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02:43 chris_n2 there sure are a bunch of people running out this evening
02:55 chris ?
02:55 chris 3 day weekend maybe
02:56 chris koha just hit the front page of ostatic
02:56 chris
03:28 chris_n2 nice article
03:35 chris yup
03:36 chris i think with the fallout around Sirsi/Dynix's 'whitepaper' the wider open source world is paying attention to the library floss world
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05:32 chris_n2 g'night
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09:07 Ropuch Morning #koha
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09:28 IrmaCalyx Hi all
09:32 IrmaCalyx Could someone help with a question re: http://....../cgi-bin/koha/o​
09:38 IrmaCalyx It's about "wrdl" in: ... result(s) found for 'kw,wrdl: prince' in ..... Library Catalog. or 'ti,wrdl: prince'
09:41 IrmaCalyx Also: "'ti,phr: prince petit'
09:42 IrmaCalyx No problem...shall try later. cheerio.
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12:21 greenmang0 @wunder mumbai
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17:23 Topic for #koha is now Discussion channel for the Koha ILS | Newsletter #1 Released:
17:23 pianohackr|work Also, good morning
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17:45 owen-away So git says to me, "could not detach HEAD!"
17:45 owen-away And I'm all, "That's a feature, not a bug!"
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17:45 owen *rim-shot*
17:46 pianohackr|work louis-xvi checkout mybranch
17:46 pianohackr|work HEAD successfully detached
17:46 pianohackr|work *historical-rim-shot*
17:46 owen But seriously folks...
17:46 pianohackr|work So how's it going, owen?
17:46 owen "could not detach HEAD?"
17:46 pianohackr|work What's the command?
17:47 owen I'm trying to check out biblibre's community branch (which I've done on a different VM)
17:47 owen I'm trying "git rebase biblibre/3.2_community"
17:48 pianohackr|work Hmm
17:48 pianohackr|work You might want to try creating a local tracking branch first
17:48 pianohackr|work git checkout -b biblibre_community biblibre/3.2_community
17:48 chris_n2 heya pianohackr|work && owen
17:49 pianohackr|work That'll take you off master, but you can copy the changes back to master after than
17:49 pianohackr|work *that
17:49 pianohackr|work Hi, chris_n2
17:50 owen[…]ry-2010/#biblibre
17:50 owen That's the procedure I'm following
17:51 pianohackr|work Hrm
17:51 pianohackr|work That's actually unnecessarily complicated, IMO
17:52 pianohackr|work Once you've done the remote add, a git-checkout -b ... will create the branch, set it to the contents of the upstream branch, and check it out in one shot
17:53 owen without having to do git branch biblibre_branch and git checkout biblibre_branch?
17:53 pianohackr|work yup
17:54 pianohackr|work also, if you're just creating a new branch, git checkout -b new_branch can create it and check it out in one step
17:55 owen But you have to specify the upstream branch too right?
17:55 pianohackr|work If you're basing the new branch on an upstream one rather than current HEAD, yes
17:55 pianohackr|work So for that example
17:55 pianohackr|work git checkout -b biblibre_branch biblibre/3.2_community
17:56 pianohackr|work That should also set the remote for that branch in your git config correctly, so you can just do a git pull on that branch to fetch and merge in the latest changes
17:57 owen I have to admit I don't know "git pull." Does that allow you to merge the latest changes without committing what you're working on?
17:58 pianohackr|work unfortunately, no
17:58 pianohackr|work And if you have local commits, it's probably better do to a git fetch then a git rebase
17:59 pianohackr|work If you're not committing to a branch, though, git pull rocks
17:59 owen That's what I do. I guess I don't understand when it's appropriate to use git pull
18:00 pianohackr|work If you use git pull, git is all, like, "hey, you must be a kernel developer, and need advanced tracking of source code history and merges!"
