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00:20 ricardo Going to bed. Take care!
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00:31 pianohacker chris: one of these days (after sysprefs editor, powerline, etc.; probably not till next summer), I'd like to spend some time resolving the memory leak problems in koha so we can have daemons
00:31 pianohacker chris: if you have any mentoring or advice on the subject, it'd be greatly appreciated
00:31 chris cool,id be keen to help out with that
00:32 pianohacker awesome
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00:49 pianohacker good night
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01:55 chris_n2 hehe.... "The ubiquitous Asian woman who appears on every page and on the cover sheet, and always next to Abram’s name, making it seem like maybe that’s what he looks like."
02:11 chris_n2 chris++ # "...three guys with a pizza watching some debugging stack..."
02:12 chris heh
02:13 chris one of my fave comments to date is
02:13 chris[…]1/#comment-128700
02:19 chris_n2 opps... sorry chris I thought that quote was your's (sure sounds like it ;-)
02:21 chris :)
02:23 chris ive decided not to comment on his blog anymore, since he feels the need to post every comment with his rebuttal attached
02:23 chris all it does is give him more platform to spin
02:24 chris_n2 yeah, he does seem to smell like a rose in spite of it all
02:24 chris one thing i notice, is that with all these kinds of attack pieces, as soon as they called on it, they start trying to play the martyr card
02:25 chris yeah thats entirely his job, and why i wish librarians would stop getting him to keynote
02:25 chris he is a spin dr, and i wouldnt believe him if he told me the sky is blue, without going to check for myself first
02:25 chris_n2 heh
02:26 * chris_n2 steps outside for a minute... :-)
02:28 chris so my advice to anyone, is don't play in his sandpit where he controls the game, rebut him on a blog where you have some control
02:29 chris_n2 indeed, one has to be careful not to spit into the wind
02:32 chris_n2 and the prevailing wind seems to be coming from the direction of the lighthouse atm
02:32 chris heh
02:32 chris tep
02:32 chris yep even
02:44 chris just tweeted that suggestion
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02:45 ian Hey Chis:::hey - if something is done where the branch is insecure - where do the stats go?
02:46 chris branch is insecure?
02:46 ian set branch
02:47 ian actually that's a point
02:47 ian you can't set it to insecure
02:47 chris yeah it shouldnt be set to that
02:47 ian but when someone "fools" with firefox versions etc branch comes up initially as insecure
02:48 ian until you reset it
02:48 chris in that case they wotn be logged against any branch
02:49 ian logged at all ya reckon?
02:50 ian will try a flat count vs group by branch
02:50 chris yeah good idea
02:52 ian same fig...
03:00 ian looks like they aren't logged...possible?
03:01 chris could be, it might be that logging requires a branch
03:01 ian any other place where i can check?
03:02 chris select count(*) from statistics where branch is NULL;
03:03 ian yipes...
03:03 ian lots
03:03 chris yeah most of them will be reserves from the opac
03:03 chris but i suspect in there are where the missing ones are, if they are anywhere
03:04 ian roger
03:04 ian but opac reserves are in there?
03:05 ian and opac renewals?
03:05 ian :-0
03:05 chris yes
03:05 chris since they dont actually have a branch
03:11 ian for the stats - can i "assume" that the null stuff in the stats table (with type and date parameters set) ARE opac happenings
03:11 ian ?
03:11 chris they might be transactions with no branch set too
03:12 chris most of them will be opac happenings though
03:13 ian i mean narrowing it down to say renewals in OCT with branch null
03:15 chris yep most of them will be opac
03:15 chris but some might be staff with no branch set doing renewals too
03:16 ian right - just looking now...
03:22 ian select count(*) from statistics  where type = 'renew'  and datetime >= '2009-10-01' and datetime < '2009-11-01' and  branch is NULL;
03:22 ian this gives me nuttin'
03:22 ian 0
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03:23 ian don't know where my opac renewals are...
03:23 Amit hi chris, brendan
03:23 Amit good morning #koha
03:24 brendan evening Amit
03:24 Amit heya richard
03:24 ian this 'insecure' is making me just that...
03:25 chris it may be now that they are actually logged against a branch, i know that was a bug that was logged, so it might be fixed now, and they are logged against the branch they were issued from
03:26 ian that's what i kinda assumed
03:31 ian sorry, don't wanna bug - but the branchcode in reserves is where they want to pick-up from??????
03:31 ian is that rigt....?
03:31 ian not getting results where branchcode is NULL;
03:39 chris yeah there should never be a null branchcode in reserves
03:39 chris in the reserves table that is
03:40 chris no idea without checking the code what branch it puts in statistics
03:46 ian ok, I've calmed down now - thought i might have stumbled onto a treasure trove of previously unfound stats...
03:46 ian had a touch of gold fever...
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04:14 Amit_G @wunder Chandigarh
04:14 munin Amit_G: Error: No such location could be found.
04:15 Susan-Dev good morning
04:15 Susan-Dev Someone a awake? Need help with Koha - Authorities.
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04:24 Susan-Dev I can explain the issue I guess for whoever is out there :).  I create an authority - such as Corporate Name, or Personal name, and I only fill  Tab 1, Tag @ [name]
04:24 Susan-Dev I do rebuild zebra - a, i see it exported the new authority that I added
04:24 chris its those permission errors
04:24 chris [warn] zebra_lock_create fail fname=/var/lock/koha/zebradb/authorities/norm..LCK [Permission denied] 14:04:21-15/11 zebrasrv(108) [warn] zebra_lock_create fail fname=/var/lock/koha/zebra​db/authorities/shadow..LCK [Permission denie
04:25 chris it cant access the database because it doesnt have permissions too
04:25 Susan-Dev I fixed those permissions Chris
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04:25 Susan-Dev Now they don't show up, but still nothing is returned to me by searching
04:25 chris what error are you getting now?
04:25 chris still an ERROR 109 ?
04:25 Susan-Dev and lookinga t the list, some say change MainDHeading to "Haeding" but I already have that fixed in my version of Koha
04:26 Susan-Dev Yes, but kindly give me a minute or 2 to load it up aagain
04:26 Susan-Dev and post the error message
04:26 chris k
04:26 chris you can use
04:28 Susan-Dev ok let me try
04:30 pastebot "Susan-Dev" at pasted "Zebra rebuilding" (84 lines) at
04:30 Susan-Dev Please Help: Authority Search - Not returning Result. Zebra Index Picks up 4 Authority Records
04:30 Susan-Dev Kindly note, this is my rebuild zebra with -a -b -r options
04:31 Susan-Dev Now I will add a new authority to see if I get any errors.  I am running this on my test machine "fresh", since I think I might have ruined my dev
04:35 pastebot "Susan-Dev" at pasted "marc record of new authority" (19 lines) at
04:36 * chris has to head home very shortly
04:36 chris but i will be back after i have fed my sons and put them to bed :)
04:36 Susan-Dev ok Chris, but pleaseee come back
04:36 Susan-Dev :)
04:36 Susan-Dev I will stay online till I get this issue fixed
04:38 pastebot "Susan-Dev" at pasted "Koha zebraqueue output log file after searching for "Chris"" (10 lines) at
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04:54 Susan-Dev While exporting the authorities, there is an issue that shows in the log file of zebra_rebuild
04:55 Susan-Dev it says "No such record type: dom./etc/koha/zebradb/authori​ties/etc/dom-config-marc.xml
04:55 Susan-Dev but this file exists....
04:55 Susan-Dev and I just checked on its permissions, its full 777 owned by Koha user
05:26 Susan-Dev when is chris coming back............? :)
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06:19 fredericd hi
06:25 Amit_G hi fredericd
06:28 fredericd Amit_G: hi
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06:48 Susan-Dev2 Hi did Chris come back?
06:48 Susan-Dev2 My irc chat froze and I don't know what hapepnd
06:48 Susan-Dev2 ??
06:48 Susan-Dev2 Anyone :)
06:50 Ropuch Morning #koha
06:55 chris ok, kids in bed
06:55 Susan-Dev2 thank god
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06:55 Susan-Dev2 :)
06:55 Susan-Dev2 So how do I start to get you to help me with this?
06:56 chris ok, its not the zebraqueue log we want
06:56 Susan-Dev2 Your the brain
06:56 Susan-Dev2 what log do we want?
06:57 chris its koha-zebradaemon one
06:57 Susan-Dev2 ok let me see
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06:58 |Lupin| good day all
06:58 Susan-Dev2 output or error file Chris??
06:58 Susan-Dev2 My output one is empty....
06:58 Susan-Dev2 completly empty
06:58 Susan-Dev2 Because I erased it an hour ago, but I still did alot of work after that {adding new authority/searching}
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06:59 kf good morning #koha
07:00 chris well that should get something in it everytime you search
07:00 chris are you using debian?
07:00 chris if so
07:00 Susan-Dev2 OpenSUSe
07:00 Susan-Dev2 sorry Ubuntu
07:01 fredericd |Lupin|: hello!
07:01 chris ok, stop your zebraserver
07:01 Susan-Dev2 this is stupid..but how?
07:01 Susan-Dev2 :)
07:02 Susan-Dev2 should I just do kill all processes that grep with zebrasrv??
07:03 Amit_G hi lupin, kf
07:03 chris no dont do that, the daemon will just restart it
07:03 Susan-Dev2 so how should I shut it?
07:03 chris there should be a script in /etc/init.d/
07:04 kf hi Amit
07:04 Susan-Dev2 I know you must be busy chris, but I really hope you could help.
07:04 chris that you would have put there when you installed koha
07:04 chris find what that is called
07:04 |Lupin| guten tag kf :)
07:04 chris then sudo /etc/init.d/that_script stop
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07:04 Ropuch Guten Tag, kf [;\
07:05 Susan-Dev2 There is only three with zebra
07:05 Susan-Dev2 koha-zebra-daemon
07:05 |Lupin| anyone know if there is a way to control the way apache errors are logged, please ?
07:05 Susan-Dev2 koha-zebra-deamon --< i guess I did two daemons hehe with mispelled names
07:05 Susan-Dev2 and koha-zebraqueue-daemon
07:05 Susan-Dev2 which one should I go stop??
07:05 |Lupin| ErorLog specifies only the file, I'm looking for something to control the formatting of errors. LogFormat is not taken into account when logging erors...
07:06 chris the first one, and you shouldnt be using the second one, you should have a cronjob that calls instead of the zebraqueue one
07:06 kf Guten Tag, Ropuch. how is your German course going?
07:06 |Lupin| (the problem I'd like to address is that the date is logged twice in error logs and I don't know why...)
07:06 chris i think frederic just said that in an email too :)
07:07 Ropuch kf: I'm still at german-is-quite-easy point [;
07:07 kf Ropuch: hope you can stay there :)
07:07 Susan-Dev2 so I should look at the crontab file??
07:07 Susan-Dev2 My crontab is running as ROOT
07:07 Susan-Dev2 its a root crontab
07:08 Ropuch kf: me too :)
07:08 chris not yet, just stop that koha-zebra-daemon one
07:08 fredericd chris: INSTALL.debian-lenny, line 200: it's suggested to use zebraqueue_daemon...
