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00:11 rich-away is now known as richard
00:12 Genji hiya richard~
00:12 richard hi Genji
00:12 Genji read the log of the meeting?
00:13 richard been in perpetual meetings but will have a look
00:14 Genji the question came up, who will host a new koha website, if negotiations with LL fail? A poetic answer would be Katipo. Katipo + HLT, back together again kinda thing. Catalyst is also a possiblity. Whats your opinion?
00:15 Topic for #koha is now Discussion channel for the Koha ILS | Next general IRC meeting at 19:00 UTC+0 on 13 January 2010 | Logged at
00:15 Genji pianohacker++
00:16 pianohacker I've also had the pastebot crammed in there, but I think the log is more important
00:20 richard ah sorry called away. yeah we would be happy to host it
00:21 Genji WooT!
00:26 brendan MARC21slim2intranetDetail.xsl
00:26 brendan is that available anywhere?
00:27 brendan I can only find the UNIMARC version on the git tree
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01:22 Genji okay, im out for a bit. gotta go shopping. laters all.
01:22 * Genji Genji_spidering
01:23 Genji is now known as Genji_spidering
01:23 Genji_spidering updated stats: 357 MB 6284 files
01:24 Genji_spidering I believe the Koha community has written quite a few books worth of wiki
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01:36 jransom can someone who does the message at the top for next meetings make sure that the 5 jan meeting for koha community is recorded somewhere too please.
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02:06 pianohacker jransom: Anyone can change the topic
02:06 pianohacker using the /topic command
02:25 jransom ohh - well there you go :)
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03:15 SelfishMan Is the stuff from this morning posted yet?
03:15 SelfishMan s/this morning/7 hours ago/
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03:21 Amit hi brendan, chris. chris_n2
03:21 brendan hi amit
03:21 brendan if you wanted to reread it -->
03:21 brendan sorry amit - that wasn't for you :)
03:21 brendan how are you today amit
03:22 Amit everything is fine
03:28 Amit @wunder New Delhi India
03:28 munin Amit: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 14.0�C (8:30 AM IST on December 04, 2009). Conditions: Shallow Fog. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Steady).
03:28 Amit @wunder Dehradun India
03:28 munin Amit: The current temperature in Dehradun, India is 13.0�C (5:30 AM IST on December 04, 2009). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.99 in 1015 hPa.
03:28 Amit @wunder Bangalore India
03:28 munin Amit: The current temperature in Bangalore, India is 21.0�C (5:30 AM IST on December 04, 2009). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 84%. Dew Point: 18.0�C.
03:51 pianohacker @wunder 81212
03:51 munin pianohacker: The current temperature in Franklin Ave - Downtown, Canon City, Colorado is -10.5�C (8:45 PM MST on December 03, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 60%. Dew Point: -17.0�C. Windchill: -10.0�C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1021.9 hPa (Steady).
03:51 pianohacker christ on a pony, I didn't realize it was that cold
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04:31 Genji_spidering wow.. wiki.koha... 427 MB and still going.
04:32 brendan @wunder 93117
04:32 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 9.0�C (8:26 PM PST on December 03, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Windchill: 9.0�C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1017.8 hPa (Rising).
04:32 brendan brrr....
04:32 brendan I don't get close to pianhacker's temp
04:32 brendan errr... pianohacker's
04:32 brendan but still cold for us
04:33 brendan bbiab
04:33 pianohacker evil, evil canadian air (apparently that's the cause of 15° temps on a sunny day)
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04:45 Genji_spidering this is insane... 433 mb of wiki.
04:48 pianohacker maybe some uploaded media?
04:49 Genji_spidering maybe some circular references... might of made the mistake of making depth too deep.
05:00 Genji_spidering does anyone have an estimate at how big the wiki is?
05:43 * pianohacker shrugs
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05:47 Genji_spidering stopped using httrack... showed signs of going forever. now trying out pavel
05:47 Genji_spidering err.. pavuk.
05:48 Genji_spidering which is also stupid.
05:48 Genji_spidering doesn't give me the urls in the names.
05:49 Genji_spidering ... I hereby realise that LL has done us a huge disservice.
05:51 pianohacker Genji_spidering: If you're willing to get page names and do a bit of scripting, you could use this:
05:55 Genji_spidering seems like, if we had access to the ftp ... this could be done quite easily.
05:55 Genji_spidering Anyway, ill start again with it tomorrow. net  gets slloooowww about this time.
05:55 Genji_spidering is now known as Genji
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06:02 SelfishMan yep
06:04 SelfishMan Genji: how many objects did you fetch with httrack?
06:05 SelfishMan Somehow, I'm over 1.6GB but it keeps fetching what looks like legit objects
06:06 SelfishMan 25,308 objects retrieved
06:06 Genji omg...
06:06 SelfishMan I think it might be time to stop
06:06 Genji only got up to 7k.
06:06 SelfishMan last fetched:[…]n%3Aorganisations
06:06 Genji maybe some are aliases.
06:06 Genji i have no idea.
06:07 SelfishMan I honestly might just let it run
06:07 * Genji nods. 1.6G.... can you afford to let it run?
06:07 SelfishMan oh yeah
06:08 SelfishMan I have plenty of bandwidth and disk space to spare
06:08 Genji what are you using anyway?
06:08 SelfishMan wget still
06:08 Genji Ah. much better than httrack.
06:08 SelfishMan Aren't there still ll people in here?
06:08 Genji Some links you don't need.. like backtrack links and export_ links.
06:08 pianohacker SelfishMan: not for a while
06:09 Genji @seen josh
06:09 munin Genji: I have not seen josh.
06:09 Genji @seen kados
06:09 SelfishMan hmm
06:09 munin Genji: I have not seen kados.
06:09 Genji @seen Joshua
06:09 munin Genji: I have not seen Joshua.
06:09 pianohacker atz and gmcharlt (when they worked for liblime) were the only ones
06:09 SelfishMan 25,444 objects
06:09 SelfishMan 25,468 objects
06:09 SelfishMan increasing fairly fast
06:09 SelfishMan ah, ok
06:10 SelfishMan I probably should have made it play nice
06:11 Genji looking at wget docs.. i have no idea if it can exclude links when mirroring.
06:11 SelfishMan oh crap
06:11 Genji what?
06:11 SelfishMan I think I forgot to restrict it to
06:11 Genji ...
06:11 Genji And how deep did you let it go?
06:11 SelfishMan it spidered into other sites but that should be only one level
06:11 Genji k.
06:14 SelfishMan
06:14 SelfishMan currently fetched pages
06:19 Genji ya, you got some unnecessary pages.
06:19 Genji​xport_xhtml&id=acquisition
06:20 Genji for instance]
06:21 Genji​ort_raw&id=rachelskatipoplan
06:21 SelfishMan Yeah, I figured as much
06:21 Genji export_raw's would of given you less mb's.
06:21 SelfishMan but I didn't really specify any restrictions and I'm not up for restarting it
06:21 * Genji nods. "Agreed.. so just let it run.
06:23 Genji hoping that it compresses well.
06:40 imp 32M  4. Dez 07:38 koha-bugs.tar.gz
06:40 Genji that all of them, imp?
06:41 imp yes, i'm to lazy to remove the ones that does not exists (but they are only 12 lines long, so i really don't care)
06:42 Genji Cool.
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06:43 chris well done guys
06:43 Genji I tried, failed. theres just too much.
06:44 Genji Wish there was a 'export' button... or a list of all the pages that actually exist on doku.
06:44 chris there are a bunch of features if you have admin access
06:45 chris i was talking to some colleagues at beer oclock
06:45 chris im going to look into launchpad
06:45 Genji whats launchpad?
06:46 chris
06:46 chris does stuff like
06:46 chris of course the most famous is
06:47 chris
06:47 Genji does anyone not LL have admin access to doku?
06:47 chris no
06:48 Genji Mmmhmm.... no vendor lock in...
06:50 Genji Whats the namespace of the wiki?
06:50 pianohacker left #koha
06:50 chris_n2 g'night
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06:57 Ropuch Morning #koha
06:58 imp heyho Ropuch
07:03 nicomo joined #koha
07:04 nicomo morning koha
07:13 Ropuch Hello imp, nicomo
07:14 nicomo hello Ropuch
07:27 brendan morning nicomo
07:28 * brendan just heading to bed :)
07:28 nicomo hi brendan
07:28 nicomo what time is it?
