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00:12 chris_n2 wb brendan
00:13 brendan heya chris_n2
00:15 chris_n2 I think you'll really need coffee for the meeting brendan ;-)
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00:27 brendan heh - yeah I'm wondering if I will really make it
00:35 Ian FYI - (datelastborrowed  <'2007-12-02' OR datelastborrowed is NULL) -----thanks MJ
00:40 Genji anyone know zebra marc definition stuff?
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00:44 Godzilla8NJ Pls help. As MLS project built Koha atop Ubuntu Server. Imported 30k Proj Gutenberg titles using bulkimport script. Now getting the following error when doing keyword search: Can't call method "as_usmarc" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 2133.
00:46 chris you need to completely rebuild your index
00:46 chris with the -r switch
00:46 chris whats happening is the search is returning results which dont exist
00:46 chris hence when it tries to get it from the database and use it, it throws that error
00:46 Godzilla8NJ Thx chris, can you be more detailed though in cmd? Neophyte here.
00:47 chris it really should have a nicer error message but the cause is you have things in the zebra index, that arent in the mysql db
00:47 chris have you run rebuild_zebra before?
00:47 chris (you should have run it after your import)
00:47 Godzilla8NJ Nope. I have NoZebra
00:47 Genji wb chris
00:47 chris ahh
00:47 chris in that case no idea
00:47 Genji chris: melm 260$c      pubdate:y,pubdate:s,pubdate:n,​pubdate:w,copydate,copydate:s .... this line correct? or is there a reason in this line, that my searching for a range or > <es fails?
00:48 chris let me go read the code Godzilla8NJ and ill get back to you
00:48 Godzilla8NJ ok thx
00:49 chris you did run
00:50 chris i would run misc/migration_tools/
00:50 Godzilla8NJ i did not
00:50 chris that should zero out your indexes
00:50 chris and rebuild them
00:50 Godzilla8NJ will do it now, brb
00:52 Godzilla8NJ script throws back Can't locate C4/ in @INC
00:53 chris do you know where you C4 dir is
00:53 chris if so
00:53 Godzilla8NJ don't even know what that is
00:53 chris how did you install koha?
00:53 chris and did you choose standard or dev install?
00:54 Godzilla8NJ[…]uide_ubuntu_hardy
00:54 chris so from the tarball, or from git?
00:55 chris ok the tarball
00:55 chris in that case look at /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/koha
00:55 chris look for the the line that says SetEnv PERL5LIB
00:56 chris and the one for KOHA_CONF as well
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00:56 chris and you want to export PERL5LIB=whatever/it/says
00:56 chris and the same for KOHA_CONF
00:56 chris that sets up your environment variables
00:56 chris Genji: zebra is voodoo, i have no idea how it works most of the time
00:57 Godzilla8NJ i see them both, not sure what i need to do with the paths tho
00:58 chris you have to type at the commandline
00:58 chris export PERL5LIB=whatever
00:58 Godzilla8NJ ok
00:58 chris (for them both)
00:59 chris then try running again
01:00 Godzilla8NJ zooming through records now
01:00 Genji can someone who has zebra based koha. please send me their marc21 zebra definition file?
01:01 Nate goodnight #koha!
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01:05 chris it is in git Genji
01:05 Godzilla8NJ chris, ty ty ty...that seems to have solved at least that issue. one last thing: my import was the entire catalog of gutenberg titles, so my test search is 'twain' knowing that should pull up a ton of hits. but i only have 3. any idea why? (fyi, the index ended with this if it is a clue: 3333 Inserting records... 20224 biblios done
01:05 Godzilla8NJ )
01:06 chris sorry no, no one really uses/develops for nozebra anymore
01:06 chris so i dont know
01:07 chris your best bet is one of the french guys
01:07 chris but they are asleep at the moment
01:07 Godzilla8NJ fair enough. ok thank you again.
01:12 chris no problem
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01:41 Genji at the time of koha 3.0r1.... what version was YAZ?
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03:27 Amit hi brendan, chris, chris_n2
03:27 chris_n2 howdy Amit
03:28 Amit chris_n2:i m fine what about u?
03:30 chris_n2 great... going to find sleep here in a bit so I can be up for the meeting in a few hours
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04:40 brendan Hi Amit
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06:19 nicomo morning koha
06:32 Ropuch Morning
06:35 Amit heya nicomo, Ropuch
06:36 nicomo hi Amit
06:39 Ropuch Hi Amit
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07:04 nicomo ji magnusenger
07:04 * nicomo meant hi magnusenger
07:05 magnusenger ji nicomo! ;-)
07:15 chris evening
07:16 magnusenger and a very good evening to you too, chris!
07:17 chris magnusenger: i had dinner with a women from norway on friday
07:19 chris she is sami, over here researching how maori are holding on to their culture
07:53 magnusenger chris: cool!
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07:55 chris so she now knows about koha too ;)
07:59 magnusenger chris: that's great! A sami translation would have been cool!
08:02 Genji whats Sami? That as rare as Ainu?
08:03 chris
08:03 Genji just read it. Ainu's almost dead.
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08:04 Genji Sami's hanging on. Basically the same amount of speakers of maori.. fluent maori I think.
08:06 chris yep, its one of the great tradgedies, the world is losing languages
08:06 chris maori is coming back, the number of speakers is on the rise, not many indigenous languages are
08:06 chris maori and welsh are 2 success stories, lots of indigenous communities use them as case studies
08:09 chris http://news.nationalgeographic[…]ages-extinct.html
08:12 chris nicomo:[…]bot.git;a=summary
08:12 chris ive been rewriting my koha IM bot to use the ils-di work you guys did
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08:13 nicomo cool
08:13 magnusenger chris & Genji: if i'm not completely mistaken "sami" is actually 3 or 4 different languages - or dialects or something
08:13 Genji koha IM bot?
08:14 chris yep, i wrote it a while ago, lets you IM your catalogue essentially
08:14 magnusenger chris: to do searches?
08:15 chris yep, and you can login and check what books you have out
08:15 magnusenger nice!
08:15 magnusenger i've been thinking about something like that for Google Wave...
08:15 chris i did a post about it when i was at liblime, lemme find it (i wrote it just before i started there)
08:15 magnusenger not the login bit, but searching
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08:16 nicomo eh that's nice
08:17 nicomo i didn't know you'd done that
08:17 chris[…]message-your-ils/
08:17 nicomo IM your opac is cool
08:17 chris yeah i stopped working on it for a while
08:18 chris so im bringing it up to date
08:20 magnusenger keep up the good work! ;-)
08:21 chris well with the work biblibre have done with ils-di its pretty easy
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08:22 kf good morning #koha
08:22 kf @wunder Konstanz
08:22 chris a lot easier than it was
08:22 munin kf: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 1.0�C (9:00 AM CET on December 02, 2009). Conditions: Light Fog. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 0.0�C. Pressure: 30.02 in 1016 hPa (Falling).
08:22 kf hi chris :)
08:22 chris hiya kf
08:22 chris got some chocolate? :)
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08:23 kf in my drawer, we did photos for our christmas card yesterday :)
08:24 Genji Still havent got a working pubdate marc21 definition.
08:24 chris did you get the one from git
08:25 Genji Anyone familar with the voodoo?
08:25 chris ?
08:25 Genji git doesn't have 260$c defined.
08:25 kf just dont know how to deliver it to you ... except going to kohacon
08:28 chris sounds the best way :)
08:30 kf Im seriously thinking about it... but will be expensive :(
08:30 Genji there ever a nz kohacon?
08:31 kf Genji: next kohacon (october 2010) will be in nz
08:31 Genji sweet. where?
08:32 chris wellington
08:32 kf
08:33 chris[…]con2010wellington
08:33 chris we are working on a conference website, and will do a big email about it when that's done
08:34 Genji almost a whole year away.
08:34 chris yep
08:34 Genji Hmm.. means I can get a $1 naked bus.
