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00:26 gmcharlt @quote random
00:26 munin gmcharlt: Quote #31: "<@gmcharlt> but hacking Koha *should* be a restful part of any vacation ;)" (added by chris at 07:31 PM, September 02, 2009)
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00:28 gmcharlt thd-away: if you're around, looks like we lost most of our ops - could you /op me and chris and hdl_laptop , etc?
00:28 chris @later tell thd-away looks like we lost most of our ops - could you /op  me and chris and hdl_laptop
00:28 munin chris: The operation succeeded.
00:28 chris @later tell thd looks like we lost most of our ops - could you /op  me and chris and hdl_laptop
00:28 munin chris: The operation succeeded.
00:28 chris there we go :)
00:29 * gmcharlt contemplates the lack of topic sadly
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00:49 braedon|work gmcharlt: just after you left before:
00:49 braedon|work "if people want it, perhaps we could create a koha project/team on launchpad, and copy them to a more official PPA there?"
00:49 braedon|work thoughts? (since you are handling the dependencies bug)
00:50 gmcharlt braedon|work: sounds good as long as we don't accidently split the Koha bugs database by enabling bug reporting on the launchpad project
00:51 gmcharlt (at least, absent some community desire to move away from bugzilla)
00:52 braedon|work gmcharlt: ok, i will look into it
00:52 braedon|work really need to get a few more people testing what i have build so far first
00:52 * gmcharlt suggests that you put out a call for testers on koha-devel
00:54 braedon|work or someone who actually knows what they are doing with debian package building - that would be great. I am just using the default package build by dh-make-perl
00:54 braedon|work hmm, koha-devel - there is a thought
00:54 braedon|work i shall do that
00:55 gmcharlt Vincent Danjean has made a go of working on Debian packaging for Koha every now and again, and I think he takes requests to help package Perl modules
00:56 gmcharlt slef is active in Debian as well; I think he's a DD
01:04 braedon|work ok, thanks
01:05 braedon|work is he likely to respond to a general request on koha-devel? or will i have to get in touch with him directly?
01:05 gmcharlt slef? he'll likely respond if he has time, but doesn't hurt to ask him directly
01:06 braedon|work sorry, Vincent Danjean
01:14 gmcharlt he might notice, but you're more likely to get his attention by contacting him directly
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02:54 chris_n wow, mass exodus of ops here :)
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03:03 angie hello Koha community!
03:09 braedon|work ahoy
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03:12 braedon|work well fine then
03:13 richard heh
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03:21 braedon|work Ahoy!
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03:26 Amit hi all
03:27 ebegin chris, around?
03:28 ebegin Hi Amit!
03:31 ebegin Is there a way to get other languages from git?
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03:43 gmcharlt ebegin: chris sends a pull request for languages every now and again, but the best way to get the most recent po is from Pootle
03:44 ebegin ok, but where we can find the translation for the installer?
03:47 angie hello there!
03:48 ebegin Hi angie!
03:49 angie any suggestion for accessing ebooks directly from koha opac? I'm coordinating a project for a public library in Eritrea and we are searching for the best solution to give access to books in pdf and to catalog them
03:50 angie hi ebegin!
03:51 ebegin do you have to manage the DRM?
03:51 chris put them on a webserver somewhere, then catalogue them in koha, and add a link to where they live in the 856u tag
03:51 chris (you could put them in a digital library system even, and link to their url in there)
03:51 angie no drm issues
03:52 angie hi chris! what digital library system would you suggest?
03:52 ebegin ok.  So the 856$u field is the place to put your URL to the PDFs as mentionned chris
03:53 chris angie: not sure, one that has persistent urls though :)
03:53 chris people seem to like dspace
03:53 chris
03:53 chris is another option
03:54 angie thank you very much
03:54 angie any experience with integrating koha with vufind?
03:54 chris not me
03:56 angie thank you very much Chris
03:57 angie and thank you ebegin
03:57 angie bye
03:58 ebegin bye
04:01 ebegin chris, are the .po file push on git everyday?
04:01 ebegin s/push/pushed
04:01 chris nope
04:01 chris i push the 3.0.x ones every so often to
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04:01 chris but galen needs to pull from my translation branch for the 3.2 ones
04:02 chris its best to download them from
04:03 chris i push to my backup repo, but not to (except for 3.0.x)
04:03 * chris has to go catch his bus, back in a bit
04:04 ebegin ok, thanks
04:06 ebegin It seems to have some junk info that was filled in the fr-CA translation.  Anybody got this problem with other languages?
04:12 chris_n g'night
04:12 hdl_laptop ebegin: there is a test file for system preferences in xt
04:13 hdl_laptop (errr in fact two.
04:13 hdl_laptop One to check against the database, an other one to test against the sql files)
04:14 ebegin hdl_laptop, in xt?
04:14 hdl_laptop xt directory
04:14 hdl_laptop it is a test => .t file
04:15 ebegin oh, i see.  I'll check that
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05:25 CGI050 .
05:27 braedon|home ,
05:42 ebegin ;
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05:55 CGI190 hi all
05:55 CGI190 I have sent my problem on mailing list also but I dont understand yet
05:56 CGI190 I have problem that when I have add the catalogue, I cant see these in search catalogue
05:57 CGI190 how can I resolve this problem
05:57 CGI190 Im engage in this problem since one month but I cant resolve yer
05:57 CGI190 yet
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06:29 CGI190 ?
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06:33 CGI190 I have problem in catalogue search? could any one help me?
06:34 chris have you run
06:35 chris from the install documentation
06:35 chris 1.2 Zebra Indexer
06:35 chris Add an entry in Koha user crontab to scheduled added/updated/deleted records
06:35 chris indexing by Zebra with this command:
06:35 chris <path/to/koha>/misc/migration_tools/rebuild_zebra -z -b -a
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06:38 CGI190 yeah I have follow all instruction koha-3.004_fixed in debian lenny
06:39 CGI190 when I want to add books, it work and z39.50 is also working but search from biblios is not working
06:39 CGI190 mean it do not show the catalogue which I saved in search but it is present when I want to see lists
06:39 chris so zebra is running, and you have a cron job set up to run rebuild_zebra?
06:41 CGI190 chris: how can I set?
06:41 chris look at the crontab.example file
06:41 * chris has to go bath his son
06:41 CGI190 where  crontab.example  is placed?
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06:42 Amit heya nicomo
06:43 nicomo heya Amit
06:43 nicomo morning all
06:43 CGI190 chris: where contab.example file is it?
06:43 Amit CGI190: misc/cronjobs directory
06:44 CGI190 ok
06:59 CGI190 AMit: Im not getting yet plz sent me details
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07:00 CGI190 amit: im not familar with linux so I see the problems and plz sent me book on linux basic commands which will help me regarding koha
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08:04 chris any spanish speakers online?
08:05 chris[…]-hay-que-aceptar/
08:06 paul_p hello world
08:07 paul_p chris: nahuel speaks spanish
08:09 chris google gives me an ok translation but some is a bit confusing
08:10 chris its interesting that the situation is being used as a case study now
08:19 nahuel hi
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08:21 chris hi nahuel
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09:55 CGI621 I have following problem
09:55 CGI621 misc/migration-tools/ -b -wbash: misc/migration-tools/ No such file or directory
09:55 CGI621 why it is not working
09:55 CGI621 FAST index
09:57 imp sounds like you are not inside your koha folder / checkout
09:57 CGI621 no Im inside koha folder
09:58 CGI621 Im at  'nouman@lumhs-b70715be2:~/koha-3.00.04_fixed$ '
09:59 CGI621 when I check 'misc/migration-tools/' it is also present in folder
09:59 CGI621 .
