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00:00 chris 144kph .. they are getting some pace
00:08 brendan cya in a bit
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00:45 hank_bank hello koha
00:45 hank_bank I have a question
00:46 hank_bank GRSL or DOM indexing?
00:48 chris MARC21 ?
00:49 hank_bank yes
00:49 chris if so, DOM definitely .. i think DOM for UNIMARC also, but not certain on that
00:49 hank_bank otay thanks!
00:50 pianohacker chris: why, specifically?
00:51 chris for a start its hella easier to read than record.abs
00:52 chris and also because you can change things without needing to reindex everything
00:53 pianohacker O_o you can lose record.abs with dom indexing?
00:53 chris yeah
00:54 pianohacker What replaces it?
00:55 chris 2 secs
01:03 chris view-source:[…]m-config-marc.xml
01:03 chris heh, and that link will only work in chromium i think
01:03 chris[…]m-config-marc.xml
01:03 chris basically xml and xslt
01:05 pianohacker xslt?
01:06 * pianohacker is not sure this is an improvement
01:06 chris hehe
01:06 chris its more the can change things without needing to reindex that is the total win
01:06 pianohacker Right
01:07 chris and transforming xml with xsl makes some kinda vague sense :)
01:08 chris i think it handles non latin characters better as well, but im not sure about ath
01:11 pianohacker Reindexes are very slow even for small collections, so that's good
01:11 pianohacker If you're already stuck with the bastard format, may as well go all the way
01:11 pianohacker Yeah, Unicode's definitely a strength of XML
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01:16 alejandro hi there
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01:34 hdl chris not sure DOM can better handle non latin chars
01:35 hdl chris it is rather icu which enables that.
01:35 chris ahh right
01:35 chris wow, it must be 2.30am for you?
01:35 hdl I worked on DOM indexing for biblios and created a dom_wip branch.
01:35 chris ohh cool
01:36 hdl But had no time to invest on that.
01:36 hdl It should be close to achieve something though
01:36 chris excellent
01:37 brendan very cool hdl
01:37 hdl But it took old record.abs as a start.
01:37 hdl So should be updated
01:38 hdl (I worked on that in early march)
01:43 hdl[…]efs/heads/dom_wip
01:44 chris excellent
01:44 chris ill have to have a look when i get some time
02:41 chris brendan:[…]match/423778.html staging a fightback
02:43 brendan somewhat of a comeback
02:43 brendan still if I am reading it correctly - a bit to go
02:43 chris yep
02:44 chris but from 27/2 to 126/2 is a good effort
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03:22 hank_bank question about sudo a2ensite koha
03:22 hank_bank I have ibstalled KOHA from git and I am configuring apache
03:23 hank_bank i get ERROR: Site koha does not exist!
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05:20 pianohacker hank_bank: What is the base path of your git install?
05:20 * pianohacker hopes he isn't too late
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05:57 henry revisting question about sudo a2ensite koha
05:58 henry henry=hankbank btw
06:01 henry the base path is something like /koha-dev/etc/?
06:01 chris have you done the ln -s  to /etc/apache2/sites-available bit?
06:01 henry yes
06:02 henry I tried to change the path in there
06:02 chris so what did you actually run?
06:02 chris and if you do ls -l /etc/apache2/sites-available/koha
06:02 chris what do you get
06:03 henry I think it was /etc/koha-dev/koha-httpd.conf /etc/apache2/sites-available/koha
06:03 henry thnaks chris
06:03 henry I mean thanks
06:03 henry I will check that tomorrow
06:04 chris yeah you need to link the actual file its probably /home/something/koha-dev/etc/koha-httpd.conf
06:04 henry I am on my home machnine, had to leave work,
06:04 henry yes exactly
06:04 chris and if its saying not found, im picking the link isnt right
06:04 henry it had my home/username in the path
06:05 henry so whne I get the link right then a2ensite should find the site koha?
06:06 chris yep
06:06 henry cool
06:06 chris all that command does is ln -s from sites-available to sites-enabled anyway
06:06 henry I will figure it out
06:06 henry a symbolic link?
06:08 henry thanks
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06:24 pianohacker Good night
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06:47 Ropuch Morning #koha
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07:30 zico hi
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12:41 |Lupin| hi there !
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12:42 jdavidb Hello, |Lupin|! :)
12:43 |Lupin| hi jdavidb :)
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12:48 jwagner Good morning all
12:52 |Lupin| hey jane
12:56 nengard anyone know what I do to request that a patch I sent is ignored?
12:56 hdl hi jwagner
12:57 |Lupin| nengard: I'd just reply to the e-mail and aski to ignore the patch...
12:57 jwagner Bonjour hdl
12:57 nengard thanks Lupin - will do
13:09 nengard okay - getting annoyed with templates!!  can someone tell me why lines 11-13 work but lines 50-52 do not?
13:12 hdl nengard: mixed TMPL_IF ?
13:12 hdl is that you who introduced EXPR in template ?
13:13 nengard no
13:13 nengard all i added were the 6 lines I pointed out
13:13 hdl ok.
13:13 nengard but what does mixed TMPL_IF mean? the fact that I have an IF inside another IF?
13:14 chris_n g'morning
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13:17 chris_n nengard: it looks like you're missing a closing <!-- /TMPL_IF --> for the line 1 TMPL_IF
13:18 Nate morning everyone
13:18 chris_n howdy Nate
13:19 Nate its ca ca ca cold out
13:19 chris_n @wunder 28334
13:19 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 11.6�C (7:44 AM EST on November 24, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 9.0�C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009.0 hPa (Steady).
13:19 chris_n its wet and nasty here :-(
13:20 Nate send me to the tropics!
13:20 jdavidb Here too, chris_n.
13:20 chris_n nengard: it looks like the TMPL_IF should be closed after the <!-- /TMPL_LOOP --> tag
13:20 chris_n unless there is more to the template than is posted
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13:26 |Lupin| see you later all, bye
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13:28 chris_n nengard: looking at review.tmpl, it looks like that TMPL_IF tag is closed after line 57, so that would not be it
13:28 nengard chris_n on skype with hdl and he's helping me
13:28 chris_n k
13:31 nengard okay  - time for a git question - how do I revert back to a version that is unedited by me :)
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13:32 hdl git reset --hard HEAD
13:36 nengard hdl that pushed it back to my last patch - which was wrong :) how do I get it to ignore my patches and just show me HEAD
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13:49 owen Ahoj, #koha
13:50 jwagner nengard, if you're on a branch and want to get the file back to head, I think you can do git checkout filename, can't you?