08:34 chris gotta give people lots of time to save money
08:34 Genji How much it going to cost to attend?
08:36 chris nothing
08:36 Genji !!! Wow! Im so there.
08:36 chris but there will be registration
08:36 Genji That will cost....?
08:36 chris nope
08:37 chris but we need to know numbers etc
08:37 Genji So the only cost i worry about is food, lodging, and transport... and internet.
08:37 chris and the venue and stuff definitely costs, so i will be seeking sponsorship
08:37 chris but im sure i can rustle that up
08:40 kf chris++
08:40 thd-away is now known as thd
08:42 thd I had thought the planning was for a couple of months from now
08:42 chris nope
08:42 thd A year from now should be fine
08:42 chris yep that was the plan, give people enough time to save
08:42 chris i think kudos might be planning a US conference earlier in the year
08:43 chris vicki sent an email to the list about it last month
08:44 thd KUDOS opted for a Google groups mailing list aaarggg :{
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08:55 kf thd: just want to say - im still working on the German MARC21 framework, but still not finished :( I hope I can do the import tests today.
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08:56 Genji kf: you using 260$c?
08:56 thd no problem kf
08:57 * thd has been busy fighting locusts
08:58 thd Genji: did you notice a 260 $c bug?
08:58 kf thd: locusts?
08:59 thd kf: s/locusts/many creepy crawly creatures invading my abode/
08:59 kf Genji: I think its works in our installation, just tried publisher location stuttgart in opac advanced search (
09:00 Genji i don't have a working record.abs / 260$c set. 260$c is supposed to be publishers date
09:01 * kf shivers thinking about creepy crawly creatures...
09:01 kf Genji: which version of Koha du you use?
09:01 thd Genji: Have you found that 260 $c is not set properly in the record editor when creating a new record?
09:02 Genji its yaz-client and zebra search that doesn't work..
09:02 Genji record.abs and are zebra config files.
09:03 Genji the voodoo of koha.
09:12 Genji don't know anything?
09:21 hdl_laptop chris still there ?
09:26 chris yep
09:26 gmcharlt good morning
09:28 thd good morning gmcharlt
09:29 kf gmcharlt: good morning :)
09:29 chris hiya gmcharlt
09:30 thd chris: do you have current contact information for Roger Buck?
09:30 chris nope
09:30 Genji anyone use the 260 c field?
09:31 Amit heya galen
09:32 thd Genji: everyone using MARC 21 should be using 260 $c.
09:32 Genji 260 c is the publishing date field...
09:33 Genji on the devel install im working on, tis mapped to @attr 31.
09:34 thd Genji: 260 $c is a minimal level requirement and might contain publication date and or copyright date.
09:36 thd Genji: You cannot rely upon it having a four digit year date as it often has other forms sometimes with both copyright and publication date in the same subfield.
09:37 Genji I need to be able to use st-numeric and st-numeric,ge  and st-numeric,le .... throughout the db, 260 $c is only four digits.
09:38 hdl_laptop hi all
09:38 chris hi hdl_laptop
09:39 thd Genji: if all your records have only four digits in 260 $c, then consider yourself blessed.
09:40 Genji so, whats a record.abs definition that will allow me to use st-numeric sucessfully?
09:40 Genji got pubdate,pubdate:s,copydate,copydate:s currently
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09:45 thd Genji: I have not mastered the machinations of Zebra yet.  I have managed all of Z39.50 for which Zebra does not quite have complete support.
09:54 tajoli time
09:54 Genji time?
09:55 tajoli sorry, I don't know IRC commands and I use ChatZilla ( in fact a command-line IRC)
09:55 Genji @time
09:55 munin Genji: Error: "time" is not a valid command.
09:58 chris_n2 g'morning
09:58 Genji when's this devel meeting?
09:58 gmcharlt in four minutes
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09:59 kf Guten Morgen jwagner :)
09:59 Amit hi kf
10:00 kf hi Amit
10:00 paul_p us very early those days...
10:00 paul_p s/those days/today/
10:00 Genji find @attr 1=31 "1983" = Unsupported Use attribute
10:00 paul_p g'morning chris_n2, gmcharlt, jwagner & all
10:00 jwagner guten morgen kf
10:00 jwagner and everyone
10:00 chris_n2 hi paul_p
10:00 jwagner But do you European types really get up this early every morning?
10:00 * jwagner props open a bleary eye
10:01 paul_p what time is it for you jwagner ?
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10:01 kf jwagner: its not that early here 11
10:01 gmcharlt jwagner: every single day, it seems :)
10:01 paul_p 4AM ?
10:01 gmcharlt paul_p: 05:00 for me
10:01 Amit hi paul_p, galen
10:01 jransom 11pm here in NZ
10:01 paul_p the answer is no : usually, I wake up at 6
10:01 * chris_n2 passes around virtual donuts
10:01 gmcharlt anyway, let's get this show on the road
10:02 gmcharlt first, a round of intros
10:02 jwagner paul_p, it's 5 AM here.
10:02 * gmcharlt = Galen Charlton, 3.2RM
10:02 jwagner Jane Wagner, PTFS
10:02 * chris_n2 Chris Nighswonger, FBC
10:02 * paul_p = paul poulain, BibLibre
10:03 chris Chris Cormack, Catalyst, Translation Manager
10:03 Colin Colin Campbell PTFS Europe
10:03 jfield joined #koha
10:03 * kf = Katrin Fischer, BSZ Germany
10:03 tajoli Zeno Tajoli, Cilea (Italy)
10:03 jransom Joann Ransom, HLT, NZ
10:03 Amit Amit Gupta= Nucsoft Osslabs, Bangalore, India
10:03 thd Thomas Dukleth, Agogme New York City
10:03 BobB Bob Birchall, Calyx in Sydney
10:03 * Ropuch Piotr Wejman, Biblioteka CSNE, Poland
10:04 nahuel hi
10:04 paul_p hdl_laptop will be a little bit late, but he will arrive asap
10:04 Genji Waylon robertson, Palmerston North, New Zealand, currently working on koha for a Saudi Arabia private library/journal collection
10:04 davi Davi Diaz (worker for
10:04 nahuel Nahuel Angelinetti, BibLibre, France (like paul and hdl)
10:05 gmcharlt thanks
10:05 gmcharlt page for this meeting is[…]etingnotes09dec02
10:05 gmcharlt chris_n2: may I ask to you to take notes?
10:05 chris_n2 right
10:06 gmcharlt thanks
10:06 gmcharlt first agenda item - 3.2
10:06 gmcharlt I've at long last merged in B-L's acq branch
10:06 gmcharlt it's a lot of stuff, so please test thoroughly
10:06 paul_p acq & many other patches (almost 500)
10:07 gmcharlt after picking through the patch queue for remaining bugfixes
10:07 gmcharlt and doing final merges of pianohacker's syspref stuff and chris_n2's labels work
10:07 paul_p hdl_laptop: (told us a few minuts ago that you're just 2 patches ahead from our git)
10:07 gmcharlt it will (again, at long last) be alpha
10:07 chris gmcharlt++
10:08 Genji gmcharlt++
10:08 kmkale joined #koha
10:08 kf gmcharlt++
10:08 gmcharlt gmcharlt-- # sorry for being so slow
10:08 munin gmcharlt: Error: You're not allowed to adjust your own karma.
10:08 chris_n2 gmcharlt++
10:08 jwagner gmcharlt, you're quicker than just about any of US would be!
10:08 kmkale hi al
10:09 gmcharlt anyway, that's essentially it for me - bugfixes will be going in to 3.2, but I also intend to create a 3.2 branch soon so that HEAD can start accepting patches for 3.4
10:09 thd its not the speed but the quality which counts
10:09 chris cool
10:09 gmcharlt moving on, I'll pass over 3.0 until hdl_laptop comes back
10:09 paul_p gmcharlt: and you're quicker than some other companies that can't find time to open their git repo ;-)
10:09 jransom This is great gmcharlt - well done
10:10 * gmcharlt stiffles a snarky response to paul_p's last comment
10:10 Genji paul_p++
10:10 Genji liblime--
10:10 paul_p note that our biblibre branch ((so almost 3.2) is being tested by Aix-Marseille universities, that reports some problems, but overall, it works pretty well
10:11 paul_p (they are not in production though...)
