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00:11 chris_n2 what is the syspref 'intranet_includes' supposed to allow one to do?
00:11 chris_n2 it looks vestigial
00:22 pianohacker chris_n2: it is implemented
00:22 pianohacker theoretically, you could use an includes directory besides prog/en/includes
00:23 pianohacker prog/en/includes_npl, for example
00:23 chris_n2 which makes absolutely no sense
00:23 pianohacker If you were truly that opposed to modifying the base includes
00:23 chris_n2 especially in light of the "skinning option"
00:24 pianohacker I think this is meant for more heavy-duty modifications
00:24 pianohacker than the opacss or opacjs preferences can (reasonably) provide
00:24 pianohacker much less important today than in the 2.2 days, when the default opac was unattractive
00:25 chris_n2 so someone into it enough to do that level of modification can modify the includes path , but not the template paths...
00:25 * chris_n2 scratches his head
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03:17 Amit hi chris_n2, chris,
03:17 Amit good morning #koha
03:17 chris_n2 g'morning Amit
03:41 chris_n2 do I recall correctly that the staff-client marc import tool is a bit finicky and the preferred method of importing records?
03:50 pianohacker yes
03:50 pianohacker chris_n2: it fails silently, requires an extra step and is a bit slower
03:50 pianohacker better ui tho
03:51 chris_n2 tnx pianohacker
04:16 Amit heya pianohacker
04:16 pianohacker hi, Amit
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04:39 chris_n2 g'night #koha
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05:21 LadyNight32 hola a todos desde cuba
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05:32 greenmang0 LadyNight32: you can ask your questions here
05:33 LadyNight32 ok, thank you
05:33 LadyNight32 who speak spanish here?
05:34 LadyNight32 i am from Cuba
05:35 LadyNight32 bye
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05:54 pianohacker dang!
05:54 pianohacker ah well
06:06 greenmang0 pianohacker: go hack piano, don't hack koha... :D
06:06 pianohacker hey, now, wait a minute
06:07 pianohacker I just left a note in (possibly broken) spanish for this LadyNight32 character
06:08 pianohacker My mom's from cuba, I can speak limited and broken spanish, and I might be able to help if they show up again, but we'll se
06:08 pianohacker *see
06:08 greenmang0 pianohacker: :)
06:08 pianohacker greenmang0: And how are you doing? (do you need some mango?)
06:09 greenmang0 pianohacker: mango season is yet to start
06:09 pianohacker Yes, it is. :/ Can't come soon enough, nothing better than fresh mango
06:09 pianohacker So how are you involved in Koha?
06:10 greenmang0 pianohacker: i just install koha for our clients... that's it
06:10 pianohacker Still helpful involvement
06:10 greenmang0 pianohacker: i have also created a koha live cd
06:11 greenmang0 which helps you try koha without installing it on your system
06:11 pianohacker Ahh, that sounds familiar, yes
06:12 greenmang0 or if you want you can install working koha using that cd... installation takes 30 minutes on 256MB PIII system
06:13 greenmang0 pianohacker: sounds familiar??
06:15 pianohacker Yes, just found url. Come to think of it, that would be a good convention handout
06:23 pianohacker Okay, good night
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07:18 Mehwish Hi all.
07:18 Mehwish I am new to Koha
07:18 Mehwish I have installed koha 3.00.04
07:18 Mehwish but I am getting error.
07:19 Mehwish can anyone help me?
07:19 Mehwish
07:19 Mehwish ?
07:19 imp what kind of error?
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07:20 Mehwish when I reached at the step where we have to install koha from browser..
07:20 Mehwish I got this "production mode - trapped fatal error"
07:20 Mehwish only this as written..
07:22 imp you are visiting the :80 page and not the :8080 page, right?
07:22 Mehwish yes both.
07:22 Mehwish I get same message on both pages.
07:22 Mehwish I have ubuntu 8.
07:23 Mehwish I installed Koha 3.00.02 thru same guide and got success.
07:23 Mehwish now only version is new..
07:23 Mehwish I think that is the reason.
07:29 imp don't think so ;)
07:29 Mehwish thn missing perl modules?
07:31 imp when i got the "bla trapped bla" message on the userinterface, the administrationpart was at least partitial working
07:32 Mehwish but here nothing I can see.. only this message "production mode - trapped fatal error"
07:32 Mehwish what should I do?
07:37 imp are you sure you get the same error on the opac page and the other one?
07:37 Mehwish yes. 100% sure.
07:39 imp hmmm, never had the same problem
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08:59 kf morning #koha
09:02 nicomo morning kf morning all
09:03 kf morning nicomo
09:21 imp moinsen
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11:26 amadan Hi, i get error 255 when i run make test, should i proceed or is there a remedy to it?
