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00:01 ricardo Hi brendan !
00:02 brendan hey ricardo
00:32 pastebot "ricardo" at pasted "Differences betwen "en" auth.tmpl and "pt-PT" auth.tmpl" (51 lines) at
00:33 ricardo s/betwen/between
00:35 chris interesting
00:35 chris it does it for the password too
00:35 chris ie its not just username .. its any input on that form
00:37 chris for now id just // out that line in the js
00:38 chris and get someone who knows more css and js to look at what is wrong with it
00:39 ricardo OK. Thank you very much for the help, chris!  :)
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00:45 ricardo chris: Thanks again... I really have to go to bed now. See you tomorrow
00:46 chris sleep well
00:46 ricardo chris: Thanks! :) Bye
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01:07 Genjimoto .mrc = marc file? How do i import a marc file?
01:13 mason tools -> 'Stage MARC records into the reservoir.'
01:14 mason or  - from the cmdline
01:14 Genjimoto And then I import the biblioitems dump into mysql?
01:16 mason hmm, nope
01:17 mason your imported marc records create data in the bib, bibitems  and items tables
01:17 Genjimoto well.. ive got a small mrc file, small kohadb file, and a big biblioitems file
01:19 Genjimoto ModifiedFahd.mrc is 7 mb. biblioitems.sql is 70 mb.
01:19 mason your bibitems table is not much use without a bib table
01:19 Genjimoto bib table in koha.db
01:19 mason pass....
01:19 Genjimoto I think ModifiedFahd.mrc is a marc spec file?
01:20 mason you are upgrading a 2.2 koha , i assume?
01:20 mason pass?
01:20 Genjimoto Nope. Setting up modified, to do work for a client.
01:20 mason use marcdump to inspect it...
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01:21 Genjimoto Hmm... three chrises?
01:21 mason so, youve got bibitem data in there *somehow*
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01:22 mason the best option for you is to write some scripts to create new marc files
01:22 Genjimoto I assume its by mysql < bibitem.sql
01:23 mason thats just not going to work ;)
01:24 mason build new marc files  based on whatever bib data you have access to
01:24 Genjimoto hmm? import marc data, mysql < koha.sql, mysql <kohabiblioitems.sql
01:24 Genjimoto Ah.
01:24 mason then load it in using ui or shell marc-import tools
01:24 mason nope
01:25 chris_n2 Gengimoto: chris's tend to increase exponentially around here ;-)
01:25 mason the only way to get sane bibitem data, it to import it via marc-tools
01:25 chris_n2 Genjimoto also
01:26 mason so focus on that... , else you will get stuck
01:26 Genjimoto Can't remember if i was known here as Genji or Genjimoto, many years ago.
01:26 Genjimoto huh... looking in koha.sql, I find Marc data.
01:27 mason for some sample bibs? perhaps.......
01:28 mason google some example marc21 records, and import them correctly
01:28 Genjimoto Seems this is a complete db dump
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01:29 Genjimoto Think I have it. ModifiedFahd was a sample file I think, or a limited export. kohadb.sql and biblioitems.sql are two parts of a complete dump
01:29 mason then you can experiment with importing your marc records
01:29 mason cool
01:30 mason its also important to know what your client data is
01:31 Genjimoto Unfortunately, all the data is in arabic
01:32 mason wow
01:33 mason on that note, i gotta switch back to some work too...
01:33 mason start with some easy example marc21 bibs, to import....
01:34 mason so you get a feel for how its supposed to work, before you start on the arabic bibs
01:37 richard bob u about?
01:38 richard heh wrong #
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03:33 Amit hi chris, brendan
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04:57 Amit hi kmkale
04:57 kmkale hi
04:57 kmkale h r u?
04:58 Amit i m fine
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05:51 Ropuch Good morning
05:53 Amit hi Ropuch
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06:25 Genjimoto hiya all.. Okay, how do i import a modified marc definition?
06:29 Genjimoto Another question is, how do i do a rebuild of zebra db?