10:11 gmcharlt anyway, the next agenda item is follow-up from the previous meeting, but that is basically identical to the other agenda item, the wiki relicensing
10:12 chris for 3.4 we need to have elections for the positions for that .. we might need to schedule that sometime soon
10:12 gmcharlt thd just told me that we have we have a majority discounting all LibLime employee votes
10:12 thd Yes
10:12 gmcharlt i.e., majority approving relicensing the wiki content to the GPL
10:12 chris *nod*
10:12 chris there were 3 more yesses this week
10:13 gmcharlt and as there hasn't been any dissenting votes
10:13 gmcharlt I make a motion that we go ahead and consider the relicensing approved
10:13 thd checking the latest count we have 47 in favour from which 4 LibLime votes might be subtracted
10:13 Genji "majority discounting" meaning liblime are hostile voters?
10:13 chris_n2 gmcharlt: +1
10:14 GeorgeSue Greetings everyone, sorry I am late
10:14 magnusenger Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway (sorry, was away for a few minutes)
10:14 gmcharlt Genji: no, that any edits made by a LL employee are copyright the company
10:14 Genji Ah.
10:14 gmcharlt not necesary that LL is opposed to relicesning
10:14 thd we have 33 in other categories excluding spammers
10:14 gmcharlt but, well, who knows?  kados has not weighed in
10:14 chris +1
10:14 gmcharlt but frankly, he's had plenty of opportunity
10:14 Genji @seen kados
10:14 munin Genji: I have not seen kados.
10:15 Genji !!!
10:15 gmcharlt and if he wants to make an issue of it later, well, that's his prerogative, but that shouldn't hold up the vote
10:15 thd We might add the 4 or so LibLime employee votes to the other categories
10:15 paul_p Genji: munin is a new bot, here only for 6 months.
10:15 Genji Ah.
10:15 paul_p just means kados didn't come on this channel since the birth of munin
10:15 gmcharlt certainly any wiki edits they made after leaving LL are copyright themselves or their current employer
10:15 thd I have worked very hard identifying and communicating with several of the yet to vote to come to the current totals
10:16 paul_p Genji: before, we had logbot, but it disappeared (was LL supported)
10:16 gmcharlt so, in terms of implementing the decision
10:16 gmcharlt there are at least two parts
10:16 paul_p thd++ for this job
10:16 Genji Ahh.
10:16 thd I have yet to telephone India and Pakistan for extra encouragement about voting
10:16 gmcharlt one being updating the footer to point to the GPL instead of CC-BY-NC-SA
10:17 thd Some people have moved, changed addresses, etc. and are now lost without the expense of public records search.
10:17 chris we have logbot_backup now tho, which is stll logging the channel
10:17 gmcharlt the other being updating the signup page for new accounts to mention the new licensing
10:18 chris sounds right
10:18 jransom May I introduce George Sue please folks, from HLT. Trustee appointed to work with Koha. Be gentle with him - hes new to irc :)
10:18 Genji We control the wiki?
10:18 chris Hi George :)
10:18 tajoli no
10:18 Genji Wow! hiya GeorgeSue!
10:18 chris_n2 hi George
10:18 Amit hi George
10:18 thd I had sadly delayed contacting the SFLC with other things which I was doing so I am expecting to enter the Koha project in the intake process any day now.
10:18 paul_p GeorgeSue: hello from France. good luck with reading IRC, it's quite hard when you begin...
10:19 gmcharlt since, annoyingly, the GPL is not listed as an option in our dokuwiki's installation, I'll poke around and see what I can do to change it
10:19 gmcharlt I may have to bring in cfouts
10:19 GeorgeSue Hi everyone, Keep up the good work
10:19 thd Koha is currently in a management queue at SFLC.
10:19 chris thd: for?
10:19 gmcharlt any other notes on the wiki relicensing?
10:19 gmcharlt hi GeorgeSue, and welcome
10:20 tajoli For me, no
10:20 thd chris: The question of the formal issues about legal questions of relicensing.
10:20 chris ahh righto
10:21 thd Yes
10:21 gmcharlt next item on agenda
10:21 gmcharlt #
10:21 gmcharlt Decision about documentation of DB level (Zeno Tajoli)
10:21 thd There is a technical issue that changing the footer will require changing the code.
10:21 tajoli yes, I insert this topic
10:22 thd The DokuWiki options have no option for GPL.
10:22 tajoli And we can change the code ?
10:22 tajoli I think no, without LL
10:23 thd Yes, I will locate the file an we can consider an appropriate patch.
10:23 gmcharlt tajoli: yep, as I said, I'll likely have to poke cfouts
10:23 thd I think we should wait a few days to see if SFLC raises any issues.
10:23 Genji man, LL have really made it difficult for us.
10:24 gmcharlt thd: with respect, why delay again?
10:24 thd We could discuss them on the mailing lis if there is somethin g more to be done
10:24 thd I am not for a delay personally but I know others have expressed concern.
10:25 thd chrisL do you want to reveal any concern which you had thought?
10:25 gmcharlt at the very lieast, there is no possible bar to (a) changing the license for new content and (b) relicesning content by the other copyright holders
10:25 thd gmcharlt : I really thin that it is just an issue of formal proceedure
10:25 chris i agree, the concern i had was relicensing content for those who had not consented
10:25 thd gmcharlt: getting this wrong could expose us to statutory damages
10:26 chris but for all new content, and all content that has been consented to, there is no issue with that
10:26 thd We should at least see what the lawyers have to say about any formal expression of the relicensing.
10:26 thd I would really like to have this retroactive.
10:27 thd New content is obviously no problem except as a derived work.
10:27 gmcharlt thd: strictly speaking, retroactivity is almost certainly impossible w/o the explicit consent of LL
10:28 gmcharlt but we can at least guarantee that new content is licensed under the GPL *now*
10:28 chris *nod*
10:28 thd gmcharlt: There is the joint work theory of authorship which should allow it.
10:28 Genji what about old content? can we clean room re-engineer it?
10:29 chris there is no need
10:29 gmcharlt Genji: if need be, of course, although I'm hoping we can avoid that
10:29 ricardo joined #koha
10:29 thd joint work could be relicensed without re-engineering anything.
10:30 chris and even if it cant, it only needs to be re-engineered fi you need it for something the current license prevents
10:30 gmcharlt anyway, we're off agenda - since the technical issue of changing the license footer will require time anyway, we'll what to see what the SFLC says
10:30 thd So I suggest that we go forward with new content as GPL 2 or later and old content is in limbo.
10:30 * Genji nods.
10:30 gmcharlt tajoli: what did you want to say re DB doc
10:30 Genji tajoli: what do you mean by an DB doc?
10:31 tajoli this page[…]elopment:dbschema
10:31 paul_p about wiki relicensing: can we know what has been written by who ?
10:31 tajoli is the documentation about MySQL tables, indexes, relations
10:32 thd paul_p it is all logged but retroactive would be simplest
10:32 tajoli As CILEA we think to be able to mantain it in 3.2 and 3.4
10:32 paul_p cilea++
10:32 chris 3.4 is not going to be mysql only
10:33 tajoli and this the problem
10:33 chris the schema will be the same of course
10:33 tajoli The 3.4 will be Mysql + PostgresSQL with two xx.sql files ?
10:33 chris no
10:34 tajoli or we use DBIx::Class ?
10:34 chris most likely
10:34 tajoli or only one xxx.sql file ?
10:34 chris probably DBIx::Class and one sql file
10:35 chris_n2 tajoli: DBIx::Class has some documentation generation features iirc
10:36 tajoli Butdoes  the sql file need to be usable with MySQL and PostegreSQL at the same time ?
