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00:04 masonj heya chris, how u going over there?
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00:49 chris masonj: doing better, still not 100% but past the worst of it
00:50 chris did you stay the night out at wainui?
00:51 * chris is bummed he couldnt make it
00:52 chris_n yeah, firmware flash messed up
00:53 chris_n then it sat for a year or so
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00:56 masonj chris: yep, arrived back 1 hour ago
01:02 masonj was great, a nice eclectic bunch of people
01:03 masonj and a bride-and-groom heavymetal band, as an evening finale
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03:15 jamesa Hello All, anyone got time to help out with a perl error I am getting whilst upgrading from 2.2 to 3.04?
03:17 chris yep, you following the upgrade guide on the wiki?
03:18 chris (you need to upgrade to 3.0.0 first, then from there you can go to 3.0.5 which is the latest stable
03:19 chris (and yes im aware the website says 3.0.4 and we can't change it, and no one is happy about it except maybe liblime who got us in this mess)
03:19 chris
03:20 jamesa Hi, thanks for responding Chris, I am getting  " Wide character in null operation at /usr/share/perl5  " when executing '  '. seems to ba an issue with perl and UTF-8, seems to choke on marc records with umlauts in them.
03:21 jamesa will starting at 3.00 fix this?
03:23 jamesa perl 5.10.0 here
03:25 chris if you follow that guide on the wiki
03:25 chris on how to get from 2.2.9 to 3.0.0
03:25 chris then it will fix your db to be utf-8
03:26 chris 2.2.9 and lower used latin
03:26 chris so its choking on non valid utf8 characters
03:27 jamesa yep been following that, I am migrating systems - moving production DB from 2.2.7 to a new server with MYSQL5 perl 5.10 (using the Ubuntu Koha live CD - installed on HDD)
03:27 chris should be fixing the db
03:28 jamesa got through all the steps till the error in rebuildmarc
03:29 chris yeah if its choking there, it means that there are some non unimarc characters in the db
03:29 chris sorry non unicode
03:29 chris do you actaully use unimarc?
03:29 chris or marc21?
03:30 jamesa marcflavour  MARC21  on 2.2.7 system
03:31 jamesa trips up on works like Zoe (with the e having dots above it!)
03:32 chris yeah cos umlauts can be encoded in latin, or in utf-8
03:32 chris i suspect its being handed a non utf-8 character and flipping out
03:33 chris since you dont use unimarc
03:33 chris id skip that step anyway
03:34 chris (or worse its being passed utf-8 and trying to convert it to utf-8)
03:34 jamesa to transfer db from prod to test upgrade, I just stopped mysql, copied Koha dir to USB drive, copied it into new system's MYSQL db location and went from there DB name is Koha not the default koha (we have a capital) - is this method valid?
03:36 chris as long as you koha-conf.xml is pointing to the right db, it shouldnt matter
03:37 jamesa great, so skip the rebuild and move onto next step? or start over with 2.2.7 to 3.0.0?
03:39 chris give the skip a try
03:40 jamesa Ok - will proceed - many thanks Chris
03:41 chris hope it works out for ay
03:41 chris ya even :)
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09:13 Ropuch Morning #koha
09:15 chris hi Ropuch
09:15 chris i added you to the history today
09:16 chris +December 9 2009        Piotr Wejman becomes the 99th committer to have a patch accepted        developer
09:16 chris as gmcharlt pushed your patch a couple of days ago
09:16 chris (i use the date the patch was sent)
09:19 Ropuch chris: yes, I've already read it
09:19 Ropuch :)
09:19 chris cool
09:20 Ropuch Cool indeed
09:21 Ropuch I'm writing some history/instalation/localization/configuration mix of Koha in polish
09:21 chris oh cool
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12:20 thd is now known as thd-away
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13:27 andrisi hi
13:28 andrisi anyone listening? I'm looking for Galen Charlton...
13:30 Ropuch 23:31 < gmcharlt> chris_n: Kuali Student?
