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00:02 brendan evening chris_n2
00:02 chris_n2 heya brendan
00:07 hdl bye
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00:27 chris_n2 is in some need of cleanup?
00:28 pianohacker Most of Koha older than about 2 years is in need of cleanup
00:29 pianohacker isn't comparatively bad, tho
00:29 brendan that should become the stock answer
00:29 chris_n2 hehe
00:29 chris hehe
00:30 pianohacker ::Koha, ::Search and ::Language are the worst I can think of off the top of my head
00:30 pianohacker you guys?
00:30 chris_n2 ::Search --
00:30 chris yeah search and language are my pet peeves
00:31 chris koha i dont touch much
00:31 pianohacker ::Koha's just kind of a dumping ground of miscellaneous, unloved and duplicative functions
00:31 chris ahhh
00:31 chris_n2 it appears that isbn's might be being only partly sanitized during export.... so I'm poking around where I've not been before
00:31 pianohacker Authorized values, itemtype images, etc.
00:32 chris yuck
00:32 brendan I think pianohacker instead of going to college -- should start his own college -  Koha university with the first professor and chancellor being painohacker
00:32 pianohacker accreditation might be problematic, but it sure sounds fun
00:32 chris_n2 Dr. Pianohacker...
00:32 chris_n2 has a bit of a ring to it
00:33 brendan I like it
00:33 pianohacker sounds like something from a joss whedon film
00:33 pianohacker Or do I have him mixed up with abrams
00:33 brendan Let it be know -- "Dr. Pianohacker"
00:33 pianohacker hmm
00:33 pianohacker is now known as dr_pianohacker
00:33 dr_pianohacker not bad at all
00:33 brendan err... known
00:33 chris_n2 heh
00:34 dr_pianohacker is now known as pianohacker
00:34 brendan dr_pianohacker++
00:34 * chris_n2 imagines a white jacketed man with a hatchet standing over a piano
00:34 pianohacker anyway, back to what passes for normal
00:34 brendan missed my window
00:34 pianohacker hahaha
00:34 brendan dr_pianohacker uses a chainsaw
00:34 brendan and makes art
00:35 pianohacker finally, a use for the old, out-of-tune uprights that litter the nation
00:35 * chris_n2 has one in his barn he'll donate to the cause
00:35 chris_n2 an old player piano
00:35 chris_n2 that doesn't
00:36 pianohacker that might be more fun to fix, I've always wanted to see one of those in action
00:40 brendan ok time to ask the question
00:40 brendan how'd you come up with pianohacker?
00:41 pianohacker really kind of prosaic: piano teacher said I looked like I was at the computer keyboard while I was playing
00:41 pianohacker not quite sure what he meant, though I do look verah serious while playing apparently
00:42 brendan heh
00:42 chris he's obviously never seen me at my computer keyboard then
00:42 chris its usually the opposite of serious
00:42 chris :)
00:42 pianohacker haha
00:43 * pianohacker should try rewriting while staying very stern, might help
00:43 chris heh
00:47 chris_n2 lol :-)
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01:03 brendan later dood's time to get out of the office :)
01:05 chris cya later
01:05 pianohacker bye brendan
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02:36 chris_n2 bibliotimes.isbn is a varchar(30)...
02:36 chris_n2 it appears that when Biblio::_koha_add_biblioitem is called, the 952 fields are concatenated with pipe separators...
02:37 chris_n2 consider a bib with 13 items attached
02:37 chris_n2 when the isbn fields are concatenated we easily exceed the varchar(30) field length
02:38 chris_n2 and at least part of the bib/items is/are not imported due to bad error trapping
02:38 chris_n2 does that hold water?
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02:39 * chris_n2 did not mean to scare off brendan ;-)
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03:02 pianohacker chris_n2: sounds very possible
03:03 chris_n2 well, I just dropped two indexes on biblioitems and made isbn and issn mediumtext and the import went fine
03:03 chris_n2 one bib had 14 items attached... an encyclopedia of sorts
03:04 * chris_n2 dances a jig
03:04 chris_n2 zebra is indexing now
03:05 chris_n2 on win32
03:08 pianohacker woah, very nice
03:09 chris_n2 awesome... imported 4k bibs... zebra indexed... searches work... wOOt...
03:09 * chris_n2 rewards himself with a night of going to sleep before 2am
03:10 chris_n2 sorry for the shameless $self->patting_own_back()
03:13 chris_n2 this must be the project to scare out bugs.... search works fine in staff-client, but not at all in opac
03:14 chris_n2 ok, off to sleep
03:14 chris_n2 g'night
03:14 pianohacker good night
03:15 pianohacker and good luck
03:34 Amit hi chris_n2, chris
03:34 Amit good morning #koha
03:37 pianohacker hello, Amit
03:37 Amit heya pianohacker
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04:44 pianohacker Good _night_
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04:58 shipley nom nom
04:59 shipley i wonder why there even exists a word for nothing. the meaning implys otherwise
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06:04 rickw heloo ...
06:04 rickw any Koha 3 expoerts here?
06:04 rickw we are migrating from 2.2.9 with attendant hair pulling and gnashings
06:04 rickw of dentures
06:06 rickw .whois rickw
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06:23 rickw hello again
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07:47 wizzyrea_mobile joetho: What are you doing up so late?
07:47 Ropuch Good morning #koha
07:48 wizzyrea_mobile Hi Ropuch
07:50 wizzyrea_mobile @quote random
07:50 munin wizzyrea_mobile: Quote #5: "<jwagner> Why is it every Koha rock I turn over produces a zillion (metaphorical) ants, each with a new question????" (added by kf at 09:13 AM, June 12, 2009)
07:50 wizzyrea_mobile @quote random
07:50 munin wizzyrea_mobile: Quote #24: "<kmkale> interesting word munin. in many indian languages we have a word munim who used to be a sort of accountant for all businessmen" (added by gmcharlt at 10:07 AM, August 07, 2009)
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08:14 kf good morning #koha
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08:16 Ropuch Guten Tag, kf [;
08:16 kf Guten morgen Ropuch :)
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10:05 imp moinsen
10:06 kf guten morgen imp
10:07 imp die andere seite der erde schl�ft und wir sprechen nun deutsch hier? :D
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10:10 kf irgendwie kann hier fast jeder ein bisschen deutsch, ich bin unschuldig ;)
10:11 imp hehe
10:12 * imp muss mal sein koha updaten
10:14 imp kann ich das alte einfach �berschreiben oder lieber sauber starten und nur die konfig importieren?
