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02:50 chris[…]on-from-winnebago
02:53 rhcl_home chris!
02:53 rhcl_home Hey, I was reading this and almost expected to see you name in it somewhere....
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02:54 rhcl_home sed s/you/your
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03:05 chris hehe naw, koha's big year at LCA was 2006
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04:36 Amit hi brendan
04:36 Amit morning #koha
04:36 brendan hi amit
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05:05 greenmang0 @wunder mumbai
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05:05 greenmang0 hdl_laptop: hello :)
05:25 brendan @wunder 93117
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06:43 greenmang0 what happened to ????? i am not able to connect :(
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06:49 chris i can
06:50 chris but they have been changing things around a lot
06:50 brendan yup I'm getting to it also
06:52 Amit heya chris
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07:14 Ropuch Morning #koha
07:17 brendan morning Ropuch
07:23 Amit heya Ropuch
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07:35 Amit heya nicomo
07:35 nicomo hi Amit
07:35 nicomo morning all
07:35 chris hi nicomo
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07:38 brendan hi nicomo
07:38 chris youre up late brendan
07:40 brendan yup finishing off some things and making sure they're good
07:40 chris making_things_good++
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07:43 Drew can anyone help with a new install of koha 3?
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07:43 chris what version?
07:44 Drew 3.0
07:44 chris 3.0.what?
07:44 chris we are up to 3.0.5
07:45 Drew 3.00.02
07:45 chris ahh quite an old version then
07:45 Drew i think that
07:45 chris yep, what about it?
07:46 Drew it installed fine on the server but all i get is a down for matience screen in my browser
07:47 Drew s
07:47 chris have you run the web installer on the staff interface?
07:47 Drew ss
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07:48 Drew lost my connection
07:48 chris ok i asked
07:48 chris have you run the web installer on the staff interface?
07:49 Drew no how do i do that
07:49 Drew i don't have instructions for that i don't think
07:51 chris its on port 8080 by default
07:51 chris so take the url you use to get to the opac
07:51 chris and add :8080
07:53 Drew i did that and i get nothing i have add that port to apache ports.conf to listen but it does not show me anything
07:55 chris hmm thats odd
07:57 Drew is my problem in apache?
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08:02 chris sure seems like it
08:02 Drew i am back
08:02 Drew won't stay connected
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08:04 chris hiya paul_p
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08:42 kf hi #koh :)
08:43 chris hiya kf
08:48 magnus hm, anyone getting the latest HEAD to install?
08:50 chris yeah you need the patch hdl sent
08:50 chris to fix kohastructure.sql
08:50 kf hi chris
08:51 Amit hi kf
08:51 kf I saw screenshots of our catalog in jo's and your presentation :)
08:51 kf hi Amit
08:51 chris heh
08:51 kf magnus: just delete the first two lines - it works fine after that :)
08:52 magnus kf: yeah, that did the trick
08:53 magnus i tried it before the weekend, but just commented out those two lines, which gave me some trouble later on, of course...
08:54 pastebot "magnus" at pasted "Problem during "make test" on latest HEAD" (76 lines) at
08:55 magnus i'm no good at test, is anyone able to see what goes wrong here?
08:55 chris you can ignore that
08:55 magnus chris: good
09:10 brendan night #koha
09:11 kf night brendan :)
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09:29 kf jwagner: around?
09:29 kf hm, maybe too early
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10:04 CGI317 hi all
10:05 CGI317 i'm trying to determine the storage requirement for Koha
10:05 CGI317 can anyone tell me how much space is required per 10K books?
10:06 hdl_laptop depends on your biblios ;)
10:06 CGI317 ok...the worst case scenario?
10:07 CGI317 is 1KB per resource reasonable?
10:08 kf I think the zebra indexes can get pretty big
10:11 CGI317 can i store the index on different drive and backup only the db?
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10:13 kf ok, we have 16 gb for about 50000 records (complete installation)
10:14 kf not sure if this helps
10:14 kf I think you can have different servers for zebra, koha and mysql, but someone else might know better
10:16 CGI317 thanks kf.  that works out to be about 335K per record
10:17 kf mom phone
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10:43 kf 16 gb including ubuntu, koha etc.
11:02 Ropuch Hi kf!
