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00:48 * chris_n2-away gets XML::LibXSLT installed on Strawberry :-D
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05:46 Ropuch Morning
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06:03 hala morning
06:03 hala ;)
06:35 hala about add record in koha
06:35 hala i must make copy and past one by one to ech book from library of congrees
06:52 chris can't you just do a z3950 search and add it that way?
06:55 chris[…]ng/adding-records
06:55 chris scroll down to Using Z39.50 for Copy Cataloging
06:55 chris[…]rs/z39.50-servers
07:16 chris yay for thd cleaning up the wiki
07:16 chris thd++
07:32 Ropuch Hi chris
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08:32 hala chris :thank u
08:32 hala but still i've a problem
08:35 hala Do I have to have a user name and password from Loc ??
08:40 chris no
08:40 * chris goes to sleep
08:42 hala nighty
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09:31 kmkale hi all
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09:41 kmkale @weather mumbai
09:41 munin` kmkale: The current temperature in Mumbai / Santacruz, India is 24.0�C (2:30 PM IST on October 04, 2009). Conditions: Light Drizzle. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 24.0�C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1004 hPa.
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13:33 kmkale hey guys at we wanted visiors to search within a particular library easily. So I added the libbaries dropdown available on advance search to the masthead itself. I simply copied the select from adv-search.tmpl to and the branchloop to It works, but can someone tell me if there are any potential problems with this approch?
13:33 kmkale have a look at
13:39 kmkale @brb
13:39 munin` kmkale: downloading the Perl source
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13:56 Genjimoto Hello all. Ive got the kohaclone, how to i get an old version of the git repository? i need 094
13:57 Genjimoto tried git checkout, still showed the current version
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14:39 kmkale back. anyone on the masthed q above?
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17:06 cait_laptop hi jwagner
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17:07 ricardo Hi everyone!  :)
17:26 jwagner Hi all.
17:28 ricardo jwagner: Hi Jane!
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17:50 cait_laptop Hm, is there a reason to show the codes of patron attribute types on patron detail?
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17:58 brendan morning #koha
17:58 ricardo Morning cait_laptop, nengard and brendan !
17:58 nengard howdy all
17:58 brendan morning ricardo
17:58 cait_laptop good morning
17:59 brendan morning nengard and cait_laptop
18:17 ricardo Does anyone here have experience with merging PO files? What do you use for that? "git-merge-file"?
18:24 nengard chris would probably be the one to ask about that
18:24 nengard and he's probably still asleep
18:24 cait_laptop yes, chris will know
18:25 cait_laptop is something wrong with the mailinglists? I sent a patch and changed a bug and got no mail
18:25 ricardo nengard: Yeah, you're probably right on both accounts ("he's the one to answer"and "he's probably still asleep"... or just waking up)
18:27 ricardo cait_laptop: Not sure... But it's true that the last patch that I see in the "Koha Patches mailing list" is one that I sent on Friday
18:27 cait_laptop yes, I looked at the online archives, october 2nd
18:28 ricardo cait_laptop: Right... And that's also the last that I received in my inbox. So the archives seem to be up-to-date regarding the e-mails that have been sent
18:31 ricardo cait_laptop: So, yeah... If you way that you sent a patch (I'm assuming that you used an e-mail address that's subscribed to the list) and, even more, that you changed a bug (and that didn't send an e-mail)... Then, it seems that something's wrong.
18:31 ricardo s/you way/you say
18:33 cait_laptop bug 3692
18:33 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3692 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Untranslatable strings in shelves.tmpl
18:35 ricardo cait_laptop: *nod*
18:38 cait_laptop we will have to wait till monday
18:38 ricardo cait_laptop: Yeah, I guess :-/
18:45 ricardo Going to have dinner now. BBL
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19:12 cait_laptop good night #koha
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19:29 richard hi
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19:37 chris morning
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19:42 hdl_laptop hi chris
19:43 chris hi hdl_laptop, hows things?
19:44 hdl_laptop good
19:44 hdl_laptop how are you ?
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19:44 ricardo Hi again
19:44 chris good, bit cold today
19:44 chris @wunder wellington nz
19:45 munin` chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 8.0�C (8:00 AM NZDT on October 05, 2009). Conditions: Rain Showers. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 1.0�C. Windchill: 3.0�C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
19:45 chris cold snap hitting the country
19:45 ricardo 8º C. Brrr
19:45 ricardo @wunder lisbon pt
19:45 munin` ricardo: The current temperature in Lisbon, Portugal is 21.0�C (8:30 PM WEST on October 04, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 83%. Dew Point: 18.0�C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Steady).
