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03:21 Amit hi chris, chris_n2
03:21 Amit good morning #koha
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04:20 Mehwish Hi everyone..
04:21 Mehwish Can any body help me in installing Koha 3.04??
04:21 Mehwish I have got an error at the end of installation.
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06:29 Ropuch Good morning
06:30 chris hi Ropuch
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06:55 nicomo morning
06:55 Ropuch Hi chris, nicomo
06:55 nicomo hi Ropuch
06:56 chris hi nicomo
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08:32 Zico hi
08:32 Zico i am using koha 3.0.4 .. everything seems ok
08:33 Zico but... when i click on "Patron Catagories" under System Administration... i got the Koha Error...which shows... "Undefined subroutine &main::_get_brief_messaging_prefs called at /usr/share/koha/intranet/c​gi-bin/admin/ line 190."
08:33 Zico what does it means actually?
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08:39 Zico is there anyone who can help me regarding this issue??
08:39 Zico :(
08:53 chris looking into it now Zico
08:53 chris and i just replied to your email
08:57 paul_p (Zico, you won't be happy with the answer, but I confirm it)
08:57 chris it was a bug, HDL has fixed it
08:57 paul_p hello chris
08:57 chris it will be fixed in 3.0.5
08:57 chris (it is already fixed in git if you run from git if you update the 3.0.x branch you will get the fix)
08:58 chris hi paul_p, yes i was sad to have to write that email
08:58 chris i fear it is going to confuse more and more people
08:58 chris Zico: hdl fixed on the 3rd of november
09:47 Zico so................
09:47 Zico how can i solve this one????
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09:50 hdl Zico: do you have a git install or standard install ?
09:58 Zico hdl, standard install
09:59 Zico i downloaded koha-3.0.4_fixed and installed it
10:00 Zico hdl: do you have that
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11:59 cait_laptop hi #koha
11:59 imp heyho cait
12:00 cait_laptop hallo imp
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12:27 zico hdl:
12:32 nengard I'm baaaacckkk :)
12:32 cait_laptop hi nengard
12:32 Ropuch Hi nengard, cait_laptop [;
12:33 cait_laptop guten Tag Ropuch :)
12:33 Ropuch Guten Tag :)
12:33 zico hi
12:34 Ropuch (I've just been told that i should use Morgen until noon) ;>
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12:40 cait_laptop Ropuch: dont know if there is really a rule for that
12:41 Ropuch I'll remeber ;>
12:41 Ropuch s/remeber/remember
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13:07 chris_n g'morning
13:08 Ropuch Hi chris_n
13:10 jwagner good morning all.
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14:06 owen chris++ # For his responses to "Koha 3.0.4 + something missing" message on the devel list
14:11 nengard i'm with owen on this :) chris++
14:15 owen Welcome back nengard!
14:15 nengard thanks owen
14:15 nengard i'm very very very very happy to be back
14:15 owen :)
14:15 owen Too much traveling?
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14:38 nengard oh yes - way too much travelling - i'm a homebody - I love being at home with my angels and my husband
14:38 nengard sorry - for the delay
14:38 nengard trying to do too many things at once
15:02 chris_n chris++ #for list response
15:06 nahuel hi :)
15:06 nahuel hi nengard :)
15:06 nengard hi nahuel
15:06 nahuel back to home ?
15:06 nengard yes!!!
15:06 nahuel after rome et novergia
15:07 nengard venice, rome and norway
15:07 nengard pics are online for all to see:[…]2157622767284928/
15:08 owen nengard: What was your favorite stop?
15:08 nengard Always Venice :) but Bergen was new to me and it was awesome too
15:08 nengard could have done without Rome
15:08 owen So you've been to Venice before?
15:11 nengard 3rd time to Venice
15:11 nengard 2nd to Rome
15:11 nengard 1st to Bergen
15:11 nengard Hubby and I did Italy down one coast and up the other while in college
15:11 nengard and then went back for honeymoon
15:12 nahuel hehe
15:16 nengard can someone point me to the file in the koha directory that lists the authorized values and what each one stands for - i know i saw it somewhere but can't find it again
15:28 jwagner nengard, not sure what file you're talking about, but maybe see kohaclone/installer/data/m​ysql/en/optional/auth_val.sql?
15:29 jdavidb nengard:  they're defined in installer/data/mysql/en/optional/auth_val.sql    There's a .txt file there too, that might be of some help.
