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02:38 pianohacker good night
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03:28 Amit hi brendan, chris, chris_n2
03:29 Amit good morning #koha
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04:53 hdl Genji: yes.
04:53 hdl i am
05:06 brendan hello Amit
05:07 Amit heya hdl
05:09 hdl hi Amit
05:09 hdl hi brendan
05:40 Genji hiya hdl, still there?
05:41 hdl Genji: yes
05:44 Genji okay, ive put a new marc field into framework, then edited the three zebra files, record.abs, both marc defs, and to map jn to Journal-number and 1=9903 etc, i tried adding the jn query to the url, like &op=not&idx=jn&q=55 .... doesn't come up with anything.
05:46 Genji oh, and i have reindexed
05:46 Genji is sending (rk=( kw,wrdl="school")) not (rk=( jn,ext,r1="50" or jn,phr,r3="50" or jn,rt,wrdl,r3="50")) to Zoom.
05:47 Genji what should be sending to Zoom?
06:06 hdl mmm...
06:07 hdl Have you tried via yaz-client to see how yaz parses the query ?
06:08 hdl yaz-client unix:....
06:08 hdl set_cclfile path to
06:09 hdl cclparse jn="30"
06:10 hdl it should send you  @attr 1=9903 "30"
06:10 hdl If not, then you have trouble with your, but I cannot see where from what you tell.
06:11 hdl (only from what you tell)
06:11 hdl the day begins
06:11 hdl for me
06:11 hdl see you
06:15 Genji huh.. unknown qualifier. good catch.
06:54 Ropuch Morning, #koha
06:56 Genji okay, how do i change the ccl properties file used? i found my problem. default.bib is being used instead of
07:15 Genji haha! I did a search for .... found the realtime chat log.... and it showed me text that i completely missed on reading it here.
07:17 Genji Okay, so the link works.
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07:46 |Lupin| hi there
07:50 Ropuch Hi |Lupin|
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07:58 |Lupin| hey Ropuch
07:58 |Lupin| salut laurence
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08:06 |Lupin| hello paul_p
08:06 paul_p hello |Lupin| & al
08:09 |Lupin| paul_p: it's my last day as an employee :)
08:09 paul_p |Lupin|: yes I remember
08:10 |Lupin| paul_p: :)
08:10 |Lupin| paul_p: btw we went live, in case you are interested.
08:11 |Lupin| the only little annoyance si that our logo didn't fit in the space where the Koha logo was so they had to redo one.. I have no idea if it's possible to adjust the space reserved tfor the logo...
08:11 Kivutar hi all
08:12 |Lupin| hello Kivutar ! :)
08:12 paul_p |Lupin|: congrats. I think that on owen'ts apcl blog, there is an entry about that
08:14 |Lupin| paul_p: oh cool !
08:14 |Lupin| paul_p: perhaps you have the URL of that blog somewhere and could paste it here ?
08:16 paul_p |Lupin|:
08:17 |Lupin| paul_p: tanks !!
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08:32 Amit heya lupin, ropuch
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09:20 kf hi #koha
09:22 hdl hi kf
09:23 imp heyho
09:24 kf hi hdl & imp :)
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11:02 |Lupin| hi again folks :)
11:02 |Lupin| hdl: around ?
11:03 hdl yes
11:03 |Lupin| hdl: I'm wondering: is it possible to search on itemtypes in CCL ?
11:03 |Lupin| hdl: is there an index for that ?
11:03 hdl itype or ccode depending on your configuration.
11:04 |Lupin| hdl: if the item-type is not at item level but at bib level... ?
11:04 hdl itemtype if you are at itemlevel
11:05 hdl sorry biblio level
11:06 |Lupin| hdl: we have two item types (defined at biblio level): PUB and PRIV
11:06 |Lupin| hdl: I just tried itype=PRIV
11:07 |Lupin| hdl: idtdoesn't work. am I doing something wrong or perhaps is there ia zebra misconfiguraion ?
11:07 hdl itemtype="PRIV"
11:08 |Lupin| hdl: ah you have to quote it ?? why ?
11:14 |Lupin| hdl: does not work... gives no error but no result
11:16 hdl itemtype=PRIV works ?