10:20 kf update sollte kein problem sein
10:23 hdl ach detch gesprochen hier.... Sehr gut Für Koha ;) Es meint es ist "spreading all around the world".
10:23 hdl kf sorry
10:23 kf good morning hdl
10:23 hdl hi
10:23 imp heyho hdl
10:23 hdl I only have german basis
10:24 imp updating via webif would be a nice feature ;)
10:24 imp ohh noes, /all our basis belong to you/? ;)
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10:31 kf imp: update is not just overwriting, but cant find a manual right now. but its not difficult.
10:32 imp if there are some changes that have to be done for the databases, it would be nice to know it before messing around
10:33 kf imp: they are done when updating, you get the web installer interface, he says "need to update database" and its odne
10:34 kf imp: git or standard install?
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11:42 paul_p2 seen chris_n
11:42 paul_p2 @logbot_backup: seen chris_n
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11:42 paul_p2 @seen chris_n
11:42 munin paul_p2: chris_n was last seen in #koha 17 hours, 34 minutes, and 28 seconds ago: <chris_n> chris: can you free my email from the list jail please :-)
11:42 paul_p2 @seen gmcharlt
11:42 munin paul_p2: gmcharlt was last seen in #koha 2 days, 19 hours, 6 minutes, and 35 seconds ago: <gmcharlt> Nate: GPL v2 or later
11:43 chris_n2 paul_p2: g'morning
11:44 paul_p2 no more morning in France, but g'morning to you, anyway ;-)
11:44 chris_n2 heh
11:44 paul_p2 (and the morning was not that good: we have a RFP asking for a server, with ILS, and other usage. When asking "what other usages do you need", we get "we don't know". How can we size the server then...
11:45 paul_p2 sometimes customers are silly...
11:45 paul_p2 and best of the best: on the RFP, there is a phone number for the technical contact.
11:45 chris_n2 it's bad when the customer does not know what they want
11:45 paul_p2 believe me or not but if you call this number... you reach a cheese shop ! not kidding !!!
11:46 chris_n2 ha!
11:47 chris_n2 that situation seems to become "since I don't know what I need and you can't tell me, you must not provide quality service"
11:47 * chris_n2 goes to retrieve some breakfast
11:48 paul_p2 (i'm afraid it's just something like "guy, we have money to spend, so we spend it, we will see after what we can do with it")
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13:12 tomascohen :-P
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13:27 tomascohen !
13:30 tomascohen this will be the last one
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13:32 tomascohen chris_n: thx!
13:33 jdavidb @quote random
13:33 munin jdavidb: Quote #1: "<pianohacker> resolve, rather, I doubt it needs lotion" (added by gmcharlt at 11:05 PM, May 30, 2009)
13:33 * jdavidb raises an eyebrow.
13:34 owen Between that and your last tweet jdavidb I'm starting to wonder...
13:35 imp @wunder hannover
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13:35 imp @wunder hanover
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13:35 * jdavidb grins evilly at owen
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13:35 jwagner owen, jdavidb's had two doughnuts this morning -- don't provoke him!
13:36 * owen backs away
13:36 * jwagner locks my door
13:36 jdavidb muahahaa!
13:37 imp why does koha need ipc-cmd? just for installing?
13:38 jwagner owen & anyone else, I was just floating an idea here with jdavidb.  One of my sites would like options to search both by item type and collection code on the advanced search page.  Right now it's either one or the other depending on the AdvancedSearchTypes sypref.
13:38 owen jwagner: And it wasn't always that way
13:38 jwagner I was thinking of modifying the code & passing both loops to advanced search, and having whichever wasn't the primary show under More Options.  Maybe with a syspref to control whether to use it or not.
13:38 jwagner Useful in general?
13:39 jwagner I looked at the code last night, and it shouldn't be too difficult to do.
13:40 kf jwagner: some libraries may not want to make item types searchable, perhaps it should be checkboxes in a syspref or something like that
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13:41 jwagner kf, I don't think there's any way now to have certain item types not searchable.  But I was going to have a syspref to control whether the second set (either itype or ccode depending on what's in the AdvancedSearchTypes syspref) actually does show up.
13:43 kf jwagner: sorry, I understand how your solution is supposed to work. What I meant there should be more options to let the library decide what shows up. some libraries may have many item types and some of them only for internal use. but I like your idea and what I miss sometimes is an option to limit to locations
13:45 jwagner kf, yes, that would be nice.
13:45 owen I've heard from libraries who wish they could hide certain item types from the advanced search screen.
13:45 jwagner Us too.
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14:21 pianohacker Good morning, all
14:21 jdavidb Hi, pianohacker!
14:22 pianohacker Hi, David
14:22 pianohacker How goes it?
14:22 owen Not Doctor pianohacker this morning?
14:22 pianohacker Nope
14:22 * owen was getting ready to apply for a faculty position in your college's art department
14:22 jdavidb So far so good...busy world.
14:22 pianohacker I'm a programmer, not a doctor!
14:23 pianohacker (to paraphrase our friend mccoy)
14:23 * owen wonders if could be patched with a few bags of cement, just like a Horta
14:25 pianohacker Ahh, if only
14:29 hdl jwagner, owen, in fact it would be quite "easy", provided you want to remove al the biblio and not only items of a certain type
14:30 hdl jwagner: owen we could also use table filter to filter those itemtypes for display.