11:02 kf hi Ropuch
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11:07 amadan Hi Guys, I'm in a bit of a fix, I'm trying to install Date::Manip, a perl module and its asking for perl 5.10 which koha doesn't support. I have 5.8.8. Could anyone help?
11:21 Ropuch amadan: I have Koha 3.00.05 and 3.2 running on perl 5.10
11:23 kf I think there was something on the mailinglist about perl compatibilty recently
11:24 amadan really so i can run perl 5.10 on koha?
11:24 amadan thats good news thanks Ropuch
11:24 kf found it:
11:25 kf should be no problem: 'this warning should be removed. Koha works perfectly well with 5.10'
11:27 amadan kf, u just made my day
11:27 amadan thanks a zillion
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12:36 tomascohen hi, back from holidays
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12:50 kf hi nengard
12:50 nengard howdy
12:51 hdl_laptop hi
12:51 kf hi jwagner - can you give me your email address? I have a mail with exmample file for import of extended patron attributes ready for you :)
12:51 * jwagner asks if it's already morning.
12:51 jwagner kf, it's -- thanks much!
12:53 kf jwagner: sent
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12:56 jwagner Thanks kf.  As soon as I wake up :-( I'll see if I can figure out my problem....
12:57 kf I hope its helpful
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13:10 jwagner kf, nothing has arrived yet -- doublecheck the address?
13:10 kf mom
13:11 kf
13:11 kf there is an attached .csv-file - could this be a problem?
13:12 jwagner Hmm.  Shouldn't take that long to get through, I wouldn't think.  Let's see if shows up.  The attachment shouldn't be a problem.  Might be caught up in the network spam filter somewhere....
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13:19 kf I can try resending it with a zip-attachement?
13:19 jwagner Yes, try that.
13:19 kf oh
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13:19 kf it came back
13:19 kf The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please    try 550-5.1.1 double-checking the recipient's email address for typos or
13:20 * jwagner thinks if the universe has decided I don't exist, that means I can go back to bed, right?
13:20 kf ok, lets try again
13:20 kf right?
13:20 chris_n lol jwagner :)
13:21 jwagner Yes, that should be me.
13:21 chris_n welcome to Monday... muhahahaha
13:21 jwagner Grrrrrrrrrrrr
13:21 jwagner I don't do mornings, and I don't do Mondays....
13:21 kf ok, sent again
13:21 kf with .zip
13:22 kf it came back again - what am I doing wrong?
13:22 kf :(
13:22 jwagner Damfino
13:22 jwagner Try sending me an email without the attachment, just for giggles.
13:22 kf ok
13:23 kf no, you dont exist
13:24 jwagner OK, good night everybody, then....
13:25 kf do you have an alternate email address?
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13:31 jwagner kf, it came in OK to my alternate address, and I was able to forward it OK to my work address.  I dunno....
13:31 kf me too
13:31 kf but glad you got it :)
13:31 jwagner Maybe the gremlins are at work this morning.
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13:34 * owen is having a sense of deja vu about this email thing
13:37 jwagner AHA!!!!
13:37 * jwagner does happy dance
13:38 jwagner kf, your example was similar to the ones schuster and I were trying Friday, except for one thing -- you didn't have your entry wrapped in double quotes.
13:38 jwagner The Tools, patron import page specifically says This means that if an input record has more than one attribute, the 'patron_attributes' field must be wrapped in double quotation marks.
13:39 jwagner However, when I tried my test file without them, they imported just fine.
13:40 jwagner I want to do some more experimenting with quote strings, since this particular patron set would normally have a comma in the attribute fields, but at least it works this way.  THANK YOU!!!
13:42 kf you are welcome :)
13:43 jwagner ...and it will work with a comma -- formatting the attribute field like this imports OK:  "STARTDATE:January 1, 2010","TRACK:Day"
13:43 kf :)
13:55 jwagner @later tell schuster check logs for Monday morning IRC on patron attribute problem -- kf's example got it fixed.
13:55 munin jwagner: The operation succeeded.
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14:02 ebegin morning all!
14:05 schuster jwagner - so you got your patrons to load correctly?
14:06 jwagner Yep.  Either the way kf had it formatted (no quote marks) or wrapping each attribute code/field in its own quote set.