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06:39 Ropuch Genjimoto: /usr/share/koha/bin/migrat​ion_tools/ -a -b -v
06:39 Ropuch This would rebuild biblios & authority index with verbose mode
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07:18 Genjimoto thankyou. excellent. now i just need to figure out hte definition. or does the definition only relate to entering in data, not to display?
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08:01 Ropuch Genjimoto: hte definiotion?
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08:43 Genjimoto Marc definition. this devel im working from, seems to use a modified marc.
08:44 Genjimoto called "ModifiedFahd.mrc"
08:44 Genjimoto Of course, its all in arabic, so im not sure what it is.
08:53 Ropuch ;>
08:53 Ropuch I', afraid I can't help you with that
08:58 Amit @wunder Bangalore, India
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08:59 Genjimoto Yup. Cold. Thats me.
09:00 Amit hi Genjimoto
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09:07 Rawad can anybody help me?
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09:12 Rawad am running Koha on ubuntu server; am just  looking for how to import the library of congress to my server? is there anyway to import the data one time?
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09:16 Ropuch Rawad: Acquisition>New MARC Record>Z39.50 Search
09:16 Ropuch But this way you must import records one-by-one
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09:19 CGI878 hi
09:19 CGI878 is there ny way... if i want to get the *total number* of items of our library/database?
09:22 Ropuch I think you can do this with Reports
09:24 Ropuch catalog or aquisition statistics
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11:57 chris_n g'morning
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11:59 jwagner good morning
11:59 jdavidb Mornin', chris_n
12:00 paul_p2 good morning usa
12:00 jwagner Bonjour France
12:00 paul_p2 is now known as paul_p
12:01 jdavidb Hello, paul_p.  :)
12:01 paul_p seems that thd-away has decided to be the 'wiki-man of the year...'
12:02 chris_n thd++ #for wiki improvements
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12:02 jdavidb thd++
12:03 jdavidb He's an incredibly detail-oriented person; wish I had that much skill and commitment.
12:03 kmkale hi all
12:04 jdavidb Howdy, kmkale
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12:21 CGI382 I am using windows xp and i instal apache_2.211,mysql-essential​-4.1.22,activeperl5.8.806and koha2.29w32 and i run the program I am a librarian and wants koha to register library material and lending system but my problem is when i start to test the software by entering data the option it has is only MARC format what i need is only formats like Title Authur, publication date etc what shall i do?
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12:32 nengard morning Nate
12:32 Nate hey nengard
12:32 Nate i mean nicole
12:32 Nate still rubbing the morning out of my eyes
12:33 Amit hi nengard, Nate
12:33 Nate mornin Amit
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12:58 kmkale hey guys I need a bit of help
12:58 kmkale I am trying to intregrate google transliteration with koha opac search box
12:58 kmkale I have it working with Firefox at
12:59 kmkale but in IE I dont get the language selection box. The transliteration still works but now box. I cant make out anything from the error message displayed either. what could it be?
13:06 kmkale If I use the same google transliteration code in a simple htmlpage in IE it works. So I am doubly puzzled so as to where to look for the problem
13:07 kmkale can someone please have a look at the site in both IE and Firefox and suggest something?
13:11 jdavidb kmkale, I'm looking, but I'd be at a loss to suggest anything much.  That's a very clever idea, though!  I really avoid IE as much as I can manage to, and wouldn't know where to begin integrating this trick in there.
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13:14 kmkale1 back
13:16 nengard okay - time to log off and teach a workshop - be back later
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13:37 schuster @owen
13:37 munin` schuster: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
13:37 schuster owen about?
13:37 jdavidb @seen owen
13:37 munin` jdavidb: owen was last seen in #koha 3 days, 17 hours, 50 minutes, and 19 seconds ago: <owen> chris: I'd be happy to receive anniversary congratulations on April 10th *and* Oct. 4th :)
13:39 schuster OH DRAT.   I've figured out a way to get say the acqdate = "2009-08%" and mc-ccode=FIC in pac for a specific branch and was thinking about using something similar to that with his "new books" tool but without the seperate sql.