14:30 hdl (javascript)
14:31 hdl http://ideamill.synaptrixgroup[…]ter/tabletest.htm
14:31 jwagner hdl, are you talking about hiding the biblios by using the opac suppression?  That's not what we were trying to do.  Using a table filter would be a better solution.
14:32 chris_n howdy pianohacker
14:32 pianohacker hey, chris_n
14:32 pianohacker sounds like the 3.0 win32 installer is getting closer by the day  :)
14:33 chris_n yup
14:33 * chris_n tries to remember how he did it ;-)
14:34 pianohacker it's like anything else on windows; if was easy and made sense the first time, you forgot something
14:34 chris_n there is one more matter that must be dealt with in Strawberry: GDBM_File must be added to the core
14:35 chris_n that requires a patch to be applied to the original perl core code
14:35 chris_n it is in the hopeful works atm and should make the Strawberry January 2010 release
14:35 chris_n I also have to submit several patches to koha code
14:36 chris_n if it all comes together it may be that 3.2 can be installed on win32 with "relative" ease early 2010
14:38 chris_n @seen gmcharlt
14:38 munin chris_n: gmcharlt was last seen in #koha 2 days, 22 hours, 2 minutes, and 37 seconds ago: <gmcharlt> Nate: GPL v2 or later
14:44 hdl jwagner: it would be the same idea as hidelostitems
14:47 * pianohacker wonders when Microsoft will patent a _working_ sudo; runas rarely works, in my experience
14:47 owen hdl and jwagner My understanding of the issue is that libraries don't want to highlight the categorization they use for internal purposes. I don't think the issue is hiding particular item types from the OPAC?
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14:53 jwagner owen, yes, that's what I was thinking.  If you have an item type of STAFFONLY, you may not want to show it on the item type list in the advanced search, but you might not care if it happens to show in search results.
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15:31 chris_n g'morning brendan
15:31 brendan morning chris_n
15:33 * chris_n wonders how many times pagination code has been re-invented inside the entire koha code base :-\
15:34 jwagner I'm blanking here -- what's the syntax to check the content of a TMPL_IF variable?  e.g., <!--TMPL_IF NAME="varname" equals some value -->
15:35 owen You can't check the value of the variable unless you use EXPR, which is discouraged
15:35 jwagner Drat.  Have to do it in the Perl script, then.  Thanks.
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15:58 chris_n C4::Members::SearchMember appears to be another search fo paux
16:00 hdl fo paux ?
16:01 wizzyrea faux pas, I think
16:02 chris_n so much for my spelling ;-)
16:02 Ropuch [;
16:02 Ropuch Evening everobody
16:02 chris_n hdl: ie. a huge mistake
16:02 wizzyrea hey man, it's french. You're forgiven.
16:02 wizzyrea (at least by me)
16:02 chris_n hehe
16:02 wizzyrea hdl on the other hand...
16:03 wizzyrea I hear he's a real spelling tyrant. ;) (j/k j/k)
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16:03 chris_n maybe the fact that I took spanish in high school (many moons ago) may excuse me
16:04 chris_n of course, writing code does not require correct spelling, only consistent spelling
16:07 wizzyrea ok, I'm sure I have done something silly: I imported a bunch of records, indexed them, and I can find them, the results say there are items, but there seem to be no items attached to the bibs
16:07 wizzyrea where did I go awry?
16:08 wizzyrea did I muck up my indexing?
16:08 wizzyrea run with a wrong switch?
16:08 jwagner Do the items have valid policies?  It's case sensitive -- I've found that if I import something with a policy name in lowercase, but the policy was defined as uppercase, I get similar results.
16:08 wizzyrea AH
16:08 wizzyrea I bet that's it
16:08 jwagner If you go into Edit Item on the title, do you see any items there?
16:09 wizzyrea yes, in fact that is the problem
16:09 wizzyrea jwagner++ thank you
16:09 jwagner Been there, done that, got the t-shirt....
16:09 wizzyrea very interesting lesson learned
16:09 jdavidb @karma jwagner
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16:10 jwagner jdavidb++ so he won't pout while trying to solve my current problem :-)
16:11 jwagner @karma jdavidb
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16:20 kf @karma kf
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16:21 kf @karma cait
16:21 munin kf: cait has neutral karma.
16:21 kf @karma cait_laptop
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16:21 Ropuch Karma party? ;>
16:23 wizzyrea @karma wizzyrea
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16:23 kf who I am and how many... ;)
16:23 wizzyrea @karma kf
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16:24 jwagner jdavidb++ another time for REALLY solving my current problem!  (cussed obscure Perl code....)
16:25 owen Correction: "obscure Perl" is redundant.
16:26 * pianohacker raises eyebrow, points at C4::Reserves::GetReserveFee
16:28 jwagner But you have to admit it can be pretty cussed!
16:28 wizzyrea is amazon reviews broken?
16:29 owen wizzyrea: How so?
16:29 pianohacker I haven't seen any for a while, but that doesn't mean they're actually broken
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16:29 wizzyrea every time we click on the tab it says "there are no reviews available"
16:29 wizzyrea oh, so maybe the API changed?
16:29 owen yeah, wizzyrea, I wonder if we haven't gotten the update for that
16:30 wizzyrea sweet
16:30 wizzyrea <sarcasm></sarcasm>
16:30 * wizzyrea is having to do deep breathing exercises
16:31 jdavidb poor wizzyrea!
16:32 wizzyrea yea, so poor. Just trying not to blow a gasket on an already fairly stressful day.
16:33 owen wizzyrea: Yeah, I get reviews fine on my test instance, for the same item that lacks them on our live system.
16:33 * pianohacker gives Jeff Bezos effigy to wizzyrea to beat on for arbitrarily and frequently changing the API
16:33 kf wizzyrea: amazon api changed a while ago - there should also be a new syspref with a strange key
16:34 owen Jeff Bezos can make it up to all of us with free Kindles.
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16:35 kf ok, time to leave :) have a nice weekend all!
16:36 pianohacker bye, kf
16:37 sekjal oh, I missed the karma party...