14:06 jwagner The problem was trying to wrap the entire field (both attributes) in one set of quote marks.
14:06 jwagner Need to do something about the wording on the Tools, Patron Import page....
14:07 schuster Still strange that mine load ok...  did you try using the members files I sent?
14:07 jwagner No, I hadn't gotten around to looking at the code differences yet.
14:14 jwagner schuster, I'm working at a later level of code than you, but not at current head.  It would be interesting to see what happens with loading attributes at current head.  Anyone have a system at that level with patron attributes defined?
14:15 schuster I'm working toward that in testing hopefully this month.
14:16 schuster First I need to scale my DB down so it will fit on my test machine!
14:17 jwagner I may try to set up a test on our current head system if I get a chance.  Have to define the attributes there first.
14:35 kf I can test the file on my laptop at home, its current head.
14:35 jwagner I went ahead & tried the patron attribute on a system -- same results as on my level of code (061).  Looks like something changed between your level, schuster, and later.
14:35 kf ah ok
14:36 jwagner This system isn't configured yet for sending patches; when it is, I'll do a patch to reword the screen text on the import page (unless someone beats me to it).
14:38 magnus here's a Swedish evaluation of Koha: (PDF, 31 pages, in swedish) - the title says it all: "Good enough? It's a really good system!" ;-)
14:48 schuster So possibly in the future I will need to do "xxx" around each of the extended attributes to get them to load correctly?  just checking...
14:50 jwagner Only if they have commas in them.  I did a load with spaces but no commas, like STARTDATE:January 1 2010,TRACK:Day and it went in OK.  I used the "STARTDATE:January 1, 2010","TRACK:Day" variant because I had a comma in the first attribute.
14:51 jwagner Mind you, I didn't actually try the string with a comma and no quotes -- I assumed it would fail because of the comma :-)
14:52 schuster OK thanks for the clarification - so in the future my current file that I receive from student records should load fine.  whew.
14:53 jwagner Fingers crossed....
14:55 schuster Do you have a database with URL's?  we've modified the URL checker utility and I would like someone else to test it before we do anything else.  I REALLY like it...  I'll update the wiki with information in a little while.  It checked about 40 URL's in under a minute providing me the 7 URLS that were bad on a webpage with a link to the bib.
14:56 schuster Have to go to a meeting now, and then another at 11:30 so it may be later this afternoon before I can get it out and the wiki updated.
14:56 jwagner schuster, was that for me, or anyone in general?
15:03 schuster Anyone in general...  It's almost done, but I want to see if it works for others too.  Then I need to check it against the current head before committing it.
15:03 jwagner I don't think I have a system set up that I could test it on, but I'll check.  Someone else might be a better candidate.
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15:11 nengard hmm - i can't seem to get into my local install of koha
15:11 nengard it says 'We are upgrading from Koha to,' i go through the upgrade - but it doesn't complete and so i can't get past it ... any tips?
15:12 owen nengard: You've probably got a bad
15:12 owen An error was committed recently
15:12 nengard how do i get a good one ;)
15:12 owen You just have to delete the first two lines
15:14 nengard owen -  did that - but i'm still stuck in a loop and have update errors ... bleh - will pastebin them
15:15 nengard
15:16 owen Just to confirm, did you copy of look like this:
15:16 owen[…]f29060418;hb=HEAD
15:16 nengard ooo - got it
15:17 nengard now to document rotating collections ... if i can figure it out :)
15:17 nengard or not - taht's right - there are no templates yet ...
15:17 nengard hmmm
15:17 nengard what else is new ;) hehe
15:18 kf enrollment date in category type
15:18 kf :)
15:18 kf I really like that one
15:18 nengard enrollment date? for patrons?
15:18 kf nengard: hdl asked about my os and a public key for git--- any tips? what are u using?
15:18 kf yes, instead of months
15:18 nengard kf - i'll find the instructions he sent me
15:18 kf so you can set it to end of trimester
15:18 nengard and email them to you
15:19 kf he offered instructions too, but Im not sure what will work better for me windows or linux in vb - so I wanted to ask how you are working
15:19 kf and thank you :)
15:21 gmcharlt nengard: re rotating collections, I'm tempted to push that out to 3.4 anyway - thoughts?