15:29 nengard jwagner, i thought that was it too - but it's not - and i can't remember what file I'm talking about either :) hehe
15:29 nengard jdavidb the txt file might be it
15:29 nengard off to check it
15:29 jwagner Don't think so -- it's a pretty generic description.
15:29 nengard nope
15:30 nengard not it
15:30 nengard looking for a file that says what 'RESTRICTED' is for
15:30 nengard what the various HINGS are for
15:30 nengard etc
15:31 jwagner Try koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modul​es/help/admin/authorised_values.tmpl
15:34 nengard jwagner - i wrote that :) hehe
15:34 nengard that's not it :)
15:34 nengard not a big issue
15:35 nengard I'll find it eventually
15:35 jwagner Happy hunting :-)
15:36 cait_laptop nengard: perhaps in the web installer files? I remember reading about hings somewhere ...
15:36 cait_laptop we normally dont add it, perhaps there is a hint in the description during install
15:40 chris_n nengard:[…]onal/auth_val.sql
15:41 chris_n oppss
15:42 * chris_n needs to pay more attention to the buffer
15:42 cait_laptop[…]_coded_values.sql
15:43 nengard cait_laptop thanks - i missed that that inlcuded restricted - but there are still others that I can't find that are not in there
15:44 cait_laptop which are u missing? perhaps we can find out together
15:47 chris_n nengard: 'git grep THINGS' knows about all THINGS in the codebase
15:47 chris_n and even some 'things' as well
15:47 chris_n and I believe that most of the standard grep switches apply
15:49 nengard cait_laptop you know what - I just re-read through and it looks like I have them all
15:50 nengard I could maybe add more details - but I'll do that later :)
15:51 nengard here's what i have:[…]d08bc6a309a18f36d
15:57 cait_laptop nengard: what about proc?
15:57 nengard um - good question :)
15:57 nengard I don't have PROC - but that might be because of a patch that hasn't been pushed to head yet
15:58 cait_laptop is it proc? I mean those new+++++++++++++
15:58 cait_laptop mäh
15:58 cait_laptop sorry
15:59 jwagner No, PROC & CART are in head -- that's our shelving cart feature.  nengard, I think you added them to the installer SQL, didn't you?
15:59 cait_laptop its proc and cart, related to inProcessingToShelvingCart
15:59 nengard jwagner - yes I did
15:59 cait_laptop jwagner was faster :)
15:59 nengard but i don't think my patches were pushed to head
15:59 nengard which is why i don't see them in my authorized value list
15:59 nengard I'll add them to the documentation though
15:59 nengard :)
15:59 cait_laptop Im not used to this laptop's keyboard
16:00 nengard hehe
16:00 nengard had that issue in Italy in the Internet Cafe
16:03 imp :D
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16:13 nengard jwagner can you remind me what to write about PROC and CART? I thought I had it written down already somewhere, but I don't....
16:15 nengard jwagner - nevermind
16:15 nengard found the email you sent me :)
16:15 jwagner PROC is the location to be used for NewItemsDefaultLocation (change description as desired).  It's also the location expected by InProcessingToShelvingCart.  CART is the shelving cart location, used by InProcessingToShelvingCart and ReturnToShelvingCart
16:15 jwagner here you go anyway....
16:15 nengard :)
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16:32 nengard jwagner okay i added them and other stuff about authorized values:[…]ohadocs;a=summary
16:34 jwagner Thanks.
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16:50 |Lupin| hello there !
16:51 |Lupin| quick question to all please
16:52 |Lupin| when  new patron is added, sholdn't Koha pre-fill the password field with a generated value ?
16:53 jwagner Not that I know of -- I've never seen that as an option anywhere.
16:53 |Lupin| jwagner: ok... i's weird, I was pretty sre there was a value in my password field...
16:54 jwagner There's an option to auto-generate a patron barcode, but I've never seen anything for password.
16:54 nengard Lupin if you click 'Change Password' the system generates a password
16:54 nengard but doesn't save it unless you click save
16:56 |Lupin| nengard: ah that's what I've seen indeed.
16:57 nengard :)
16:57 |Lupin| nengard: wouldn't it be nic e that a password is proposed also when a patron is added, to avoir for the librarian the burden to choose one ?
16:57 nengard Lupin - yes, but only if that password is emailed to the patron
16:57 nengard or if a confirmation is printed to the screen
16:58 nengard those passwords are not easy to remember for the patron or the librarian who added the patron
16:58 nengard most libraries just make the password the last 4 digits of the phone number as a temp option
16:58 nengard at least most libraries i've been to
17:00 chris you can't email a password :-) not an unencrypted one anyway
17:00 masonj someones up early..