16:37 sekjal @karma sekjal
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16:38 sekjal @karma munin
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16:38 Ropuch kf: einen sch�nen Wochenende
16:38 Ropuch (not sure if I can skip the verb) ;>
16:39 kf Ropuch: das Wochenende ;)
16:39 kf but you dont need a verb
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16:42 wizzyrea jwagner: when you got in your case/policy sticky, how did you resolve it?
16:42 wizzyrea just create the missing policy?
16:42 wizzyrea I can't seem to get it to work
16:42 wizzyrea :(
16:42 wizzyrea <- sad panda
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16:47 jwagner wizzyrea, if the policies were created in Koha as uppercase, and I loaded them as lowercase, I just reverted the load (I usually load through Tools) and edited the records to be uc.
16:48 wizzyrea ah. I think my problem is the policies don't exist, or didn't at the time of load
16:48 jwagner I've done that a couple of times too -- at that point creating the policy (to match the load file) might do the trick.
16:48 * jwagner no sad pandas allowed -- see webcam at[…]andas/default.cfm
16:49 jwagner Snoozing pandas, yes.
16:50 wizzyrea hurm
16:50 wizzyrea I thought I did that, I can't even click edit to modify the items
16:50 wizzyrea maybe I'll have to revert and reload :(
16:50 wizzyrea oh well
16:50 wizzyrea tyvm for the help jwagner
16:50 wizzyrea or, the advisement
16:51 jwagner Advice is always free, and occasionally correct :-)
16:53 owen Someone needs to sneeze at that panda!
16:54 wizzyrea (in my puny mind, this shouldn't happen happen anyway. It ought to create missing CCODES and item types with default parameters that you can then set up)
16:55 wizzyrea (and libraries, for that matter)
16:55 wizzyrea (big project, no one will pay, I know)
16:55 jwagner In MY puny mind, Koha shouldn't be case-sensitive on policy names!
16:55 wizzyrea that too
16:56 pianohacker a librarian, arguing for slacker matching rules?
16:56 pianohacker surely, the universe's end is upon us
16:56 wizzyrea lol ph
16:56 jwagner But I Are Not A Librarian!  I Are A Geek!
16:56 owen next wizzyrea will tell us that "Tom Sawyer" shouldn't be filed under "Clemens"
16:57 wizzyrea oh don't you go blaming this all on me
16:57 wizzyrea it was jwagner's idea ;)
16:57 jwagner Me?????
16:57 wizzyrea HEHE
16:57 wizzyrea pay no attention to that man behind the curtain
16:58 pianohacker But BOOK might have a slightly different meaning than Book! Why are you trying to oppress the poor librarians that want confusing itemtype codes?
16:58 jwagner Harrumph.
16:58 Ropuch hehe
16:58 owen Right, Book is for books and BOOK is for audio books, because they're loud.
16:58 wizzyrea LOL
16:58 wizzyrea I love you guys
16:58 Ropuch lol
16:59 wizzyrea ok, let me revise
16:59 jwagner I take it other people besides me are having a "It's Friday, My Brain Doesn't Want To Do Any Work" kind of day.....
16:59 wizzyrea I want to be able to have koha present me a choice: hey, these itypes/ccodes/libraries don't exist, would you like to create them?
16:59 wizzyrea you can configure them later
16:59 pianohacker really, anything would be better than silently failng
16:59 jwagner Now that would be nice.
16:59 wizzyrea ph, yes, yes it would be
17:00 owen jwagner: I'm having that exact kind of day.
17:00 jwagner It's Saturday in New Zealand -- can we all move to that time zone real quick?
17:01 wizzyrea it's friday the 13th, I had a DNS server take a dive this morning (though it's running now, and I have backups) and I've totally mucked up my import that took 4 days to complete. Hrmph.
17:01 wizzyrea i'm for changing to NZ time
17:01 wizzyrea though that's probably only novel for the first few days
17:01 owen Or at least until Monday morning.
17:01 wizzyrea true
17:03 mlasater joined #koha
17:07 wizzyrea how does one export patrons from koha?
17:07 wizzyrea should I RTFM >.>
17:08 wizzyrea (you can just say "go RTFM, nub.")
17:08 pianohacker $ mysqldump -u kohaadmin -p koha borrowers
17:09 chris_n2_ joined #koha
17:09 pianohacker Or did you want a GUI or summat like that
17:09 chris_n2 left #koha
17:09 chris_n2_ is now known as chris_n2
17:09 wizzyrea nope, that's good. You can import that again through the tool?
17:10 pianohacker Not sure
17:10 pianohacker command line way would be
17:10 wizzyrea I suppose if you can export that way, you could import again
17:10 pianohacker $ mysql -u kohaadmin -p koha < export.sql
17:10 wizzyrea right
17:10 pianohacker (you have to add a > export.sql to the mysqldump command)
17:10 owen Good test, whether your export and import round-trip without loss
17:10 wizzyrea yea, I assumed that :)
17:10 pianohacker (wanted to be sure :)
17:10 wizzyrea hehe ty
17:11 owen I notice the patron import expects passwords to be plaintext
17:11 owen "(if your passwords are already encrypted, talk to your systems administrator about options)"
17:11 wizzyrea doh
17:12 owen There ought to be a checkbox or something: "check here if your passwords are already md5'ed"
17:12 wizzyrea are we writing all of this down?
17:12 wizzyrea besides in the log
17:12 pianohacker bug bug bug
17:13 wizzyrea do any of you want that "create these CCODES/ITYPES/LIBRARIES" thing I was talking about earlier? is there a practical reason not to present that choice?
17:13 pianohacker My first instinct is to fail and explain why
17:13 owen That's certainly a reasonable first step towards the ideal
17:14 pianohacker Probably add that first, and then the automatic temp itemtypes feature
17:14 wizzyrea I mean, silently failing is a bug
17:14 pianohacker oh, most definitely
17:14 owen I picture showing a table of unknown codes alongside a drop-down of existing codes. Then you could either say "create" or say "use this existing one"
17:14 wizzyrea owen++ that's a good idea
17:15 wizzyrea would you do that before or after the actual import process?
