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00:17 mason yay , more hail....
00:21 brendan cya in a bit #koha
00:30 ricardo Time to go to bed. Work tomorrow (today - 5th Oct - was a National Holiday here in Portuga, "Republic Day")
00:30 ricardo s/Portuga/Portugal
00:30 ricardo (gee)
00:31 ricardo Take everyone! :)
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03:26 Amit hi chris, brendan
03:26 Amit good morning #koga
03:26 Amit sory #koha
03:27 brendan heya Amit
03:39 Jo hi Amit
03:39 Amit hi Jo
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03:40 Amit Is there any way to remove CPAN dependencies by default
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06:06 kmkale hi all
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06:36 kmkale guyz I am not recieving copies of mails I send to koha-devel. I set the acknowledge option to yes and got an ack but no mail copy.
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07:01 chris did you set the option to receive your own mail too?
07:04 kmkale chris: yes. It was active but rechecked it.
07:04 chris they are certainly all hitting the list
07:05 kmkale yes I got a reply from savitra but not my reply to it :(
07:05 nahuel hi all
07:05 chris[…]tober/thread.html
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07:06 kmkale chris: yes saw that too. So a list problem?
07:06 chris dont think so
07:06 chris i get mine
07:07 kmkale should I try unsubscribe / subscribe?
07:07 chris i wouldnt
07:08 chris what mail client do you use?
07:08 kmkale gmail with firefox
07:08 kmkale i have consolidated all my email id's in gmail
07:09 chris you could try unsubscribe and subscribe, but my guess is it is gmail being smart/helpful
07:10 kmkale I used to get my own mails. I have them in a label. Didnt post for quite a while and now this.. :(
07:11 kmkale gmail getting too start then ;)
07:11 kmkale * smart
07:12 chris thast just a guess, though
07:12 Ropuch Morning, #koha
07:13 kmkale i'll try with thunderbird direct to my pop3 next time I have to post
07:15 chris i can tail my mail logs, so can see the messages hit the mta .. you could get hdl_laptop to grep for your email address in the mail logs on the listserver to know if its at least sending them
07:15 hdl_laptop chris we had a mailserver issue yesterday.
07:15 hdl_laptop Should be ok now.
07:16 chris this is something different hdl_laptop
07:17 chris kmkale is not getting copies of mail he sends to the list
07:17 chris its in the archive, and i get the mail, but he isnt getting a copy
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07:45 kmkale chris, hdl_laptop: it could be that gmail sets replu-to to the gmail address not my domain address and the list manager is refusing to send to that address as its not registered with it..
07:50 kmkale bye all. gotta go. meetings
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08:13 hdl_laptop chris : there was still the problem long fixed by Frederic on subscription-detail.tmpl.
08:13 hdl_laptop because of a javascript.
08:14 hdl_laptop He setn the bug fix ages ago.
08:14 hdl_laptop But it never got integrated.
08:14 hdl_laptop I have pushed that on 3.0.x so it would require to update templates
08:18 chris the .po files?
08:22 Amit hi hdl_laptop
08:25 hdl_laptop chris yes.
08:25 hdl_laptop always the same old num_pattern bug.
08:25 hdl_laptop It is incredible to see so many orphan patches.
08:25 hdl_laptop I understand
08:55 hdl_laptop But it really is a pity
09:10 chris i think that for the future the release manager will need more help, with people applying patches on public branches
09:10 chris also a nice way to see all patches waiting
09:15 hdl_laptop yes.
09:15 hdl_laptop Stgit could help.
09:16 hdl_laptop Maybe working with topic branches could also help
09:16 chris yep, to both
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09:42 ricardo Hi everyone!
09:43 hdl_laptop Hi ricardo
09:44 ricardo hdl_laptop: Hi Henri! Good morning! You're just the man I wanted to talk to!  :)
09:45 ricardo hdl_laptop: I updated the Portuguese translation (the 2 PO files) two days ago and Chris (Cormack) was kind enough of re-generating the template files and such...
