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00:16 |Lupin| k, time to go sleeping
00:16 |Lupin| bye all
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01:44 brendan Happy Halloween
01:44 brendan everybody
01:44 brendan :)
01:50 pianohacker hallo brendan!
01:50 brendan heya pianohacker
01:50 brendan got some little trick or treaters stopping over -- it's so cute
01:50 pianohacker how's your halloween going?
01:51 pianohacker we are getting an insane number; usually get maybe one or two groups, already fivee
01:54 brendan wow -- we've gotten 13 kids so far
01:58 pianohacker and there's another, something weird is going on
01:58 pianohacker anything else interesting in your neck of the woods?
02:59 chris afternoon
03:03 brendan where up over thirty vistors so far
03:03 brendan at my old house in CT -- our record high was 114
03:03 brendan so I don't think we are getting that close this year
03:03 brendan but still a fun evening had by all
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03:04 pianohacker wow, that's insane, brendan
03:04 pianohacker hi, chris
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06:39 Ropuch Morning, #koha
07:00 chris hi Ropuch
07:16 Ropuch Hello chris
08:02 brendan hi ropuch chris
08:02 brendan time for me to go to bed :)
08:02 brendan later all
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09:36 susan Hi
09:37 susan I am hoping someone can help me with an issue I have come across.  I created a new authority, and when I did zebra rebuild -a it picks up a new 1 record has been added
09:37 susan however when I go and "Search" for that authority, it says "oAuth Error: Database Unavailable (109( Bib-1
09:38 susan I am unsure of how to proceed from here...what database is it referring to? ANd why do the MARC records show up, once I create a new one..meaning Zebra is working fine..???
09:38 susan Any help would be greatly appreciated..
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09:56 susan Anyone there? Or everyone is sleeping :)
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10:15 |Lupin| Susan: hi
10:15 |Lupin| Susan: do you need some help ?
10:22 Susan Yes
10:22 Susan hi lupin
10:22 Susan I am unsure if you are familiar with the Authorities section of Koha
10:22 Susan If you are.  I will explain my problem.  My biblios are index correctly and when searching for any, it gives me results
10:23 Susan However for Authorities, if lets say I createa  new "Personal Name", then enter the details, save.  Then rebuild zebra with -a, it says exported 1 record
10:23 Susan but when I search for this authority.  I can't see anything!.  Nothing is returned.  Looking into the koha_error log file, it says oAuth, database unavailable (109)
10:24 Susan Been searching google for a while...but I don't know how to go about solving this
10:25 |Lupin| Susan: spontaneously I don't know either, I'm sorry: I indeed don't know the authorities section of KOha
10:26 |Lupin| Susan: still, let me have a look to the code and see whether I can find where the message comes from...
10:26 Susan Thanks for the help, hope someone wakes up and helps me out hehe :)
10:28 |Lupin| Susan: that's unsure on Sunday morning...
10:28 |Lupin| Susan: can you please copy/paste here one complete message from koha_error ?
10:29 Susan Sure thing,
10:31 Susan [Sun Nov 15 13:53:59 2009] [error] [client] [Sun Nov 15 13:53:59] oAuth error: Database unavailable (109) Bib-1, referer:[…]
10:31 Susan I had to write it, because I am using a virtual machine, and it doesnt seem to allow me to copy outside of it :)
10:31 Susan so I had to write that!
10:33 |Lupin| wow, congratulations
10:33 Susan pardon?
10:33 |Lupin| Susan: but that helps, because it says where the error comes from, so please let me examine this script and I may be able to help you then
10:33 Susan Anyways, searching on this Bib-1 109 it says that Zebra is telling me that no records are available
10:34 Susan sorry I don't have a script. I didn't change any code base..its the exact KOHA code
10:34 |Lupin| Susan: I think bib-1 refers to the record with number 1 in Koha
10:34 |Lupin| Susan: never mind. I was congratulating you for having written all that, now I'm looking at this part of Koha
10:35 Susan oh ok :) Sorry
10:45 Susan looking at my zebradaemon file
10:45 Susan I get the following
10:45 Susan zebra_lock_create fail fname=/var/lock/koha/zebra/​authorities/shaodw.....etc [ Permissions Denied]
10:46 Susan Search authorities ERROR 109 1 1+0 RPN @attrset Bib-1 @or @attr 2=103 @attr = "1=_ALL Records" ' ' @attr = "1=Heading" @attr 7=1 0
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11:01 |Lupin| Susan: sorry, I had problems with Internet
11:01 |Lupin| Susan: can you please see if you can find Zebra logs with information at the end of the log
11:02 |Lupin| ?