17:01 |Lupin| weel we email them actually...
17:02 chris yikes!!
17:02 |Lupin| :)
17:02 |Lupin| nengard: the password would just be proposed, with the option for the librarian to replace it by something else... that could even be a syspref...
17:03 nengard chris i know it's not secure -but there is no way you can expect a librarian to remember the passwords for new patrons if they're randomly generated-hence why i'm saying to let the librarian assign the password
17:03 |Lupin| chris: how wold you do other than emailing the passwords ? the "4 last digits" option does not seem much more secure tome, especially now that the procedure has been published !:)
17:04 masonj fyi: ive recently switched back to quassel , as my IRC proxy/client
17:04 masonj
17:05 masonj much better on reconnects that my old dircproxy/colloquy setup
17:05 chris nengard: not only is it not secure, its positively dangerous
17:05 |Lupin| nengard: well, if the generated password is given as a default input fvalue for the form, then I presume the librarian would just have to start typing a new one to replace that value, I mean he/she wouldn't have to explicitly delete it...
17:05 chris sending passwords in plaintext over emails should never be done
17:06 |Lupin| chris: I understand and am asking what other solutions you can suggest...
17:06 chris its a well solved problem millions of websites handle this correctly
17:06 nengard chris - they handle it by letting users pick their passwords
17:07 chris not only that
17:07 chris they handle it by the use of one time tokens also
17:08 |Lupin| chris: so Koha could do that to, couldn't it ?
17:09 jwagner At minimum, maybe building in a "change your password" at first login would help the security issue.
17:09 chris jwagner: only if you didnt send the password in clear text already :)
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17:10 |Lupin| ok, see you soon everybody
17:10 chris |Lupin|: yes it could, what it should never do though, is send passwords in the clear, people often use the same username and password on many different sites
17:11 jwagner I'm thinking of the defaults like "last 4 digits of phone number" setups.  That way you don't send the password, but it's set to something simple.  Then force them to change it.
17:11 chris yup
17:12 |Lupin| chris: yep... I'm just trying to avoid the burden for our librarian to have to finvent passwords... I'll suggest her the "4 last digits" algorithm
17:13 |Lupin| k, let's go
17:13 |Lupin| thanks for the discusson chris, jwagner, nengard & all
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17:14 * chris works with some of the organisers of
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17:15 chris i wouldn't be able to look them in the eye if koha started sending plain text passwords
17:22 chris jwagner: what was the date for the conference in australia you were interested in?
17:24 chris and does anyone know if the 25 to 29th of october clashes with any big library conferences in the US?
17:24 chris if not the 25,26,27 of october are going to be the dates for kohacon, i can confirm a venue for those days
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17:26 jwagner chris, my australia conference was in early September, don't remember exact dates for it.  My recent basement flood and associated repair work took all the money I'd saved up to go to that one anyway :-(
17:27 chris ahh bummer
17:27 jwagner Backhoes digging up your yard can do that to you, sigh.
17:29 chris http://www.wellingtonconventio[…]hall/civic-suites
17:30 chris its right in the cbd, so close to places to eat for lunch, which means we dont get gouged for catering
17:31 chris and it comes with which im sure i can get sponsored for us
17:31 jdavidb chris++ # all the work on next year's KohaCon
17:32 chris schuster: you might know ... any library conferences on on the 25-29th of october 2010?
17:32 schuster I'll have to do some hunting.  Librarian thing...;)
17:32 chris fabulous
17:33 chris if you could let me know what you find, that would be great, if it doesnt clash with anything, ill book the venue for those days ( well, 25,26,27 anyway)
17:35 nengard chris - internet librarian is probably over those dates
17:35 chris
17:36 chris ahhh, damn, its only really those days, or bang up against thanksgiving that i have as options
17:36 nengard
17:36 nengard i'd skip IL for Koha - but just letting you know
17:36 chris right thank you
17:37 nengard that said i'm all for doing it over a holiday
17:37 nengard since bri has off :)
17:37 schuster  - this is an interesting website...
17:38 schuster That was 2009 for IL2009.
17:38 chris over thanksgiving nengard ? youll end up paying a ton more in airfare
17:39 chris schuster: that site is awesome :)
17:39 jwagner airfare--
17:39 schuster nengard looks like IL is skipping October all together next year.