13:50 nengard jwagner - i don't know - never did it :) will try now
13:50 owen You can if the change is uncommitted
13:55 nengard I commited the change
13:55 nengard it wasn't pushed though ...
13:55 nengard so how do i revert back before my stupid commit?
13:57 owen[…]cs/git-reset.html
13:57 nengard thanks owen
13:57 owen But as far as I know that resets the branch to HEAD rather than, for instance, just one file
13:57 owen I'm not sure about doing it on a per-file basis
13:59 nengard owen - read through that and that's what hdl suggested I do - but for some reason the changes are still there ... hmmm - off to restart the server
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14:09 * jdavidb pings.
14:10 jdavidb Anyone else having trouble getting to
14:11 chris_n it times out from here
14:11 jdavidb ah-hah.  Us too.
14:18 hdl jdavidb: here too
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14:19 jdavidb Okay.  This explains much.  We rebooted our development servers yesterday, and thought something got hosed up there.  Guess not.
14:20 * chris_n sends an email to cfouts asking him to check on the problem
14:22 hdl thanks chris_n
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15:06 schuster Morning!
15:06 schuster Is there an easy way to see what resources are hogging CPU time?
15:07 jdavidb "top"
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15:11 nengard on the patron import tool it has a matching rule at the end that refers to 'Extended Attributes'
15:11 nengard what are they? the same as patron attributes?
15:12 nengard and why is it asking about replacing them?
15:16 schuster Yes - I use Extended attributes for homerooms - and we load them regularly - but we don't always want to completely replace them unless there is an update to a particular attribute
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15:29 schuster karma chris ++
15:52 nengard schuster - I need more explanation - how do I document that - and if we're talking about patron attributes - why are they called extended attributes?
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16:07 reiko hi
16:13 reiko does anyone know where date aquired field is in the database?
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16:26 owen reiko: Maybe you're looking for items.dateaccessioned? That's the date an item was added to the database
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16:34 schuster They are patron attributes and I don' t know why they are extended attributes.
16:35 schuster nengard - does that help?
16:35 nengard schuster - it helps in that I'll report a bug about the wording :)
16:35 Ata hi all
16:36 Ata hi nicol
16:36 nengard hi
16:36 Ata I'm here just to ask a question
16:37 Ata Is there any schedule for release of koha 3.2?
16:37 Ata actually i m intrested in its acquisition module
16:37 Ata can someone update me?
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16:40 wizzyrea_ at the last meeting we were 4 weeks from RC1?
16:40 wizzyrea_ something like that?
16:40 wizzyrea_ last meeting was early november, so a RC should be soon
16:40 wizzyrea_ gmcharlt could answer that
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16:48 wizzyrea_ jdavidb: It must be done.
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16:48 jwagner schuster, your message about an IRC KUDOS meeting -- isn't the regular monthly IRC meeting also on December 2?
16:48 wizzyrea_ 3 dec, according to the chat topic
16:49 jwagner That's the foundation meeting.  First Wednesday of the month has been the schedule for the regular devel mtg.  gmcharlt?
16:51 wizzyrea_ ah, reading fail, sorry
16:52 * wizzyrea_ has on the brain and can't think straight
16:52 wizzyrea_ ok, I officially loathe AutoGraphics
16:52 * jwagner read that as turkeylinux -- can't read straight!
16:52 owen jwagner: Me too!
16:53 wizzyrea_ their tech department 1. calls me Lisa, 2. keeps asking for information I have already sent 3. are rude about it.
16:53 owen And I'm all, I'm not going to download your holiday-specific distro!
16:53 wizzyrea_ LOL
16:53 wizzyrea_ I love you guys
16:53 wizzyrea_ (but seriously,
16:53 wizzyrea_ )
16:54 jdavidb woot!  I finally got an OMG DOO EET from wizzyrea_ !
16:54 wizzyrea_ ...that could be read in so many ways, most of which are dirty, and none of which applicable ^.^
16:55 wizzyrea_ er, none of the dirty ways
16:55 wizzyrea_ only the "you should do that like, so right now" way.
16:55 jdavidb I figured as much.
16:55 wizzyrea_ :D
16:56 wizzyrea_ that was my best valley girl impression. were you impressed?
16:56 jdavidb Very!
16:59 jdavidb Someone requested an Evergreen one on their forums--got turned down.  But someone else said, "I'm working on *foo* do I share it with y'all?" and they said, "Great!  Do <xyz> and we'll take a look!"
16:59 jdavidb So maaaaaybe..
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17:00 wizzyrea_ yea, I'm guessing that if someone did the work for them (or much of it) they'd include just about anything
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17:00 wizzyrea_ I'm sure they don't want to go learning every webapp just to make VM's
17:00 wizzyrea_ I downloaded the file server one, and it is HAWT.
17:00 wizzyrea_ so easy to use
17:01 owen A HAWT file server! :)
17:01 jdavidb I'll yank in their "core" iso, and see what I can do with it, maybe over the holiday.  Wanna make it so all they gotta do to upgrade is "git pull" and run
17:02 wizzyrea_ yea, that would be so cool. it would also be cool if someone wrote a koha webmin module
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17:03 pianohacker Good morning
17:03 owen Hi pianohacker
17:04 pianohacker Hi owen
17:04 pianohacker How's it going?
17:04 owen Fine. I've been in PHP mode lately rather than Koha mode.
17:04 wizzyrea_ mornin PH
17:05 pianohacker owen: I'm sorry
17:06 owen You can be sorry I'm not in Koha mode, but I don't need your PHP sympathy ;)
17:07 pianohacker Don't tell me you enjoy it
17:07 owen I enjoy it because I know it and I can make it do stuff
17:08 * owen can't say the same about Perl
17:09 owen In order to convince me otherwise you'll have to pony up the $2500 for the 5-day Perl workshop nengard and I are wishing we could afford :)
17:11 Colin owen: We can do you a free one day one if you come to London
17:11 owen An appealing offer!
17:12 chris i can probably swing one after the conference
17:12 chris a decent number of the CPAN modules koha uses were written by catalyst staff, and we host the wellington perl mongers group
17:14 nengard Colin - that might cost $2000 in expenses just to get to London :)
17:14 chris im sure i can rope some in to talk :)
17:15 nengard pianohacker - what's wrong with PHP? That's the language I know too
17:15 pianohacker It's not very elegant. You can get stuff done in it, though
17:17 chris right, october it is, everyone start saving now :)
17:17 jwagner pianohacker, er, news for you -- Perl ain't very elegant either :-)
17:17 * chris bans language wars from #koha
17:17 pianohacker jwagner: Well, there's definitely degrees
17:18 sekjal PHP is a perfectly fine language.  That said, I'm more interested in working on my Perl (since that's what Koha is written in)
17:18 * pianohacker is trying not to provoke one, happily goes along with ban
17:18 nengard pianohacker - I got TONS of stuff done with it - all of Jenkins Law Library is running on apps I wrote in PHP
17:18 pianohacker we are having a _spirited discussion_, not a war!
