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04:26 Amit hi chris
04:26 Amit good morning #koha
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04:39 richard good afternoon Amit
04:39 Amit heya richard
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08:13 Amit heya nicomo
08:14 nicomo hi Amit
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13:00 hdl_laptop hi jwagner
13:02 jwagner Bonjour hdl_laptop.  Thought you were on vacation this week.
13:02 hdl_laptop only the first two days
13:03 jwagner Oh, well -- that's better than nothing :-)
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13:32 owen Hi #koha
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13:35 imp heyho owen
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13:59 hilongo Great day :D
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14:13 owen Sound good to me hilongo, my office is 15°C at the moment
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14:19 * jdavidb shivers a little.
14:20 nengard don't want to know the weather here
14:20 nengard let's just say it's FREEZING
14:24 owen Hi nengard, jdavidb
14:24 jdavidb Hi, owen! :)
14:30 nengard hiya owen
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14:39 brendan Morning All
14:45 hilongo morning!  :)
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15:07 rhcl Morning brendan
15:08 brendan good morning rhcl
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15:33 nengard hey - found another new feature i didn't know about
15:33 nengard what is the merge button on the private lists page in the staff client supposed to do?
15:33 nengard cause right now it does nothing :)
15:36 owen Does nothing, or causes an error? I get an error.
15:37 nengard both :)
15:37 nengard does nothing and throws an error :)
15:37 nengard off to bug report it - even though i don't know what the feature is supposed to do :)
15:37 owen " Can't locate Devel/ in @INC"
15:38 owen hdl_laptop: Do you know anything about it?
15:38 nengard owen - i don't get that
15:38 nengard i get a 500 error
15:39 hdl_laptop owen: you are in debug mode are you not ?
15:39 nengard see bug 4019
15:39 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4019 blocker, P5, ---,, NEW, Lists Merge Button Throws Error
15:39 owen nengard: I found that error in my log
15:39 nengard ahhhh! got it
15:40 owen hdl_laptop: I am in debug level 2, but the error was not output to the browser
15:40 * owen says sternly, "Gentlemen, we are now at DebLev 2. Get to your bunkers."
15:41 nengard hehe
15:42 nengard i put my error log info into the bug report
15:42 nengard if that helps
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15:42 hdl_laptop nengard: owen can you try installing Devel::SimpleTrace ?
15:43 hdl_laptop I shall ask my folks to remove that dependency
15:44 nengard doing it now
15:45 owen Okay, now I don't get an error, but I get a page filled with a huge table and this at the top: "d4d89865f7169b3e107cfe4fb00d8d00"
15:45 owen hdl_laptop: This is a tool for merging records?
15:48 hdl_laptop owen: yes.
15:48 hdl_laptop strange.
15:48 hdl_laptop You must have a merge problem.
15:50 owen hdl_laptop: I'm viewing the list of all my lists, and clicking the "merge" button for one of them.
15:50 nengard hdl_laptop owen - i get a new error now that i have that installed
15:50 nengard GET LOST ? at /home/nengard/kohaclone/virtualshelves/ line 131.
15:51 owen If I click through to one of the lists instead and "merge selected," I get an intermediary page which asks me to choose a merge reference.
15:51 nengard maybe cause my list is empty - but that means we should limit when the merge button shows -- off to add to the list
15:51 owen "get lost!" geeze nengard, can't a merge get a little privacy around here?
15:52 nengard okay - added things ot the list and it worked
15:52 nengard but now i have no idea what to do or how to document it :)
15:52 owen What worked nengard?
15:52 nengard adding items to the list :)
15:52 nengard it was a list with 0 items
15:53 nengard and yes owen - i too see the differences between the two merge buttons
15:53 nengard the behavior of them
15:54 owen hdl_laptop: One button takes me to virtualshelves/ and the other takes me to cataloguing/
15:55 nengard hmm
15:55 nengard yeah the cataloguing/merge tool looks a lot easier to figure out
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16:07 hdl_laptop nengard: virtualshelves/ should be removed.
16:07 hdl_laptop It is obsolete.
16:07 nengard okay
16:07 hdl_laptop cataloguing/merge is the one.
16:09 owen hdl_laptop: Should we also remove the merge button from the list of shelves?
16:09 owen You can't replace the destination of that form with "cataloguing/merge," I tried it. It doesn't pass any biblionumbers, just a shelf number.
16:10 CGI027 Hello. I made some changes in the MARC Bibliographic Framework in Koha Express and see that the misc/ script now needs to be run so that the records appear properly in the OPAC. How is this done with Koha Express? If someone could just point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.
