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00:53 brendan we just got some little tsunami warnings here -- the beaches are closed
00:53 pianohackr|work brendan: good luck
00:53 pianohackr|work see you later, #koha
00:53 chris cya pianohackr|work
00:53 brendan not big waves though
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00:54 brendan they are saying foot surges
00:56 brendan heard from Sonja's cousin who's currently living in somoa  -- they are all ok :)
00:57 chris good news, death toll is up to 30 now ;(
01:01 Jo ep
01:02 Jo and 1/4 hour ago warned on a wave hitting NZ within the next hour of anything up to 1 m (last one was a non-eveny - hope this one is too)
01:02 Jo non-event
01:12 chris heres hoping this one is too
01:15 chris cripes
01:15 chris
01:15 chris that photo is pretty impressive thats a big boat to toss up on the beach
01:16 chris[…]d-Samoa-deputy-PM
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01:44 pianohacker chris: dynamic portion of is loading fine; static seems to be causing problems
01:44 chris thanks
01:45 chris[…]8/236/2918236.jpg can you get that?
02:42 pianohacker yes, can now
02:42 chris cool
02:42 chris thanks
02:43 pianohacker how's it going over there?
02:45 chris site is doing fine, and it appears nz missed everything
02:45 chris samoa isnt doing so well :(
02:46 pianohacker no kidding, islands got pretty hammered. bad scene
02:46 pianohacker glad you guys at least are doing okay
02:51 chris i havent heard anything about tokelau or tuvalu
02:51 chris they are only a few metres above sea level
03:07 pianohacker Time to get off and go to gym. good night
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03:35 Amit hi chris, brendan, richard
03:43 richard hello Amit
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04:10 brendan heya Amit
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04:22 Jo heya
04:22 Jo does anyone know release date of 3.2
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05:48 chris 2
05:48 chris hmm
05:49 Ropuch Hi chris
05:49 chris hi Ropuch
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06:29 hdl_laptop hi
06:29 kf good morning
06:29 hdl_laptop hi Jo
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06:52 hdl_laptop chris : I cannot git remote update on official site.
06:52 hdl_laptop Have you been able to synch with master ?
06:53 hdl_laptop chris : No It is daaaaaaammmmmmnnnnnnn s    l    o       w
06:54 chris hehe
06:54 chris wasnt too bad when i did it this morning
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07:28 nahuel hi all :)
07:29 chris hi nahuel
07:32 nahuel what's up in kiwi's land ?
07:35 chris the big news is the tsunami in the pacific
07:35 chris[…]tsunami-hit-Samoa
07:35 chris lots of nzers have family or friends in samoa
07:40 kf hi nahuel, chris and hdl
07:40 nahuel hi kf
07:40 nahuel chris, :(
07:40 nahuel chris, I heard about it yesterday night
07:41 nahuel they said that we must wait this morning 6am to know about it
07:41 nahuel because it was far of samoa
07:41 chris close to samoa, far from nz
07:41 nahuel and if a tsunami must go, it'll arrive at 5am
07:41 nahuel 6am
07:42 nahuel ok strange
07:42 chris it hit samoa quite soon after the earthquake
07:43 nahuel arf ok
07:43 nahuel strange news here :p
07:46 chris[…]9/937/2918937.jpg
07:47 chris the dots in the middle are samoa
07:53 nahuel :(
07:55 kf :(
07:57 chris yeah .. not a good day
08:57 kf hm git is not available :(
08:58 chris yeah
08:59 kf we planned to patch today - bad timing.
09:00 chris i can ping the server
09:00 hdl_laptop chris, have you updated your git on the latest master before service went down
09:00 chris but http and git both arent answering
09:00 chris yep
09:00 chris 2 secs
09:00 hdl_laptop So I can update from you ?