17:15 wizzyrea I'd say after, otherwise you'd have to parse the whole thing twice
17:16 wizzyrea i wish atz were here, I'm sure he'd have a reason why not to suggest this :(
17:16 wizzyrea (and because he was usually right)
17:17 owen You'd have to analyze the data in order to check it for missing codes. Does that mean it's part of the staging process?
17:18 wizzyrea yea, checking for them could be part of the staging process
17:18 wizzyrea though I thought staging was merely uploading the file to the server
17:18 wizzyrea It does some checking, it knows how many records there are
17:18 wizzyrea how many items
17:19 wizzyrea so yea, that would be a good place to compare existing/new ccodes/itypes/libraries
17:19 wizzyrea and would offer to create the libraries at the end?
17:19 wizzyrea libraries = ccodes/itypes/libraries
17:20 wizzyrea what's funny
17:20 wizzyrea is how I got into this situation
17:21 wizzyrea i exported from existing koha, and put it into a different, default koha.
17:21 owen If Stage one is fail with an error, then maybe Stage 2 is match with an existing code, and Stage 3 is offer code creation on the fly.
17:22 jstancliff joined #koha
17:23 jstancliff left #koha
17:24 jstancliff joined #koha
17:24 jstancliff left #koha
17:24 jstancliff joined #koha
17:25 owen Set a spell, jstancliff
17:30 wizzyrea yes, that's good owen
17:31 wizzyrea probably a major rewrite :(
17:31 paul_p2 left #koha
17:32 owen And hard to convince a vendor to do it out of the kindness of their hearts since migrations are (part of) their bread-and-butter.
17:33 chris migrations suck
17:34 chris id do about anything not to ever have to do one again
17:35 schuster joined #koha
17:35 owen Hi schuster
17:37 schuster Hey all.
17:38 chris hi schuster
17:38 pianohacker Hi schuster
17:38 wizzyrea hm, I would think that anything that makes it a little easier to do migrations would probably be welcome
17:39 wizzyrea at the very least, silently failing is wrongggggg
17:39 schuster Strange problem - barcode shows on title when I do an ISBN search, but when I scan the barcode it says nothing found.  When I mysql the itemnumber for barcode it shows the number on the book.
17:39 * pianohacker actually had a vague idea of some sort of koha-specialized marc transformation tool
17:39 wizzyrea did I dream that you could do plugins or modules for marc edit?
17:40 wizzyrea that's a pretty good dream.
17:40 schuster wizzyrea - there is an api to link and search your catalog using Z39.50.
17:40 schuster with marcedit.  My presentation from KohaCon09
17:40 pianohacker something that people who have little familiarity with marc/koha could use to get their info in
17:40 wizzyrea I was thinking more along the lines of a koha specialized marc edit transformation tool
17:41 wizzyrea something that worked with marc edit instead of in the web interface of koha
17:41 wizzyrea (sometimes I think we ask the web interface to do too much, but that's just me)
17:41 wizzyrea (and only sometimes)
17:44 chris schuster: there isnt a space or something on the barcode?
17:44 schuster Nope - I actually have 7 of these oddballs.
17:44 pianohacker schuster: is this only occurring on some items?
17:44 schuster Wizzyrea - what do you want to do ???  Just marc or other?
17:44 schuster pianohacker - yes just these 7 from a larger order of about 150.
17:49 chris   <--- things like this keep me doing koha
17:50 chris schuster: i suspect in the items table there is some weirdness, a hidden character or something, that is making it not match the barcode that is being scanned
17:50 chris can you try SELECT * FROM items WHERE barcode='scan barcode here';
17:50 chris ie actually scan the barcode
17:53 pianohacker chris.blog_post: very nice
17:55 wizzyrea schuster: I'm not sure what I want to do... use marc edit to more effectively transform data into koha?
17:57 francharb left #koha
17:58 sekjal left #koha
18:08 jwagner I wouldn't mind something that could just translate item data -- set up a page & tell it the barcode is in the 852something, the call number is in the 852somethingelse, etc., now put them into Koha 952 format.
18:09 jwagner I've struggled a bit with MarcEdit & gotten it to do some of this, but it's painful.
18:10 * chris_n hacks on a script chris wrote way back in dec 99
18:16 jdavidb left #koha
18:19 Colin left #koha
18:41 owen is now known as owen-away
18:57 brendan .away
19:11 owen-away is now known as owen
19:17 pianohacker bbl, work
19:17 pianohacker left #koha
19:19 owen The XSLT view of fails when passed no biblionumber.
19:19 owen munin: file that bug for me okay?
19:19 munin owen: Error: "file" is not a valid command.
19:25 owen Fine. Bug 3784.
19:25 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3784 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, opac-detail with XSLT on fails if passed no biblionumber
19:28 jwagner Hmm.  Owen, how do you pass opac-detail no biblionumber?  Can Koha do that???
19:29 owen No, but if you're putting together an external script that passes biblionumbers to Koha you might
19:29 jwagner OK, figured there must be some trickery around :-)
19:45 ricardo joined #koha
19:45 ricardo Hi everyone!  :)
19:46 brendan hello ricardo
19:47 ricardo brendan: Hi Brendan
20:02 schuster Back to the marcedit 852/952 business.  Can't you build a vb script with marcedit to do it?
20:03 schuster if 852c then 952d - I'd have to look at it again.  I know I did some of that with vendor records after we migrated in January.
20:04 schuster chris - thanks for the suggestion on the barcode, but I still am not sure how to see about strange characters. PM
20:05 jwagner schuster, I think there are some tools out there -- haven't dug around much yet to know if something already exists or there's something that could be adapted.
20:05 jwagner But when I Get A Round TUIT....