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10:02 CGI867 imp: what is the problem
10:02 CGI867 as I was disconnected
10:05 Ropuch CGI867: try misc/migration-tools/./
10:06 CGI867 Ropuch
10:06 CGI867 nouman@lumhs-b70715be2:~/koha-3.00.04_fixed$ misc/migration-tools/./
10:06 CGI867 it show
10:06 Ropuch With some options
10:06 CGI867 nouman@lumhs-b70715be2:~/koha-3.00.04_fixed$ misc/migration-tools/./
10:07 CGI867 it also show bash
10:07 Ropuch Ok, first thing: you have Koha installed and you're in instalation directory?
10:08 Ropuch Not the dirwectory you're installing from
10:08 Ropuch That default is /usr/share/koha
10:08 CGI867 oh
10:09 Ropuch If you're running ubuntu/debian box, try
10:09 Ropuch get the file, chmod +x it and then sudo run it
10:09 CGI867 Im using debian-lenny
10:10 CGI867 Im now /usr/share/koha but still show same problem
10:11 Ropuch export PERL5LIB=/usr/share/koha/lib
10:11 Ropuch export KOHA_CONF=/etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
10:11 CGI867 export has been done
10:11 CGI867 now?
10:11 Ropuch wget && chmod +x zebra.txt && sudo ./zebra.txt
10:11 Ropuch try this line
10:12 Ropuch If you're in the misc/migration-tools/ and want to run rebuild_zebra you have to add ./
10:12 Ropuch ./ -all-options-you-want
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10:13 CGI867 It is not working wget && chmod +x zebra.txt && sudo ./zebra.txt
10:14 Ropuch aaaa
10:14 Ropuch sorry
10:14 Ropuch wget && chmod +x zebra.txt && sudo ./zebra.txt
10:14 CGI867 what should I do
10:15 CGI867 .
10:15 CGI867 still show cant write premision denied
10:16 Ropuch wait
10:16 Ropuch You/re in /usr/share/koha?
10:16 CGI867 yes
10:16 Ropuch Ok
10:16 Ropuch Try cd ~/
10:16 Ropuch And then above line
10:17 Ropuch You don;t have write permission as normaln user in /usr/share/koha
10:17 CGI867 it is working
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10:17 CGI867 then what should i do
10:17 Ropuch CGI867: it depends on what you want ot do :)
10:18 Ropuch It's your first time installing koha?
10:18 CGI867 Actually catloging search from my system is not working
10:18 CGI867 Yeah It is first time.. actually Im new user of linux also
10:18 CGI867 so I want to run FAST index command
10:18 Ropuch Okidoki
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10:19 CGI867 still when I want to run 'misc/migration-tools/ -b -w'
10:19 CGI867 it show the error
10:19 Ropuch Try to add some records, then run sudo ./zebra.txt from your home directory after that
10:20 CGI867 I have add some records earlier copying from z39.50 search
10:21 CGI867 Ropuch: could u help me
10:21 Ropuch I'll try
10:21 Ropuch 11:20 < CGI867> it is working
10:22 CGI867 mean?
10:22 Ropuch So running the zebra.txt was succesful?
10:22 CGI867 Yeah it is succeful
10:23 Ropuch Hm
10:23 Ropuch Ok, Go to Administration > Global system preferences > OPAC
10:24 Ropuch And check the hidelostitems setting
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10:25 CGI867 hidelostitems is selected OFF
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10:26 CGI867 Ropuch: misc/migration-tools/ -b -w is not still working
10:28 Ropuch CGI867: you can go to /sr/share/koha/misc/migration-tools ,
10:28 Ropuch su -s or su root
10:28 CGI867 is it necessary to first run the import commands then FAST
10:28 CGI867 .
10:28 Ropuch I don't know actually
10:29 CGI867 I need only help cataloging search from my system
10:29 Ropuch When doing new testing intsall i run this zebra.txt script out of my laziness
10:29 Ropuch And it's laways working
10:29 Ropuch Huh, sorry for typos
10:30 CGI867 I also need help regarding virtual shelves
10:31 CGI867 I have created lists but when I want to add books. there is not show any value in combobox of virtual shelve
10:32 Ropuch Oh, I've just spotted this - you're working with outdated version of koha
10:32 Ropuch
10:33 Ropuch Go with current stable
10:33 CGI867 Hm
10:33 Ropuch You can upgfrade, but you can sudo rm -fr /usr/share/koha
10:33 CGI867 I am working on Koha-3.004_Fixed
10:33 Ropuch And to clean install
10:33 Ropuch CGI867: yes, latest stable is 3.00.05
10:34 CGI867 It is typical for me to again install
10:34 CGI867 bz I m not expert yet in linux and koha
10:34 Ropuch Community don't have acces to due to LibLime policy, so we can't update it
10:34 Ropuch CGI867:
10:34 Ropuch I've wrote step-by-step koha installing manual
10:35 Ropuch It;s in polish, but maybe google translate will do
10:35 CGI867 what is it?
10:35 Ropuch It's actually all about pasting the content of dashed boxes ;>
10:36 CGI867 Im not getting yet?
10:36 Ropuch Sorry?
10:36 CGI867 Im not understanding ur point
10:36 Ropuch I've wrote step-by-step tutorial of how to get Koha & zebra up & runnig
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10:37 Ropuch All I'm saying is that maybe - if google translate can do the job - you may find it useful
10:37 Ropuch :)
10:38 Ropuch Nevermind - if you get the 3.00.05 installed and have eny problems - just ping me, if I'm around, I'll try to help
10:39 Ropuch bbiab
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12:46 kf good morning gmcharlt and jwagner
12:46 jwagner Guten tag kf
12:46 gmcharlt greetings
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13:07 chris_n g'morning
13:08 chris_n gmcharlt: should we not consider changing the engine for sessions and zebraqueue to MyISAM in kohastructure.sql?
13:08 gmcharlt chris_n: no reason why not to consider it, or at least write a README
13:09 gmcharlt there are a couple other things to do - there's a pending bug for CGI::Session to make it possible to pass the expiration time to the session storage that could use a little love
13:09 gmcharlt as would helping to finish the memached driver for CGI::Session
13:10 gmcharlt if you've got the RAM for it, using the memory storage engine for the sessions table would be another option
13:11 chris_n still, it seems that if there is no benefit from running it InnoDB, and it is easier to reclaim diskspace using MyISAM, the change would be worth making even with those other improvements
13:12 * chris_n would love to load the entire thing into RAM and run from there :)
13:12 chris_n think solid state HDD
13:12 chris_n bbiab
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13:19 hilongo hello everyone :)
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13:38 hilongo I'va seen some references of an 'ICU' method for creating the zebra index in Koha that might help searching words with diacritics... is it something that can be used with 3.0.x or is something for 3.2??
13:40 kf I think it would work with 3.0.x too, you should perhaps ask hdl about it
13:40 kf we use icu indexing with 3.01.61, but I can not explain how to set it up
13:41 hilongo hdl is Henri-Damien Laurent?
13:42 kf yes
13:42 hilongo ok ... I'll send him an email.. :)
13:43 hilongo by the way ... how is it working? ... the icu indexing...