07:08 chris yeah, that needs to be fixed
07:08 chris but not now, first lets get susan able to search authorities
07:09 chris so stop, and verify zebrasrv isnt running
07:09 Susan-Dev2 i forgot how to edit my root cron
07:09 Susan-Dev2 I tried crontabl -e -u root
07:09 Susan-Dev2 but that does not work..
07:09 chris leave the cron alone for now
07:09 chris first we need to stop zebra
07:10 Susan-Dev2 so to stop zebra I have to go koha-zebra-daemon stop?
07:10 Susan-Dev2 correct??
07:10 chris sudo /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon stop
07:10 Susan-Dev2 ok I stopped it
07:10 Susan-Dev2 and to check that it is stopped, do I do ps -ef | grep zebra
07:10 Susan-Dev2 ??
07:10 kf now Drupal - nice
07:10 chris yes
07:11 Susan-Dev2 Looking at my processes.  I see daemon --name=koha-zebraueue4-ctl-koha running??
07:11 Susan-Dev2 and perl -I /usr/share/koha/bin/ also running
07:11 Susan-Dev2 but thats it..
07:11 chris yeah ignore those for now
07:11 Susan-Dev2 ok
07:11 Susan-Dev2 check
07:12 chris ok, look at that file, and on line to it says USER=something
07:12 Susan-Dev2 what file sorry??
07:12 chris what is something? (probably koha, but we need to check)
07:12 chris /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon
07:12 Susan-Dev2 ok let me check for you
07:12 chris line two that should be
07:13 Susan-Dev2 koha
07:13 Susan-Dev2 USER=koha
07:13 Susan-Dev2 Group=koha
07:13 chris cool
07:13 Susan-Dev2 by the way, my biblios work A+++, only authorities don't pick up
07:13 chris ok, now we are going to start zebrasrv by hand
07:13 chris so first
07:13 Susan-Dev2 ok
07:13 chris sudo su - koha
07:13 chris (changes us to the koha user)
07:14 chris then
07:14 chris zebrasrv -f /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
07:14 Susan-Dev2 wait wait
07:14 Susan-Dev2 I tried sudo su - koha
07:14 Susan-Dev2 but its doesnt seem to switch me to user koha
07:14 Susan-Dev2 I only get $
07:14 chris type whoami
07:15 Susan-Dev2 it says I am koha
07:15 Susan-Dev2 hehe
07:15 chris then you are :)
07:15 Susan-Dev2 Yes I am
07:15 Susan-Dev2 ok so now I go
07:15 Susan-Dev2 zebrasrv -f /etc/koha/koha-confxml
07:15 chris yep
07:15 Susan-Dev2 it says
07:15 Susan-Dev2 starting server PID 20923
07:15 Susan-Dev2 everything looks good from start
07:16 chris cool, now try an authorities search
07:16 Susan-Dev2 do I do rebuild zebra first???
07:16 chris and you should see stuff happen in zebra
07:16 chris no, not yet
07:16 chris lets just try a search and see what the error is first
07:16 Susan-Dev2 ok whatever it exported before, I should test it on that..I will do that now
07:17 Susan-Dev2 ok I am in now..I did a search
07:17 Susan-Dev2 do you want me to copy/paste for you??
07:17 chris yes please
07:17 Susan-Dev2 ok one minute
07:19 pastebot "Susan-Dev2" at pasted "Search authorities ERROR 109 1 1+0 RPN @attrset Bib-1 @or @attr "1=Heading" @attr 7=1 0 @and @attr" (35 lines) at
07:19 Susan-Dev2 this is the contents of what showed up
07:19 chris yep, ERROR 109 still
07:19 chris thats the salient bit
07:19 Susan-Dev2 :( :(
07:20 chris so all the advice about Heading etc wont make any difference
07:20 Susan-Dev2 No I did that
07:20 Susan-Dev2 It is not "Main Heading", its "heading"
07:20 Susan-Dev2 in my current version of Koha which is 3.00.00
07:20 Susan-Dev2 I think?
07:21 Susan-Dev2 any other advice? Like connecting to the authoritysocket to see if it connects even??
07:21 Susan-Dev2 or something like that...sighs
07:21 Susan-Dev2 I don't even know how to go about anything now..I did my research..alot
07:22 chris that means database unavailable
07:22 chris so its not that its searching the wrong thing, but that there is no authorities database
07:22 Susan-Dev2 Right...but why it is not unavailable? Is it username/password issue, is it permissions issue? I have no idea
07:22 chris no, it doesnt exist
07:23 Susan-Dev2 why is that?? I installed Koha correctly with no issues
07:23 Susan-Dev2 HOw do I create it??
07:23 chris well you had permissions issues, so it probably wasnt initialised correctly
07:23 Susan-Dev2 by the way, i don't know if this si helpful or not..but during the authority section of the rebuild_zebra...I got a message saying no record type found: dom./etc/stuf stuf stuf
07:23 chris 2 seconds ill find out
07:24 chris yes, that will probably have meant it didnt build the indexes hence the ERROR 109
07:24 Susan-Dev2 but that .xml file exists
07:24 chris can you run
07:24 Susan-Dev2 I went to it and I found it
07:24 Susan-Dev2 and I checked its permissions its 777 and owned by khoa
07:24 Susan-Dev2 koha
07:25 chris -a -v
07:25 Susan-Dev2 ok let me try
07:25 chris and paste the whole of the output
07:26 Susan-Dev2 It does not like -v
07:26 Susan-Dev2 it says not found in list of commands or something like that
07:28 Susan-Dev2 I can do it with only -a or -b..or other things..but -v is not there
07:28 chris ah, it is in newer versions, that is annoying
07:28 chris ok try it with just -b
07:29 Susan-Dev2 -b is for biblios? ok
07:29 chris sorry -a
07:29 Susan-Dev2 ok chris
07:29 Susan-Dev2 I will copy/paste it now
07:30 pastebot "Susan-Dev2" at pasted "No such record type: dom./etc/koha/zebradb/authori​ties/etc/dom-config-marc.xml" (45 lines) at
07:30 Susan-Dev2 done
07:30 Susan-Dev2 Hope this can give you a clue
07:31 chris 11:27:12-02/11 zebraidx(10017) [log] Records:       0 i/u/d 0/0/0
07:32 chris yes, it didnt insert any records at all
07:32 Susan-Dev2 any ideas why??
07:32 chris that is why you are getting 109, because there are no records
07:32 chris no
07:32 chris not off the top of my head
07:32 Susan-Dev2 oh..
07:33 chris but if you paste that whole bit, plus the zebra log
07:33 chris then hopefully one of the people who knows about authorities, like HDL will be able to help
07:33 laurence joined #koha
07:33 chris (paste into an email)
07:33 Susan-Dev2 ok
07:37 Susan-Dev2 I did chris..
07:37 Susan-Dev2 I don't know what else to do..this issue has been going on for 3 days now
07:37 Susan-Dev2 non stop working on no avail
07:40 chris yep, it always helps to give more information than less ... i think now there should be enough for some of the people who use authorities to spot the problem
07:41 Susan-Dev2 ok chris.  But I have another question.  We need authorities right? When when create a new marc record, we have to create authors before hand??
07:41 Susan-Dev2 It does not allow us to enter details..we have to choose from pop up window
07:41 Susan-Dev2 so they are important??
07:42 fredericd Susan-Dev2: You can ignore completely authorities if you don't need them.
07:42 chris librarians think so :)
07:42 chris but yeah you can turn that off in the marc frameworks, so you can just enter authors straight away
07:43 chris its not a koha requirement to use authorities but your librarians might want them
07:45 fredericd Susan-Dev2: You can try to switch your zebra authorities DB from DOM to GRS1
07:46 fredericd In you koha-conf.xml file, locate a line containing zebra-authorities-dom.cfg
07:46 Susan-Dev2 let me see
07:46 Susan-Dev2 hi fredericd first
07:46 Susan-Dev2 and now let me see
07:46 Susan-Dev2 :)
07:46 fredericd Suppress -dom to get zebra-authorities.cfg
07:46 fredericd then rebuild_zebra and see what happens
07:47 Susan-Dev2 um where do I go to edit this dom feature??
07:47 Susan-Dev2 in koha-conf.xml??
07:47 fredericd yes
07:48 Susan-Dev2 ok I see zebra-authorities-dom.cfg
07:48 Susan-Dev2 what do I change it to??
07:49 fredericd remove '-dom' (in the line <config>...)
07:50 Susan-Dev2 ok let me do that
07:50 Susan-Dev2 done now? Should I just do rebuild_zebra -a?
07:50 Susan-Dev2 without restarting the zebra server?
07:51 fredericd not required, just rebuilt indexes
07:51 Susan-Dev2 it gave me a dfiferent error now
07:51 Susan-Dev2 it says Record didn't contain match fields in (bib1, Local-Number)
07:51 Susan-Dev2 Bad Match criteria
07:51 Susan-Dev2 and also 0 records are entered into DB
07:52 Susan-Dev2 I will copy/paste it
07:52 Susan-Dev2 give mea  minute please
07:53 CGI908 joined #koha
07:53 fredericd There is really something strange in your installation...
07:53 pastebot "Susan-Dev2" at pasted "Record didn't contain match fields in (bib1,Local-Number)" (49 lines) at
07:54 fredericd Local-Number is defined in marc21/authorities/record.abs
07:54 Susan-Dev2 I followed the documents online and I never had any issues during installation..maybe only permissions when I tried to do biblio serach before
07:54 fredericd which document and what Koha version?
07:54 fredericd Are you in MARC21?
07:54 CGI908 left #koha
07:54 Susan-Dev2 I dont know
07:54 Susan-Dev2 how can I tell??
07:55 fredericd In Koha Administration, system preference 'marcflavour'
07:56 Susan-Dev2 MARC21
07:56 Susan-Dev2 Yes
07:57 Susan-Dev2 do you want to see what my record.abs
07:57 Susan-Dev2 has??
07:58 fredericd In record.abs, you should have a line:
07:58 fredericd melm 001 Local-Number
07:58 Susan-Dev2 Yes
07:58 Susan-Dev2 Yes I have that
07:58 Susan-Dev2 sighs...i worry that I may never able able to solve this.....:(
07:58 fredericd In order for zebra to identify authoriy records, you need to have 001 tag with koha authority uniq ID
07:58 Susan-Dev2 * think positive thoughts*
07:59 Susan-Dev2 it says
07:59 Susan-Dev2 all any
07:59 Susan-Dev2 melm 001 Local-Number
07:59 Susan-Dev2 melm 942$a authtype
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08:00 fredericd it's ok
08:00 Susan-Dev2 and when I create an authority..I go to tab 1..and fill in ONLY tag @a with information
08:00 Susan-Dev2 only tag a)
08:00 Susan-Dev2 then save..then search
08:00 fredericd Go in Administration > Authority types
08:00 Susan-Dev2 but I get nothing...
08:00 Susan-Dev2 is there any other data that I have to fill in?? OK I will go there now
08:01 Susan-Dev2 ok I am in
08:01 fredericd click on MARC structure
08:01 fredericd link
08:01 Susan-Dev2 of which one?? there are many??
08:01 Susan-Dev2 the default? personal name [which I use}
08:02 Susan-Dev2 or which ones?