11:02 |Lupin| Susan: if you don't know where they are, tell me and I'll help you to find them
11:04 Susan zebra logs?
11:04 Susan Let me see
11:04 Susan I will login again from the vmware, give me a minute please
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11:07 susan2 11:48:37-01/11 zebrasrv(1) [log] profilePath=/etc/koha/zebradb/biblios/etc:/etc​/koha/zebradb/etc:/etc/koha/zebradb/marc_defs/​marc21/biblios:/etc/koha/zebradb/lang_defs/en cwd=/var/lib/koha/zebradb/biblios 11:48:37-01/11 zebrasrv(1) [log] 0 keys, 0 sysnos, rank 11:48:37-01/11 zebrasrv(1) [log] term="covey" nn=0 type=rank,w=32,u=1003 count=0 11:48:37-01/11 zebrasrv(1) [log] term="covey" nn=0 type=rank,w=26,u=1003 count=0 11:48:37-01
11:07 susan2 that does not loook nice...........
11:07 |Lupin| susan2: look for something like /var/log/koha-zebra-daemon, or something like that. If you don't find, ell me, We will see.
11:07 susan2 Hi lupin, this is the end of the file koha-zebradaemon-output.log
11:08 susan2 11:48:37-01/11 zebrasrv(1) [debug][log] zebra_register_open rw = 0 useshadow=0 p=0x9303b30,n=,rp=(none) 11:48:37-01/11 zebrasrv(1) [log] profilePath=/etc/koha/zebradb/biblios/etc:/etc​/koha/zebradb/etc:/etc/koha/zebradb/marc_defs/​marc21/biblios:/etc/koha/zebradb/lang_defs/en cwd=/var/lib/koha/zebradb/biblios 11:48:37-01/11 zebrasrv(1) [log] 0 keys, 0 sysnos, rank 11:48:37-01/11 zebrasrv(1) [log] term="covey" nn=0 type=rank,w=32,u=1
11:08 susan2 I hope you can see it better than me.  I am using the webclient for IRC.
11:09 |Lupin| susan2: yes I can see it... is that the only file you have ? don't you have one ending with .er ?
11:09 susan2 I do, but that has nothing..I will display it
11:10 susan2 20090903 14:40:41 koha-zebra-ctl.koha: client (pid 18638) exited with 1 status 20090903 14:40:41 koha-zebra-ctl.koha: client (pid 18639) exited with 1 status 20090903 14:40:41 koha-zebra-ctl.koha: client (pid 18640) exited with 1 status 20090903 14:40:41 koha-zebra-ctl.koha: terminating too quickly, waiting 30 seconds 20090903 14:41:11 koha-zebra-ctl.koha: client (pid 18647) exited with 1 status 20090903 14:41:11 koha-zebra-ctl.ko
11:12 susan2 do you know how I can open the file authoritysocket???
11:12 |Lupin| susan2: ok...
11:12 |Lupin| susan2: it's the thing that KOha uses to talk to zebra.
11:12 |Lupin| susan2: it's not a regular gile
11:14 susan2 I am looking into this issue online..and there is a previous irc log file that was discussing something similar
11:14 susan2 and they mentioned I look into that
11:16 |Lupin| susan2: there must be a problem in the way Koha tries to connect to zebra
11:16 |Lupin| susan2: or zebra is not there to respond...
11:16 susan2 I am unsure of how to check for that.  I know that zebra scans biblios, and everytime I add a new biblio, it scans it and it shows up in Koha
11:17 susan2 There must be a difference between the authority db and the biblios db, because Koha+Zebra+Biblios = Good, while Koha+Authorities+Zebra = No good
11:17 susan2 I am usnure...getting very frustrated..sighs..
11:18 susan2 give me a minute computer is sloooow I have to restart
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11:21 Susan-Dev It seems previously I copied the wrong contents for you Lupid.