13:48 tomascohen hi every1, does anyone know what is the status of mod_perl support in koha?
13:49 tomascohen what I mean is if there's a list of bugs that should be squashed or somethingç
13:51 gmcharlt tomascohen: for mod_perl support specifically, you mean?
13:51 gmcharlt or bugs in genearl?
13:51 tomascohen for mod_perl support
13:52 tomascohen I see several errors in the logs when using mod_perl
13:52 tomascohen and want to know if there is a known list of bugs regarding mod_perl support in koha
13:53 gmcharlt tomascohen: are you using Apache::PerlRun or Apache::Registry ?
13:53 tomascohen just followed the instructions in the wiki
13:53 tomascohen ModPerl::Registry I guess
13:54 gmcharlt ? that's a bit out of date
13:55 tomascohen exactly
13:55 tomascohen which one should I use?
13:55 gmcharlt Apache::PerlRun will work better for now - less of a performance boost, but doesn't require modifying the code
13:56 gmcharlt converting CGI scripts to work under Apache::Registry takes more work, which hasn't been done yet, although it's planned for 3.4
13:56 tomascohen Ok, I need to install it from CPAN and set it as the PerlResponseHandler?
13:58 gmcharlt ModPerl::PerlRunPrefork
13:58 gmcharlt it looks like - since you have mod_perl already installed, you probably don't need to get ot CPAN to get that module
13:59 tomascohen I have it from hardy repos
13:59 tomascohen thanks gmcharlt
14:00 gmcharlt please let me know how it works
14:00 gmcharlt how *well* it works, that is
14:03 gmcharlt nahuel: ebegin: need a French translation, please
14:04 gmcharlt "Enable circulation sounds during checkin and checkout in the staff interface.  Not supported by all web browsers yet."
14:04 nahuel "Activer les évenement sonores de circulation pendant le prêt et le retour dans l'intranet. N'est pas encore supporté par tous les navigateurs web"
14:06 ebegin agree
14:06 gmcharlt thanks - any diacritics in that?
14:10 ebegin oups, one typo: "Activer les événements sonores de circulation pendant le prêt et le retour dans l'intranet. N'est pas encore supporté par tous les navigateurs web"  'événements' instead of 'évenement'
14:10 ebegin yes, there is diacritics
14:10 gmcharlt ebegin: could you pastebin that, then
14:11 ebegin there you go:
14:11 gmcharlt thanks!
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14:25 jwagner owen, online?
14:25 chris_n interesting article:[…]ithout_the_books/
14:25 owen Present!
14:25 chris_n and a related one: http://roomfordebate.blogs.nyt[…]aries-need-books/
14:25 jwagner Yet Another jquery -- in the OPAC patron messaging options, can I remove one line from the table?  It doesn't have an ID that I can see.  I want to get rid of the Upcoming Events line.
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14:26 jwagner It's just a <td> line
14:27 owen jwagner: Do you know if it is consistently the second row?
14:28 jwagner I think so, in this code level anyway.
14:30 owen $("#opac-messaging table tr:eq(2)").hide();
14:31 jwagner YES!
14:31 jwagner Thanks!
14:31 jwagner owen++ # that makes 16 local customizations done through jquery on this site, instead of modifying the templates!
14:32 owen Looking at 3.2, is "upcoming events" even working? Should it be in the template at all?
14:32 jwagner I don't think it works at all at this level, dunno why it's in there.
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14:33 gmcharlt owen: it's a hook for integrating with a calendaring app, but AFAIK it's not actually used anywhere
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14:36 gmcharlt nahuel: question for you - hdl sent a patch that among other things added an ILS-DI:Authorized_IPs syspref
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14:36 gmcharlt but that syspref doesn't do anything
14:36 gmcharlt is there actually code implemeting it?
14:37 nahuel gmcharlt, ask to Kivutar, he made the code
14:37 gmcharlt Kivutar: ^^ :)
14:37 Kivutar gmcharlt: lets see
14:39 Kivutar it looks like this patch has been lost
14:39 Kivutar i wrote code using this syspref
14:39 Kivutar we should ask hdl about it
14:41 Kivutar yes, we have it on one of our branches
14:41 gmcharlt please submit it, then - I'm not going to push a new syspref that isn't implemented
14:42 Kivutar sure :)
14:42 Kivutar I mail hdl about it
14:42 chris_n is down?
14:43 wizzyrea chris_n: doesn't look like it from here, at least not the gitweb
14:43 * chris_n restarts FF.... again :-P
14:44 chris_n hmm.... must have been a FF problem; works fine now
14:44 wizzyrea FF has gone stupid on me like that a few times
14:44 Kivutar done
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14:48 wizzyrea ok, I'm looking at the 3.2 alpha and I'm having trouble with the local hold functionality
14:48 wizzyrea well, holds in general
14:49 wizzyrea actually... let me check something I just had a brainwave
14:50 gmcharlt wizzyrea: :( I know some folks have been playing around with holds testing as well; fixing any regressions in the holds functionality (and regressions in general) will be a priority for general release
14:50 wizzyrea you know what
14:50 wizzyrea I think I found at least 50% of my problem just now
14:50 wizzyrea attention to sysprefs ftl
14:50 wizzyrea ;)
14:51 wizzyrea but that is excellent... we are doing a big test run on 3.2 tomorrow, put any bugs we find in bugzilla?
14:51 wizzyrea test run of holds, I should say
14:52 wizzyrea stuipd allowonshelfholds
14:52 wizzyrea sigh
14:53 wizzyrea I spent an hour mucking about with holds yesterday
14:53 wizzyrea and fixed it in my first 5 minutes back today
14:56 kf bye #koha
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14:59 gmcharlt wizzyrea: sleeping_on_it++
14:59 gmcharlt and yes, please report bugs in BZ
15:00 wizzyrea cool. I will do my best to not add any dupes
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15:11 owen Lots of lurkers in here these days
15:11 magnus is now known as magnus_away
15:11 ebegin Anybody had problem importing marc file within the Stage MARC Records for import?  I do have a MARC file that do not want to be imported.  When pressing Stage for import, nothing happens.
15:12 ebegin It is a very standard marc file
15:12 * jdavidb lurks in a corner, twitching; just did a "git merge master" on a haphazardly-modified branch.
15:13 moodaepo @wunder 56001
15:13 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in Mankato, Minnesota is -16.0�C (8:55 AM CST on February 18, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 85%. Dew Point: -18.0�C. Windchill: -21.0�C. Pressure: 30.16 in 1021 hPa (Falling).
15:13 jdavidb Brr!
15:14 schuster ebegin - 3.2 or 3.0.x?
15:14 ebegin 3.0.x
15:14 ebegin 3.0.4 to be more precise
15:15 schuster I import on a regular basis without problems.  I have had problems where there was a bad MARC record/character in the file so it wouldn't load.  I'd run it through MarcEdit, correct or remove the corrupt record and it would load fine.
15:15 moodaepo left #koha
15:18 ebegin I usualy don't have problem either... I'll check for corruption.
15:20 owen schuster: How do you identify the problem in MarcEdit?
15:26 wizzyrea does anyone have insight on the sound cues? Do they "just work"
15:26 wizzyrea ?
15:27 schuster First off if it opens at all in MARC edit.  If it does open there is a MARCValidator tool.  If it doesn't work generally I've had to break the file into seperate pieces to isolate the specific record that is having problems using the MARC breaker tool in MarcEdit.