07:28 brendan 23:30
07:28 imp 8:26 (at least for me)
07:28 nicomo imp: yes, we're in the same time zone :-)
07:28 brendan Sonja (my wife) and I just watched a horrible movie
07:29 nicomo horror or horrible?
07:29 brendan horrible
07:29 brendan hence why we are awake so late
07:29 nicomo what was it?
07:29 brendan Angels and Demons
07:29 * brendan hangs his head in shame
07:30 nicomo eh eh
07:30 brendan I feel like a guilt dog
07:30 brendan errr.  guilty
07:30 nicomo 2 days ago I watched Goldfinger, the 1964 James Bond
07:30 nicomo ho-rri-ble
07:30 imp :D
07:30 imp the old bond movies are funny imho
07:31 brendan nicomo - that is / was an excellent old bond movie
07:31 nicomo in a 2d degree sort of way, i guess
07:31 brendan but I do have to say --- is very dated now
07:31 brendan ok - off to bed
07:31 brendan good night all
07:31 brendan :)
07:31 imp gn8
07:31 nicomo ok, see ya brendan
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08:16 kf hi #koha
08:16 Kivutar joined #koha
08:21 chris hi kf
08:22 Ropuch Guten Tag, kf [;
08:22 Ropuch Hi chris
08:22 kf hi chris
08:22 * kf working on translation... again ;)
08:22 Ropuch ;>
08:22 chris :)
08:22 Ropuch I've just switched from gtranslator to lokalize
08:24 ftherese I still can't figure out why the response time is so slow... I enabled some of the extensions on apache, but simply accessing the front page even on the server serving as localhost there is a ridiculous amount of delay in the response
08:25 ftherese I can't reasonably expect my librarians to convert to koha if simply adding one book to the database, or even just clicking around the menus is going to be this unresponsive... I am sure that something must be mis-configured
08:28 ftherese I just wonder what the heck it could be doing with the requests that takes it so long to respond
08:28 ftherese cups responds almost instantaneously
08:28 ftherese koha drags its feet even just to cycle through to a different menu item
08:30 ftherese cups takes 2 sec. from the moment the menu item is clicked, koha takes 10 sec.
08:30 chris yeah thats not right
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08:32 SelfishMan Well, I think I will have every edit and bit of info on the wiki in multiple formats
08:33 fredericd ftherese: How is configured your yuipath syspref?
08:35 CGI759 left #koha
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09:10 CGI348 hi all
09:12 CGI348 I need help koha on debian
09:12 CGI348 this command is not running in debian lenny
09:12 CGI348 $ sudo cpan Algorithm::CheckDigits SMS::Send HTTP::OAI
09:13 Genji CGI348: what do you want ot do with them?
09:13 Genji CGI348: try sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install
09:14 Genji install Algorithm::CheckDigits SMS::Send HTTP::OAI
09:14 Genji '
09:14 CGI348 actually this is command for installing additional dependencies before installing koha
09:14 * Genji nods.
09:14 Genji or even do... 'sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'shell' '
09:15 Genji then type 'install Algorithm::CheckDigits SMS::Send HTTP::OAI
09:18 CGI348 Genji: It still not work
09:18 CGI348 show following error
09:18 CGI348 nouman@lumhs-b70715be2:~$ sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'shell'Terminal does not support AddHistory.cpan shell -- CPAN exploration and modules installation (v1.9205)ReadLine support available (maybe install Bundle::CPAN or Bundle::CPANxxl?)
09:19 Genji thats not an error
09:19 Genji you in a new prompt now?
09:20 hdl_laptop left #koha
09:22 CGI348 Genji: yeah I know, I enter there 'install Algorithm::CheckDigits SMS::Send HTTP::OAI' but still show error
09:26 CGI348 Genji: it show following what should I do now
09:26 Genji no idea.
09:26 slef chris: alive?
09:26 CGI348 Could not fetch modules/ to write /home/nouman/.cpan/MetadataWarning: Cannot install Algorithm::CheckDigits, don't know what it is.Try the command    i /Algorithm::CheckDigits/to find objects with matching identifiers.Warning: Cannot install SMS::Send, don't know what it is.Try the command    i /SMS::Send/to find objects with matching identifiers.Warning: Cannot install HTTP::OAI, don't know what it is.Try th
09:28 slef CGI348: are you behind a firewall and what server(s) did you pick for cpan mirror?
09:28 slef (when you were doing the first run of cpan)
09:29 slef The key problem is "Could not fetch modules/" which means perl can't look anything up.  It's not a koha problem but we'll try to help.
09:30 slef to re-do the configuration and pick different server(s) or add proxy servers, enter o conf init at the cpan> prompt
09:30 CGI348 I dont select cpan mirror but installed automatically when I install dselect
09:30 ftherese left #koha
09:31 slef "install dselect"?
09:31 slef excuse me while I read the recent chat history ;-)
09:31 hdl_laptop joined #koha
09:32 slef debian lenny
09:32 CGI348 self: yeah
09:32 CGI348 self: by following commands
09:32 slef ok, the automatic selection doesn't work for you for whatever reason
09:32 CGI348 self:$ sudo dpkg --set-selections < install_misc/debian-lenny.packages' and ' $ sudo apt-get install dselect    $ sudo dselect'
09:33 slef hrrm, why dselect?
09:33 Genjimoto joined #koha
09:34 hdl_laptop because of INSTALL.debian
09:34 masonj hes following the guide, i guess...
09:34 Genji left #koha
09:34 masonj yep
09:34 slef well, that
09:34 CGI348 self: actually I was following the instructions of 'install.debian-lenny'
09:34 masonj your cpan config is broken...
09:35 slef That's been wrong almost since it was written IMO.  My patches still didn't make it?
09:35 CGI348 so wht should I do. as Im new in linux
09:35 masonj or your network sconfig ;)
09:35 slef CGI348: is there an error before the "Couldn't fetch ..."?
09:35 slef CGI348: and do you have to use a proxy server to get onto the internet?
09:36 masonj follow this guide...
09:36 masonj
09:36 CGI348 yeah on proxy server
09:36 slef ok, rerun sudo perl -MCPAN -e shell
09:36 slef then type at the cpan> prompt o conf init
09:37 slef then when it gets to the http_proxy and ftp_proxy parts, type the right answers in
09:37 slef It'll ask a lot of questions, but for all of the "Where is your ... program?" ones you should be able to just press enter to accept the suggested answer in []s
09:39 masonj slef: ever used/heard-of zmanda mysql-backup tool?
09:40 slef masonj: no but it sounds familiar so I think colleague BR might know about it.
09:40 slef masonj: do you want me to ask him something?
09:40 masonj sure :)
09:41 masonj just a quick thumbs up/down...
09:42 slef I've asked. It says he's offline. I'll relay an answer when I get it.
09:43 masonj thanx!
09:46 CGI348 slef:it show cpan[4]>
09:46 CGI348 slef: should i paste total error
09:47 slef CGI348: can you paste it into
09:47 slef help where's the pastebin?
09:48 slef
09:48 Amit heya slef
09:48 slef CGI348: paste the full error into and tell us the link
09:48 slef Amit: hi hi
09:49 slef actually paste it there and pastebot should tell us the link
09:51 pastebot "CGI348" at pasted "err] $ sudo cpan Algorithm::CheckDigits SMS::Send HTTP::OAI" (494 lines) at
09:51 slef reading
09:52 slef Autoconfigured everything but 'urllist'.
09:52 slef that's not good
09:52 CGI348 slef: then??
09:53 slef ok, quit that, open /etc/perl/CPAN/
09:53 slef actually wait a mo
09:53 slef thinking first :)
09:53 CGI348 ok
09:55 slef phone brb
09:56 slef open /etc/perl/CPAN/ in an editor... are you ok with that?
09:56 slef needs to be sudo
09:56 CGI348 i have opened via sudo gedit /etc/perl/CPAN/
09:56 CGI348 is it?
09:57 slef should be ok
09:57 slef now look for the proxy
09:58 slef lines and put the urls for you proxy in it
09:58 slef save and retry the install lines
09:58 CGI348 'ftp_proxy' => q[],    'http_proxy' => q[],
09:58 CGI348 'no_proxy' => q[],
09:59 slef q[http://proxyserver.whatever:8080/]
10:00 slef with the right protocol name and number
10:01 CGI348 above was the result. should i put in it    q[]
10:01 CGI348 is it?