17:18 chris :)
17:18 jwagner chris, could be worse -- we could start a religious war over PC vs Mac vs Linux!
17:18 nengard agree - just wonder why people like one language over another
17:18 nengard I don't know Perl - so I prefer PHP :) hehe
17:19 nengard but I do want to learn Perl cause I want to do more with Koha
17:19 * owen already ported his library's intranet apps from ColdFusion to PHP years ago, might as well port them to Perl when I'm able!
17:19 nengard hehe
17:20 * jdavidb suggests for 3.4, that we convert Koha to COBOL, with Fortran used for the fine-totals-calculations.
17:20 pianohacker Watch out, soon you'll be writing them in LISP
17:20 jwagner or ADA?
17:20 nengard hey - off topic - tv question - what's the big diff between a 720p and a 1080p TV - like is it a big enough diff I'd see it? is it worth $1000 more?
17:21 * nengard throws a tomato at jdavidb
17:21 pianohacker would depend on the size, and what content you've got going to it
17:21 owen nengard: Look for a TV written in Perl. They're more elegant.
17:21 nengard pianohacker - just watching TV and I don't want more than 42"
17:21 pianohacker Now wait a minute
17:21 sekjal nengard: not worth it in my opinion; i'm running Blu-ray on 720p and I'm perfectly happy with the quality
17:21 jwagner nengard, the WashPost's tech guy consistently says 720p is fine unless you're going for BluRay or other REALLY hidef stuff.  For normal broadcasts you'll never notice the difference.
17:22 nengard awesome - thanks all - then I might brave the Black Friday sales for my first hi def tv
17:22 pianohacker Man, good luck
17:23 owen nengard: I hope you don't have a large library VHS tapes, you'll be shocked at how terrible they look on your new TV
17:23 nengard donated all VHS tapes to library before moving the last time
17:23 * owen 's kids still have some favorite stuff on VHS
17:23 nengard DVDs only
17:23 * jdavidb debated going to Best Buy for one of the $199 HP laptops.  Then noticed that they'll be giving out tickets at 3 AM.  I can't *get* there at 3 AM, period.  Prior to 6:30 is unlikely.
17:23 nengard no blue ray either - not really sure it's worth the extra $$
17:24 * owen would be justified in torrenting the titles he has on VHS, right, because he owns them, right?
17:24 nengard jdavidb - HOLY CRAP - I missed that one
17:24 chris jwagner: there is no argument there .. only one is free the rest are proprietary madness ... case closed :)
17:25 jwagner Harrumph.
17:25 jdavidb It's not very macho.  Be good for someone who just needs something for when they travel, but it's *not* a power-user's box.
17:25 * jdavidb is happy with his Eee for travel.
17:26 gmcharlt jwagner: yes, first Wednesday of each month is the regular meeting
17:26 jdavidb The $199 HP is running Win7, too.  Ick.
17:27 chris i wonder if you can get it for $-30 if they take the windows tax off
17:27 pianohacker Hi, gmcharlt
17:27 owen I have on my calendar that Dec. 3 is the next foundation meeting.
17:28 jwagner so schuster, you might want to reschedule the KUDOS meeting
17:28 chris yup thats right
17:28 owen Well, to be fair: the Dec. 2 meeting is early in the morning for US folks.
17:28 owen schuster's meeting wouldn't conflict
17:29 owen (unless we had all fallen asleep by then)
17:29 jwagner But 3 IRC meetings in 2 days?  The flesh is weak....
17:30 owen It's okay jwagner, only 2 IRC meetings. And one java-something meeting ;)
17:31 jwagner A distinction without a difference...
17:31 chris i dont think ive had 3 days without an irc meeting
17:32 chris :)
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17:42 jwagner Well, chris, if the rest of the world chooses to live so far away from you....
17:42 owen To our detriment I'm sure
17:43 pianohacker Harder to pester you to apply patches when you become the rm if we can't threaten an in-person visit
17:43 jwagner pianohacker, maybe we need to set up a travel fund so people can go pester chris in person when needed!
17:43 pianohacker Hahahaha
17:44 pianohacker Best travel scholarship I've heard of
17:44 jwagner I'll volunteer to be the point person for making the trips :-)
17:45 * jwagner thinks low blood sugar is contributing to silliness factor. Maybe I'd better go get some lunch....
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17:58 wizzyrea_ hmm. there's a tweetup today in lawrence... should I go?
17:59 wizzyrea_ nah.
17:59 owen A tweetup is what, a bunch of random Twitterers getting together to talk about how they all tweet?
18:02 Colin You mean you have to count up to 140 while talking?
18:03 * jdavidb laughs.
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18:06 owen is now known as owen-away
18:08 wizzyrea_ hee
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18:14 brendan joined #koha
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18:16 nengard another doc question - on march export tool -- '#  Remove non-local items   '  means items not at the library you're exporting for?
18:19 pianohacker nengard: Yes, it deletes items that don't have the same branch as the user's home or selected branch
18:19 pianohacker items that don't have the same *home* branch
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18:19 nengard wait-  if i"m logged in as being at MAIN and then I do the export with all libraries turned on - will it remove items from all but the MAIN branch?
18:20 nengard and if I'm at MAIN and I choose CENTER as the branch to export for  - will it export MAIN and CENTER - or just CENTER?
18:22 pianohacker nengard: will remove all but MAIN for the first, and all but CENTER for the second
18:22 nengard good to know - will add that TIP :) thanks!!
18:24 nengard one more - 'Accession date' means the date acquired right?
18:24 pianohacker Should, yes
18:24 pianohacker items.dateaccessioned
18:24 nengard ah
18:24 nengard thanks
18:28 schuster Thanks owen for verifying what I thought about the IRC chat being like at 5 AM? Central time on Dec 2nd?
18:29 schuster We had discussed doing the chat for KUDOS not on IRC but more as a CHAT where we could just send out the link and people don't have to figure out how to get on it ..  Library types rather than techie.
18:29 schuster sorry jwagner
18:29 schuster Chris...  That branch:901 seems to work!
