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01:23 brendan later all
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02:11 wizzyrea_mobile Hey
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02:40 wizzyrea_mobile Hi, actually no trouble just dipping annoyingly in and out, is how it works on the phone
02:41 wizzyrea_mobile How is everybody?
02:42 wizzyrea_mobile Ought to set up my irc bouncer I guess so it doesn't kick me out every time I quit the app
02:44 wizzyrea_mobile bah, going to get my netbook brb
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02:48 chris heh
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02:49 chris hey netbook wizzy
02:49 Wizzyrea_ hello :)
02:50 Wizzyrea_ what excitement is going on here this evening
02:53 chris not a lot
02:53 chris ive finished gardening and was poking at solr
02:55 Wizzyrea_ sounds like a productive day
02:56 chris yep, now im just waiting for kickoff at in 3.5 hours to see if we can qualify for the football world cup
02:57 Wizzyrea_ :) sounds like a lovely saturday
02:57 chris well i detest gardening, but apart from that, it's good :)
02:59 Wizzyrea_ haha. I like to garden, but we rent so there's not much point
03:02 chris you didnt go out drinking with sharon and heather?
03:02 Wizzyrea_ no, I wish I had though
03:02 chris looked like fun
03:02 Wizzyrea_ heh yea
03:02 Wizzyrea_ heather doesn't drink
03:03 Wizzyrea_ ever
03:03 chris ahh
03:03 Wizzyrea_ today has been overall a poor day experience
03:04 chris bummer
03:04 Wizzyrea_ eh, it's ok.
03:18 chris_n g'evening
03:18 chris heya chris_n
03:19 chris_n hi chris, how's the garden doing there?
03:19 chris pretty much done for the day
03:19 * chris_n is just finishing up harvesting broccoli and cauliflower
03:20 chris_n monster sizes this year
03:20 chris_n 25 to 30cm across
03:21 Wizzyrea_ holy moly
03:21 chris_n yeah, not your typical "Wal-Mart, etc" sizes
03:22 chris hehe
03:22 chris_n ever tried fried cauliflower?
03:23 chris_n make up your favorite shrimp batter, cut up the cauliflower, dip, drop in the deep fat fryer, cook until golden brown, add salt (to help taste and blood pressure), enjoy
03:25 chris heh
03:25 chris sounds good
03:26 Wizzyrea_ I've had cauliflower tempura before, yum
03:39 chris_n I like most anything with cauliflower in it
03:39 chris_n come to think of it... I like most anything.
03:39 Wizzyrea_ we used to make the most awesome pesto mashed cauliflower
03:40 chris_n man, now I'm hungry and nowhere near the fridge... :-(
03:42 Wizzyrea_[…]-cauliflower.html
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03:45 Wizzyrea_ welcome back brendan
03:46 brendan howdy Wizzyrea_
03:47 brendan @wunder 93117
03:47 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 14.4�C (7:45 PM PST on November 13, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 48%. Dew Point: 3.0�C. Pressure: 29.88 in 1011.7 hPa (Rising). Wind Advisory in effect until 3 am PST Saturday...
03:47 Wizzyrea_ @wunder 66047
03:47 munin Wizzyrea_: The current temperature in Lawrence Live-Courtesy of the Khoury's, Lawrence, Kansas is 15.6�C (9:46 PM CST on November 13, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 75%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.61 in 1002.6 hPa (Rising).
03:48 brendan brrrrr....  it feels colder than that here
03:49 chris heh
03:49 chris_n @wunder 28334
03:49 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 13.0�C (10:39 PM EST on November 13, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 29.78 in 1008 hPa (Rising).
03:50 chris_n gotcha both beat ;-)
03:50 chris @wunder wellington, nz
03:50 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 15.0�C (4:00 PM NZDT on November 14, 2009). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 63%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.71 in 1006 hPa (Steady).
03:50 chris it needs to get colder here
03:50 chris so the bahrain soccer players get too cold
03:50 chris_n nasty here too; we're just escaping the remnants of ida
03:50 chris_n heh
03:50 chris rain would be ideal
03:50 Wizzyrea_ hehe
03:51 Wizzyrea_ chris_n is there lots of flooding or are you just getting wind and rain
03:51 chris_n wednesday we had 6 inches (15cm) of rain
03:51 Wizzyrea_ jebus
03:51 chris_n thursday probably nearly the same
03:52 * chris_n checks to see if his life jacket and raft are still nearby
03:52 Wizzyrea_ yikes!