18:00 pianohackr|work However, you can do a git pull --rebase
18:00 pianohackr|work fetch and rebase in one step
18:01 * owen will do just what he always does until it stops working, same as in the rest of life
18:02 pianohackr|work good approach as any to dealing with the git beast
18:46 chris hmm i wonder how the press conference went
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18:50 cait hi #koha
18:51 chris hiya cait
18:51 cait hi chris
18:51 cait just saw tweets about the press conference - any news?
18:51 chris not yet, not that ive seen anyway
18:52 cait ok
18:52 cait thx :)
18:52 owen Lots of talk about Al Gore. We're being upstaged!
18:53 chris heh
18:56 owen Goin' to see newborn lambs with the kids.
18:56 owen is now known as owen-away
18:56 chris oh cool :)
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19:17 chris nice blog post from lee in montana
19:19 cait can you give me the link?
19:20 chris http://leephillips2.wordpress.[…]a-koha-libraries/
19:21 cait thx :)
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19:39 chris heya liz-nekls
19:39 liz-nekls hi chris :)
19:39 liz-nekls i'm sick and bored and starving and lonely.
19:39 chris registration day for linux conf
19:39 liz-nekls lol
19:39 liz-nekls how's that for an opener ^.^
19:39 chris im watching the wiggles with kahu, waiting for everyone else to wake up
19:39 chris hehe yeah
19:40 chris i can maybe help with the bored bit :)
19:40 pianohackr|wor1 muahahaha
19:40 liz-nekls lol
19:40 pianohackr|wor1 is now known as pianohackr|work
19:41 liz-nekls don't you just hate it when you go to the trouble of thoroughly documenting something so people know just what to do, then someone "doesn't know" where to find the info so they email your boss. That's so great
19:41 liz-nekls makes my day
19:41 * liz-nekls bulletbrains
19:42 chris hehe yeah, i usually reply with the url to where the info is
19:42 chris and if im feeling snarky
19:42 liz-nekls yes, I'm about to do that.
19:42 liz-nekls LMGTFY
19:42 chris "and its been there for 7 weeks"
19:42 liz-nekls HAHA
19:43 liz-nekls well I can't say it's been there that long but I can say it's been there within the time frame she would have been looking for it
19:43 liz-nekls or needing it, rather
19:43 chris right
20:26 chris
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20:46 chris hey doc manager :)
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21:55 chris_n2 "PTFS – DO THE RIGHT THING."++
21:58 nengard chris_n2 did you hear something?
21:59 chris_n2 I just read Lee Phillips' article
21:59 chris_n2 and was quoting her parting words
22:01 chris thats mean
22:01 chris you need to be more careful i got all excited :)
22:01 * chris_n2 does penance
22:01 chris_n2 hey, I did not realize that ByWater had worked with PTFS
22:02 chris_n2 "Brendan Gallagher says, “ByWater has worked with PTFS in the past and we look forward to collaborating with them again..."
22:04 chris yeah did some joint work
22:05 chris it was about then that i got emails asking about bywater trying to get an excuse to remove them from the listed companies on pay for support
22:05 chris the maliciousness is all too transparent for anyone who cares to look
22:06 chris
22:09 chris_n2 I figured there would be some word out of the press conference by now
22:10 chris sekjal said it was noncommittal either way
22:11 chris which is to be expected i guess
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22:43 cait good night #koha
22:43 chris night cait
22:43 chris_n2 g'night cait
22:44 * chris heads off to register
22:44 cait night chris and chris_n :)
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23:19 chris_n2 hi gmcharlt
23:19 gmcharlt hi chris_n2
23:20 chris_n2 how'd the press conference turn out?
23:21 gmcharlt not sure, I wasn't able to attend
23:21 gmcharlt I'll be talking with PTFS folks tomorrow, but hopefully somebody who was able to attend will post a summary
23:22 chris_n2 I figure it anything earth shattering was said, it would have been out by now
23:22 gmcharlt I would assume; I think PTFS is still trying to figure out what they'll do with LibLime
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23:36 brendan evening #koha
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23:39 * chris_n2 crashes gimp while creating a 1/10 px brush :-P
23:39 chris_n2 heya brendan
23:39 brendan howdy chris_n2
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