18:29 schuster impacts results display time but will be playing with it.
18:31 * jwagner has been listening to car alarm going off in the parking lot. Anyone got a sledgehammer?
18:32 schuster suspect jdavidb - peeking over a cubie to see how long it takes to drive jwagner crazy...
18:32 jwagner He Knows Better Than That (she said ominously)
18:33 jwagner On the other hand, it DID just stop....
18:34 pianohacker o_o
18:34 * pianohacker bows
18:34 pianohacker jwagner: please don't hurt me
18:35 jwagner Now why would I hurt YOU?
18:35 jwagner Other people, maybe....
18:35 jdavidb because he did it!   Weren't me!
18:35 * jdavidb points at pianohacker with one hand, and schuster with the other.
18:36 jwagner Spreading the blame around, I see :-)
18:36 jdavidb There's plenty.
18:36 jdavidb Besides, schuster is used to me blaming him.  Last December-ish, during his go-live, I blamed him for a lot of my sorrows.
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18:37 jwagner Isn't there an old hymn called Man of Sorrows?
18:38 jwagner (Clearly lunch has done nothing to reduce my silliness factor....)
18:38 jdavidb I think so, yes.
18:38 * jdavidb is silly most of the time.  It's not fatal.  Most of the time.
18:44 chris schuster: excellent :)
18:44 brendan morning all
18:47 chris ok, bus time, will be back in 40  mins or so
18:47 chris time to read some terry pratchett on the bus
18:47 * chris wanders off
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18:51 owen-away is now known as owen
19:08 nengard afternoon brendan
19:08 brendan :)
19:20 Ropuch Hi nengard, brendan
19:20 brendan howdy Ropuch
19:21 pianohacker Hi Ropuch, brendan
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19:34 |Lupin| joined #koha
19:34 |Lupin| hi all
19:35 pianohacker Hi |Lupin|
19:35 |Lupin| hey Jesse :)
19:35 |Lupin| We went live today... :)
19:36 pianohacker Hey, congratulations
19:36 owen Congratulations |Lupin|!
19:36 sekjal congratulations, |Lupin|!
19:36 brendan congrats |Lupin|
19:36 |Lupin| thanks :)
19:37 |Lupin| in case you guys wnna have a look
19:37 |Lupin|
19:37 |Lupin| any comment welcome cause I have no idea how the site looks, visually :)
19:38 richard joined #koha
19:38 richard hi
19:39 |Lupin| So far the only problem reported is that AddReturn fails for some users
19:40 |Lupin| Is it possible that it fails because user's branch is different from item's homebranch ?
19:40 |Lupin| hi richard
19:40 pianohacker |Lupin|: shouldn't hurt anything
19:40 mdhafen I think IndependantBranches has to be on for AddReturn to limit return branch.
19:41 mdhafen And it should give a warning
19:41 chris_n |Lupin|: congratulations
19:41 jwagner |Lupin| the OPAC looks good, congratulations.  Did you do customization on the advanced search screen and the record display?
19:42 mdhafen Some of my librarians have reported AddReturn not working all the time, but that might be because they aren't waiting for the page load.  Haven't looked into it yet.
19:42 mdhafen Record Display is ISBD by default.
19:43 jwagner And for chris or any other translators, I can see a phrase that needs it, maybe more than one. The headers in the facets list (left side of results list) are all English, as is the entry at the top -- Limit to currently available items.  Shouldn't these have translations somewhere?
19:43 mdhafen seems item types don't have icons either
19:43 chris back
19:44 jwagner mdhafen, didn't notice the ISBD display, thanks.  There are still some interesting features on advanced search.
19:44 chris |Lupin|: i sent a patch for that bug with permissions on the opac
19:45 sekjal left #koha
19:45 hdl congrats |Lupin
19:45 jwagner Actually, |Lupin|, do you have it set to French?  I'm seeing English all over the place (advanced search, cart, etc.).
19:45 cait joined #koha
19:46 cait hi #koha
19:46 chris |Lupin|: it looks good to me, but yes it is in english (probably my browser settings kicking in)
19:46 jwagner Hi cait
19:48 chris |Lupin|: very cool, well done
19:48 |Lupin| hmm
19:48 |Lupin| soorry all
19:48 |Lupin| waas on phone
19:48 |Lupin| chris: yep, wanted to thank you a lot for the patch! it's applied on the helene branch used for the live sstem
19:48 chris excellent
19:49 chris collaboration is what makes koha great!
19:49 cait hi jwagner, Lupin, chris
19:49 |Lupin| jwagner: it should be all in french... I don't know why there are english things, I used the latest .po file
19:49 |Lupin| guten Abend cait
19:49 chris |Lupin|: koha will offer you the templates in whatever language your browser says it wants
19:49 cait lupin: is your opac online?
19:49 chris so since the en templates are there, its giving us those
19:50 |Lupin| btw: the git repo is available... git:// should work just fine. The repo is ran from sources, helene branch.
19:50 chris cool
19:50 |Lupin| cait: yep.
19:50 owen left #koha
19:50 |Lupin| chris: ah I see... It's true I didn't see that much english...
19:50 chris |Lupin|: you may want to check the settings in syspref tho
19:51 |Lupin| chris: which ones ?
19:51 chris the localisation ones
19:51 chris just to make sure french is set as the default for the opac
19:51 |Lupin| chris: k... in order to set default language to french, you mean ?
19:51 jwagner chris, thanks for the tip -- I told my browser to display in French, and everything is now showing up as French.  Never Mind.
19:52 |Lupin| jwagner: cool !
19:52 cait lupin: cool!
19:52 |Lupin| chris: not sure I really want french as the default, frankly... Letting the browser tell what it wants looks fine to me... no ?
19:52 chris yep, i think so too
19:52 |Lupin| actually, this is not very customised...
19:53 |Lupin| jwagner: to answer your question: it's the ISBD view but it has been rewritten a lot...
19:53 |Lupin| one think my organisation is asking
19:53 jwagner But I would really like whatever you did on the advanced search page, for the serials searching.  Have you submitted that?
19:53 |Lupin| is that the Koha logo is replaced by something else that identifies the organisaiton more
19:53 |Lupin| do other libraries also show their own logo ?
19:54 schuster left #koha
19:54 mdhafen There should be a sys.pref. just for replacing the logo.
19:54 |Lupin| jwagner: hmm ! I really think I didn't do anything at all !!
19:54 cait mdhafen: isnt there one? opacsmallimage or something?
19:55 mdhafen that's what I was thinking.