15:27 schuster wizzyrea - did that "enhancement" get pushed up?  I didn't think it had made it to head yet.
15:27 wizzyrea I got the .ogg files this morning
15:27 wizzyrea was just about to test it
15:27 wizzyrea or, see if anything happened
15:28 wizzyrea it's not a syspref that needs to be turned on, right?
15:28 wizzyrea never mind, yes, there is a pref "soundon"
15:28 wizzyrea which needs to be enabled
15:28 wizzyrea reading ftw
15:28 schuster Oh cool...  I will need to investigate that!
15:32 owen The ogg file should work in Firefox or Chrome:[…]o-in-the-browser/
15:32 owen We need to add an mp3 for fallback
15:32 gmcharlt and it can be made to work in Safari upon installation of QuickTime, I believe
15:32 owen Hey, it works.
15:33 owen I hate the sound clip though :( What is that, a banjo?
15:34 owen We should have a nationwide contest to design the perfect beep.
15:34 rhcl joined #koha
15:35 owen The "good" sound is better.
15:35 * chris_n wonders why his installation of mysql insists on creating tables as MyISAM inspite of being told otherwise
15:35 chris_n grrrr
15:40 wajasu left #koha
15:40 owen Next thing we'll need is a system preference for defining custom sound files, since every library is going to want their own.
15:41 owen I want mine to play the A-Team theme song upon each successful checkout.
15:43 schuster I had a sound file with our old ILS that was my voice that said "good"  when it was good, and "check the screen" when it was bad.  Kids always were looking around for that non existant voice.
15:44 owen How about "Well done!" and "Uh-oh!"
15:45 owen Or for the teens, "Whatever." and <sarcastically>"Nice."
15:46 wizzyrea lol owen
15:46 wizzyrea sound_cues++
15:46 wizzyrea but owen's right, it could stand to be more configurable
15:46 wizzyrea like, beep only on errors
15:47 gmcharlt send a patch :)
15:47 wizzyrea well I was thinking that it got in at all was super great
15:47 wizzyrea >.>
15:47 wizzyrea the rest is just gravy
15:47 owen Mmmm... gravy.
15:47 Colin Could this be a new category of emmy 'Best error beep'
15:48 wizzyrea grammys probably
15:48 wizzyrea ^.^
15:48 gmcharlt how about an aural translation system to go with :)
15:49 wizzyrea more seriously, my peeps here are getting pretty excited about 3.2
15:49 wizzyrea lol... I wonder if dragonspeech could do that :P
15:49 wizzyrea run the whole opac through your iphone
15:49 wizzyrea output=awesome
15:51 gmcharlt jwagner: around?
15:52 jwagner Yes
15:54 paul_p question to english speaking ppl... in public libraries, the term "authority" sound strange to most readers (at least in french). So I'm on the way to replace it. But which term would be the best ?
15:54 paul_p (hello everybody)
15:55 paul_p does "indexes" sound better ?
15:55 gmcharlt paul_p: authority referening to authority record?
15:55 paul_p like "browse indexes"
15:55 paul_p gmcharlt: yep
15:55 sekjal joined #koha
15:55 jwagner No, I think indexes is the wrong term for this.
15:55 paul_p autorité (french term) is just related to the boss ;-)
15:55 gmcharlt paul_p: "browse" or "browse names" or "browse subjects"
15:55 paul_p gmcharlt: except the link is for both names & subjects :(
15:56 paul_p "browse lists" ?
15:56 jdavidb "official terms?"
15:56 Colin browse headings
15:56 gmcharlt "browse headings" is more precise, but not sure how many patrons have a clear notion of what a heading is
15:56 wizzyrea erg, headings is libraryspeak... this is for the staff or opac side?
15:56 paul_p it's for OPAC !
15:56 schuster term search
15:57 schuster concept search
15:57 paul_p that's my problem : find a term mumy or boy can understand ;-)
15:57 schuster "about" search
15:57 paul_p schuster: ???
15:57 wizzyrea Meta Search, but nobody would know what that means
15:57 gmcharlt "about search" doesn't work so well for describing a name headings browse
15:58 jwagner Was just looking at a Unicorn site -- it uses Browse by author, title, subject
15:58 schuster If you wanted to know information "about someone" it works
15:58 wizzyrea yea, you can't get much clearer than that really
15:58 wizzyrea is this a link that can't be spatially long?
15:58 paul_p wizzyrea: you mean jwagner proposal ?
15:58 wizzyrea yea
15:59 paul_p the link can be that long I think (and we can safely remove "title", just to have "browse by author or subjects"
15:59 gmcharlt +1 # jwagner
16:00 jwagner Also uses  Catalog Lookup by Cross Reference
16:00 paul_p wow, too complex I'm afraid
16:00 wizzyrea I"m for Browse by author, title, subject
16:01 wizzyrea patrons wouldn't know what an authority search is anyway, so it's good we are having this discussion
16:01 schuster what actually are you "browsing" - is it subjects or ???  depends doesn't it?  and are the authority searches working now with 3.2?
16:02 schuster Is it keyword, or actually a list?
16:02 paul_p schuster: it is the authority list, definetly
16:03 paul_p and if you don't use Koha authorities, then this link is useless for the library
16:03 schuster So titles are not included - so stick to Author, subject browse
16:03 schuster My authorities in 3.0x have never worked right.
16:04 paul_p schuster: right (except it uniform titles are stored, but what is an uniform title is totally impossible to understand for any human being ;-) )
16:04 paul_p ( at least any non librarian :D )
16:04 biglego left #koha
16:05 schuster some of us librarians don't fully understand them either...
16:06 tekonivel joined #koha
16:06 * chris_n shakes his fist at apt
16:08 liz-nekls joined #koha
16:09 owen Whoa.. Were the pictures supposed to make it easier to understand?
16:13 chris_n very nice
16:23 mib_lqsx9x left #koha
16:27 liz-nekls ok this is a nitpicky thing
16:27 liz-nekls in the intranet the "this cart is empty" popup is underneath the news area header
16:27 owen Can you file a bug for that liz-nekls? I saw that too, and it should be fixed.
16:27 liz-nekls is now known as wizzyrea_laptop
16:27 wizzyrea_laptop yepper sure
16:32 wizzyrea_laptop done bug 4214
16:32 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4214 minor, P5, ---,, NEW, "Your Cart is Currently Empty" popup displays underneath News header
16:33 biglego joined #koha
16:38 biglego left #koha
16:45 chris_n fwiw: it appears that ubuntu 9.10 mysql lacks compiled support for the innodb engine
16:46 mib_71zwzx joined #koha
16:47 wizzyrea_laptop yikes!
16:48 paul_p chris_n: can't believe it !
16:49 chris_n I'd love to find out I'm wrong
16:49 chris_n but apt-get install mysql-server results in an instance which reports no innodb engine
16:50 chris_n mysql> show variables like 'have_innodb';
16:50 chris_n +---------------+-------+
16:50 chris_n | Variable_name | Value |
16:50 chris_n +---------------+-------+
16:50 chris_n | have_innodb   | NO    |
16:50 chris_n +---------------+-------+
16:50 chris_n 1 row in set (0.00 sec)
16:50 owen chris_n: I get "YES"
16:50 owen ...and you can bet I didn't compile it myself.