11:29 amadan t/Circulation_barcodedecode.t; t/Labels_split_ddcn.t; t/Labels_split_lccn.t have status 255 and from the list of failed each one had 1 out of the total number failing. Could anyone help?
11:30 chris_n2 amadan: you can safely ignore failed tests atm
11:30 amadan what will it cost me?
11:31 amadan ie in functionality?
11:34 chris_n2 nothing
11:35 chris_n2 what version are you running?
11:36 amadan 3.0.04
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12:55 jdavidb @karma jwagner
12:55 munin jdavidb: Karma for "jwagner" has been increased 13 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 13.
12:55 jdavidb :-O
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12:55 jwagner I _told_ wizzyrea you were going to be jealous!
12:56 ftherese hello... I'm having a problem with viewing holds... I imported my library, created a patron set, and now when I tried to reserve an item it doesn't show up in the holds section...  what do I do?
12:57 jwagner where are you trying to place a hold?  In staff or OPAC?  And is the item available for circulation?
12:58 ftherese in staff I believe
12:58 ftherese what is opac?  I can't figure out what the difference is between opac and the web interface in general
12:59 jwagner OPAC is the interface your patrons use.
12:59 ftherese does it imply a particular permissions set?
12:59 ftherese because I tried just making a generic user account, but it wouldn't let that person log in until I set some permissions
13:01 jwagner You can't log into staff mode without permissions, but patrons can log into their OPAC accounts.  There are a lot of things to be checked for holds -- can the item type circulate, are there circulation rules in place, do you allow on-shelf holds, are your patrons and items from the same library (if not, do you allow holds between libraries), etc.
13:02 ftherese ok, items and patrons ARE from the same library code RIM,
13:02 ftherese but as for the other things I will need to check
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13:03 ftherese I am assuming I can see that in system preferences
13:05 jwagner Check the manual site for circ system preferences, item type and circ rule setup.  An item has to be able to be circulated (i.e., not a "not for loan" status) or it can't be placed on hold.
13:05 ftherese ok... I have checked the circulation settings, they look fine
13:06 ftherese let me try putting another book on hold... if the book is currently available, can it still be put on hold?
13:06 jwagner That depends on the syspref for whether you allow on-shelf holds (AllowOnShelfHolds).
13:07 ftherese ok... yes so that is enabled
13:07 ftherese now, how does one access the opac?
13:07 ftherese if I give a patron a username and password
13:07 ftherese and set no permissions, they can't access the catalog
13:08 ftherese is there a separate address they have to use?
13:08 jwagner They should be able to go to the opac and log in with that ID and password
13:08 ftherese let me create a test
13:09 jwagner jdavidb, help my memory here.  The normal staff address is something like, right?  And the opac would then be (with no port number)?
13:09 jdavidb correct, based on a default installation.
13:10 ftherese ahhhh
13:10 ftherese ok... I've never seen this before
13:10 ftherese cool
13:12 jwagner If you're running staff on the :8080 port, you will automatically be logged into the OPAC with your staff ID.  Log out of staff mode to try logging into the OPAC with a different (patron) account.
13:12 ftherese ok... that is what I am doing right now...
13:13 ftherese most of the options appear to be incorrectly installed
13:13 ftherese I don't really know why though
13:13 ftherese I enabled everything I possibly could
13:13 ftherese from the system settings
13:15 ftherese ok... I made a reservation with a regular opac user using opac site, and it doesn't show up in the reservation queue
13:16 ftherese ahh... ok it only shows up in Holds Awaiting pickup...
13:16 ftherese which makes sense
13:17 ftherese that should be good enough for the demonstration I need to make to our head librarian today
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13:18 ftherese I am also wondering why the amazon/google book / extra information doesn't show up
13:18 ftherese I do occasionally get amazon book covers
13:18 ftherese but that is it... I got all kinds of codes and plugged them into the system settings
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13:19 amadan Hi
13:19 amadan I installed koha 3.04 and i get "production mode trapped"
13:19 amadan is there anything i'm doing wrong
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13:20 jwagner ftherese, I can't help you with amazon/google, except to note that I think they both depend on matching ISBNs.  Does your data have correct ISBNs?
13:21 ftherese few do... that is probably the problem
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13:28 chris_n g'morning
13:28 jwagner good morning chris_n
13:31 ftherese anyone know the difference between the AWSAccessKeyID and the AmazonDevKey?
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13:37 ftherese All I can find is the AWSAccessKey - there is nothing on the amazon site that looks like an amazonDevKey... what do I put in that blank?