19:55 schuster joined #koha
19:55 |Lupin| mdhafen: is your "should" a wishlist, or are you saying there already is one ? In that case I didn't find it... looked for variables like '%logo%' in systempreferences, couldn't find anything
19:55 jwagner Yes, if you load an image file about 120 x 40 pixels somewhere web accessible, then put that address in the opacsmallimage syspref, it should show up.
19:56 cait mdhafen: sorry, misunderstanding :(
19:56 |Lupin| ah I didn't look for image... cool !
19:56 hank_bank left #koha
19:56 mdhafen no problem.  I wasn't clear.
19:57 |Lupin| cait: anyway many thanks for the pref, you are great
19:57 |Lupin| jwagner: you mentionned icons for item types... did you mean these "Domiaine public" and "livres sous droits" ?
19:58 jwagner actually, I think it was mdhafen that mentioned those -- I don't like item type icons myself :-)  In item type setup, you can assign images to each item type, like a little book or DVD.
19:59 jwagner To me, they just clutter up the screen without adding any great value.  But I'm a text person.
19:59 |Lupin| chris (or someone else): in the code for downloading a book AddReturn is called immediately after AddIssue. It's just to record the fact that the book has been downloaded, in order to do some statistics later. Can it be a reason for AddReturn to fail ?
20:00 mdhafen yeah, I mentioned the Item Type images.  Like jwagner says, some people don't like them.  I just noticed because I'm used to seeing them, so it was something different for me.
20:00 |Lupin| jwagner: I think you know so am I, too ! :-)
20:00 |Lupin| jwagner: anyway our readers will be visually impaired persons, so adding icons makes even less sense...
20:00 richard left #koha
20:02 |Lupin| mdhafen: I see. Well we only have two item types at the moment: publi domain books and copyrighted books, seems rather difficult to represent those by icons to me anyway
20:03 mdhafen hmm, maybe I'm mistaking location for Item type then.
20:04 |Lupin| mdhafen: can you give an example of what you call locaiton on our OPAC, please ? Just to make sure we are talking about the same thing...
20:04 mdhafen sure.  On the advanced search page in the 'limit to any of the following' section, doc, docx, html, odt, pdf, rtf, txt, xml.  That's what I'm seeing
20:05 richard joined #koha
20:05 |Lupin| mdhafen: these are collecton codes actually
20:06 mdhafen ah.  Figured it must be something like that.  cool.
20:06 |Lupin| mdhafen: collection codes == file formats
20:06 mdhafen i see.  I didn't know that.
20:06 |Lupin| mdhafen: perhaps not that obvious... :-)
20:06 chris |Lupin|: I can't see why that would make it fail
20:06 |Lupin| so, no clue for this AddReturn problem ?
20:06 |Lupin| (no warnings in the logs)
20:06 mdhafen lupin:  rather I'm not a librarian, so it wasn't obvious to me ;)
20:07 mdhafen I'm just a programmer :)
20:08 |Lupin| mdhafen: neither am I so it was not obvious at all how o model our things...
20:08 chris |Lupin|: is it just silently not returning items?
20:08 |Lupin| mdhafen: as chris said, we had (have) to bend Koha a little bit to suit our needs, but since Koha is flexible it was cactually possible to bend it
20:09 |Lupin| chris: it doesn't return items and the first argument of the returned list is 0
20:09 |Lupin| chris: that is, the returnok thing says the retrn failed, and my script sees that and prints an error message.
20:09 mdhafen lupin:  certainly.  There are many places for bending... perhaps this contributed to my confusion ;)
20:10 |Lupin| chris: and indeed there are some issues in the issues table, which are precisely those that are not returned, if I understand things correctly
20:10 chris yep
20:10 chris without poking round a bit, i don't have many suggestings im afraid
20:10 |Lupin| chris: once an issue has been returned it is moved to oldissues, right ?
20:11 chris yes
20:11 chris and it should ahve its returndate set
20:11 |Lupin| chris: np... will try to debug that... just wanted to check nobody knows before diving
20:11 |Lupin| chris: well the issues are not moved...
20:11 * chris_n spends the morning debugging a rounding problem :-P
20:12 |Lupin| chris: how pleasant this must be... :/
20:13 |Lupin| chris_n: hi, and thanks a lot for having submitted Bug 3800 :) thanks to you and chris it's fixed now. Amazing what two chriss can achieve...
20:13 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3800 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, In OPAC  when a logged in user tries to reach a page for which he/she does not have permission, the message saying "Koha doesn't think you have permission" is not displayed.
20:14 chris_n |Lupin|: always glad to help
20:14 chris im glad we have lots of mirrors of now
20:14 chris git once again shows how much better distributed version control is
20:15 chris i remember when sourceforge used to go down
20:15 mdhafen I noticed wasn't responding.  I'm curious what happened to it?
20:15 chris now when disappears its an annoyance not a show stoppper
20:15 chris mdhafen: not sure, it happened last month too
20:16 |Lupin| yeah it's cool to have git
20:16 mdhafen I know my mirror is at least 1 commit behind, but it was a .po update, so I wasn't eager to apply it yesterday.
20:16 mdhafen yes, git is very cool
20:16 |Lupin| btw
20:16 |Lupin| is there some kind of freeze on master ?
20:17 chris feature freeze
20:17 |Lupin| I didn't see any commit for a month and a half or so...
20:17 chris galen is super busy, but is going to be doing merges and applying patches (bug fix patches) shortly
20:17 |Lupin| chris: rightt, but not even bugfixes have been pushed to the pub repo I think
20:17 mdhafen I'll be glad to see patches on master again :)
20:18 |Lupin| mdhafen: me too
20:18 |Lupin| one thing I noticed when our librarian started to add members
20:19 |Lupin| is that the user category which is selecte by default seems to be the first one in alphabetical order
20:19 chris yup, im sure galen is well aware of it too, maybe the gates foundation can give us 1million and we can pay fulltime release managers :-)
20:19 |Lupin| which is not very suitable for us because it's the ADMIN category, almost nobody is in that category...
20:19 hank_bank joined #koha
20:20 |Lupin| would be nice to be able to specify a default category or even to assign ranks to them to define in which order they should appear in the list
20:21 pianohacker But then they wouldn't be alphabetic, and some librarian would look at it and have a _stroke_
20:21 * jdavidb thinks pianohacker has librarians figured out.
20:23 |Lupin| pianohacker: well one could they sort first by rank, second alphabetically, so one would just have to give rank 1 to all the categories to have the current behaviour. rank could be 1 by default anyway...