11:18 |Lupin| hdl: itype=PUB and itype=PR
11:18 |Lupin| IV do work actually...
11:18 |Lupin| hdl: but my zebra index was misconfigured so I had to bind the index to the right marc field and rebuild it.
11:20 |Lupin| oops
11:20 |Lupin| itype=PUB and itype=PRIV work
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12:08 anotheruser I'm having some trouble installing Koha on Debian Lenny, anybody here able to help? Getting the following error when running make test (everything else reported no errors as far as I know):
12:09 anotheruser I've been trying different hacks for 3-4 hours and still at a loss here
12:12 anotheruser looks like nobody is here, was hoping some nz folks would be on at this hour
12:12 anotheruser damn
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12:17 anotheruser hey thomas/nengard
12:20 Ropuch Hi nengard, anotheruser
12:21 Ropuch anotheruser: why don't you install 3.0.4?
12:28 hdl gmcharlt_: ?
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12:42 |Lupin| till soon everybody
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12:56 anotheruser ropuch: I downloaded the latest stable from, figured I wouldn't push my luck on a devel version
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12:58 Ropuch anotheruser: from your paste: /home/rtorrent/koha-3.00.01-stable
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12:59 Ropuch anotheruser: koha-3.00.04_fixed.tar.gz is mardked as latest stable release on
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13:02 anotheruser ropuch: checking to see what's going on with version numbers
13:03 anotheruser ropuch: on I see the latest stable version as 3.0.2?
13:03 anotheruser Latest Stable Release : Koha Version 3.0.2 - June 04, 2009
13:03 Ropuch Man, this is confusing
13:04 Ropuch Latest stable is 3.00.02.fixed
13:04 Ropuch grrr
13:04 anotheruser where did you see that 3.00.04 is latest stable?
13:04 Ropuch I mean koha-3.00.04_fixed
13:05 Ropuch on main page
13:05 anotheruser whoa, that is confusing
13:05 anotheruser I guess I'll try installing with that version
13:07 anotheruser this might take a while, that last file took forever to download
13:07 Ropuch Oh?
13:07 anotheruser err, the other koha version
13:07 anotheruser 3.02
13:07 Ropuch I can put the tar.gz on my site
13:07 anotheruser it's slow on my end unfortunately
13:12 anotheruser thanks for your help btw
13:12 anotheruser I'm on a <12 hr deadline her
13:12 anotheruser *here
13:17 chris_n anotheruser: it also looks like root does not have the correct permissions for the koha db on your install
13:18 chris_n failed t/Dates.t tests can safely be ignored atm
13:19 chris_n anotheruser: if you are installing on ubuntu, see the INSTALL.ubuntu file
13:22 anotheruser chris_n: I realized the sql errors as well which I believe I've fixed but I'll find out on this next install
13:23 anotheruser I wish I was installing this on Ubuntu but the server is debian, a system I don't have tons of experience in
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13:24 chris_n debian and ubuntu are not too far removed from each other... there are also a couple of INSTALL.debian files
13:24 chris_n g'morning brendan
13:24 anotheruser that's what I've been using
13:24 Ropuch Hi chris_n, brendan
13:24 anotheruser debian_lenny
13:24 chris_n hi Ropuch
13:25 chris_n anotheruser: INSTALL.debian-lenny
13:25 chris_n bbl
13:25 anotheruser chris_n: that's the one I've been following
13:26 chris_n you should be ok after fixing the db user issue then... just ignore the failed date tests
13:27 anotheruser that
13:27 anotheruser that's my hope, we'll see how it goes
13:28 anotheruser I'm very excited to try koha out, it's something I've always wanted to work with. I re-organized the entire magazine collection at a school I was at and kept saying how they could index it and connect to other libraries and have an online search and they just sent me back to the magazines but now I've got a chance to prove how cool of an idea it is.
13:29 nengard working on documenting patron permission - and I have a question - this permission: "staffaccess  Modify login / permissions for staff users" seems strange to me - if staff members are patrons wouldn't I be able to edit the staff members' patron records if I have 'borrowers' rights?
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13:30 brendan morning Ropuch and all
13:30 brendan howdy chris_n
13:31 chris_n brendan: have a good Thanksgiving?