09:01 chris[…]eads/originmaster
09:01 chris you dont want those last 2 commits .. but the rest is up to date
09:03 chris actually its not quite uptodate
09:03 chris its missing the sopac merge
09:03 chris :(
09:05 chris
09:05 chris is up to date
09:07 chris and has the sopac merge also
09:08 kf can you update from there and go back to for next update?
09:08 chris yep
09:08 kf this system will be our production system soon... so just want to make sure :)
09:08 chris you can have as many remotes as you like
09:09 chris git remote add git://
09:09 chris git fetch
09:09 kf will tell my colleague - thx chris :)
09:11 chris[…]eads/originmaster
09:11 chris i love git :)
09:13 kf me too, but I need a little more training
09:14 kf and you told me you would teach me how to test other branches ;)
09:15 chris :)
09:17 chris do we know how long it has been down?
09:18 chris can anyone get to
09:19 chris ah yep, just slow
09:19 kf not now - but my colleague was there some minutes ago
09:20 kf ah, ok now, but very slow
09:24 chris interesting the redirect from to;a=summary
09:24 chris is working
09:24 chris but that second url gets nothing
09:24 chris nor does a git fetch
09:29 mason i noticed the was slow on monday ( 2 days ago)
09:30 mason perhaps its on a busy vm... ?
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09:31 Rmd heellooo
09:31 chris hi Rmd
09:31 Rmd i need alot of help about
09:32 Rmd using koha
09:32 Rmd am the librarian , a and
09:32 Rmd in school
09:32 Rmd and my boss want to use koha in our library
09:33 Rmd i was spent 5 monyh just to read and understand a document of koha
09:33 Rmd month
09:39 nahuel chris, do you have an idea of segfault doing rebuild_zebra ?
09:39 nahuel with some marc21 plugins
09:40 chris hmm nope havent seen that before
09:40 hdl_laptop rebuild_zebra has nothing to do with a plugin usage imho
09:42 kf Rmd: what do you want to know?
09:42 nahuel chris, I talked about it with gmcharlt
09:42 nahuel some month ago
09:43 chris ah ok
09:43 nahuel Creating ../../koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog​/nl-NL/modules/cataloguing/value_b​uilder/unimarc_field_123e.tmpl...
09:43 nahuel Creating ../../koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/nl-NL/modules/c​ataloguing/value_builder/marc21_field_007.tmpl...
09:43 nahuel Segmentation fault
09:43 chris rebuild_zebra???
09:43 chris why would that be creating templates
09:43 chris ?
09:44 nahuel ahah lol
09:44 nahuel scuse me
09:44 nahuel it's not rebuild_zebra
09:44 nahuel but tmpl_process
09:44 nahuel I think I'm a little tired
09:45 chris :)
09:45 chris hmm, this is in 3.0.x or master?
09:45 nahuel both
09:45 nahuel but not in all setups
09:46 chris yeah ive never seen it
09:46 chris it will be something to do with gettext
09:46 nahuel yep, too long lines I think
10:17 Rmd \
10:18 Rmd there's no one elp me till know
10:18 Rmd help
10:23 davi Can Acquisition "Baskets" in Koha 3.x support more than one item?
10:24 davi How to add more than one item to a basket?
10:25 hdl_laptop click on +
10:35 kf Rmd: what do you need help with?
10:42 hdl_laptop Rmd: ?
10:42 hdl_laptop just asking for help does not help us helping you ;)
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10:42 hdl_laptop have you read the documentation ?
10:42 Rmd ayes
10:42 Rmd yess i was
10:44 hdl_laptop Rmd: which country are you from ?
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10:49 Rmd am from UAE
10:50 Rmd united arab , i was looking here in UAE  to get support but sry
10:51 Rmd there's no support here
10:53 davi hdl_laptop, I do not see such '+' at :8080/cgi-bin/koha/acqui/
10:53 kf perhaps write to the mailinglist to find other users in UAE
10:58 davi hdl_laptop, I got it. Just "Add To Order" in the basket page.