16:51 chris_n owen: could you paste your /etc/apt/sources.list to
16:52 chris_n maybe I have the kiddie pool repos installed :-)
16:53 pastebot "owen" at pasted "Ubuntu 9.10 /etc/apt/sources.list" (53 lines) at
16:54 chris_n ahh... ubuntu 9.04
16:54 chris_n I'm at 9.10
16:54 chris_n well, I see karmic repos
16:54 owen My "about ubuntu" says 9.10
16:54 * chris_n scratches his head
16:55 chris_n owen: did you start at 9.04 and then upgrade?
16:55 Colin The version on the CD is innodb-free can you possibly update from elsewhere?
16:55 owen chris_n: I know I have upgraded, so I guess that's most likely true
16:57 nengard joined #koha
16:59 * jwagner watches paint dry while waiting for bugzilla to respond....
17:00 Kivutar left #koha
17:02 * tekonivel is trying to fugure out which version to translate
17:03 Colin chris_n:There was a mysql bug which caused the innodb plugin to fail and Ubuntu use that rather than compiling innodb in
17:04 chris_n Colin: so the innodb plugin is a separate package?
17:05 Colin I think so you aldo need mysql 5.1.33 or greater
17:05 chris_n this is 5.1.37
17:06 Colin I assume there's a mysql-innodb or innodb package somewhere
17:07 nengard_ joined #koha
17:07 nengard left #koha
17:08 wizzyrea_laptop erg, another nitpicky
17:08 wizzyrea_laptop the font in the checkout search box is different from the font in the check in search box
17:08 owen wizzyrea_laptop: Where?
17:08 wizzyrea_laptop the search header
17:09 wizzyrea_laptop intranet
17:09 wizzyrea_laptop check out is serif, check in is sans serif
17:10 owen On the circulation page? What platform/browser?
17:11 wizzyrea_laptop un moment, will screenshot
17:11 wizzyrea_laptop firefox/mac
17:12 paul_p left #koha
17:12 wizzyrea_laptop
17:13 wizzyrea_laptop
17:13 wizzyrea_laptop
17:13 wizzyrea_laptop sry for the dupe
17:14 wizzyrea_laptop search catalog is consistent with check in
17:14 owen Okay, I see that on Firefox/Ubuntu too.
17:15 wizzyrea_laptop kool. glad that helped
17:16 wizzyrea_laptop jing is my best friend every, next to my iphone
17:16 wizzyrea_laptop ever*
17:17 owen It's as if Firefox on Ubuntu and Mac has different understanding of how "font-family:inherit" should work. Weird.
17:18 wizzyrea_laptop strange indeed
17:18 wizzyrea_laptop well if it's fringe to mac/ubuntu then it's not that big of a deal (to me anyway)
17:23 nengard_ hey - who added locations to lists? i can't see a patch for that - but it's in my recent pull of HEAD
17:24 wizzyrea_laptop oh wowie there are more patches lol
17:25 owen nengard_: Looks like it happened in December: "Matthias Meusburger 2009-12-03 11:58:44"
17:26 nengard_ wait - but weren't we asking for it just yesterday?
17:27 owen That's a difference between LEK and HEAD
17:27 nengard_ anyway - I have a request that I'll submit to bugzilla - that we have a preference (yes yes I know - too many preferences) to turn this on or off - cause I'm looking at a list right now where 1 bib has 15 items and they're all showing making the list longer than i really intended
17:28 nengard_ owen - yeah - that I know - but I don't remember seeing this implemented when I did the lists documentation
17:29 owen nengard_: If it looked like it does on the search results page would that be better? Or perhaps have the display controlled by the OPACItemsResultsDisplay pref?
17:35 laurence left #koha
17:43 francharb left #koha
17:43 brendan left #koha
17:49 nengard_ owen - yeah that might work as long as it wraps well :)
17:52 nengard_ okay - playing with sounds on circ - why do i need a beep when i visit the check in page?  shouldn't that happen after i perform an action?
17:52 owen Because "Yay! I'm checking in!" ?
17:53 nengard_ LOL
17:53 nengard_ i know a lot of people wanted this - but it's so so so not for me
17:53 nengard_ i jump every time it beeps
17:57 magnus_away left #koha
18:00 wizzyrea_laptop i agree
18:01 wizzyrea_laptop with nengard on that
18:01 wizzyrea_laptop beeping on the checkin/checkout page = eh
18:01 wizzyrea_laptop beeping when it does something = good
18:03 owen Just needs better placement in the template I suspect.
18:06 * chris_n begins to consider throwing out ubuntu in favor of debian
18:06 brendan joined #koha
18:07 cait joined #koha
18:15 mib_n7hlic joined #koha
18:18 Colin left #koha
18:19 mib_71zwzx left #koha
18:20 gmcharlt chris_n: c'mon, it's what all the cool kids do
18:22 rhcl left #koha
18:47 ebegin what is the ETA for 3.2?
18:47 * ebegin thinking about the fr-CA translation...
18:47 * owen checks his watch
18:48 chris_n sudo apt-get convert2debian
18:49 chris_n does not seem to work... ;)
18:49 ebegin lol
18:59 * jwagner snarls -- expletive deleted power just went out. Tiny UPS on my PC won't last but a few minutes....
18:59 owen Everyone say your goodbyes to jwagner!
18:59 owen *sniff*
18:59 jwagner and jdavidb too
19:00 * owen waves
19:00 * jwagner says goodbye. So long, farewell, Auf Weidersehn, good night....
19:01 jwagner left #koha
19:01 gmcharlt alas!
19:01 gmcharlt ebegin: beta first week of march, as close to 1 march as I can manage
19:02 owen It's like seeing someone in the Matrix die because their body died
19:02 gmcharlt there will be string changes, but not so many that you can't get started on fr-CA
19:02 ebegin thanks gmcharlt.
19:06 jdavidb left #koha
19:22 owen Aren't there some circumstances under which you would expect the "found" column in the reserves table to say "F," or am I misremembering?
19:24 owen Oh, from F(inished) : the reserve has been completed, and is done
19:26 * chris_n resorts to brute force
19:28 chris_n owen: what does /usr/sbin/mysqld -V on your system say?
19:28 owen /usr/sbin/mysqld  Ver 5.1.37-1ubuntu5.1 for debian-linux-gnu on i486 ((Ubuntu))
19:29 * chris_n suddenly remembers that brute force is usually followed by brute stupidity
19:31 braedon|work should rebuild_zebra remove indexes for biblios removed from the library via the undo import feature?
19:32 wizzyrea_laptop we like to say there's nothing brute force and ignorance can't fix
19:35 richard joined #koha
19:35 richard hi
19:36 cabillman left #koha
19:38 brendan @wunder 93117
19:38 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 15.4�C (11:37 AM PST on February 18, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 75%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014.1 hPa (Falling).
19:43 gmcharlt braedon|work: when a bib is reverted, a zebraqueue entry should get added, and -b -z shoudl pick up the delete
19:44 braedon|work that is what i thought
19:44 braedon|work didn
19:44 braedon|work 't
19:44 braedon|work seem to though
19:46 braedon|work reverted a batch, imported it again, ran rebuild_zebra -b -v to get the new data in fast, and then left the cron job to handle the cleanup
19:46 braedon|work hours later, it finally stops, and still have old results
19:47 braedon|work had to run -r -b -v to get rid of them
19:47 braedon|work should i have waited for the cron jobs to remove the old biblios before importing again eprhaps?