10:36 chris_n2 ie DBIx::Class::AutoDoc
10:37 chris havent finalised that yet
10:37 chris the goal is no more mysql only dependency
10:38 chris we may end up with no .sql file at all and only DBIx::Class schema files
10:39 tajoli well DBIx::Class doesn't support comment inside SQL definition (the comment instruction)
10:39 tajoli So the SQL documentation needs to be written outside
10:40 tajoli In a n extra file
10:40 tajoli Probably to:
10:40 tajoli -- Create documentation with SchemmaSpy starting from xml file
10:40 chris its not decided yet, so i wouldnt decide how you plan to use it yet either
10:40 ianB joined #koha
10:41 tajoli (a new feature of SchemaSpay that we sponsor)
10:41 hdl_laptop tajoli: in order to be translatable, anyway, documentation would have rather be outside.
10:41 Colin Hopefully the schema will be better defined so we can extract from it
10:41 chris[…]/DBICx/
10:42 chris plus[…]x/Class/
10:42 indradg joined #koha
10:42 tajoli But we can't have explicit all relations without a big rewrite
10:42 chris is one way
10:42 tajoli So we need to document relations in extra doc files (like schemaspy webpages)
10:43 chris ?
10:43 * gmcharlt mosies back in - I think we have identified the issues, but it looks like this is a matter for the mailing lists
10:43 tajoli And I think we will never transalte Mysql level docs
10:43 gmcharlt but +1 to both DBIC and ensuring that we can maintain DB schema docs in the long run
10:43 ricardo gmcharlt: "mosies"?
10:44 gmcharlt ricardo: "wanders back in"
10:44 ricardo gmcharlt: OK :)
10:44 Genji-wireless joined #koha
10:45 tajoli The problem is that data inside tables have relations, without the sql instruction 'constraint'
10:45 tajoli There are 'implict relations'
10:46 Colin I would hope that with DBIx::Class the implicit becomes explicit
10:46 chris thats the plan
10:46 paul_p tajoli: can you give an example ?
10:46 tajoli SchemaSpy use the 'comment' instruction on Mysql (and the equivalent on PostgreSQL) to insert informatin in the web pages
10:47 paul_p implicit constraints are a mistake/bug
10:47 chris but i think galen is right, this is a discussion better had on the mailing list
10:48 gmcharlt hdl_laptop is back, so let's move on to the 3.0 update
10:48 hdl_laptop 3.0.5 is about to be released.
10:48 chris the more i read about AutoDoc tho, the more i think that DBIx::Class plus Autodoc is going to be the win for documentation, we may not even need schemaspy
10:48 chris hdl_laptop++
10:48 hdl_laptop I announced that at the beginning of the week.
10:48 Genji-wireless hdl_laptop++
10:48 hdl_laptop chris some strings are still missing.
10:49 hdl_laptop translations will have to be updated.
10:49 chris people have had lots of time to do it
10:49 chris im not sure we need to give them moer
10:49 hdl_laptop it is kind of 10 strings more.
10:49 chris ah ok
10:49 hdl_laptop But anyhow packing that at the end of the week.
10:50 tajoli aqbookfund.branchcode is connect with branches.branchcode but it is a implicit link
10:50 chris we really need to separate the translation packs from the release
10:50 hdl_laptop (it concerns help file mainly)
10:50 hdl_laptop I think so.
10:50 chris maybe ill put that on 3.4 list too
10:50 hdl_laptop so should also the etc directory
10:50 tajoli The problem of mailing list is that the topic always go down
10:50 hdl_laptop and SIP.
10:50 hdl_laptop they should be git submodules imho
10:51 Genji left #koha
10:51 chris i have to do a release for work tomorrow
10:51 thd tajoli: go down?
10:51 chris so wont be able to regen the .po files
10:51 chris until friday nz time
10:51 hdl_laptop I could do.
10:51 tajoli stop, don't go to a conclusion
10:51 hdl_laptop But you would have to tell me.
10:51 chris basically you have to get all the .po files
10:52 chris (so in git)
10:52 chris run
10:52 thd tajoli: that happens on IRC also.
10:52 chris then upload them all into pootle
10:52 tajoli sorry, the discusion it stops
10:52 chris it just takes time (isnt hard)
10:53 paul_p chris: findin time isn't hard ? lucky you :-)
10:53 si left #koha
10:53 hdl_laptop I think that I will maintain 3.0.x branch for some time.
10:53 chris it will be faster for me tho, since is about 3 mitres away from me
10:53 thd tajoli: you can always try to provoke extending the discussion or provoke a concluding discussion
10:53 chris metres
10:53 chris_n2 paul_p: finding != taking ;-)
10:53 ricardo hdl_laptop: Hi. Is this the time where I should lobby to commit my patches for 3.0.5?  :)
10:53 ricardo Bug 3730
10:53 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3730 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, Wrong ISO 639-2 Language Code for Portuguese in database
10:53 paul_p tajoli: aqbookfund table diseappear in 3.2 ;-) (replaced by aqbudgets, that has FK)
10:53 hdl_laptop at least until 3.2 is released.
10:54 tajoli But it only an example.
10:54 chris sounds good hdl_laptop
10:54 tajoli As I see the idea is to use DBIx::Class on 3.4
10:54 tajoli If it is sure, no problem
10:55 chris the only thing that is sure is no more mysql only
10:55 tajoli SQL docs must to be outside
10:55 Colin We need to flesh out the path
10:55 thd tajoli: I think that chris and experiments at LibLime are quite confident
10:55 chris liblime?
10:56 thd chris: atz had tested I think.
10:56 chris its premature to decide yet
10:56 chris lets get 3.2 out
10:56 chris then we can hash out 3.4
10:56 chris but DBIx::Class is certainly a front runner
10:56 thd :}
10:57 tajoli OK, so we return on it later
10:57 chris i created a schema from it and the msyql db
10:57 hdl_laptop ok. I have finished with 3.0.x
10:57 hdl_laptop any questions ?
10:57 chris and then created a postgres db from that schema, worked really well
10:57 gmcharlt hdl_laptop++ # thanks
10:57 ricardo hdl_laptop: There are also a few minor dependencies that should be added to Makefile.PL (Locale::PO and YAML). I created a patch for Locale::PO but not for YAML yet
10:57 thd hdl_laptop: do I understand that you have added columns to 3.0.x?
10:58 gmcharlt moving on, I think we have two scheduling decisions
10:58 hdl_laptop thd: yes.
10:58 ricardo [Koha-patches] [PATCH] Added Locale::PO dependency in Makefile.PL
10:58 ricardo[…]tober/004749.html
10:58 gmcharlt 1 - when to hold the next general devel meeting - if we follow the usual pattern, it woudl be 6 January 2010 at 19:00 UTC+0
10:58 hdl_laptop Because cherry-picking made some calls to those tables.
10:58 hdl_laptop But they were missing.
10:58 gmcharlt 2 - when to hold elections for 3.4
10:59 hdl_laptop So now, to fix that, we have to take them in.
10:59 gmcharlt which we can either make the main topic of the 6 January meeting
10:59 gmcharlt or call a special meeting for
10:59 gmcharlt thoughts?
10:59 tajoli 6 Jan is a very bad date for italy
10:59 thd We should at least have special signification
11:00 ricardo thd: "signification"?
11:00 gmcharlt tajoli: is 7 Jan better?
11:00 davi 6 Jan is a very bad date for Spain too
11:00 tajoli yes, much better (we retrun to work) !!
11:00 ricardo davi: Ah yes, "Kings Day". True
11:00 hdl_laptop oh epiphany ?
11:00 thd ricardo: attach special importance even if it is a general meeting
11:00 chris_n2 6th is bad for me too
11:00 BobB Most of Australia is on holiday until mid-January, probably NZ too
11:01 tajoli Standard holyday 1-6 Jan (only 3 work day)
11:01 hdl_laptop thd: i will make a not in release notes.