15:22 nengard gmcharlt i guess it depends how hard it will be to test - if it's not too difficult I'd say keep it in - I'll gladly test it out
15:24 owen kf, I hadn't noticed that. You can assign a patron category an enrollment period or set a date until which they stay enrolled.
15:24 nengard owen - me either - but i'm documenting it now
15:24 kf I think its from biblibres branch
15:25 kf and i really like it, my librarian asked for this some time ago
15:25 kf what I missed in my installation: alpha index search
15:25 kf and some sysprefs
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15:29 kf someone using finesCalendar = ignoreCalendar?
15:31 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: I was quite interested in rotating collections, but since this new feature was not in roadmap, prudence would prompt us into leaving that for 3.4;)
15:32 gmcharlt yeah, I'm particularly nervous about anything that adds a new event to checkin
15:32 hdl_laptop hehe...
15:33 nengard so - are we going to roll back that patch?
15:36 nengard Hey - where did that plus sign next to the patron search box come from???? :) hehe
15:37 hdl_laptop nengard: I needed a neat way to propose more searches.
15:37 owen nengard: ?
15:37 owen Oh, I see
15:38 nengard cool - off to fix that part of the documentation :) hehe
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16:00 chris_n so what syspref have I missed if attempting to place a hold on an item in opac returns a poorly formatted error to the effect: 'Sorry, none of these items can be placed on hold.' ?
16:01 owen chris_n: In HEAD? I get the same thing
16:01 chris_n yup
16:01 chris_n so this is a bug?
16:02 owen Or a combination of bugs
16:02 chris_n ouch :-P
16:02 * chris_n thinks the error should be returned in the cart template rather than dumping the user back to
16:02 chris_n rather
16:02 owen chris_n: I haven't seen that
16:03 owen I've just gotten the error when placing holds from
16:03 owen Are you getting this when reserving from the cart?
16:03 chris_n yes...
16:04 chris_n and the cart window is small, so going to reserves really looks tacky without a window resize
16:04 schuster nengard - wasn't there something with inventory as well?
16:04 owen chris_n: I don't get an error, I just get a page where none of the items can be selected.
16:04 * chris_n is running through the opac pushing misc buttons to see what they do :-)
16:05 schuster nengard - also batch edit, delete of items?
16:05 owen we need a flag like "popup=1" to pass to
16:05 owen hide the search bar
16:05 chris_n or logic to allow to loop if the item is not available for reserve
16:06 chris_n ie return the user to the basket with an message displayed there
16:06 nengard schuster - on a  call - havne't been reading ... what are we talking about?
16:06 nengard something how? a bug?
16:06 owen chris_n: But you still have to land on within the pop-up to complete a successful hold
16:07 chris_n owen: I'll look at reserves a bit to see if I can scare out the problem
16:07 owen Bug 3864
16:07 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3864 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Cannot place holds in staff client
16:07 chris_n owen: so even if there is a problem, I don't want to go back to the basket, correct?
16:07 nahuel ?
16:07 chris_n so maybe the opac issue is related
16:08 chris_n has this patch made it to HEAD?
16:08 owen chris_n: I assumed that it had, but I'm not positive.
16:09 chris_n nengard: do you know if this bug is fixed?
16:10 nengard chris_n bug 3864?  I'll check when off the phone
16:10 chris_n tnx
16:15 nengard okay - call done - off to test holds
16:16 nengard chris_n looks like that owrks
16:16 nengard now - schuster - what were you asking me??
16:16 chris_n nengard: tnx
16:17 chris_n owen: I'll look around a bit and open a bug
16:20 kf @Konstanz
16:20 munin kf: Error: "Konstanz" is not a valid command.
16:21 kf @wunder Konstanz
16:21 munin kf: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is -3.0�C (5:00 PM CET on February 01, 2010). Conditions: Light Snow. Humidity: 80%. Dew Point: -5.0�C. Pressure: 30.03 in 1017 hPa (Rising).
16:21 kf snow... yes. time to go home and warm up - bye :)
16:22 kf left #koha
16:23 owen chris_n: I just deleted everything from the issuingrules table and tried again and it worked fine
16:23 owen Sorry, deleted everything, added back a single default rule, and then tried again.
