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03:10 drupsta Hi
03:11 drupsta Hello all
03:11 drupsta is anyone here to help me out with a problem
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03:14 drupsta Hello?
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08:00 |Lupin| hello there
08:06 Ropuch Hi |Lupin|
08:08 |Lupin| hello Ropuch :)
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12:12 |Lupin| hi again everybody
12:36 |Lupin| is there anybody who could help me to use the AddItem and ModItem functions, pls ?
12:37 |Lupin| basically my problem is that the item numbers are not inserted in the item records as (I thought) they should be
12:42 hdl_laptop |Lupin|: around ?
12:42 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: yes !
12:42 Topic for #koha is now discussion channel for the Koha ILS | Please vote in the final foundation vote by 25/10/2009 http://opensource.web2learning[…]sid=88794&lang=en
12:48 hdl_laptop nengard ?
12:50 * chris_n2 greets hdl_laptop and |Lupin|
12:50 hdl_laptop hi  chris_n2
12:50 |Lupin| howdy chris_n2
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16:04 |Lupin| hello Jesse
16:15 pianohackr|work hi Sebastien
16:28 chris_n2 howdy Jesse
16:30 pianohackr|work hi, chris_n2
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17:47 ricardo Hi all
17:48 pianohackr|work hi, ricardo
17:48 ricardo pianohackr|work: Hi Jesse!
17:48 pianohackr|work how are you?
17:48 ricardo hdl_laptop: Are you there? Just read your private message. Thanks for testing this
17:48 ricardo pianohackr|work: I'm cool, thanks...
17:49 ricardo I just found out why a VPS of mine with 256 Megs of RAM , running Koha 3.0.x on Debian 5.0.3 was having problems and huge memory leaks...
17:49 ricardo It was being hit bad... by Googlebot!
17:49 pianohackr|work ahhh
17:50 pianohackr|work I've noticed a lot of spurious sessions from web crawling
17:50 ricardo pianohackr|work: Right
17:54 ricardo @later tell hdl_laptop I read your private messages. Thank you very much for doing a bulkmarcimport in your data. I see that you're not experiencing the same problem. I guess that I'll have to test this further on Monday, at work, then
17:54 munin ricardo: The operation succeeded.
17:59 * ricardo is updating VirtualBox from 3.0.4 to 3.0.8 (on Windows)
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18:05 ricardo_ (Yep... The VirtualBox installer isn't kidding when it says that it resets the network connection!  ;-)
18:05 pianohackr|work is this vps on virtualbox?
18:07 ricardo_ pianohackr|work: Nope... The VPS is on Xen. It's actually "Rackspace Cloud" (ex-"Mosso"). VirtualBox is just for my local Virtual Machines (running on my laptop)
18:07 pianohackr|work ahh, okay.
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18:09 ricardo__ ... and another network reset by the VirtualBox installer
18:11 pianohackr|work ricardo: installers are only kidding about such things when you don't want them to be, en?
18:11 pianohackr|work *eh
18:11 ricardo__ pianohackr|work: LOL! True, eheh...
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18:12 ricardo Actually, I think that I didn't boot my local virtual machines in the last several months. I'm mostly using the VPS now
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18:45 |Lupin| hi ricardo
18:45 ricardo |Lupin|: Hi Sébastien!  :)
18:46 ricardo |Lupin|: I was just saying pianohackr|work (Jesse) that my "French" is incredibly "rusty". Although I learned it for 5 years in High School  :(
18:46 |Lupin| ricardo: nice to see you are you ?
18:46 ricardo |Lupin|: Busy with the Portuguese translation and testing Koha in some setups. But I have been worse, thanks. And you?
18:46 |Lupin| ricardo: well I assume it's hard to not be rusty when you don't have an opportunity to practice
18:47 ricardo |Lupin|: "Touché"!  ;-)
18:47 |Lupin| any need for a french native speaker for translating or so ?
18:47 |Lupin| ricardo: that one was very well chosen
18:47 ricardo |Lupin|: Thanks  :)
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18:48 ricardo |Lupin|: I think that I haven't bumped yet in any area that I only had a French translation that was troublesome for me. But thanks for asking. I'll let you know, if that happens, eheh
18:50 |Lupin| ricardo: np.