11:01 davi gmcharlt, I would set it at 8
11:01 gmcharlt 8 January would be Saturday for NZers/Aussies
11:01 ricardo thd: OK
11:01 chris_n2 8th +1
11:01 hdl_laptop thd is that ok for you ?
11:01 chris shall we schedule roles for 3.4 as a topic for that next meeting?
11:02 thd hdl_laptop: that will be very helpful especially if it is explicit about identifying what is new
11:02 gmcharlt +1
11:02 chris_n2 +1
11:02 indradg +1
11:02 hdl_laptop +1
11:02 jwagner What about pushing back a week to January 13?
11:02 kf +1
11:02 ricardo 8th = +1
11:02 tajoli +1
11:02 tajoli 13th = +1
11:03 ricardo OK. So we have dates for the 2 meetings right? (8th and 13th)  ;-)
11:03 davi 13th = +1
11:03 thd Are all the +1s for Saturday in Oceania?
11:03 paul_p why not 9th ? (my birthday :D )
11:03 * paul_p kidding, 8th is OK
11:03 jwagner Actually I meant the 13th instead of the 6th or 8th.
11:03 gmcharlt 13th +1
11:03 paul_p (and probably, 9th with be with my family, not on a chat...)
11:04 chris 13th+1
11:04 BobB 13th +1
11:04 chris_n2 13th+1
11:04 davi 13th, at what hour?
11:04 indradg 13th +1
11:04 thd 13th )=+1
11:05 gmcharlt ok, I think we have a preponderance for the 13th
11:05 gmcharlt 19:00 UTC?
11:05 chris_n2 +1
11:05 gmcharlt and agenda to include elections for 3.4
11:05 thd +1
11:05 ricardo OK. 13th is fine by me
11:05 tajoli OK at every hour
11:05 davi +1
11:05 hdl_laptop ok
11:05 gmcharlt tajoli: every hour?  just for you, let's do it at 01:00 UTC ;)
11:06 hdl_laptop 13th+1 19h+1
11:06 tajoli in fact 01 UTC is too late, but 19.00 UTC is oK
11:06 Amit left #koha
11:06 chris_n2 please take time to read over[…]elopment:roles3.4 before the next meeting and add names to the hat accordingly
11:06 thd So is 13th for general meeting with election or two separate meetings?
11:07 kf gmcharlt: does it make sense to start testing 3.2/HEAD now or better wait until there is a tag in git for an alpha release?
11:07 hdl_laptop Is there a timeline for 3.2 maybe i missed that part....
11:07 hdl_laptop ?
11:07 gmcharlt kf: go ahead and test HEAD now - there's a lot to test
11:07 thd s/separate/separate dates/
11:08 gmcharlt thd: I think a single meeting
11:08 thd Ok
11:08 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: working on alpha in next few days after a cherry pick from email patch queue
11:08 Amit joined #koha
11:08 Colin gmcharlt:apart from general testing are there 3.2 issues that need addressing
11:08 thd ColinL yes
11:09 hdl_laptop and no other dates for RC or whatever ?
11:09 thd Colin: I have been too busy the past 3 weeks but I must update the MARC 21 frameworks
11:10 thd Colin: Germans at least will loose data now
11:10 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: very early Jan most likely for RC, depnding on how bug finding goes
11:13 * chris_n2 hears the coffee pot finish up
11:13 tajoli I think that a 'alpha' version of 3.2 is a must if we want ppl test it
11:13 gmcharlt tajoli: agreed
11:14 tajoli left #koha
11:14 gmcharlt ok - we'll have a lot more discuss tomorrow at the foundation-forming meeting (19:00 UTC+0)
11:15 gmcharlt I'm going to skip the #
11:15 gmcharlt Roles on Bugzilla for 3.2.x and 3.4 ?
11:15 Genji-wireless left #koha
11:15 gmcharlt agenda item
11:15 tajoli joined #koha
11:15 gmcharlt as it more properly belongs in general 3.4 plannig anyway
11:15 gmcharlt and call this meeting closed
11:15 thd If I could interject, something about the wiki before we conclude
11:16 thd I am not certain how we would word a common footer with retroactivity in limbo.
11:16 paul_p gmcharlt: about 3.2 = we (BibLibre) continue working hard on our branch. will you merge, or do you need patches through & git-send-email ?
11:17 gmcharlt paul_p: I'll take merge requests
11:17 gmcharlt but only for bugfixes
11:17 paul_p gmcharlt: we are improving ergonomy of new_acq. no new features, just ergonomy & workflow improvements
11:18 gmcharlt ok
11:18 Genji joined #koha
11:18 paul_p we can consider them as "bugfixes" I think (at least nicomo consider the changes as mandatory to have something useable ;-) )
11:19 gmcharlt yep, I agree
11:20 thd gmcharlt: what about something which lives outside the code as an example script?
11:20 chris paul_p: did you see the tutorial on galens blog? there is a git request-pull command
11:20 chris very cool
11:20 gmcharlt thd: should be OK
11:20 jwagner chris or gmcharlt, URL?
11:20 paul_p chris: don't even know galen's blog url :(((
11:21 thd gmcharlt: you need to choose a place to put it.
11:21 thd gmcharlt: we have no example scripts really.
11:21 hdl_laptop man git-request-pull
11:22 gmcharlt paul_p:
11:22 gmcharlt thd: what does the script in question do?
11:22 paul_p thanks gmcharlt. Added to my akregator ;-)
11:22 chris
11:22 chris is the request-pull bit
11:23 thd gmcharlt: it repopulates Koha itemtypes based on a set of values in the script to new ones for every record in the database containing items.
11:23 tajoli OK, bye
11:23 tajoli left #koha
11:24 thd gmcharlt: Call number values and previous Koha itemtypes are conditions.
11:24 gmcharlt thd: misc/migration_tools if you want to go with an existing directory
11:24 gmcharlt misc/examples otherwise
11:25 thd gmcharlt: It is for post-migration refactoring the Koha itemtypes.
11:26 gmcharlt which is arguably at least potentially related to migration
11:26 gmcharlt but I don't care either way - misc/examples is fine
11:27 paul_p gmcharlt: your last commit seems wrong :[…]7ebbbe50f5d3f5f3a
11:27 paul_p -    our $VERSION = '';
11:27 thd gmcharlt: Records are already in the database but yes it is related to migration but I imagine other applications from modifying it which have nothing to do with migration
11:27 paul_p +    our $VERSION = '';
11:27 paul_p is wrong isn't it ?
11:27 hdl_laptop should be 100
11:27 gmcharlt indeed - just a sec
11:27 paul_p (or 3.02.something)
11:28 hdl_laptop or
11:28 * chris_n2 has to head off to get ready for work
11:29 thd gmcharlt: I imagine more general purpose conditional search and replacement of record values although that may be migration to some way of looking at it.
11:29 jransom night all - bed for me
11:29 chris_n2 meeting notes will be up by 0200 UTC+0 03-12-2008... earlier if I have time
11:30 hdl_laptop thanks a lot
11:30 GeorgeSue Very interesting Good night
11:30 jransom left #koha
11:30 chris good night GeorgeSue, thanks for coming
11:31 GeorgeSue left #koha
11:31 kf good night nz :)
11:32 chris night all, thanks for your time
11:33 Genji okay, anyone available for some zebra voodoo troubleshooting?
11:33 Genji chris++ # for the voodoo.
11:35 kf lunch time - bbl :)
11:35 Genji how far away, kf?
11:36 thd gmcharlt: I think that we will have to discuss footer language on the mailing list for how to have one footer to cover both old and new wiki content until SFLC gives some good advice..
11:36 gmcharlt thd: I think the "unless otherwise stated, content is GPL" actually would cover it
11:37 gmcharlt individual can retag their content as CC-BY-NC-SA is they desire
11:37 BobB left #koha
11:37 thd gmcharlt: does that not meean that we have to go about marking all the nonvoting contributors'content?..