09:46 ricardo hdl_laptop: Now, the problem is that when I try to log in to the Intranet / Staff, the page gets redirected to /cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/
09:47 ricardo hdl_laptop: Basically, it's the 1st function of "staff-global.js" - koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/proâ​€‹g/pt-PT/js/staff-global.js - that gets called and causes a redirect (via "location.href")... but that doesn't happen with the English version and the code is (apparently) the same  :-S
09:48 hdl_laptop weird.
09:48 ricardo hdl_laptop: *nod*
09:48 hdl_laptop should be a translation problem.
09:49 hdl_laptop Maybe in the header.
09:49 hdl_laptop Will try and hunt that down. But you might be qucker than I
09:49 ricardo hdl_laptop: Yeah... probably. I think the problem is happening with Mozilla Firefox 3.0.x but NOT with Firefox 3.5.x ... I'll test it again now
09:51 ricardo hdl_laptop: Which one is the header file, BTW?
09:52 hdl_laptop (in the includes file)
09:52 ricardo hdl_laptop: Cool. Thanks for the info!  :)
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10:23 ricardo hdl_laptop: I can't reproduce the bug now (neither in Firefox, nor in 3.0.14 nor in 3.5.3)... I'm guessing it may be related to some cache / cookies / "weird stuff" thing (the problem revealed itself in my home computer and I'm at work now)
10:36 pastebot "ricardo" at pasted "Legal or illegal translation of "Cart" by "Cesto" in ?" (4 lines) at
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10:38 ricardo chris / hdl_laptop: The only thing "weird" in "" that I found is above ^^^  (a string "Cart" that got translated by "Cesto" that I have doubts if it could / should be translated). I'd appreciate your input. I do NOT know where the translation came from (I can't find it in the Portuguese PO files)
10:43 hdl_laptop ricardo: cart should be translated at OPAC.
10:44 Amit hi ricardo
10:45 hdl_laptop But there should be no string Cart in Intranet
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10:47 ricardo hdl_laptop: True...
10:49 ricardo Very interesting diff now!
10:50 ricardo Copying it to ...
10:53 pastebot "ricardo" at pasted "Diff between Intranet's English and Portuguese (pt-PT) "" (10 lines) at
10:54 ricardo ("jquery.hotkeys.min.js" in the English version and "jquery.hotkeys.js" in the Portuguese version)
10:56 hdl_laptop ricardo : I guess you have had a problem in translation. How do you install a new translation ?
10:57 hdl_laptop (which workflow are you using ?
10:57 hdl_laptop )
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11:02 ricardo ricardo: I think I sent the PO files to Chris, got them from git when he uploaded it and ran " pt-PT" after
11:04 ricardo hdl_laptop: I think I sent the PO files to Chris, got them from git when he uploaded it and ran " pt-PT" after
11:05 ricardo paul_p: Hi Paul!  :)
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11:19 ricardo BRB
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11:24 ricardo Lunch time
11:25 ricardo BBL
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11:54 jwagner Good morning all
11:56 Ropuch Hi jwagner
11:56 Amit hi jwagner
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12:00 jwagner Any French speakers online who could translate some sysprefs for me?
12:01 hdl_laptop sure
12:01 hdl_laptop throw ;)
12:01 jwagner I have three of them, relating to Bug 3693
12:01 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3693 enhancement, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, Display options for buttons when holds triggered
12:02 jwagner Display Confirm button when hold triggered. Leave either this setting or HoldButtonPrintConfirm on.
12:02 jwagner Display Confirm and Print Slip button when hold triggered. Leave either this setting or HoldButtonConfirm on.
12:02 jwagner Display Ignore button when hold triggered.
12:12 hdl_laptop Affiche un bouton de confirmation quand la réservation est ... triggered ?
12:12 hdl_laptop Is the hold being available ?
12:12 hdl_laptop Or is it cancelled ?
12:13 jwagner Yes -- when an item is checked in and there's a hold waiting -- the screen that pops up with the options to confirm the hold, confirm & print slip, or ignore the hold.
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13:57 Nate good morning everyone!