19:45 ricardo Now that's more like it!  ;-)
19:46 ricardo chris: Good morning to you!  :)  I have some questions regarding translation. I have a new PO file for the staff interface (new and updated strings translated by MSc student Marta Grachat for the SAPO Summerbits program)
19:46 chris cool
19:47 chris if you send it to me, i will merge it in with the .po files in pootle, then push it up into git
19:48 ricardo chris: OK. Cool... And can you test it? There are a few corrections that I would like to do it (fix a few typos mostly), but I can't test it, because the PO file currently in git (for the 3.0.x branch) has already diverged
19:48 ricardo hdl_laptop: Hi Henri!  :)
19:49 chris yep ill test it builds templates ok
19:49 brendan hi
19:49 hdl_laptop hi ric
19:49 hdl_laptop ricardo
19:50 ricardo chris: Cool... How do you want me to send it to you? E-mail? Post to koha-translate? Some kind of "git" magic?
19:50 chris email is fine
19:53 ricardo chris: OK... I'll send it in a few minutes then (ZIPing and composing e-mail)
19:54 ricardo chris: chris AT bigballofwax DOT co DOT nz  ?
19:56 chris yep :)
19:56 ricardo chris: Cool, thanks  :)
20:07 ricardo chris: You've got mail!  ;-)
20:08 chris thanks :)
20:08 ricardo :)
20:08 chris keep an eye on the koha-commits list .. you'll see it get pushed up sometime today nz time
20:09 ricardo chris: Not sure about that. cait (Kathryn Fischer) has noticed that a bug change and a patch that she sent today (or yesterday) didn't reach the mailing lists :-S
20:09 chris it wont hit koha-commits until its pushed
20:09 chris koha-patches is a different list
20:10 chris i suggest people send mail to ... not
20:10 chris just gets redirected ... its just one more thing that could go wrong :)
20:10 ricardo LOL
20:10 ricardo True
20:11 ricardo If you wish, I can do that change in the wiki... But I'll blame you for it, eheh
20:11 chris go right ahead :)
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21:03 Ropuch Good evening
21:03 ricardo Hi Ropuch
21:07 chris ricardo:[…]=shortlog;h=3.0.x
21:07 chris staff to follow
21:08 ricardo Thanks... What you usually do when you have submitted other commits that haven't yet been pushed to the "central" repository? Do you create a different branch and rebase on that one?
21:09 ricardo chris: In other words, do you follow the workflow proposed at:
21:09 ricardo ReinH - A Git Workflow for Agile Teams
21:09 ricardo[…]-agile-teams.html
21:09 ricardo ?
21:11 chris yes
21:11 ricardo chris: OK, thanks for the feedback  :)
21:13 chris i have a pile of branches
21:14 ricardo chris: Eheh... OK. My doubt is always "rebase" vs" "merge". The recommendation seems to be "rebase" to a "really private branch, "merge" to your master master branch, "push" (or send email) to the origin/master .... right?
21:14 chris[…]=koha.git;a=heads
21:14 chris yeah that is a good rule of thumb
21:15 ricardo chris: cool, thanks  :)
21:35 chris hmm staff has quite a few errors, fixing now
21:36 ricardo chris: What kind of errors, BTW? I noticed that the line numbers of the .tmpl files (included in PO comments) have changed
21:37 chris yes the merge tidies those up
21:37 chris (the templates have changed, hence line numbers changing)
21:37 chris but these kinda errors
21:37 chris ...this is the location of the first definition
21:37 chris keyword "fic" unknown
21:37 chris syntax error
21:38 chris end-of-line within string
21:38 chris msgmerge: found 76 fatal errors
21:38 chris missing " or extra "" etc
21:38 chris ill tidy it up
21:38 chris did someone edit his file by hand, not using poedit or a tool?
21:38 ricardo Yeah... Used Notepad++   But were careful to have it set up for Unicode (UTF-8)
21:39 chris yeah
21:39 chris thats fine
21:39 chris just caused a bunch of syntax errors with missing "
21:39 chris you have to pretty careful if you are using notepad it wont tell you bad syntax
21:39 chris eg
21:39 chris msgid "ERROR an invalid itemnumber was entered, please hit back and try again"
21:40 chris msgstr ""
21:40 chris "Erro : o número que digitou está incorrecto, volte para a página anterior
21:40 chris "e coloque um número correcto"
21:40 chris that 3rd line
21:40 ricardo chris: Right... I looked for  po  validate in Google but didn't find relevant results
21:40 chris needs a " at the end
21:40 ricardo Right...
