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03:50 Amit heya brendan, chris
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08:20 Amit heya nicomo
08:20 nicomo hello Amit
08:20 nicomo hello all
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10:36 Peach Hi all.
10:40 Peach I'll just leave a message here. I need some help. Our koha setup was working fine until yesterday. There's a strange behavior. We imported items into koha then we search for them. The search results show items in the reservoir instead of the catalog. I checked the database and all items got in the correct tables.
10:42 Peach Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks. Will check back later.
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11:20 zico hi...
11:20 zico i need to delete some duplicate item records
11:21 zico when.. i delete one... another one goes too
11:21 zico :(
11:27 zico i need to get rid of this situation
11:27 zico because.. i have more than 100 duplicate records
11:28 zico and.. i need to delete those duplicate items... but.. cannot do it because of this problem
11:35 zico why this is happening??
11:35 zico if i delete one item record.. another duplicate one is gone too!!!
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14:00 owen Are there instructions on the wiki for how to generate a set of templates from a translation?
14:03 hilongo how to generate templates files from a translated po file?
14:04 owen Yes
14:06 hilongo I made a mini tutorial ... but way back for ver 2.x  ...
14:07 hilongo maybe it's still usefull
14:07 owen I don't think so
14:07 hilongo[…]/translation.html
14:07 owen Oh, that was what I was just looking at
14:07 * owen checks it again
14:10 owen I get "Charset in/out: UTF-8 at ./ line 257. Unknown action specified."
14:10 owen Oh hang on, typo
14:15 owen Yeah, it looks like it did work!
14:15 owen Thanks hilongo
14:17 hilongo you're welcome owen :)
14:27 nengard should i put that tutorial in the new manual?
14:35 owen nengard: I thought was generally out of date, so if those instructions *are* up-to-date for 3.x they should be copied to the manual or the wiki or both
14:35 nengard owen - did you use them? did they work? if so they're up to date and I will put them in the current manual :)
14:46 nengard that was a serious question - not me being sarcastic - did I read right? you just used these instructions? and was the typo yours or in the doc?
14:54 hilongo there a more up to date instruction in the wiki ... but they are in spanish only :(
14:54 nengard hmmmm -
14:54 nengard well, we'll have a spanish version of the manual eventually :) hehe
14:55 owen nengard: The only part of those instructions I used were the input examples under part 4
14:55 nengard hmm - guess I'll hold off on it
14:55 hilongo I can translate... but not until next year  :P
14:56 nengard hehe - that works for me ;) you can send it to me whenever and I'll be sure to credit you as the translator
14:56 owen nengard: We'll have a spanish version of the manual eventually because Plone makes it so easy to translate stuff. :P
14:56 hilongo oki
14:56 nengard owen - not plone
14:56 nengard i don't use plone
14:56 nengard i'm doing it in xml and it's in git
14:56 nengard it will be on the web as soon as we have a new web home
14:56 owen Sorry, I *was* being sarcastic ;)
14:57 nengard[…]ohadocs;a=summary
14:57 hilongo hehe :)
14:57 nengard hehe - yeah - and i was backing up that sarcasm with my agreement that plone wasn't the right answer - not what i thought it would be
14:58 owen nengard: Have you worked out any of the issues you were having with the html-generation process?
14:58 nengard i have to work on the XSLT -- which I havne't done yet
14:58 nengard and then I need help with the CSS to make it all look prettier
14:58 nengard :)
14:58 nengard but i don't care so much about it's appearance if it's up and readable and printable that's a start
14:59 nengard which reminds me i should go check out the xslt file
14:59 * owen is working on the CSS for the language footer in the OPAC this morning, hence the need for some installed translations
15:01 nengard ahhhh
15:01 nengard while on the footer you might want to look at my newish footer bug as well
15:01 owen Yup, that's the plan
15:01 nengard i unfortunatly have to do this:[…]ustomizationLayer i think
15:02 * owen 's eyes glaze over...
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15:19 nengard yeah owen - mine too!!
15:39 owen Did the OPAC's language footer used to be "sticky," sticking to the bottom of the page? Or am I remembering something I tried but rejected?
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15:50 owen Hey, when did Howard County dump Koha?
15:51 jwagner ? they did?