10:01 slef for your proxy server
10:01 slef q[]
10:02 slef is more likely I think
10:03 slef leave no_proxy empty probably
10:06 CGI348 yeah I have done
10:06 slef now try to install again
10:15 CGI348 left #koha
10:16 slef wonder if it worked
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10:35 Ropuch Hm, anyone has a clue why { } are not displayed (and interpreted) properly on my ttys?
10:35 Genjimoto okay, im off to bed. night all.
10:36 Ropuch Good night Genjimoto
10:40 slef Ropuch: that's an odd one - braces are usually base ASCII I think
10:40 Ropuch yup
10:41 Ropuch Everything is working just fine while I'm using X
10:41 Ropuch but i can't get any code displaying & wroking when switched to tty
10:41 Ropuch Even my bash_profile won't execute
10:46 Genjimoto left #koha
10:46 Ropuch Hmm, vim shows it's ascii 123 so it is a opening curly bracket
10:53 Ropuch Ugh, found it, silly typo in bash_profile and misinterpreting the error message
10:53 * Ropuch is going to get another cup of coffee
11:01 slef good idea
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11:27 Amit @wunder Bangalore India
11:27 munin Amit: The current temperature in Bangalore, India is 22.0�C (11:30 AM IST on December 04, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 80%. Dew Point: 20.0�C.
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11:39 greenmang0 @wunder mumbai
11:39 munin greenmang0: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 28.0�C (4:40 PM IST on December 04, 2009). Conditions: Smoke. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: 22.0�C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Steady).
11:40 greenmang0 there's an option in Koha Admin to add a New Preference ... but for that Variable and Value has to be defined... how to achieve that?
11:40 greenmang0 where can I get the list of variables and values?... is it documented ??
11:40 greenmang0 slef: ^^
11:41 slef I don't know if it's documented.  You can get the variables by grepping the source for C4::Context.*preference IIRC, but then you have to read the source to find the values.
11:42 greenmang0 slef: ok...
11:42 slef It's quite a bit of work and if anything in the source isn't listed in the admin already, that's a bug, so it's quite a bit of work to do a bugfix.
11:43 slef There is a sysprefs.sql file in the sources which should contain them all
11:43 slef but then those should already be loaded into the admin
11:43 slef so you wouldn't need to add them as New Preferences
11:43 slef Does that make sense to you greenmang0?
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11:45 greenmang0 slef: hmm.... one more question... koha's features list says it supports "full text search"
11:45 greenmang0 slef: but i didn't find anything anywhere regarding Full Text Search
11:46 greenmang0 slef: is it my ignorance... or it is a bug? since.. it's not in admin module
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11:56 magnusenger ouch... i'm playing around with OPACFRBRizeEditions and ran " -noxml" to normalize the ISBNs in biblioitems.isbn. now all i get from is a Koha 404, eg:[…]blionumber=271191 Any ideas?
11:58 magnusenger ah, forget it, i got some file permissions mixed up!
11:59 magnusenger morale: check the logs before doing anything else ;-)
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12:04 slef greenmang0: I forget.  Hasn't there been a bit of traffic about that on the list?
12:05 greenmang0 slef: need to check archives :)
12:12 greenmang0 slef: i can use 856u field to put a location of PDF file and i can get the link when i search for a book.... but what i want to do is... i want to search the content of pdfs and koha should show up that link
12:12 greenmang0 slef: is Full Text Search an only option to this?
12:12 greenmang0 slef: or can it be achieved in any other way?
12:13 greenmang0 slef: yes.. kete is there... but i want to do it without kete if possible...
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12:27 slef greenmang0: I'm not sure and I'd have to look it up and today's my first day back in the office after a while.
12:27 greenmang0 slef: ok... no problem :)
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13:04 janewagner Network problems are SO much fun!
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13:09 Ropuch ;>
13:13 jwagner joined #koha
13:13 jwagner Harrumph!
13:15 jdavidb This is a new one on me...doing a rebuild_zebra, and get "Record didn't contain match fields in (bib1,Local-number)".  Indexing stops at that point, which is Kinda Bad.
13:15 jdavidb Anyone ever seen that happen?
13:16 kf hi jwagner and jdavidb :)
13:16 jwagner Morning kf
13:16 jdavidb Hi, kf! :)
13:21 nengard hdl_laptop2 around?
13:26 owen joined #koha
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13:36 hdl_laptop2 nengard, yes
13:36 nengard sent it via email already :) wanted to know what the diff options under the cart export would look like
13:36 nengard for the manual
13:38 hdl_laptop2 jdavidb, yes.
13:38 hdl_laptop2 This is not new for me.
13:38 jdavidb I googled around some, and bibs with large numbers of items seem to cause that a lot.  turning on switch -x seemed to help, for most.
13:39 jdavidb I've done that, and re-running the index now.
13:39 hdl_laptop2 seems that you donot have any biblionumber in your biblio records.
13:40 jdavidb Hm...that'd be bad.
13:40 hdl_laptop2 or you are trying to index a wrong field for your bibliorecord
13:41 jdavidb This is a copy of data from a running system to a test box with a default installation, so I don't think there's anything insanely wrong with the data.
13:43 chris_n g'morning
13:46 schuster joined #koha
13:48 owen Hi all
13:49 imp heyho owen
13:50 owen I'm happy to report that I got Windows talking to my VirtualBox Koha server, but in the process I messed up my Apache config
13:51 owen I'm getting the default Apache page rather than the Koha opac
13:51 owen "_default_ VirtualHost overlap on port 80"
13:51 owen Anyone know where this _default_ configuration is coming from?
13:52 Ropuch Um
13:53 Ropuch /etc/apache2/sites-available/default?
13:53 Ropuch But i guess you've already check that one
13:54 owen Don't be too sure Ropuch ;)
14:00 Ropuch Hehe, you're right ;>
14:08 chris_n hdl_laptop2 about?
14:09 veryinky_ joined #koha
14:09 nengard chris_n are you still having issues getting the docs?
14:09 chris_n nengard: yes
14:09 nengard maybe hdl_laptop2 can help you with that - I just pushed my updates with no issues ....
14:09 chris_n I was hoping he could
14:11 nengard or anyone at BibLibre really
14:12 jwagner @wunder 20740
14:12 munin jwagner: The current temperature in Hollywood, College Park, Maryland is 5.9�C (9:10 AM EST on December 04, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 91%. Dew Point: 5.0�C. Windchill: 6.0�C. Pressure: 30.16 in 1021.2 hPa (Steady).
14:12 chris_n tnx nengard
14:13 nengard np - I have special access so I can push my updates - so that's probably why it works for me while you're having issues
14:13 chris_n btw, I saw your bug for the quick label print menu; I'll try to get it in with my next batch of patches
14:13 chris_n @wunder 28334
14:13 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 9.8�C (9:11 AM EST on December 04, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 29%. Dew Point: -7.0�C. Windchill: 9.0�C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009.0 hPa (Steady).
14:13 nengard chris_n - thanks :) I can do it too if you're too busy - just wasn't sure which menu to choose
14:13 nengard @wunder 19030
14:13 munin nengard: The current temperature in JAT Observatory, Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania is 6.8�C (9:00 AM EST on December 04, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 66%. Dew Point: 1.0�C. Windchill: 7.0�C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1018.8 hPa (Rising).
14:14 veryinky_ Looks like my problem was that I installed 3.0.0 instead of 3.0.2
14:15 * veryinky_ was having trouble with line 92.
14:19 * jdavidb really, really dislikes being wrong.
14:20 * chris_n seems to be that way ^^ too often
14:22 schuster @wunder 75074
14:22 munin schuster: The current temperature in Brookview, Plano, Texas is 0.4�C (8:15 AM CST on December 04, 2009). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 42%. Dew Point: -11.0�C. Windchill: 0.0�C. Pressure: 29.71 in 1006.0 hPa (Rising).
14:22 jdavidb @wunder 20852
14:22 munin jdavidb: The current temperature in Flower Valley, Rockville, Maryland is 4.8�C (9:13 AM EST on December 04, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 85%. Dew Point: 2.0�C. Windchill: 5.0�C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012.1 hPa (Rising).
14:22 nengard wait - am I reading that right? it's colder in Texas than PA?
14:22 owen @wunder 45701
14:22 nengard yikes
14:22 munin owen: The current temperature in Ohio University, Athens, Ohio is 1.7�C (9:17 AM EST on December 04, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 54%. Dew Point: -7.0�C. Windchill: 2.0�C. Pressure: 30.08 in 1018.5 hPa (Steady).