17:39 schuster 2010...
17:40 nengard schuster - how you figure?
17:41 * chris is concious that once i book these dates, they are booked, but i figure i need to book soon as everything is filling up
17:41 nengard schuster, IL will be in Oct in 2010 - that's what they said this year at the conference
17:42 schuster - nothing listed.
17:42 chris lets beat em to it :)
17:42 chris someone tell them to do it the week before
17:42 chris then ppl can fly thru cali on the way to kohacon :-)
17:43 ccurry I have a question about  I'm trying to import MARCXML, using the "-m MARCXML" option.  When I specify this option, 0 records are imported.  I used MarcEdit to convert my .mrc file to MARCXML.  The .mrc file imports and indexes fine.  When I leave out the "-m MARCXML" option and point the script at an xml file, the import & and zebra rebuild report success, but only the...
17:43 ccurry ...leader imports.  Am I missing something?  I'm also using the -d & -v options for
17:46 schuster I've emailed IL about 2010 so we will see what they say.
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17:48 chris cool, im just firing an email off to the mailing list too, a brief straw poll
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17:58 chris bbiab
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18:15 schuster In booking things you always bump into something unavaidable...  PA and Michigan state conferences
18:16 schuster Question to the group...  Is there a quick way to delete items that will update indexes etc...???  kind of a batch mode?
18:16 greenmang0 @wunder mumbai
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18:16 schuster @wunder wellington NZ
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18:16 schuster @wunder Plano TX
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18:17 cait_laptop @wunder Reutlingen
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18:17 schuster hmmm very similar...
18:19 chris_n @wunder 28334
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18:29 chris i think it will get to about 19/20 today
18:31 brendan @wunder 93117
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18:33 chris brendan and nengard thanks for your replies :)
18:33 brendan :)
18:33 brendan my espresso machine would not turn on this morning -- So I'll still a little slow
18:34 chris schuster: did you ever get your branch thing sorted?
18:34 chris is the plano opac publicly visible?
18:35 chris nvm, found it :)
18:38 nengard brendan you're forgiven - my body is 6 hours out of my current time zone
18:38 nengard i think i need a nap ....
18:38 brendan nengard, glad to see you back, though
18:39 nengard me too - very glad!
18:41 chris yes wb nengard
18:41 chris schuster: i don't think the limit feature can do or, is the problem
18:48 joetho Is biblioitems generally the biggest table (in file size) in a Koha typical installation?
18:48 joetho I don't have a local installation to check this
18:49 chris depends how old the installation is
18:49 chris at first install, yes most likely
18:49 joetho 3.0,
18:49 chris (not the version, how long it has been running)
18:49 joetho I figured as much.
18:49 chris overtime statistics, or oldissues may pass it
18:49 joetho oh
18:50 chris (biblioitems is fairly static compared to the growth of the circulation stats etc)
18:50 chris but for a big library, the marc and marcxml makes biblioitems stay ahead for a long time
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18:51 joetho I am trying to download it and have yet to succeed. When using it for reports, I never use the marc and marcxml field for that very reason.
18:52 joetho but downloading the whole table doesn't give me a choice of what fields.
18:53 joetho I think this download might take a few months.
18:55 * chris goes to catch his bus
18:55 chris yeah it is pretty big
18:58 nengard hmmm - my local install of Koha is not finding results anymore ... any ideas? tips? I haven't changed anything that would make the search stop working ...
18:58 brendan ps -aef | grep zebra
18:59 brendan try running that nengard and see what you get
19:01 jwagner gmcharlt, online?
19:01 gmcharlt jwagner: yep (and back)
19:02 jwagner Hi there!  I've noticed there haven't been any updates to head in a while.  Is it effectively frozen now until 3.2?
19:03 gmcharlt jwagner: no, not quite - I've got to run through bugfixes as well as merge in BibLibre's acq stuff - a turkey day weekend activity for me
19:03 jwagner That doesn't sound like much fun :-(  I have a system I'm trying to take live -- didn't know if there would be any more updates coming soon.
19:04 jwagner How much of BibLibre's acq stuff is going in now, versus waiting for 3.2?  Any way to judge?
19:05 gmcharlt it will all be going in - basically a prereq for the 3.2 alpha
19:05 jwagner Hmmm.  We've been waiting for one piece, so maybe we'll get an early Christmas present :-)  Thanks.