19:47 * chris_n has had a similar problem
19:48 chris_n and runs -r always
19:48 braedon|work s/eprhaps/perhaps/
19:48 gmcharlt braedon|work: it *ought* to be able to handle it
19:49 chris morning
19:49 gmcharlt always running -r after an import is an option, but not one that scales for large databases
19:49 chris_n heya chris
19:49 gmcharlt hi chris
19:50 owen Behold, exciting new details on Bug 4040.
19:50 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4040 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Checking in an already confirmed on-hold item results in duplicate dialogs
19:51 chris thats way too exciting for friday morning
19:51 * chris gets more coffee
19:52 braedon|work gmcharlt: chris_n: -r won't be a problem for our systems, but i wonder what zebraqueue/cron zebra was doing in it's at least 3 hours of using 80% cpu, if not removing biblios
19:53 chris gmcharlt: im going to update all the .po files today to catch all the template changes, will send a pull request after that
19:53 gmcharlt ok
19:54 * chris_n grabs a hammer and heads off to the server room >:-)
19:57 braedon|work will setting the checked out date for an item in the marc record before import break things? or is koha happy to have items checked out to no one?
19:59 cait chris: have you seen bug 4208? will updated po files include "buttons"?
19:59 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4208 critical, P1, ---,, NEW, Many submit buttons are not translatable in 3.2
19:59 chris we'll soon find out
20:00 chris i don't know why they disappeared in the first place
20:00 cait chris: ok thx
20:00 chris it may be like gmcharlt says, the system breaks if they are translated .. those ones need a bigger fix, or it might be they just got missed
20:01 wizzyrea_laptop owen! brilliant! thank you for reporting that one with all the details, we've been seeing that too
20:01 wizzyrea_laptop but we have too many variables to narrow it down
20:01 wizzyrea_laptop not to mention a lack of DB level access
20:01 cait chris: I think this is kind of a blocker in translation - they are in prominent places and my librarians are unhappy
20:01 chris and you think they used to work?
20:01 cait I do
20:02 chris ok, i should be able to get them back without to much difficulty then
20:06 cait gmcharlt is right, there were buttons in serials that broke when translated and one that kept me from changing message preferences.
20:06 cait I think the one in serials is fixed now
20:06 chris right, those are bigger fixes, the script needs to be made to depend on a hidden input rather than the submit button
20:06 chris but not too big
20:07 jwagner joined #koha
20:07 cait but keeping them English is not the right solution I think :)
20:07 chris nope
20:10 chris_n whew... back online using InnoDB engine a mere 6 hours later :-P
20:10 jwagner chris_n, job security?
20:10 chris_n I don't even think my gps could have plotted that route?
20:10 chris_n hehe
20:10 chris_n the hammer worked
20:11 chris_n owen's observations set me on the solution, but I would *not* recommend using Ubuntu 9.10 for anything Koha atm
20:11 chris_n unless you get there via 9.04 and do a distro upgrade
20:12 owen *whew*
20:12 chris_n I had to set all my sources pointed to jaunty
20:12 chris_n completely remove all mysql stuff
20:12 chris_n and install from jaunty
20:12 chris_n then switch my sources back to karmic
20:13 chris_n and then upgrade all mysql stuff
20:13 Ropuch Evening #koha
20:13 chris_n at which point I had the current ver w/the InnoDB engine compiled
20:13 chris_n hi Ropuch
20:13 cait hi Ropuch
20:13 cait @wunder Konstanz
20:13 munin cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 3.0�C (9:00 PM CET on February 18, 2010). Conditions: Mist. Humidity: 80%. Dew Point: 1.0�C. Pressure: 29.62 in 1003 hPa (Rising).
20:13 chris_n @wunder 28334
20:13 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 10.0�C (2:41 PM EST on February 18, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 28%. Dew Point: -8.0�C. Windchill: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Falling).
20:13 brendan @wunder 93117
20:13 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 15.5�C (12:12 PM PST on February 18, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.94 in 1013.8 hPa (Steady).
20:15 SJeffery joined #koha
20:15 chris cait: im just trying updating the de po files, ill let you know when its done and you can check them
20:15 cait chris: ok! :)
20:16 wizzyrea_laptop owen: we are doing a bug hold debugging/testing stint tomorrow
20:16 owen Bring painkillers.
20:16 wizzyrea_laptop iknorite
20:17 owen right now I'm trying to figure out if items are remaining on the holds queue list because there are still items available to fulfill the hold
20:17 wizzyrea_laptop of course we have this one giant variable in our system: the selfchecks
20:18 * ebegin is looking for a SQL request to get the X borrower with the higher number of issues (current and past)...
20:21 ebegin ... and i'm stuck with an Every derived table must have its own alias because of my UNION
20:24 * ebegin is now unstuck :)
20:25 wizzyrea_laptop owen: obvious question, this is after regenerating the queue, right?
20:26 owen wizzyrea_laptop: That's what I fear
20:26 wizzyrea_laptop hrm.
20:28 owen Wow "GetItemsAvailableToFillHoldRequestsForBib" is a real mouthful :)
20:29 moodaepo joined #koha
20:29 moodaepo @wunder 56001
20:29 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in Mankato, Minnesota is -5.0�C (2:15 PM CST on February 18, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 68%. Dew Point: -10.0�C. Windchill: -9.0�C. Pressure: 30.13 in 1020 hPa (Falling).
20:32 brendan hi moodaepo
20:32 chris cait:
20:32 chris i dunno if it's any better
20:33 moodaepo brendan: Hey! I was thinking my connection was crapped so relogged into it's been quiet today : )
20:34 owen gmcharlt still around?
20:34 moodaepo or maybe the relogin did help?
20:34 gmcharlt owen: what's up?
20:34 owen gmcharlt:[…]1d3ff4d754c14904b
20:34 owen I'm looking at the subquery you added in that commit
20:34 brendan been busy on #koha channel
20:35 cait 8675 words need attention
20:35 cait wow
20:35 owen gmcharlt: I'm not sure if I'm understanding it all correctly, but I'm concerned that this isn't working right
20:36 owen gmcharlt: selecting itemnumbers where itemnumber IS NOT NULL AND (found IS NOT NULL OR priority = 0) is going to exclude items which have been allocated for holds but not made waiting
20:37 wizzyrea_laptop owen! Yes! this is one of our major bugs I think...
20:37 wizzyrea_laptop that LL was supposed to fix in sept!
20:37 owen When I check in a hold and confirm it, the itemnumber is added to the line in the reserve table but "found" is still NULL
20:38 gmcharlt hmm - at that point found should be set to 'W'
20:38 owen Not before the item has been checked in and confirmed at its destination branch
20:39 owen (sorry--need to specify that this is a hold at another branch)
20:39 cait chris: cant find my examples in po
20:39 wizzyrea_laptop owen, like this
20:39 wizzyrea_laptop[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3595
20:39 wizzyrea_laptop ?