03:52 Wizzyrea_[…]oy-ice-cream.html another one of ours
03:53 * chris_n is going to try Wizzyrea's pesto this weekend
03:53 chris ok, this is the front runner for the conference
03:55 chris_n Wizzyrea: mexican vanilla ++
03:55 brendan sweet - let's see
03:55 chris_n we have friends bring us a quart every so often from MX
03:55 Wizzyrea_ although I have read that sometimes the mexican stuff is toxic :(
03:56 chris[…]eet/meeting.shtml
03:57 Wizzyrea_ ooh fancy
03:57 chris they are one of the few that offer just the venue
03:57 brendan Photo's always look great
03:57 chris without having to use their caterers
03:57 Wizzyrea_ yes, that would likely be important
03:57 chris also that is the same street as my work, just 1 block away
03:58 chris so im gonna go look on monday
03:58 Wizzyrea_ how conveeeenient
03:58 chris they offered a nice deal on accom to
03:58 chris $114.00 incl GST (single) or $129.00 incl GST (double/ twin)
03:58 chris_n nice looking outfit
03:58 brendan in NZD
03:59 chris 84, and 95 in USD (under current exchange rates)
03:59 brendan that's pretty nice
03:59 chris and we are at all time high
04:00 chris so assuming it returns closer to normal
04:00 chris that would be more like 70
04:02 chris (you can get cheaper, quite a lot cheaper in the backpackers or yha, and the motels)
04:02 chris i plan to give a big range, so that ppl can suit their budget
04:03 chris but that doesnt sound too bad, i think it is less than it cost me for the holiday inn in plano
04:04 chris and its right in the cbd
04:04 brendan yeah -- most people should be able to find their own accommodations too.
04:04 chris yep
04:04 chris im just gonna try and list all the ones i know of
04:04 chris in one place, to make it easier
04:05 brendan that's all going to be good information
04:05 chris i added some tips, like dont tip, for god sakes dont start that trend here
04:05 chris :)
04:05 brendan heh
04:05 chris_n lol
04:06 chris_n chris: here they are so spoiled that way that some places go ahead and add the tip into your bill for you :-P
04:07 Wizzyrea_ god, i wish they'd just pay wait staff properly
04:07 chris[…]ngton#travel_tips
04:08 chris_n I think that wait staff is permitted pay less than minimum
04:08 brendan tip - don't pet a burning dog
04:09 chris heh
04:09 chris_n @quote add <brendan> tip - don't pet a burning dog
04:09 munin chris_n: The operation succeeded.  Quote #46 added.
04:09 chris the taxi is a good tip, lots of people dont know that its deregulated
04:09 Wizzyrea_ tip - don't eat yellow snow
04:10 brendan yeah the taxi thing is interesting
04:10 chris oh.. also you cant hail taxi's
04:10 chris you either have to get them at a taxi stand
04:10 chris or call them
04:10 chris i should add that
04:11 * chris_n thinks a taxi in NZ could be expensive... no?
04:11 chris hmmm
04:11 chris 20 min ride = about 22$
04:11 chris nz
04:11 chris (no tip and tax on top of that)
04:12 chris_n what's a rental car cost?
04:12 chris $4 on the bus
04:12 Wizzyrea_ bus++
04:12 chris buses are fine here, i know aht some places in the US buses are scary
04:12 chris but here they are fine
04:12 chris $65 a day
04:13 chris (you have to pay for your own gas)
04:13 chris id thoroughly recommend not hiring a car for the time you are in wellington
04:13 chris buses and the train go everywhere, and parking costs a lot
04:14 chris_n sounds like spain
04:14 chris_n buses, trains, subway
04:14 chris_n cheap, quick, and neat
04:15 chris plus US tourists have a habit of crashing into things :)
04:15 brendan I'm excited to see the birds of NZ
04:15 chris get off the plane, jetlagged, 13 hour flight, get a car, crash it driving out of the airport
04:15 * chris_n tends to drive on the left side of the road occasionally even here :-)
04:15 brendan I want to see some of the crazy rubber eating kea's (is that right chris)
04:16 chris yep, only in the south island tho (in the wild)
04:16 brendan or a kiwi
04:16 chris you can see both of those in the wellington zoo
04:16 chris unlikely to ever see a kiwi in the wild
04:16 chris i never have
04:16 brendan cool
04:16 chris i have seen kea in the wild tho
04:16 brendan yeah I've heard that about kiwi's
04:17 brendan There are some birds that live hear -- that I've been searching for 15 years for and haven't seen
04:17 brendan I heard the kea are really silly and actually much bigger than one would think
04:17 chris yep
04:17 chris they are really big
04:19 brendan bbiab
04:19 chris
04:19 chris and smart
04:21 chris_n cool
04:21 brendan wow that's pretty amazing
04:21 * chris_n finds himself cheering
04:22 chris_n I wonder if one could write perl code to open an electronic door for food?