20:06 chris schuster: its easier to paste stuff into
20:06 chris (irc cuts off lines at a certain size)
20:06 pastebot "schuster" at pasted "barcode mysql search" (5 lines) at
20:08 chris pastebot is cool
20:09 schuster Thanks - I can never remember...
20:09 chris and when you scan that barcode into notepad or something, its exactly the same as that?
20:09 mlasater left #koha
20:10 schuster 30126027889804
20:10 schuster scanned
20:10 chris and id you try my scan it into mysql trick?
20:10 chris select * from items where barcode='scan';
20:10 chris ?
20:10 pianohackr|work joined #koha
20:11 schuster That's how I got the pastebot -
20:11 chris right, but in circ its simply not working eh?
20:11 schuster Searching it isn't working let me see what happens in circ.
20:11 chris ahhh searching, sorry misunderstood
20:11 chris searching uses zebra
20:11 schuster check in no item found.
20:12 brendan left #koha
20:12 wizzyrea oh, did you try barcode: 30126027889804
20:12 wizzyrea maybe your index isn't updated?
20:12 schuster checkout no barcode.
20:12 chris and if you cut and paste, or type the barcode in ... same thing?
20:14 brendan joined #koha
20:15 schuster Yep.
20:15 schuster I can edit it though... - I used to have an sql to check zebra to make sure it was running.
20:17 schuster found it.
20:18 schuster Zebra is chugging away.  Maybe I'll try deleting this and readding...???
20:18 chris not sure that is the problem
20:19 chris circ should not be using zebra, if it is, someone is gonna be in huge trouble
20:19 chris but yeah you could try deleting and re-adding one to see if that makes it findable in circ
20:20 chris now i have to go read the circ code, cos im panicking it is doing something mental with zebra
20:23 schuster I've edited it and "rescanned" the barcode so will see what happens.
20:23 chris nope it doesnt, phew
20:23 chris circ doesnt touch zebra at all
20:23 schuster So if it is in the item table why won't it circ?
20:23 chris that is the question
20:24 chris my $item = GetItem(GetItemnumberFromBarcode( $barcode ));
20:24 chris unless ( $item->{barcode} ) {
20:24 chris $issuingimpossible{UNKNOWN_BARCODE} = 1;
20:24 chris is what it is doing
20:24 chris }
20:25 chris so either GetItemnumberFromBarcode or GetItem is failing
20:25 * chris resists the urge to refactor this
20:26 ricardo2 joined #koha
20:27 * ricardo2 tells chris that "Resistance is futile"  ;-)
20:28 jwagner Quick question here -- where does the publicationyear field in biblioitems get its data?  I imported a MARC record with a date in both the 260c and the 008, but biblioitems doesn't have it, and therefore it's not displaying in the OPAC record display.  (I chased that code down & found it's trying to read biblioitems.publicationyear.)
20:28 owen jwagner: Doesn't it depend on your Koha to MARC mapping?
20:28 schuster chris - if I edit the barcode and save it then it shows.
20:29 schuster After Zebra runs it.
20:29 ricardo left #koha
20:29 jwagner owen, huh -- the mapping for biblioitems doesn't show any link for publicationyear.  Wonder why?  This is a clean install from current head, I haven't touched anything inthat area.
20:29 pastebot "chris" at pasted "this is better" (12 lines) at
20:30 chris in circ or in search?
20:30 ricardo2 is now known as ricardo
20:30 jwagner And _should_ the mapping be changed?  Implications?
20:30 chris i can believe that would fix search
20:31 chris but unless your circ is different to waht is in the koha git, it doesnt use zebra to search in circ
20:32 chris it does putz around with the marc_xml tho
20:32 chris a fact that it is bad wrong and evil
20:32 chris and will die for 3.4
20:33 chris since that is where 90% of the slowness of circ is
20:33 chris so it could be that the marc_xml of that item is messed up
20:33 chris schuster: for one of the broken ones (that is still broken)
20:34 chris can you look at the marcxml for it, specifically the 952 stuff (in the db) maybe the barcode is wrong there
20:39 chris now i have to go back outside and prune more trees
20:39 chris gardening--
20:40 owen No wonder you're considering refactoring Koha code!
20:43 hdl left #koha
20:48 jwagner left #koha
20:56 owen Happy weekend everyone!
20:56 owen left #koha
20:59 Nate Have a great weekend #Koha!
21:00 ricardo Bye Nate!  :)
21:04 hdl joined #koha
21:15 ricardo hdl: wb Henri
21:17 Nate left #koha
21:18 wizzyrea blerg
21:24 ricardo wizzyrea: bad coffee?
21:27 wizzyrea so apparently one of our librarians deleted a record and it corrupted the search for that author somehow
21:27 wizzyrea I wish ;)
21:27 * wizzyrea will prevail, though
21:29 * ricardo cues "Highlander" movie theme song for wizzyrea  ;-)
21:34 wizzyrea HA
21:34 wizzyrea <3
21:36 jstancliff left #koha
21:36 ricardo :)
21:38 Jim_UWM-SOIS joined #koha
21:40 wizzyrea nozebra do you have to reindex all the time?
21:40 wizzyrea like, periodically?
21:40 wizzyrea I thought you didn't, but I'm a nub
21:43 Jim_UWM-SOIS left #koha
21:43 Jim_UWM-SOIS joined #koha
21:44 ricardo wizzyrea: Sorry, I'm not sure about that  :(
21:45 Jim_UWM-SOIS Hello, I'm with the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. We are considering using Koha for a class in this up comming spring semster, I am hoping to attempt in installtion on one of our servers early next week. Is there typicaly a good amount (like there is now) of people in here that could help me troubleshoot it if I have any issues?
21:46 pianohackr|work wizzyrea: Yes, I think you do
21:46 pianohackr|work Jim_UWM-SOIS: varies by time of day, but there's usually somebody
21:47 Jim_UWM-SOIS Thanks, it would be early afternoonish central time if anyting.