11:37 thd or at least all their old content?
11:38 gmcharlt thd: it may be just the mood I'm in, but if somebody who didn't care enough to vote wants to (re)assert the old license, they can do so whenever they notice and want to do something about
11:39 thd I agree, but that makes the statement retroactive.
11:41 thd I am actually expecting SFLC to say go ahead and make it retroactive but they may not give an answer for perhaps another week.
11:42 thd chris seemed concerned in a way that I am not but I am a little reluctant to presume where others are expressing concern.
11:43 thd gmcharlt: I suspect that we would have the PHP code changed for a new footer just about the time that we have a reassuring answer from SFLC.
11:43 gmcharlt heh, no doubt
11:45 thd maybe we will have a couple more votes also
11:47 * thd had a lot of fun playing login name detective
11:47 Amit left #koha
11:50 ColinC joined #koha
11:56 Colin left #koha
11:58 CGI735 joined #koha
11:59 CGI735 Can anyone help me figure out where I can specify SMTP server details for sending out overdue notices? Pulling my hair out here.
12:03 Elwell joined #koha
12:04 Elwell heyo - are there logs around from the meeting this AM?
12:07 jwagner Elwell, logs are at -- click on Today for this morning's meeting.
12:15 wizzyrea_mobile joined #koha
12:17 wizzyrea_mobile left #koha
12:19 kf back
12:20 CGI735 Anyone know how to remove "More Seaches" in 3.0?
12:21 Genji left #koha
12:24 ColinC is now known as Colin
12:24 ianB left #koha
12:28 jfield left #koha
12:42 jdavidb joined #koha
12:43 si joined #koha
12:45 CGI735 Can anyone help me with diacritics in Koha? My emai overdues are making the users name look funny as it doesn't reconise é or á etc.
12:51 greenmang0 left #koha
12:55 kf CGI735: I noticed there is a problem with umlauts in the subject, but in the email text everything seems to work ok
13:00 CGI735 What version are you using? Are you using any mappings etc?
13:03 collum joined #koha
13:09 tomascohen joined #koha
13:28 kf CGI735: mappings? we use
13:34 chris_n @wunder 28334
13:34 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 8.9�C (8:20 AM EST on December 02, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 44%. Dew Point: -3.0�C. Windchill: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.68 in 1005.0 hPa (Steady).
13:58 jwagner @wunder 20740
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14:01 kf @wunder Konstanz
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14:13 nicomo @wunder Lyon, france
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14:18 hilongo joined #koha
14:19 hilongo hi there
14:19 hilongo anybody home?
14:20 hilongo \me
14:20 * hilongo jumps
14:21 hilongo @seen hilongo
14:21 munin hilongo: hilongo was last seen in #koha 24 seconds ago: * hilongo jumps
14:21 hdl_laptop @wunder quebec
14:21 munin hdl_laptop: Error: No such location could be found.
14:22 hdl_laptop @wunder Montréal
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14:22 hdl_laptop @wunder Montréal, canada
14:22 chris_n wow
14:22 munin hdl_laptop: Error: No such location could be found.
14:22 jdavidb @wunder montreal
14:22 munin jdavidb: Error: No such location could be found.
14:22 * jdavidb scratches his head
14:22 chris_n throws tons of errors after rebase
14:22 hilongo @wunder Mendoza, Argentina
14:22 munin hilongo: The current temperature in Mendoza, Argentina is 22.0�C (10:00 AM ART on December 02, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 20%. Dew Point: -2.0�C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Rising).
14:23 chris_n perhaps I should say the db throws them
14:24 pastebot "chris_n" at pasted "db update errors after morning rebase" (15 lines) at
14:24 chris_n hdl_laptop: any thoughts on the above errors?
14:25 jwagner chris_n, is this from head or something else?
14:25 chris_n it is from a rebase over the current head
14:26 jwagner OK, remind me not to rebase then :-)
14:26 chris_n heh
14:26 Colin jwagner: head I've got them too, going to run some restore reruns to try & fix
14:26 chris_n I'm rebase-ing a working branch
14:26 chris_n untill this morning, it rebased smoothly
14:27 jwagner gmcharlt, you've updated head?
14:27 hdl_laptop yes.
14:27 hdl_laptop jwagner: he pushed biblibre patches
14:27 chris_n hdl_laptop: any thoughts on what might be going on?
14:27 Colin There's also a dependency missing I've posted a bug and patch
14:28 hdl_laptop chris_n many updatedatabase were done with certain assumption.
14:28 hdl_laptop could you send the whole thing to me ?
14:29 chris_n "whole thing" eq ?
14:29 hdl_laptop whole thing : all the errors sent
14:29 chris_n k
14:31 chris_n hdl_laptop: those were all of the errors
14:32 pastebot "chris_n" at pasted "db update output after morning rebase" (57 lines) at
14:32 chris_n hdl_laptop: the entire output is here ^^
14:33 chris_n the only error in the log is the complaint about the missing Authen::CAS dependency
14:35 hdl_laptop chris_n:  will post some followup
14:35 chris_n tnx hdl_laptop
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14:54 Melanie joined #koha
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14:59 chris_n interesting... the opac cart button now shows up in the staff interface...
14:59 * chris_n scratches his head
15:01 gmcharlt chris_n: yep, one of the BL patches implements that - it's the intranetbookbag pref IIRC
15:01 chris_n looks bit odd with that green/gray button stuck up there :-)
15:02 hdl_laptop chris_n
15:03 hdl_laptop yes. book bag is usefull also for librarians.
15:03 * chris_n is looking for the syspref
15:04 chris_n found it
15:04 CGI735 left #koha
15:13 sekjal joined #koha
15:22 * chris_n notes more pain from closed source forking on the list
15:27 mib_zdtibf joined #koha
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15:30 sekjal rebooted my production server this morning, and now I can't get zebrasrv to restart.
15:31 sekjal getting "lock file /var/lock/koha/zebradb/biblios/ [No such file or directory]"
15:34 sekjal okay, dopey me, didn't recreate the directory; thought it would still be there from before
15:39 Melanie left #koha
15:43 gmcharlt sekjal: most ubuntu and debian distros clear out /var/lock entirely during reboot
15:47 sekjal ah, thanks gmcharlt.  I'm noting that in my local docs
15:52 gmcharlt sekjal: note that misc/bin/  takes care of that for you, so you may want to tweak your startup scripts to follow it's lead
15:57 ColinC joined #koha
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16:13 sekjal and just to confirm, it's better to use in cron than to run the zebraqueue-daemon, correct?
16:14 gmcharlt sekjal: genrally speaking, yes
16:14 sekjal great.  ::takes more notes::
16:18 brendan left #koha
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16:49 brendan joined #koha
16:54 bebbi joined #koha
16:58 sekjal rebooted my server, now the OPAC and staff client are unreachable.  apache, mysql and perl are all running according to top
16:59 chris_n sekjal: maybe tail the apache error.log or access.log to see what's up
17:01 sekjal this happened earlier today, and a second reboot fixed it.  since putting a symlink to misc/bin/ in my /etc/init.d, however, subsequent reboots have not fixed it
17:01 sekjal ... apparently, I'm just impatient
17:01 sekjal working now
17:01 sekjal argh, I hate that!
17:02 * chris_n thinks impatiences strikes everyone at some point in time ;-)
17:06 sekjal I think the universe decided that massive sucker punch was the order of the day; getting it from all sides this morning!
17:08 kf bye #koha
17:08 brendan later kf
17:08 kf :)
17:08 kf left #koha
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17:38 ftherese is there anyway to speed up koha?
17:39 ftherese I am afraid that it will not be accepted by our library if it can't respond a little quicker
17:39 Nate joined #koha
17:39 brendan ftherese are you using zebra?