20:24 jwagner I had to pull a trick with item creation on one site -- wish it could be done for patrons.
20:24 cait lupin: are they sorted by code or by description? for description you could just add something like a blank to your "default"
20:24 pianohacker I think it would probably best just to give a default category
20:24 mdhafen yeah, we could have another sys.pref. for that ;)
20:24 jwagner Because the blasted 942c insists on being used for item type in several places, and no one ever fills it in, I set it to default to Book rather than the first thing in line (which was a non-circulating item type).  That way at least the item will show up.
20:25 |Lupin|
20:25 jwagner I'd _really_ like to get rid of biblioitems.itemtype....
20:25 pianohacker jwagner: even with item-level_itypes on?
20:25 jwagner Yep.
20:25 |Lupin| anybody seems something weird in this issue table ?
20:25 pianohacker jwagner: There was a proposed db update to completely excise biblioitems.itemtype, not sure what happened to it
20:26 wizzyrea_ |Lupin| I contend that anywhere it is logical to do so, the logged in branch should always be the branch selected. I'm for contextual defaults.
20:26 wizzyrea_ and alphabetized after that :P
20:26 * jdavidb gets out his excising
20:26 pianohacker |Lupin|: only thing that I notice is that issuingbranch is not set
20:26 jwagner pianohacker, I'd vote yes on that as many times as they'd let me!
20:26 wizzyrea_ 200, to be exact
20:27 jwagner (Does Koha community allow for vote rigging?  Register all the people in the cemeteries, quick!)
20:27 |Lupin| wizzyrea_: I'm sorry, I didn't understand what you mean..
20:27 richard is now known as rich-away
20:27 wizzyrea_ |Lupin| I mean, in response to your ranking of list items suggestion
20:27 wizzyrea_ sorry that was ages ago :P
20:29 |Lupin| wizzyrea_: I wonder whehter there isn't a misunderstanding... Do we gree that the suggestion was to use ranks just for user categories and not for other lists ?
20:29 |Lupin| wizzyrea_: no it as not so long ago and I realized it was related, but still I didn't understand;.. I'm sorry... most certainly due to my limited skills in english
20:29 wizzyrea_ |Lupin| I think those should be contextual: i.e. the user categories of the logged in branch should always be on top, then alphabetical after that
20:30 wizzyrea_ |Lupin| I have a fairly strong consortial workflow bias. :P
20:30 |Lupin| wizzyrea_: oh I didn't rrealise each branch can have different categories !!
20:30 wizzyrea_ |Lupin| well, ours do :)
20:31 wizzyrea_ (if we are talking about the same categories)
20:31 |Lupin| wizzyrea_: is that lined with independent branches being set ?
20:31 wizzyrea_ |Lupin| no, we have indy branches off
20:31 wizzyrea_ |Lupin
20:31 |Lupin| wizzyrea_: borrowers.categorycode <-- I'm talking about these
20:31 wizzyrea_ | we are one giant happy db sharing consortium
20:32 |Lupin| wizzyrea_: ok
20:32 wizzyrea_ |Lupin| Yep  we are talking about the same thing
20:32 |Lupin| wizzyrea_: ok
20:32 jwagner wizzyrea, how are you linking category codes to branches?  I don't see any field in the setup for that.  Is it just defining them with the branch name so people can see it?
20:33 wizzyrea_ jwagner: yep, example ATCHISON has ATCH-DIST
20:33 |Lupin| pianohacker: does it matter what the value of issuingbranch is ? I can certainly define it to be the homebranch of the item or something like that, it doesn't matter too much which branch it is...
20:34 pianohacker |Lupin|: It might be related to your returns problem, hard to say
20:34 * pianohacker knows as little about branch transfer logic as possible
20:34 |Lupin| jwagner: thanks for having asked the quesiton, I was about to inspect the tables :)
20:35 |Lupin| wizzyrea_: anyway, if the categoies are not linked to branches in the db, then I don't see how your ordering could be implemented... it would require to add a branch field in the table where categories are defined...
20:35 jwagner wizzyrea, I was about to get code-envy, thanks for clarifying.  For true consortial work, it would be nice to specify branch for item types, collection codes, patron categories, etc. etc.......
20:35 wizzyrea_ |Lupin| true, it would be quite a change
20:36 mdhafen or specify branch group
20:36 |Lupin| boooooh... so many things to code...
20:36 wizzyrea_ jwagner: it *would* be nice to be able to specify, but I think we like the simplicity that molding our libraries into set itypes/ccodes allows
20:36 wizzyrea_ (and boy howdy, do we mold them... heh)
20:37 wizzyrea_ |Lupin| I'm glad you said that, it helps me to understand the complexity of the problem.
20:37 * wizzyrea_ puts that on her list of things to suggest as enhancement...
20:38 |Lupin| wizzyrea_: I'm also glad to know your wish... never thought about per-branches categories... opens interesting tracks !
20:41 chris anyone know when first went down?
20:41 wizzyrea_ ew, it's down?
20:42 jdavidb We first noticed it here this morning.
20:42 brendan no idea here -- just trying to get to it about 45 minutes ago
20:42 chris so how long since you noticed it jdavidb?
20:42 jdavidb 7 hours, more or less.
20:43 wizzyrea_ nice!
20:43 jwagner I tried to do a git pull about 7:45 AM US Eastern time, with no luck.
20:43 jwagner Thought it was our server at first.
20:43 chris whats the time there now?
20:43 jwagner 3:45 PM Eastern
20:43 |Lupin| pianohacker: well... if it's an issuing branch problem, then I would expect AddIssue rather than AddReturn to complain and fail
20:44 * |Lupin| has to confess talking so much is just a way of procrastinating...
20:44 jwagner git pull did work yesterday morning -- I was working on something then & did one.
20:45 chris ta
20:45 hdl chris : it noticed that around 11AM UTC+1
20:45 chris thanks hdl
20:47 jdavidb left #koha
20:49 mdhafen left #koha
20:51 hdl chris_n: is that you who revamped labels work ? I have some questions about PDF::Reuse and its "handiness"
20:51 hdl chris_n: I am working on a feature for 3.2 which would add the ability to upload file for Notices.
20:51 wizzyrea_ hdl: really!!!!
20:52 hdl But I ponder whether HTML file or PDF file should be better handled.
20:53 hdl PDF File seems to be a pain in the neck to edit
20:53 hdl But HTML File would add yet another one dependancy.
20:54 hank_bank left #koha
20:54 pianohacker hdl: wouldn't html be easier for email notices?