20:39 munin Bug 3595: normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Items seen at checkin should always go to 1st priority hold
20:39 chris cait: guess not then :(
20:39 gmcharlt ah - gotcha
20:39 chris ill have to look into over the weekend
20:39 owen I don't know wizzyrea_laptop, I was trying to figure out whether items which have already been allocated for a hold are showing up on the hold queue
20:39 gmcharlt subquery would then either have to include a join on branchtransfers
20:40 gmcharlt or perhaps define a new value for found : 'T'
20:40 gmcharlt meaning that hte item is allocated for a hold but is in transit
20:40 wizzyrea_laptop I think this might be another side effect
20:40 cait tell me when I can help you with something
20:40 wizzyrea_laptop of what you are describing
20:40 wizzyrea_laptop gmcharlt: we have a bug to add that as well
20:41 gmcharlt the reason why itemnumber not null is not sufficient is the case of item-level hold requests
20:41 owen Right, I was just figuring that out
20:41 Sharon joined #koha
20:41 owen I always thought there was an interim value for "found" between NULL and W, I guess I was wrong.
20:42 wizzyrea_laptop bug 3344
20:42 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3344 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Hold priority list needs additional status for items assigned but not waiting
20:42 gmcharlt owen: there was, kinda sorta, but that fell apart with item-level requests
20:43 Sharon I'm a color person - in the OPAC, in transit items are red, available are green.  The problem is that items waiting on a holds shelf are green - show as available.  CAn these be 'orange' or 'yellow'?
20:43 owen Sharon:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2655
20:43 munin Bug 2655: major, P2, ---,, REOPENED, Items waiting on the hold shelf display as "Available" in OPAC
20:43 Sharon Also, with the holds priority list, in transit items show up at the top of the holds priority list in a funky order.  Can they be pulled and put down at the bottom of the list with a status of 'in transit' similar to the 'waiting' items?
20:44 owen Sharon I think that makes sense. Is that what bug 3344 is talking about?
20:45 Sharon owen should I add a comment about my color preference for 2655? ;-)
20:45 Sharon yep, that's the other concern.
20:45 Sharon good, they're both just to get fixes! :-)
20:45 jwagner And just in case it feeds into the whole problem/ solution, see Bug 3792
20:45 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3792 normal, P3, ---,, NEW, Checking out on-hold item to someone else replaces item-level hold with next available
20:46 wizzyrea_laptop (we try really hard not to do item level holds @ nekls)
20:47 owen Sharon: are the color issues you're talking about on the search results page or the detail page?
20:47 SJeffery Is there a way to check what development work is being done on the Z39 record-importation functions?
20:47 Sharon Unfortunately the Local Holds item type creates/behaves like an item-level hold
20:47 Sharon causing item-level hold confusion and odd behavior
20:48 Sharon owen search results page, where the green available notes and red (3 in transit) notes show up
20:48 Sharon available should mean a patron can go to the shelf and pull the book.
20:49 Sharon red means it's in transit
20:49 Sharon yellow means it's not checked out, but most likely will be unless the hold is canceled
20:50 jwagner left #koha
20:50 owen Yeah that's definitely Bug 2655. I'd make that a blocker for 3.2 if I was in charge.
20:50 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2655 major, P2, ---,, REOPENED, Items waiting on the hold shelf display as "Available" in OPAC
20:50 Sharon or combine on hold and in transit as "unavailable" and put a count next to the results
20:51 Sharon owen that bug has bothered us from the beginning
20:51 gmcharlt owen: your wish is my command
20:51 wizzyrea_laptop and LL said they would fix it
20:51 wizzyrea_laptop we've harped on it forever with them
20:51 * gmcharlt looks at the CC list for that bug and goes "meep!"
20:51 owen I would do that: no need to break out "in transit" and "on hold" if the upshot is that the patron can't find it on the shelf.
20:51 owen :D
20:51 nengard_ left #koha
20:52 * owen is tempted to find a LEK customer and ask them if it's fixed for them
20:52 gmcharlt Sharon: yes, please add your notes on color preferences to 2655
20:52 wizzyrea_laptop the demo on LL site wouldn't have that data?
20:53 wizzyrea_laptop it's LEK iir
20:53 wizzyrea_laptop iirc
20:53 owen Is the LibLime demo now running LEK?
20:53 wizzyrea_laptop i believe so
20:54 Sharon will do
20:54 Sharon never mind, I like the idea of having just red and green
20:54 owen So gmcharlt you agree that it looks like there is a bug in that section of
20:55 Sharon green means on shelf, red means not available physically
20:55 gmcharlt owen: yes - please file a bug for that or point me to the bug number
20:55 owen Okay, thanks, I'll file a bug
20:55 gmcharlt thinking about it a bit more, I think defining a found status of 'T' is the way to go
20:56 * wizzyrea_laptop hopes that she's right and that a lot of stuff hangs on that
20:56 gmcharlt but there are ~15 place that I'll need to check
20:56 wizzyrea_laptop gmcharlt: you need a reserves apprentice
20:59 chris and then you can yell you're fired at them
20:59 wizzyrea_laptop O.O
20:59 wizzyrea_laptop question about cloning rules in sysprefs
20:59 wizzyrea_laptop only the top table clones? not the rest of them
20:59 wizzyrea_laptop ?
21:00 wizzyrea_laptop is that a feature or a bug
21:00 wizzyrea_laptop er, cloning rules in system administration, I mean
21:00 owen
21:00 chris cait:
21:01 wizzyrea_laptop yep
21:01 cait chris: cool!
21:01 chris fredericd did all the hardwork
21:01 cait chris: I m working on translation of installer sql files too, will translate everything you throw in my direction ;)
21:01 owen wizzyrea_laptop: Yes, it only clones the rules in that one table
21:01 chris :)
21:02 wizzyrea_laptop good, ok, it's not just us. So, is that intentional or just incomplete?
21:02 owen I think that when the cloning process was written there may not have been other tables?
21:03 owen So I guess incomplete now that rules are more complex and varied.
21:04 wizzyrea_laptop well... it's new since our production server, and we have the smart rules
21:05 wizzyrea_laptop so I will file it as an enhancement bug, since it's merely annoying that you can't clone the other rules
21:06 chris_n wizzyrea_laptop: do you also find it annoying to have to re-enter all fields to change an existing rule?
21:07 wizzyrea_laptop yes, I do, actually
21:07 wizzyrea_laptop :)
21:07 wizzyrea_laptop but we don't change rules all that often, so it's not SUPER annoying
21:07 wizzyrea_laptop just a little annoying.
21:07 * chris_n was thinking those could be text fields in the table and just pre-populate with rule data
21:07 chris_n then have an update button to round it off
21:08 cait chris_n: it is annoying, an update button would be a great enhancement
21:09 chris_n hdl has some further enhancements to the smart rules which I think he is trying to finish up
21:09 collum left #koha
21:09 chris_n so maybe that one should be put on the list for 3.4
21:09 cait just wanted to say that :) Ergonomics of  smart-rules and circulation parameters (rfc for 3.2
21:09 cait 3.4 )
21:09 chris_n yup
21:32 owen left #koha
21:44 indradg_ joined #koha
21:44 indradg left #koha
21:44 brendan .away
21:45 * chris hands brenda a /
21:45 brendan thanks 8)
21:45 brendan @wunder 93117
21:45 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 14.9�C (1:43 PM PST on February 18, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013.1 hPa (Falling).
21:45 indradg_ left #koha
21:48 SJeffery left #koha
21:48 * braedon|work hands chris a n
21:48 chris heh
21:49 * brendan hands chris an n too
21:49 * brendan likes his name
21:50 chris its cos i was talking to brenda on identica at the same time :)
21:50 braedon|work but now he has two n's!
21:50 braedon|work brendann?
21:50 brendan ok I retract my n
21:50 brendan :)
21:53 brendan
21:53 brendan looks like the new library gang podcast is posted
21:53 brendan featuring nengard and john yokley
21:54 gmcharlt was it recorded before or after 11 February?