08:02 fredericd so personal name
08:02 Susan-Dev2 ok
08:02 Susan-Dev2 in
08:02 fredericd On 001 tag, click subfields
08:03 Susan-Dev2 ok
08:03 Susan-Dev2 i only se one
08:03 Susan-Dev2 @
08:03 fredericd You MUST see auth_header.authid in Constraints
08:03 Susan-Dev2 auth_header.authid
08:03 Susan-Dev2 is there
08:04 Susan-Dev2 Tab :0, |Koha field: auth_header.authid, Not repeatable, Not Mandatory
08:05 fredericd Do you have access to your MySQL DB?
08:05 Susan-Dev2 yes I do
08:05 Susan-Dev2 before anything, do I leave zebra-authorities.cfg in the config..or do i put back -dom??
08:06 fredericd leave it as it is, you get a better error message. but at the end, you will have to switch back in dom mode
08:07 fredericd In MySQL:
08:07 fredericd SELECT * FROM auth_header\G
08:07 fredericd you will see all your authorities
08:08 Susan-Dev2 ok let me try
08:08 Susan-Dev2 ok I see some data
08:08 Susan-Dev2 should I copy/paste for you??
08:09 fredericd You have a authid for each record.
08:09 Susan-Dev2 authid the column in mysql? Yes 1, 2, 3
08:09 Susan-Dev2 with authtypecode PERSO_NAME
08:09 fredericd You must have it also in marcxml field, in <controlfield tag="001">
08:09 fredericd 001 tag MUST contain authid
08:10 Susan-Dev2 my marcxml colum in mysqldatabase is just TEXT
08:10 Susan-Dev2 There is no xml tags in here
08:10 Susan-Dev2 so I don't know how to find it...
08:10 Susan-Dev2 but looking at the patterns, I see 1, 2, 3
08:10 Susan-Dev2 but of course not in XML tags
08:10 fredericd You have a field named 'marcxml', isn't it?
08:10 Susan-Dev2 yes
08:11 Susan-Dev2 but not xml text inside
08:11 Susan-Dev2 just normal text
08:11 Susan-Dev2 doyou know what I mean?
08:11 Susan-Dev2 Nothing <tag></tag>'
08:11 Susan-Dev2 just normal text
08:11 Susan-Dev2 I will copy paste it for you
08:11 fredericd What MySQL client do you use?
08:11 Susan-Dev2 ...umm I am using webmin to view my database entries
08:11 Susan-Dev2 so maye it does not like to show me xml tags
08:12 fredericd that's it
08:12 Susan-Dev2 whats it?
08:12 fredericd xml tags are removed by your MySQL client...
08:12 Susan-Dev2 ...ummm?? but Biblios dont have marcxml also??
08:12 Susan-Dev2 because biblios work..
08:13 Susan-Dev2 but I have mysql installed in ubuntu
08:13 Susan-Dev2 this webmin is just "Viewing" mode
08:13 Susan-Dev2 not changing anything
08:13 fredericd !!!
08:13 Susan-Dev2 am i wrong? *sighs..
08:14 fredericd If you can see xml tags for biblio record, you should see them also for authoriy records
08:15 Susan-Dev2 where do I go to see the xml tags for biblios? What table
08:15 fredericd biblioitems
08:15 Susan-Dev2 crap you are so right
08:15 Susan-Dev2 I see XML in biblioITEMS
08:15 Susan-Dev2 but no xml in auth_types
08:15 Susan-Dev2 so how do I fix this now??
08:16 Susan-Dev2 sorry auth_header
08:17 fredericd very strange
08:17 fredericd you authority are not properly recorded
08:18 fredericd during installation, have you runned script?
08:19 Susan-Dev2 I don't remember
08:19 Susan-Dev2 so what should I do now?
08:20 fredericd You may have something wrong in XML SAX parser used by Koha
08:20 fredericd find script and run it. Tell me what you get
08:20 Susan-Dev2 ok let me try
08:20 Susan-Dev2 thanks for your patience fredericd
08:21 Susan-Dev2 I there is one under /usr/share/koha/bin/
08:22 Susan-Dev2 do i run it like perl -I /usr/share/koha/bin/sax_parser_print.p.
08:22 fredericd -I is not required
08:23 Susan-Dev2 ok I get
08:23 Susan-Dev2 XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser=HASH(0x873c788)
08:24 fredericd it's correct :-(
08:24 Susan-Dev2 aye...
08:24 Susan-Dev2 I am dying here :(
08:25 fredericd Yes, that's your only way out...
08:25 Susan-Dev2 hehe
08:25 Susan-Dev2 Do you know when hdl might come online???
08:26 Susan-Dev2 I doand where does he live, I think we have a time diference
08:26 fredericd Could you try to see your first authority in your browser by appending that to your koha server:
08:26 fredericd /cgi-bin/koha/authorities/
08:27 Susan-Dev2 oh..I can do that? Let me try
08:27 Susan-Dev2 I get data
08:28 Susan-Dev2 but I also used to get it before..because it shows it to me after I create a new authority
08:28 fredericd What you you have in 001?
08:28 Susan-Dev2 tag @ 1
08:29 fredericd which is correct
08:29 Susan-Dev2 and 001 - CONTROL NUMBER
08:29 Susan-Dev2 there is only the issue if it NOT being stored in the zebradb
08:29 Susan-Dev2 why? I don't know
08:29 Susan-Dev2 why why!! sighs
08:29 Susan-Dev2 Koha creates the authority fine.  But the indexing is from zebra, thats how koha does its search
08:30 Susan-Dev2 and Chris saysid that my database for Authority is not making indexes
08:30 chris its not creating it fine, if it is not xml
08:30 Susan-Dev2 but I am killing myself here, why does biblio work and not authority...........
08:30 chris thats why it cant index it
08:30 chris because biblio has xml
08:30 Susan-Dev2 and who is responsible for making it xml??
08:30 Susan-Dev2 any speific file? So I can look at the code
08:30 fredericd chris: But Susan-Dev2 can see authority in
08:31 chris yes, but that might be displaying it from the sql
08:31 Susan-Dev2 yes..most likley
08:31 chris not the marcxml
08:32 chris we need someone who uses authorities to tell us what is in their table
08:32 fredericd or from marc field?
08:32 fredericd usually, there is something in marcxml field
08:32 paul_p joined #koha
08:32 chris Susan-Dev2: can you run -a -k
08:33 Susan-Dev2 let me try that
08:33 chris that will not delete the files after
08:33 chris then you can cut and paste what the file looks like
08:33 francharb joined #koha
08:34 Susan-Dev2 please fred don't leave...stay with the conversation with chris
08:34 Susan-Dev2 two heads better than 1
08:34 Susan-Dev2 do you want me to look at the weird file at /tmp/UzzPEMDpwy??
08:34 chris yes
08:35 chris that is actually a directory, you need to find the in there
08:35 Susan-Dev2 ....
08:35 Susan-Dev2 left #koha
08:36 Koha-Susan joined #koha
08:36 Koha-Susan sorry
08:36 Koha-Susan I am back
08:36 Koha-Susan give mea  minute please and let me see how to go into this directory
08:36 nahuel joined #koha
08:37 Koha-Susan I am in
08:37 Koha-Susan should I go into exported_records
08:37 chris yes
08:38 Koha-Susan I see the same data that was in the marcxml
08:38 Koha-Susan without the XML
08:38 Koha-Susan so normal text data
08:38 Koha-Susan with 3 records
08:38 Koha-Susan should I paste it??
08:38 fredericd Enter yaz-marcdump <filename>
08:39 chris so if its normal textdata, that will be why
08:39 Koha-Susan yaz-marcdump is not installed
08:39 chris fredericd: that should definitely be marc eh?
08:39 Koha-Susan so who is responsible for converting to xml
08:40 Koha-Susan and why is it different than our friend biblios? Shouldnt koha use the same procedures to do everything related to MARC?
08:40 Koha-Susan yaz-marcdump is not installed
08:40 Koha-Susan should I install it??
08:40 chris yes it should, and it works for others, so we are trying to find what is different in your setup
08:40 Koha-Susan oh i see...
08:41 Koha-Susan I hope you find the issue..
08:41 hdl_laptop hi all
08:41 Koha-Susan HDL..I hope this is the HDL you guys are talking about
08:42 Koha-Susan any ideas gentlmen?
08:42 Koha-Susan as to why my authorities are not stored as XML
08:42 Koha-Susan while biblios are??
08:42 Koha-Susan during zebra_rebuild -a
08:43 hdl_laptop Koha-Susan : authorities are not stored as XML where ?
08:44 Koha-Susan Hi hdl first.
08:44 fredericd chris: rebuild_zebra exports authority records in ISO2709 not in XML
08:44 Koha-Susan yes..I see alot of ISO2709 files under the Biblios
08:44 Koha-Susan but not under Authorities..
08:44 fredericd and it is supposed to fix 001 tag if not present
08:44 Koha-Susan HDL, let me introduce the issue real quick.  I create authority, I save authority, I rebuild -a , I get no results
08:45 fredericd Koha-Susan: Install yaz-marcdump
08:45 Koha-Susan with an error telling me 109
08:45 hdl_laptop database unavailable
08:45 chris fredericd: she said it is a plain text file, not a marc one
08:45 Koha-Susan search authorities error 109 1 1+0 RPN et et et
08:45 hdl_laptop have you tried to init the zebra authorities base.
08:45 Koha-Susan in my MYSQL , under AUTH_HEADER, under the column MARCXML
08:45 Koha-Susan I only see normal text
08:45 chris can you paste that file please Koha-Susan
08:45 hdl_laptop and reindex ?
08:45 Koha-Susan while looking under biblioItems i see FULL XML
08:45 Koha-Susan what file???
08:46 Koha-Susan ...init??
08:46 Koha-Susan ummmmm
08:46 Koha-Susan I think so?? but I am not sure
08:46 chris no the one rebuild created
08:46 Koha-Susan ok let me copy/paste contents of this file
08:46 Koha-Susan ok?
08:47 Koha-Susan are you guys going to be available later on or not?? crap I have a meeting in 15 minutes and I don't want to go
08:47 Koha-Susan I was lucky enough to get all three of you at once!!
08:47 hdl_laptop zebraidx -d authorities -c path/to/zebra-authorities.cfg init
08:47 hdl_laptop to initialize your database.
08:48 pastebot "Koha-Susan" at pasted "Content of the file generated from zebra -a -k" (1 line) at
08:48 chris hdl_laptop:shoud the stuff in marcxml in the database be xml or text?
08:48 hdl_laptop xml
08:49 hdl_laptop zebraidx has to be used by the user which has write access to zebra files
08:49 chris ahh that is marc Koha-Susan
08:49 Koha-Susan .umm so koha??
08:49 Koha-Susan or root??
08:49 Koha-Susan the user owning those files is koha
08:49 Koha-Susan with 777 permissions
08:49 chris koha
08:50 Koha-Susan now when I do rebuild,
08:50 Koha-Susan can I rebuild as root??
08:50 fredericd hdl_laptop: read back. You will see that Koha-Susan issue is that zebra indexer can't find authority record number
08:50 hdl_laptop fredericd: yes.
08:51 Koha-Susan do I do rebuild now hdl?
08:51 hdl_laptop But it is owed to access to database.