13:40 schuster sql database that is.
13:40 schuster Brain blip this morning had a breakthrough now I'm probably cooked for the rest of the week.
13:40 jdavidb heh.  Had your moment of brilliance, and now it's used up?
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13:41 schuster pretty much..;(
13:42 jdavidb I had my one-for-the-month last week, so it's gonna be a long October, I think.
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14:12 kmkale1 good night all
14:12 kmkale1 quit
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14:17 CGI382 is there anyone who can help me i alreday post my question earlier
14:23 CGI382 I am using windows xp and i instal apache_2.211,mysql-essential​-4.1.22,activeperl5.8.806and koha2.29w32 and i run the program I am a librarian and wants koha to register library material and lending system but my problem is when i start to test the software by entering data the option it has is only MARC format what i need is only formats like Title Authur, publication date etc what shall i do?
14:23 jdavidb 382, Koha is pretty well married to either MARC21 or UNIMARC format; dumbing it back down to just do minimal title-author sorts of cataloging would be fairly hairy work.
14:24 jdavidb You could use the fast-add framework that is in a fairly-recent version, maybe, to not have quite so many options open in the MARC form, but it's still MARC.
14:26 chris_n CGI382: Koha 2.2 is quite outdated; you'd be better served by running Koha on debian or ubuntu or even a vbox on windows
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14:45 CGI382 is there new version of koha for windows
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15:05 ricardo Hi all
15:06 nahuel CGI382, for what ?
15:06 nahuel :p
15:07 Nate Hiya everyone!
15:08 ricardo Hi nahuel!
15:08 ricardo Hi Nate
15:08 Nate Does anyone know if Koha will support SAML 2.0 for a single sign on function?
15:08 nahuel hi ricardo
15:11 CGI382 for library system i am using windows xp
15:13 CGI382 I download koha 2.29 and run on my pc but it works only for MARC format, i need to enter biblographic data like authur,title publication date directly to the data base how can I do that?
15:14 ricardo Nate: There's a patch from August for "CAS SSO" and some discussion regarding SSO (on July). I don't know anything besides that:
15:15 Nate thanks ricardo
15:15 ricardo [Koha-patches] [PATCH] A first, quick and dirty try to use CAS SSO solution with Koha, but it work and seems to be harmless for non cas users.
15:15 ricardo[…]ugust/004164.html
15:17 ricardo CGI382: If you want to load a batch of bibliographic records, use "bulkmarcimport". If you want to load records one-by-one you REALLY should use the MARC Bibliographic Framework. You may customize that framework for your Library, in the Web "Intranet / Staff" interface of Koha, that usually runs on port 8080
15:20 CGI382 I never use MARC format to enter data so I just confused, I want to enter data one by one
15:21 ricardo nahuel: Do you touch the Template / HTML / JavaScript parts? There's a weird bug that's triggered with the updated Portuguese translation, in the Intranet login page
15:23 ricardo nahuel: Basically, it's the 1st function of koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/pro​g/pt-PT/js/staff-global.js that gets called and causes a redirect to http://koha:8080/cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/
15:25 ricardo nahuel: gets called via the "location.href" that's at the end of the first function of that "staff-global.js" file
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15:27 ricardo CGI382: Sorry, but I can't help you there... I always use Koha with MARC frameworks
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15:46 chris paul_p: is hdl around today?
15:46 CGI382 ok thanks
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15:46 paul_p hi chris.
15:47 paul_p nope, he's in Lyon, will be back tomorrow (french) morning
15:50 chris ahhh ok, i just notice there are some messages in the koha-commit and koha-patches mailing list archives ... that i didnt get mail for (in 2 accounts) so might be something going on there
15:50 ricardo Hi chris, hi Paul!  :)
15:52 ricardo chris: Isn't now near 5 AM there in New Zealand?!