15:51 hilongo Yes ... it used to be sticky
15:51 owen jwagner: They've got aquabrowser + SirsiDynix now
15:53 owen libwebcats still says Koha/Liblime: http://www.librarytechnology.o[…]lwc&RC=1544&Row=5
15:53 owen But if you search from their home page you get:
15:54 rhcl How can you tell they are Sirsi?
15:55 rhcl The layout of search results does remind me of Unicorn.
15:57 owen If you click to request a title you get taken to a page like this:[…]eload_layout=true
15:57 owen (nice URL guys)
15:58 rhcl yep
15:59 jwagner The last I heard on Howard County, which was a long time ago now, they still weren't live on Koha.  Maybe that's still the case?
15:59 owen Wow nengard, a response from a LibLimer to one your bugzilla nags
15:59 nengard huh? what? really?
16:00 nengard ahh - bev - yes she's still involved as much as she can be
16:03 nengard jwagner yeah i think that's the case - still not live ...
16:05 owen A three-year migration process? Is that more typical than I think?
16:06 jwagner I seem to remember they were doing a LOT of custom work.  Maybe that's the holdup?
16:08 chris im pretty sure howard county have dumped liblime
16:11 chris and in turn, koha
16:11 nengard :(
16:12 nengard shame that that has to be the stroy
16:12 nengard or story
16:13 chris polaris was the whisper i heard
16:14 chris so they never actually made it to koha
16:16 owen What a shame. It would be fascinating to know what failures of Koha itself led to that decision.
16:17 chris i think a lot of balls in play, a new director who doesnt like/understand opensource, plus dissatisfaction with LL ... like you say 3 years is a long time
16:18 chris my fear is LL tarnishing Koha
16:18 chris which if you read things like katrin kopf's thesis .. and comments around the web is a real danger
16:19 chris bad support by one company, rubs off on the rest of us
16:19 owen It would be a shame to find that the explosion of Koha use spurred by Liblime was actually causing a backlash that will set Koha back
16:19 chris that would be a real shame yes
16:26 chris ok, pain killers kicking in, back to sleep i go
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16:58 owen I wonder if Bug 3765 is a Frenchism?
16:58 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3765 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, Road Types on Patron Record Confusing
16:58 nengard putting the road type first?
16:58 nengard hmmm ... hope not - cause I patched it :)
16:59 owen Right: "7 rue de Nesle"
16:59 owen number, street, street name
16:59 nengard good
16:59 nengard so it did need patching
17:01 owen Is it related to Bug 3349?
17:01 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3349 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, display of address truncated
17:02 nengard yes, but i patched that too
17:02 nengard on a diff bug - off to find that bug number so i can link the two together
17:03 nengard owen - i think i cleared it up and closed the right things
17:03 nengard let me know if you find others
17:05 nengard hmmm - not fixed ... wierd - okay i need to poke some more
17:06 nengard owen - do you know why each of the tabs on the left of the patron record has a different version of the patron address above it - shouldn't they all be the same include?
17:09 owen I think it's two includes: and
17:10 nengard hmmm
17:10 nengard off to check them both out
17:11 owen We may have had two because not all pages provided the same data to all templates
17:15 nengard owen - i only see the two you mentioned, and yet all of my pages are displaying different info  -which i think means it's in the *.pl - so now i need to check them all
17:15 nengard bleh -
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17:30 nengard all but 3 fixed
17:35 nengard anyone on who knows perl?
17:35 nengard I can solve all but 3 of the files cause these three do things diff from the others
17:36 owen I don't know perl, but I'm curious what you're looking at
17:37 nengard okay - so here are the files: members/  is not showing the address right on the left side
17:37 nengard and members/ is  -- but only after my file edits
17:37 nengard but in the two files you'll see how the patron info is pulled into the template differently - which is why i'm stuck
17:41 nengard owen - sent in a patch
17:41 nengard so you can see what i changed
17:48 owen nengard: That patch doesn't apply for me.
17:48 nengard oh geeze
17:48 nengard why the heck not!!!!
17:51 owen does it depend on the first patch you attached to Bug 3765?
17:51 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3765 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, Road Types and Street Numbers on Patron Rec Inconsistent
17:51 nengard owen - probably - i changed the same files - some of the same files again
17:52 owen Those two applied fine in sequence.
17:54 owen nengard: I think this street number + road type issue is a red herring for American libraries. I think it's relevant only to French libraries.