08:51 hdl_laptop Koha-Susan: yes. -a -reset
08:51 chris not as root
08:51 fredericd I think we need to see how your exported authority record look like before beeing send to zebra indexer
08:51 chris as koha
08:52 Koha-Susan just reinding zebra
08:52 Koha-Susan it still says Record didn't contan match fields in (bib1, Local-Number)
08:52 Koha-Susan bad match criteria
08:52 Koha-Susan records: 0
08:52 chris fredericd: you can take that file she pasted and marcdump it
08:53 fredericd Koha-Susan: could paste your file?
08:53 Koha-Susan this is of course when I changed the koha-config.xml for authorities to point to zebra-authorities.cfg, instead of zebra-authorities-dom.cfg...before it was telling me that zebra-authorities-dom.cfg is not a record thats found
08:53 Koha-Susan sure thing
08:53 Koha-Susan give me minute please
08:55 pastebot "Koha-Susan" at pasted "rebuild zebra file contents" (916 lines) at
08:55 Koha-Susan pasted
08:55 kf just reading back - we are using authorities, but not biblios. just tell me when you need me to look in our database.
08:55 Koha-Susan pardon??
08:56 Koha-Susan I am trying to search "Authorities" that I added/saved
08:56 Koha-Susan Biblios is A++++ working fine
08:56 Koha-Susan but Authorities is NOT
08:56 Koha-Susan I save it, then search for tells me database not found..or Error 109
08:56 chris <!-- Record 1 offset 0 (0x0) -->
08:56 chris 00214nz  a2200109n  4500
08:56 chris (Directory offset 108: Bad value for data length and/or length starting)
08:56 chris 001 O
08:56 Koha-Susan which also means dadtabase not found
08:56 chris all of them have 0 for 001
08:56 chris that is the problem
08:57 Koha-Susan confused./....
08:57 chris <!-- Record 2 offset 413 (0x19d) -->
08:57 chris 21:55 ~ $ yaz-marcdump test.mrc
08:57 chris 00214nz  a2200109n  4500
08:57 chris (Directory offset 108: Bad value for data length and/or length starting)
08:57 chris 001 O
08:58 chris so all of them are coming through with 0 in the 001 field
08:58 Koha-Susan so what do I do??
08:58 Koha-Susan anything?
08:59 pastebot "chris" at pasted "marcxml from yaz-marcdump" (26 lines) at
09:00 Koha-Susan I don't know what you did exactly chris
09:00 Koha-Susan but I also don't understand this result
09:00 Koha-Susan or a solution to it
09:00 Koha-Susan :(
09:00 chris its for hdl and fredericd to look at
09:01 Koha-Susan so what do I do guys??
09:01 Koha-Susan is there any hope..
09:01 chris the problem is, your records dont have 001 set properly
09:01 chris Koha-Susan: just give us some time to look at it, we cant react instantly
09:01 Koha-Susan and thats perfectly fine chris...I am going to leave my chat online right now.  I have a meeting for 2 hours.
09:01 Koha-Susan If I come back , will you guys be still here?
09:01 Koha-Susan I am not sure what time it is for you there
09:02 hdl_laptop I shall be.
09:02 Koha-Susan Thank you very much
09:02 hdl_laptop But there sure is some problem with your authority import.
09:02 Koha-Susan I will be back in 2 hours I hope they don't make me stay there for more..
09:02 hdl_laptop you should have some authid set.
09:02 chris hdl_laptop: it isnt an import
09:02 Koha-Susan Yes definitly it is my authority import.  Maybe if you tell me how to create a "Good" authority??? correctly?
09:02 chris its creating the authority in koha
09:03 Koha-Susan Because the only thing I do is fill in tab 1, tag a with a name
09:03 Koha-Susan and the rest I just click Save and then try searching for it
09:03 Koha-Susan maybe thats a wrong way fo creating authroity? I don't  know
09:03 hdl_laptop Koha-Susan: are you using MARC21 or UNIMARC ?
09:03 Koha-Susan maybe its indexing then? Rather than Import?? or maybe the import is ok, but NOT fully OK, because like Fredereic said, NO xml IN MARCXML colum
09:03 Koha-Susan MARC21
09:04 Koha-Susan while in MARCXML colum in BIBLIOITEMS, I see XML tags...
09:05 Koha-Susan Hi, just checking that |I am still connected
09:05 Koha-Susan please say yes
09:06 Koha-Susan I am in a meeting now, be back 2 hours
09:06 Koha-Susan left #koha
09:06 susan-meeting joined #koha
09:07 susan-meeting is now known as susan-meeting-2
09:07 susan-meeting-2 I am now in a meeting, but I am still looking at the logs, just can't type anyting
09:07 susan-meeting-2 \be back in 2 hours
09:18 chris personally i would check your library actually needs authorities, and if not, turn them off, and then solve this problem when you dont have a deadline
09:33 susan-meeting-2 my library director is _______
09:33 susan-meeting-2 so I have to get her authorities, she yelled at me yesterday
09:34 susan-meeting-2 still in a meeting, back maybe 30 minutes, I cut it short so I can get some help
09:34 susan-meeting-2 be back in 30 or 40 minutes to continue this
09:34 susan-meeting-2 ]
09:34 susan-meeting-2 would you believe I didnt even eat lunch today
09:34 susan-meeting-2 sighs
09:52 audun joined #koha
09:54 audun hey guys. I'm trying to import using z39.50. When  I click "add Item", I get the following msg: "found MARCXML element datafield, but the <record> wrapper is missing at /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0/MARC/File/ line 445"
09:54 audun any ideas?
10:02 CGI026 joined #koha
10:03 CGI026 left #koha
10:06 |Lupin| audun: no, no idea, sorry
10:07 |Lupin| chris: ?
10:11 susan-meeting-2 i am back
10:12 susan-meeting-2 so, who will help me? Ldp here? or chris? or fredreicd?
10:15 susan-meeting-2 left #koha
10:16 Susan-Tired joined #koha
10:18 Susan-Tired um....
10:19 hdl_laptop Susan-Tired: ?
10:19 magnusenger audun: do you get the same for all z39.50 servers? which one are you searching?
10:20 Susan-Tired thats me
10:20 Susan-Tired susan-koha, koha-dev
10:20 Susan-Tired thats all me hehe
10:20 Susan-Tired I can't seem to log out of irc for some always keeps my name there
10:20 Susan-Tired I am using the web system
10:20 Susan-Tired so hdl, could you please go with me step by step from the beginning of authority, I believe you are the expert in this part
10:20 Susan-Tired :) please??
10:26 Susan-Tired no reply? busy?
10:26 kf hi Susan, which version of Koha are u using? I just added an authority and it seemed to work ok.
10:27 Susan-Tired ok, I am using Koha 3.00.00
10:27 Susan-Tired I can't ugrade because I made a lot of customizations
10:27 kf where are u adding the authorities? cataloging or authorities module?
10:28 Susan-Tired let me see how I am adding it
10:28 Susan-Tired give mea  sec please
10:28 kf I tried from authorites, will go to cataloging now
10:28 Susan-Tired Main page, under Cataloging, i see Authorities
10:28 Susan-Tired click on new "authority"
10:29 kf ok
10:29 kf thats what I did
10:30 kf I chose personal name
10:30 Susan-Tired when you search for the authority, do you get it back>??
10:30 Susan-Tired yah personal name, then?
10:30 kf I added 100 a
10:30 Susan-Tired ok then?
10:31 kf tried to save, got prompted with missing mandatory fields, they got auto-filled and saved again
10:31 Susan-Tired ok thats what I did too
10:31 kf ok
10:31 Susan-Tired then you search for this authority and you find it?
10:31 kf yes
10:31 Susan-Tired after you do rebuild-zebra?
10:32 kf in authorities it seems to work immediately
10:32 Susan-Tired if you go to your mysql database, under table AUTH_header, for column marcxml
10:32 Susan-Tired do you see normal text data, OR xml data
10:32 kf one moment
10:32 kf I have to find it :)
10:33 Susan-Tired please do
10:33 kf over 26.000 authorities there
10:33 chris_n left #koha
10:33 Susan-Tired I just wantt os ee if this is my issue or everyone
10:33 Susan-Tired oh
10:33 chris_n joined #koha
10:33 audun magnusenger: searching and
10:33 Susan-Tired just select * from auth_header where authid=1
10:33 Susan-Tired returns first one
10:33 magnusenger audun: let me test...
10:34 kf hm
10:34 Susan-Tired well?
10:35 kf give me a sec
10:35 kf ah wrong database
10:35 Susan-Tired hehe
10:35 Susan-Tired ok I will wait
10:35 hdl_laptop Susan-Tired: can you pastebin marcxml data ?
10:36 magnusenger audun: bibsys works for me. What version are you on?
10:36 kf xml
10:36 kf and it created 001
10:36 Susan-Tired <Susan-Tired> I really dont know how to tell <Susan-Tired> can you go to the main koha site hdl..or you want private so no one bothers you? <Susan-Tired> I don't mind either.. <Susan-Tired> hdl, notice that once I do rebuild_zebra <Susan-Tired> I get the error No such record type: dom./etc/koha/zebradb/authori​ties/etc/dom-config-marc.xml <Susan-Tired> then it tells me Records: 0 i/u/d 0/0/0
10:37 Susan-Tired kindly tell me how can I paste marxml data??
10:37 Susan-Tired what command should I use??
10:37 audun magnusenger:
10:37 Susan-Tired or you want the result from MYSQL??
10:37 audun magnusenger: and perl 5.10
10:38 kf Susan-Tired: looks like this for me:
10:38 Susan-Tired ok let me check please
10:39 Susan-Tired oh i see....
10:39 Susan-Tired hdl_laptop, kindly note that his marcxml from mysql is nice and all xmly
10:39 Susan-Tired while mine is just normal text
10:39 Susan-Tired I will show you
10:41 Susan-Tired
10:42 kf looks like .mrc
10:42 Susan-Tired maybe my data is simple text because of this issue "no such record type: dom./etc/koha/zebradb/athoriti​es/etc/dom-config-marc.xml">> That I get during rebuild -a
10:42 Susan-Tired I tried to search for this issue in google, ALSO nothing
10:43 kf I was testing with :
10:43 kf I dont think its a problem with idexing
10:44 kf it should be stored as xml
10:44 Susan-Tired i dont really know kf.
10:44 Susan-Tired I am very confused..
10:44 kf hm
10:45 kf sorry, I am not a programmer - so I dont know exactly how koha is supposed to work here
10:45 Susan-Tired its ok kf
10:45 hdl_laptop Susan-Tired: Your problem might be of a configuration problem
10:46 hdl_laptop I am much used to GRS configuration and not to DOM configuration.
10:46 Susan-Tired some say it might be because of the modules for authorities
10:47 Susan-Tired mine point to /usr/lib/idzebra-2.0/modules
10:47 Susan-Tired but that is the right place I think...
10:47 Susan-Tired I can change it to GRS...just as long as it fixes my issue...what do I have to do?read?
10:48 Susan-Tired the modules is not the issue..It is pointing to /usr/lib/idzebra-2.0 which is correct
10:50 kf grs or dom is chosen during installation
10:51 kf but dont know how if you can change it easily after that
10:51 Susan-Tired ok...
10:52 hdl_laptop Susan-Tired: it is not that easy.
10:52 Susan-Tired so in your professional opinion, there is no solution for this matter, except reinstall??