14:22 jdavidb you are reading ti right.  It's colder in TX, and MD, than it is in PA.
14:22 schuster It's bad when it is colder in Texas than in the upper NorthEast!
14:22 nengard uh huh
14:23 nengard but the weather said that what you have is heading east
14:23 nengard so it's coming
14:23 * chris_n wonders if the cold in TX is a bigger cold than in other parts of the US
14:23 schuster Yes it probably is - we may get snow again today - we got some on Tuesday it all melted and there was actually one school district northwest of us that called school.
14:23 * owen runs down the street yelling "It's coming! Prepare yourselves!!"
14:24 schuster chris_n of course it is everything in TEXAS is bigger and better ya know...  We'll have it worn down before it leaves here! HA
14:24 schuster question for you system types.  I'm running top to watch processes.
14:24 chris_n schuster: lol :-)
14:25 chris_n must be why it never snows in NC ;-)
14:25 nengard owen it's people like you who buy up all of the milk when we're expecting an inch of snow - aren't you??? hehe
14:25 schuster as I add up CPU% often it is over 100% - I am running a dell box Debian with 2 Quad core Xeon processors...???
14:25 owen nengard: Naw, I grew up in Kansas. Ask wizzyrea about Kansas snow.
14:26 schuster I grew up in South Dakota!  ask me about walking to class at the university with windchill -60 F!
14:26 schuster People in Texas don't know cold.
14:27 jdavidb schuster: Uphill, both ways, in three-foot-deep snow?
14:28 schuster no hills but yes in the snow! Thankfully they had plowed the sidewalks!
14:28 jdavidb Well, the indexing run broke again, with the same error, despite using -x in the rebuild_zebra..  Any idea how to *find* the record-with-no-biblionumber-in-it?
14:30 magnusenger schuster: i'm no top expert, but found this: "Time spent in niced tasks will also be counted in system and user time, so the total will be more than 100%."[…]l/blcmdl1_top.htm
14:30 veryinky_ Um. What would be the easiest way to update koha 3.0.0 to koha 3.0.2, was about to re-install, but...
14:31 schuster Where is the biblionumber stored?  could you go at it from items looking for items where biblionumber is null?
14:31 chris_n jdavidb: somthing like 'SELECT * FROM biblio WHERE biblionumber = NULL' maybe
14:31 jdavidb schuster:  Way, way more useful than CPU % is the load average numbers.
14:32 schuster thanks manusenger - I'm trying to determine why the system gets really slow at 8:30...  time to go watch activity.
14:32 schuster 1.35, 2.27, 2.39 - so what does that tell me?
14:32 magnusenger schuster: happy hunting! ;-)
14:32 jdavidb chris_n:  empty set.  Same searching in biblioitems, too.
14:32 schuster Load averages.
14:33 jdavidb The load average at any given instant is the number of processes currently running on a cpu, plus any that *could* run, if there was cpu available for them.  Those numbers are the 1, 5, and 15-minute averages of those instant numbers.
14:33 magnusenger "Load  average  over 1, 5, and 15 minutes.  The load average is the average number of jobs in the run queue."
14:33 jdavidb Give you have, effectively, 8 CPUs, any number lower than that indicates less-than-full utilization.
14:34 jdavidb Doesn't mean there won't be other lags--IO, database lock mutexes, network--but CPU shouldn't be an issue for you.
14:34 schuster ok so is there a way to monitor IO?
14:35 jdavidb iostat has some interesting bits you might look at.  "man iostat" from a privileged account should give you some ideas.
14:35 chris_n jdavidb: in biblio.biblionumber is not null autoincrement and biblioitems.biblionumber is not null default 0, so unless you have bad data, there should never be no biblionumber
14:35 jdavidb I don't think there's anything as clean and easy as "top", but there are tools.
14:36 chris_n jdavidb: somthing like 'SELECT * FROM biblio WHERE biblionumber = 0' might be more enlightening
14:36 jdavidb Exactly, chris_n.  But the records won't index.
14:36 chris_n jdavidb: somthing like 'SELECT * FROM biblioitems WHERE biblionumber = 0' rather
14:36 schuster I find it interesting that I have a 16 GIG memory and only 1108572k free - I do have most of it in swap but that number never chnages.
14:36 jdavidb none of those, either.
14:36 jdavidb If your system ever starts swapping, schuster, I should be very worried.
14:37 jdavidb Not having much memory free on an application like this is no particular problem--MySQL can have most of it, and that's not harmful.
14:38 schuster Yes I see mysql is running 44.7%
14:38 schuster Just trying to see if there is anything I can do system wise to speed things up.
14:38 schuster yesterday we even had a couple librarians indicate they got "system busy messages" in circ...
14:39 jdavidb Something I've bumped into:  do a MySQL:    SELECT count(*) FROM sessions;
14:39 schuster sorry "serverbusy"
14:39 dcage joined #koha
14:39 schuster Yes - last night I cleared and optimized sessions...  there were only 77,000 but that query did take some time.
14:39 jdavidb Oh, okay.  you're one ahead of me, then.  ;-)
14:40 schuster This morning I run it and there are 856 and the mysql poped right back so maybe that alone will help.
14:40 jdavidb chris_n, I didn't find any of those, either.  almost gotta be something in the marc/marcxml.
14:41 schuster how big is the MARC file jdavidb?
14:41 jdavidb pardon?
14:41 schuster It could be that you have something where there are too many items which causes it to crash.
14:41 jdavidb That's what I thought, too, so I ran rebuild_zebra with -x to overcome that, and got the same error,.
14:42 chris_n jdavidb: are we sure it is the biblionumber causing the issue?
14:42 jdavidb I'm not sure of anything.
14:42 chris_n heh
14:42 jdavidb The error is barking about (bib1,Local-number).
14:42 jdavidb The only entry in record.abs that points at Local-number is the 035.
14:44 schuster Can you query for a bib without 035 tag?
14:44 schuster schuster knows jdavidb has probably done that already...
14:45 jdavidb SELECT count(*) FROM biblioitems WHERE marcxml NOT LIKE '%<datafield tag="035"%';  returns 1079 records, sure enough.  But why would it be *requiring* that?
14:46 * chris_n has many records w/o 035 and zebra indexes fine
14:47 jdavidb Oh-hoh.  zebra-biblios.cfg has a line "recordId: (bib1,Local-number)"   That don't look right to me..
14:49 schuster thanks for the query... ;)
14:49 jwagner jdavidb, I see that same line on my sandbox
14:49 jdavidb yeah, I'm seeing it on a fresh install, too.
14:50 nengard jdavidb - you're gonna put that query on the wiki right?
14:50 jdavidb 999$c, which is what we *really* want, is defined as Local-Number.  Case problem?
14:50 nengard left #koha
14:51 schuster have you looked at select biblionumber, title, length(marcxml) from biblio  and count(*) somehow?
14:51 * jdavidb looks at nengard's ghost very puzzledly...
14:51 schuster To double check oversized records?
14:51 jdavidb I'm *sure* I've got some too-long-for-MARC recs, schuster.  No need to look to see if I do.
14:52 schuster hm ok - all I know is they caused me tons of trouble.
14:53 jdavidb I remember.  :P
14:53 schuster hm yep load averages are going up... 2.62, 4.12, 3.61
14:54 ColinC joined #koha
14:54 jdavidb A load average on the order of 3, for a multi-cpu box like yours, normally shouldn't be a problem, in and of itself.    MySQL SHOW PROCESSLIST show any stragglers, processes running way too long?
14:57 jdavidb gmcharlt is the Zebra configs guru; he's gotten me out of jams before.  Around?
14:58 schuster There is one process over 100 seconds but there isn't a way to tell what it is.
14:58 jdavidb A longish query like that *can* cause problems, but that doesn't seem overly long, for a report or something.
14:58 jdavidb When they get over 1000, that's a *definite* problem.
14:58 gmcharlt jdavidb: Zebra config questin?
14:59 jdavidb :D    I've got a blowup happening on reindex, barking about no match on (bib1, Local-number).
14:59 jdavidb I note that 999$c is defined as "Local-Number", not "Local-number".  Only thing I have pointing at "Local-number" is 035.
15:00 jdavidb But zebra-biblios.cfg shows recordId: (bib1,Local-number)
15:00 jdavidb Case sensitivity problem?