13:41 owen ftherese: Where do you see reference to amazonDevKey? Are you looking at the AmazonEnabled description?
13:41 ftherese I am looking at local use settings tab on system preferences
13:41 ftherese says AmazonDevKey
13:42 ftherese and the description on Rich Content tab says it needs to be filled in
13:42 owen Hmm.... if it's on the Local Use tab that usually means you added it yourself
13:42 ftherese uh... well
13:43 ftherese I certainly didnt' do it on purpose
13:43 ftherese but according to the enriched content tab it is needed
13:43 owen I think that's an error in the description
13:43 ftherese ok
13:43 ftherese now,  why don't any of the other services work either?
13:43 owen In my installation the description of "AmazonEnabled" says "Turn On Amazon Content - You MUST set AmazonDevKey and AmazonAssocTag if enabled"
13:44 owen I don't have an AmazonDevKey preference, all I have is AWSAccessKeyID
13:44 ftherese yeah... me too, the AmazonDevKey preference appears on my Local use tab
13:44 owen And I don't have AmazonAssocTag filled in. It's not required.
13:45 owen ftherese: What version are you running?
13:45 ftherese I have to run... but I am curious why the other online services don't seem to do anything either
13:45 ftherese 3.0.4
13:45 * owen isn't sure about 3.0.4...
13:45 ftherese I got to run but I'll be back
13:45 ftherese thanks a bunch
13:45 owen We'll be here :)
13:46 amadan any body solved the "production mode - trapped fatal error" please i need help
13:46 amadan p-l-e-a-s-e
13:47 owen amadan: You'll have to give us more details about where and when you see the error
13:49 amadan when i run the localhost:8080 and localhost:80 in the browser
13:50 amadan the installation went fine without a hitch
13:50 owen Have you looked at your error logs?
13:51 amadan where would that be located or what would it be called? in ubuntu
13:52 owen Look for koha-error_log and koha-opac-error_log
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14:04 owen Hi Melanie, how's it going?
14:06 amadan I get a bunch of these, looks like the tables are not being installed
14:06 amadan [Tue Nov 17 09:43:12 2009] [error] [client] [Tue Nov 17 09:43:12 2009] DBD::mysql::db selectrow_array failed: Table 'koha.systempreferences' doesn't exist at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 485.
14:06 Melanie it's going!
14:06 Melanie the insanity has died down at least for a bit
14:06 paul_p2 hello american koha-ers !
14:06 jdavidb Hi, paul_p2!
14:07 paul_p2 is now known as paul_p
14:07 owen amadan: It sounds like your installation did not go without a hitch after all
14:07 amadan i guess
14:07 amadan something to do with system preference tables and a whole lot of others
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14:18 owen does anyone have a suggestion for amadan about what might have gone wrong during installation to cause tables to be missing from the koha database?
14:18 amadan I think i found out
14:19 amadan the permissions in mysql were not updated
14:22 wizzyrea oh yep, that'll do it
14:22 wizzyrea and good morning :)
14:23 jdavidb good morning, wizzyrea!
14:23 jdavidb first thing this morning, jwagner was crowing about all the good karma she got from you yesterday..  :P
14:25 wizzyrea dude, I don't see YOUR reports on the wiki...
14:26 wizzyrea all good things come to those who contribute!
14:27 wizzyrea jebus, my office is freezing!
14:27 * owen keeps a jacket in his office for freezing-time
14:27 kf not freezing here - but foggy all day
14:27 owen Now there are holes worn in the elbows. I need me some of those elbow patches.
14:28 owen Watch out for the stylishness when Owen gets him some elbow patches.
14:28 wizzyrea those are very geeky
14:28 wizzyrea or artistic, depending on how you look at it
14:29 owen[…]ch-selection.html
14:33 hdl hello all
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14:51 wizzyrea 625777 items in our collection this morning
14:52 wizzyrea and bringing in 7 more libraries next week.
14:52 wizzyrea :)
14:53 owen Who'd have thought that Kansas would turn out to be the Koha powerhouse of the nation?
15:00 wizzyrea we have a proud history of being progressives... it's only recently that we've become backwards.
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15:01 wizzyrea ugh, what is wrong, this won't work: SELECT branchcode,categorycode,COUNT(*)
15:01 wizzyrea FROM borrowers WHERE MONTH(dateenrolled) = 04 AND YEAR(dateenrolled)= 2009
15:01 wizzyrea GROUP BY branchcode,categorycode
15:01 wizzyrea ORDER BY branch
15:02 wizzyrea nevermind, branch = branchcode
15:02 wizzyrea derrr
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15:03 zico hi, i have been using koha 3.0.4 ..but.. i am facing problem with "Label printing"
15:04 wizzyrea what kind of problem?