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15:55 paul_p cbris: our clamav had some problems this week end. More than 11 000 must be managed. our server works on them since 9 hours now, and still not finished
15:56 ricardo paul_p: OK, thanks for the explanation
15:56 paul_p nothing lost, but just the server being slow to deal with everything...
15:56 ricardo Right
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16:00 wizzyrea man I hate it when my mail server freaks out. My most sincere condolences :(
16:03 chris paul_p: cool, just thought id check :)
16:03 chris ricardo: yep stormy night, woke up my son ... he is back asleep but now im wide awake
16:03 paul_p wizzyrea: the mail server is fine. He was just waiting for clamav antivirus checking, that was down.
16:04 wizzyrea Ahh... mine does both on the same box, so I consider that a freakout :)
16:04 ricardo chris: A good glass of hot milk with sugar may solve that insomnia problem  :)
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16:07 ks_jee Hi JoeTho
16:07 joetho ks_jee is a staff member at our newest lib, going live tomorrow
16:07 chris cool
16:07 ks_jee :)
16:07 wizzyrea oh hi!
16:07 joetho and she asks me about perl and mysql. It's a good day!
16:08 ks_jee I am looking forward to digging into code.
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16:08 * nengard off to lunch
16:09 joetho
16:10 chris ks_jee:[…]lopment:git_usage
16:10 joetho that's the url for Kansas users
16:10 brendan morning all
16:12 schuster joetho - are you self hosted?  I didn't think as an asp you could do much digging.
16:16 * chris deletes about 17 replies to that
16:17 ricardo chris: "chrisdeletes about 17 replies to that". Huh?
16:19 chris ricardo: i cant write about how wrong it is that schuster needs to ask that, without getting angry
16:20 schuster Sorry...
16:21 schuster I'm looking at the listserv and there is discussion of CAS SSO and a patch - has this been integrated into 3.2?  there isn't a bug for it.
16:21 schuster Aug 7, 2009.
16:21 paul_p schuster: for CASS SSO, you should ask matts (but he's away now)
16:21 paul_p he did it for BibLibre
16:21 schuster OK thanks
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16:22 schuster I'm in the process of getting LDAP setup and we have had mucho problems with SSO around the district so don't even want to go there at this time, but wanted to explore my future options.
16:34 joetho schuster  - not self hosted, and you are correct. ks_jee is seeing this for the first time. Give her a week to set up her own koha somewhere
16:34 joetho oh let's give her ten days
16:34 joetho she is buzzed!
16:35 ricardo[…]e.php?term=buzzed
16:35 ricardo "Means that you have begun the process of entering an alcoholic beverage into your system. You are now ready to begin step two: drowning yourself in booze. "
16:35 ricardo joetho: If you say so...   ;-)
16:35 wizzyrea he probably means she's excited
16:35 wizzyrea :)
16:35 ricardo wizzyrea: eheh
16:37 ricardo schuster: I think Pascal Levy's patch hasn't been pushed to Master branch... at least my searches return no results
16:37 ricardo[…]t=author&s=Pascal
16:37 ricardo[…]t=author&s=pascal
16:37 * jdavidb would prefer to be buzzed, by ricardo's definition, about now.
16:37 ricardo jdavidb: LOL!
16:38 ricardo[…]
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16:39 ks_jee sorry for the lack of witty responses.  I also have to learn to handle the holds queue.
16:40 ks_jee I do have my own host.  and will get busy getting an install in place.
16:40 ricardo ks_jee: "sorry for the lack of witty responses". Hey! That's mighty witty!  ;-)
16:40 ks_jee being buzzed may help on the install!  :)
16:41 ricardo ks_jee: eheh... true
16:41 ricardo err... I'm obviously NOT speaking from experience, of course (I have to remember this channel is logged...)
16:42 ricardo ;-)
16:43 jdavidb I suggest two shots of Jack Daniel before tinkering with XSLT.  It won't help you hack XSLT any better, but it will numb you to the pain of it.
16:44 ks_jee I will keep that in mind.
16:45 ks_jee Do you suggest maybe a sub-domain for a dev environment or just a git checkout
16:46 jdavidb I never do anything but git installs.  then you can switch branches around at will.