13:58 owen Hi Nate
13:58 Nate hey owen
14:01 brendan mroning Nate owen
14:01 Nate whats up bren
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14:06 ricardo Back
14:06 ricardo owen: Hi Owen! Are you still "here"?
14:07 owen Yes
14:07 ricardo owen: Nice  :)  2 days ago, I sent an updated Portuguese translation (PO files) to Chris. He validated, merged and uploaded them to "git" (3.0.x branch)...
14:08 ricardo owen: ... then, I got the corrected versions from "git" and ran " pt-PT" ...
14:09 ricardo owen: ... and ran again "perl.makefile.PL --prev-install=/path/to/koha-install-log ; make test; make install" (if I'm not mistaken)...
14:10 ricardo owen: Then, a bug happened: when I logged in to the Intranet / staff page, in the "Português" (Portuguese) version, I got redirected to /cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/
14:11 ricardo owen: Basically, it's the 1st function of "staff-global.js" - koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/pro​​​g/pt-PT/js/staff-global.js - that gets called and causes a redirect (via "location.href")... but that doesn't happen with the English version and the code is (apparently) the same
14:11 ricardo owen:  I can't reproduce the bug now (neither in Firefox, nor in 3.0.14 nor in 3.5.3)... Could it be related to some cache / cookies / "weird stuff" thing (the problem revealed itself in my home computer and I'm at work now) ?
14:12 ricardo owen: (the problem revealed as soon as I introduced any character in the "username" field, in the "Portuguese" login page to the Intranet)
14:13 owen The redirect in staff-global.js is related to the "Alt-q" keyboard shortcut.
14:14 ricardo owen: Right... But I didn't press "Alt+Q"  :-/
14:14 ricardo I did note the following difference between the "English" and "Portuguese" version:
14:14 ricardo "Diff between Intranet's English and Portuguese (pt-PT) "" (10 lines) at
14:14 ricardo ("jquery.hotkeys.min.js" in the English version and "jquery.hotkeys.js" in the Portuguese version)
14:16 owen There shouldn't be any difference for different languages
14:16 ricardo owen: Agreed
14:17 owen ...but I don't have any idea what could have caused the difference.
14:17 ricardo owen: Should I also get the updated "tmpl" files from git, instead of running " pt-PT"?
14:18 ricardo (tmpl... or "js", "css", "includes".... I confess that I didn't study the "" code)
14:19 owen I'm not familiar with the translation process... is the script to build a new set of templates from a po file?
14:20 ricardo owen: I think so
14:20 ricardo[…]810a84cf;hb=3.0.x
14:21 ricardo (calls "" scripts)
14:22 jwagner owen, see what happens when you vanish for a few days?  Everyone saves up problems for you.  I'm about to go into a meeting, but would you look at Bug 3690 when you have a few minutes?  I think it has to be a stylesheet thing, but I can't see what the problem is.
14:22 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3690 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, opacsmallimage doesn't appear anywhere but entry page in OPAC
14:22 ricardo jwagner: LOL!
14:24 owen Like I said, I'm not an expert in this process, but I would think all you'd need to do is 1) Update git and 2) Install the template files.
14:24 owen I don't think you would have to make test and make install
14:24 owen ?
14:24 ricardo owen: Maybe not... because I wasn't sure, I ran them anyway (make test; make install)
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14:25 slef @seen gmcharlt
14:25 munin` slef: gmcharlt was last seen in #koha 3 days, 20 hours, 18 minutes, and 13 seconds ago: <gmcharlt> slef: schuster: actually, yes you can load MARCXML directly into Koha, and yes, it would be a way of going over the limit - there are a couple bugs still if you do that, but it is *workable*
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14:26 hdl_laptop jwagner: you'll have your translations in your box
14:27 hdl_laptop when you come back
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14:28 owen ricardo: I'm unqualified to give you any more suggestions I think :)
14:43 * slef almost doubles the length of[…]tes09oct07#agenda
14:44 slef Have we had the association survey results yet?
14:44 slef I'll close the doodle one and publish it, see what reaction it gets.