04:23 Wizzyrea_ haha how funny
04:24 chris_n you know you're up past your bedtime when you see the emails from your cron jobs dropping in your inbox
04:24 chris hehe
04:24 Wizzyrea_ ohhh true
04:24 chris brendan: they eat rubber seals off the roof of campervans, and get inside and eat all the food
04:24 chris (thru the skylight)
04:25 chris_n aggressive critters!
04:25 chris yep
04:25 chris_n I thought black bears were bad for going after food
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04:28 chris ok time to go cook my family some food
04:28 chris you guys should sleep :)
04:29 chris_n :-)
04:34 brendan Ok good night -- sleep well all
04:34 brendan catchya tomorrow
04:34 brendan :P
04:38 chris_n bye
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04:56 chris_n time to find sleep
04:56 chris_n g'night
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07:40 Ropuch Morning #koha
09:01 chris nz just qualified for the football world cup in 2010
09:01 * chris is happy
09:01 chris 2nd time ever, and 27 years since the last time
09:02 chris 1-0 vs bahrain
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18:36 Topic for #koha is now  Discussion channel for the Koha ILS | Next foundation forming meeting is scheduled at 19:00 UTC+0 on 3 December 2009
18:36 chris_n2 wb logbot_backup
18:37 chris ricardo: huge parties in wellington last night
18:38 ricardo chris: Nice
18:39 ricardo chris: I'm getting a bug (may be due to my setup). I'm getting correctly the "Português" and "English" links in the lower part of the screen, but when I click on "Português", nothing happens: I remain in English
18:39 ricardo chris: That's in Firefox... In IE, the Bug is reversed (I start in "Português" and can't change it to "English")
18:39 ricardo chris: I'm trying to debug this now
18:41 chris and it is setting the cookie?
18:41 ricardo chris: That's where I'm now actually ("setlanguagecookie")
18:42 pianohackr|work chris_n2: you can set the right database in yaz-client by using base biblios
18:43 chris chris_n2: is back
18:43 chris ricardo: you can view cookies in firefox, i would look and see if it is being set
18:43 chris_n2 pianohacker|work: that worked; tnx!
18:44 chris_n2 tnx chris
18:44 ricardo chris: Where in Firefox? (if it's hard to explain it, I'll google it)
18:44 ricardo chris: Well, the Web Developer extension shows it:
18:44 chris in prefences
18:45 ricardo KohaOpacLanguage
18:45 ricardo pt-PT
18:45 ricardo
18:45 ricardo Path: /
18:45 ricardo I'll delete them all and try again
18:46 ricardo Same results, apparently  :(
18:47 chris right so the cookie is being set, it just doesnt look like its being read
18:48 ricardo chris: OK... So, I'll debug "themelanguage" now
18:50 chris just put a warn in there showing what language it thnks it should be showing
18:50 ricardo chris: Right
18:55 ricardo chris: Yep... It's "accept_language" that's overwriting the value of "pt-PT" that was (correcty) written in the cookie
18:56 ricardo chris: I may have an idea for a fix... Let me try it
18:59 ricardo Woo-hoo!  :)
18:59 ricardo Now, I just have to test this with other languages and without cookies working
19:00 chris_n2 any thoughts on why a search produces results in yaz-client, but not in koha staff-client or opac?