21:40 chris so ill fix those up, do the merge, then commit
21:41 ricardo Sorry about that chris   :(
21:41 chris no owrries, there are only 76 :)
21:41 chris ive seen much worse
21:42 chris its a 47207 line file .. it could be a lot worse :)
21:42 ricardo True  :)
21:44 Ropuch :)
21:44 chris down to 61
21:44 chris be done soon :)
21:45 Ropuch I still have 5,7k untranslated strings in intranet .po
21:45 ricardo chris: You're quick
21:45 ricardo Ropuch: I feel your pain!  :-S
21:45 chris vim jump to line
21:45 chris very handy
21:45 chris and 2 monitors
21:46 ricardo chris: Eheh, that's nice
21:47 Ropuch 2 screens are must-have for translations ;>
21:47 ricardo Ropuch: Yeah, I believe that's very handy. Unfortunately, I have only one. Oh wel...
21:47 ricardo s/wel/well
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21:51 Ropuch chris: do you have acces to pootle users' emails?
21:52 chris yup
21:52 chris i read all their mail
21:52 * chris jokes
21:52 Ropuch ;>
21:53 chris but yep i can find out addresses for people
21:53 Ropuch I can see 6 people worked on polish translation
21:54 Ropuch And I'd like to conatct them, or just let them know that there's something going on with translation, maybe they're still interested
21:54 chris righto
21:55 Ropuch brb
21:55 chris if you email me their usernames, ill reply with the email addresses
21:57 nelsonf I've managed to lock myself out of the gui 3.0; maybe all patrons. anybody care to comment, please...
21:57 chris 0 errors, starting merge now
21:58 chris out of where? the opac or the staff side? and what did you do to make it happen?
21:58 nelsonf I believe both opac and staff!  We're getting close to going live, and I've been cleaning up data
21:59 chris you didnt delete peoples passwords by accident?
21:59 nelsonf I don't think so
22:00 nelsonf I deleted a library that I was originally created on
22:00 chris what happens when you try to login, it just refuses to let you? ... is there anything the apache error log?
22:00 nelsonf I'll check now and let you know
22:00 chris cool
22:02 nelsonf On the staff side I get Invalid username and password; opac doesn't give error, just doesn't let me in.
22:02 nelsonf I'm not sure how to check apache error log
22:03 nelsonf I had been re-importing all patrons, with lots of edits.
22:03 nelsonf I deleted accounts that were for testing, some were superlibrarians
22:04 chris are you running on debian?
22:04 nelsonf OpenSuse
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22:04 ricardo chris: See if you have a file called /var/log/koha/koha-error_log
22:04 Jo morning all
22:04 ricardo Sorry... I meant that for nelsonf
22:05 Ropuch chris: your email is
22:05 ricardo nelsonf: See if you have a file called /var/log/koha/koha-error_log
22:05 nelsonf ok
22:05 chris if you do, i would do
22:05 chris tail -f  /var/log/koha/koha-error_log
22:06 chris then try to login to the staff side
22:06 chris and see if anything shows up
22:06 chris Ropuch: yep
22:06 chris ricardo: staff updates in pootle and pushed into git
22:07 ricardo chris: Great! Many thanks  :)
22:08 ricardo chris: One more question chris... 15 minutes ago, when I did a rebase I saw that a commit had one line with whitespace error... Do you have any way of checking what's the whitespace error? Or can I check it after-the-fact?
22:08 chris it'll just be added whitespace at the end of a file is my guess
22:08 chris (couple of stray newlines)
22:09 ricardo Maybe...
22:09 ricardo The problem was with a commit of mine (that has been e-mailed to but not yet pushed to the 3.0.x branch)
22:09 ricardo chris:[…]tober/004690.html
22:12 chris do a git diff
22:12 chris it will highlight the whitespace for you
22:12 chris so git diff that commit, to the previous one on that file
22:13 nelsonf I typed the command; the log has 3 errors at the end  File does not exist:                     /usr/share/koha/intranet/htdocs/manager
22:13 ricardo chris: I think it's complaining because of a space at the end of a comment line (gee... isn't that a bit too picky?)