16:46 jdavidb (dev install, in the script)
16:47 ks_jee k, my experience so far is SVN and CVS, so yay, time to learn a new flavor.
16:47 ricardo ks_jee: : I have subdomains with different Koha databases for 2 different git branches (one based on Koha 3.0.X and other based on Koha head). This is NOT an "official" recommendation or anything, it's just my setup
16:47 jdavidb Git is nice.  Doing a dev install will preserve the whole structure of the repo, so you can pull in fresh stuff, swap branches, all that, on the fly.
16:47 ks_jee cool
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16:51 jdavidb wb, jwagner.
16:51 jwagner Just checking in before I take a nap....
16:52 jwagner is now known as jwagner_naptime
16:52 ks_jee So, how do I access the logs for this chat?
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16:54 ricardo ks_jee:
16:54 nengard\
16:54 nengard oops - ricardo beat me to it
16:55 ricardo nengard: :P
16:55 ks_jee thank you both!
16:55 ricardo eheh
16:55 ricardo ks_jee: You're welcome :)
16:55 collum ks_jee: Someone mentioned "Pragmatic Version Control using Git" ( on iRC a couple of weeks ago.
16:55 collum ks_jee: I'm working my way through it now.  It's very good.
16:55 ks_jee the pragmatic books are usually very good
16:56 ricardo collum: There's also "Pro Git" by Scott Chacon, published by APress, that's freely available online:
16:56 ricardo
16:57 collum ricardo: Excellent.  I have bookmarked it in delicious.
16:57 ricardo collum: :)
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17:02 ks_jee Thank you all for the welcome but I have too log off and upgrade the browser on this dinosaur.  See you soon! :)
17:02 ks_jee too = to
17:03 schuster joined #koha
17:03 jdavidb See ya, ks_jee! :)
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17:04 * jdavidb hands wizzyrea a seatbelt.
17:04 wizzyrea O.o I need this?
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17:04 jdavidb Apparently so, looking at the log:
17:04 jdavidb [12:45]<--|wizzyrea has left #koha
17:04 jdavidb [12:45]-->|wizzyrea (~wizzyrea@ has joined #koha
17:05 jdavidb [12:45]<--|wizzyrea has left #koha
17:05 wizzyrea it's ok. You know how you were having brain moments this morning?
17:05 wizzyrea that's what I'm up against at the moment (my brain, not yours)
17:05 jdavidb heh.
17:05 nengard wizzyrea can you pass heather a note that says - please respond to nicole's questionnaire before the end of the day?? :)
17:05 * jdavidb cannot brain today; he has the dumb.
17:06 wizzyrea i'd just ping her on twitter, @hbraum
17:06 nengard the dumb? is that a real condition? cause I've had it for ages then
17:06 * wizzyrea approves of jdavidb
17:06 nengard wizzyrea - looking for all ways of communication :)
17:07 jdavidb I've been struggling with a goofy little problem--that I've solved before, I *know* it--all day, so far.  Very annoying.
17:10 wizzyrea nengard: fair enough ;)
17:12 nengard thanks for the twitter tip - that worked :)
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17:18 wizzyrea yep, figured it would
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17:55 schuster nengard - I should have the keynote and the last development talk up today on the KohaCon Conference wiki.
17:56 nengard awesome
17:57 schuster Informally with whoever wants to chime in...  What are the groups thoughts on another US Conference on Koha...  I know we would all LOVE to attend NZ, but that might not happen.  I don't want to take anything away from that, but some of us just won't be able to afford it.
17:58 jdavidb schuster:  yes, yes, yes.  And you did such a good job with the last one, I'll nominate you for chairman-in-charge.
17:59 ricardo schuster: Where's the "Kohacon Conference wiki"? Do you mean  ?
18:04 schuster That was April 2009 - there is discussion of a KohaCon10 in New Zeland - but many of the US libraries wanted to have a US annual conference to get together.