14:45 owen slef: I don't think so... nengard is leading a training session today so I don't think she can answer
14:45 cato hey guys
14:46 cato im trying to rebuild our zebra index: using "perl -I /home/koha/kohaclone/C4 -w -b"
14:47 cato I'm getting this message: Can't locate C4/ in @INC (@INC contains:... -- any thoguhts?
14:47 slef your -I is wrong
14:47 slef should be -I /home/koha/kohaclone
14:48 cato hmm - thanks!
14:55 ricardo owen: Sorry... I got "phoned". OK. Thanks for the help :)
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15:42 jwagner hdl_laptop, merci beaucoup!
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15:55 owen jwagner: Bug 3690 is not happening for me at all
15:55 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3690 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, opacsmallimage doesn't appear anywhere but entry page in OPAC
15:56 owen It doesn't matter what page I'm on, opacsmallimage displays fine
15:58 jwagner Aaarrrggghhh.  What Koha version?  I updated to latest when I tested this.
15:59 hdl_laptop jwagner: sent
16:00 owen jwagner: fresh from git
16:00 owen "Version" pref reports 3.0100061
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16:01 jwagner Drat.  That's the same version as mine.
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16:02 owen Hi nengard
16:02 nengard howdy
16:04 jwagner Owen, I just looked at, and I want to be sure we're talking about the same logo.  Not the line at the top (opacheader, I believe), but in the masthead, where it has the Search library catalog box.  Default Koha uses the Koha logo to the left of that, but there's the syspref opacsmallimage which is supposed to let you substitute a logo for it.  That's the one I'm having problems with.
16:05 owen Yeah, we're talking about the same thing
16:06 jwagner Drat again :-(
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16:08 owen jwagner: I can't imagine what's going on unless it's a path problem or a CSS problem. The fact that the pref is being called from means it's the same code on every page
16:14 jwagner That's what I thought.  And you can see the code in the page source, calling the image.  It's just not visible on the page, like something is overlaying it.  I think I'll give it a try on yet another system -- I have a new devel server that hasn't been touched yet.
16:16 nengard hi all - regarding bug 2434 I have an idea of how to fix this - mostly - but I hit a problem when I have to figure out how to pull results from the database based on system preferences
16:16 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2434 normal, P3, ---,, NEW, Disable Enhanced Messaging Columns Not In Use
16:16 nengard do we know of an example that exists for this already that I can preview/copy??
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16:19 jwagner nengard, there Bug 3535 where I added a syspref to turn off the whole messaging tab.  It doesn't turn on/off individual messaging elements, though.
16:19 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3535 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Add syspref to control display of My Messaging tab in OPAC
16:20 nengard jwagner yeah - I know how to turn off the entire tab :) did that with Fines and a few others
16:20 nengard but it's the individual messages that are hard
16:20 nengard for me
16:25 * nengard lunching
16:25 jwagner owen, just tried it on a clean, untouched, up to date system, using a delivered image file.  I set the opacsmallimage syspref to opac-tmpl/prog/images/koha-logo-black.png, and it shows fine at the root URL.  The black box (image is black) is there.  When I do a search or anything else, the black box goes away and it's back to the blue line.  The script link is there if you hover over it, and works (goes back to main OPAC page).
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16:28 owen What about with "/opac-tmpl/prog/images/koha-logo-black.png"
16:29 jwagner *#&*$^ expletive deleted -- I'm sure I tried that in my various permutations.  It does work on my clean system, though.  Let me try on the original problem system.
16:31 jwagner Yep, works there too.  Now What In The Wide Wide World Of Sports would make it work without the slash on one page but require the slash on others?   Grumble grumble grumble.....
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17:01 * nengard back
17:07 Ropuch Welcome back ;.
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17:23 jwagner There is an IRC meeting tomorrow, isn't there?  What time?
17:24 ricardo jwagner: According to
17:24 ricardo[…]etingnotes09oct07
17:24 ricardo "The next general IRC meeting will be held on #koha on 7 October 2009 at 10:00 UTC+0"
17:25 jwagner Found it.  Looks like 6:00 AM U.S. Eastern.