10:53 Susan-Tired and maybe a newer version than 3.0.0?
10:53 hdl_laptop Susan-Tired: That could be the easiest way to cope with that.
10:53 Susan-Tired what if I disable zebra?? and simply do myself??
10:53 Susan-Tired simply do mysql?
10:53 Susan-Tired Will that fix the issue??
10:54 Susan-Tired We don't have a lot of data, maybe 1000-300 max
10:55 kf is your system in production?
10:55 Susan-Tired yes but still not used
10:55 Susan-Tired but I made alot of modifications to it
10:56 Susan-Tired relative to design and such
10:56 hdl_laptop oh....
10:56 kf you changed the templates?
10:56 Susan-Tired yes many times..
10:57 Susan-Tired do you guys know anyone who might be able to help with this at all?
10:57 Susan-Tired or do I have to give up and get the library director to yell at me?
10:58 kf customizations that prevent you from updating are a general problem
10:58 hdl_laptop you could also change all the zebra-authorities-dom.cfg in your installation file to  zebra-authorities.cfg
10:58 Susan-Tired I have done that...that PRODUCES a different issue
10:58 Susan-Tired let me do it again and tell you of the issue that it gives me
10:58 Susan-Tired give me 1 minute please
11:00 Susan-Tired I will copy/paste now
11:00 Susan-Tired ok?
11:02 pastebot "Susan-Tired" at pasted "mistuser@MIST-Koha-Test:/tmp/U" (56 lines) at
11:02 Susan-Tired ok I pasted it
11:02 Susan-Tired kindly please view it, I hope it can trigger something in your head
11:06 Susan-Tired ....
11:09 kf Susan-Tired: perhaps try again with your problem in the afternoon when usa is awake too
11:09 kf ok... timezones
11:10 kf from my point of view afternoon (Germany ;) )
11:11 hdl_laptop Susan-Tired: mmm... If the mysqldata is broken, then the result cannot really be good.
11:11 hdl_laptop Can you reset your auth_header table and re create one or two authorities please ?
11:13 Susan-Tired kindly tell me how to reset this table?
11:14 Susan-Tired just delete all the data in this table??
11:14 |Lupin| Susan-Tired: yes
11:14 Susan-Tired ok I will do that
11:14 Susan-Tired and I will keep you udated
11:15 |Lupin| Susan-Tired: or maybe do a truncate auth_head;
11:15 Susan-Tired ok did that
11:15 Susan-Tired now should I do rebuild zebra again?
11:15 Susan-Tired the problem is rebuild zebra gives me issues on its own, because it does not index anything!!
11:16 Susan-Tired Now should I add a new authority first? Before indexing??
11:16 |Lupin| Susan-Tired: yes
11:17 Susan-Tired ok I added a new Authority now
11:17 kf lunch time - good luck Susan, I hope your problem can be solved!
11:18 Susan-Tired same issue.  it tells me tmp/XXXXXX/authority/exported_records:0 record.abs:13: couln't find att 'any' in attset
11:18 Susan-Tired then unable to acquire abstract syntax for 'record'
11:18 Susan-Tired then record didn't contain match fields in (bib1, Local-Number)
11:18 hdl_laptop huh...
11:19 Susan-Tired IF These errors are helpfull, I would figure it out...but its like trying to read turkish..
11:19 Susan-Tired this is AFTER I removed the -dom section from authorities.cfg
11:19 Susan-Tired in koha-conf.xml
11:19 hdl_laptop unable to acquire 'abstract syntax' this is really strange.
11:20 hdl_laptop have you launched zebraidx -d authorities -c path/to/zebra-authorities.cfg init ?
11:20 Susan-Tired after I made those changes???
11:20 Susan-Tired no I have not
11:20 Susan-Tired but before YES I have
11:21 hdl_laptop can you do that now ? and then try to reindex ?
11:22 Susan-Tired ok just did that
11:22 Susan-Tired and now I will reindex
11:23 Susan-Tired same exact problem hdl
11:23 Susan-Tired I don't know what is wrong with this...WHY does my biblios WORK and this does not
11:23 Susan-Tired I DONT know.......
11:23 Susan-Tired How do I know if a database was created for authorities?? I know that no records are entered into the database, BUT how do I know if a database has been created???
11:24 Susan-Tired
11:25 Susan-Tired the error it shows
11:25 |Lupin| left #koha
11:56 Susan-Tired hey guys on production.  It gives me the same issue no dom file record type found
11:56 Susan-Tired but when I search for a user
11:56 Susan-Tired the returned error is search authorities error 114
11:56 Susan-Tired which is different than 109
11:56 Susan-Tired any help with that???
11:56 Susan-Tired my production is different than my test machine
11:58 mason fyi: you've got an old verion of zebra susan.
11:59 mason 'zebra_start /etc/koha/zebradb/zebra-authorities.cfg 1.3.50'
11:59 mason s/verion/version/
12:00 Susan-Tired how do I check sorry for version??
12:00 Susan-Tired and would update zebra fix all these darn issues? sorry for the language...
12:01 mason $ zebraidx -V
12:01 mason Zebra 2.0.42
12:01 Susan-Tired zebra 1.3.50 date 2007
12:01 Susan-Tired should I update it??
12:01 mason it would be a great start  ;)
12:01 Susan-Tired and would thsi mess up my system????
12:01 Susan-Tired how do I update it...
12:01 mason depends on your system...
12:01 Susan-Tired Ubuntu
12:02 mason[…]83b9ef6912db031f9
12:02 Susan-Tired ok I will see
12:03 mason 1.3 Install the Yaz and Zebra packages
12:03 mason Run the following command to update your system:
12:03 mason $ sudo apt-get update
12:03 mason $ sudo apt-get install yaz idzebra-2.0 idzebra-2.0-doc
12:03 Susan-Tired but I have this idzebra-2.0
12:03 Susan-Tired under /etc/lib or somewhere like that
12:03 Susan-Tired or /usr/lib
12:04 mason $ which zebraidx
12:04 mason you have 2 versions of zebraidx your box?
12:04 Susan-Tired did you get that?
12:04 mason i guess... :/
12:04 Susan-Tired it says
12:05 Susan-Tired ahhh why can't I write "
12:05 Susan-Tired stupid
12:05 Susan-Tired let me try again "under usr bin zebraidx"\
12:05 mason /usr/bin/zebraidx
12:05 Susan-Tired thats what it says
12:05 Susan-Tired yes
12:05 mason so you have bad paths on your box, and multiple versions of zebra ?
12:06 Susan-Tired How can I fix this? but Biblios work fine
12:06 Susan-Tired both adding/saving/searching
12:06 Susan-Tired but only Authorities is giving me stupid trouble
12:07 Susan-Tired I can save...but when I do rebuild_zebra -a it gives me no record type found etc etc
12:07 mason AKAIK  authorities work using DOM, which needs zebra-2
12:07 Susan-Tired but biblios work why??
12:07 Susan-Tired please help me understand??
12:07 Susan-Tired and how do I fix this path issues.....I suck at linux :)
12:08 Amit_G left #koha
12:08 Susan-Tired i have two versions of zebra!! i can see them idzebra-config
12:08 Susan-Tired and idzebra-config 2.0
12:08 Susan-Tired and similar repaeated files for all others when I go locate zebra
12:08 mason update your deb packages 1st
12:09 Susan-Tired should I just delete each one manualy..sounds time consuming
12:09 mason remove your old (and problematic) zebra1 packages
12:09 Susan-Tired .how??
12:09 mason manually ;)
12:10 Susan-Tired no uninstall feature here ubuntu where I can uninstall zebra?
12:10 Susan-Tired and just install again??
12:10 Susan-Tired hehehe
12:11 mason $ apt-get remove idzebra
12:11 Susan-Tired actually sorry just a question
12:11 Susan-Tired can I just change the path to point to the new zebra??
12:11 Susan-Tired does it not work this way??
12:11 Susan-Tired or no?
12:12 mason its safer for you to remove the old one
12:12 Susan-Tired ok I will do that then
12:13 mason its already causing you trouble...
12:13 Susan-Tired ok...
12:13 Susan-Tired it removed idzebra
12:13 Susan-Tired what should I do now?:?
12:14 mason heres what i did in your exact situation....
12:15 Susan-Tired ok...listening..
12:15 mason set up release version of koha3, and experiment with authorities on it
12:16 mason for me zebra-GRS1 didnt work, only a DOM install :/
12:17 Susan-Tired I am using Koha 3.0.0
12:17 Nate joined #koha
12:17 Susan-Tired and I cant update because I did alot of template changing...
12:17 Susan-Tired so all my hard work is gone..
12:17 mason use the cmdline bulk-marc-import scripts to load in some sane test records
12:18 mason not really...
12:18 Susan-Tired by the my rebuild_zebra stopped working
12:18 Susan-Tired I guess this apt-get remove did some funky things
12:19 mason after your record import,  check that your got real auth data in the 'auth_header'  table..
12:19 Susan-Tired do you think the liblime people might be able to help me
12:19 Susan-Tired if my company pays money??
12:20 mason yep
12:21 Susan-Tired I just hope it does not get to this company might rethink why they hired me
12:21 Susan-Tired hehe
12:21 Susan-Tired thought o be fair, I didn't even eat lunch today just so I can work on this problem
12:21 Susan-Tired and no fix yet :(
12:21 mason well, it sure took me a few days to work out :)
12:22 mason but, haaay - you do need a *sane* koha system to work on..
12:22 mason with a recent zebra too! ;)
12:23 Susan-Tired I understand.  From what I understand...I have a feeling that I need to re-install everything
12:23 Susan-Tired on a fresh install...
12:23 Susan-Tired The problem is..I will loose all my fancy templating..
12:23 mason yep, but dont wipe all your old hard-work!
12:23 Susan-Tired and the deadline for Koha-prod will have to be delayed
12:23 Susan-Tired and you have no IDEA how _ the director of the library is
12:27 mason http://www.library.northwester[…]c/gsafd/gsafd.mrc
12:28 mason i used these sample auth-records to start import testing, in my koha3
12:31 Susan-Tired I have a question kindly help me with it
12:32 Susan-Tired Right now zebra is being a **** with Authorities
12:32 Susan-Tired Can I make authorities NOT use zebra? While Biblios DO??
12:33 mason nope
12:34 Susan-Tired i see...
12:35 Susan-Tired how about if I want to disable zebra
12:35 Susan-Tired and make it work with nozebra
12:35 Susan-Tired can I do that??
12:35 Susan-Tired it seems to make my life easier
12:36 mason no, stick with zebra, just update to ver2...
12:37 Susan-Tired but Mason, I have both
12:37 Susan-Tired and when I did remove idzepra
12:37 Susan-Tired that messed up everything so now my test machine is unusable
12:37 Susan-Tired so I went back to dev...I don't know how to remove ver1 and replace everything to use ver2
12:37 Susan-Tired can you direct me somewhere , like a tutorial or something? If you know of any
12:38 mason # dpkg -l|grep -i zeb
12:38 mason says what?
12:38 mason ie: what zebra packages do you currently have installed...
12:39 Susan-Tired idzebra
12:39 Susan-Tired idzebra-2
12:39 Susan-Tired both of those
12:39 mason right...
12:39 hdl_laptop Susan-Tired: reading back logs.