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12:02 jwagner Good morning all
12:02 kf good morning jwagner
12:04 jwagner Guten tag kf
12:05 kf :)
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12:17 collum kyle++ His listserv response made me laugh out loud
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12:33 chris_n 'morning #koha
12:34 chris_n or good<whatever-time-of-day>
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12:49 * chris_n finds it interesting that is *still* down
12:49 chris_n gmcharlt: around?
12:49 owen Yeah... This is a major test of stewardship.
12:50 gmcharlt chris_n: yes
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12:50 gmcharlt gah, I swear I didn't break when I pushed patches yesterday :/
12:50 chris_n gmcharlt: do you know if anyone has touched base with LL to see what's up with
12:50 chris_n hehe
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12:51 gmcharlt chris_n: firing off private email now - will raise publicly if I don't hear back soon
12:52 chris_n gmcharlt: tnx
12:53 jdavidb gmcharlt++
12:55 chris_n jdavidb: I have found that the queue at github backs up occasionally and requires manual intervention by the staff there
12:55 chris_n of course things have been fine of late so may be that was just a transitory issue
12:55 kf gmcharlt: thx a lot for pushing the patches! colleague is working on update of our installation right now
12:56 jdavidb chris_n:  I've not had any problems like that, but we may have just been lucky.  I've noticed a time or two when I post a new branch that it takes a couple of minutes for the branch to show up.
12:56 jwagner Ditto kf thanks to gmcharlt -- I needed the display patch into head so I can update one particular site properly :-)
12:56 chris_n jdavidb: that is due to their queue, but the times I spoke of I had to wait more like 24 hours... :-P
12:57 jdavidb Ick!  That isn't good.
12:57 chris_n none that long lately though
12:57 chris_n can't complain too loudly, as it is a no-charge service
12:58 jdavidb we're using the for-pay for our internal work, and haven't had any problems with that, either.
12:59 * chris_n laughs at jdavidb 's @cyborg response
13:00 jdavidb :D
13:00 gmcharlt based on what I'm seeing, I don't think is down so much as slowed by either a runaway process or perhaps a DOS attack (which has occassionally happened before on
13:00 jdavidb I enjoyed it, 'specially since I am partly mechanical.
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13:14 CGI135 hi i need to ask a specific question about koha
13:14 CGI135 functionality
13:15 owen Go ahead CGI135
13:16 CGI135 is a place hold check available within koha?
13:16 CGI135 it should be integrated with the date
13:17 CGI135 i rephrease i want to book a book , is this possible within koha to let me place hold for this book on a particular day
13:18 owen Not in version 3.0
13:18 owen Can anyone remember if that's part of the enhancements for 3.2?
13:19 CGI135 3.2 is not stable yet?
13:19 owen 3.2 has not yet been released.
13:19 gmcharlt CGI135: not yet, entering alpha soonish
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13:19 CGI135 k
13:19 gmcharlt owen: hold scheduling is not in, unless it's part of Kyle's dev_week patches
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13:20 CGI135 i i ned to clarify other thing
13:20 CGI135 i want to send a reminder to a particular client o bring a book
13:21 kf1 like a recall?
13:21 CGI135 but can it be automated?
13:22 CGI135 yes a reminder to bring up the book but additionally if that book is already placed on hold by another customer it will send him also a notification.Therefore 2 e-mails in all
13:23 owen There is an "Advance Notice of Item Due" notice predefined under "Notices."
13:23 kf1 you can send advance notices to remind users that their books are getting due soon, but not for a particular user
13:23 owen A specific reminder for overdues which have holds is a good idea.
13:24 CGI135 is it automated but?
13:24 kf1 perhaps send it when a hold is places, something like: another patron is interested n this book, plz bring it back when you dont need it any longer
13:25 kf1 advance notices are automated, but there are sent x days before items get due, not when a hold is placed or by action from staff
13:25 owen CGI135: Notices are automated by a cron job
13:25 CGI135 can you explain further pls
13:26 CGI135 and are availble in 3.0?