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13:31 chris_n hi nengard
13:31 chris_n and Nate
13:31 brendan I had a great thanksgiving
13:31 brendan did some camping and smoked a turkey on a campfire :)
13:31 Nate hi chris_n
13:31 brendan how about you ?
13:33 chris_n brendan: had a great one
13:33 jwagner Good morning, all
13:33 brendan excellent
13:33 brendan heya jwagner
13:33 chris_n hard to tell if it was the turkey or me that was more stuffed
13:33 schuster heya - jwagner - it was enough to get our own decorations up with a 5 and 9 year old running around wanting to help!
13:34 chris_n schuster: I have a 3 year old to contend with ;-)
13:36 hdl hi nengard and jwagner and brendan
13:37 brendan greetings hdl
13:37 hdl hi chris_n schuster and all
13:37 jwagner But schuster, I'm sure you could have a nice sideline decorating for others :-)
13:37 chris_n howdy hdl
13:38 hdl good.
13:38 chris_n hard to believe that tomorrow will be December already
13:39 nengard I KNOW!!!
13:40 chris_n ok, gotta run for a bit... bbl
13:41 anotheruser starting install process...
13:41 anotheruser see ya chris_n
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13:50 anotheruser wb hdl
13:54 owen Hi all
13:54 anotheruser install didn't work with new version
13:54 brendan morning owen
13:54 anotheruser output at What next?
13:54 anotheruser hey owen
13:57 hdl_laptop label error can be ignored unless you want to print labels
13:57 anotheruser hmm..
13:58 anotheruser would that be for like catalouging non-barcoded media?
13:58 hdl_laptop it is to print labels with barcodes.
13:59 hdl_laptop but you would have better buy some.
13:59 anotheruser well I guess that's not totally essential
14:00 anotheruser would there be a way to like have it print to pdf and then I can print it manually or something?
14:00 anotheruser and/or any ideas for making make test work?
14:00 Ropuch I'm working on 3.0.4 and I'm using barcodes
14:01 Ropuch anotheruser: just leave it as it is and make install
14:01 Ropuch bbl
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14:01 anotheruser ok, will do
14:09 anotheruser it worked!
14:09 anotheruser thanks so much for your help! You saved me when I had less than two hours left to get it working
14:21 nengard holy cow - just saw that the next meeting is at 5am my time.  I probably won't make it since I have a couple of long drives and lots of presenting to do that day
14:22 nengard on another note - i'm looking to fix a permissions bug - I'm wondering if anyone knows what files I need to look into ... I'm searching through things now - but if someone here knows off the top of their head I'd love the pointers :)
14:26 owen Hi nengard. What's the bug?
14:26 nengard[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3817
14:26 munin Bug 3817: critical, P5, ---,, NEW, Missing Patron Permission for Tags Tool
14:27 owen nengard I don't know much about permissions but I know plays a central role.
14:28 nengard thanks! that's important
14:28 hdl_laptop nengard: you also have to add sql files.
14:29 nengard hdl_laptop - that one I knew :)
14:29 hdl_laptop nengard: there are a couple of permissions enhancements patches you can look at in
14:30 nengard ooo -thanks
14:35 anotheruser ok, noob question, what's my login/password combination?
14:36 anotheruser for the koha admin login
14:37 imp kohaadmin / katikoan
14:37 anotheruser thanks
14:44 anotheruser alrightey I'm out
14:44 anotheruser thank you everybody for all of your help!
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14:51 jwagner owen, online?
14:51 owen Hi jwagner
14:51 jwagner Good morning.
14:52 jwagner Got a stylesheet question for you -- I'm trying to make one change (background color on the masthead).  I think that's in the opac-main-search part of the opac.css file, right?
14:52 jwagner I've tried creating a opac-local.css file with just that section and the color change.  How do I make it take effect?
14:53 owen opac-main-search is the container that holds the search bar. Is that what you're thinking of?
14:53 jwagner I've tried embedding the path/filename in opacstylesheet, which seemed to break everything.
14:53 jwagner Yes, I think opac-main-search is what I'm looking for -- to change the background blue of the masthead.
14:54 owen opac-main-search has both a background color and a background-image. If you want to change the color you can either hide the background image and change the color or change the background image
14:55 owen So, to hide the background image and change the color, all in one line: #opac-main-search { background: #336699 none; }
14:56 owen The "background" term covers both background-color and background-image. the "none" cancels the default background image.