21:54 chris heh good question
21:54 brendan I think on the 12th
21:55 * brendan checks nengard calender
21:55 brendan yup friday feb. 12th
21:55 * chris will have to listen ... altho the track record of the podcasts leads me to believe it will be heavily leaning towards proprietary
21:55 brendan always it seems, but at least we've got nengard there
21:56 chris yep
21:56 brendan nengard++
21:56 chris listening now
21:56 brendan me too
21:57 brendan oh man not too many ops on channel
21:57 cait I listened to it earlier today, but did not understand everything
21:57 chris yeah we need thd to wander in
21:57 brendan going to need si back or get thd-away to promote some peeps
21:58 brendan ah si is here maybe he can work his magic again
21:58 chris only way for him to get ops, is to bump us all off
21:58 chris we need thd-away
21:59 richard yep it's all reliant on him
21:59 chris ohhh interesting
22:00 chris "at this point"
22:00 brendan yeah I caught that too
22:00 chris i wonder if that means they are gonna try to buy liblime again later
22:01 chris the way they pronounce Koha makes my ears hurt
22:04 chris *sigh*
22:05 brendan that be a loud *sigh*
22:05 schuster who buy LibLime? PTFS?  I heard a rumor that it isn't a dead possibility.
22:05 brendan schuster were are listening to
22:05 chris well from the horses mouth, john yokley said we couldnt complete the deal at this point
22:06 schuster at this point.
22:06 chris exactly
22:06 chris formal governance
22:06 chris lol
22:06 chris i hope nicole pounds that out of the court
22:07 schuster left #koha
22:10 Sharon_ joined #koha
22:11 liz-nekls joined #koha
22:11 chris wow, i cant understand a word frances is saying
22:12 cait ok, so its not just my bad english g
22:13 chris no, really bad sound levels
22:14 chris_n "re-ignition"... nice word
22:17 brendan yeah hard to hear fances
22:17 wizzyrea_laptop left #koha
22:18 Nate joined #koha
22:18 chris_n lots of artifacts in her audio
22:18 chris yeah
22:19 Sharon left #koha
22:19 Sharon_ is now known as Sharon
22:19 brendan nice word artifacts
22:19 chris_n it comes from heavy compression iirc
22:25 chris_n heh, I get a 404 error when clicking on Talin Bingham's link
22:26 chris heh
22:26 Sharon left #koha
22:26 liz-nekls left #koha
22:28 brendan talin sounds like such a serious name
22:28 chris wow, what a weird question
22:28 chris_n which?
22:29 chris the commercial vs community
22:29 chris one, from richard
22:29 chris_n Yokley must be drawing from his recent survey
22:29 braedon|work brendan: talin sounds like a sci-fi name
22:30 brendan "had to concur with nicole on that"  you go nengard++
22:30 * chris_n imagines a predator
22:30 * masonj waves from kapiti
22:30 chris hiya masonj
22:30 * chris_n waves back
22:31 brendan hiya mason
22:31 masonj heya, weather is sweet out here
22:33 chris_n bbl
22:33 liz-nekls joined #koha
22:33 chris this is really interesting
22:34 liz-nekls left #koha
22:35 chris round the 34 min mark
22:37 chris so much focus on governance, so much lack of understanding on how that could logistically work
22:41 Jo joined #koha
22:42 chris hiya Jo
22:42 Jo Listening to Library Gand 2.0 talking about open source library systems: nice putting a voice to Nicole Engard, John Yokley
22:42 Jo Hi Chris
22:42 Jo
22:42 chris yeah we were all just discussing it
22:42 Jo 6 developers Chris - really! Thats astounding.
22:43 chris well it'll be 4 pretty shortly
22:43 chris srdjan is working on a patch now
22:43 Jo very cool
22:44 brendan hi Jo
22:44 wizzyrea left #koha
22:44 chris PTFS second largest vendor?
22:44 chris i take issue with that
22:45 chris god damn i hate marketing
22:45 chris i can think of at least 7 metrics where they are 2nd smallest
22:45 Jo hi Brerndan
22:45 chris interesting podcast tho
22:45 Jo can someone flick me a link to todays irc log
22:46 Jo wish I could navigate that wiki ....
22:46 chris
22:46 Jo thanks
22:47 chris[…]ommits_by_domains would be my answer to John
22:51 collum_ joined #koha
22:52 chris heck collum_ has 4.7 many patches :)
22:52 brendan left #koha
22:53 brendan joined #koha
22:53 collum_ huh?
22:54 * chris knew that would confuse ya :)
22:54 brendan heh - first time colloquy has crashed on me
22:54 gmcharlt collum_: you're evidently 4.7 defense contractors large ;)
22:54 collum_ It's not difficult.
22:54 chris :-)
22:55 sekjal I'm not sure "large" is the best adjective to market a Koha vendor
22:57 sekjal "large" brings to mind corporate, and cold, and uncaring.
22:57 sekjal I'd prefer a vendor that really cared about me and my institution.
22:58 Jo (if my boss could see me know I'd get slapped. impossible to type and listen to this ....
22:58 Jo sitting here gazing into space listening and thinking
22:58 chris sekjal: yep
22:58 Jo maybe its the accents that means i have to concentrate so hard
22:59 brendan we don't have accents :)
22:59 chris bbiab
22:59 Jo Frances sounds like she's talking under the ocean - I just can't make ouit the words at all
22:59 Jo brendan :)
23:01 collum_ Ah.  Just reading the logs.  I haven't listened yet. It just downloaded to my itunes a few minutes ago.
23:03 sekjal I've got to grab me a copy of the referenced podcast
23:03 sekjal would that my phone could just listen through the browser, but no
23:04 sekjal well, that's a project for later.  Now I must get myself out of the office, grab some dinner, and prepare for tomorrow mornings upgrade
23:06 sekjal goodnight, all
23:06 sekjal left #koha
23:09 CGI802 joined #koha
23:10 moodaepo @wunder 56001
23:10 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in Mankato, Minnesota is -5.0�C (4:55 PM CST on February 18, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: -12.0�C. Windchill: -9.0�C. Pressure: 30.13 in 1020 hPa (Falling).
23:10 gmcharlt left #koha
23:11 CGI802 left #koha
23:12 braedon|work @wunder tauranga nz
23:12 munin braedon|work: The current temperature in Tauranga Aerodrome Aws, New Zealand is 22.0�C (10:00 AM NZDT on February 19, 2010). Conditions: . Humidity: 63%. Dew Point: 16.0�C. Pressure: 29.66 in 1004 hPa (Rising).
23:13 cait @wunder konstanz
23:13 brendan @wunder 93117
23:13 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 14.5�C (3:08 PM PST on February 18, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 9.0�C. Pressure: 29.90 in 1012.4 hPa (Steady).
23:13 cait @wunder konstanz
23:13 munin cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 2.0�C (12:00 AM CET on February 19, 2010). Conditions: Mist. Humidity: 89%. Dew Point: 0.0�C. Pressure: 29.59 in 1002 hPa (Falling).
23:15 moodaepo How I long for days on +ve side of the Dew Point. Today is warmer than yesterday. The colour of the day is bright white.
23:19 cait ok, time to sleep here - bye #koha
23:24 cait left #koha
23:31 gmcharlt joined #koha
23:37 Nate left #koha
23:48 chris back

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