13:26 kf1 x can be defined by patron category or user can set x in his account
13:28 CGI135 how can i access the cronn job?
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13:29 owen CGI135: That's something your server administrator would manage
13:31 CGI135 and what's exactly the functionality of cron job
13:32 hdl_laptop scheduled task
13:32 CGI135 i need to clarify this whether it is possible to be done or not, it's really important
13:33 owen A cron job, like hdl_laptop says, is a scheduled task the server performs at regular intervals.
13:33 owen It is automated, but it must be configured
13:34 schuster book Recalls though as used in university settings I don't believe has been done.
13:35 schuster Might be a WALDO thing.
13:35 owen schuster: That's what I was thinking too
13:35 CGI135 i'll rephrease: I have a book. Customer A has the book and the due date is in the next week, Customer B wants the book on the day after. I need to send an e-mail to both customers, one to bring up the book and the other to collect the book.
13:36 owen CGI135: Yes, that's possible.
13:36 kf1 after the hold is placed he is not able to renew the book, so he has to bring it back
13:36 CGI135 So what i understood so far is that it must to send both e-mails a scheduler needs to be customized in KOHA? is it that
13:37 owen CGI135: You need to configure the messages themselves in Koha, and then a cron job must be set up on your Koha server to send the messages at a regular interval.
13:37 jwagner I have a searching question for folks.  The smallest character set for matching seems to be 4.  For example, on a system with a lot of report numbers, searching for 1234 will find report numbers 1234, 12345, 123456, etc.  But searching for 123 won't find anything.  Search strings of 3 and under don't match.  Where is this controlled from?  I'm not sure if decreasing from 4 to 3 is a good idea, but I'd like to know if it's possible.
13:37 owen jwagner: are you talking about zebra or mysql?
13:38 jwagner searching through the OPAC, so I'd guess zebra.
13:39 CGI135 and to re-confirm so a place hold with date cannot be configured on 3.0
13:39 owen CGI135: Correct.
13:39 CGI135 the place hold will not let anyone borrow the book
13:39 owen jwagner: I can search for 3-character strings successfully
13:40 jwagner Hmmm.  owen, anything in particular you had to do with your zebra setup?
13:40 * owen didn't configure zebra :|
13:41 jwagner The report numbers are in a note field that I added to the zebra indexing.  Maybe I didn't set it up properly.....
13:42 jwagner CGI135, in current Koha there's a syspref for AllowHoldDateInFuture which says it will allow staff (i.e., not in OPAC) to set a hold date in the future.  Is that what you're looking for?
13:42 CGI135 the place hold will not let anyone borrow the book
13:42 CGI135 the place hold will not let anyone borrow the book
13:42 CGI135 ?
13:43 owen CGI135: If a book is on hold and someone tries to check it out, the librarian will see a message telling them the book is on hold for someone else.
13:43 CGI135 and does the system identify to whom the book shall be reserved to?
13:44 owen Yes
13:44 kf1 the system tells you, for whom the book is reserved and you can print a slip to put it in the book
13:45 CGI135 you print a slip through a report?
13:46 CGI135 and is this already implemented or does the report needs to be customized?
13:47 owen CGI135: You can print an individual slip when the book is checked in.
13:48 CGI135 normal print no need for a report then
13:48 owen Correct
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14:04 CGI135 another thing pls
14:04 CGI135 i need to ask
14:05 CGI135 about priority tagging- does the system cater for priotity tagging .. i.e. can customer A query overrides customer B one's and if yes on what option?
14:06 owen CGI135: Can you explain further?
14:09 CGI135 e.g. customer A has to bring the book next week, howver for certai circumstances customer B needds the book urgent this week, so when a query from customer B comes in this will overide customer A and therfore an e-mail is sent to customer A to bring up the book before the due date
14:10 owen No CGI135, that's not a feature of 3.0 or 3.2.