18:50 |Lupin| ricardo: I assumed you and Jesse started to talk about french because of a translation problem he had
18:51 pianohackr|work |Lupin|: ahh, nope, thanks for asking though-
18:51 ricardo |Lupin|: Ah, that would make sense, indeed. But no, that wasn't the case
18:54 |Lupin| np :)
18:54 ricardo :)
18:58 ricardo ricardokohaclone # git rebase origin/3.0.x
18:58 ricardo Current branch 3.0.x is up to date.
18:58 ricardo No it's not...
18:58 pianohackr|work git fetch?
18:59 ricardo pianohackr|work: I'll do a "git pull --rebase" instead (I guess there's some difference between "git rebase" and "git pull --rebase" but I don't know what)
19:00 pianohackr|work ricardo: are you familiar with remote tracking branches?
19:00 ricardo pianohackr|work:  Maybe it's the one that you're implying "git rebase" assumes that you did a "git fetch" first
19:00 pianohackr|work yes; all git rebase does is rebase one local branch over another
19:01 ricardo pianohackr|work: Yes, although my branches don't usually track very well. I must be doing something wrong, but I'm not sure what, either  :(
19:01 ricardo # git pull --rebase
19:01 ricardo remote: Counting objects: 7934, done.
19:01 ricardo remote: Compressing objects: 100% (2933/2933), done.
19:01 ricardo Receiving objects:  33% (2266/6866), 13.31 MiB | 89 KiB/s
19:02 ricardo (This will take a while... I hadn't touch this Virtual Machine in the last month or so. So, I guess it's natural that it is this "far behind")
19:03 ricardo "Fast-forwarded 3.0.x to a5edf5011a599108311bb2569d4bfffd6a222ef3."
19:03 ricardo OK
19:03 ricardo Seems to have worked  :)
19:05 pianohackr|work ricardo: you do have to update your local copy of origin/3.0.x before you can rebase on it
19:05 ricardo pianohackr|work: Yeah... That's what it's happening to me.
19:05 pianohackr|work nothing you've done wrong, just a slight idiosyncrasy that git pull --rebase takes care of for you
19:06 ricardo I have a local branch called "3.0.x" that has it's "remote" set to "origin/3.0.x"
19:06 ricardo And I have a branch called "ric30x" that is based on "3.0.x"
19:06 ricardo "ric30x" only sees the "remote" changes, after I update the "3.0.x" branch (or maybe what it sees is the "local" changes of 3.0.x)
19:07 pianohackr|work yup, that's entirely normal
19:07 |Lupin| pianohackr|work: even if you rebase on, say, origin/3.0.x you have to pull before, or the rebase will pull ?
19:08 pianohackr|work |Lupin|: you have to git-fetch before a git-rebase
19:09 pianohackr|work git-pull = git-fetch then git-merge; git-pull --rebase = git-fetch then git-rebase
19:10 ricardo pianohackr|work: Right... The problem that I had was |Lupin| question. I though that if I did a "git rebase origin/3.0.x" it would fetch the changes from "origin/3.0.x" first
19:10 pianohackr|work nope
19:10 ricardo pianohackr|work: I see... "False friend", I guess
19:11 pianohackr|work very much, that's tripped me up more than once
19:11 ricardo pianohackr|work: Right
19:11 ricardo So, I guess I'm now officially *three* steps above "git newbie"!  ;-)
19:11 * sekjal jumps back into chat
19:11 pianohackr|work heh
19:11 |Lupin| pianohackr|work: so... doing a git fetch prior to anything else would be a reasonable rule of thumb ?
19:12 pianohackr|work |Lupin|: anything involving remote code, like a rebase or merge
19:12 pianohackr|work |Lupin|: you can also use git pull or git pull --rebase, which will do both steps for you
19:13 pianohackr|work sekjal: hi
19:13 |Lupin| pianohackr|work: ok
19:13 sekjal hey, pianohackr|work
19:13 ricardo pianohackr|work: "git pull" by default (*without* "--rebase") does a "merge" instead of a "rebase", right?
19:13 ricardo Hi sekjal
19:13 sekjal hi, ricardo
19:13 pianohackr|work ricardo: exactly, though that can be configured
19:13 ricardo pianohackr|work: right
19:14 sekjal looks like I tuned in the right Saturday; Git tips!