16:24 * owen will try now from the cart
16:25 owen chris_n: No errors for me when placing multiple holds from the OPAC cart
16:26 chris_n great... I'll check the rules
16:27 chris_n owen: my issuingrules table is empty
16:28 chris_n is that the case with your's?
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16:28 chris_n do I need to define at least one rule for holds to work?
16:28 owen chris_n: I think so
16:28 owen That's what I did, add one default rule
16:29 schuster nengard - you were asking for things to document - I was being kind giving suggestions of what I have heard have been added/changed.
16:30 nengard ahhhhh - okay
16:30 nengard got it
16:30 chris_n wow, the issuing rules interface is a bit confusing :-P
16:34 chris_n opps... issuingrules is missing a column
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16:35 nengard Woo Hoo - I don't have to be all quiet anymore - awesome news from NPL, owen, and bywater:[…]bywater-solutions
16:38 owen Thanks nengard, Nate and brendan!
16:38 Nate Thank you Owen!
16:41 gmcharlt congrats!
16:43 brendan owen++
16:43 schuster ++ - if this was facebook it would say likes this...:)
16:46 chris_n great news! congrats!
16:46 nengard schuster - it will be on facebook shortly :)
16:46 nengard it goes there automatically from our blog every 30 min :)
16:47 chris_n owen: it turns out that there is a syspref "maxreserves' which defaults to null
16:47 chris_n which it should probably not
16:47 chris_n I setup a default rule, but apparently does not check that
16:47 chris_n it looks at the syspref instead
16:47 owen chris_n: Ah, remembering now...
16:47 owen Bug 3785
16:47 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3785 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, New Install, no maxreserves setting, OPAC holds fail
16:48 owen Bug 4045
16:48 chris_n which seems contradictory
16:48 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4045 critical, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, No check for maximum number of allowed holds.
16:48 * chris_n thinks the syspref needs to go and the rule become king
16:48 chris_n unless the syspref is intended to be the absolute default
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16:50 owen I think the syspref was supposed to go away
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16:51 * chris_n adds his $0.02 to the bug
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16:52 owen Hi joetho
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16:57 brendan @wunder 93117
16:58 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 9.9�C (8:51 AM PST on February 01, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Windchill: 10.0�C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014.1 hPa (Rising).
16:59 jwagner Catching up here -- congrats to owen & Bywater!
17:00 schuster @wunder 75074
17:00 munin schuster: The current temperature in Brookview, Plano, Texas is 7.7�C (10:44 AM CST on February 01, 2010). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 64%. Dew Point: 1.0�C. Windchill: 6.0�C. Pressure: 29.44 in 996.8 hPa (Steady).
17:04 nengard thanks jwagner
17:05 chris_n ok, so no code obeys the reserve setting in issue rules
17:09 chris_n hdl_laptop: do you mind if I take bug 4045 or is there work in progress on it?
17:09 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4045 critical, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, No check for maximum number of allowed holds.
17:14 hdl_laptop chris_n: you can take that.
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17:24 nengard so - the one part of the manual I have held off on is the OPAC - do we see many more 3.2 changes to the OPAC down the pike? or should I get cracking on that section?
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17:25 owen chris_n++ # for taking on the holds bug
17:28 chris_n owen: interestingly enough, I had a few local users trying out the opac here as a sort of 'beta' before going live and within 5 minutes one of them was asking why they could not place a hold on an item...
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17:29 chris NPL++
17:43 Ropuch Good evening
17:43 hdl_laptop hi chris
17:44 * nengard taking some lunch time
17:47 * owen too
17:47 owen is now known as owen-away
17:54 chris_n howdy chris
17:55 chris heya
17:55 chris_n chasing more opac bugs today
17:56 * chris will brb
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18:37 joetho hi owen
18:38 jwagner chris_n, around?
18:39 chris_n here
18:40 jwagner Getting another error with the label creator when trying to save changes to the label template:
18:40 jwagner Can't bless non-reference value at  kohaclone/C4/Labels/ line 89.
18:40 jwagner Have you seen that one?  Is it patched somewhere?
18:40 chris_n jwagner: what version are you on?
18:41 jwagner from roughly October, I think
18:42 jwagner I believe you did several label patches, not sure if/how many we're missing.
18:42 chris_n om
18:44 owen-away is now known as owen
18:47 chris_n jwagner: I'm really not sure
18:52 jwagner Ok, thanks.