19:01 chris chris_n2: i normally stop zebra, then run it from the commandline, so i can see whats happening, then hit a search url and see what it says
19:05 pastebot "ricardo" at pasted "Proposed fix for the "themelanguage" sub in" (17 lines) at
19:05 ricardo chris: This works for me. Give me your opinion and I'll submit this as a patch if this looks good for you
19:08 chris you dont need the extra if $lang
19:08 chris since you will only get to that point if $lang is set
19:08 chris apart from that it looks fine
19:08 ricardo chris: Right... I though so too, but wasn't sure.
19:09 ricardo (I didn't know if $lang was UNDEF it it would appear equal or different from "")
19:10 chris yes it would the first if would be better as if ($lang && $lang ne ''){
19:10 chris_n2 chris: what switches do you start zebra with when troubleshooting?
19:10 chris that would stop any warns
19:10 chris_n2 -v none,fatal,warn ?
19:10 chris yep
19:10 * chris_n2 cannot get any output from cli with those
19:10 ricardo chris_n2: Right... But then the "else" could apply to any of the 2 cases. And I don't want that
19:10 chris try -v debug
19:11 chris no it wouldnt
19:11 chris_n2 ok gobs of output now ;-)
19:11 ricardo chris: Like I said, I wasn't sure. So, I preferred to apply "paranoid programming"  :)
19:12 ricardo[…]programming?jss=0
19:12 chris well what you have there will cause warns in the error log
19:12 chris more paranoid is to go if ($lang && $lang ne ''){
19:12 chris_n2 chris: ok, lots of output on a working install during a search; *no* output on the none working install doing a search
19:12 chris then it wont ever complain abou uninitialized variables
19:12 chris_n2 yet, yaz-client works fine on both
19:13 chris chris_n2: i bet its not talking to zebra then
19:13 chris koha that is
19:13 chris_n2 koha-conf.xml problem?
19:13 chris check nozebra isnt on
19:13 chris_n2 checked earlier and it is not
19:13 ricardo chris: OK... Because I'm setting lang in the else block, I guess that's OK. Right, you convinced me. Let me do that then.
19:13 chris_n2 but I am using tcp for zebra since I'm on win32
19:14 chris_n2 but made the changes in koha-conf.xml
19:14 chris right
19:14 chris i bet its not actually connecting
19:14 chris_n2 <listen id="biblioserver" >tcp:@:9998/bibliosocket</listen>
19:14 chris_n2 <listen id="authorityserver" >tcp:@:9999/authoritysocket</listen>
19:14 chris you proobably need to do some warns in C4::Context
19:14 chris_n2 ok
19:14 chris see if its actually managing to connect to zebra
19:15 chris because you should get at least that
19:15 chris even if then the search failed with a 109 or something, would still see the connect
19:16 chris_n2 I assume Zconn is responsible for the connection?
19:17 chris richardo: can you paste the diff of your changes
19:17 pastebot "chris" at pasted "The code in master" (7 lines) at
19:18 chris ricardo: that is what is in master and that seems to work fine
19:18 ricardo chris: Yes, but the version in 3.0.x is different (patch from Nahuel):
19:19 pianohackr|work Unintentional POD humor, vol 23: "FIXME: This function reflects how inscrutable fines logic is.  Fix both."
19:19 ricardo[…]43ebca1c7c98238cf
19:20 ricardo chris: And my patch is based on the version from Nahuel (should be applied *after* applying his patch)
19:20 chris yep, the master implementation of that sub routine seems much cleaner to me ricardo
19:21 ricardo chris:  But maybe Nahuel + My solution works for the case when "http accept language" misses some language that is set in the cookie and translations (like "pt-PT", that doesn't exist in the list of languages in Firefox as that, but only as "pt")
19:22 chris i doubt it
19:22 chris but it will stop it using languages that havent been set in the syspref
19:23 chris_n2 interesting... ZOOM::Connection returns a connection object without a port or host attribute set
19:23 ricardo chris: "but it will stop it using languages that havent been set in the syspref". Stop "it"... By "it" do you mean "the bug"?
19:23 chris different bug
19:23 chris where someone has the templates for de lying around
19:24 ricardo Bug 3754
19:24 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3754 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Language detection doesn't take really care of syspref
19:24 chris but hasnt allowed that as an option
19:24 ricardo This bug ^^^  ?
19:24 chris yeah
19:24 ricardo chris: OK. Got it.