13:30 Ropuch He hasn't show since then
13:31 Ropuch blah
13:31 Ropuch I haven't seen him ;>
13:31 andrisi thanks
13:31 andrisi I found him on Facebook
13:31 andrisi dou you knwo if the projekt is still alive?
13:32 Ropuch I believe so
13:33 Ropuch Try to catch Galen tomorrow
13:33 andrisi ok. i sent a message too.
13:34 andrisi good bye
13:34 Ropuch Good bye
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18:54 brendan @wunder 93117
18:54 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 13.3�C (10:48 AM PST on January 31, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 80%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 29.97 in 1014.8 hPa (Steady).
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19:23 Ropuch Hi brendan
19:23 brendan Hi Ropuch
19:44 richard joined #koha
19:44 richard hi
19:45 Ropuch Hello
19:47 Ropuch Is working for anybody in HEAD?
19:49 chris works for me
19:49 chris whats it doing for you?
19:52 Ropuch Hi chris
19:52 Ropuch
19:53 chris looks like it doesnt like your symlinks
19:53 chris what does ls -l ../../koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/en/
19:53 chris give you?
19:54 Ropuch No such file or direcotory
19:57 chris thats the problem then
19:57 Ropuch works just fine
19:57 chris what path do you pass to it?
19:58 Ropuch But going two directory up from misc/translator brings me to koha root directory
19:58 chris is set up to run either in the unpacked tarball, or in a git clone
19:58 chris yep
19:58 chris its not meant to be run from in installed koha
19:58 Ropuch So that's the problem :)
19:58 chris ie /usr/share/koha or something
19:58 Ropuch Ok, thanks, now I know
19:59 chris (you run it before you do make install .. ad then you get the templates installed for you)
19:59 Ropuch I'm writing Installing Koha for below-average-Joe
19:59 chris or i just run it, and copy the files over
20:00 Ropuch And i was thinking about cutting the necessary typing to minimal
20:00 Ropuch And invoking tmpl_process3 looks scary ;.
20:01 chris yep
20:01 Ropuch Well, introducing Koha with HEAD aplha may not be the best thing to do
20:02 chris the same rule applies for 3.0.5, you need to run in the unpacked tarball
20:02 Ropuch But I like new aqui so much... and it installs in no time with only english templates
20:02 chris *nod*
20:02 chris it is a big improvement
20:04 Ropuch If we could only sneak the language selection in Makefile and run install-code with make
20:05 chris that actaully wouldnt be to hard to do
20:05 chris we want to let someone pick multiple ones too
20:06 brendan morning chris
20:06 chris heya brendan
20:07 chris did you get a surf?
20:07 brendan no - did a bunch of digging in the garden instead
20:07 chris you mad fool
20:07 brendan I've got a "good" sore back today
20:07 chris :)
20:07 brendan but we did go and see the waves
20:07 brendan I'm waiting for them to get bigger
20:08 brendan usually in feb. we get 15ft and bigger waves
20:12 chris nice
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20:47 Ata hi all
20:48 chris hi Ata
20:49 Ata how do u do chris?
20:50 Ata wot is the release date of koha 3.2?
20:50 chris there is no set date
20:50 Ata hmm
20:50 chris when its ready is the answer
20:50 Ata any idea?
20:50 Ata ok :)
20:50 chris we are due an alpha release any day soon
20:51 chris and then depending on how fast we fix the bugs a beta and stable should follow fast
20:51 Ata ok thanks... I always get a very gud and prompt resp from irc koha
20:51 Ata it is grt due to grt ppl like u
20:51 Ata thanks once again
20:52 chris no problem
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21:52 brendan I think I may have seen something about PDF::API2::Simple this in an early chat
21:52 brendan was there a way to find this or some reason that this wasn't installing correctly?
21:52 * brendan thinks it was manual install and not apt-get
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23:12 chris i remember someone having libxml issues i think with it

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