22:14 chris :)
22:14 chris you can turn the level of complaining up or down, or off
22:14 chris in git-config
22:15 Ropuch chris: I've emailed you the usernames, thanks in advance
22:15 ricardo BTW: Could you show me your git config? (Paste it to or something)
22:15 chris even better
22:16 chris we have a paste bot
22:16 ricardo paste bot?
22:16 chris mine is pretty boring
22:17 ricardo chris: Boring or not... It's probably more "correct" than mine
22:17 chris naw its stock standard
22:17 pastebot "chris" at pasted "git config" (56 lines) at
22:18 pastebot "chris" at pasted ".bash_profile" (11 lines) at
22:19 chris that second one is handy, it means my prompt looks like
22:19 chris 11:20 ~/git/koha (3.0.x)$
22:19 ricardo chris: I think that I now see what my problem is... When I create a branch based on another one, I thought that it would automatically create a reference to it in .git/config  Apparently, it doesn't
22:20 pastebot "ricardo" at pasted "My .git/config file (as of 04-Oct-2009)" (24 lines) at
22:21 ricardo And when I create a new branch, and switch to it... And then do git rebase origin/3.0.x  ... it won't update UNLESS I update my 3.0.x branch first. Is this by design?  :-S
22:23 chris no you can rebase anything onto anything
22:23 chris dont try it, cos you can make a huge mess, but you could go git rebase origin/master
22:23 chris when you are in rickoha30x
22:23 chris and it will try to do it
22:23 ricardo Right... I'm not THAT ... err... "brave"!  ;-)
22:24 chris Ropuch: email on it's way
22:25 Ropuch Thanks
22:25 Ropuch Good night everybody
22:26 ricardo Good night Ropuch. Sleep well!  :)
22:26 nelsonf chris or ricardo: do I look for a particular error?
22:26 ricardo chris: OK. So, now I have the PO files... And now, I should run the script, right? This is for a "git" setup
22:26 chris nelsonf: just are you seeing anything when you try to login?
22:27 chris ricardo: i would run pt-PT
22:28 nelsonf when I try to login, nothin.  ricardo, are you suggesting I run the pl script?  this is new to me, but willing to go for it
22:28 ricardo nelsonf: If OPAC is not giving any errors when you login, you may (1) see the last line of /var/log/koha/koha-error_log   (2) Login   (3) See what new lines appear in /var/log/koha/koha-error_log
22:29 ricardo nelsonf: NO! The Perl script ( that chris mentioned was for the Portuguese translatio  :)
22:29 chris there is a different error file for the opac .. and then i would also look at
22:29 ricardo chris: Is "" deprecated in favor or ""?
22:29 nelsonf thanks, ricardo.  chris/ricardo: I was also yesterday trying to get the email notification set up.
22:29 chris /var/log/apache2/error.log
22:30 ricardo nelsonf: Right... Sorry... What I meant was:
22:30 chris ricardo: calls with the appropriate parameters
22:30 ricardo nelsonf: If OPAC is not giving any errors when you login, you may (1) see the last line of /var/log/koha/koha-opac-error_log  (2) Login (3) See what new lines appear in /var/log/koha/koha-opac-error_log
22:31 ricardo (Forgot to include "-opac" in the "koha-opac-error_log" filename for OPAC-related errors)
22:31 ricardo chris: OK, nice... That definitely has to be included in the "Translation" page of the wiki
22:32 ricardo chris: Newbie question... Do you ever touch the files that are in the "blib" folder?
22:33 chris naw, those are made when you run make
22:33 ricardo chris: Yeah, I though so, but I wasn't sure
22:33 ricardo chris: I didn't know if they were the "source" files or the "destination" files
22:34 ricardo "The install seems to be successful."  .... Ah... There's nothing like "confident" statements by an installer script!  ;-)
22:34 chris :)
22:34 nelsonf ricardo: I'm unable to log in to the OPAC.  Shall I check out the file chris suggested - apache2/error.log?
22:35 ricardo nelsonf: Yeah... Take a peek in the error log file of Apache
22:36 ricardo chris: The "install-code" run did output several warnings
22:36 chris yep, it will, warnings we can live with
22:40 nelsonf yesterday, after I couldn't log in, I rebooted the server to reset everything.  the log file reflects this.  How do I look at the log a little before this?  (I used "tail".)
22:40 pastebot "ricardo" at pasted "Some errors displayed by running " pt-PT"" (56 lines) at
22:40 chris ricardo: yeah you can ignore those
22:40 ricardo chris: OK, thanks  :)
22:42 chris nelsonf: so when you try to login .... nothing shows in any of those 3 error files?