18:06 ricardo schuster: OK, so I guess my question remains, then. What's the URL of the "KohaCon Conference wiki"? Or is it still a secret?  :)
18:06 schuster There isn't one yet...  other than this -[…]n#why_new_zealand
18:06 ricardo schuster: OK, thanks :)
18:07 schuster I wanted to start a discussion about one in the US possibly  - I'll start with the list serves maybe.
18:08 * jdavidb pouts that no one seconded his nomination of schuster for chairman of the next con.
18:08 schuster They don't want to see any more of my shirts!
18:09 jdavidb Well, I *was* going to suggest a different garb for you, perhaps.  But your Hawai'ian floweredy shirts weren't *that* bad.
18:09 nengard i think if there is a US option then employers have a reason to say NO to NZ -- just my opinion
18:09 nengard and i had no prob with the shirts :)
18:10 ricardo jdavidb: I'm > 5000  Kilometers away from the US and more than 10 000 kilometers away from NZ... It's not likely I'll make it to any of those places... Heck, I can't even guarantee that I'd make to "KohaCon Europe"... unless it was in Portugal, of course!  :)
18:12 jdavidb nengard has a point, although PTFS will quite possibly send someone to NZ--jwagner and I are getting ready for a cage match, if necessary, to decide who--and the US is a no-brainer for us; of course we'd be there.
18:13 * brendan would love to go to NZ
18:13 brendan still holding out hope :)
18:13 nengard jdavidb i was thinking more library admins saying no to NZ
18:14 * jdavidb nods.
18:14 ricardo Got to go now... BBL, probably. Take care!
18:14 ricardo is now known as ricardo_away
18:14 schuster Yep that's what I'm afraid of unless I take vacation and go on my own dime I don't see Plano ISD saying go ahead...
18:15 jdavidb We could do like Open Repositories did...their first three conferences were all in cities that started with S:  Sydney, San Antonio, Southampton...
18:15 schuster K... hmmmm - Kansas City -
18:16 nengard schuster - no - what i'm saying is if it's a choice between US and NZ admins will say - well you should go to the US one - and then no one from the US will be in NZ
18:17 schuster I don't know how many Libraries will fund out of the country travel...  So we skip a year?
18:17 schuster I understand what you are saying nengard - I just hate to NOT do anything because I can't go to NZ.
18:19 CGI074 joined #koha
18:19 CGI074 hi all
18:20 CGI074 left #koha
18:54 Ropuch Yay, I've found 6 libraries using Koha in Poland
18:55 Ropuch Unfortunately 5 of them are using some 2.x fork
19:13 nengard left #koha
19:17 jdavidb left #koha
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19:33 wizzyrea joined #koha
19:37 joetho left #koha
19:47 chris thats my fear also nengard
19:50 chris wow that was really harsh
19:51 * chris reads the replies
19:57 cato joined #koha
20:01 cato Hello All; I just restored a Koha database(from a sqldump) - I can see the item types, circulation codes, patrons...but not the books/items themselves ..any ideas?
20:02 brendan cato -- you may need to run the zebra indexer again
20:02 Ropuch Yup
20:03 cato aww, let me try that. thanks!
20:09 richard joined #koha
20:09 richard hi
20:10 chris hiya richard
20:10 richard hey chris
20:11 jwagner chris, question for you if you have a few minutes
20:11 chris yep
20:11 * chris is working on his LIANZA conference presentation today
20:12 cato Hey Brendan, how do I run the zebra indexer?
20:12 jwagner Remember the other day when I was trying to replace that Cart with Bookbag, and you suggested doing it as a translation?  Can you point me to some basic (i.e., nursery school level) resource for creating a custom translation like that?
20:13 jwagner Logically it looks like it might be the way to go, but I know nothing at all about how Koha translations work.
20:13 brendan cato -- do you have it set up for zebra or nozebra
20:13 chris ahh lemme show you
20:14 cato its setup for Zebra
20:14 chris jwagner: so we have
20:14 brendan ok you'll need to find your script
20:14 brendan then run that with the correct flags...