17:55 owen If you move the road type display to the end of the address, you're mangling the construction from the point of view of the French users (I think)
17:55 nengard owen - yeah cause most us libraries don't use all three fields, but still it should work
17:55 nengard wait - i thought you said I did it right ....
17:56 owen In "7 rue de Nesle" "rue" is the road type.
17:56 nengard hmmmmm
17:56 nengard and grrrr
17:56 nengard cause i do know us libraries using the road type field
17:56 nengard as an authorized value
17:57 nengard so - now what the heck do we do?
17:57 owen And they just live with the fact that addresses display strangely?
17:59 nengard i guess ... but maybe a sys pref - i know it's an ugly word -but a pref to say what field goes where --
18:01 owen That's one of the problems with a construction like this being in the Perl code and not the template: my $address = $borrower->{'streetnumber'}.' '.$roadttype_hashref->{$bo​rrower->{'streettype'}}.' '.$borrower->{'address'};
18:01 owen Now that string is hard-coded, and you can't rearrange it in the template based on TMPL_IFs
18:01 nengard so - you recommend us putting it in the template instead? cause that can be done
18:02 nengard I know how to edit the PL files to do that
18:02 owen At this point it would just be a best-practice thing. Without some kind of system for switching the layouts (like a sys pref) doing so wouldn't solve the problem.
18:03 nengard I'm going to update the bug report and ask for my patches to be ignored
18:07 owen It's frustrating, because to an American audience at least, the road types serve no purpose, and separating out the street number serves no purpose.
18:07 nengard now - can someone remind me how to un-apply patches? so I can get my files back to the way they were before all of my edits?
18:08 owen Do you want to reset your branch to HEAD, or back to a previous commit?
18:08 nengard owen - I think that this comes into play with the enhancement request to allow us to pick what patron fields show ... and i want to revert 2 specific patches - but not go back to HEAD
18:09 nengard and where is everyone else? are we the only two working today?? :) hehe
18:09 owen Oh no it's Sunday and we forgot!!!
18:09 nengard LOL
18:11 owen nengard: If you do "git log" you'll see a list of the last commits (type "q" to stop displaying further pages)
18:12 nengard k - i found the two i want to revert
18:12 nengard what do i type to do that?
18:12 owen Look for the commit you want to revert back to. It'll be identified like this "commit f0132aeb715b068651b0ecce90921599a88ca50d"
18:13 owen Then you can:
18:13 nengard okay - here's the prob
18:13 owen git reset --hard  f0132aeb715b068651b0ecce90921599a88ca50d
18:13 nengard yeah - you know what - i'll do that
18:13 nengard now - another question - how are you applying patches?
18:14 nengard sorry - patches written by others
18:14 owen I only apply a patch from others if I need to test it, or if I need to have it applied in order to work on something else
18:15 owen So I always create a separate branch for it
18:16 nengard k - but how do you get a patch that hasn't been committed? I know how to do a new branch and pull from git - but not how to grab a patch that hasn't been committed and apply it
18:16 owen If there's not a bug report with a patch attached, I just save the plain text of the email to the patches list
18:17 owen So in GMail I use the "Show original" menu option
18:17 owen ...and then just save that page.
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19:14 nelsonf Hello everyone, I'm having trouble with e-mail notices via the trigger for ODUE.  Anybody have a minute for specifics?
19:35 owen-away nelsonf: Not only is there hardly anyone here today, there's no one new since yesterday
19:35 owen-away is now known as owen
19:57 nelsonf I was here yesterday morning, I think maybe you were around then...
19:58 nelsonf Do you have any time for helping me troubleshoot the e-mail notifcations?
19:58 owen I don't have any experience with it, so my help would be of no use
19:59 nelsonf Okay, thanks anyway!
20:20 wizzyrea nelsonf: did you try posting your query to the users list?
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20:21 wizzyrea lots of capable admins there, and they are more likely to check their mail than be here
20:21 wizzyrea at least this week.
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20:21 nelsonf Funny you should ask
20:22 nelsonf I'm searching the list as we speak to see whether others have had similar issues
20:23 nelsonf No, I haven't posted there.  I'll have to give it a go...  thanks
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22:12 nelsonf adios all
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23:19 schuster only 27 idlers must be the holidays!
23:20 schuster anybody running Kyle Halls VM on windows?  I think Owen was, but missed him today.
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