17:40 ftherese yes
17:40 ftherese I am even using it on raid
17:40 ftherese it takes the same amount of time to go from one page to another as it does to make a search
17:40 ftherese why is there so much hesitation at the level of simple page navigation?
17:41 ftherese cups responds almost imediately
17:41 ftherese koha...
17:41 ftherese well
17:41 ftherese just wait a few seconds
17:41 ColinC is now known as Colin
17:45 ftherese is there anything that can be done to remove these hesitations in the koha web-interface?
17:45 brendan ftherese which linux are you on?
17:46 paul_p ftherese: is your browser cache ON ?
17:46 paul_p otherwise, all the js/jquery stuff is loaded everytime, and, it's true, it's long.
17:46 ftherese I am Ubuntu 9.x
17:46 paul_p maybe a DNS issue can explain slowness too
17:46 ftherese where is browser cache set?  in the browser?..
17:46 * paul_p has to head back home. ftherese, i hope you'll find a solution.
17:47 paul_p ftherese: yep, in the browser
17:47 ftherese I think it is a dns issue, but when I have VirtualHost set to the local network
17:47 brendan you can also check to see if there are some un-neccesary processes that are running on your server
17:47 paul_p leaving now.
17:47 brendan bye paul_p
17:47 ftherese bye paul_p
17:47 ftherese brendan, I did a fresh install on a new machine
17:47 brendan if you go to your command line and type
17:47 brendan top
17:48 brendan it will show you whats running and how much memory etc. is being used
17:52 ftherese brendan: why does cups load instantly between menu items, whereas koha has to think about it each time?
17:53 brendan not sure what you mean cups?
17:53 ftherese cups is the Common unix printing system
17:53 brendan ah ok
17:54 brendan not sure
17:54 ftherese it also runs through a web interface
17:54 brendan I'm stuck with suggestions at the moment
17:59 paul_p left #koha
18:00 schuster joined #koha
18:00 schuster testing
18:00 jdavidb Hi, schuster!
18:01 schuster Hey thanks for replying just testing a different IRC client.
18:01 schustertest joined #koha
18:01 jdavidb no problem!  I figured something like that.
18:01 * jdavidb runs in fear of the cloning shusters.
18:03 jdavidb hey, schuster, I hear from my daughter that it's snowing down your way.
18:05 schuster Yep had big flakes this morning will be gone shortly if it isn't already!
18:05 jdavidb None of that here yet...raining, *again*, but no snow.
18:06 ftherese left #koha
18:07 Genji joined #koha
18:07 schuster More rain for Friday
18:07 francharb left #koha
18:12 Colin raining here too guys site visit to Rome next week should be warmer though
18:13 * jdavidb wonders about the possibility of a transfer from PTFS to visits to Rome are bound to be interesting.
18:16 Genji how do i figure out if Zebra is using unimarc or marc21?
18:18 pianohacker Genji: check etc/zebradb/zebra-biblios.cfg
18:18 pianohacker (in your koha install directory)
18:23 paul_p joined #koha
18:25 chris fredericd: if there is a lag, it is probably a dns issue, put some entries in you /etc/hosts
18:25 chris hmm wrong person hehe
18:26 Genji left #koha
18:26 Genji joined #koha
18:46 SelfishMan left #koha
18:46 pianohacker /ping/
18:46 pianohacker woops
18:47 Ropuch ;>
18:48 pianohacker Apparently my IRC connection _is_ up, time to play internet connection russian roulette again and try to load this website
18:53 SelfishMan joined #koha
18:57 chris ok bus time, bbl
18:57 pianohacker left #koha
18:59 SelfishMan left #koha
18:59 SelfishMan joined #koha
19:02 tomascohen left #koha
19:04 SelfishMan left #koha
19:06 joetho joined #koha
19:09 SelfishMan_ joined #koha
19:09 Colin left #koha
19:11 schustertest did the KUDOS meeting announcement go out on the DEVEL and Koha general lists?  I'm in digest mode so can't see them.
19:11 sekjal yes
19:11 brendan yup
19:12 schustertest OK thanks - I was having email trouble as well as well I'm technologically stumped today...  I'm taking a javascript class.
19:18 jdavidb Spending time in javascript will warp your brain, schustertest.  In extreme cases, it can make you think that everything can be a client-side app.
19:18 schustertest I just want to change the color  ;)
19:19 jdavidb Ah, the Dark Arts of CSS...
19:19 SelfishMan_ left #koha
19:20 SelfishMan joined #koha
19:20 cait joined #koha
19:20 cait hi #koha
19:20 brendan schustertest are you going to be posting notes to the kudos meeting later?
19:20 paul_p left #koha
19:21 brendan heya cait
19:22 cait hi brendan
19:27 schustertest Yes I hope to get them posted on the KUDOS website and then send them to the KOHA lists.
19:27 schustertest another reason for doing chat.
19:33 brendan @wunder 93117
19:33 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 14.9�C (11:31 AM PST on December 02, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 29.94 in 1013.8 hPa (Falling).
19:33 brendan munin - it really feels colder than that here - are you sure you're correct?
19:33 munin brendan: Error: "-" is not a valid command.
19:33 Genji @wunder palmerston north
19:33 munin Genji: The current temperature in Palmerston North Aws, New Zealand is 11.0�C (7:00 AM NZDT on December 03, 2009). Conditions: . Humidity: 78%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 30.00 in 1016 hPa (Rising).
19:37 cait left #koha
19:50 pianohacker1 joined #koha
19:50 pianohacker1 is now known as pianohacker
19:56 chris back
19:56 brendan hey chris
19:56 brendan I had a question for you
19:57 brendan do you need a visa to get into NZ?
19:57 schustertest visa or passport?
19:57 brendan if so you're definitely going to want to add that to the kohacon wiki
19:57 brendan nope visa
19:57 chris you need both
19:57 brendan you'll need a passport
19:58 brendan ok a link to "how to get a visa" will be important
19:58 chris its different for every country
19:58 schustertest WOW!  Just to visit that's interesting.
19:58 brendan right
19:58 russ chris: err depends on the country
19:58 schustertest hmmm.
19:58 russ i think the US and NZ are part of the same Visa waiver programme
19:58 brendan so maybe a note - would be good instrad
19:58 chris schustertest: its the same with the US
19:58 brendan instead
19:59 chris http://glossary.immigration.go[…]freecountries.htm
20:00 chris[…]m/visit/visitors/
20:00 russ not many people need a visa to get into NZ :-)
20:01 richard joined #koha
20:02 brendan thanks
20:02 brendan was just looking into visa's for australia and it made me think :)
20:02 russ brendan: where are you?
20:02 chris if you plan to do any work at all
20:02 brendan you need one for australia coming from the US
20:02 chris get a visa
20:02 chris or if longer than 3 months, ditto
20:03 brendan I'm in California USA
20:07 russ looks like anyone travelling to aussie needs a visa - no wavier programme there
20:07 chris yeah
20:07 brendan yup
20:07 chris aussie border guard: "Do you have any criminal convictions?"
20:07 chris traveller: "Is that still a requirement?"
20:08 brendan yup "I throw eggs at non-code-releasing" "so-called open source vendors"
20:10 chris :)
20:11 chris schustertest: what is the time there now?
20:11 brendan it's 2pm CST
20:12 brendan so the KUDOS meeting has started
20:14 Nate left #koha
20:15 bebbi left #koha
20:15 bebbi joined #koha
20:17 Genji KUDOS?
20:17 jwagner joined #koha
20:17 ricardo Genji:
20:18 brendan sekjal++
20:20 * chris goes to be nosey
20:20 brendan :)
20:20 * brendan too
20:26 Ropuch Crap, gtranslator crashes while saving
20:31 cait joined #koha
20:32 magnusenger left #koha
20:33 ricardo Going home now. Take care everybody!
20:33 pianohacker bye, ricardo
20:33 chris cya ricardo
20:33 ricardo Bye Jesse & Chris :)  (out)
20:34 ricardo left #koha
20:43 jdavidb left #koha
20:43 jdavidb joined #koha
20:44 jdavidb left #koha
20:48 pianohacker chris_n/chris_n2: around?