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14:56 ricardo Hi everyone!  :)
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14:57 jwagner owen, that changes the color OK, but hoses the rest of the masthead -- basic HTML text aligning left, no buttons, etc.
14:57 ricardo_ Hi (again)
14:57 Ropuch jwagner: try web developer firefox addon
14:57 nengard French translation needed -- "Moderate patron tags"
14:58 ricardo_ Can anyone here share some (working) .git/config file that follows the "3.0.x" branch? I'm getting some weird git error messages
14:58 jwagner I am supposed to be putting the stylesheet path in opacstylesheet, right?
14:58 |Lupin| joined #koha
14:58 Ropuch Its "Show element information" is very helpfull in determining what visible part of screen actually is ;>
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14:58 ricardo_ is now known as ricardo
14:58 owen jwagner: I recommend working with OPACUserCSS while you're working out the changes
14:58 owen jwagner: Will the custom stylesheet live on the Koha server alongside the default stylesheet?
14:59 owen If so, use the opaccolorstylesheet preference and put in *just* the filename of the custom stylesheet
14:59 jwagner Yep, just tried that -- took out the path/filename from opacstylesheet & just put the oneliner in OPACUserCSS -- works fine!  Thanks much.
14:59 nengard hdl_laptop -- French translation needed -- "Moderate patron tags"
14:59 Ropuch nengard: Mod�rer les tags des lecteurs
14:59 nengard thanks
14:59 nengard :)
14:59 jwagner Right now this may be the only stylesheet change.  If more are needed, then I'll keep the local file on the server.
15:00 jwagner But no path, right, just the name?
15:00 owen If you're using opaccolorstylesheet, yes.
15:01 ricardo Never mind, I think I found the "bug" (was using "" for the "url" and should be using "" instead - "r" instead of "w")
15:01 owen The opacstylesheet system preference lets you supply a full URL to a *complete* replacement to the default stylesheet.
15:02 owen That means that with opacstylesheet populated the default stylesheet doesn't get loaded at all
15:02 jwagner Gotcha.  I thought it was for an "additional" stylesheet.
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15:15 nengard woo hoo - I love submitting patches :) hehe - makes me feel powerful :)
15:15 |Lupin| hi nengard
15:15 nengard hiya
15:15 |Lupin| nengard: yeah it's nice to submit patches
15:15 * |Lupin| likes the feeling too
15:15 nengard now - back to manual writing for me ...
15:16 nengard not as much fun - but I do love pushing updates for that too :)
15:18 Ropuch I will make myself familiar with git some day ;>
15:25 nengard Ropuch the best way to learn is to jump in - and to read the tutorials on the wiki :)
15:26 nengard also - everyone here is very helpful if you're not sure how to do something
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15:27 Ropuch Yea, I know - i just don't have time
15:27 Ropuch I've just finished translatinng marc framework
15:29 |Lupin| k, goodbye drink at the office, till later
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15:42 nengard hey does anyone know why when i view the modificition log for a patron I see question marks in the value fields for everything?
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15:43 nengard is it a bug or a feature :) hehe
15:44 nengard the same happens on the log viewer too ... with patrons
15:44 owen nengard: It sounds like it's outputting the SQL for the update before any variables were passed to it
15:44 owen I've seen that too.
15:44 nengard hence - a bug?
15:45 owen I think it's a shortcoming of the log viewer, yes
15:45 owen nengard: Did you ever get into prepared statements in PHP?
15:45 nengard doesn't sound familiar
15:48 owen It's a more secure way of passing data to an SQL statement. You set up the SQL with placeholders (the ?'s) and then you "bind" the data to the placeholders while specifying their data type
15:48 owen It helps protect against SQL injection
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16:18 owen "LibLime Enterprise Koha represents the most advanced and comprehensive open-source ILS solution available to libraries."
16:18 owen ?
16:19 * owen quotes "I don't think that words means what you think it means."
16:19 chris *sigh*
16:20 chris liars--
16:20 owen But more importantly chris, did you cook your wife a turkey this weekend?