15:00 schuster 6.05, 4.41, 3.78 - went to 200 seconds and is gone now
15:00 gmcharlt jdavidb: doubt it, but you want the Local-number (regardless of case) to be drawing from exactly one subfield
15:00 chris_n bbl
15:00 gmcharlt in this case, the 999$c (for biblionumber)
15:01 gmcharlt as the recordId is special - it needs to be a unique, single-value-per-record value
15:01 schuster nice to see you gmcharlt
15:02 jdavidb Ah-hah.  gotcha.  Sometime in the evil past, this one got 035 turned on to localnumber, but nothing turned off.    I'll try that.  Thanks!
15:03 schuster Thanks everyone for your insight have to get ready for my javascript class!
15:04 jdavidb gmcharlt++
15:05 jwagner er, evil past would be me.  The purpose of turning it on in the index is for a bibload match point.  I just uncommented the 035 line already in record.abs.  If it can't use Local Number, what index could we set that to?
15:06 gmcharlt jwagner: I suggest making up a new one, std-control-number or the like
15:06 jwagner OK, I'll let jdavidb figure out how to do that & set it up :-)
15:07 jdavidb my loads of spare time?  Will require re-index on each system, of course.
15:07 jwagner Of course.  I have faith in you :-)
15:08 * jdavidb chuckles
15:09 jwagner Now hop to it for today's Must Do list!
15:09 * jwagner cracks the whip
15:09 wizzyrea b
15:09 wizzyrea ...Spud says hi
15:09 wizzyrea and good morning.
15:10 jwagner good morning to wizzyrea and Spud
15:11 jdavidb :)  Mornin', wizzyrea and Spud!
15:11 wizzyrea yea, this week is awesome: Spud's sick, now the Sitter is sick, and I'm getting sick. Sweeeet.
15:12 wizzyrea oh and the hubs is sick
15:12 wizzyrea though spud seems better :P
15:16 owen wizzyrea: You'll have to teach him how to fetch you snacks and drinks while you lounge on the couch
15:16 wizzyrea a capital idea
15:16 jwagner but you'll have all weekend to recover!  (*ducks*)
15:16 jdavidb Beware of jwagner; she's in a sassy mood today, I think.
15:17 wizzyrea jwagner: true! (for some reason that isn't terribly irksome to me, I've been at home with a sick one for 3 days now)
15:17 wizzyrea luckily I can pretty easily work from home
15:20 jwagner Try grumpy instead of sassy.  Starting the day with no network connectivity is equivalent to getting out of bed on the wrong side.  My whole LIFE is backed up online somewhere.  Can't function without a network link!
15:20 * gmcharlt awaits the net implant for his brain
15:21 jwagner Maybe someone will give Bluetooth a whole new meaning...
15:23 bebbi joined #koha
15:24 wizzyrea i have an iphone, I don't need implants :P
15:24 dcage left #koha
15:25 wizzyrea though augmented reality through corneal implants would be neat.
15:28 owen ...until the spammers hit your implants with popup ads
15:28 chris_n lol
15:28 * jdavidb finds reality interesting enough, and wonders what sort of "augmentation" wizzyrea suggests.
15:28 jdavidb It'd be nice to have it pop up stuff like, "where did I meet this person who looks familiar..."
15:31 slef wizzyrea++
15:31 slef spotted a law project today using wordpress for everything apparently for no reason beside it being cool
15:31 chris_n heya slef
15:31 slef asked them if they'd remove the linkspam that's been injected into the theme
15:31 slef hi chris_n
15:33 chris_n jwagner: fwiw, my dev install is back to where it was prior to the bad rebase
15:34 * chris_n breaths a sigh of relief
15:34 jwagner chris_n, good news!  Do you have notes about what went wrong & warnings for what anyone else would need to do?  I made a note about all the Perl dependencies yesterday.
15:35 owen slef: Meaning their site didn't need the features WordPress provided?
15:35 chris_n I have not yet attempted another rebase... the first attempt was enough stress for one week :-)
15:35 chris_n and I'm still waiting to hear from hdl_laptop2 on his thoughts
15:36 chris_n but I think that nengard must have rebased ok
15:38 kf time to leave - have a nice weekend everybody :)
15:38 chris_n bye kf
15:39 kf left #koha
15:48 jdavidb gmcharlt++ #again.  Sure enough, commenting out the second local-number entry got me past the hump.
15:50 wizzyrea omg I got a karma bump from slef
15:50 * wizzyrea faints
15:55 wizzyrea jdavidb I was thinking of things like, you like gelato... when approaching a gelato shop it says 1500m to gelato shop
15:56 jdavidb That might be handy.
15:56 * jdavidb queries his implant for "good chili" and gets back "go make some, fool.  Texas is too far to drive."
15:58 veryinky_ :|
15:59 veryinky_ I got koha to run, seem to have tested most things and still no errors. Not much enthusiasm to start working the book database for real though.
16:01 * Ropuch is poking around 3.2
16:01 Ropuch New aquisition module is pretty cool
16:03 veryinky_ I'm just happy it runs, accidentally installed 3.0.0 instead of 3.0.2, spent a few days trying to figure out what went wrong before re-installing.
16:09 hilongo joined #koha
16:10 Ropuch veryinky_: why you're installing 3.0.2 when latest stable release is 3.0.4?
16:11 veryinky_ When was 3.0.4 released, I could swear it was 3.0.2 yesterday.
16:13 Ropuch It's been a while
16:13 Ropuch
16:13 veryinky_ I just finished installing 3.0.2, about an hour ago. Is there an easy way to upgrade or should I uninstall koha entirely and re-install 3.0.4?
16:13 Ropuch We should do something about naming inconsistency on - you're not the first person confused
16:14 Ropuch veryinky_: upgrading is easy, give me sec
16:15 * veryinky_ is setting up koha to list books at this historical society, and also list books at nearby local achives and universities.
16:16 Ropuch veryinky_:[…]-July/019328.html
16:16 veryinky_ (mostly 100+ year old books, not so much a lending library as much as a historical archive)
16:18 jwagner Does anyone know current status on Bug 2165 about adding XSLT to staff side?  Is that being actively sponsored/worked on?
16:18 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2165 normal, P3, ---,, ASSIGNED, Add XSL Support for Staff Client -- was: ISBN being truncated
16:18 hdl_laptop2 jwagner, normally, should be on master now.
16:19 hdl_laptop2 Since it has been ported by us.
16:19 hdl_laptop2 I am working on updatedatabase today
16:19 jwagner Oh, good!  Is that one of the things in the new head?
16:19 veryinky_ Ropuch, thanks. Seems to be working.
16:20 Ropuch veryinky_: good luck [;
16:25 Kivutar left #koha
16:25 hdl_laptop2 jwagner, yes
16:27 schuster jwagner - I have paid for some sponsorship to Liblime about that but have not heard any update on the status of my 3 development projects lately.
16:32 jwagner schuster and hdl_laptop2, thanks.  One of my sites was asking about it.
16:34 veryinky_ Why was it called _fixed? initial 0.4 had a problem?
16:35 veryinky_ (koha-3.00.04_fixed.tar.gz)
16:36 nahuel left #koha
16:36 owen veryinky: Yes
16:37 hilongo veryinky: yes ... initial 0.4 had a problem and there were access problems that lead to a "renamed release"
16:37 hilongo IIRC
16:38 veryinky_ ah
16:38 Ropuch owen: there is some naming incosistency: people tend to download and test 3.02 as it is marked as stable
16:39 owen We all hope such confusion will be avoided in the future when all Koha release managers and maintainers have proper access to
16:39 Ropuch Yeah, I know
16:40 veryinky_ I blame my error on following the koha installation guide, which installs 3.0.2 instead of 3.0.4
16:40 veryinky_ (though 3.0.2 does nicely, as far as I can tell)
16:42 Ropuch veryinky_: you're not the first person ;)
16:43 veryinky_ Hehe.
16:44 Ropuch Besides: if one goes to an see: 3.0-stable, 3.0.1-stable and then only number, it's not unusual to assume that the higher numners are some dev releases
16:45 veryinky_ I'm not too confident yet, but I could help someone re-write that "koha_3_install_guide_ubuntu_hardy" for the most recent version of ubuntu, along with 3.0.4
16:45 * veryinky_ wrote down everything that I had to do differently from the guide.