20:57 henrybank joined #koha
20:58 hdl pianohacker: i lean to that
20:58 chris yeah
20:59 chris html gets my vote
20:59 hdl But then i have to find a way to translate HTML to PDF for printing
20:59 pianohacker hdl: Can't you just use print css, page-break-after and the like, and just print from the html?
21:00 hdl it would be process_message_queue which would print the file
21:00 hdl (for those who donot have any email)
21:01 hdl + HTML syntax could be adapted to be TT Like
21:01 jwagner hdl, I've got to head out, but we've done several print notice development features -- haven't submitted them yet.  Basically they run an HTML formatted notice to a file in a directory that's web accessible so staff can pull up the file & print them.
21:01 jwagner See Bug 3482
21:01 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3482 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Print overdue and hold notices for patrons without email addresses
21:02 jwagner I'll be unavailable tomorrow morning but email me or talk to jdavidb if you want more info.
21:02 jwagner Gotta run, sorry.
21:02 jwagner left #koha
21:03 pianohacker I should also head out, no need to stay late now that school's caught up
21:03 pianohacker Bye all!
21:03 pianohacker left #koha
21:08 chris update from clay
21:09 chris he's a good man
21:15 hdl really
21:16 hdl ok good night folks
21:16 chris sleep well hdl
21:18 |Lupin| chris:
21:18 |Lupin| chris: I just dumped the $messages returned by AddReturn, that's the result
21:19 |Lupin| chris: I think I didn't take some constraint on branches into account... ?
21:20 chris ahhh sounds like yes its not liking you returning it at the wrong branch
21:21 |Lupin| chris: in our system each item has a home branch and a holding branch... I used homebranch to represent the organisaiton which actually owns the file, i.e. which provided it. holdingbranch has the same value for every item...
21:22 chris you might have a syspref set
21:22 chris that says items must be returned to their homebranch
21:22 chris and that might be causing this
21:22 |Lupin| wht I don't quite understand is that the same script invoking just AddIssue with a barcode worked on the dev KOha and fails on the prod KOha, databases being roughly speaking the same...
21:23 chris syspref different?
21:23 |Lupin| chris: normally not
21:24 |Lupin| chris: what I usually do is that I dump the db on the prod system and load it on the dev one
21:24 |Lupin| chris: I'm just redoing the dump of the prod and reloding on the dev system to see what happens
21:27 |Lupin| ah with a fresh dump it fails on the dev install, too...
21:28 |Lupin| strange... don't think I've changed systempreferences recently...
21:30 chris lemme find the syspref for ya
21:33 |Lupin| chris: I think it's IndependantBranches
21:33 chris do you have IndependantBranches set to on?
21:33 chris yeah
21:33 |Lupin| isn't it ?
21:33 chris try turning that off
21:33 |Lupin| chris: yes, and I don't know why to be honnest...
21:34 |Lupin| (this does not explain why it previously worked on the dev install but perhaps I'm not gonna try to understand this...
21:34 |Lupin| chris: is it okay to turn it off while being live ? not know strange side-effect ?
21:34 chris it should be fine, try it on dev first tho
21:35 chris ie turn it off and see if it fixes the problem on dev
21:35 |Lupin| chris: yeah good idea, thanks :)
21:35 |Lupin| chris: thogh the troubles may not appear immediately on the dev install .. the consequences may come to the surface only later in the future...
21:36 |Lupin| chris: yep
21:36 chris it was more testing it actually fixed the problem
21:36 chris 90% of koha users run with it turned off
21:36 chris its really only for consortia
21:37 |Lupin| chris: ok... I think we don't need it anyway.
21:37 wizzyrea_ and sometimes not even for them >.>
21:37 chris yeah
21:41 cait hm time to sleep, koha presentation tomorrow - good night #koha
21:41 brendan night cait
21:41 cait left #koha
21:41 brendan yo wizzyrea
21:42 brendan to wizzyrea_
21:42 wizzyrea_ sup
21:44 brendan just waving hi :)
21:47 |Lupin| chris: yep turning off IndependantBranches fixed the problem, thanks a lot
21:47 chris np
21:47 wizzyrea_ oh hi brendan :)
21:48 schuster chris - FYI the only tweak to the branches was to "(branch:001 or branch:901)" otherwise it would bring up ALL of 901 materials
21:49 chris ahh right
21:49 chris glad it worked
21:50 |Lupin| chris: yeah big relief that this issue is solved... still much to do and it's my last week as an employee, so there is some pressure :)
21:51 chris |Lupin|: when do you leave for india?
21:51 brendan hope we don't lose you from koha |Lupin|
21:52 |Lupin| chris: mid december...
21:52 |Lupin| brendan: normally not... :) comunity is so nice that I'm attached !
21:52 |Lupin| the buddhist library will use KOha to, and Drupal...
21:57 |Lupin| bty did anybody already play with sopac ?
21:57 schuster I thought Biblibre did...
21:59 chris yes Biblibre has
21:59 |Lupin| maybe... they have written some documentaiton at least, so certainly they played with it
21:59 chris and has committed all their work
22:00 |Lupin| chris: but when AddReturn is called, is the branch argument used to update the biblo or items table ?
22:00 chris items, and the marcxml in biblioitems
22:00 |Lupin| chris: where ? in KOha's repository ?
22:00 chris id show you but i cant :)
22:00 |Lupin| chris: it updates the homebranch, right ?
22:01 chris holding
22:01 chris home is only changed when cataloguing
22:01 brendan
22:01 chris holdingbranch = where it is now
22:01 chris[…]ds/biblibre-sopac
22:01 chris there is a copy of their sopac branch, its on too i think, as well as
22:03 |Lupin| chris: thank you
22:03 |Lupin| this is certainly worth giving it a try...
22:04 |Lupin| chris: I assume there is no easy way to not update the items table on return... too bad perhaps we'll end up not calling AddIssue / AddReturn at all but then we'll have o log downloads manually and do the statistics ourselves...
22:05 chris you can of course pass it the branch you want it to update to
22:05 chris if you always pass it the same branch, that will ahve the same effect as never updating it
22:07 |Lupin| chris: except that it will modify the accessiondate and add some "noise" in the logs, no ?
22:07 chris yep
22:07 chris not accessiondate
22:07 |Lupin| chris: but yes, what you are suggesting is what is currently implemented
22:07 chris that never changes
22:07 chris datelastseen does
22:07 |Lupin| chris: ok. so just noise in the logs...
22:08 |Lupin| chris: right
22:08 |Lupin| btw, how is the due_dae calculated ?