16:21 * imp remembers "world famous in new zealand" :D
16:21 chris nope, i dont think she has ever cooked a turkey in her life :)
16:21 chris imp: hehe did you see my tweets?
16:21 imp nope
16:23 chris i was in paeroa yesterday, the home of L&P, who's slogan that is
16:23 imp hehe
16:25 kf hi chris :)
16:26 jwagner is now known as jwagner_lunch
16:27 jdavidb is now known as jdavidb_lunch
16:28 chris hi kf :)
16:28 chris owen: did you see[…]1/28/rr-kohablog/ ?
16:30 owen Yeah, I did! It might even shame me into doing an (overdue) update ;)
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16:31 owen If anyone has any requests, pass them on!
16:38 chris :)
16:43 Ropuch ;>
16:43 brendan morning chris
16:43 chris hiya brendan
16:51 nengard can anyone email me a screenshot of a patron's messaging tab from the staff client - I'm looking for a screenshot with sent messages and queued messages if possible
16:55 chris i wonder if the twitter bot can tag LEK stuff as #notrealkoha :)
16:55 chris nengard: i can when i get to work
16:56 nengard cook
16:56 nengard or cool :)
16:56 nengard and thanks
16:57 nengard and what tweets mention lek?
16:57 owen
16:57 owen From a news item posted to
16:58 wizzyrea nengard let me know if that SS won't work for you
16:58 kf nengard: my notice templates have German descriptions - if this does not hurt I can sent you a screenshot
16:58 nengard wizzyrea it's perfect
16:58 nengard kf thanks - wizzyrea's works
16:59 wizzyrea actually, hm , it doesn't show any queued messages
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17:00 nengard it doesn't
17:00 nengard but it's better than what I had - which was nothing :)
17:07 kf first snow here today *sigh*
17:07 kf @wunder Konstanz
17:07 munin kf: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 0.0�C (6:00 PM CET on November 30, 2009). Conditions: Snow. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: -1.0�C. Pressure: 29.57 in 1001 hPa (Rising).
17:08 * imp wants some snow too, rain sucks
17:08 imp ;)
17:10 kf started with rain... have to walk home :(
17:10 kf bye #koha
17:10 kf left #koha
17:10 imp cya
17:13 nengard chris, i fixed the yahoo pipe - LEK news will not go out on the official kohails twitter feed anymore
17:14 chris cool, we can put them back in, when they release some code
17:15 owen nengard++
17:17 magnusenger nengard++
17:18 nengard :)
17:18 nengard glad to be of service
17:23 chris on the good news front, more libraries joining nexpress :-)
17:23 chris who afaik still use real koha
17:24 wizzyrea for now :)
17:24 wizzyrea (and hopefully forever)
17:26 chris nekls++
17:27 tomascohen @wunder cordoba, argentina
17:27 munin tomascohen: The current temperature in Cordoba Aerodrome, Argentina is 24.0�C (12:00 PM ART on November 30, 2009). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 15%. Dew Point: 2.0�C. Pressure: 29.94 in 1014 hPa (Falling).
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17:48 * nengard lunching
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18:07 jdavidb @wunder 20852
18:07 munin jdavidb: The current temperature in Flower Valley, Rockville, Maryland is 10.6�C (1:03 PM EST on November 30, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.39 in 995.1 hPa (Steady).
18:07 ricardo Hi again... Just installed koha30x from git... I'm having a strange problem. If accessing OPAC, and go to http://myhost (OPAC) for the 1st time, I get redirected to http://myhost/cgi-bin/koha/ (that's normal). The problem is that I get a blank page ! (really blank... View Source comes empty)
18:08 ricardo The error log reveals the problem:
18:08 ricardo [Mon Nov 30 18:02:41 2009] [error] [client] built-in find_file: can't find file /koha/koha30xclone/koha-tmpl/opac-​tmpl//en/modules/maintenance.tmpl
18:09 ricardo (there's a missing "prog" between "opac-tmpl" and "en")
18:09 chris yep, never seen that happen before
18:09 chris did you run the webinstaller yet?