19:06 nengard gmcharlt - don't forget the new sys prefs module by pianohacker - that needs to be moved over too
19:06 gmcharlt nengard: yep
19:06 nengard :)
19:07 jwagner gmcharlt, I have a bunch of relatively minor patches that haven't gone into head, and probably 1-2 more XSLT fixes.  What are the odds of those getting into head at this stage?
19:08 gmcharlt pretty good, unless any time consuming merge situations arise
19:09 jwagner OK.  If I'm lucky, I'll get the last XSLT fix done tomorrow.  If not, it would be sometime next week.  (I'm waiting for a data sample so I can see which fields aren't separated properly.)
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19:45 chris back
19:46 imp wb :)
19:47 imp /fun/ ;)
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20:02 imp @wunder Hannover
20:02 munin imp: Error: No such location could be found.
20:02 imp @wunder Hannover Germany
20:02 munin imp: The current temperature in Hannover, Germany is 10.0�C (8:50 PM CET on November 23, 2009). Conditions: Heavy Rain. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 9.0�C. Windchill: 7.0�C. Pressure: 29.39 in 995 hPa (Steady).
20:02 schuster nicole - did you get your zebra running?
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20:03 nicomo_ is now known as nicomo
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20:09 nengard schuster -no - first trying to ssh into my vm - grrr
20:14 chris i just pshawed you on twitter nengard  :)
20:14 nengard uh oh
20:14 nengard there was documentation about numbering?
20:15 cait_laptop hdl still around?
20:15 chris yep
20:35 schuster for some reason after I rebooted my test server zebra didn't restart... rrr...
20:35 nengard can anyone use the bulk upload patron images tool?
20:36 nengard I can use it for one patron - but no matter how i zip up my files i get an error
20:36 schuster I bulk upload, but with an under the hood tool that the dataloaders setup for me.
20:37 nengard k - but i need to know if there is a bug in my system or the upload tool in general for documentation purposes :)
20:38 schuster remember there is a file limitation on size of picture and pixel.  I also discovered I believe there was a limit on the number you could bulk upload.
20:41 nengard it's not a size issue
20:41 nengard the file uploaded alone just fine - the image file that is
20:41 nengard it says " failed to unpack.
20:41 nengard Please verify the integrity of the zip file and retry."
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20:45 hdl cait_laptop: ?
20:46 cait_laptop hdl: another bug and I wanted to ask if I can use your test installation to show something in my presentation tomorrow - because serials dont work well in ours :( but there are problems too
20:46 cait_laptop hdl: have to leave now for a late birthday party
20:47 hdl cait_laptop: I just fixed the bug on you pointed
20:48 cait_laptop hdl: wow!
20:48 cait_laptop hdl: will test later :)
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21:11 nengard chris schuster - fyi -[…]content=Bloglines
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21:12 ccurry I have a question about  I'm trying to import MARCXML, using the "-m MARCXML" option.  When I specify this option, 0 records are imported.  I used MarcEdit to convert my .mrc file to MARCXML.  The .mrc file imports and indexes fine.  When I leave out the "-m MARCXML" option and point the script at an xml file, the import & zebra rebuild report success, but only the leader...
21:12 ccurry ...imports.  Am I missing something?  I'm also using the -d & -v options for
21:12 chris ahh bummer
21:12 chris ah well, i think im gonna go for those dates anyway
21:13 schuster nengard - wow - documented in photo!  I wonder though what the draw differential is between the two options?
21:13 schuster I think chris will be pretty safe - I don't think it will hurt his gathering much.
21:13 chris *nod*
21:13 schuster sorry nengard.
21:13 chris ccurry: you might be better asking on the koha-devel mailing list
21:14 chris i suspect it simply doesnt like the marcxml, importing as plain marc might be the better way to go
21:14 chris schuster: i think running over thanksgiving would hurt more
21:15 ccurry ok.  I'll try koha-devel
21:15 gmcharlt ccurry: one thing to check is whether your MARCXML file is wellformed
21:15 gmcharlt try
21:15 gmcharlt xmllint --noout file.xml
21:16 chris heya gmcharlt ltns
21:22 ccurry gmcharlt: thanks.  I ran "xmllint --noout --schema[…]ma/MARC21slim.xsd --valid file.xml" and it validates.
21:22 gmcharlt hi chris
21:23 gmcharlt ccurry: drat, that means that none of the simple answers would work ;)
21:23 chris work keeping you busy ?