22:42 ricardo chris: In a "git" setup, do I have to run "make test", "make install" again?
22:42 chris ricardo: no, just copy the templates over
22:43 chris ricardo: eg cp -r koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/pt/*  /where/the/live/site/templates/live/
22:43 chris at least thats what i do
22:46 nelsonf chris: what's the third file?  I looked at log/apache2/.. and log/koha/..
22:46 chris there are 2 diffent error files in /var/log/koha
22:46 chris koha-opac-error and koha-error
22:52 nelsonf thanks, I see them now
22:52 nelsonf I'm not really sure what I'm looking for...
22:53 chris
22:53 Genjimoto joined #koha
22:53 chris just grab say the last 30 lines of each
22:53 chris and paste in there
23:03 Genjimoto Hello all. Ive got the kohaclone dir, from the 3.01 VM, how to i get an old version of the git repository? i need 094
23:06 chris make a new branch based at that point
23:06 chris you want the tip of the 3.0.x branch eh?
23:07 chris or some point earlier than that?
23:08 chris what is the full number you want?
23:09 Genjimoto Ya. A library started devel at and never updated due to fears of losing their work.
23:09 chris ahh thats pretty old, 2 secs
23:09 Genjimoto git checkout doesn't change, the most obvious change that would occur.
23:09 chris it wont, cos that doesnt actually exist in git
23:09 Genjimoto Oh!
23:10 chris the database version numbers dont correspond with tags
23:10 Genjimoto So I just download the tar.gz then?
23:10 chris its pre the tarball
23:11 chris (its pre the actual 3.0.0 release, its the release candidate release)
23:11 chris so if you do
23:12 chris git checkout -b old_3.0.x v3.00.00-stableRC1
23:12 chris you will end up in a branch thats called old_3.0.x
23:12 chris which is based off the tree tagged at point the rc1 tarball was made
23:13 nelsonf chris: did it paste?
23:13 chris so will be at
23:13 chris yep i see it nelsonf
23:13 nelsonf didn't know how to get 30 lines of each with the tail command
23:13 Genjimoto Ah. I'll try that. And how do i roll back the database changes, or do i just delete koha db, create,then reupload the sample?
23:13 chris tail -30
23:14 chris for future reference :)
23:14 nelsonf tail -30 -f /var/..
23:14 chris Genjimoto: yeah back it up first
23:14 chris nelsonf: without the -f
23:14 Genjimoto Well, its only the 3 book sample db that the VM is provided with.
23:14 ricardo chris: I didn't know that shortcut... I always wrote "tail -n 30 ..."
23:15 chris Genjimoto: in that case, dont bother :-)
23:15 chris ricardo: im all about less keystrokes
23:15 Genjimoto First time develing koha 3.0. Anything I should watch out for?
23:15 chris nelsonf: i cant see any errors in there ... what does it say when you try to login?
23:16 chris Genjimoto: read the git usage guide ont he wiki .. will save you lots of time
23:16 chris[…]lopment:git_usage
23:17 pastebot "nelsonf" at pasted "error logs 30 lines" (94 lines) at
23:18 Genjimoto Did that. Which is why I thought I read it wrong. Turns out, i read it correctly.
23:18 chris well teh db numbers dont correspond to git tags
23:19 chris so you ahve to find the actual tag, or the commit, and checkout at that point, if you want an old version
23:20 chris nelsonf: i cant see any errors that would explain why you cant login, what does koha say when you try and login
23:22 nelsonf at 8080 - Invalid username or password; at no error at all, user/pwd that I entered simply disappear
23:22 chris and you have checked the db, and the user you are tyring to connect to exists?
23:23 brendan left #koha
23:23 nelsonf haven't done this before
23:24 nelsonf could I re-load patrons using a pl script?
23:24 chris dont think so
23:24 chris i suspect that when you were reloading patrons last week, you wiped out passwords
23:24 chris but i dont know
23:25 nelsonf I imported partial information, from a CSV file, not all fields ... and not passwords
23:25 ricardo nelsonf: Can you login with the first user that you created during instal? Username = kohaadmin (probably); Password = the one you set up ... Check /etc/koha-conf.xml
23:26 nelsonf I'm pretty sure I deleted this one in the name of being thorough...
23:27 ricardo nelsonf: Oops!  :-S
23:27 chris @quote add  < nelsonf> I'm pretty sure I deleted this one in the name of being thorough...
23:27 munin` chris: The operation succeeded.  Quote #37 added.