15:05 zico I cannot search with date range in "Add item(s) to batch"...
15:05 zico but.. i can search with Title,Author or Barcode there
15:06 wizzyrea hmm
15:07 wizzyrea can anybody out there with 3.0.4 confirm that as a problem? (and zico, is there anything in your koha error logs?)
15:07 zico ummm... lemme check
15:08 zico ok.. the latest error msg. "[Fri Nov 20 21:00:51 2009] [error] [client] [Fri Nov 20 21:00:51 2009] NZAND at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 1808., referer:[…]"
15:13 wizzyrea chris_n any thoughts on that one?
15:13 * chris_n looks
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15:15 imp current sky over hannover -> ;)
15:15 wizzyrea wow imp, that's impressive
15:15 imp thx
15:16 imp (but I'm not responsible for the weather ;D)
15:17 chris_n zico: this works in the current HEAD... I cannot vouch for 3.0.4 as we are running off of the development HEAD here and I don't have a 3.0.4 install handy
15:18 zico chris_n: "current HEAD"? what does it means?
15:18 chris_n I do notice that the date range is apparently run against the date of the bib rather than the items attached to the bib
15:18 chris_n zico: the main git repo:
15:18 chris_n ie. the "cutting edge" so to speak
15:19 chris_n actually, the date range returns all items attached to a bib if one of the items was added in the date range specified
15:19 chris_n so you may end up with some items which fall outside of the requested range
15:20 zico so, what should i suppose to do now?
15:20 chris_n zico: maybe hdl or someone else who has access to a 3.0.4 install could verify if this is a bug
15:21 wizzyrea chris_n: that behavior of checking the bib date actually quite annoys our librarians
15:21 chris_n yeah, it should be smarter than that
15:21 zico so... chris_n & wizzyrea... the thing is
15:22 * chris_n did not write the search code ;-)
15:22 wizzyrea :)
15:22 zico i need to print 18,000 barcodes now
15:22 chris_n wizzyrea: feel free to open a bug for it though
15:22 zico how can i do that in a easy way? what do you guys suggest me?
15:23 chris_n zico: how did you import your records?
15:23 imp script it?
15:23 chris_n zico: can you search based on other criteria?
15:23 wizzyrea chris_n: I think I shall!
15:23 zico yep, i can search based on other criteria
15:23 chris_n zico: say, keyword = book
15:23 chris_n or the like
15:25 chris_n zico: is the line you posted above the only entry in the error log that pertains to this problem?
15:25 zico yep
15:26 zico chris_n: if i enter an annonymous keyword "computer".. it can search.. but, if i put a "specific" barcode.. it cannot search
15:27 chris_n ahhh... zico, are you running nozebra?
15:27 * chris_n thinks nozebra has some issues... maybe hdl or paul_p can comment
15:28 hdl you had better go with zebra
15:28 zico ok.. the latest error in log:  "[Fri Nov 20 21:22:39 2009] [error] [client] File does not exist: /usr/share/koha/intranet/htdocs/opac-tmpl, referer:[…] ~                                                                                                                            "
15:28 chris_n zico: I'd recommend setting up zebra
15:28 zico chris_n: yes, i am running nozebra
15:28 wizzyrea oh, heh
15:28 wizzyrea yea
15:28 wizzyrea go with zebra. (says the queen of the nozebra)
15:28 chris_n heh
15:29 * wizzyrea waits for the finger pointing and giggling
15:29 * chris_n thinks a koha without a zebra is like a car without an engine
15:29 wizzyrea (at me, not at anyone else, of course)
15:29 zico r u sure that, zebra will solve the problem?
15:29 wizzyrea can't hurt, might help
15:29 zico haha :D
15:29 wizzyrea ;)
15:30 chris_n most likely so and probably many you have not encountered... yet
15:30 zico :D
15:30 zico "koha without a zebra is like a car without an engine".. haha :D i think... i should use this with chris`s comment in my facebook status
15:30 zico lolz
15:31 chris_n zico: sorry I can't be of more help, but I do think your best solution is to back up and setup zebra
15:31 chris_n your searches will be faster as well I think
15:31 zico ok.. .let`s see.. what it can help
15:31 zico :)
15:32 zico but.. i think.. zebra is not that much smart.. it needs a lot of take care!