18:54 tirabo left #koha
18:57 chris_n jwagner: the labels code has been reworked again and many bugs fixed in the latest patron card submissions as well
18:58 chris ok bus time
19:03 chris_n jwagner: maybe this one:[…]13045da1b57064b37
19:03 chris_n and this is the last labels related patch prior to the patron card series of patches:[…]3e26cb7c1d61d400a
19:04 jwagner Thanks, chris_n -- we'll take a look at them.
19:10 chris_n jwagner: I'd look especially at the patch resolving bug 3706 as that addresses an issue which may cause the error you are seeing
19:10 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3706 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Label templates/layouts do not save properly
19:11 chris_n there was also another issue causing a similar error which was fixed in the patron card work (though the bug was in labels code) iirc
19:12 jwagner Thanks -- I have jdavidb hard at work on it :-)
19:12 * jwagner loves being able to pass on problems to other people :-)
19:12 * chris_n cheers jdavidb on
19:13 * jdavidb grumbles a li'l, but discovers that the save-over-an-existing profile has changed a good bit between where we are and HEAD
19:14 chris_n interesting: jdavidb... it appears there was a second patch I submitted which may not have made it into HEAD
19:15 chris_n jdavidb: quite a bit changed in labels there
19:15 jdavidb So I see.
19:16 francharb left #koha
19:16 chris_n which may explain why I ran into the issue again when doing the patron card work :-P
19:16 chris_n[…]tober/004732.html
19:19 chris_n the same fix was applied in this commit:[…]0af380098#patch14
19:20 chris_n I'd bet that is your problem jdavidb
19:20 collum left #koha
19:21 jdavidb The label-iedit-template part is where it was crapping out.  It didn't like the line starting with "my $old_profile..."
19:22 wajasu joined #koha
19:22 chris_n and as if that was not enough, the final fix is here:[…]3bb9b72341#patch4
19:23 chris_n the problem airc was in not accounting for all possible conditions when an old profile was involved
19:24 chris_n I think if you will duplicate the changes to represented by the commit just mentioned, you will find the problem is resolved
19:31 nengard regarding commit c46466ad150f6107858ecf6c1b031219d60eeab9 --  where is
19:32 nengard he meant smart-rules didn't he :)
19:36 nengard has anyone been able to successfully clone issuing rules from one library to another?
19:38 wajasu ok, I am migrating a legacy dos based library database which has 16000 volumes. Is there a Z39 server that will allow me to connect and do queries programatically to get MARC21 records with disconnecting me since the batch processing of 16000 records may be taxing?
19:38 richard joined #koha
19:44 schuster dealing with import_batches, import_biblios, import_items, import_record_matches, import_records - we have been on the system a year is there a reason we can't truncate those?
19:45 chris back at work
19:46 schuster feeling better?
19:51 gmcharlt schuster: should be safe to truncate them
19:54 chris_n chris: got a minute for a question about C4::Reserves?