16:48 reiko joined #koha
16:48 nengard joined #koha
16:50 jdavidb is now known as jdavidb_lunchin
16:54 slef owen: just so
16:56 hilongo left #koha
16:58 nengard owen - went to the supermarket after dr to pick up some meds - and it was PACKED - I jinxed it because of my comment to you about snow and milk :)
16:58 chris_n2_ joined #koha
17:00 jwagner left #koha
17:00 jwagner joined #koha
17:02 chris_n2 left #koha
17:02 imp left #koha
17:02 chris_n2_ is now known as chris_n2
17:02 Ropuch left #koha
17:02 bebbi left #koha
17:02 davi left #koha
17:03 davi joined #koha
17:05 Ropuch joined #koha
17:05 brendan left #koha
17:05 nengard hey all
17:06 nengard just found something new - again - the ability to attach an item to a bib
17:06 nengard what does this do? move the item from one to another? or put it on both?
17:06 imp joined #koha
17:07 nengard nevermind - played with it - and it moves the item -
17:11 reiko left #koha
17:13 gmcharlt left #koha
17:14 gmcharlt joined #koha
17:15 owen wizzyrea around? Got more more VirtualBox questions if you're game
17:18 sekjal joined #koha
17:18 sekjal hey all, quick question
17:18 sekjal does anyone know which permission a user must have to be able to set their library?
17:20 ColinC is now known as Colin
17:21 chris_n nengard: kohadoc git works now tnx to hdl
17:21 nengard awesome
17:21 * chris_n goes off in search of food
17:23 nengard GRRR - Can't add an authority because I can't expand collapsed fields ...[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3860
17:23 munin Bug 3860: critical, P5, ---,, NEW, Can't expand authorities
17:24 nengard this is causing me a big issue since i can't write the authorities docs if I can't actually add an authority
17:24 wizzyrea owen, I'll do my best
17:25 owen wizzyrea: Maybe it's not a VirtualBox question, maybe it's just an Apache config question.
17:25 owen Anyway...
17:25 wizzyrea either way, may be able to help
17:26 owen Working in VirtualBox I can access Koha at "http://oleonard-desktop/"
17:26 owen ...but "localhost" points to the default Apache page
17:26 owen So if I point the browser on my host to "localhost:88" it reaches the default Apache page
17:27 wizzyrea yea, that sounds like apache... but what...
17:27 wizzyrea you have your listening ports configured in apache?
17:28 owen Where should I check?
17:28 Colin nengard: Is that a browser specific issue?
17:28 wizzyrea usually /etc/apache2/ports.conf
17:29 nengard shouldn't be - I can do it with the cataloging module in the same browser
17:29 owen wizzyrea: Says Listen 80 and Listen 8080.
17:29 wizzyrea OH
17:29 wizzyrea oh oh oh
17:29 wizzyrea Iknow
17:29 nengard colin in cataloging my cursor turns into a finger when i mouse over labels
17:29 Colin works for me -- but that's without the latest big merge
17:29 nengard in the the authority cataloging I get diddily
17:29 wizzyrea erm, maybe not
17:29 nengard Ah - mine is after the big merge
17:29 wizzyrea localhost:88 doesn't work?
17:30 wizzyrea in your host browser?
17:30 owen localhost:88 in my host browser reaches the "It works!" default Apache page
17:30 wizzyrea hrm
17:30 owen ..same as going to "localhost" on my guest browser
17:31 owen I can only get to Koha via http://oleonard-desktop/
17:32 wizzyrea ...thinking... ...looking...
17:32 Colin looks like a negative feature got merged in
17:33 gmcharlt left #koha
17:33 wizzyrea you have configured your koha.conf with the IP:80 of your virtualbox?
17:33 wizzyrea example:
17:33 brendan joined #koha
17:34 gmcharlt joined #koha
17:35 wizzyrea <VirtualHost>
17:35 nicomo_ joined #koha
17:35 wizzyrea (sorry that took way longer than it should have)
17:36 owen <VirtualHost>
17:36 wizzyrea ah, yea, ifconfig to find out the guest IP, and stick that in there
17:36 wizzyrea instead of
17:37 wizzyrea there will also be a line farther down for the intranet
17:37 wizzyrea same thing:
17:40 collum owen: I believe you can also use a wildcard character. *:80, if your ip is not static
17:41 owen Okay, <VirtualHost>
17:42 owen But still no luck
17:43 nicomo left #koha
17:43 nicomo_ is now known as nicomo
17:44 slef *:80 means port 80 on any interface
17:44 brendan morning all
17:45 slef evening
17:45 collum Yep, but shouldn't it work if you are only running koha?  You may have to disable the default configuration.
17:45 nengard afternoon
17:45 slef yes it should
17:46 brendan bug 3863
17:46 hdl_laptop2 nengard, 3860 works for me.
17:46 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3863 major, P5, ---,, NEW, Amazon Covers Not Working
17:46 brendan bug 3860
17:46 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3860 blocker, P5, ---,, NEW, Can't expand authorities
17:46 nengard hdl_laptop2 - okay - so what do you think it is? why isn't it working for me in FF?
17:47 wizzyrea well is your IP?
17:48 wizzyrea Imean, that's what it is on *my* virtualbox
17:48 owen "inet addr:"
17:48 wizzyrea >.>
17:48 slef nengard: hdl_laptop2 - is one of you UNIMARC and the other MARC21?
17:48 nengard I am Marc21
17:48 nengard that could be it
17:48 wizzyrea owen: I'm not sure :(
17:49 hdl_laptop2 UNIMARC.
17:50 hdl_laptop2 could be. But would be strange.
17:50 hdl_laptop2 I will try with a marc21 install
17:51 owen :|
17:53 gmcharlt left #koha
17:53 collum owen: Did you restart apache after you made the configuration change?  collum doesn't really want to ask this question.
17:54 owen I did, and got a couple of errors, don't know if they're relevant: "apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName"
17:54 ColinC joined #koha
17:54 owen "(13)Permission denied: make_sock: could not bind to address [::]:80"
17:54 owen "(13)Permission denied: make_sock: could not bind to address"
17:54 gmcharlt joined #koha
17:55 collum the fully qualified domain name shouldn't matter
17:55 collum the other errors do, but I'm not sure what's going on.
17:56 jdavidb_lunchin is now known as jdavidb
17:56 hdl_laptop2 is now known as hdl_dinner
17:57 wizzyrea well you could definitely try a2dissite default
17:57 pianohacker joined #koha
17:58 wizzyrea which would disable the default config
17:58 owen ?
17:58 nengard wow - look at the time ... guess i should eat some lunch - soup it is - be back soon
17:59 wizzyrea sudo a2dissite default
17:59 wizzyrea then restart apache
17:59 * veryinky_ yawns and watches makes.
17:59 sekjal does anyone know if the patch for bug 3713 is going to be rolled into 3.0.5, or 3.2?  I don't see it in the 3.0.4 log
17:59 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3713 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, When Editing Items existing branch values are ignored
18:00 Colin left #koha
18:00 collum owen:
18:01 owen Has no effect
18:02 wizzyrea :/
18:02 wizzyrea (i know that I have solved this problem before...)
18:02 collum me too
18:02 ColinC left #koha
18:02 pianohacker owen: what does an apache2 -S within VirtualBox show?
18:02 pianohacker Good quick way to check vhost configuration
18:02 sekjal left #koha
18:03 owen "apache2: bad user name ${APACHE_RUN_USER}"
18:03 wizzyrea sudo :P
18:04 owen Same :P
18:05 veryinky_ :|
18:10 wizzyrea doh
18:11 * veryinky_ watches system resources monitor, for lack of a better thing to do.
18:12 gmcharlt_ joined #koha
18:12 brendan wow USA draws England in group C --> for world cup 2010
18:13 jdavidb brendan:  I'm not a huge football fan--always tried to be philosophical about the World Cup--it's not a matter of *if* USA will get their clocks cleaned by nations that take it more seriously than we do, but *when.*
18:14 brendan New Zealand --> in group F, with Italy so far
18:14 bebbi joined #koha
18:14 brendan good luck chris
18:17 wizzyrea question: functionally, what does changing the framework do on an existing record? What I want to know is: if you have a messed up bib with empty, erroneous items, why would changing the framework fix the problem? does it rewrite the marcxml blob?
18:18 gmcharlt_ it force a general bib update, which has the effect of updating the embedded item data
18:20 Ropuch Hm, anyone running 3.2?
18:20 gmcharlt left #koha
18:21 jwagner chris_n, still online?