19:14 ricardo sekjal: LOL!
19:14 |Lupin| :)
19:14 |Lupin| while we are there...
19:14 |Lupin| I just cherry-picked a patch
19:14 pianohackr|work sekjal: though I'm by no means an authority!
19:14 |Lupin| which introduced a merged conflict
19:14 |Lupin| I solved that
19:14 |Lupin| but I expected the patch to be bigger
19:14 |Lupin| oh well
19:14 |Lupin| just forget about anything I said, please
19:14 sekjal pianohackr|work: you've actually done the process before, so you're more an authority than I.
19:15 |Lupin| I'll investigate further by myself
19:15 sekjal I'm still getting my institution's dev plan in place
19:15 ricardo |Lupin|: What? You said something?  ;-)
19:16 |Lupin| ricardo: no I didn't say anything ! are you sarrting to uhear voices like Jeane d'Arc ? :-))
19:16 ricardo I actually think that "git is hard"... to learn, I mean (on several levels). Don't get me wrong. I like it very much. But it's not exactly intuitive in several aspects (IMHO)
19:16 pianohackr|work gmcharlt: if you're around, was curious how you wanted me to manage the prefs-submit branch (which sysprefs-editor is based on): rebase or merge later changes, do nothing, ...?
19:17 pianohackr|work ricardo: oh, very much so. it's just useful enough to outweigh it, though
19:17 |Lupin| ricardo: agreed
19:17 ricardo |Lupin|: Sébastien, my friend... I have been hearing voices long time ago!  ;-)
19:17 |Lupin| :-))))
19:17 ricardo Eheh
19:18 * sekjal is reading an article on when to use merge vs. when to use rebase
19:19 ricardo pianohackr|work / |Lupin|: Thanks for showing that I'm not the only one that had / has some problems learning to use git
19:19 ricardo sekjal: There's a good one (with pictures) at
19:19 pianohackr|work I think linus torvalds must have had some troubles learning git, and he invented the dang thing
19:19 ricardo (searching again...)
19:20 ricardo pianohackr|work: LOL!
19:20 * sekjal is reading this one: http://blog.experimentalworks.[…]revision-control/
19:20 ricardo git merge vs git rebase: avoiding rebase hell
19:20 ricardo[…]iding-rebase-hell
19:24 |Lupin| anyone knows how to see the content ofgit's index, please ?
19:25 pianohackr|work |Lupin|: you can see the differences between the index and working tree with git diff
19:25 pianohackr|work git status will, of course, give you a summary
19:30 |Lupin| pianohackr|work: doens't git diff show differences betwwen HEAD and the working copy rather that the diff between working copy and index ?
19:31 pianohackr|work |Lupin|: a quick experiment says that it compares working copy and index
19:32 pianohackr|work man page confirms
19:32 |Lupin| pianohackr|work: ok. In a way I realise my quesiton did not really make sense... "what there is in the index" does not make much sense...
19:34 pianohackr|work |Lupin|: did I answer your question?
19:34 pianohackr|work |Lupin|: you can see difference between HEAD and working tree with, of course, git diff HEAD
19:36 chris morning
19:36 chris_n2 hello chris
19:37 chris you can make git diff show you the diff between any 2 commits
19:37 chris if you call it without any parameters it will show you the uncommitted changes in your working tree
19:38 pianohackr|work uncommitted to index, yes
19:38 pianohackr|work hi, chris. good morning
19:38 sekjal morning, chris
19:39 |Lupin| hi chris and thanks for the explanation
19:40 |Lupin| if one wants to chaéck that the last commit did not introduce any whitespace problems, how does one do ? git diff --check I guess, but how to specify the two commits ?
19:40 |Lupin| HEAD..HEAD^ ?
19:41 chris just the commit ids
19:41 chris git log
19:41 chris find the 2 commit ids
19:41 |Lupin| chris: ah, ok it's not possible to do it with HEAD and HEAD^?
19:42 chris probably but an easier way of doing that is
19:42 |Lupin| (to avoid botheringwith the commit ids...) ?
19:42 chris git show commit id
19:42 chris or, in your case
19:42 chris since just the last one
19:42 chris git show
19:42 |Lupin| chris: but this wouldn't accept the --check option, would it ?