23:27 chris famous now ;)
23:27 ricardo LOL!
23:28 ricardo chris: Do these quotes end up in Koha's Bugzilla or are they "private" to the channel?
23:28 chris they end up here
23:28 chris @quote random
23:28 munin` chris: Quote #24: "<kmkale> interesting word munin. in many indian languages we have a word munim who used to be a sort of accountant for all businessmen" (added by gmcharlt at 02:07 PM, August 07, 2009)
23:29 ricardo @quote ricardo
23:29 munin` ricardo: I suck
23:29 ricardo munin`: So true!  ;-)
23:29 munin` ricardo: I suck
23:30 ricardo nelsonf: It seems to me that a good first step would be to recover the kohaadmin user
23:30 nelsonf sounds like a plan
23:30 ricardo nelsonf: :)
23:30 chris im sure it still exists
23:30 ricardo chris: yeah
23:30 nelsonf whew
23:31 chris otherwise you would just get internal server error
23:31 chris thats the user koha connects to the db as
23:31 chris so check your /etc/koha-conf.xml file
23:31 ricardo chris: *nod*
23:36 ricardo @quote help
23:36 munin` ricardo: downloading the Perl source
23:36 ricardo cute...
23:36 chris @help quote
23:36 munin` chris: Error: There is no command "quote".
23:36 chris @help quotes
23:36 munin` chris: Error: There is no command "quotes".
23:36 ricardo munin`: You're such a liar!  ;-)
23:36 munin` ricardo: downloading the Perl source
23:36 chris @quote random
23:36 munin` chris: Quote #27: "<jdavidb> ("A helicopter does not fly; it is a collection of quasi-unrelated parts moving in close formation, beating the sky into submission.")" (added by gmcharlt at 09:21 PM, August 22, 2009)
23:37 chris @quote 24
23:37 munin` chris: downloading the Perl source
23:37 chris @quote get 24
23:37 munin` chris: Quote #24: "<kmkale> interesting word munin. in many indian languages we have a word munim who used to be a sort of accountant for all businessmen" (added by gmcharlt at 02:07 PM, August 07, 2009)
23:37 chris @quote get 25
23:37 munin` chris: Quote #25: "<wizzyrea> ha, in #koha we don't pick each other's brains... we git pull them." (added by gmcharlt at 07:40 PM, August 14, 2009)
23:37 chris @quote get 26
23:37 munin` chris: Quote #26: "<chris> as an aside C4::Search makes my brain hurt" (added by jdavidb at 09:21 PM, August 22, 2009)
23:37 chris @quote get 28
23:37 munin` chris: Quote #28: "<owen> I'm glad munin doesn't follow me around all day remembering *everything* I say." (added by jdavidb at 01:14 PM, September 01, 2009)
23:37 chris @quote get 23
23:37 munin` chris: Quote #23: "<gmcharlt> /msg munin register nick password" (added by wizzyrea_ at 04:25 PM, August 06, 2009)
23:37 chris thats the one i wanted
23:37 ricardo chris: LOL!
23:37 chris you have to register with munin, before you can add a quote
23:37 ricardo chris: OK  :)
23:39 ricardo @quote search ricardo
23:39 munin` ricardo: 2 found: #13: "<atz> ricardo: ask and ye shall receive......." and #15: "<|Lupin|>ricardo: you are like the Portuguese..."
23:39 ricardo @quote get 15
23:39 munin` ricardo: Quote #15: "<|Lupin|>ricardo: you are like the Portuguese Hitchcock!!" (added by wizzyrea at 02:58 PM, July 10, 2009)
23:39 ricardo @quote get 13
23:39 munin` ricardo: Quote #13: "<atz> ricardo: ask and ye shall receive.... eventually, ye shall stop asking." (added by gmcharlt at 08:31 PM, July 09, 2009)
23:39 ricardo Eheh
23:42 nelsonf chris & ricardo: I'm in like flint.  thanks so much.
23:42 nelsonf does this mean that each time i reload patrons thru the gui I need to include passwords in the CSV?
23:42 ricardo nelsonf: Did you manage to recover the kohaadmin user?
23:43 nelsonf I didn't need to recover, I simply used the verbage in koha-conf.xml
23:43 ricardo nelsonf: Good!  :)
23:43 ricardo nelsonf: I don't have experience with patron import. Sorry :(
23:44 nelsonf well, at least now I know this might be the case.
23:54 chris i *think* so
23:55 brendan joined #koha

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