16:11 owen CGI027: You edited a framework, or you changed the koha to MARC links?
16:12 nengard updated bug 4019 with a summary of changes that need to be made - as i understand them
16:12 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4019 critical, P5, ---,, NEW, Lists Merge Issues
16:12 CGI027 I changed some of the links.
16:16 owen I'm not sure if there is a step required here or not, but "" looks likes it only relevant if marc support is turned off in your system.
16:16 owen That's what I interpret from the "nomarc" part at least
16:17 owen CGI027: Where does it say you should run misc/
16:21 owen CGI027: When you say "the MARC Frameworks page," I'm not sure what you mean. There is the "MARC Bibliographic framework" link from the administration page, and there is the "Koha to MARC mapping" link.
16:21 owen If you were changing links, I assume you were using the latter.
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16:22 CGI027 It was the MARC Bibliographic Framework, actually.
16:23 owen So you were editing a framework under the "MARC Bibliographic Framework" page?
16:23 CGI027 Yes.
16:24 owen I don't know why you would have to run anything after modifying a framework.
16:25 owen CGI027: What version are you using? Find out by going to More > About Koha
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16:26 CGI027 Okay. Maybe that isn't the problem then. What I'm trying to solve is why when I import records item records are recognized but not created. I have an item type defined in 952$y and $a, $b, and $o all have values.
16:26 CGI027 Version
16:27 nengard well you're 3 releases behind ...
16:27 nengard we're at 3.0.5
16:27 CGI027 That's interesting since we just purchased it about 3 weeks ago.
16:28 nengard 3 weeks ago the current release was 3.0.4
16:28 nengard and then most recently 3.0.5 was released
16:29 nengard
16:30 owen I see Liblime's site says "Runs the official Koha Project release (currently 3.0.2)"
16:30 owen So they're a little behind
16:30 nengard um - yup - just a little
16:32 owen Yeah, 3.0.2 was released in June wasn't it?
16:32 owen Anyway, I'm not very experienced with MARC imports, so I'm not sure what to tell you about that CGI027
16:33 * owen has only imported Koha exports into Koha
16:33 CGI027 Thanks for your help, owen.
16:34 CGI027 Any suggestions for where I might look for help with my problem?
16:34 owen CGI027: This is often a good place to ask, but at the moment there aren't very  many people around
16:34 hilongo Happy New Year to everyone! .. I'm off to vacation until february ... wohho!
16:35 hilongo see you all next year!
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16:35 owen CGI027: If you want to try the Koha mailing list, be sure to start by stating which version you're on (the number).
16:36 CGI027 Thanks again, owen. I'll try that.
16:36 owen Telling us "Koha Express" lets us know that you don't have access to server configuration or command-line tools, and telling us the version number lets us know what you should expect to see in Koha (and what bugs you might encounter)
16:58 CGI027 I forgot to mention that I'm getting the following error message in the MARC Bibliographic Framework Test, but no errors are listed (i.e. OK is listed in every column): "You have 1 error(s) in your MARC configuration. Please fix them before using Koha". Any ideas what the error might be?
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17:04 owen Sorry CGI027, no idea
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17:07 CGI659 hi can any one help me with arabic po download
17:07 CGI659 hi
17:11 jwagner CGI659, there aren't too many people here today.
17:11 owen CGI659: What version? Did the arabic po file not come with your download?
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17:14 CGI659 where can i check in the folder
17:14 CGI659 i'm using git
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17:17 muchin if there isn't a scripts folder in my intranet folder so I can run the z3950 daemon do I have recompile koha?
17:20 owen CGI659: misc/translator/po
17:20 muchin thanks, what do i do from there
17:21 owen Sorry muchin, my comment was directed at CGI659
17:21 owen muchin: What instructions are you following? What version of Koha?
17:21 muchin ah, and I thought I had it solved
17:22 muchin i'm running on debian lenny ... and I'm following the directions from koha documentation
17:23 owen muchin: the debian lenny INSTALL file has directions for how to start the z3950 daemon
17:23 muchin i can't find the z3950 script, I'm not sure I selected from the make file
17:24 muchin owen: all right i'll review the file
17:24 CGI659 thnks seen it, but how can i enable it
17:27 owen CGI659: You'll have to generate the template files using the po file and a template-processing script
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17:29 owen First create folders where the translated templates will go: koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/ar-Arab
17:29 owen ..and koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/ar-Arab
17:31 CGI659 then wat next
17:32 owen from misc/translator, run this:
17:32 owen ./ install -s ~/kohaclone/misc/translator/po/ar​-Arab-i-staff-t-prog-v-3002000.po -r -i ~/kohaclone/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/ -o ~/kohaclone/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/ar-Arab
17:32 owen ...assuming ~/kohaclone/ is where your Koha is installed
17:33 owen And:
17:33 owen ./ install -s ~/kohaclone/misc/translator/po/ar​-Arab-i-opac-t-prog-v-3002000.po -r -i ~/kohaclone/koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/en/ -o ~/kohaclone/koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/ar-Arab
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17:36 CGI659 and wat next
17:36 owen_ Did those commands run successfully?