18:09 ricardo chris: Not yet... But I usually do things in this order (and I expect some other users might do this, as well)
18:10 chris yeah, i did an install recently and didnt have that happen
18:10 ricardo (FWIW, the "prog" directory is in the right place:
18:10 chris so im trying to figure out what is different
18:10 ricardo /koha/koha30xclone/koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/en
18:11 chris it will use whatever theme you have set
18:11 chris using opacthemes
18:12 ricardo chris: OK. I'll try to access the Web Installer, just to see if that appears
18:12 chris i wonder if somehow its getting a blank value for that
18:12 ricardo (Well, the "Web Installer" page appears)
18:14 chris time to get up, bbiab
18:14 ricardo OK. I'm probably almost leaving work now. Thanks for the feedback chris!
18:21 jwagner Can anyone help with how XSLT defines available?  I'm looking at and not having much luck.  I have a test data load with lots of items, but very few with barcodes.  It's a multilibrary system, and there are some titles with copies (and barcodes) from both libraries.  However, the OPAC results list consistently says No copies available.  The details page is fine.
18:21 jwagner I had thought the lack of barcodes might be the problem, but it's happening for items created in Koha with barcodes.
18:21 ricardo jwagner: Sorry, can't help you there  :(
18:21 ricardo Gotta go. Take care everyone!
18:21 ricardo left #koha
18:21 jwagner If I turn off XSLT results, the hitlist shows at least one library's holdings, but not both.
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18:24 fredericd jwagner: result page takes items info from marcxml biblio record; detail page from items table records. You may have some inconsistency somewhere between both
18:25 jwagner fredericd, any idea where to look?  I've never seen this happen for records created in Koha (z39.50 import) and items created in Koha.
18:27 fredericd jwagner: for a given record (biblionumber) take a look at its biblioitems.marcxml field and compare with corresponding items records...
18:27 fredericd If it's coherent, you know XSL is responsible...
18:28 jwagner OK, I'll try that.  Thanks.
18:32 Genji morning all.
18:34 Genji ... Chris is up at this time of the morning? Crazy. He lives his life in another timezone?
18:36 chris its called having a 3 year old and a 6 month old
18:36 chris :)
18:36 Genji Ahh! So, youve got the Da Vinci sleeping pattern down pat then eh?
18:36 chris i live on planet "kids wake up at weird times"
18:38 jdavidb Duct tape and a rubber mallet will resolve that issue, chris.
18:38 chris heh
18:39 jdavidb <dumbledore voice>  The door marked "daddy's room" is out of bounds before 9 AM, for those who do not wish to die a horrible death. </dumbledore>
18:40 jwagner fredericd, so far as I can tell the biblioitems.marcxml and the items table entries are the same.
18:41 chris and now to make some toast with peanut butter
18:41 chris which is kahu's favourite breakfast
18:41 * chris_n notes a change in rhetoric from LL
18:41 chris_n "LibLime and the LibLime logo, Koha and LibLime Enterprise Koha are either registered trademarks or trademarks of LibLime."
18:42 chris_n no longer "LibLime and others"
18:42 chris_n the "Koha" part that is
18:44 owen joined #koha
18:45 Genji So, what is the status of LibLime and Koha, the wider community of open source, aka Katipo Koha?
18:46 owen Genji: We eagerly await the public release of LibLime's version.
18:47 chris here's my take on it, Liblime have forked and are not committing code back to the community, according to the press they have 2 years of development
18:47 chris which they have not yet released
18:47 jdavidb for some value of "year."
18:48 chris the community cannot coerce them to, but really wish they would start behaving as members of the wider project
18:49 chris but the releasing code or not is not the real issue for me, the real issue is the misinformation and lies that have come out as reasons why the code is not being released
18:49 chris and the character assasinations of members of the community
18:49 Genji Prehaps being owners of Koha brand, went to their heads.
18:49 chris plus the fact liblime are not letting others have any input into the website
18:50 chris Genji: i think that's entirely it, they think they are the owners of the brand
18:50 joetho left #koha
18:50 Genji ... uhh.. I thought they were.
18:51 chris no, no one can own koha
18:52 chris they own the domain, but that has always been held in trust for the community, and liblime have said they were doing that also
18:52 chris they may have renegged on that
18:52 chris and they have also registered a trademark in the US
18:53 chris but no one and everyone owns koha
18:53 Genji Against the spirit of koha, eh?