15:32 chris_n disclaimer: zebra is not for the faint of heart, so preserver and do plenty of list archive searching
15:32 zico my current big server...which is IBM SYSTEM X3500 needs a lot of care all the time
15:32 zico :(
15:32 chris_n zico: once up and running properly, the Z will pretty much take care of itself
15:33 * chris_n notes "properly" is the operation word here
15:33 chris_n zico: give a shout here if you get too stuck
15:34 * chris_n heads back into the pit of labels and patroncards code
15:35 ftherese left #koha
15:35 zico sure thing brother
15:35 chris_n uh oh.... a label question on the list....
15:36 * chris_n runs out of the room screaming
15:36 imp cya chris_n ;)
15:37 * chris_n thinks nahuel is the patch king
15:37 nahuel ^^
15:37 nahuel why do you say that ?
15:38 zico hey, are there any sites from where i can get all the information of koha developers?
15:38 zico i mean, i want to see those persons.. who are not human being.. but in a form of human being!
15:38 zico :)
15:38 wizzyrea well, the wiki is pretty good
15:38 wizzyrea
15:39 nahuel or the koha page
15:39 wizzyrea also good
15:39 zico i mean... pictures... their hobbies... nd other
15:39 zico :)
15:39 wizzyrea OH lol
15:39 wizzyrea facebook >.>
15:39 imp zico: stalker ;P
15:39 chris_n nahuel: I think it is great to see you submitting so many fixes :-)
15:39 zico :(
15:40 zico r u guys laughing @ me???
15:40 zico :(
15:40 nahuel chris, i'm paid to do this :)
15:40 nahuel zico, you'll never see that kind of stuffs about me :)
15:40 imp zico: naah, but i prefer to keep a minimal footprint in the web
15:40 chris_n lol
15:40 nahuel private life is private :)
15:40 imp nahuel: full ack :)
15:41 * chris_n agrees with nahuel and imp
15:41 nahuel :)
15:41 ccurry joined #koha
15:42 chris_n zico: you can see some info about some of the developers here:
15:42 paul_p nahuel: true you're paid, but 1- you do a good job, and 2- you're efficient, so, chris_n is right ;-) (PS: don't deduce you should ask for more money ;-) )
15:43 chris_n hehe
15:43 zico nah! actually... i want to see their bio s .. who can create such giant and beautiful software for FREE!!!!
15:43 zico i think.. if i would thank All Mighty... he would definitely gave me something!!! :D
15:43 chris_n zico: take a look under the section "Who contributes to Koha Library Automation Package?"
15:43 zico left #koha
15:44 ccurry Hello, all.  Does anyone know if it's possible to use  OCLC's connexion client to import (a) MARC record(s) into Koha?
15:46 nahuel ccurry, you can, using z3950 oclc's server
15:50 ftherese joined #koha
15:50 zico joined #koha
15:51 zico ok guys
15:51 zico i am facing this problem now
15:51 ccurry nahuel: Are you referring to the built in z3950 client in koha, @ /cgi-bin/koha/cataloguing/  I was hoping there was a way to use the Connexion client to find the records (since that's the software our cataloging staff are used to) and import them directly from the client.  Connexion has more sophisticated search capabilities than the z3950 client built into koha.  I've seen...
15:51 ccurry ...this work with iii: Connexion is configured with a url to access the ILS server and the records are directly imported.
15:51 zico debian:/opt/koha-3.00.04_fixed# make /usr/bin/perl "-Iblib/arch" "-Iblib/lib" fix-perl-path.PL blib /usr/bin/perl "-Iblib/arch" "-Iblib/lib" rewrite-config.PL blib/ZEBRA_CONF_DIR/etc/passwd Can't open blib/ZEBRA_CONF_DIR/etc/passwd for read at rewrite-config.PL line 172. make: *** [blib/ZEBRA_CONF_DIR/etc/passwd] Error 2 "
15:51 zico Error 2?
15:53 nahuel ccurry, yes I mean the z3950 client build in :) As I know, it doesn't exist other way... perhaps exporting records from oclc in MARC21, and importing it in koha ?
15:55 ccurry nahuel: ok.  thanks. It'd be a nice feature, but it's not a deal breaker, our current cheap skate ILS can't do this either (and we had to pay for that!).
15:56 jwagner_meeting is now known as jwagner
15:56 nahuel hehe
15:59 wizzyrea ccurry what is your current cheap skate ILS?
16:03 jwagner nahuel or paul_p or any other French speakers available for a syspref translation?