21:48 pianohackr|work then there should be a few USers at least
21:48 Jim_UWM-SOIS left #koha
21:50 ricardo pianohackr|work: "USers", eheh
21:50 brendan pianohackr|work good afternoon Dr_pianohacker
21:51 wizzyrea yea, there are usually a few people around in the afternoon :)
21:51 wizzyrea atz++ for highly useful documentation
21:51 * wizzyrea cries that atz is never here anymore
21:52 schuster chris - if I just edit the item and then scan the barcode and save the record in the next Zebra cycle it shows up.  Strange.
21:52 wizzyrea schuster that is nuts
21:52 wizzyrea (and it's Sat. in NZ)
21:53 wizzyrea PH|work thanks, I just on a whim set up a cronjob to do it
21:53 wizzyrea no zebra reindexing seems to avoid the problems so...
21:53 wizzyrea it shall be done!
21:55 pianohackr|work Hola, don brendan
21:55 pianohackr|work now, the better question, is why nozebra?
21:56 * pianohackr|work gives wizzyrea evil eye
21:56 wizzyrea teeensy tiny library
21:56 brendan schuster -> must have been something wrong in the marcxml blob
21:56 wizzyrea like
21:56 wizzyrea WEENSY
21:56 wizzyrea like, in a closet tiny
21:56 brendan go for zebra anyways :)
21:56 pianohackr|work Item count?
21:56 wizzyrea 4k
21:56 wizzyrea performance is good
21:56 wizzyrea >.< but I don't wanna!
21:56 pianohackr|work bah, that's only a fourth as much as ours
21:56 brendan Usually I say anything under 5k is ok nozebra
21:57 brendan but think I'll change that to 1k
21:57 wizzyrea HA
21:57 wizzyrea very funny brendan
21:57 pianohackr|work but nozebra is not as ideologically pure! surely, that should be your first concern before practicality
21:57 wizzyrea I will consider your concerns when the date is not the 13th... and on a friday.
21:57 wizzyrea ;)
21:58 brendan what's the sound tack for that again "get out"  getttt outttt
21:58 wizzyrea oh snap
21:58 pianohackr|work How about this? By using zebra, your server load will be less, thus reducing power consumption and saving the environment
21:58 brendan creepy movie the first time I saw it...  my brother scared me pretty good
21:58 pianohackr|work Why do you hate the poor trees, wizzyrea?
21:58 ricardo pianohackr|work: Are you allowed to drink at work?  ;-)
21:59 wizzyrea ooh
21:59 pianohackr|work Haha, water, under the legal drinking age :P
21:59 wizzyrea that's very compelling
21:59 ricardo Ah... the bliss of youth...
21:59 pianohackr|work In reality, it would probably be about a watt of difference
22:00 ricardo pianohackr|work: eheh
22:00 pianohackr|work Maybe you kansans run your power plants off of boredom and it's carbon neutral anyway, I dunno
22:01 ricardo WTH is a kansan?
22:01 pianohackr|work wizzyrea's from the state of kansas, I'm from colorado :)
22:02 pianohackr|work We're right next to each other, I think we're supposed to have a rivalry or something
22:02 ricardo pianohackr|work: Oh... That's an "USism" then. OK  ;-)
22:02 pianohackr|work ricardo: Yup
22:02 ricardo pianohackr|work: I'm on the other side of "The Big Pond", you insensitive clod!  ;-)
22:03 pianohackr|work Bah
22:04 pianohackr|work Consider this free and unasked-for slang education :P
22:04 ricardo LOL!
22:05 * ricardo is translating line 47480 of the Portuguese staff PO file (this never ends...)
22:06 pianohackr|work we appreciate it!
22:07 pianohackr|work note that this appreciation is not for use as legal tender
22:07 ricardo pianohackr|work: Eheh
22:07 ricardo Ah... The bliss of youth... that learn the Law at a tender age  ;-)
22:07 schuster see ya!
22:07 ricardo Bye schuster :)
22:08 pianohackr|work bye schuster
22:08 * pianohackr|work finds his "bliss of youth" cudgel
22:09 wizzyrea left #koha
22:09 schuster left #koha
22:10 ricardo[…]&client=firefox-a
22:10 wizzyrea joined #koha
22:10 ricardo Easier URL:
22:10 ricardo
22:10 ricardo wb wizzyrea. I was starting to think that you ran away, saddened by our conversation  ;-)
22:10 pianohackr|work it's the tool I use in my imagination on someone when they say youth is blissful :)
22:11 ricardo pianohackr|work: Temper, temper...
22:11 pianohackr|work hehe
22:11 ricardo And reached the last line! Yay! :D Now it's time to correct some more  :(
22:12 pianohackr|work good luck, translation's always tiring
22:12 ricardo pianohackr|work: True. Thanks  :)
22:17 wizzyrea hehe
22:17 wizzyrea no, our usually extremely reliable ISP has had the week from hell this week
22:17 wizzyrea last friday it as down for 3 hours (hours!!!)
22:17 wizzyrea then it was down all day Sunday and half of Monday
22:17 wizzyrea ok most of the week
22:17 pianohackr|work who is it?
22:17 wizzyrea then just exploded again
22:18 wizzyrea KanREN
22:18 wizzyrea Kansas Research and Education Network
22:18 wizzyrea non-profit ISP for higher ed/libraries/schools in kansas
22:18 pianohackr|work ahh, okay
22:18 pianohackr|work co's gonna have one of those someday
22:19 wizzyrea but this is the most downtime we've had in the whole time I've been at NEKLS
22:19 wizzyrea almost 5 years
22:19 pianohackr|work It's in the early committee stages, which means it should become usable sometime after my grandchildren are born
22:19 wizzyrea oi lol
22:19 pianohackr|work can't work in government without cynicism
22:20 wizzyrea true
22:20 wizzyrea and even that is predicated on finding a compatible mate with which to mix your DNS
22:20 wizzyrea er
22:20 wizzyrea lol
22:20 wizzyrea DNA
22:20 wizzyrea see, I've been working on DN*S* all day
22:21 * pianohackr|work sidles up to wizzyrea's dns server, introduces self
22:24 * wizzyrea falls off of her chair laughing
22:24 * wizzyrea imagines PH going "hey baby, wanna resolve some hostnames? We can reverse them later..."