18:53 chris yep
18:54 chris they have been asked by HLT who were voted to represent the community, to release the domain name, and if they meant what they said in the past about being custodians, they would
18:55 Genji Find it funny .... "Has contributed over 55% of the entire Koha codebase, including the integration of Koha and Zebra" on their paid support page... This really true? Do they think lines of code is shares in a company or something?
18:56 chris hehe not only isnt it true, like you say, even if it was it means nothing
18:56 chris ok i have to catch my bus, back in about 50 mins
18:57 joetho joined #koha
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19:10 nengard non-koha related question - are any of your libraries using Scribus?
19:13 owen No, but I'm glad to have Googled it
19:13 owen Looks interesting
19:16 nengard it's included in my book, but it's the only app i don't have a library interview for
19:18 imp can i run koha with sqlite instead of mysql?
19:20 owen imp: No one has done any development to that end as far as I know
19:22 Genji Okay, i need some CCL syntax help.
19:23 Genji Anyone available?
19:26 imp owen: do you know if it needs some mysql specific features?
19:26 owen I do know that work has been done to *remove* mysql-specific syntax, so the answer must be no
19:27 imp :D
19:27 owen If you look at chris's proposal for the 3.4 RM position, you'll see that one of his goals is Database Abstraction:[…]ent:rm3.4proposal
19:30 collum joined #koha
19:30 imp k
19:35 nengard left #koha
19:51 chris back
19:52 chris imp: nope doesnt need them, but i suspect some still exist
19:52 Genji hey chris. You know ccl language syntax?
19:58 chris not really sorry, there is probably some stuff about it on the LOC website though
19:59 * chris just has to do some work, then will look
20:01 cato anyone know of a command line script to export data from koha into MARC records?
20:02 chris there is a cgi script, you could easily run that from the commandline
20:02 chris and now i really have to do some work :-)
20:02 schuster cato - I do not, but the web version of extraction in tools works - the only problem that I have had with it is leaving the authority numbers at the end of authority fields.
20:03 schuster I have a couple of things to try to remove them, but havn't gotten back to it.
20:07 owen left #koha
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20:38 jwagner See Bug 3821 -- any ideas?
20:38 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3821 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Adding item with receive issue in serials subscription causes error
20:45 hdl_laptop jwagner: patch is on rel 3.0.x for default_ind_to_space
20:45 sekjal joined #koha
20:45 hdl_laptop should be cherry-picked back into master
20:46 hdl_laptop jwagner: tjis is owed to the substr and the fact that string in substr can be shorter than expected.
20:46 hdl_laptop (here indicators in item modification page is not meaningfull
20:46 hdl_laptop )
20:47 hdl_laptop see c71c4bf9c5fddcb332e5c79e95ed67ff9bd95a24 on branch 3.0.x
20:47 hdl_laptop hope that helps
20:48 hdl_laptop and bfffa5
20:48 davi left #koha
20:48 hdl_laptop let me know
20:48 davi joined #koha
20:49 jwagner hdl_laptop, thanks
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20:50 davi joined #koha
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21:51 schuster question for those perlers...  when it says error on line 70 of the code or do the comments count as part of the lines?
21:51 schuster schuster again shows his lack of programming in over 15 years.
21:53 chris yes
21:53 chris but that error may be caused by something further up, ie where its reported is not always the cause
21:53 chris if you get stuck, use
21:53 chris :)
22:02 schuster I was fiddling with
22:07 schuster guess that's it for today!  more fun tomorrow!
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22:58 Nate gnight everyone!
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23:00 chris_n2_ @later tell ricardo the template problem may be due to the double slash between 'opac-tmpl' and 'en'
23:00 munin chris_n2_: The operation succeeded.
23:13 magnusenger joined #koha
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23:22 Genji hello, anyone who knows CCL here, that has time to help out for a few minutes?
23:22 imp what is ccl?
23:22 Genji the language that talks to Zebra with.
23:23 imp k, dunno then :/
23:30 chris_n2_ Genji: don't you mean CQL?[…]ery-languages-cql
23:40 Genji hmm..
23:41 catobear joined #koha
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23:50 chris_n2_ Genji: ok, CCL and Koha:[…]anguage-searching
23:52 chris_n2_ is now known as chris_n2
23:53 cato joined #koha
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