17:25 * owen is feeding and dressing the kids at 6AM for a 7:15AM departure for school
17:26 ricardo It could be a good idea to put a reminder about this meeting in the "topic" of this channel... Is there anyone here with privileges for doing that?
17:26 brendan yup going to be though for me to make that one
17:30 ricardo OK... I admit I'm confused:
17:31 ricardo Shouldn't[…]/refs/heads/3.0.x point to the most recent commit that's available for the 3.0.x branch?
17:32 ricardo (the SHA-1 hash says it does... but "git pull" is not "getting it". Weird)
17:34 ricardo The last commit that I get for "git pull" is a commit dated 30-Sep-2009  :-/
17:34 ricardo The only thing is that this a "git pull" via http...
17:39 nengard brendan what- you don't want to wake at 3am??  Why not?? :) hehe  I'll be there
17:40 brendan sometimes I do
17:40 brendan :)
17:40 nengard really?? I'm tell you now - I will not wake at 3am for work :) hehe
17:40 brendan maybe it's a good night for an all nighter
17:40 nengard haven't done one of those since college - and even then I never really made it all night
17:41 brendan I have trouble sleeping sometimes -- so if I'm awake - usually my computer or a book entertains me more than the TV
17:42 chris ricardo: everyone has privileges to change the topic
17:44 ricardo chris: Really? I didn't know that
17:44 chris yep
17:59 brendan moring chris
17:59 brendan morning actually
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18:05 chris ricardo: try /topic whatever you want
18:05 chris morning brendan
18:07 cato joined #koha
18:08 chris_n howdy chris
18:09 chris ok, time to go get ready for work, have afternoon tea today with Richard Stallman
18:09 chris_n chris++
18:15 brendan chris++
18:16 brendan can you make it a virtual tea :)
18:24 chris_n gmcharlt about?
18:34 Topic for #koha is now General IRC Meeting 7 October 2009, 10H UTC, here in #koha -[…]etingnotes09oct07
18:35 Topic for #koha is now General IRC Meeting 7 October 2009, 10H AM UTC, here in #koha -[…]etingnotes09oct07
18:35 ricardo Hmm... Is this clear, or is there a better way to write "10H AM"?
18:37 schuster So what is the GMT of 10H AM?
18:37 chris_n ricardo: 1000 based on the 24H time format
18:37 chris_n ie. 1000 UTC
18:39 chris_n @later tell gmcharlt please push[…]ember/004596.html as it is causing problems for some
18:39 munin` chris_n: The operation succeeded.
18:39 schuster UGH 5 am!  The alarm hasn't gone off yet at our house...  Guess I'll be drinking coffee listening in my jammies!
18:40 gmcharlt chris_n: back - got your message
18:41 chris_n schuster: yup, I'm generally in transit to work at that time... (now where did i put that blackberry)
18:47 chris would someone like to send a mail to the koha-devel and koha lists with a simple reminder about the meeting?
18:47 * chris has 10 mins before his bus
18:47 * chris_n will
18:48 chris thanks :)
18:49 * chris is just pinging mbreeding about his typo about
18:51 owen chris: ?
18:53 chris[…]tml?desc=topstory
18:53 chris i wish had started in 2003
18:53 chris :)
18:54 chris ok time to catch my bus
18:54 chris_n tnx nengard
18:55 nengard no prob
18:56 * chris_n runs out (yet again)
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19:28 Topic for #koha is now General IRC Meeting 7 October 2009, 1000 UTC (date -d @1254906000), here in #koha -[…]etingnotes09oct07
19:28 Topic for #koha is now General IRC Meeting 7 October 2009, 1000 UTC (date -d @1254909600), here in #koha -[…]etingnotes09oct07
19:34 chris back
19:34 ricardo slef: Thanks slef!  :)
19:34 chris slef: were you as horrified as me to some of the responses to the captcha stuff on the code4lib list?