11:21 Susan-Dev Kindly note the below:  This is from the correct file, showing the error
11:21 Susan-Dev Lupin*
11:21 Susan-Dev 13:53:59-15/11 zebrasrv(107) [request] Search authorities ERROR 109 1 1+0 RPN @attrset Bib-1 @or @attr "1=Heading" @attr 7=1 0 @attr 4=6 @attr 5=1 @attr "1=Heading" susan 13:54:00-15/11 zebrasrv(107) [session] Connection closed by client 14:04:21-15/11 zebrasrv(108) [session] Session - OK 108 unix:/var/run/koha/zebradb/authoritysocket 369 14:04:21-15/11 zebrasrv(108) [log] User perm for perm.koha: rw 14:04:21-15/11 zebrasrv(108
11:23 |Lupin| ahah...
11:24 |Lupin| Susan-Dev: can you please explain me exactly how you did your athority search ?
11:24 |Lupin| Susan-Dev: I guess you first log in to the staff client, and then, what are you doing ?
11:25 Susan-Dev ok.  I will first tell you how I added an Authority.  I went to new authority --> Personal Name --> Tab 1 Titled Heading -- Personal Name - Entered under tag a [Personal Name] Susan M
11:25 Susan-Dev Save.
11:26 Susan-Dev Searching Authority. -- Select "Personal Name" from combo box ,contains, "Susan"
11:26 Susan-Dev .....I get nothing
11:26 Susan-Dev :)
11:27 |Lupin| Susan-Dev: ok...
11:27 |Lupin| Susan-Dev: okay. And how exactly did you rebuild the zebra index ? which command did you run ?
11:28 Susan-Dev The following
11:28 Susan-Dev sudo perl -I /usr/share/koha/lib /usr/share/koha/bin/migrat​ion_tools/ -a -r
11:28 Susan-Dev Then I search for "susan" under "Personal Name" and nothing is returned...
11:29 Susan-Dev The problem is I faced a similar issue to this before with Biblios..but all I remember was permissions..NOT what was eeffected..I should soo record these problems somewhere
11:31 |Lupin| Susan-Dev: I have to admit I don't know how to help...
11:31 |Lupin| Susan-Dev: I'm sorry
11:32 |Lupin| Susan-Dev: the only thing I can suggest is that you post to
11:32 Susan-Dev Its ok, I will continue on searching..Hopeully someone wakes up soon :)
11:33 |Lupin| Susan-Dev: I think the mailing list is worth trying... there are more ppl following the list than the IRC chan
11:33 |Lupin| Susan-Dev: first subscribe to the list so that your message gets send to it without being moderated
11:33 Susan-Dev ok will do, Thanks for your time.
11:34 |Lupin| Susan-Dev: explain the problem and show the error you have copied (the last thing you showed me)
11:34 |Lupin| Susan-Dev: np, sorry it was not more useful to you
11:35 Susan-Dev its alright, Thanks anyways
11:35 |Lupin| Susan-Dev: another advice is: if you are not really in a hurry about solving this issue, just post to the list and do something else until you get a response, else you are going to become crazy with your problem and then sad that you have lost one day for it...
11:36 |Lupin| have to go now... take care and see you later, bye
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12:48 |Lupin| Susan-Dev: could you make some progress ?
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14:28 |Lupin| someone here who knows why dates appear twice in Apache logs, please ?
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15:14 nengard morning all - i'm working on the manual and need to see someone's opac who has opacdisplay languages turned on for a screenshot - any pointers?
15:15 nengard found one:
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15:30 Koha-Susan anyone awake? :)
15:30 |Lupin| Koha-Susan: still here, but I guess you want somebody else :)
15:31 Koha-Susan hehe hi Lupin
15:31 Koha-Susan I actually sent to the mailing list koha-dev today
15:31 Koha-Susan but right now its night my time so i thought someone might be awake
15:32 Koha-Susan I really need some pointers so tomorrow at work I can solve it...the issue is, I am the only one and I have like 5 apps on top of my head, all want to finish at once
15:32 Koha-Susan hehe
15:32 Koha-Susan under a lot of stress.
15:32 |Lupin| yes...
15:33 |Lupin| Koha-Susan: I can't help, I'm sorry.
15:33 |Lupin| Koha-Susan: where are you from ?