22:09 chris uses the rules you defined in admin
22:09 chris i think defaults to 21 days if you didnt define any
22:11 |Lupin| chris: right... well shouldn't be a problem since the boks are returned immediately after having been issued...
22:11 chris *nod*
22:14 |Lupin| chris: when rising problems I sometimes feel guilty for "bending" koha as you said last time :)
22:15 chris :)
22:18 schuster gobble gobble off to spend the holiday with family!  Have a great rest of the week folks.
22:19 schuster left #koha
22:25 bebbi joined #koha
22:25 bebbi Hello!
22:25 imp heyho
22:26 chris hi bebbi
22:27 |Lupin| guten Abend bebbi
22:28 bebbi There ist only "Koha V2.2.9 Stable Release for Windows for downloading" and not V 3 - why?
22:28 bebbi Guten Abend |Lupin|
22:28 chris because until very recently there were some modules in use with 3 that couldnt be installed on windows
22:29 chris also, for most of the developers (myself included) making it work on a proprietary operating system is low on the list of priorities
22:29 bebbi Oh thats not good for me ;-)
22:30 |Lupin| yeah very low...
22:30 chris chris_n has been doing some work with windows i think he has gotten it to a point wheer it is installable, but still lots of hoops to jump through
22:31 |Lupin| ~/src/koha$ grep Windows TODOLIST
22:31 |Lupin| ~/src/koha$
22:31 imp -i ? ;)
22:32 |Lupin| ~/src/koha$ grep -i win TODOLIST
22:32 |Lupin| ~/src/koha$
22:32 chris chris_n: are you about?
22:32 |Lupin| chris: btw: no idea what to reponsd re:braille embossing under Linux...
22:33 chris |Lupin|: me either
22:33 |Lupin| chris: braille printers are so different that it seems hardly doable to have them used transparently by Koha just as if they were traditional printers
22:33 bebbi I ask, because it seemed to me, that the German translation is accessible since V 3...
22:34 chris bebbi: where in germany are you? you just missed cait who is responsible for that german translation
22:34 * imp guesses lower saxony
22:34 |Lupin| yeah and seems definitely a great responsible
22:35 |Lupin| imp: ran a whois on the IP ?
22:35 imp nope
22:35 imp 23:23 -!- bebbi [] has joined #koha
22:35 imp versatel is iirc telephone / internetprovider from bremen
22:35 |Lupin| ok
22:35 bebbi Bochum
22:36 |Lupin| imp: are you using irssi ?
22:36 imp |Lupin|: yes
22:36 bebbi You ????�
22:36 bebbi know
22:36 * imp is from hannover
22:36 |Lupin| irssi++
22:36 * chris is from wellington, new zealand
22:36 |Lupin| imp++
22:36 |Lupin| good day NZ !
22:37 |Lupin| here it's almost time for a sleep, so, goodnight all and till soon
22:37 chris night |Lupin|
22:37 imp chris: it's nearly time for lunch, right?
22:37 chris yep, 20 mins or so
22:37 |Lupin| thanks chris
22:38 |Lupin| Auf wiedersehen Deutschland
22:38 imp |Lupin|: you are from?
22:38 |Lupin| imp: France
22:38 bebbi If there are technical Problems for a new editon for windows ... i have a problem :-(
22:38 bebbi Tsch�ss Frankreich
22:38 |Lupin| bonne nuit !
22:38 bebbi Adieu Missieu
22:38 |Lupin| left #koha
22:39 chris you cant run it on a linux server? (all the clients using it can run windows of course)
22:39 chris it is just a website after all, so anything that can run a browser can access it
22:39 bebbi I hav'nt a server ...
22:39 chris ahh
22:39 chris how big is the library?
22:39 chris if it is small
22:40 chris then you could run the vmware image
22:40 chris[…]ns.php?category=9
22:40 imp can you run koha with xampp?
22:40 chris imp: conceivably
22:40 chris imp: im not sure anyone has
22:40 bebbi Oh, its only for me ... i'm interessted in ILS and i have books and lotts of News-Paper articles  ...
22:41 chris ahh then that vmware image is perfect
22:41 chris you can get the free vmware player for windows
22:41 chris and run koha as a virtual machine
22:41 bebbi It seems to be complicated - or not ?
22:42 chris i dont think its too bad, certainly far less complicated than getting 3 running on windows
22:43 chris another option is the livecd
22:43 chris that might be easier
22:43 chris
22:44 bebbi Ok, than it's my next job to install vmware
22:44 chris with the livecd you download the .iso write a cd, then you can boot from that and run koha
22:44 chris which is a good way to test without installing anything
22:46 bebbi But a live-Cd is bot so comfortable ...but good for testing - yes
22:47 chris *nod*
22:48 bebbi *nod* ????
22:48 chris picture me nodding my head
22:48 magnusenger left #koha
22:48 chris :)
22:51 bebbi Ah,ok
22:52 bebbi My keyboard-Layout switch to Hebrew evry minute currently ... :-(
22:52 brendan chris any word from the debian guys - to package koha
22:52 chris its not really up to them
22:53 chris basically vincent danjean has done 90% of the work
22:53 chris we just have to fix some stuff
22:53 chris so it can be finished
22:53 brendan thanks - just curious
22:53 chris[…]an_packaging_work
22:53 chris written up here
22:53 chris basically it just has to be done
22:54 bebbi Thank you for the support ...
22:54 chris and then we can let him know we have fixed the blockers
22:54 chris and hopefully get it finished off
22:54 chris bebbi: no problem, hope you get it up and working
22:55 chris brendan:[…]r_to_package_koha
22:55 brendan reading through it now :)
22:55 chris :)
22:56 bebbi It seems to be difficult ... e.g. Because of I have to reed many english texts ... and my English is not realy good :-(
22:57 chris if you try to come back here in about 10 hours time (ie during your day)
22:57 chris you might be able to catch cait
22:57 chris and she might be able to help
22:59 bebbi I will try my best ... an in Germany we say "Du w�chst mit deinen Aufgaben" (You get better with your problems)
22:59 chris in english we say
22:59 chris "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"
23:00 bebbi Ok
23:00 bebbi Thats the same meassage :-)
23:00 chris yep
23:02 imp chris: 1:1 in german: "was dich nicht t�tet, macht dich st�rker"
23:18 pianohacker joined #koha
23:41 davi joined #koha
23:41 Nate until tomorrow #Koha!
23:41 Nate left #koha
23:44 russ chris: i'll be freeish after next week to help start sorting conference stuff
23:45 russ 313/6 happy with that :-)

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