12 wizzyrea_lab meh.
22:15 wajasu joined #koha
22:21 wizzyrea_lab left #koha
22:23 Sharon left #koha
22:30 wizzyrea_ @later tell gmcharlt ty for the bash help, I got it. Stupid brain.
22:30 munin wizzyrea_: The operation succeeded.
22:37 chris everyone in my house is napping, and i want to go to the fair, but if i wake them up, there will be hell to pay
22:38 CGI138 joined #koha
22:38 CGI138 left #koha
22:41 brendan heh - let them nap :)
22:48 chris thats my plan:)
22:48 brendan cya #koha
22:48 brendan I'll be back
22:54 saorge joined #koha
22:56 eric_b joined #koha
22:58 joetho_away joined #koha
22:59 brendan left #koha
23:01 saorge_ left #koha
23:03 matts left #koha
23:06 ebegin left #koha
23:23 moodaepo @wunder 56001
23:23 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is -4.3�C (5:21 PM CST on February 19, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: -9.0�C. Windchill: -4.0�C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1019.9 hPa (Steady).
23:27 brendan joined #koha
23:37 rhcl it's the weekend...
23:37 rhcl left #koha

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