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02:28 chris_n2 "The other thing that could be interesting is that PTFS are also licensed to support Evergreen."
02:28 * chris_n2 thinks someone does not understand FOSS
02:28 chris_n2[…]-acquire-liblime/
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03:09 chris_n2 hi Liz
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12:41 zico hi
12:42 zico i want to add some words like "put student username/staff pin" in my koha OPAC login section
12:42 zico i mean... this word will be just under my "login" space.... how can i do that?
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12:50 zico is there any way to do that?
12:50 zico i mean, the custom login window?
12:51 zico i just want to add some words just after "login textarea and password textarea
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13:44 owen Some LibLime/PTFS tweets from Vicki:
13:45 owen "PTFS: Produce a solution that is expandable by LibLime or another vendor allowing Koha to advance with the times"
13:45 owen What does that even mean?
13:48 zico hello
13:49 zico is it possible to add some text just under "username textarea" and "password textarea" of OPAC Login section?
13:49 owen Hi zico
13:49 owen You can use javascript to accomplish that, if you don't mind that it depends on javascript
14:00 owen zico: Try putting this in your opacuserjs system preference:
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14:34 zico owen: can you send me your physical address? i wanna send some gift for you :D
14:34 zico thanks a lot
14:41 zico owen: thanks a lot
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16:53 chris good morning
16:53 chris owen: i couldnt parse that into english either
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17:18 hdl_laptop hi chris
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17:57 chris hdl_laptop: one of the developers of topgit is presenting today
17:57 chris;f=README
17:58 chris im thinking of using this for tracking patches for 3.4
18:06 chris it should make it easier for the release maintainer and qa manager too
18:19 chris_n2 a'fternoon
18:20 chris_n2 s/'//
18:27 chris heya chris_n2
18:27 * chris is just about to head into town for the conference, hows the weekend going?
18:37 chris_n2 great
18:37 chris_n2 topgit looks neat
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19:26 chris_n2 so does "Browse by Subject" only work if you use authorities?
19:31 chris i think so
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19:41 richard hi
19:48 chris hi richard
19:48 richard hey chris
19:50 chris[…]e/schedule/monday
19:51 chris live video for most of hte sessions, thought the business of open source one might be interesting for you richard
19:51 richard cool, thanks chris
19:54 chris ten ways to destroy your community... should be compulsory watching :)
19:54 chris[…]nuary-2010#berkus
19:55 richard yeah
19:56 chris right time to move to the town hall i think
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21:46 chris watching josh berkus talking about how to destroy a community (and thus a product)
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21:55 gmcharlt had an interview with Eric Hellman today - lots of questions about recent events, needless to say
21:58 chris sadly, these 10 steps are all too familair
21:58 gmcharlt chris: which community in particular?
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21:59 chris josh berkus used to work at sun .. so pretty much everything they touched :)
21:59 gmcharlt ouch
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22:00 chris_n2 wb chris_n
22:03 chris wow, number 10
22:03 chris is be silent
22:04 chris its like he has been hanging out in here
22:04 richard :)
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22:21 chris_n2 doesn't josh berkus work on postgres?
22:21 richard that would explain why the website link he put up was for postgres
22:32 chris_n2 seems like he is one of their gurus
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