15:33 Koha-Susan Canadian, working in Abu Dhabi, uae
15:33 Koha-Susan and don't worry about it..I will just stay on till someone else replies here, or I fall a sleep
15:33 Koha-Susan either or,
15:36 |Lupin| Susan-Dev: keep in mind it's sunday...
15:36 |Lupin| Koha-Susan: during working days the chan is full of talented persons
15:36 |Lupin| Koha-Susan: if I were you I would post to Koha-users
15:36 |Lupin| Susan-Dev: I mean, not the -dev list.
15:37 |Lupin| Koha-Susan: there are more persons and the message is more in the topic of that list
15:37 Koha-Susan don't understand, ?
15:37 Koha-Susan last time I got really great help here :)
15:38 Koha-Susan I am patient...I think, I can wait :)
15:43 |Lupin| Koha-Susan: I mean, your question is more appropriate on the Koha list than on the Koha-dev list, IMO
15:43 Koha-Susan oh...the koha-list..? I will send it again then right now
15:43 |Lupin| Susan-Dev: by the way: do you have other authorities in your database apat the one you added ?
15:45 Koha-Susan sent it just now, thanks for telling me
15:47 |Lupin| Koha-Susan: np
15:47 |Lupin| Susan-Dev: by the way: do you have other authorities in your database apat the one you added ?
15:48 Koha-Susan I added 4
15:48 Koha-Susan all the same way
15:48 Koha-Susan empty authority, except tab 1, tag a, i put a value
15:49 Koha-Susan then went back to tab 0 clicked save
15:49 Koha-Susan told me it requies other things, IT did AUTO fill, then I did save
15:49 Koha-Susan but as user entry I only did one thing for each of the 4 records
15:49 Koha-Susan The annoying thing is, Zebra picks it UP!! in the indexing I see it says exported
15:49 Koha-Susan but when I does not return anything
15:50 Koha-Susan I am having the exact same issues as this person
15:50 Koha-Susan[…]h-td22595920.html
15:50 Koha-Susan but he has no solution!
15:51 Koha-Susan in the end, just says issue with connecting to database....
15:54 |Lupin| Koha-Susan: yeah.. I don't know what to say/do, sorry
15:54 Koha-Susan its ok Lupin, have a good day :) I am continuing to search
15:54 Koha-Susan and wait till someone logs on
16:00 Koha-Susan Have a good night Lupin, I am too tired.  I will try again tomorrow morning my time.
16:00 Koha-Susan take care and thanks for trying
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18:57 |Lupin| hi again
19:34 richard joined #koha
19:34 richard hi
19:45 |Lupin| hey richard
19:46 richard hi Lupin
19:54 chris well, its been an interesting weekend for sirsi dynix that is for sure
19:55 |Lupin| chris: I don't know what you are talking about ?
19:56 chris[…]ms_on_Open_Source
19:58 richard[…]le/CA6704622.html
19:59 chris yeah there are links to all the commentary articles like that on the wiki
19:59 chris that one kinda misses the point imo, but there are some good ones, i like this one
19:59 chris http://libniblets.justgiblets.[…]information-from/
20:01 |Lupin| I'm curious how one could argue againss oepns source software
20:02 |Lupin| too lazy to read the report, though
20:02 chris |Lupin|: its just the usual stuff, could have been written by microsoft, its insecure, helps terrorists, has less features than proprietary etc
20:03 chris all with no evidence
20:05 |Lupin| chris: yeah, I'm pretty sure therewill always be people who want to read that and others who write it to please them and make money out of them
20:06 chris definitely
20:06 |Lupin| chris: btw yesterday pianohacker said Koha may one day use Template::Toolkit, had a look to it today and it looks pretty cool ! is there a schedule for that ?