16:03 nahuel jwagner, yep
16:04 jwagner I'm setting up a separate syspref for AdvancedSearchTypes, so OPAC can use a different setting than staff.  In the translation file, I notice the original syspref isn't translated either, so maybe two strings:
16:04 jwagner Select which set of fields comprise the Type limit in the advanced search
16:04 jwagner Select which set of fields comprise the Type limit in the OPAC advanced search
16:05 jwagner (By translation file I mean installer/data/mysql/fr-FR/1-Obliga​toire/unimarc_standard_systemprefs.sql)
16:06 zico ok... "make clean" sloved the problem :P
16:06 wizzyrea left #koha
16:08 paul_p "Définit quel jeu de champs est utilisé pour la limitation par type dans la recherche avancée"
16:08 paul_p "Définit quel jeu de champs est utilisé pour la limitation par type dans la recherche avancée de l'OPAC"
16:08 jwagner Merci!
16:09 nahuel ahah
16:09 paul_p s/type/type de document/ is better
16:13 ccurry wizzyrea: Amlib Library Management System.  Actually, it probably does have this functionality; I haven't determined this for sure.  I'm very quick to slander Amlib these days; it has been hanging on to our data as if its life depended on it (actually, it does).  We've just about wrenched the last of our data from its dying hands, though, so keep your fingers crossed.
16:13 ccurry left #koha
16:24 amadan any body running koha 3 in production
16:26 amadan Let me re-phrase my question. Does any body have any idea how many production koha 3 installs are there approximately?
16:26 amadan because i'm tending to go back to an earlier version for production purposes
16:27 chris_n amadan: 3.0.4 is the current stable version
16:27 chris_n 3.0.4_fixed to be exact
16:28 * chris_n runs off of the current development repo
16:29 amadan Chris, can this be run in production fairly without any hitches?
16:34 Melanie left #koha
16:34 zico left #koha
16:36 owen amadan: The 3.x version has been in use for quite a while now
16:37 francharb left #koha
16:39 kf amada: our library runs with (in production since october), very stable and not problems so far
16:40 chris_n amadan: I'd recommend 3.0.4_final as the dev repo may not be entirely stable
16:42 kf chris_n is right - we chose 3.1 because of sip2 - they have self check machines
16:43 kf bye #koha :)
16:43 kf left #koha
16:49 wizzyrea_ joined #koha
16:51 nahuel left #koha
16:55 chris_n owen: ping
16:55 * owen salutes
16:55 chris_n lol
16:55 amadan thanks guys will look into it
16:56 chris_n owen: what might cause a 'jquery is undefined' when I can see that it *is* defined?
16:57 chris_n *jquery ' is undefined'
16:57 owen Are you working in the Firebug console by any chance?
16:57 chris_n yup
16:57 chris_n it only occurs with one division... others on the same page just like it work fine
16:57 owen I see that quite often, and I'm not sure what the cause is. I get around it by navigating away from and back to the page.
16:58 owen I think it's a Firebug bug rather than an jQuery problem.
16:58 * chris_n tries
16:59 amadan do we have the link to dowload koha
17:00 chris_n owen: no joy... maybe I need to restart firefox
17:00 owen chris_n: shift-refresh maybe?
17:01 ftherese left #koha
17:01 chris_n no success
17:02 chris_n owen: ok... maybe we found out the problem... firefox just did me a favor and crashed :-P
17:03 wizzyrea_ amandan: to get that version you will have to download Koha from the Git repo.
17:03 wizzyrea_ it is not a proper stable release.
17:06 imp no risk no fun ;)
17:06 chris_n owen: still no go
17:06 owen Sorry chris_n, I don't know
17:07 chris_n owen: tnx for trying
17:08 chris_n amadan: you can get it here:[…]c4663ab7bf509a62e
17:08 schuster joined #koha
17:09 schuster chris here?
17:09 chris_n amadan: disclaimer... it is not considered stable atm... so ymmv
17:09 schuster wizzyrea - you about?
17:09 chris_n schuster: he's probably eating breakfast
17:12 chris_n owen: should document.getElementById('barcode') really be document.getElementById("#barcode")?
17:13 owen No. It's only if you're using the jquery syntax that you use the #: $("#barcode")
17:19 joetho joined #koha
17:42 amadan left #koha
17:46 paul_p left #koha
17:55 joetho left #koha
17:59 chris_n owen: how do I check the state of a checkbox (ie. if it is checked or not) in jquery?
17:59 chris_n I have been checking '$("input[name=barcode_print]:checked").val()'
18:00 chris_n but I think that is the 'value=foo' attribute rather than the state of checked/unchecked
18:00 * chris_n wonders why js cannot be perl instead :-\
18:01 owen To be honest, I have to look that one up every time.
18:03 chris_n ahh... $("input[name=barcode_print]:checked") is 0 if checked and undef if unchecked
18:04 owen Looks like you can also check $(foo).attr("checked");
18:04 schuster Ok so where are the cgi scripts stored?