12:40 mason # apt-get remove idzebra
12:40 hdl_laptop error 114 is really different from Error 109 :
12:40 Susan-Tired yes it is
12:40 hdl_laptop 109 : database unavailable
12:40 Susan-Tired I get this error on my production system
12:40 Susan-Tired which is the latest...
12:40 hdl_laptop 114 : error on attribute.
12:40 Susan-Tired my dev and test..sometimes I forget to update them
12:40 Susan-Tired I know, I work on prod first hehe
12:40 Susan-Tired any ideas on a fix hdl??
12:41 mason focus susan.... remove your old zebra!
12:41 hdl_laptop I just saw that Mason had great ideas.
12:41 Susan-Tired Yes mr.Mason
12:41 hdl_laptop About zebra versions.
12:41 Susan-Tired but I cant!!
12:41 Susan-Tired I don't want to use sudo apt-get remove idzebra
12:41 Susan-Tired it removed ALOT of things and it messed up my test server
12:41 Susan-Tired there must be a nother way
12:41 Susan-Tired like telling ubutnu alternatives or something!@
12:41 Susan-Tired please
12:42 mason i doesnt remove a lot of things, it removes zebra
12:42 mason s/i/it/
12:42 Susan-Tired I can tell you what happened.  When I did it on the test machine.  It removed many pre-important packages/lib
12:43 Susan-Tired so later whe I did rebuild-b
12:43 Susan-Tired it didn't tell me anything about the "Indexing" section, just left it empty
12:43 Susan-Tired so even my biblios got ruined
12:43 Susan-Tired so it does not use the idzebra 2.0
12:43 Susan-Tired I even tried to install this idzebra 2.0
12:43 Susan-Tired but it does not allow me ..something with libyaz3 or stuff like that
12:44 mason yes... that 'stuff' is important
12:44 Susan-Tired yes...but I can't install them
12:44 Susan-Tired it says no installable package
12:44 Susan-Tired I can put the error mesage for you? Give me a minute please
12:44 jdavidb joined #koha
12:47 mason then remove *both* zebras, and install zebra-2
12:48 Susan-Tired ok give me a minute please mason
12:49 mason and dont start on your auths problem, until you've sorted out your zebra issue
12:49 mason my hunch is that auths need zebra2...
12:50 Susan-Tired ..I can't install idzebra.20
12:51 Susan-Tired it says idzebra-1.9 depends idzebra-2.0-utils but it is not going to be installed
12:51 Susan-Tired then I stid sudo apt-get install idzebra-2.0-utils
12:51 Susan-Tired it gaves me otherissues, like libgnutls13 , libicu36 and libyaz3
12:51 Susan-Tired ...???
12:51 Susan-Tired The problem is before I followed tutorials on how to do all it told me what to install before hand and such
12:51 Susan-Tired now I am lost..
12:53 hdl_laptop the tutorial also told you to use indexdata repositories and not ubuntu as far as i can tell.
12:53 mason yep, that is your missed step, susan...
12:53 mason the ubuntu versions of zebra are 1.9...
12:54 hdl_laptop (Indexdata repository is the uptodate source for zebra server and yaz)
12:54 mason[…]de_ubuntu_hardy&s[]=ubuntu&s[]=install
12:55 mason add this...
12:55 mason deb hardy main
12:56 hdl_laptop Susan-Tired: I have just read INSTALL.ubuntu from the tarball and it doesnot mention indexdata source.
12:56 mason ah, its missing from there :/
12:56 hdl_laptop Sorry. It should have.
12:57 Susan-Tired give me a minute please
12:57 mason fyi: its in the debian INSTALL file.
12:57 mason[…]83b9ef6912db031f9
12:58 Nate left #koha
13:00 kernel_2 joined #koha
13:00 mason /me sneaks some food....
13:02 Susan-Tired Thank you mason, I will leave you to rest now
13:02 kernel_2 is there a way to run independent branches with seperate dbs(preferably on seperate machines)? The only point of integration being opac search....
13:02 Susan-Tired I am going to go kill something hehe, jk..I hae to leave..
13:02 Susan-Tired soooooooooooo tired
13:02 kernel_2 know it sounds outlandish but still wanted to give it a try
13:03 Susan-Tired what I amg oing to do though mason is, in 1 week, I will setup a different machine and install the latest version of Koha, AND NO more template customizeations!
13:03 Susan-Tired hehe
13:03 Susan-Tired thank you very much, I am going to go rest now
13:04 mason no problemo, its always great to help someone out
13:04 kf Susan-Tired: you can do a lot of nice things just with css and jquery, owen is a great source for tips :)
13:05 Susan-Tired thanks...
13:05 Susan-Tired Do you guys think the newest version of koha has these issues fixed??
13:05 Susan-Tired especially if I just install idzebra2.0??
13:05 Susan-Tired or maybe I should go without zebra
13:05 Susan-Tired since our library is not huge right now
13:05 kernel_2 the setup is of different libraries with their own servers, and wanting a way to search among all these libraries....
13:09 mason susan, your problem isnt a koha problem, you have an old version of zebra
13:09 * gmcharlt is driving from Gainesville to Atlanta, back online in a bit
13:09 Susan-Tired ok mason
13:10 mason your system (for whatever reason) is using the old zeb, not your new zeb
13:12 mason fyi: use zebra, nozeb has old functionallity gaps, and no-one is working on fixing them
13:12 Susan-Tired ok mason
13:13 gmcharlt left #koha
13:16 greenmang0 left #koha
13:20 owen joined #koha
13:22 jdavidb Good morning, owen!
13:22 owen Hi
13:23 ftherese joined #koha
13:24 ftherese I have a really simple question
13:24 jdavidb I got presented with an interesting puzzler last week; someone wants to run two Koha servers in a consortium--including multiple mysql servers.  Multimaster replication is tricky, but they've got a good clean network between the two sites, so it oughta work
13:24 jdavidb Ask it, ftherese.  :)
13:24 chris_n g'morning
13:24 ftherese I want to move from a filemaker database to kola
13:25 ftherese I've already installed kola
13:25 ftherese working...
13:25 ftherese but how do I import into the kola database?
13:26 ftherese I am not exactly sure where the "import" button is... and as I look at it, it is perhaps a bit more complicated
13:26 ftherese Is there a page I can read?
13:26 fredericd ftherese: You can't directly. You need first to convert you FM records into UNIMARC.
13:26 ftherese ok
13:26 ftherese I can do that
13:26 jdavidb yup.  First thing, your records are going to have to be in some fairly-standard MARC form...then the import is pretty straightforward.
13:27 ftherese then how do I go about importing the unimarc formatted data?
13:27 jdavidb Here's one document on it:[…]ecords-for-import
13:27 jdavidb It's under "Tools" in Koha.
13:28 ftherese ok great... I'll read that
13:28 ftherese ahh.. there we go!  Thanks... I most likely will be back, but that should keep me busy for a while
13:29 jdavidb :)  Glad to help.
13:29 Nate joined #koha
13:48 paul_p ftherese: hello. do you know we have a french speaking channel on freenode (#koha-fr)
13:49 ftherese yeah... I was there for a couple of minute, but no one else was in there
13:49 ftherese oh -fr
13:49 ftherese ok
13:49 ftherese I am actually English speaking, but will be installing in french
13:50 ftherese so I might find myself going over there eventually, thanks :)
13:56 rach left #koha
13:58 audun left #koha
14:04 Colin joined #koha
14:16 fallor joined #koha
14:17 fallor hi
14:19 owen Hi fallor
14:20 fallor would you be able to help me with autobarcode?
14:22 owen Not me, I don't have any experience with it. Maybe someone else who's here?
14:23 fallor oh, I think i got it working now
14:23 fallor simple misconfiguration
14:24 fallor yep
14:24 fallor all well now
14:24 fallor :)
14:39 nengard joined #koha
14:40 Susan-Tired left #koha
14:41 moodaepo left #koha
14:47 ftherese left #koha
14:51 jdavidb howdy, nengard!
14:51 nengard hiya jdavidb
14:53 moodaepo joined #koha
14:57 wizzyrea wow, busy morning
14:59 ftherese joined #koha
14:59 * jdavidb waves happily at wizzyrea.
15:00 * wizzyrea waves at jdavidb
15:00 wizzyrea hi!
15:17 hdl_laptop hi american folks
15:17 jdavidb Hi, hdl_laptop  :)
15:28 wizzyrea mornin hdl
15:50 nengard left #koha
16:03 collum joined #koha
16:11 ftherese hello... trying to access koha from other computers (other than the localhost) what do I need to change in the configuration of apache or kola-httpd.conf to accomplish this
16:11 ftherese they are all on the same intranet
16:13 Ropuch <VirtualHost>
16:13 Ropuch and:80
16:14 Ropuch Change the ip
16:14 ftherese ok
16:14 ftherese thank you!
16:14 Ropuch :)
16:14 Ropuch fredericd: in ubuntu/debian it's in /etc/apache2/sites-available/koha
16:15 ftherese got it... perfect
16:15 ftherese works!
16:17 wizzyrea if you http://ip.address.of.koha:8080 you can't get in?
16:18 kernel_2 left #koha
16:18 Ropuch wizzyrea: I think ftherese had apache listening on only
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16:40 jwagner joined #koha
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16:50 ColinC joined #koha
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17:01 brendan left #koha
17:03 paul_p left #koha
17:04 nahuel left #koha
17:04 * chris_n wanders off in search of food
17:04 wizzyrea Yea, that waws where I was headed, but had to leave my desk, so thanks for taking care of her Ropuch :)
17:05 Ropuch [;
17:08 kf ok, time to leave work - bye #koha
17:08 kf :)
17:09 kf left #koha
17:12 nahuel joined #koha
17:13 brendan joined #koha
17:16 ColinC left #koha
17:26 nengard joined #koha
17:29 brendan hello and good morning #koha
17:30 jdavidb Hi, brendan! :)
17:32 Ropuch Hi brendan, jdavidb, nengard
17:32 CGI150 joined #koha
17:33 CGI150 left #koha
17:54 jwagner owen, online?
17:55 owen Yes
17:56 jwagner Question for you and/or any catalogers around.  I ran into a title CONCUR '99 ISBN: 3540664254 with an odd (to me) 111 field.
17:56 jwagner a International Conference on Concurrency Theory -- n (10th : -- d 1999 :  c Eindhoven, Netherlands)
17:57 jwagner LC standard for 111 subfield n says it's Number of part/section/meeting.  However, XSLT doesn't have it set to display, which means that part of the author field looks like
17:57 jwagner Baeten, J. C. M ; Mauw, S .International Conference on Concurrency Theory 1999 : Eindhoven, Netherlands). -- note the closing paren without the opening paren,
17:58 jdavidb That looks pretty normal for a conference author, Jane.  I've eyeballed a few of them before.  Might need some XSLT love.
17:58 jwagner For this particular site, I set both results and display to check for a 111n, and if present to display before 111a.  Is that the best solution overall?  If so, I'll do a patch.
18:00 * owen has no technical knowledge of the proper solution, would choose the solution that looks the most sensible
18:02 owen left #koha
18:02 jdavidb That should be sensible, Jane, based on the MARC standard for 111.