14:12 Colin Its what most systems (that have it) call a hold recall notice
14:13 CGI135 call a hold recall notice
14:13 CGI135 does koha have it and what will be the "call a hold recall notice"
14:15 Colin no as Owen says its not a feature
14:18 CGI135 is it customized by pay support Koha?
14:20 Colin No, it would  need development
14:22 CGI135 so practically it is not available now!
14:24 CGI135 last thing is it possible in koha to have a Calendar View , and in the calendar the administrator to browse through the coming days and check which files are due to be returned and which files are needed to be brought up
14:24 owen CGI135: No, that is not a feature that exists in Koha
14:25 CGI135 can it be tailored as a report?
14:28 CGI135 through the coming days and check which files are due to be returned and which files are needed to be brought up
14:28 chris_n jwagner: I can search on 3 chars too
14:28 jwagner chris_n, thanks.  It's probably something to do with how I set up the index, then.  Have to go back & look.
14:30 chris_n[…]cific/8282882.stm
14:30 chris_n sobering video of one wave from the tsunami hitting
14:33 CGI135 can it be tailored as a report--(to see the coming days which files are due to be returnes and which files are needed to be brought up)? - if yes, does it need to be customized ?
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14:36 CGI135 please owen can u kindly answer for the last question, it is important...
14:37 owen Such a report isn't built into Koha, but Koha has tools for building custom reports. You might be able to accomplish it that way.
14:38 CGI135 thanks owen for all your help
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14:39 CGI135 just to confirm - what;s your role in the KOha , are u a developer?
14:40 owen Yes, everyone who has spoken is a developer or contributor of some sort.
14:40 CGI135 thanks for all your support
14:43 CGI135 bye
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14:59 owen When the pitchfork- and torch-carrying crowd storms the gates of and claims it for the masses we ought to make the web-based IRC login form friendlier.
14:59 owen I'm thinking of a three-foot tall label that says "Your name here!"
15:00 owen No offense to those who's parents named them CGI287.
15:00 kf1 lol
15:02 kf1 question: where are the messages of the new messaging system shown? I trieid to add a message "test" for other librarians
15:05 owen It should show up on the check-out screen
15:05 kf1 ah
15:05 kf1 hm no
15:06 kf1 we updated our installation today, will retest at home with my dev install
15:07 kf1 perhaps im just too tired now - so time to leave - bye :)
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15:12 chris_n and... we're back
15:12 chris_n well that is ;-)
15:14 kyle It wouldn't be a bad idea to add the messages to the Borrower Details screen as well.
15:16 chris_n is now known as CGIxyz
15:16 owen Yeah, that's something we lost in 3.0 if I recall correctly
15:17 CGIxyz owen: I sort of hope that a couple of well dressed individuals carrying big sticks and talking softly can secure for the "masses" ;-)
15:17 CGIxyz is now known as chris_n
15:17 * chris_n does not thing the CGI thing fits well
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15:33 chris_n owen: re: js to change units on -- it would be cool if the actual current value of those fields could be converted by the js as well
15:34 owen Heh... yeah.
15:35 chris_n I'll add it to my to-do list
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15:38 gmcharlt is back up - cfouts is investigating what happened
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15:46 hdl_laptop thanks gmcharlt
15:47 hdl_laptop and LL
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16:28 joetho Hello, any ideas why all my patron categories don't show up in the notice trigger setup view?
16:28 schuster et al...  I'm going to put in an enhancement so that when people do a book list etc. and email it to someone they need to put in who is sending it.  Currently the system tells the receiver I sent it.
16:31 wizzyrea Aiee!
16:32 wizzyrea cfouts++
16:33 wizzyrea I really do have muchas respect for cfouts. The best admins are the ones you never have to talk to... but when you need them it's fixed right away. cfouts is one of those.