17:36 owen_ You should now have a complete set of opac and intranet templates in the directories you created
17:38 owen_ If so, the next step is to enable your translation in system preferences.
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17:42 CGI659 it said cant locate locale.po
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17:43 CGI659 i'm installing it
17:44 owen_ said that?
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17:51 CGI659 this is wa i got :Warning: Can't determine original templates' charset, defaulting to UTF-8  Warning: Charset Out defaulting to UTF-8  /opt/kohamaitainance/misc/translator/p​o/ar-Arab-i-staff-t-prog-v-3002000.po: No such file or directory
17:55 CGI659 owen , i got : No such file or directory
17:56 owen Did you create the directories under koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog and koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog ?
17:58 CGI659 yes, i check the sysadmin it's there.  ar-Arab-i-staff-t-prog-v-3002000.po is .p not .po that was the initial error
18:02 CGI659 my next task is to set Googlearabictranslitration in opac, how can i achieve that
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18:04 CGI659 hi
18:04 CGI659 how can i set Googlearabictranslitration
18:06 owen Sorry CGI659 I don't know about that
18:07 CGI659 but my screen is still not multilingual
18:08 owen CGI659: So your translated template files were successfully generated?
18:13 CGI659 after i ran the command i got bash: ./ No such file or directory
18:13 CGI659 i got bash: ./ No such file or directory
18:19 owen CGI659: I've gotten that error before if I forgot to create the directory for the template files
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18:30 collum CGI659: if you do an ls command does appear in the file listings?  ./ indicates that the file has to be in the current directory.
18:32 CGI659 yeah it is done
18:33 CGI659 translated template files were successfully generated
18:34 collum Darn it. So much for the easy fix.  Then it must not be able to find a file that is referenced in
18:35 CGI659 yes i now have the multilingual screen
18:35 CGI659 thnks guys
18:36 CGI659 is it possible to do multilingual cataloging
18:41 brendan See you all later - enjoy that day
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19:10 richard hi
19:20 rhcl @seen wizzyrea
19:20 munin rhcl: wizzyrea was last seen in #koha 22 hours, 59 minutes, and 22 seconds ago: <wizzyrea> at least this week.
19:21 rhcl @seen kyle
19:21 munin rhcl: kyle was last seen in #koha 3 weeks, 5 days, 23 hours, 14 minutes, and 26 seconds ago: <kyle> A late thought, instead of having a version number battle, why not move to a date based versioning system like Ubuntu? Koha 9.12?
19:21 rhcl @seen chris
19:21 munin rhcl: chris was last seen in #koha 1 day, 2 hours, 55 minutes, and 11 seconds ago: <chris> ok, pain killers kicking in, back to sleep i go
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19:25 wizzyrea rhcl: oh hai... oh, nm
19:25 wizzyrea bye
19:25 wizzyrea :P
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19:54 brendan hola #koha
19:58 jwagner Sorry, I thought that said hula.  Was having visions of everyone on the beach in Hawaii.....
20:00 brendan heh :)
20:04 owen Anyone here familiar with the GetMarcBiblio() function?
20:04 owen I'd like Lists in the OPAC to show subtitle as well as title
20:04 owen The way I know to do that is to use C4::Biblio::get_koha_field_from_marc()
20:05 owen But the places I've seen that in use pass a $record variable created by doing my $record = GetMarcBiblio()
20:06 owen But I'm not sure that's the right thing to do here, concerned about the overhead of doing that when looping through list contents
20:13 collum Someone just posted a bunch of "open source" questions to Horizon-L.  Suggested they post to the Koha or Evergreen lists instead. We'll see.
20:27 rhcl_lunch liz, you there?
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20:34 rhcl Does anybody wanna talk politics?
20:34 * owen would normally game, but it's quittin' time!
20:35 rhcl Ohhh, you're gonna miss out...
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20:37 rhcl Does anybody know if the Crawford County Fed Library system is part of WALDO?
20:42 jwagner That's Kyle's site, isn't it?  Pennsylvania?  I doubt it's part of WALDO.