19:43 chris_n2 it seems you can also 'git diff --check HEAD HEAD~1' or even HEAD~1 HEAD~2 etc
19:43 |Lupin| ah yes it works !
19:43 chris :)
19:44 |Lupin| great, thanks
19:44 chris im all about typing less
19:46 ricardo chris: Hi chris  :)
19:46 |Lupin| chris: this is precisely why I wanted to avoid the burden to do a git log, copy/pasting the hashes...
19:47 * |Lupin| is also wondering whether there is a way to empty the index
19:47 chris ?
19:47 chris why would you want to do that
19:49 |Lupin| chris: after a cherry-pick -n, to have just the working copy modifiedand to be able to git diff, git diff --check...
19:49 * chris_n2 thinks an empty index sounds a bit scarry
19:50 pianohackr|work |Lupin|: you want to take your changes out of the index?
19:50 |Lupin| ah or maybe the right way to do that would be to git format-patch the thing to be applied and then to apply it ?
19:50 |Lupin| pianohackr|work: yep...
19:50 * pianohackr|work thinks cherry-pick is the right way to copy a change over
19:51 pianohackr|work |Lupin|: git-reset HEAD should do it (without --hard, will only affect the index)
19:52 pianohackr|work chris: I had a question for gmcharlt earlier about a dev branch and rebase/merge, was curious what you thought
19:53 |Lupin| pianohackr|work: right... thanks a lot.
19:54 pianohackr|work np, hope i didn't mess you up too much in the process :)
19:54 |Lupin| pianohackr|work: the thing is I'm cherry-picking a few patches but don't want to keep them exactly as they are, that's why I'm doing these odd things...
19:54 pianohackr|work ahh, okay.
19:57 pianohackr|work bbl
19:57 pianohackr|work left #koha
20:00 chris git stash
20:00 chris thats what you want to use |Lupin|
20:01 |Lupin| chris: right ! thanks !!
20:02 chris when i apply cherry-picks i usually apply them to a clean branch
20:02 * chris_n2 finds it humerus that Firefox has determined that the .NET and Windows Presentation Foundation plugins cause instability....
20:02 chris eg git checkout master
20:02 chris git checkout -b newbranch
20:02 chris cherry pick
20:03 chris then merge that if it looks ok
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20:04 ricardo chris: I'm just running the "Web Installer" in a koha 3.0.x git installation ... and seeing things that I haven't yet translated to Portuguese  :(  How's the release plan of 3.0.4?
20:04 chris if you quickly translate you might beat it
20:05 chris hdl is fixing a few last things
20:05 |Lupin| chris: ok, thanks
20:05 ricardo chris: OK, thanks for the info
20:05 chris but now i have to go build an alien with kahu
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20:06 ricardo chris: That sounds something from the "X-Files"  ;-)
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20:08 ricardo paul_p: Good evening Paul! :)
20:08 paul_p hello world. connected through mibbit, as my dell laptop seems dead (blank screen...)
20:09 ricardo paul_p: Sorry to hear that  :(
20:09 paul_p I wanted to test some things on our 3.2 koha setup, before a demo, but I don't remember the url...
20:09 paul_p and have nothing to retrieve it.
20:09 ricardo paul_p: Let me see if I can help you
20:10 paul_p it's something like
20:11 sekjal
20:11 ricardo sekjal: Right  :)
20:12 ricardo paul_p:[…]etingnotes09oct07
20:12 ricardo " hdl_laptop and paul_p introduced the "
20:16 paul_p too bad... it does not work at all ( compilation error :( )
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20:18 sekjal paul_p: I like some of the changes Biblibre has made to the data structure for Acquisitions.  I've been struggling with Acq for my institution, and can't wait to upgrade to 3.2
20:18 sekjal our worst part right now is getting our payments to work.  not only does our parent institution cut the checks, but we do a lot of consortial buying
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20:21 |Lupin| hi brendan
20:21 chris speaking of which we probably need to start on a changelog soon (for the release)
20:21 brendan hi |Lupin|
20:21 brendan hey chris
20:22 chris i know at least 2 things that LL have listed as LEK only are in 3.2.0 ... i think we need our own list
20:23 paul_p chris++
20:23 paul_p (offline circ & new acquisition module)
20:23 chris yep
20:23 chris that makes 3
20:23 paul_p granular permissions too imo (although it can be improved in koha)
20:24 chris email checkout slips too
20:24 |Lupin| chris: our current system reports a few errors by e-mail to the technical admnistrators of the site and I'd lke to keep this feature in the new Koha based system. I'm wondering how to implement it. Shluld I rather use Mail::Sendmail directly, or use the letters module... ? any advice ?