18:22 owen Okay, "apache2ctl -S" give me this:
18:22 owen VirtualHost configuration:
18:22 owen           oleonard-desktop (/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/koha:6)
18:22 owen         oleonard-desktop (/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/koha:49)
18:22 owen wildcard NameVirtualHosts and _default_ servers:
18:22 owen *:80          (/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default:1)
18:23 nengard back
18:24 tomascohen left #koha
18:25 owen Aaand... somewhere along the way things started working.
18:25 jdavidb I generally disable the default config.  It's one more way in the door, and I prefer to control those.
18:25 owen So yay, working! and Boo...don't know what I changed to make it work.
18:25 collum yay
18:25 jdavidb owen++
18:26 veryinky_ blarg.
18:26 nengard so - lunch done - a nice garlicy soup - to kill the sick in me - only good for somone who only talks with her fingers :) hehe
18:26 veryinky_ chown: Invalid user: 'koh:koh'
18:27 * pianohacker adds blarg about tightvnc resetting auth password upon - wery wery bad when the machine is half an hour away
18:27 pianohacker veryinky_: That should be koha:koha, I think. What's that error from?
18:27 veryinky_ make install update
18:28 veryinky_ chown: usager invalide: `koh:koh'
18:28 veryinky_ make: *** [set_koha_ownership] Erreur 1
18:28 veryinky_ (sorry, it's in french, but this is for a historical society in quebec, canada)
18:28 pianohacker translations++
18:29 pianohacker veryinky_: Is there a koha user set up on your system (and does that user own your Koha install directory)?
18:29 veryinky_ It'd be chown: invalid user: 'koh:koh', Error 1. Yeah, I,m going to fix it.
18:29 veryinky_ Yeah, it's koha koha, koha directory
18:29 pianohacker veryinky_: I'm assuming you ran Makefile.PL with the --prev-install-log argument
18:29 Genjimoto joined #koha
18:30 veryinky_ Yes.
18:30 pianohacker You could directly edit the install log, and change koh to koha
18:30 veryinky_ Yeah, already got gedit out to fix it. Just annoyed, this is an old computer, make takes an hour
18:30 pianohacker urg.
18:31 veryinky_ 1.2 ghz cpu, 1 meg ram
18:31 veryinky_ er, 1 gig ram
18:31 pianohacker I was _hoping_ that was a typo
18:31 veryinky_ (old but not that old)
18:31 pianohacker veryinky_: one-time-speed-hack: also change it in the Makefile directly, you might not have to run the whole make again
18:31 veryinky_ It's a community historical society, so they don't exactly have state of the art hardware.
18:32 wizzyrea gmcharlt: thanks, that was what I assuming
18:32 Genjimoto left #koha
18:36 owen wizzyrea: With ssh hostport configured to 2222 shouldn't I be able to ssh to localhost:2222?
18:36 wizzyrea 22, if you did it Like I did
18:37 owen I've got "...ssh/HostPort" value="2222"/>"
18:37 owen and "...ssh/GuestPort" value="22"/>"
18:38 owen the VirtualBox config xml
18:42 owen Hmmm... ssh server installed on Ubuntu?
18:42 Genji joined #koha
18:42 Genji hiya all
18:42 Genji SelfishMan: how far did you get with the mirroring?
18:43 SelfishMan still running
18:43 SelfishMan almost done though it looks like
18:44 SelfishMan 52,017 objects fetched
18:45 veryinky_ pianohacker, well, editing the makefile directly does not seem to be an option on this computer. 5 minutes later it's still trying to open the file. Looks like I'll have to bite the bullet and remake.
18:45 SelfishMan 4GB in size though
18:45 veryinky_ Or not. 6 minutes in and it opened the file. Now to find a "koh" in a giant file filled with "koha"s.
18:46 francharb left #koha
18:47 Genji SelfishMan: compression will bring that down. .tar.gz'ed of course. good thing i didn't continue, havent got 4 gb to spare. Wow.. The wiki is a couple of books and then some.
18:54 pianohacker veryinky_: any luck?
18:57 veryinky_ Looking at a weird error.  Warning: prerequisite HTTP::OAI 3.2 not found.
18:57 veryinky_ But OAI 2.1.5 is the most recent one I found.
18:58 pianohacker veryinky_: you can continue past that and test later, especially if you're not going to use the OAI server
18:58 SelfishMan Genji: looks like every article has 15-20 variations on it.  I'm sure the dataset is only a few hundred meg at most
18:59 veryinky_ Ok. I didn't have this problem with 3.0 and 3.0.2 so I was curious as to why it happened.
19:00 SelfishMan I have about 400TB of free space available to me so disk space isn't a concern and bandwidth usage is minimal
19:00 * veryinky_ is reading the koha mailing list about others who had the same problem and how they fixed it.
19:00 Genji Which we could of got via ftp from the pages directory, if LL gave us access.
19:00 pianohacker SelfishMan: 400TB?
19:00 SelfishMan pianohacker: yep.
19:01 Genji wow...
19:01 pianohacker What on earth is that intended for?
19:01 Genji How is that possible?
19:01 Genji You own a Datacenter?
19:01 SelfishMan I deal with a lot of large datasets
19:01 pianohacker like what?
19:01 SelfishMan At the office I have a room for servers and a room for storage
19:02 SelfishMan pianohacker: Can't really talk about that (NDAs)
19:02 pianohacker Very serious then
19:02 Genji SelfishMan: what do you do?
19:02 SelfishMan Not really that serious since everyone makes you sign NDAs these days
19:02 pianohacker I'll just assume you host warez and leave it at that :)
19:03 SelfishMan Genji: I'll do anything that challenges me
19:03 SelfishMan and if it benefits the masses then I'm even more willing to commit to it
19:04 Genji I mean.. job title? Workplace function? And what does the office actually do?
19:04 SelfishMan Genji: I own the business and we take on all sorts of computer related contracts
19:05 SelfishMan custom hardware, software and/or infrastrure design mostly
19:05 SelfishMan uh...infrastructure
19:06 Genji Right. You mentioned you have 400TB free... how much you have in total?
19:07 * Genji braces himself for a reallly big number.
19:07 SelfishMan Genji: about 600TB
19:07 Genji Oh... not much bigger in comparision.
19:07 SelfishMan just purged a bunch of data from the last contract
19:08 Genji you got a Supercomputer strength cluster working at stuff?
19:08 SelfishMan nah, handful of systems doing the crunching but most of it isn't really cpu intensive
19:09 SelfishMan just a matter of taking a bunch of raw data and making it into something useful
19:09 SelfishMan IO is insane though
19:17 Ropuch Kinda funny nick you have for a person willing to share his resources ;>
19:18 SelfishMan Ropuch: That's where the nick came from
19:18 Ropuch [;
19:19 Ropuch I'm seriously thinking about switching focus entirely to 3.2 version
19:19 pianohacker in terms of translation?
19:19 Ropuch Yup
19:19 Ropuch Despite previous declaration from others I'm doing this on my own
19:20 Ropuch And 3.2 is great ;)
19:20 pianohacker That it is :)
19:21 Ropuch I will do some testing on funcionality I need and maybe I'll put my library on it
19:22 Ropuch It's easier to translate and spot bugs when actually working with software
19:22 Ropuch (although bugzilla is creeping me out)
19:24 Ropuch pianohacker: do you have 3.2 installed? When I'm trying to limit search to available items, the result is "no match"
19:25 pianohacker Ropuch: My library at is running a (slightly out-of-date) 3.2
19:25 Ropuch I've imported my 3.0.4 dump into 3.2 and I'm not sure if it's a bug or my problem only
19:25 Ropuch "Outdated 3.2"? ;>
19:26 pianohacker I have some custom modifications, and I haven't had the energy to deal with merging them in for a couple of months
19:27 pianohacker Hmm, can't connect to my library at the moment. Good thing I'm going into work soon
19:28 Ropuch Neither do I
19:28 pianohacker Ropuch: But I believe the available items limit is working; you might want to check your zebra MARC configuration (good old record.abs)
19:29 pianohacker Time to head off to work, be back in half an hour or so
19:29 Ropuch See you
19:29 pianohacker left #koha
19:37 nengard left #koha
19:49 wizzyrea owen: I don't believe ssh is installed by default on ubuntu
19:49 owen Yup, got it.
19:49 owen I'm in business!
19:49 wizzyrea sorry, had a lunch break >.<
19:49 wizzyrea sweet!