18:05 schuster I want to look at one.
18:06 chris_n owen: tnx just found it myself
18:07 jdavidb chris_n:  Why can't everything be Perl?  after all, the universe is defined in perl:
18:07 owen schuster: Do you know where koha is installed?
18:07 schuster Yes
18:08 chris_n jdavidb: I occasionally have nightmares in perl... does that count?
18:08 jdavidb it should, chris_n!
18:08 owen schuster: They're all there :) Except for what's in koha-tmpl, that's the templates.
18:08 owen schuster: What are you looking for in particular?
18:09 schuster I'm back to the multibranchlimit issue I've been kicking around.
18:09 schuster from the I see multibranchlimit noted which I think is a cgi script?
18:10 chris_n ok, lunchtime
18:10 owen schuster: Are you looking at where it says "$cgi->param('multibranchlimit')"
18:10 schuster yes.
18:11 owen That just refers to input. "multibranchlimit" is a possible piece of input submitted by the form to the script
18:12 schuster hmmm... so where is the call to find out the branch? from apache environmental variables?
18:13 owen Look at line 118 of
18:14 owen That shows an example: C4::Context->userenv->{branch}
18:15 schuster Yep
18:15 * jdavidb wonders if that universe-defining module is available on CPAN.
18:16 joetho joined #koha
18:17 schuster C4::Context->userenv ) ? C4::Context->userenv->{branch} : '';  - so this calls the environmental variable and sticks it in between the quotes?
18:18 chris nope
18:19 chris you need to look at the full line
18:20 chris what it says is, if there is a value set for C4::Context->userenv->{branch} and SearchMyLibraryFirst is switched on
18:20 chris my $branch = C4::Context->userenv->{branch};
18:20 chris else
18:20 chris my $branch = '';
18:21 cait joined #koha
18:21 cait hi #koha
18:22 jdavidb Hi, cait! :)
18:22 schuster hmmm ok thnks
18:22 cait hi jdavidb :)
18:24 chris schuster: but the the userenv is not looking at the apache env variables at that point
18:25 schuster wow...  deep stuff.
18:27 chris which rfc are you following, and where does it mention a branch env variable?
18:27 chris cos i can see things like this
18:27 chris C4/        my $opac_search_limit = $ENV{'OPAC_SEARCH_LIMIT'};
18:27 chris C4/        my $opac_limit_override = $ENV{'OPAC_LIMIT_OVERRIDE'};
18:28 chris but i dont see any $ENV{'BRANCH'}
18:30 pastebot Someone at pasted "my $opac_search_limit = $ENV{'" (9 lines) at
18:30 schuster[…]2_multiple_opac&s[]=url
18:31 chris ah yes that makes more sense, so you are setting OPAC_SEARCH_LIMIT in your apache config eh?
18:31 chris and that code that pastebot just showed, is using that
18:33 schuster Yes, but I don't see that pastebot on my page.
18:33 chris its not
18:34 chris its in C4/
18:35 schuster ah.  well so much for "easy!"
18:36 chris its only designed to work with one limit
18:36 chris or at least that is how it has been implemented
18:36 schuster I was seeing if there was a hack I could stick in there to "or 901"...;)
18:36 schuster doesn't hurt to poke!
18:37 chris hmmm actually you might be able too
18:37 chris do you know ccl syntax?
18:37 schuster sorry don't know what ccl is..
18:37 tomascohen left #koha
18:39 schuster Cactus Configuration Language (CCL) - funny names...
18:39 chris opac_search_limit
18:39 chris *
18:39 chris a ccl query limit to add to all searches in this opac interface. common examples:
18:39 chris o
18:39 chris branch: each library in the Koha installation can have its own PAC, with scoped searches.
18:40 chris lemme test something
18:40 chris ill be back in 10 mins
18:40 schuster uh oh - the wizard has left the chat.
18:48 chris ok not promising this will work but try
18:49 chris SetENV OPAC_SEARCH_LIMIT "branch: 101 or branch: 901"
18:52 schuster But it is dynamic based on the URL.
18:52 schuster oh you mean in the config?
18:57 schuster That's where I was yesterday, but apache doesn't like the spacing.
18:57 schuster Well have to go pickup my son run him to the doctor - runny green nose and a cough - not good going into a weekend!
18:57 schuster Thanks Chris - I may poke more at this next week.