22:25 pianohackr|work hahahahaha
22:25 ricardo wizzyrea: You naughty girl...  ;-)
22:25 pianohackr|work Hey, the DNS server was totally checking me out
22:26 wizzyrea yea, it was definitely sending you axfr style updates
22:26 pianohackr|work hehehehe
22:26 pianohackr|work we obviously have been working waaay too long
22:26 wizzyrea HEHE yes, probably so
22:27 wizzyrea we could even go into the realm of discussing Bind, but this is a family channel.
22:27 pianohackr|work hey now
22:27 chris awesome
22:27 wizzyrea lol... so I have the DNS and BIND book on my desk
22:27 wizzyrea I just opened it randomly
22:28 wizzyrea and the chapter it fell on
22:28 wizzyrea (lol)
22:28 chris 4 skinned knuckles and 9 pruned trees later
22:28 chris i hate gardening
22:28 wizzyrea "How to become a Parent: creating subdomains"
22:28 * chris croncretes everything
22:28 wizzyrea rofl
22:28 pianohackr|work hahahaha
22:28 wizzyrea (seriously. I did not plan that)
22:29 wizzyrea chris paved paradise and put up a parking lot
22:30 pianohackr|work and a big yellow taxi, took my old dns away
22:31 wizzyrea ah thank you, that was a good laugh
22:31 pianohackr|work thank you for your typo :)
22:33 wizzyrea hey, if I can't help, at least I can be funny
22:34 pianohackr|work patches or dns-based innuendo, your choice
22:34 ricardo chris: Who won? You or the trees?  ;-)
22:38 chris the trees
22:39 ricardo chris:LOL!
22:41 wizzyrea PH, see, chris is more of an enemy to the trees than I am
22:41 wizzyrea pbbbbrt
22:41 ricardo wizzyrea: ROTFL! True
22:42 ricardo chris: You just became pianohackr|work #1 Enemy!  ;-)
22:43 moodaepo left #koha
22:43 pianohackr|work hahahaha
22:44 chris hehe
22:44 chris he can come prune my trees then
22:44 chris :)
22:44 ricardo chris: LOL
22:49 brendan purchase me a ticket and I'll be more than glad to prune trees
22:49 * brendan can shape them into artwork too
22:49 wizzyrea ooh fancy
22:49 wizzyrea treehugger!!
22:50 chris heh
22:50 wizzyrea j/k, I like treehuggers
22:50 wizzyrea it may not compel me to switch to zebra, though
22:50 wizzyrea >.>
22:50 chris seriously tho
22:51 chris nozebra doesnt actually work very well
22:51 wizzyrea they're not complaining
22:51 ricardo chris: Thou shalt not speak less of NoZebra!  ;-)
22:51 wizzyrea well maybe I will switch them
22:51 wizzyrea I just dread configuring zebra >.<
22:52 pianohackr|work chris: what is the official enumerated list for the nozebra riot act?
22:52 wizzyrea might as well get the practice in though
22:52 wizzyrea sigh
22:52 pianohackr|work I know it pollutes the logs and is slow, but...
22:52 chris heh
22:52 chris its unmaintained is the main issue
22:52 pianohackr|work zebra is one of the least friendly professional software packages I've had to deal with
22:52 ricardo wizzyrea: *nod* I gave up trying to set up Zebra in SUSE (openSUSE / SLES)
22:52 brendan wizzyrea --> you've got us all here now to help
22:53 chris nahuel and i were talking about that
22:53 wizzyrea well I'm not trying anything like that, Ubuntu is all the more exotic as I'll go these days
22:53 wizzyrea or debian
22:53 wizzyrea this particular one is on ubuntu
22:54 wizzyrea brendan: and boy do I appreciate that
22:54 wizzyrea I can't even count the number of times I'd have been up poo creek without you all
22:54 wizzyrea since it's close to thanksgiving, I'll just go ahead and tell you: I'm thankful for every one of you.
22:54 brendan don't want to even get near poo creek
22:55 wizzyrea it's stinky
22:57 ricardo brendan: "poo creek"?
22:57 wizzyrea poo as in... poop
22:57 brendan @define poop
22:57 munin brendan: Error: "define" is not a valid command.
22:58 brendan bummer
22:58 wizzyrea @google poop
22:58 munin wizzyrea: Error: You must have a free Google web services license key in order to use this command.  You can get one at <>.  Once you have one, you can set it with the command "config supybot.plugins.Google.licenseKey <key>".
22:58 wizzyrea awwww
22:58 wizzyrea hm, if you had the key you could probably @google define: poop
22:58 ricardo Yeah, I know what "poo" is... and also "creek". But what is "poo creek"? :)
22:58 wizzyrea it's a stinky place no one wants to be
22:58 pianohackr|work ricardo: as in up <poo> creek without a paddle
22:58 ricardo pianohackr|work: OK.
22:59 ricardo Figurative expression
22:59 ricardo Got it
22:59 pianohackr|work yup
22:59 ricardo :)
22:59 brendan :)
23:06 ricardo brendan: Like I would be "up the creek without a paddle" if I didn't have this book in my hand for translating the UNIMARC english sections to portuguese (the online references miss some things that are in the book):
23:06 ricardo[…]dicoes&Itemid=380
23:06 brendan Yup
23:06 chris ok back to gardening i go
23:07 pianohackr|work good luck
23:07 pianohackr|work tell those trees they're going to have to deal with wizzyrea if they give you any more trouble
23:08 ricardo chris: I think I'll send you the updated file tomorrow or Sunday (I'm doing a 2nd revision/correction pass)
23:57 ricardo It's midnight people. Time to go home!  :)
23:58 pianohackr|work Good night, I'm headed home too
23:58 pianohackr|work left #koha
23:59 ricardo left #koha

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