19:55 chris sure
19:55 chris schuster: mostly, just got a sick kid now
19:55 chris_n in IsAvailableForItemLevelRequest
19:55 chris yup
19:55 chris_n the return logic appears to be a bit screwy
19:56 chris wouldn't suprise me
19:56 chris_n I think the basic intent was to return either 0 or 1
19:56 chris lemme read it quickly
19:56 chris_n a logical 'and' causes some cases where basically undef is returned
19:57 chris_n near line 1676
19:57 chris_n I think return ($available_per_item and $item->{onloan}); should read return ($available_per_item, $item->{onloan});
19:57 chris_n and let the caller decide what to do
19:58 gmcharlt chris_n: I disagree - would prefer that the caller *not* have to decide what to do
19:58 chris yeah if we get undef we should make it
19:58 chris_n gmcharlt: then we need to determine what the intent of the 'and' was and correct it
19:59 chris return ($available_per_item and $item->{onloan}) || 0;
19:59 chris once we understand what the and is supposed to be doing
19:59 gmcharlt both undef and 0 evaluate to false, of course, but certainly tightening up the return doesn't hurt
20:00 chris_n gmcharlt: yeah, it makes for less confusing debugs and error handling :-)
20:00 chris ah yeah i see
20:00 chris so there is a big if that works out available_per_item
20:00 gmcharlt regarding intent
20:01 chris checks if its lost, or damaged, or withdrawn etc
20:01 chris so if its not any of those, and it IS on loan
20:01 chris then we can request it
20:01 chris_n the real kicker is when $available_per_item == 1 and the item is *not* on loan
20:01 chris_n which evals false
20:01 chris_n and so we return undef when we should return 1
20:02 chris umm no
20:02 chris it says and
20:02 chris so it has to be onloan
20:02 gmcharlt which is the intent - look at the test right above on AllowOnShelfHolds
20:02 chris yeah
20:02 chris so if we dont allow ppl to place holds on stuff on the shelf
20:02 chris then it must be onloan
20:02 chris_n in this case $item->{onloan} is undef and $avaiable_per_item is 1
20:02 gmcharlt i.e., default is: we allow the hold request if the item is available and it's on loan - if it's not only, patron is supposed to go to the library
20:03 chris yep, which should evaluate to false
20:03 chris_n but the item is *not* on loan in this case
20:03 chris yes
20:03 chris false
20:03 * chris_n scratches his head
20:03 chris hence the return is false to
20:03 gmcharlt which means that unless AllowOnShelfHolds is turned on, the hold request is verboten :)
20:04 chris_n ahh
20:04 chris so who wants to earn $125k US a year, with matched savings 401k and good holidays?
20:04 * chris_n thinks handing around undefs should be verboten :)
20:05 * jdavidb raises his hand, and looks at Chris.  "What's the catch?"
20:05 chris need security clearance
20:05 sekjal and have to live in the Washington DC/Baltimore area
20:05 chris jdavidb does that bit already
20:05 jdavidb hmpf.  I could probably get it, but don't have one now.  And I live near DC already.
20:06 chris[…]IB&T=0&F=&S=&P=61
20:06 chris next performance review, some leverage for a pay rise :-)
20:06 jdavidb Now, what's the *real* catch?
20:06 chris you are working for the man?
20:06 chris i dunno
20:06 sekjal it's a good gig, as far as I can tell
20:06 chris looks like a pretty sweet job to me
20:07 sekjal I looked into it
20:07 chris_n gmcharlt, chris: it seems that we might want to communicate to the patron that holds on on-shelf items are not allowed if that is the case
20:08 chris_n rather than simply that there are no items available for reserve (which is true, but a bit misleading)
20:08 gmcharlt chris_n: indeed, but is that a job for Koha or for the library to explain its policies?
20:08 chris_n imho, error messages ought to be as exact as possible
20:09 chris how bout
20:09 jdavidb Ah.  Gotta be an MLS or a masters in CompSci.  Got dern near everything else, tho.  But I'm pretty happy with my current commute.
20:09 jdavidb That commute, from my place, would be *painful*
20:09 chris "the book is on the shelf you lazy bastard"
20:09 chris_n heh
20:09 gmcharlt well, there are a half-dozen reasons why an item might not pass IsAvailableForItemLevelRequest
20:09 chris_n so what is the use of putting an item in your basket if it is on-shelf? (me plays the devil's advocate) ;-)
20:11 chris you then print off the basket
20:11 chris and walk around to find the items
20:11 chris at my uni, we had little bits of paper and pencils and you wrote callnumbers on them, then wandered round trying to find the thing
20:11 * chris_n too
20:12 chris nicer if you can print off the basket ... or sms it to your phone ;-)
20:12 chris_n ok, back to mucking through code :)
20:12 chris so you search from your home/dorm ... build your basket, then go in to the library to get the stuff
20:13 sekjal or (a little ways off from now) professors/instructors could put items in their basket, then send a request for those items to be put on hold for their class
20:14 schuster yeah sure but the local call number for the law library is what you want but all 6 libraries are listed and you can't sort it by a specific branch.
20:14 chris_n it appears of the library allows on shelf holds that can be done atm
20:14 chris yep
20:15 chris lots of libraries do, i think most nz ones do
20:15 chris (allow on shelf holds)
20:15 * nod has 53 k's for 2010
20:15 chris_n it seems reasonable and may prevent race conditions in your library for popular items :-)
20:16 nod oops ww
20:18 chris nod: we should get a koha cycle team, is it open to international participants?