20:51 chris sup ?
20:54 pianohacker just curious if he had figured out cause/solution of errors
20:54 chris havent had a chance to look
20:56 chris ahh sorry, misread, the chris_n triggers my nick highlighting
20:56 chris but yeah i saw those errors too
20:58 pianohacker cool
20:58 paul_p joined #koha
21:07 Ropuch Hi paul_p
21:10 collum left #koha
21:10 joetho_testingm joined #koha
21:11 joetho_testingm left #koha
21:11 schuster left #koha
21:12 sekjal KUDOS meeting complete.  went well, I think
21:16 chris yup, was interesting
21:17 sekjal next time we should hold it in IRC, though.
21:18 Genji hmm? how did you see it?
21:18 sekjal Genji: it was in this Java program that schuster's people have.  Allows for screensharing, audio, video and such.
21:18 jwagner Is it logged somewhere?
21:18 jwagner Was out on a site visit today, didn't get back in time.
21:18 Genji no one told me about this java program.....
21:19 sekjal yes, the minutes are being published as I type
21:19 chris schuster is going to put the minute ups
21:19 paul_p left #koha
21:19 chris Genji: there were emails to the mailing list
21:19 chris s
21:19 chris i count 5 of them
21:19 chris ppl were told
21:19 jwagner left #koha
21:20 sekjal it's a neat tool, but we didn't use enough of the features to make it a better fit for the meeting than IRC
21:22 chris wow
21:22 chris catching up on email
21:22 pianohacker Why not just a mibbit link?
21:23 pianohacker[…]&forcePrompt=true
21:24 chris
21:24 chris very interestin
21:24 mib_test joined #koha
21:24 sekjal sounds like a good plan for future meetings.
21:25 mib_lh1ydi joined #koha
21:25 mib_lh1ydi wow... this is cool. genji here.
21:25 mib_test left #koha
21:26 mib_lh1ydi left #koha
21:28 chris it appear all is not sunshine and roses in WALDO land
21:29 cait did you really think it was?
21:29 Genji WALDO?
21:29 pianohacker Genji:
21:29 chris nope, im just glad its public now
21:31 Genji uhh...... lost a director?
21:31 * Genji is totally clueless.
21:31 cait I got kaess thesis some days ago - the survey she did about how content people are with koha
21:31 davi left #koha
21:31 chris ohh, i hope its not too bad
21:31 cait there are some comments about support there too
21:31 cait no
21:32 cait most people would choose koha again
21:32 imp :)
21:32 pianohacker Genji: WALDO is an association of academic libraries that is a major force behind lek (as I understand), and that email chris mentioned is from, which is a member
21:32 cait i have to read it a second time, she sent it to me when i was in leipzig for the presentation, read it in my hotel room when I was too tired to really get it all
21:33 chris i will bug her on twitter for a copy :)
21:33 chris ahh its in german eh?
21:33 cait yes it is
21:33 chris maybe i will just bug you to translate it :)
21:33 cait but comments are in english
21:33 Genji what email's this?
21:33 chris are you on the mailing lists genji?
21:33 chris you seem to be missing lots of emails
21:33 Genji only on koha-dev.
21:34 cait better bug her - im not good in translating german ->english
21:34 chris i recommend subscribing to the main list too
21:34 chris will do, thanks cait
21:34 Genji ah.... right.
21:35 cait if you dont reach her iI can sent you a copy, she used a cc license :)
21:36 Genji wheres this main list?
21:36 Genji its not on
21:37 chris[…]ts/mailing-listsg
21:37 cait chris: i can give you a short summary after reading it again, but I think she would be happy to hear from you :)
21:37 chris tweeted her
21:38 nicomo left #koha
21:38 sekjal most of the other libraries running Koha in my immediate area are with WALDO... SO glad we didn't try to get on that bandwagon
21:39 sekjal well, academic libraries, at least
21:41 brendan wow, just getting back to my email now
21:42 pianohacker chris: sarcasm much? ;)
21:42 chris heh, how could you tell?
21:42 pianohacker it was subtle, but I got it after rereading a few times
21:44 chris :)
21:44 chris cait: hehe she said you will upload it :)
21:48 cait yeah, just read it :) cant promise when (it will perhaps go on one of our repositories), i have the file on my computer at work, email tomorrow?
21:52 chris thats perfect
21:52 chris thank you
21:53 Genji whats the title of the email your refering to, chris?
21:53 cait no problem :)
21:57 Genji Ah, so its been confirmed... people are being left unsupported... and the wider community is left to pick up the pieces. Theres another company that does this. Trixbox.
21:58 Genji Trixbox just refers people onto #freepbx... and of course, they don't get much help, since trixbox have... 'trixxed out' the freepbx original. And its way behind.
22:01 Genji and i killed the channel.
22:02 * chris_n2 thinks chris's keyboard must be dripping with sarcasm atm ;-)
22:03 * Genji scraps some off and cooks breakfast.
22:07 schustertest left #koha
22:19 sekjal time to head home.  cheers, #koha!
22:19 sekjal left #koha
22:19 brendan later sekjal
22:19 joetho me too
22:19 brendan later
22:20 cait time to go to bed here :) good night !
22:20 chris night cait
22:20 cait left #koha
22:22 Genji Trixbox pro = Modified version of GPL code, SaaS, unreleased source, just like LEK. And both are against the spirit of FLOSS?
22:38 Genji Okay, when i index the Publishing date field with just itself... its fine.. but if i add :y or :n ... it borks... Unsupported Use Attribute....
22:39 Genji This means that its not normalized?
22:39 Genji Someone's gone and put a non number in at least one record?
22:39 pianohacker Probably
22:39 pianohacker Why would a publishing date be a number, out of curiosity?
22:40 * Genji headbangs. "Damnit. Damnit damnit. its only supposed to be yyyy ..."
23:01 joetho left #koha
23:02 bebbi left #koha
23:03 wizzyrea joined #koha
23:05 pianohacker ah
23:05 chris hey wizzyrea
23:13 chris_n2 meeting notes are up:[…]etingnotes09dec02
23:13 chris_n2 next meeting's agenda is started:[…]etingnotes10jan13
23:14 chris_n2 and I got to eat my cheese-steak sub before it got cold ;-)
23:16 Genji left #koha
23:21 Genji joined #koha
23:21 wizzyrea hello hello
23:21 wizzyrea I got my new puter today :)
23:21 chris cool
23:23 gmcharlt is it a good 'puter?
23:26 wizzyrea_ joined #koha
23:28 chris_n2 wizzyrea_: opps :-) so much for the new network card
23:28 wizzyrea_ yea, 21.5in iMac
23:28 wizzyrea_ lol
23:28 wizzyrea_ nah, I did that
23:31 Genji left #koha
23:33 wizzyrea_ holy jebus. I went from a 17in to a 21 in... what am I going to do with all of this screen?!
23:33 wizzyrea_ it's crazy huge. and it's the small one
23:34 gmcharlt wizzyrea_: you can never have too much screen, alas
23:35 wizzyrea_ gmcharlt: I'm sure I will come to appreciate your words as gospel, but right now it seems like a football field when I'm used to a pool table
23:35 wizzyrea left #koha
23:35 wizzyrea_ is now known as wizzyrea
23:35 chris_n2 huge_screen++
23:35 chris_n2 left #koha
23:41 wizzyrea brb
23:41 chris_n2 joined #koha
23:42 wizzyrea left #koha
23:42 chris_n2 @wunder 28334
23:42 munin chris_n2: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 17.0�C (6:20 PM EST on December 02, 2009). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 15.0�C. Pressure: 29.68 in 1005 hPa (Steady).
23:52 wizzyrea joined #koha
23:54 wizzyrea who thought it was a good idea to make iTunes 600MB
23:54 * wizzyrea sighs

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