20:42 collum They are not listed on
20:44 rhcl Well, now that there seems to be signs of life...I've been looking over the WALDO website, and I don't see anything particularly that states any interest in open source.
20:45 rhcl Their range of interest, however, is somewhat broader than I had imagined...
20:46 rhcl Do you suppose it's possible they were a unit in search of a mission...ooops, that's organization in search of an ILS that they could acquire primarily for their members...
20:46 rhcl saw Koha, and said "Let's buy that one?"
20:49 collum I'm not sure that I can speculate on their intention, but that seems to be the result.
20:50 rhcl Here's a snip that almost reads like they are a clearing house for products for their members:
20:50 rhcl "information regarding updated pricing, new products, special offers, content changes, or other information on products offered through WALDO"
20:52 collum Just read some history.  It's interesting that they were on PALs before Koha. ([…]_id=136031146335)
20:53 rhcl ...reading...
20:55 rhcl ...seems like they wanted to buy Evergreen...reading...
20:59 rhcl ...not sure what to make of that post
21:00 rhcl except that was 1.75 years ago...
21:01 collum Yep.  Can't find anything more recent, except for LL announements.
21:04 wizzyrea ooh, conspiracy!
21:05 wizzyrea so you're thinking that LL is perhaps the unwitting recipient of a grand scheme for WALDO to take over Koha?
21:05 wizzyrea they must have some very convincing folks :P
21:05 wizzyrea ok, back into my hole
21:06 rhcl Liz speaks!
21:06 collum :)
21:08 collum I doubt there was a conspiracy, but it would make a great Library Mystery Novella.
21:08 rhcl Liz, what patron access system are you using?
21:19 wizzyrea where we have it, we are using LibraryMetricks, and loathe it, for the most part
21:19 wizzyrea we would like to look at libki but are totally snowed at the moment
21:21 rhcl Well, we just brought up a libki client, and have been playing with the system. I really like most of what I see, except it needs a few additional features.
21:21 rhcl I don't know if my tech assistant and I are smart enough to start writing php or not. We had actually hoped to start looking at Koha code sometime with the thought of working on some easy bugs.
21:22 rhcl But libki is really really responsive...much quicker than some of the systems we've played with
21:22 rhcl most things seem to work "as advertised", and it's pretty, which is important for staff acceptance.
21:23 wizzyrea hee
21:23 rhcl The "koha" integration thingee will let you click on a logged-on (or logged off) user and take you directly to their koha profile
21:23 wizzyrea that is hotness
21:24 wizzyrea actually, we have some places using cybraryn, and one place using envisionware
21:24 wizzyrea now that I think about it for more than 2 seconds
21:24 rhcl A couple of features that we see right off that it needs is a "multiple login" check, where a user can only be logged into one position at at time (we have kids that love to share their lib card)
21:25 wizzyrea Ahh, yea, we run into that too
21:25 wizzyrea php, I feel, is not particularly daunting
21:26 rhcl and it needs to do a SIP check to check if a patron profile is authorized access to the internet.  For example, if a user is <17 yo, then they need to have signed parental permission for the Internet
21:27 rhcl and we use a profile like "juvOK" (in Sirsi) for that. I'm not sure that libki does any checks like that, although SIP will return that profile type.
21:27 wizzyrea Ahhh
21:27 wizzyrea yes, that kind of stuff would be handy as well
21:32 rhcl Kyle's install instructions are excellent, too.
21:32 wizzyrea yea, he's a top notch gentleman when it comes to thoroughness
21:33 rhcl You can almost cookbook the install.
21:35 rhcl I have vacillated several times over the past couple of years over whether a server-client or distributed database is a better solution for this type of application.
21:35 rhcl Distributed databases can be slow to update and propagate changes (in my limited experience).
21:38 rhcl Is a Koha "patron category" analogous to a Sirsi "patron type"?
21:39 jwagner pretty much, yeah.
21:39 jwagner I haven't looked at a Sirsi system in a while, but I think Koha patron categories have more settings.
21:39 rhcl Is it possible to add/change category type? The drop down list seems to be fixed to "adult", "child", et al.
21:40 jwagner No, that's a downer.  It's hardcoded somewhere.
21:41 wizzyrea those arenn't authorized values?
21:41 * wizzyrea goes back to her hole
21:43 jwagner Come out of that hole, it's not groundhog day yet.  No, I remember looking for those & I'm pretty sure they're hardcoded.
21:43 rhcl Well, I also see a "code" for "patron category" but it doesn't seem easy to change that for a patron once created. For example, if we need to check for a juvenile user with parental permission to use the internet...