18:05 jwagner Wasn't sure how widespread the 111n might be, and if it's used like this.  I also want to take the XSLT closing period off the last occurrence of the 111/711 fields -- usually the entry has its own period, which means there are two in the display.
18:07 jwagner Looking at the LC MARC, it probably needs the same subfield n fix for the 711 as for the 111.
18:22 cait joined #koha
18:25 chris morning
18:25 pianohacker joined #koha
18:28 nengard pianohacker - as I go through the prefs for documentation I have been reporting bugs to you :)
18:28 Ropuch Hi chris, pianohacker
18:28 Ropuch hello nengard
18:28 pianohacker hi, Ropuch, nengard
18:29 nengard brb
18:29 nengard left #koha
18:29 pianohacker @later tell nengard I've noticed :) working my way down through them in order of severity, will send a pull-request for all of them at once
18:29 munin pianohacker: The operation succeeded.
18:30 chris :)
18:30 chris i need to do another pull request for translations too
18:30 * chris_n greets chris
18:30 chris hiya chris_n
18:31 Ropuch Which remids i should find time to finish translating staff
18:31 chris_n and pianohacker
18:31 Ropuch s/remids/reminds me
18:31 Ropuch Hi chris_n
18:31 chris_n hi Ropuch
18:31 pianohacker hi, chris_*
18:32 chris_n heh
18:32 nengard joined #koha
18:35 pianohacker It's actually rather satisfying to work through a list of bugs
18:42 chris has anyone tried the new live cd?
18:43 chris[…]_based_opac_kiosk
18:43 chris_n what obvious thing am I missing here when perl -e 'print (4 - 2) + 4;' yields 2?
18:45 Ropuch perl -e 'print ((4 - 2) + 4)'
18:45 chris_n ok, why? precedence?
18:46 * chris_n tries to get his math co-processor untied out of a gordian knot :-P
18:46 chris no its just printing the first bit
18:47 Ropuch chris_n: I have no idea, I don't know perl, I've just figured this out [;
18:47 chris perl -e '$a = (4 - 2) + 4 ; print $a'
18:48 chris its just a function of the print
18:48 chris not the math
18:48 Ropuch Hm, Live CD is worth trying
18:48 chris_n tnx
18:48 * chris_n always thought he was fairly good at math, but was beginning to doubt it
18:49 chris :)
18:50 chris ok bus time
18:52 owen joined #koha
19:08 nengard well then pianohacker I'm glad to be of service :)
19:09 pianohacker nengard: I do appreciate the checking, a lot of the descriptions are a bit... byzantine
19:10 nengard I'm glad I'm re-writing the manual - it requires me to pay more attention than copying the old one into XML
19:18 wizzyrea so this kiosk is basically just a web browser + ubuntu defaulted to your koha catalog?
19:18 wizzyrea (we do this using a thing called webconverger)
19:19 nengard okay  - question about stopwrods
19:19 nengard stopwords
19:19 nengard we have a pref for them - but the link from the admin panel for them is gone ....
19:20 owen nengard: The link is hidden if you use Zebra
19:20 owen The link only shows now if noZebra is turned on
19:20 nengard thanks owen - then pianohacker - you may want to remove the link to stop words from the preferences
19:21 nengard off to write another bug
19:22 owen[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3564
19:22 munin Bug 3564: minor, PATCH-Sent, ---,, RESOLVED FIXED, Hide Stop Words configuration if NoZebra is ON
19:22 owen That's when it changed.
19:24 nengard thanks
19:25 cait not sure if its a bug or a feature: staff can add books to every public list, but only in list module, its not possible from detail or result
19:28 owen cait: I think it's not correct that any staff member should be able to add to any public list
19:28 cait hm oh i like it, but i think it should be possible everywhere
19:28 owen One should only be able to add to lists which you created
19:29 cait its in nicoles documentation on lists to
19:29 cait so I dont think its a bug, but intended to work this way in lists
19:30 nengard owen - I disagree
19:30 nengard I'd like that the staff should be able to alter the public lists
19:31 nengard or - I think that the staff should be able to alter the public lists
19:31 nengard sorry -brain tired
19:31 cait in my libary staff wants to make heavy use of lists, but once one created the list, the other cant add books easily (only by barcode)
19:31 cait nengard: do you think it should work on result list and detail page too?
19:31 nengard right - so the staff should be able to edit all but private lists
19:31 nengard it should work all over - if it works at all
19:31 cait nengard: I think this makes sense
19:32 cait ok, I will retest it later (just to be sure) and file a bug
19:32 nengard okay - off to eat lunch
19:32 * nengard lunching
19:38 chris back at work
19:40 owen Hi chris
19:40 chris heya owen, hows things?
19:40 owen Going pretty well
19:40 chris good to hear
19:40 owen I managed to miss another Athens Halloween block party
19:41 chris :)
19:43 gmcharlt joined #koha
19:51 brendan howdy owen chris
19:51 brendan hi gmcharlt
19:52 gmcharlt hi brendan
19:52 chris heya brendan, i see your client went live today?
19:52 brendan hmm...  pacifica
19:52 chris sweet
19:52 brendan not sure how live they are making it
19:53 brendan I think they are keeping it internal
19:53 chris ah righto
19:53 brendan at least live in no old system :)
19:54 richard_ joined #koha
19:56 gmcharlt brendan++
19:56 brendan @karma
19:56 munin brendan: Highest karma: "chris" (64), "owen" (60), and "gmcharlt" (58).  Lowest karma: "failed" (-19), "<!" (-18), and "src="<!" (-9).  You (brendan) are ranked 16 out of 521.
19:56 brendan not bad
19:56 brendan thanks gmcharlt
19:56 owen Poor "<!"
19:56 brendan @wunder 93117
19:57 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 21.4�C (11:51 AM PST on November 02, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 54%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 30.02 in 1016.5 hPa (Falling).
19:57 brendan <!--
19:58 richard_ is now known as richard
20:00 magnusenger heh, think i found a tiny bug in line 145 should probably be "f30$f30"  => $f30, not "f230$f30"  => $f30,
20:00 chris oh can you send a patch? :)
20:00 chris get your name in the history doc :)
20:01 magnusenger sorry, not quite sure how to do that yet...
20:02 magnusenger would love to have my name in the history doc, though... ;-)
20:02 nengard magnusenger i wrote some tutorials when chris was teaching me how to submit patches
20:02 nengard hang on i'll get the links
20:03 nengard[…]ntation:tutorials
20:03 nengard under ad-hoc git tutorials
20:04 magnusenger hm, which one?
20:04 nengard all of them :) hehe
20:04 magnusenger a ha!
20:05 nengard this also helps:[…]pment:git_usage&s[]=git
20:07 magnusenger ok, i'm giving it a try!
20:07 Ropuch Ow, these tutorials are handy
20:15 nengard thanks Ropuch, it's because gmacharlt and chris were so patient with me while I was learning - I was able to write down all they told me
20:15 nengard or instead of gmacharlt I meant to say gmcharlt
20:18 wizzyrea gmacharlt is gmcharlt's grandma
20:18 wizzyrea oh I make myself laugh
20:18 owen :D
20:18 * jdavidb cackles
20:18 * gmcharlt suddenly suffers a bout of serious identity confusion
20:19 jdavidb aww!
20:19 wizzyrea nooo!
20:19 jwagner As long as all of you retain your Master Of Koha (tm) status!
20:19 wizzyrea yes, gmcharlt is a Koha National Treasure (tm)
20:20 * jdavidb is merely a Bachelor of Koha.
20:20 wizzyrea (with all of the associated intrigue... we could write a book!)
20:20 * wizzyrea is a Serf of Koha
20:21 Ropuch ;>
20:22 jwagner Can I be a Graduate Student of Koha?
20:22 * nengard guesses she's the Secretary of Koha
20:24 jdavidb chris is one of the Seven Wonders of the Koha World, for sure.
20:26 rhcl joined #koha
20:26 jdavidb howdy, rhcl!
20:28 chris heh
20:28 cait dont know who I am *too tired*
20:30 jdavidb 'cuz it's late in the day, where you are, cait?
20:33 cait @wunder Konstanz
20:33 munin cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Germany is 5.6�C (9:30 PM CET on November 02, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 92%. Dew Point: 4.0�C. Windchill: 6.0�C. Pressure: 29.75 in 1007.3 hPa (Rising).
20:33 cait ;)
20:33 nengard okay - finished a bunch more of the new manual - time for a nap - my body is so confused with the time changes and travel and daylight svaings and I only have 6 days to recover before the next trip
20:33 nengard be back later
20:33 nengard left #koha
20:33 cait and Im translating MARC21 frameworks... torture
20:36 jwagner cait, my sympathy!  They don't make any sense in English, let alone trying to translate them.
20:37 magnusenger chris et al: should i register a bug before i try to submit the patch?
20:39 chris yes please
20:40 cait jwagner: just copy&paste from official German translation - not difficult but incredibly boring
20:41 jwagner Well, that's at least better than trying to translate official Library of Congress-ese....
20:42 cait ok, it is better :)
20:42 magnusenger chris: and assign it to myself?
20:42 rhcl Hi Hi all
20:43 cait hi rhcl
20:43 chris magnusenger: yup :)
20:43 magnusenger chris: okidoki!
20:44 Ropuch cait: how you're translating the marc framework? Making sql statements?
20:44 cait yes, translating the sql file
20:45 cait first step translation, second step adding new fields and subfields we need for authority linking / bib linking / "subject chains"
20:45 cait not sure how this will work out
20:45 Ropuch I've tried to make .po out of sql file
20:46 Ropuch But I've failed and found that trabslating the sql is quicker
20:53 jdavidb left #koha
21:00 jwagner left #koha
21:02 collum left #koha
21:11 joetho joined #koha
21:14 * magnusenger thought i managed to send a patch about 20 minutes ago, but it doesn't show up anywhere - does that mean i failed, or am i just being impatient?
21:16 chris_n magnusenger: maybe sendmail is not setup?
21:16 chris_n you can send it as an attachment via your regular email client
21:17 magnusenger chris_n: could very well be! I'll try to configure them email-stuff in git and have another go...
21:18 magnusenger chris_n: but sending from git is way cooler, right? ;-)
21:18 cait you must be subscribed to koha-patches
21:18 magnusenger cait: i am
21:18 chris_n magnusenger: definitely :-)
21:19 chris_n gmcharlt: when's the next dev meeting?
21:20 pianohacker chris_n: 4 November:[…]etingnotes09oct07
21:20 chris_n tnx
21:23 Topic for #koha is now Discussion channel for the Koha ILS | Next Koha foundation IRC meeting will be held on #koha 3 December 2009 at 19:00 UTC+0 | Time Converter: | Next general IRC meeting will be held on 7 November 2009 at 10:00 UTC+0 | Time Converter:
21:23 chris_n opps
21:24 Topic for #koha is now Discussion channel for the Koha ILS | Next Koha foundation IRC meeting will be held on #koha 3 December 2009 at 19:00 UTC+0 | Time Converter: | Next general IRC meeting will be held on 4 November 2009 at 10:00 UTC+0 | Time Converter:
21:26 pianohacker Perhaps we should wait until after the general meeting to show the Foundation meeting? topic's getting a bit crowded
21:27 brendan left #koha
21:27 Topic for #koha is now Discussion channel for the Koha ILS | Next general IRC meeting will be held on 4 November 2009 at 10:00 UTC+0 | Time Converter:
21:28 chris_n crowded-topics--
21:29 chris_n still could not find the 4 november notice?