19:25 chris we will have to cherry-pick and make the 2 patches into one tidier one for master
19:25 ricardo OK... So I'll submit my patch as a follow-up patch for Nahuel's for 3.0.x branch. I'll let the "powers to be" to decide if they apply it to the Master as well or not
19:25 ricardo chris: Fine by me!  :)
19:25 chris otherwise this will just break again for 3.2
19:25 ricardo chris: *nod*
19:25 chris and the RM is not going to have time to do that
19:25 chris so someone will have to do it for him
19:26 chris ideally every patch should apply to master, patches only for 3.0.x branch makes life hard
19:26 chris but what's done is done now
19:26 ricardo chris: Well... If the RM wants to save time, I guess he could as well cherry-pick the two patches as they are from 3.0.x... If he wants a tidier patch, he may ask for it or do it himself
19:27 chris wrong way round
19:27 ricardo chris: I understand that, but people test things that are closer to their setups. My installations are 3.0.x so those are the one that I have setups
19:27 chris patches should go for master, and be cherry picked to 3.0.x if they are valid bugfixes
19:28 chris yep, be aware that if i am RM for 3.4 i will be stricter about it though
19:28 ricardo chris: That's your right  :)
19:29 chris either ppl send patches for both, or just master :)
19:29 chris (by both it will be master and 3.2.x)
19:29 ricardo chris: I can send the patches for both... but I can NOT test them now. I don't have a setup for "master". And I don't like to submit things that I haven't tested :(
19:29 ricardo I can only do (partial) tests for 3.0.x
19:30 chris thats fine for now, like i say whats done is done, there are a bunch of patches that have been only applied for 3.0.x
19:30 chris that are going to be missed for master .. just dont want to repeat that for 3.4
19:32 ricardo chris: I understand awhat you're saying... I see several pros and cons for the several choices, so I'll leave it up to you (and others) for the best decision if/when this decision happens again for 3.4
19:33 chris the major con is bugs that are fixed, all come back with 3.2
19:33 ricardo chris: *nod* Regression
19:33 chris i thnk that outweighs all pros
19:34 chris the main solution i think will be the maintainer and manager will have to constantly be making sure bugfixes are applied to both
19:34 ricardo chris: If you get some testers so that people can test patches submitted by people that haven't tested them for the newest branch, that's great
19:34 chris an untested patch is better than no patch in my book, because at least the RM will see it
19:34 ricardo And then, you could do what you're saying: commit to newest branch and cherry pick it to oldest
19:35 chris yep, we'll figure something out
19:35 ricardo chris: OK. That's the tradeoff - is it better or worse to accept "untested patch"? I guess that depends on the RM. Because you will be the RM, more power to you  :)
19:36 chris oh it wont get accepted untested
19:36 chris but at least it will be in the queue to get tested
19:36 ricardo chris: Right
19:36 chris if its not submitted, it just doesnt even get seen
19:37 ricardo chris: Sure
19:37 chris its a shame liblime lost acmoore
19:37 chris (amongst all the other developers too)
19:38 chris he had started work on a smoke test server, which could be used to apply patches and run automated tests
19:39 chris was a good start along making it a little bit easier, at least you would spot things that blew up fast
19:39 chris_n2 chris: found it: <listen id="biblioserver" >tcp:@:9998/bibliosocket</listen> should be <listen id="biblioserver" >tcp:localhost:9998/bibliosocket</listen>
19:39 chris_n2 works like a charm now
19:39 chris ah ha
19:39 chris cool
19:40 chris silent_errors--
19:40 chris_n2 the zebra manual shows the @ in that position, but it does not work here
19:40 chris_n2 yeah
19:40 ricardo chris: *Nod* acmoore++
19:44 ricardo chris:
19:44 ricardo [Koha-patches] [PATCH] Bug 3754: Follow-up patch
19:44 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3754 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Language detection doesn't take really care of syspref
19:44 ricardo[…]ember/004847.html
19:45 ricardo Going to watch the Portugal - Bosnia soccer game now (for the World Cup 2010). Take care!  :)
19:46 chris_n2 well, it appears that Koha is fully functional now on my MSWin32 XP Pro machine
19:46 pianohackr|work Yay!