20:14 chris and
20:15 Ropuch cato: /usr/share/koha/bin/migrat​ion_tools/ -a -b -v
20:15 brendan one sec I think there is a FAQ somewhere that covers the zebra stuff
20:15 * brendan going to look
20:15 chris jwagner: i can set up another one for you
20:15 Ropuch But you must PERL5LIB and KOHACONF exported
20:15 chris then all you do, is translate the words you want to translate .. and leave the rest
20:15 jwagner Can you? That would be great.
20:15 chris what do you think a good name for it would be?
20:16 chris english US Public ?
20:16 jwagner Well, the purpose is local usage, so how about that as a name? en-local?
20:16 Ropuch cato: after you reindex you need to start zebra with /usr/share/koha/bin/./ start (in case you're not doing this at system start)
20:17 chris right in that case we wont use the translate site
20:17 chris ill make 2 po files for you, one for staff, one for opac
20:17 cato :Ropuch:Thank-you - let me try that
20:17 jwagner But I'm not really clear on how it works.  Is the idea that you just enter substitutes for the particular words/phrase, and put this file somewhere on the server?
20:17 chris yeah you put the file in misc/translator/po
20:18 chris then in misc/translator you run
20:18 chris en-local
20:18 chris and it will create templates from it
20:18 chris eg fr-CA
20:19 schuster left #koha
20:19 chris will create the french canadian templates
20:19 jwagner How does it cope with local customizations?  We've made other screen changes, etc.
20:19 chris to the templates?
20:19 chris if you have already changed the templates
20:20 jwagner Sometimes, yes.  The Cart usage comes in from so many different places that I haven't tracked it all down, but I've added things to the masthead, etc.
20:20 chris you may as well just edit the templates more
20:20 brendan could you do a jquey here?
20:20 jwagner Ah, well.  I was afraid of that.
20:21 jwagner brendan, jquery is what I was trying to do.  It worked fine for one instance of the wording, and failed for the other.  They looked identical to me, so I couldn't figure out why.  That's when Chris suggested trying a translation.
20:21 ricardo_away is now known as ricardo
20:21 brendan ah ok
20:21 ricardo Back for a while
20:21 chris yeah but if the templates have been edited anyway, you have to keep them up to date yourself ... so you may as well just edit them more
20:21 chris :)
20:21 jwagner The original goal was to call it a Bookbag instead of a Cart in the OPAC.
20:22 jwagner I was actually going to go back & see if I could take off some of the direct edits -- learn to do things with jquery, etc.  I have a lot of customizations on this site, and it's already a problem with upgrades.  Maybe in my mythical free time....
20:22 chris :)
20:22 ricardo jwagner: I'm having problems with the JQuery code that is in "staff-global.js": it's causing a redirection in the Login page for the Staff / Intranet, for the updated Portuguese translation... I'll try to debug this with Henri Damien-Laurent and/or Owen leonard when they return
20:23 chris ideally if you have a local .po file you can edit that, rather than the templates
20:23 chris thats what i was shooting for
20:23 ricardo BTW, does anyone know why the JQuery code in "staff-global.js" is all... err... let's just say "not indented"?
20:23 jwagner That's what I thought you were getting at the other day, for wording/usage.
20:25 ricardo For instance:
20:25 ricardo[…]09eede7f;hb=3.0.x
20:25 ricardo Or... even more noticeable:
20:26 ricardo koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/lib/​jquery/plugins/jquery.hotkeys.min.js
20:26 ricardo[…]d3d0f6d2b2#patch7
20:27 collum left #koha
20:27 ricardo Is this code of "jquery.hotkeys.min.js" automatically generated, copied from somewhere else or is there some kind of rule that leads / forces this kind of "non-indentation"?
20:32 pie left #koha
20:34 jwagner chris, I'm looking at one of the files in misc/translator/po now, and trying to pick up the syntax.  Is there documentation somewhere of how to set these up?  The file seems to be referencing line numbers in various templates.  Is that correct?