21:29 chris_n ahh.. transcript
21:36 brendan joined #koha
21:47 francharb left #koha
21:48 magnusenger chris_n: seems i can't figure out the smtp-stuff, and i need some sleep... so do i just send the patch-file as an ordinary attachment from my gmail to
21:49 chris thats right
21:50 magnusenger chris: nothing in the body of the message?
21:50 chris you can if you want, just put something like, pathc for bug whatever
21:50 magnusenger i thought that wnt in the subject?
21:51 chris yep, that too
21:51 chris you can leave the body blank, normally the body is the patch, but thats an attachment in this case
21:51 magnusenger ok, here goes...
21:56 chris got your email :)
21:56 chris and patch looks fine
21:56 magnusenger that was quick! ;-) And then i change the priority of the bug to PATCH-Sent, right?
21:57 chris thats right
21:57 magnusenger nice
21:58 cait magnusenger: grats :)
22:00 magnusenger cait: thanks! That's one small step for #koha, one giant leap for me... ;-)
22:01 chris :)
22:01 magnusenger and thanks to everyone for their patience and good humour - you rock!
22:07 wizzyrea yay magnusenger!
22:07 magnusenger wizzyrea: ;-)
22:12 cait ok, no more MARC21 today - good night #koha :)
22:12 cait left #koha
22:16 magnusenger ...and so to bed.
22:16 magnusenger left #koha
22:21 ftherese well... so I downloaded MarcEdit... but I still don't understand how I am going to export my filemaker database in a format that can be imported into MarcEdit
22:23 ftherese anyone?
22:24 wizzyrea hmm
22:25 ftherese I guess my problem is I don't understand what Marc is...
22:25 ftherese is it a predefined order of fields
22:25 ftherese with names and such
22:26 ftherese or is it just a format?
22:26 ftherese I am reading from the lists:
22:26 ftherese There is a freeware Windows MARC editor called MarcEdit
22:26 ftherese ([…]t/html/index.php) that has a
22:26 ftherese function to convert a delimited text file to MARC format.  You could
22:26 ftherese save your spreadsheet as tab-delimited text or CSV, then use MarcEdit
22:26 ftherese to create a file that you can import into Koha.
22:27 wizzyrea have you been able to export your filemaker in a delimited format?
22:27 wizzyrea tab or comma?
22:27 ftherese I can do either
22:27 ftherese I am just trying to figure out which fields should be included
22:27 ftherese and if they need to be named properly before importing
22:27 ftherese and if there is an order they need to be in
22:27 wizzyrea Ah, ok, so start there. MARC edit should help with that part (at least, in my limited experience)
22:28 wizzyrea I believe you can use marc edit to associate to the correct field no matter where it lies
22:28 wizzyrea how to explain...
22:28 ftherese So... I can just dump my filemaker data into csv
22:28 aleasa joined #koha
22:28 ftherese and import that into marc
22:28 wizzyrea yea, pretty much
22:28 wizzyrea at least, in my limited experience with marcedit
22:29 chris with the caveat
22:29 ftherese and then edit the info from there... ok...
22:29 wizzyrea there's a process for "tagging" the marc fields
22:29 chris you have to tell marcedit what field goes to what
22:29 chris ie if its MARC21
22:29 chris title = 245a
22:29 wizzyrea right, I can't remember what the little subapp is called that does that
22:29 wizzyrea or lets you do that tagging
22:29 chris you will want to find a cataloguer to help you with that
22:29 aleasa left #koha
22:30 wizzyrea we had pretty good luck looking through the koha frameworks
22:30 wizzyrea to find the bits we wanted
22:30 wizzyrea it's time consuming, for sure
22:30 ftherese well it couldn't take as much time as re-entering all the books by hand
22:30 ftherese re-keying them that is
22:31 ftherese ok... another question
22:31 wizzyrea absolutely it won't take as long as that :)
22:31 chris bbiab
22:31 ftherese my library database has a few different "objects"  in fact, within filemaker they were split into different databases that are conencted
22:32 ftherese so, one database for the card catalogue... which I imagine is the only thing Marc is concerned with
22:32 ftherese another database full of users and account information
22:32 wizzyrea patrons, good
22:33 wizzyrea circ history?
22:33 ftherese another database filled with the individual books and their identification number
22:33 wizzyrea ah, ok, so bibs, patrons, and item data are all separate
22:33 ftherese yeah...
22:34 ftherese is that pretty straightforward to get into koha?
22:34 ftherese or does koha even deal with all the practicalities of a library
22:34 ftherese like printing the call numbers
22:34 wizzyrea well, in koha each item is a set of (god forgive me, i'm not a cataloger) 952 fields
22:34 wizzyrea yep it does all of that stuff
22:35 wizzyrea so you could map your data (honestly, we only had to deal with exporting the data, we had a team of pros do our actual migration, which I would heartily recommend)
22:35 ftherese when you say item... you are referring to an individual book for example?
22:35 wizzyrea yep
22:35 wizzyrea so in koha, you have a bib record, and you "hang" items in the 952 associated with that bib
22:36 wizzyrea so you have title records with item records attached to it
22:36 ftherese and then you hang patrons on the items?
22:36 ftherese (or you hang the patrons if they don't return the items)
22:36 wizzyrea LOL :)
22:37 ftherese how does the cataloging work?
22:37 ftherese If we have our own cataloging system for example
22:37 wizzyrea a couple of ways, you can do ztarget searches to search for an item by ISBN and pull records from a trusted source, or you can type them in yourself through the interface
22:38 wizzyrea or you can bulk load them
22:38 ftherese sorry... I meant to ask a different question
22:38 wizzyrea hehe ok
22:38 ftherese if we have our own system of "call numbers"
22:39 wizzyrea yep, there's a marc field for that
22:39 ftherese for example... we have a section "A" with a number of books in a number of subcategories
22:39 ftherese then B
22:39 wizzyrea in the item record
22:39 ftherese so it is pretty flexible?
22:40 ftherese you don't have to do Dewey or something I mean
22:40 wizzyrea i believe you can type in whatever call number you want
22:40 wizzyrea (somebody correct me if I'm wrong on that_
22:41 ftherese combinations of letters and numbers then?
22:41 wizzyrea yesm
22:41 ftherese good...
22:41 ftherese I am starting to feel more at ease... we'll see what happens next
22:41 wizzyrea yay!
22:41 ftherese thanks :)
22:41 wizzyrea but yea, dump your data to some delimited format, then fiddle around with marcedit
22:42 wizzyrea yep, no problem
22:54 owen left #koha
23:11 joetho ftherese:
23:11 ftherese yes
23:11 ftherese I have another question :)
23:11 joetho yes?
23:11 ftherese I did an install of koha, french language
23:11 joetho yes?
23:11 ftherese first time I visited the site
23:11 ftherese french
23:11 ftherese Now when I visit it English
23:12 joetho which site?
23:12 ftherese my local koha installation
23:12 joetho ah.
23:12 ftherese I can't seem to find anywhere to change the language either
23:12 joetho I believe that is a local preference setting
23:13 ftherese well. the default one should be french
23:13 ftherese as we will be using it in france
23:13 ftherese with primarily french speaking people
23:13 ftherese do you know how to set that?
23:13 joetho I am looking.
23:13 joetho it was in French after you installed it? Correct?
23:14 ftherese correct
23:14 ftherese first time I visited it
23:14 joetho but now it has become English?
23:14 ftherese yes
23:15 ftherese now it is half english half french
23:15 ftherese I remember very clearly that it was totally in french the first time around
23:15 joetho I can't find that preference setting
23:16 joetho Please post this question again
23:16 joetho here in this forum
23:16 ftherese ok
23:16 joetho or add an email address to your question
23:16 joetho so someone can email you a solution
23:16 ftherese what else did you find out... you started messaging me a few min. ago
23:17 joetho about your records
23:17 joetho ?
23:17 nengard joined #koha
23:17 joetho nicole!
23:17 nengard joetho!
23:17 joetho the cavalry is here!
23:17 nengard uh oh
23:17 nengard what did I miss
23:18 joetho ftherese has a local install
23:18 joetho using french language setting
23:18 joetho worked fine
23:18 joetho but now is half english half french
23:18 joetho ??
23:18 nengard ummmm
23:18 nengard are you saying it just happened?
23:18 nengard something had to have changed?
23:18 nengard was there an upgrade done?
23:18 joetho ftherese- is this in the opac view?
23:19 nengard or a sys pref changed?
23:19 ftherese I am checking the I18N/L10N
23:19 ftherese tab
23:19 ftherese and it looks like everything is set to french
23:19 ftherese but all the tab names and layout comes up in english
23:19 ftherese Patrons
23:19 ftherese Searching
23:19 ftherese Tools
23:19 joetho Hmmm.
23:20 ftherese there is a setting at the bottom of the page
23:20 ftherese opaclanguagesdisplay
23:20 ftherese which is on
23:20 joetho that is the only syspref I am aware of that might help
23:20 ftherese and means that users can modify the language of OPAC
23:21 ftherese but opac is not the problem here I don't think
23:25 ftherese ok... I figured it out
23:25 ftherese my browser had english defined as its default language, and that was overriding the french language setting
23:26 ftherese I think you ought to be able to change the display language without having to change your brower setting though
23:26 ftherese I am also looking for a Z39 server for french books
23:27 ftherese specifically religious ones
23:29 gmcharlt left #koha
23:32 nengard ftherese you might want to document your problems and the way you solved it in a bug report so that maybe someone can make it so that that doesn't happen to others
23:33 nengard I've never heard of such a thing happening before - but it might happen again
23:33 ftherese ok... so do you know anything about the Z39 servers?
23:35 joetho yes, but not in french
23:35 ftherese do you know what you need to authenticate with the server?
23:35 joetho I think you can find z39 servers in france that might be very helpful to you
23:36 joetho hmmm
23:36 joetho actually, that server is on a list of servers I need to set up
23:36 ftherese I am checking the MarcEdit Z39 client
23:36 joetho for our installation here
23:37 ftherese and it has a listing for the database OLUCWorldCat port 210
23:37 ftherese but it doesn't work for some reason
23:37 ftherese and I am wondering if you need a username and password
23:38 Nate left #koha
23:39 joetho I doubt if you need a username:pw
23:39 joetho whoops
23:39 joetho username and password
23:40 ftherese I get this error
23:40 ftherese rejected our init request
23:41 joetho do any of your other targets work?
23:42 ftherese yeah library of congress and the Oregon State University
23:42 joetho Hmmm.
23:43 joetho the name of the db is OLUCWorldCat ?
23:46 rhcl is now known as rhcl_out
23:46 ftherese yeah
23:46 ftherese I am wondering if this is the problem:[…]-July/002484.html
23:46 ftherese if it is, I am stuck because I can't do anything about the charset in MarcEdit
23:47 ftherese there is a receive unicode setting, but it doesn't do anything helpful
23:48 joetho i think we may have the wrong database name
23:48 ftherese ok
23:53 richard is now known as rich-away
23:54 ian joined #koha
23:57 ftherese looks like you need a user name and password
23:57 ftherese[…]950/config_guide/

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