19:47 * chris_n2 now will try to remember how he did it
19:47 pianohackr|work chris_n2++
19:47 pianohackr|work now, I have a circ-related question for you all
19:47 brendan joined #koha
19:47 chris_n2 there has been quite a bit of help from some of the folks who maintain Strawberry as well
19:47 chris ricardo: maybe nz will play portugal :)
19:47 pianohackr|work on my local version, items are not set to itemlost = 0 when returned
19:48 pianohackr|work I haven't seen anything that would fix the bug in latest master
19:48 pianohackr|work Am I smoking something, is this not a bug, ...?
19:48 chris i wonder when it got introduced, cos that sounds like something people would have noticed
19:48 pianohackr|work you would think
19:48 * chris_n2 agrees
19:48 chris_n2 a regression probably
19:49 chris a regression from 1999
19:49 chris :)
19:49 chris_n2 hehe
19:49 chris lemme try it
19:49 * chris_n2 contemplates going to see
19:49 chris_n2 a 6.5 hour production
19:52 pianohackr|work A simple ModItem( { itemlost => 0 }, undef, $item->{'itemnumber'} ); above $messages->{'WasLost'} = 1; in AddReturn fixes the problem for me
19:53 chris Not checked out.
19:53 chris Item was lost, now found.
19:53 chris is what i get on the screen lemme check the db
19:54 chris yep that seems to set it back
19:55 chris lemme check the code im running
19:59 chris hmm it seems to be working for me
20:00 pianohackr|work Blergh. Are you on latest master, and if not, do you have a link to your git repo?
20:00 chris latest master
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20:02 rickw good morning ... n e 1 awake!
20:03 chris_n2 hi rickw
20:03 pianohackr|work hi rickw
20:04 pianohackr|work chris: this is really confusing. ModDateLastSeen is the only function that would reset itemlost, and it seems like it wouldn't be called if the item wasn't checked out
20:04 rickw may I ask a zerbra relateed searching pquestion?
20:05 pianohackr|work maybe
20:05 chris hmm weird pianohackr|work, the item i checked in wasnt checked out
20:05 * pianohackr|work tries this again
20:05 rickw we are getting an ERROR 114 from zebra
20:06 rickw the catalogue searhc works on our Koha/3.0.1 instance when we do a simple search, e.g. for "drama" 220 books returned
20:06 chris pianohackr|work: looking at AddReturn ModDateLastSeen should get called, it would only not if the item was withdrawn
20:06 rickw when we ask for "items available" we get 0 results (there should be many) and the ERROR 114 occurs
20:07 pianohackr|work chris: okay, yes it should. There's something else wrong, thanks for jamming my brain into gear
20:07 chris pianohackr|work: ahh i lie, its when independent branches are on that it bails out
20:07 rickw on anthoer Koha/3.0.1 the original search and refinment to "avilable items" does work fine, so i suspect it is something to do with differences in config between the two kohas
20:07 chris pianohackr|work: it could have something to do with that maybe?
20:07 chris if ($hbr ne $branch && C4::Context->preference("IndependantBranches")){
20:08 chris it returns if that condition is met (before ModDateLastSeen)
20:08 pianohackr|work Oh-hoh, I see what happened. gmcharlt's b59e0166125efdd381078ccf57ef7fd7b03b1cd4 , which I have not applied to our local copy yet, fixed this problem along with some others
20:09 pianohackr|work Not in the mood to deal with the merge conflicts a complete merge from origin would cause, I'll just cherry-pick it
20:09 pianohackr|work Thanks again, chris
20:09 chris np
20:10 chris pianohackr|work: i run an originmaster and a master
20:10 chris rebase into originmaster, merge or cherry-pick across
20:11 pianohackr|work right; main headache is resolving updates from head with local customizations
20:11 chris_n2 rickw: have you tried ' -b -r'
20:13 chris pianohackr|work: yep, i try and keep local customisations in their own branches, and then merge them in .. to reduce the risk of conflicts or to at least make them small conflicts
20:13 chris ie a branch for each feature
20:13 rickw chris_n2: yup, many times
20:14 chris_n2 rickw: also 114 appears to be 'Unsupported Use attribute'... perhaps your maybe messed up?
20:14 rickw here is the diff between the two separate kohas:
20:14 chris_n2[…]fns/bib1diag.html
20:14 rickw the firt has a catalogue built in situ in Koha 3
20:14 pianohackr|work chris: Ahh, so master is the union of all of those customizations?