20:24 paul_p mmm... I missed this one
20:24 |Lupin| (salut paul_p)
20:25 chris using the letters module would be the best bet
20:25 chris because this sounds like something others would want also
20:26 |Lupin| chris: k... btw I'm wondering why there are two send methods: one is snchrone, the other is asynchrone and enqueues messages in the db for later sending...
20:26 chris yep
20:26 sekjal LL also claims LEK is 'free/open source' and has 'no vendor lock-in' on their 'Solutions Comparison' page
20:27 sekjal so, wrongness abound
20:27 chris yeah, we cant change their page ... so we need one of our own
20:27 |Lupin| chris: Hmm not sure doing something re-usable is on top of my priority list for this one... basically, the idea is that our old system had a support Perl library that I integrated into Koha and I'm modifying it where necessary so that it calls Koha modules where apropriate.
20:27 * sekjal feels frustration boiling up inside; thinks about kittens instead
20:28 chris |Lupin|: because you often want to run the overdues script at say 1am
20:28 chris but then send the emails at 9am
20:28 |Lupin| chris: k... but in the case of error notifications, I assume synchrone processing is fine ?
20:28 chris yes, you want them right away
20:29 chris sekjal: thanks for replying to my email
20:29 |Lupin| chris: I have to say I do'nt really see why one would want to run the overdue notice job at one time and then have the mails sent later...
20:29 sekjal chris: gladly. hope I can be of some help...
20:30 ricardo chris: Weird... I see this "Sélectionnez votre déclinaison MARC" in Step 3 of the Web installer, but it doesn't appear in "pt-PT-i-staff-t-prog-v-3000000.po" (although it does in "fr-FR-i-staff-t-prog-v-3000000.po")
20:30 paul_p time to go to bed for me. Early wake up tomorrow (our last son, 2 1/2 wakes at 7AM, sunday included :'( )
20:31 paul_p left #koha
20:32 |Lupin| paul_p: hmm! now I remember why I don't want to have children ! :-)
20:32 ricardo |Lupin|: LOL!
20:32 |Lupin| too late
20:32 |Lupin| perhaps it's better like that...
20:34 ricardo Eheh
20:34 chris |Lupin|: because calculating the overdues puts some load on the server, sending emails doesnt, and sending emails during working hours means more chance people will read them
20:38 chris ok, i whacked up a quick one
20:38 chris[…]g-for-koha-3-2-0/
20:38 |Lupin| chris: ok...
20:38 hdl_laptop hi chris
20:38 ricardo chris: I guess some lines in PO Portuguese staff file are missing (from the original English one). Is it easy for you to do some kind of "merge" that adds them?
20:38 hdl_laptop @later tell paul
20:38 munin hdl_laptop: (later tell <nick> <text>) -- Tells <nick> <text> the next time <nick> is in seen. <nick> can contain wildcard characters, and the first matching nick will be given the note.
20:38 chris ricardo: lemme check
20:39 hdl_laptop @later tell paul I have fixed the problem with the search on
20:39 munin hdl_laptop: The operation succeeded.
20:39 ricardo chris: On second thought, wait... I found it (although it's in English not in French... Not sure why I got in French. Maybe because I said that the indexing language was "fr" instead of "en". I'll test it now)
20:40 sekjal chris:  ooooh, nice list!  I wasn't aware of all of these enhancements...
20:42 chris its not all of them either, just the ones easy to find :)
20:42 sekjal moving items between MARC records is going to help us a bunch
20:43 sekjal we've got 4 titles that can't be searched because they have too many items attached
20:43 chris yep thats a good biblibre one
20:43 sekjal will help with bug 2453
20:43 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2453 critical, P3, ---,, NEW, (very) large biblio/item handling
20:44 chris *nod*
20:44 sekjal and should wire in nicely with the bib linker I'm keen to design
20:45 hdl_laptop sekjal the best solution would be to handle items out of biblios
20:46 chris linking bibs together sekjal?