21:23 gmcharlt yep
21:23 ccurry gmcharlt: thanks, anyway.
21:27 ccurry I wonder if this is related to another problem I'm having.  I'm testing out a dev install in VirtualBox.  I followed the same steps (the only difference being selecting "dev" instead of "standard") as when I successfully set up koha on physical hardware.
21:27 chris shouldnt be
21:27 ccurry It seems that zebra isn't functioning correctly on my Virtual install; dev mode.
21:27 schuster nengard - I was able to get pictures to upload but I'm still on 3.000x  remember to add the text file and IDLINK.txt was the file name I used.
21:29 ccurry It reports success, but my items aren't searchable.  Strangely, I can see them directly at kohaurl/cgi-bin/koha/
21:29 ccurry I've saved images along the way, so I can go back and choose "standard" install and see if that changes anything, but I thought this might ring a bell for someone.
21:31 chris ccurry: thats not strange, the direct url talks to mysql not zebra at all, its quite conceivable for something to not be indexed
21:32 chris but viewable for hitting the biblionumber
21:32 chris s/for/by/
21:32 chris ccurry: zebra is only used for searching, the actual data is stored in mysql
21:33 chris so i suspect that you are right, either zebra isnt running, or the indexes havent been updated/build
21:33 chris gah typing fail
21:33 chris s/build/built/
21:33 ccurry that makes sense
21:33 ccurry now to find the problem; I set up the zebra queue, server as before.  Is there an easy way to verify is zebra is running?
21:34 ccurry *if
21:36 chris ps axf | grep "zebrasrv"
21:38 joetho joined #koha
21:39 ccurry 2515 pts/0    S<+    0:00          \_ grep zebrasrv
21:39 ccurry chris: ?
21:41 chris doesnt look like it is running
21:41 chris do you have the init.d job set up to start it?
21:41 chris (i get something like 31392 pts/8    S<+    0:16  |   \_ zebrasrv -f /home/chris/koha-dev/etc/koha-conf.xml)
21:43 ccurry hmmm....the -f option with the path to the koha.conf is in my other server's process.  I'll check the commands I used to set the init.d job...maybe I had a problem with paths that I missed.  thanks.
21:43 chris np
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21:57 ccurry well, now I'm confused.  I rebooted and the server definitely starts Zebra Queue and Zebra Server on startup, but when I run top, I don't see the processes.  argh.
22:00 ccurry left #koha
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22:12 watermole joined #koha
22:22 watermole looking for some help with an error message.
22:22 watermole Can't call method "as_usmarc" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 2157.
22:34 hdl one of your biblios fetched with your query is failing to be retrieved
22:42 watermole left #koha
22:53 pianohacker joined #koha
22:53 pianohacker Good morning
22:53 chris heya pianohacker
22:53 pianohacker Hi chris
22:53 pianohacker How's it going?
22:54 chris not too bad, i think we are finally starting to tail off down towards xmas ... so i might be able to catch up on my ever growing todo list
22:55 pianohacker What's it like to have Christmas in the middle of summer?
22:55 chris normal
22:55 chris :-)
22:55 pianohacker Heh, well then
22:55 chris ive only had one in the winter
22:55 pianohacker Definitely not a white christmas, then
22:55 cait_laptop1 joined #koha
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22:55 chris and it was kinda cool
22:55 hdl goo night cait_laptop1
22:56 chris pianohacker: lots of bbq, beaches, picnics etc
22:56 chris think 4th of july
22:56 pianohacker I think my ma would probably prefer a southern hemisphere christmas
22:56 chris without the fireworks, and with presents
22:56 chris :)
22:57 brendan heya pianohacker
22:57 pianohacker Hi brendan
23:01 owen left #koha
23:12 brendan whatcha up to pianohacker
23:13 pianohacker Chatting with friends, trying to get some school caught up so I can start my break
23:13 pianohacker Nothing too interesting
23:13 brendan helping someone with their first koha install -- via email - boy is that slow
23:14 pianohacker Yes, I've done that. Satisfying once everything is working, tho
23:16 brendan he got it working on ubuntu so far -- now he's trying on debian
23:17 brendan which is going easier
23:22 CGI313 joined #koha
23:30 chris[…]match/423778.html  NZ in all sorts of trouble in the cricket
23:32 brendan heh, looks like it
23:33 chris its a 5 day game, so the question is, can they get themselves out of trouble
23:38 chris_n2_ joined #koha
23:52 CGI313 left #koha

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