19:41 pianohacker joined #koha
19:41 Ropuch chris: can you clear all suggestions for a project on pootle? I've contacted 2 others 3.x polish translators so far and they've already done opac. We're thinking about "fresh start": I'll upload my transalation and they will merge theirs, so we can came up with best version
19:41 pianohacker hello
19:42 brendan heya pianohacker
19:42 brendan how goes it?
19:42 pianohacker alright, working on school
19:42 pianohacker you
19:42 pianohacker ?
19:42 Ropuch Hi pianohacker
19:42 chris Ropuch: not easily no, but suggestions dont make it into the .po file
19:42 chris so its safe to just leave them
19:42 richard joined #koha
19:42 richard hi
19:42 chris hiya richard
19:43 richard hi chris
19:43 brendan not too much... messing with ISSN numbers currently
19:43 chris Ropuch: if you send me the version you want in pootle, i can make it so
19:45 Ropuch chris: actually the version that are already on pootle are fine, I just want to clear the suggestion
19:45 Ropuch (3.0.x polish opac & intranet)
19:45 chris right, there is no easy way to do that
19:46 Ropuch Just asking, it would make things easier, but if it's too much trouble - no problem :)
19:46 ricardo Going back to home now... See you later, maybe
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19:46 chris i could just delete the suggestion file and see what happens :)
19:46 chris ill try some things
19:47 Ropuch chris: sounds ok ;)
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20:10 chris that greek island library sounds awesome :)
20:10 rhcl_busy that greek island sounds awesome
20:11 chris rhcl_busy: say you will go do consulting onsite for the price of accomodation :-)
20:11 rhcl_busy or less. I work cheap.
20:13 chris Ropuch:  did that clear the suggestions?
20:17 Ropuch Yes, there's no suggestion. Although when go into "Review the suggestion" it takes me entries where they've been, so they are 'remebered' in project.
20:18 chris right
20:18 chris thats harmless though?
20:18 Ropuch But that doesn't matter at all
20:18 chris cool
20:18 chris do you want me to do the same for hte intranet?
20:18 Ropuch yes, we want to review all entries :)
20:18 Ropuch Thanks
20:19 Ropuch chris: yes please
20:19 chris should be done now
20:21 Jo joined #koha
20:21 Jo good morning all
20:21 pianohacker Good morning
20:21 brendan morning Jo
20:21 chris heya Jo
20:29 Jo Brendan: you got any pretty screenshots of Koha installs you have done?3
20:29 Jo (actually anyone really ...
20:29 Jo esp in languages other than English!
20:29 chris Ropuch: do you have a polish opac online?
20:30 Jo looking for a great example of the use of the enhanced content feature ie google or amazon
20:30 Jo and also SOPAC integration, and library thing
20:30 Jo and syndetics
20:31 collum left #koha
20:31 Jo I do want English ones too :)
20:31 chris might be best to email the list
20:32 chris only a tiny subset of people on here
20:53 pianohacker bleh: 6:00 AM meeting might be doable, but 4:00 AM MDT is really pushing it...
20:55 chris send me any points you want to make if you cant make it
20:55 chris and ill make sure i bring them up
20:56 pianohacker nothing too eloquent or important pops to mind, but thanks
21:00 chris if you think of anything, just email
21:00 pianohacker k
21:00 pianohacker I will try to send a sysprefs catchup patch tonight
21:01 chris sweet
21:07 schuster left #koha
21:16 andy joined #koha
21:18 Nate left #koha
21:21 pianohacker brb work
21:21 pianohacker left #koha
22:07 pianohackr|work joined #koha
22:26 ricardo joined #koha
22:35 reed joined #koha
22:35 reed left #koha
23:12 brendan later #koha -- heading home to try and catch the end of this playoff baseball game :)
23:12 chris cya brendan
23:22 brendan left #koha
23:31 brendan joined #koha
23:32 brendan nice just in time to catch a big homerun
23:32 pianohackr|work who's playing
23:33 pianohackr|work ?
23:33 brendan Twins vs. Tigers
23:33 brendan one game playoff game to get into the postseason
23:53 richard left #koha

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