20:46 chris hdl_laptop: which branch should i checkout if i want to test biblibre acquisitions?
20:46 chris[…]-acq-preview-only  <--- that one?
20:47 sekjal we have a number of serials whose issues can be cited as both serial issues, and monographs.  we have traditionally analyzed these titles, giving the items two bib records
20:47 sekjal our old system let us link an item to multiple bibs.  made my migration all kinds of complicated
20:47 chris ahhh
20:48 sekjal at least for MARC21, there is a way to point one bib to another (field 770 and thereabounds)
20:48 chris i still want to be able to to let librarians choose to link MARC records together, with something like a meta record
20:48 sekjal I thought it would make more sense to 'analyze' the items off the serial bib onto their monographic bib, with automatic creation of these MARC 770s
20:49 chris so you can decide as a library, to group all the manifestations together
20:49 chris to provide much nicer search results
20:49 sekjal the serial bib's detailed view could then show 'related items' or some such, and pull the items from the linked bibs
20:49 sekjal I think it would work for what you want to do, too, chris, if it was designed generically enough
20:50 chris sweet
20:50 sekjal we could generate arbitrary hierarchies
20:51 sekjal though too many layers might be confusing
20:51 sekjal or, if the relationship is less rigidly defined, not so much hierarchies as a thesaurus
20:52 sekjal a web of records
20:53 chris *nod* the main use case is for when someone searches for one of the harry potter books, they dont get 3 pages of results, each result for each different 'format'
20:54 chris probably not so bad in a special library, but in a public with lots of fiction, really annoying for the borrowers
20:54 sekjal It'd work great for FRBRization.  the hard part would be creating the links to begin with
20:54 sekjal though perhaps something could be scripted, pulling from XISBN or ThingISBN or another such service
20:56 sekjal oh, good, and it looks like UNIMARC has similar structures for capturing this kinda thing:
20:57 chris excellent
20:58 sekjal I wish I had more time in my work day to just do R&D on Koha; there are so many possibilities!
21:02 sekjal looks like my Saturday shift is over.  Time to home.
21:02 sekjal cheers, all
21:02 ricardo Bye sekjal!  :)
21:02 sekjal left #koha
21:03 ricardo hdl_laptop: Is there still time for some last-minute corrections for submitting the Portuguese translation for 3.0.4?
21:07 |Lupin| when a column is qualified in an SQL request, say tbl.col, what's his name gonna be in the resluts fetched with fetch_rowhash ? col or tbl.col ? someone knows this, please ?
21:09 ricardo |Lupin|: Not sure... But you may rename the column with "as". Example;
21:09 ricardo select variable as var from systempreferences;
21:13 |Lupin| ricardo: yeah, true. NOt sure it would help, that being said
21:13 * |Lupin| thinks he is just going to experiment and see whether the name is qualified or not
21:14 ricardo |Lupin|: OK, report back afterwards then, please  :)
21:15 |Lupin| ricardo: sure
21:15 ricardo thanks
21:15 |Lupin| ricardo: that being said, its's a bit awkward to rely on the behaviour be similar on the other systems...
21:16 hdl_laptop left #koha
21:16 * |Lupin| ran away from physics as quickly as possible, and now is doing experimental computer science... sad thing...
21:16 ricardo |Lupin|:[…]#fetchrow_hashref
21:19 ricardo Dinner time. BBL
21:19 ricardo is now known as ricardo_away
21:47 |Lupin| can anyone remember whether a bug regarding overdue_notices has been reported recently, please ?
22:02 |Lupin| ok, we will see... enough code for today.
22:02 |Lupin| bye everybody
22:02 |Lupin| left #koha
23:08 munin` joined #koha
23:12 munin left #koha
23:13 munin` left #koha
23:20 ricardo_away PANIC! No Bot in the channel?
23:20 ricardo_away is now known as ricardo
23:44 chris_n2 where's munin?
23:49 ricardo chris_n2: Went away... Who's taking care of it?
23:50 ricardo Is it Galen?
23:50 chris_n2 chris is munin's keeper I think
23:50 ricardo chris_n2: OK. Let's hope that chris returns then.
23:51 chris_n2 is still here, so the logging should be working fine
23:53 ricardo chris_n: You're right  :)
23:53 ricardo  is logging stuff even after munin went away

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