20:20 braedon_ joined #koha
20:20 chris[…]egacy-library.php
20:20 nod chris: don't see why not :)
20:33 jdavidb left #koha
20:37 chris_n chris: another question regarding holds: is the syspref maxreserves intended to be an absolute limit to the number of items one patron can reserve/hold at a time?
20:37 chris_n or does it need to be replaced by the "Holds Allowed" value in the issuingrules table? (which does not appear to be implemented atm)
20:38 chris_n actually, the last is not true, it is used in at least one place
20:41 hdl_laptop chris_n
20:41 hdl_laptop chris chris_n we are working on smart-rules reprocess and bug fixing and improvements on Univ_Lyon3
20:43 hdl_laptop it may interest also gmcharlt although it adds some more features for blocked users and some new fields in issuingrules table too.
20:44 hdl_laptop we are in debugging phase.
20:50 nengard left #koha
20:51 chris_n hdl_laptop: the only fix I'll submit then is one to fix bad behavior in opac when AllowOnShelfHolds is enabled, but maxreserves is NULL.
20:54 jwagner left #koha
20:56 nicomo left #koha
20:57 tekonivel joined #koha
20:58 braedon_ does anyone know what could cause OPAC to not display subjects for the majority of books?
20:59 hdl_laptop depends on your frameworks i think
21:00 braedon_ the subjects are displayed in the staff client
21:00 braedon_ but when you look up the same book in OPAC, no subjects
21:00 braedon_ unless you enable XSLT
21:01 braedon_ How are the different frameworks actually used?
21:02 hdl_laptop are you looking at ISBD or normal view or MARCview ?
21:02 braedon_ normal
21:03 braedon_ they show up under 650 in MARCview obviously
21:03 braedon_ but not in the normal view
21:03 braedon_ a few books work
21:03 braedon_ but a lot don't
21:04 chris_n brendan_: I have subjects for most of our books not using XSLT fwiw
21:05 hdl_laptop braedon_: MARC21 ? UNIMARC?
21:05 braedon_ MARC21
21:06 hdl_laptop problem could be in C4/ GetMarcSubjects
21:07 hdl_laptop But it looks ok
21:09 braedon_ hmm
21:10 braedon_ rather annoying, but it's not like the subject links are working anyway :P
21:10 chris_n brendan_: I have submitted a patch to correct that
21:11 braedon_ yeah i know. Just kidding
21:12 joetho I have a question about Koha sending email notices automatically.
21:12 joetho I know the email field works, but how about the emailpro and B_email fields?
21:31 owen left #koha
21:53 richard is now known as rich-away
21:56 braedon_ chris_n hdl_laptop: upgraded our testing install to the git head, and the subjects now show
21:59 sekjal left #koha
22:00 laurence left #koha
22:01 chris_n braedon_: do the links work ;-)
22:02 * chris_n realizes he typed braedon_'s nick wrong earlier
22:02 braedon_ nope :)  i take it your patch isn't applied yet?
22:03 braedon_ yeah, i was wondering how you ended up with 'brendan_'. doesn't your client have tab completion of names?
22:05 hdl_laptop braedon_ most irc clients have ;)
22:06 wizzyrea hmm, upgrading from 107 to 110 and I get stuck in a loop that won't let me log in
22:06 wizzyrea this
22:07 wizzyrea and then this:
22:07 wizzyrea and then again
22:10 magnus left #koha
22:10 braedon_ hdl_laptop: yeah, i know. there is no 'brendan_' logged in, hence it was not tab-completed
22:11 magnus joined #koha
22:12 hdl_laptop braedon_: I thought there was since I saw brendan passing by
22:15 braedon_ has anyone picked up the search rewrite yet? or is everyone still running scared? :P
22:15 * wizzyrea gets her popcorn and prepares to watch the fur fly.
22:16 tirabo joined #koha
22:17 braedon_ :)
22:20 hdl_laptop braedon_: definetely something which has to be done cautiously and with much discussion.
22:23 saorge_ joined #koha
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23:08 Sirexkat joined #koha
23:11 * chris_n roasts pecans with cinnamon and raw sugar
23:16 nahuel joined #koha
23:16 Sirexkat left #koha
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23:44 rhcl /nick rhcl_away
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