20:06 chris depends :)
20:06 chris its part of my proposal for 3.4
20:07 |Lupin| chris: I'm definitely in favour of that
20:07 chris[…]ent:rm3.4proposal
20:07 |Lupin| chris: I have found a onverter from HTMP::Template to Template::Toolkit on goole code
20:07 chris linked to from[…]elopment:roles3.4
20:07 chris yep, it mostly works
20:07 chris i have a template toolkit branch
20:07 chris and have rewritten C4::Output to use TT
20:08 chris so you will just have to vote for me (joke) :)
20:08 |Lupin| :-)
20:08 chris im sure whoever else is interested in release manager for 3.4 will be in favour of it too
20:12 |Lupin| chris: yeah sounds promising
20:14 |Lupin| I would add increasing the flexibility for circulaiton rules
20:14 |Lupin| but maybe that's for later, if it is realistic at all
20:15 chris thats an rfc for a new feature for 3.4
20:15 |Lupin| :)
20:15 chris so if it gets finished it will make it in
20:17 |Lupin| chris: well, that's not soemething I feel powerful ienough to implement by myself, and since I'm not sure this could interest someone else...
20:17 chris someone already has written an rfc for the circ rules
20:18 chris so that might cover most of it
20:18 |Lupin| ahah
20:20 |Lupin| k, leaving now
20:21 |Lupin| chris: which day is it for you now sunday or monday ?
20:23 chris monday
20:25 |Lupin| chris: ok
20:26 |Lupin| chris: is your timezone the most in the future one, or is there one that comes even after you ?
20:26 chris depends on the time of the year, at the mo we are the most future one
20:26 |Lupin| chris: in other words is nz he first country to celebate new year ?
20:27 chris fiji and nz
20:27 |Lupin| ok
20:31 |Lupin| 'dnight all
20:31 chris night
20:31 |Lupin| tomorrow is a big day for us cause we go live (partially)
20:32 chris good luck
20:32 |Lupin| thanks :)
20:32 |Lupin| pilishing the settings at the moment :)
20:32 |Lupin| polishing
20:33 Ropuch We're going live in a month
20:34 chris excellent
20:35 |Lupin| bye
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20:43 Jo Morning all
20:43 chris hi Jo
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21:08 chris_n2 hi chris, Jo
21:12 Jo Hiya
21:14 chris hiya chris_n2, hows the weekend goin?
21:16 chris_n2 great, fantastic, etc. :-)
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21:33 chris hey brendan, what was the total count?
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21:42 * chris_n2 eats a very hot chocolate chip cookie
21:43 ian hey Chris...I missed that expired reserves SQL you posted and Mibbit doesn't have a 'history'  - can you whack it back on please?
21:43 chris yep
21:43 chris SELECT * FROM reserves WHERE found = 'W' AND waitingdate < '2009-10-20'; (for ones  waiting longer than ten days)
21:44 chris (the date will be wrong now :)
21:46 ian found is at any branch or at destination?
21:46 chris if its marked W then its at its destination (i think) W = waiting
21:47 ian ahhh ...that would make sense :-)
21:47 Jo Ian:[…]service/combo.asp
21:47 Jo that is the link for the self checks we have settled on.
21:47 * chris is looking forward to getthing them going
21:48 Jo we will have 3 self checks but 1 staff member 'fronting them' to accept cash, smile and interract etc.
21:48 ian ta
21:48 Jo means we wont have to invest in coin and bill handler for those who refuse to use eftpos (which will be part of the self check equipment)
21:49 chris those things (coin and bill handlers) break constantly
21:49 Jo will also handle barcodes and rfid tags so will transition nicely during the conversion process
21:51 Jo and the final selling point for me, is the media passport thingee, which will unlock the dvd security cases:[…]ia%20Passport.pdf
21:51 Jo when they are issued.
21:52 Jo Ian: you can just buy the software if you want and not the PCs, scanners, printers etc which makes it heaps cheaper. But we are choosing the whole shooting match because our hardware is due for replacement anyway and they are actually competitively priced.
21:54 Jo And this is the personal payment sysytem:[…]lfservice/pps.asp
21:54 brendan final count one big bag of candy gone :)
21:55 ian can we go somewhere private and talk $
21:55 Jo #kapiti
21:56 Jo would love to know if anyone in the states has it all working with Kopha 3.0 yet
21:56 brendan we ended up with 37 visitors and lots of excellent little costumes
21:58 chris cool
22:04 brendan chris -- we got some pictures of sonja and I up on facebook
22:05 chris excellent will go look
22:06 pianohacker joined #koha
22:06 pianohacker hello, #koha
22:07 * chris goes to do his performance review
22:07 Jo Chris: I think you are terrific :)
22:07 brendan heya pianohacker
22:08 brendan howdy Jo
22:08 Jo hiya Brdnan
22:08 pianohacker hi, brendan, Jo
22:08 Jo bit mangled .. sorry mate
22:08 brendan :)
22:08 pianohacker good luck, chris
22:16 ricardo joined #koha
22:16 ricardo Hi everyone
22:18 pianohacker hi, ricardo
22:18 ricardo pianohacker: Hi Jesse
22:24 Jo The Library 101 project is very cool:
22:26 ian left #koha
22:27 ricardo Jo: Interesting. I didn't know about "Library 101". Thanks for the link!