19:49 * wizzyrea claps excitedly
19:54 veryinky_ :|
20:01 Genji left #koha
20:06 brendan bug 3864
20:07 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3864 blocker, P5, ---,, NEW, Cannot place holds in staff client
20:07 pianohackr|work joined #koha
20:12 masonj joined #koha
20:13 Nate left #koha
20:20 veryinky_ pianohackr|work: Seems to have worked, was about to create a koh:koh account out of frustration.
20:22 Nate joined #koha
20:26 jdavidb left #koha
20:30 Genji joined #koha
20:30 Genji hiya chris, you up?
20:32 hdl_dinner left #koha
20:34 owen Saturday for him Genji, although you can sometimes catch him
20:37 SelfishMan I must admit, I'm getting some pleasure out of burning 6GB of LL's bandwidth in the last 24 hours
20:37 SelfishMan does that make me a bad person?
20:40 Ropuch No, just a happy one :)
20:55 veryinky :|
20:58 Nate have a great weekend everyone!
20:58 owen veryinky: You seem very neutral.
20:58 veryinky Always am.
20:58 Nate left #koha
21:00 collum left #koha
21:00 veryinky I was voted most likely to :| on #bay12games
21:03 owen I was voted most likely to leave in 15 minutes by the people who saw when I came to work this morning.
21:04 chris_n jwagner: back now
21:07 schuster owen hope the child is better.
21:08 owen yeah, she's fine except for the sneezing boogers on us periodically
21:08 schuster Ah yes we continue to have that as well.
21:08 schuster owen - watch out - I've finished day 2 of a 4 day javascript class...  There may be LOTS of questions coming your way - we talk about ajax next week.
21:09 owen Sounds like fun!
21:09 owen Is it one of those national tech-training companies?
21:10 schuster my tinkering with webpages has come to a point in which I needed to actually take some classes.
21:10 schuster IEACT ? certified course
21:10 schuster So yes - it was sponsored through our local OCLC channel.
21:13 chris_n bbl
21:15 jwagner left #koha
21:20 owen Have a good weekend everyone!
21:21 owen left #koha
21:26 magnusenger left #koha
21:32 nengard joined #koha
21:38 nicomo left #koha
21:42 brendan @wunder 93117
21:42 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 17.2�C (1:39 PM PST on December 04, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 49%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Pressure: 30.07 in 1018.2 hPa (Falling).
21:49 bebbi left #koha
22:07 chris_n2 @wunder 28334
22:07 munin chris_n2: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 11.3�C (5:02 PM EST on December 04, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 36%. Dew Point: -3.0�C. Pressure: 29.71 in 1006.0 hPa (Steady).
22:24 nengard left #koha
22:28 schuster try and stay warm everyone!
22:28 schuster left #koha
22:46 ILHOMJAN joined #koha
22:46 ILHOMJAN left #koha
22:46 ILHOMJAN_2 joined #koha
22:46 chris_n2 left #koha
22:46 ILHOMJAN_2 salom
22:47 ILHOMJAN_2 privet
22:49 ILHOMJAN_2 left #koha
22:49 chris_n2 joined #koha
22:55 brendan @karma
22:55 munin brendan: Highest karma: "chris" (84), "gmcharlt" (67), and "owen" (64).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-26), "failed" (-20), and "-" (-11).  You (brendan) are ranked 18 out of 598.
22:55 brendan @karma brendan
22:55 munin brendan: Karma for "brendan" has been increased 10 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 10.
22:57 chris_n2 brendan++ # for good measure :-)
22:58 brendan chris_n2++ #also for good measure
22:58 brendan :)
22:58 brendan @karma chris_n2
22:58 munin brendan: Karma for "chris_n2" has been increased 9 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 9.
22:58 * chris_n2 begins to try to duplicate his win32 install of Koha
22:59 brendan cool good luck
22:59 chris_n2 hopefully to write a how-to
22:59 brendan are you running that with git?
22:59 chris_n2 starting out with that now
22:59 chris_n2 as soon as I get the changes into my local repo, I'll push them out to a win32 branch in my public repo
23:00 chris_n2 right now the changes are just hacked into the uncompressed tarball
23:01 Genji anyone know zebra marc_def/record.abs syntax?
23:01 chris_n2 I'm also trying out the win32 port of git
23:22 pianohackr|work Genji: I don't think there's much beyond what's in the file
23:23 rhcl_away left #koha
23:27 Ropuch Good night all
23:34 chris_n2 g'night Ropuch
23:43 brendan @quote random
23:43 munin brendan: Quote #37: "< nelsonf> I'm pretty sure I deleted this one in the name of being thorough..." (added by chris at 07:27 PM, October 04, 2009)
23:43 pianohackr|work @quote random
23:43 munin pianohackr|work: Quote #31: "<@gmcharlt> but hacking Koha *should* be a restful part of any vacation ;)" (added by chris at 07:31 PM, September 02, 2009)
23:43 brendan @quote random
23:43 munin brendan: Quote #9: "pianohacker ponders drumstick->ear as a method of food acquisition...We haven't gone to this good mexican restaurant in a while..." (added by wizzyrea at 04:23 PM, June 19, 2009)
23:43 brendan nice one pianohackr|work
23:44 pianohackr|work I am reliably weird, if nothing else
23:44 brendan heh
23:49 brendan cya in a bit
23:51 chris_n2 @news
23:51 munin chris_n2: News for #koha: (#1) Organizing
23:52 chris_n2 @news add Next general IRC meeting at 19:00 UTC+0 on 13 January 2010
23:52 munin chris_n2: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
23:54 chris_n2 @news add Next general IRC meeting at 19:00 UTC+0 on 13 January 2010
23:54 munin chris_n2: Error: 'Next' is not a valid number of seconds.
23:55 chris_n2 @news add 0 Next general IRC meeting at 19:00 UTC+0 on 13 January 2010
23:55 munin chris_n2: (news add [<channel>] <expires> <subject>: <text>) -- Adds a given news item of <text> to a channel with the given <subject>. If <expires> isn't 0, that news item will expire <expires> seconds from now. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent in the channel itself.
23:56 chris_n2 @news add 0 Organization Next general IRC meeting at 19:00 UTC+0 on 13 January 2010
23:56 munin chris_n2: (news add [<channel>] <expires> <subject>: <text>) -- Adds a given news item of <text> to a channel with the given <subject>. If <expires> isn't 0, that news item will expire <expires> seconds from now. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent in the channel itself.
23:56 chris_n2 @news add 0 Organization: Next general IRC meeting at 19:00 UTC+0 on 13 January 2010
23:56 munin chris_n2: The operation succeeded.  (News item #4 added)
23:56 chris_n2 syntax++
23:57 Genji @quote
23:57 munin Genji: Error: "quote" is not a valid command.
23:57 Genji @quote Genji
23:57 munin Genji: Error: The "Quote" plugin is loaded, but there is no command named "Genji" in it.  Try "list Quote" to see the commands in the "Quote" plugin.
23:57 chris_n2 @news remove 1
23:57 munin chris_n2: The operation succeeded.
23:57 Genji @list quote
23:57 munin Genji: add, change, get, random, remove, search, and stats
23:58 Genji @quote search Genji
23:58 munin Genji: No matching quotes were found.
23:58 Genji @quote search chris
23:58 munin Genji: 4 found: #19: "<chris> i just want to yell things like don't...", #26: "<chris> as an aside C4::Search makes my brain hurt", #34: "<chris> oh except that time .. when katipo...", and #39: "chris <chris> nope, ive made it my aim in life..."
23:58 pianohackr|work @news
23:58 munin pianohackr|work: News for #koha: (#4) Organization
23:58 Genji @quote get 19
23:58 munin Genji: Quote #19: "<chris> i just want to yell things like don't kick the ball, pass it and Feed the backs" (added by jdavidb at 08:11 AM, July 27, 2009)
23:58 pianohackr|work @news 4
23:58 munin pianohackr|work: Next general IRC meeting at 19:00 UTC+0 on 13 January 2010 (Subject: "Organization", added by 15 on 06:54 PM, December 04, 2009)
23:58 Genji @quote get 34
23:58 munin Genji: Quote #34: "<chris> oh except that time .. when katipo decided to write an ils just for fun, then forced HLT to use it" (added by gmcharlt at 02:23 PM, September 16, 2009)
23:59 Genji ...
23:59 Genji Oh, a joke.
23:59 Genji @search rach
23:59 munin Genji: There were no matching configuration variables.
23:59 Genji @quote search rach
23:59 munin Genji: No matching quotes were found.

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