20:35 ricardo OK... Just got the answer to my own question, regarding "jquery.hotkeys.min.js"
20:35 chris jwagner: i can set one up for you, but if you already have custom templates, it wont help
20:35 ricardo js-hotkeys - Project Hosting on Google Code
20:36 ricardo
20:36 ricardo http://js-hotkeys.googlecode.c[…].hotkeys-0.7.9.js
20:36 ricardo "vs"
20:36 ricardo http://js-hotkeys.googlecode.c[…]keys-0.7.9.min.js
20:36 jwagner For this particular site, I'll probably just have to keep on with the templates, but I would like to know how to do it.  Sheer curiousity :-)
20:37 chris well the short answer is, those a .po files its a common translation tool for software, koha has scripts to generate a .po file from templates, and to generate tempaltes from a .po file
20:37 ricardo Leaving again for a while... Back in a hour or so (I think)
20:37 ricardo is now known as ricardo_away
20:37 jwagner I doubt I could be of any real help in the translating area, since (a) my French & German are so rusty as to be non-existent and (b) there are plenty of good French & German translators already.
20:38 jwagner But I find the concept interesting.
20:38 Ropuch Actually translating with is quite painless
20:39 Ropuch If only entries in .po fikles had more 'extracted comments' ;>
20:39 Ropuch s/fikles/files
20:44 cait_laptop joined #koha
20:44 cait_laptop jwagner: around?
20:47 jwagner intermittently -- am rather doped up on painkillers so the mind is a bit fuzzy :-)
20:49 cait_laptop ah hi - and hope you get better soon, this does not sound so good
20:50 jwagner I have rather extensive arthritis and am in need of a knee replacement.  I overdid it this weekend, and am paying the price :-(
20:50 cait_laptop first koha training today and library is very unhappy that patrons can only place one item level hold on serial items
20:51 cait_laptop just wanted to ask you about this multiple hold feature you mentioned some time ago...
20:51 jwagner Aha!  Yes, the development we're doing for that has passed internal testing & is about to be sent to the client for the first time.  Seems to work nicely.  There's a syspref to specify the item types where multiple holds should be allowed (i.e., MAG or PER but not BOOK).
20:52 cait_laptop and this does really not sound good - my good wishes to you!
20:52 cait_laptop sounds perfect!
20:53 jwagner It will be a little while before it gets out to community -- client has to approve and we're so backlogged with getting everything out.  But jdavidb is still planning to get a public github set up for us in his copious free time, so if he ever has a minute to work on it, we could at least get it there as a work in progress.  Don't hold your breath, though -- he's really snowed under right now.
20:53 cait_laptop we are using 2 differnet item types for volumes and issues already and are debating now, if we need to split the records and items to one item per bib... but I think this would be very confusing for the patron.
20:54 cait_laptop hm - so there is hope but not in the near future.
20:55 jwagner Not if you define "near" as the next couple of weeks, no.  A month or two, probably.
20:55 Nate left #koha
20:55 cait_laptop ok, I think we will  have to talk to the library to find a way to work around this
20:56 jwagner David's left for the day, and I'm home nursing my aches anyway, but check back with me along about the end of the week.  I might have a better timetable then.
20:56 cait_laptop but I think this features will be a great improvement for holds
20:57 cait_laptop thx a lot jwagner, and get well soon!
20:58 jwagner Thanks.  Blessings upon narcotics and their effects.  Even if you can't drive or function with them....
20:59 cait_laptop :(
21:04 jwagner I think I'll go zone out some more.  Good night everyone.
21:04 chris night jwagner
21:04 cait_laptop good night jwagner
21:04 cait_laptop hi chris
21:04 jwagner left #koha
21:14 chris brooke++
21:15 ricardo_away is now known as ricardo
21:16 ricardo And there's the first patch reaching [Koha-Patches]... I'm guessing the backlog with the anti-virus in the e-mail server is clearing now  :)
21:16 chris yep
21:40 cait_laptop time to sleep - good night everyone
21:41 cait_laptop left #koha

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