22:33 pianohacker Fastest lesson in using dist-packaged modules: upgrade and have to spend an hour getting everything working again
22:35 Jo ricardo: its newish I think
22:38 ricardo Jo: OK
22:38 ricardo pianohacker: What was the problem with dist-packaged modules?
22:40 pianohacker ricardo: I used cpan to get all of the necessary modules installed, so when perl upgraded, they didn't get upgraded along with it (there's really only a few you have to install from cpan)
22:40 ricardo pianohacker: OK
22:40 pianohacker ricardo: how are you, anyway?
22:41 ricardo pianohacker: Still drowning in work (I don't like complaining, but life's like that now)
22:41 pianohacker yeah, I can understand
22:41 pianohacker that
22:42 ricardo pianohacker: Thanks for asking though  :)  And how are you?
22:43 pianohacker very good, have splint off and back to typing and playing two-handed
22:45 ricardo pianohacker: Oh yeah.. Your hand problem, right? So, that's sorted out? That's great!  :)  What's "splint off"? Is it a synonym for "recovered"?
22:46 pianohacker ricardo: I had a splint on my hand to keep it immobilized while the bones healed, and I finally reached the end of the six-week healing time yesterday
22:47 ricardo
22:47 ricardo Got it. OK. Cool  :)
22:50 chris back
22:50 pianohacker chris: still alive and well?
22:50 chris yep, went great
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22:51 brendan cheers chris
22:54 ricardo chris / brendan : Hi  :)
22:54 chris hiya ricardo
22:54 brendan hello ricardo
22:54 ricardo chris: I received a further "batch" of translations from Marta Grachat. I'm testing it. Doing small fixes, etc... I should be able to submit it to you during next week
22:55 chris fabulous
22:55 * brendan reading more of the reactions around the "tubes" from Stephen Abrams doc.  :)
22:55 chris heh
22:55 chris you saw the code4lib wiki page eh?
22:55 brendan that's my base
22:55 chris if you find any that arent listed on there, you can add them
22:55 brendan err... homebase
22:55 chris (dont need to be signed in)
22:56 chris if ricardo knows any more reactions from europe (i have france and sweden so far) :)
22:56 ricardo chris: Sorry, but I'm out of context. Do you have any URL for me?
22:56 chris[…]ms_on_Open_Source
22:57 ricardo That was fast! OK. Let me check that
23:02 ricardo Well, I have just skimmed... It's "mixed. Some of the claims sound reasonable to me. Other seem to be "blanket statements" that are not demonstrated (e.g.: "Proprietary software has more features. Period."
23:03 chris yeah, or that open source helps terrorists
23:03 chris or that proprietary is more secure ;)
23:04 chris i think a major problem most people had is that none of his quotes are cited
23:04 ricardo chris: Oh, but Open Source Software might help terrorists... and proprietary software too. ANY software may help terrorists (and probably help good people too)
23:04 chris :)
23:05 richard is now known as rich-away
23:05 ricardo Imagine: Bin Laden using Writer to create some strategy plan. There it is! OSS helping terrorist. Or maybe Bin Laden uses Microsoft Word, instead? Who knows?!  ;-)
23:06 chris hehe
23:08 ricardo This one is quoted and is new to me (and funny):
23:08 ricardo "As open source companies assert, it is free like kittens, not free like beer."
23:09 ricardo ( links to[…]ee-puppy-is-free/ )
23:09 chris yeah i make a point not to talk about cost
23:09 chris its free as in freedom
23:09 ricardo Right
23:10 chris good comments on that
23:11 ricardo chris: You mean comments to that post in the "Interwoven Blog", right? Yes, I'm skimming a few of them right now
23:12 chris yep

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