18:58 schuster left #koha
19:06 hdl left #koha
19:09 chris apache is fine with the spacing, it might be zebra that doesnt like it, but now the kids are awake so thats me for the weekend
19:11 cait have a nice weekend chris
19:16 indradg left #koha
19:17 nicomo left #koha
19:26 kinetikatrue joined #koha
19:41 Nate joined #koha
19:48 owen Nate, you're tempting the wrath of the email style nazis!
19:48 Nate ha!
19:49 Nate sorry bout that
19:49 owen Top-posting a reply to a digest message to create a new topic? You must have been posting from your phone ;)
19:50 * owen is feeling curmudgeonly after that announcement of another Koha list
19:51 jwagner owen, curmudgeons are always welcome here.  (Speaking as one....)
19:51 wizzyrea_ why do we need another list?
19:51 wizzyrea_ oh, never mindn
19:51 wizzyrea_ bah.
19:58 brendan joined #koha
19:58 Colin I'd rather some UK librarians looked at what some libraries elsewhere are doing
20:00 * chris wanders past
20:00 chris yeah, i always find it sad that people seek to splinter communities
20:02 chris i think the language based lists are fine, having lists based on languages makes sense, lists based on geographic reasons not so much
20:03 Colin There are so few koha libraries in the UK that I fear they will feel more isolated
20:03 Colin We did a presentation to some libraries the other week and it was the fact that koha is world wide that excited them
20:04 chris *nod* thats always the most fun thing for me too
20:05 wizzyrea_ here too
20:07 pianohackr|work joined #koha
20:08 chris gah, kahu turned 3 yesterday, big party planned for the park today, we have been up most of the night making stuff for it (nursery rhyme theme) and now its raining :(
20:08 wizzyrea_ Noooo!
20:08 * chris writes emails and postpones til tomorrow
20:08 wizzyrea_ humbug!
20:09 jwagner I'll toss in a Harrumph
20:10 * jdavidb echoes jwagner's Harrumph!
20:11 Colin heart felt echo from a very wet uk
20:12 jwagner We had a wicked nor'easter waddle through here last week -- WAY too much rain and coastal flooding.
20:15 Colin some places have been getting unprecedented rainfall here the past couple of days
20:15 Colin and lots more coming
20:16 veryinky joined #koha
20:22 veryinky When i make install, I get a [set_koha_ownership] Error 1, does this mean I missed a step? Using stable 3.0 target as standard.
20:23 jdavidb left #koha
20:23 pianohackr|work veryinky: Are you running it as root, using sudo or su?
20:23 veryinky Tried root and su
20:24 veryinky I'm checking if the koha user really exists right now. Checked if XML::LibXSLT was properly installed, but that checked out.
20:26 veryinky Ah. I think that's what went wrong.
20:27 pianohackr|work No koha user?
20:27 jwagner left #koha
20:28 veryinky Yeah. Silly mistake. It works now.
20:29 veryinky Sorry for that, I thought it was something more complicated, but instead it was just me missing a step.
20:29 pianohackr|work Koha installs aren't any fun if they work the first time
20:30 pianohackr|work Anything else we can help with?
20:30 veryinky Not really, going to play with the tutorial I found now.
20:30 pianohackr|work cool
20:31 Colin left #koha
20:31 * veryinky spent 3 hours re-installing apache and perl only to find out I missed a step.
20:31 veryinky Oh well, thanks in any event.
20:31 pianohackr|work bbl, replacing dying hard drive
20:31 pianohackr|work np
20:31 pianohackr|work left #koha
20:32 veryinky left #koha
20:39 chris and to top the day off http://www.librarytechnology.o[…]
20:40 chris someone needs to beat liblime with the stop lying stick
20:41 owen chris is that an organization you'd heard of before?
20:41 chris nope
20:43 chris actually, yes i have
20:43 * chris just put 2 and 2 together
20:44 chris they seem like nice people doing nice things, with the right idea but have been misled by liblime to believe that by choosing LEK they are choosing open source
20:44 indradg joined #koha
20:48 chris "LibLime Enterprise Koha is built on over two years of completed customer-sponsored development, including several highly-anticipated academic and consortia features."
20:48 chris so if its finished, release it already, you liar
20:48 chris im so over this
20:48 chris blatantly and obviously lying and bullying
20:49 chris either admit there you arent releasing it and stop calling it open source, or release it already
20:49 * chris wanders off again
21:11 chris_n rain-on-birthday--
21:14 imp :(
21:16 davi left #koha
21:16 davi joined #koha
21:17 chris_n bbiab
21:19 davi left #koha
21:19 davi joined #koha
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23:41 pianohacker joined #koha
23:41 pianohacker new hard drive, fresh ubuntu install, back in business
23:46 pianohacker left #koha
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