21:44 rhcl we use the "patron type" juvOK. But if we tried to do that in Koha, when this user turned 17, then we need to change the "patron type" to adult.  Maybe I just don't see how to do that, however.
21:45 rhcl or even better, it should do a date of birth check periodically and change all the juvenile user patron types to adult
21:45 rhcl that's a non-librarian speaking, however
21:46 jwagner When you're in the patron record, under the More button, Update Child to Adult Patron?
21:47 rhcl I think I need to start looking at the SIP code and see all the values that koha can return.
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21:48 rhcl jwagner: does that only show up if you have a child patron? We are just testing koha still and don't have a child patron, but we don't see that option...
21:48 rhcl but we're creating one now to test it
21:49 jwagner I looked at an adult patron & it was there but grayed out.  Probably only active in a child record.
21:50 rhcl yep, I sees it
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22:13 rhcl I see that there is a php-sip class (not a surprise)
22:53 wizzyrea ohh, don't you just hate it when you run out of steam
22:53 wizzyrea I was doing so well
22:53 wizzyrea and then pflapff
22:53 rhcl coffee
22:54 wizzyrea yea, not sure that would help
22:54 wizzyrea but a good suggestion.
22:54 wizzyrea it's so lonely when everyone's on vacay
22:54 rhcl for real
22:54 rhcl is chris sick or something?
22:55 wizzyrea not sure
22:55 wizzyrea he may be on a koha vacay as dictated by his wife :)
22:55 rhcl munin says he was taking pain killers
22:55 munin rhcl: Error: "says" is not a valid command.
22:55 rhcl @seen chris
22:55 munin rhcl: chris was last seen in #koha 1 day, 6 hours, 29 minutes, and 28 seconds ago: <chris> ok, pain killers kicking in, back to sleep i go
22:55 wizzyrea true, though he tweeted last night about a big day of adventures
22:56 wizzyrea so I'd imagine he's just enjoying the summer :)
22:56 rhcl then apparently the pain meds worked :)
22:56 * wizzyrea totally digs the idea of summer xmas
22:56 rhcl yea, pictures of snow work fine for me
22:57 wizzyrea I'm thinking take the 6 months when the weather sucks, and move to the other hemisphere
22:57 wizzyrea then you can live in a lovely temperate place all year round
22:57 rhcl Thailand
22:57 wizzyrea nah, not the tropics
22:57 wizzyrea hot, humid
22:57 wizzyrea euch
22:57 wizzyrea though they have very good food there
22:58 rhcl um, but lots of good things :)
22:58 wizzyrea everywhere has it's benefits lol
22:58 wizzyrea kansas city = bbq
22:58 wizzyrea lawrence = free state beer
22:59 rhcl yea, whish I could find Oklahoma Joe's
22:59 wizzyrea Buffalo new york = chicken wings
22:59 wizzyrea OH OH
22:59 wizzyrea I know where that is
22:59 wizzyrea was there a couple of weeks ago
22:59 rhcl yea, well, google doesn't
22:59 wizzyrea stupid googles
22:59 wizzyrea it's in a gas station
22:59 wizzyrea lol
22:59 wizzyrea maybe you drove past it
23:00 wizzyrea you'd never know it was a restaurant, there's hardly any signage
23:00 rhcl it's in a kinda largerish strip mall, right, towards the left end as you face it from outside?
23:00 wizzyrea they don't need to advertise lol
23:00 rhcl I was there once and can't find my way back
23:00 wizzyrea erm, it's a largish gas station
23:00 wizzyrea the door is towards the left
23:00 rhcl ??? maybe I'm confusted
23:01 wizzyrea maybe
23:01 wizzyrea[…]=66103&country=US
23:01 wizzyrea this is the one we went to
23:02 wizzyrea you may be thinking of the one on strang line
23:02 rhcl I got a new GPS for Christmas, maybe I should try it out
23:02 wizzyrea basically, you get off on misison road, head south to 47th
23:02 wizzyrea it's on the corner
23:02 wizzyrea *get off of I-35
23:03 wizzyrea ok, gotta go, brain made of toast
23:03 wizzyrea if you get tomorrow off, lucky you :)
23:03 wizzyrea but otherwise I'll ttyl, because I'll be here
23:03 rhcl ok, lrt
23:03 rhcl ltr
23:08 davi left #koha
23:15 rhcl is now known as rhcl_out
23:43 SelfishMan Ok, odd question and I'm pretty sure I know the answer
23:43 SelfishMan but does the foundation officially exist *right now*?

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