20:14 rickw the second (that does not work right) has a catalogue imported from Koha/2.2.9 (using the notes on the wiki for for 22_to_30 migration)
20:15 rickw strongly suspect it is the result of the 229 conversion cuasing the troubles
20:15 rickw or perhaps differences in the MARCs (the 229 migration MARC is different from the other one)
20:15 pianohackr|work rickw: do you have all of your item fields mapped correctly?
20:15 chris_n2 rickw: I had some issues with marc records exported from koha 3.0.x and imported back into HEAD... isbn, issn fields were too long
20:15 * chris_n2 has to run
20:15 chris_n2 bbiab
20:16 chris its definitely a conf problem
20:16 rickw unforuntaely, someone else is doing the MARC stuff, not me
20:16 rickw but I will pass on anthing i learn :)
20:16 rickw "" ... will have a look into that
20:16 rickw (this zebra stuff is a big black box to me)
20:17 pianohackr|work there's also etc/zebradb/marc_defs/marc21/biblios/record.abs
20:17 chris 114 tells you its trying to search on a attribute that hasnt been defined
20:18 rickw okay ... might be something to do with the refining the serach, i.e. basic search is fine, but when we add more terms to it, ERROR 114
20:19 rickw the refinement to "items available" fails
20:19 rickw and refinement to "Brisbane branch only: fails as well
20:20 pianohackr|work yes; for some reason, koha/zebra is having trouble getting from to "items available" to correct subfield of 952
20:23 rickw ah ... a known problem?
20:24 pianohackr|work it's a conf problem, works here
20:25 pianohackr|work basically, you want to make sure that items.onloan is mapped and that record.abs is pointing at the same marc subfield as koha
20:26 rickw ok
20:27 rickw similar prob with
20:27 rickw branch
20:28 pianohackr|work yup, so in that case, just rinse and repeat with items.holdingbranch
20:28 rickw and how does record.abs map into the MARC?
20:29 pianohackr|work It's pretty direct, here's an excerpt:
20:29 pianohackr|work melm 947$q      onloan:n,onloan:w
20:29 rickw okay wil have a play with that
20:29 rickw since teh record.abs files on the working and non working instance are the same
20:29 pianohackr|work okay
20:29 rickw it must be in the MARC mapping in mysql
20:29 pianohackr|work yup
20:30 rickw thanks! hope will nail this today :)
20:30 rickw btw: are you Jesse on the Koha list?
20:30 pianohackr|work yes I am :)
20:30 pianohackr|work this is my response to your email
20:30 rickw thanks for helping out here and on the list ... you solved our indexing prob a while back (Local thingy wasn't mappe in record.abs)
20:31 rickw i guess IRC rulz!
20:31 rickw i posted to the indexdata list ... it will be intereting to see how much those guys knpow about Koha specifically in the zebra context
20:31 rickw i best be off and discuss this with our MARC expert
20:31 rickw cheers guys
20:32 pianohackr|work see ya
20:32 rickw left #koha
20:46 pianohackr|work bbl, headed home from work
20:46 pianohackr|work left #koha
20:54 rickw joined #koha
20:54 rickw hello again
20:54 rickw i am chaning things (MARc map) in record.abs
20:54 rickw changing
20:55 rickw once the hanges are in, do I need to rebuild the zebra index?
20:58 chris_n2 rickw: I believe you do
20:59 rickw does make sense
20:59 rickw strange thing is: the mapping for onloan is correct, but a few others are not
21:00 rickw perhaps ALL the mapping have to be exactl correct before it will work properly (syngery amongst the MARC tags, that sort of thing)
21:11 brendan left #koha
21:15 rickw left #koha
21:31 mj joined #koha
21:35 mj left #koha
22:28 pianohacker joined #koha
22:28 pianohacker back
22:28 brendan joined #koha
22:35 chris_n2 pianohacker: checkout
22:36 pianohacker photographic evidence, even :)
22:36 pianohacker cool
22:41 * chris_n2 heads off for some BoJangle's chicken
22:51 brendan got my invite for google wave today
23:05 ricardo brendan: That's cool. I received one from a friend some days ago. I think that I won't explore it for a few days, though
23:13 ricardo chris: Still here?
23:51 ricardo BRB
23:51 ricardo (Updating Firefox)
23:51 ricardo left #koha

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