16:38 schuster[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3679
16:38 munin` Bug 3679: enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, email a list or cart from opac
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17:46 chris morning
17:48 owen Hi chris
17:49 chris heya owen, hows the family?
17:49 owen Pretty good.
17:49 owen Thatcher's giving us some nuclear meltdowns lately
17:50 owen I'm hoping he's using the last few months of being 2 to get it out of his system :)
17:51 brendan morning chris owen and chris_n (i know you're lurking somewhere)
17:51 brendan morning everyone else too :)
17:53 chris ahh yeah, i know how that is. we had one the other night when kahu refused to believe it was night and ran around screaming its morning time
17:56 chris hi brendan
17:57 * owen has comp time, so it's time to go
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18:04 ccurry anyone know where the template to control item information in opac-MARCdetail.tmpl exists?  It's referenced here as "<!-- TMPL_LOOP name="item_loop" -->"; I need to edit out the display of 952$c (Shelving Location).
18:10 cait_laptop1 joined #koha
18:10 cait_laptop1 evening
18:11 jdavidb Hi, cait. :)
18:11 chris round line 265 of ccurry
18:12 chris there is a loop which populates an array, which is handed to the template as item_loop
18:12 ccurry chris:  Thanks.  I'll check it out.
18:15 cait_laptop1 hi :)
18:32 chris hiya cait_laptop1
18:33 ccurry Ok.  I'm at a loss now.  It doesn't seem like an individual item field can be excluded by editing (am am no perl expert, though).  I tried editing my MARC Bibliographic Framework and setting 952$c to "ignore", but this had no effect.  Any suggestions?  I'd hate to hide the whole MARC view, but I'd be willing to do this if it was the only way to hide the display of our...
18:33 ccurry ...shelving locations.
18:34 * chris hides the marc view on the opac anyway :)
18:35 cait_laptop1 hi chris
18:35 chris ccurry: yep it can, what you need to do is do an if
18:36 chris if the item is 952c set the value = ''
18:36 chris otherwise carry on your merry way
18:36 chris 2 secs
18:36 ccurry chris: awesome.  Thanks.
18:37 ccurry oops...just checked it out and I was not editing the default MARC framework; when I set this field to "ignore" in the default framework, the field was successfully hidden.
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18:40 chris :) thats a much better way of doing it
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18:52 cait_laptop1 ah is back
18:53 chris yep :)
18:53 chris oh hey cait_laptop1
18:53 cait_laptop1 hi chris ;)
18:53 chris[…]heads/translation
18:54 chris is the branch that has the translations for 3.2
18:54 cait_laptop1 hm?
18:54 chris (galen merges from it to master every so often .. but its the most up to date if you ever want to get the po files)
18:55 chris you can check that branch out, and build the templates from the .po files in it
18:55 cait_laptop1 ah
18:55 chris (it goes from to there)
18:55 cait_laptop1 I took them directly from pootle in the past
18:55 chris yep, that works too
18:55 cait_laptop1 :)
18:55 cait_laptop1 koha training monday and tuesday next week
18:55 chris i just find it easier to go git checkout translation
18:55 chris git fetch
18:56 chris git rebase workbuffer/translation
18:56 chris de-DE
18:56 chris what i plan to do, is automate this
18:57 chris so that i can have a koha that is running the latest translations
18:57 chris that people can use for testing
18:57 cait_laptop1 ah ok :)
18:57 cait_laptop1 I work on translation while testing features in our installation - still finding things, will never end
18:58 chris *nod*
18:58 cait_laptop1 we picked up some changes to tmpl_process that hdl did for 3.0.4
18:58 cait_laptop1 because messaging table could not be saved because values got translated
18:58 cait_laptop1 works now, but other buttons are now untranslated :(
19:02 chris ok time to catch my bus
19:16 wizzyrea hahaha
19:16 wizzyrea oh funny
19:22 Nate joined #koha
19:25 schuster left #koha
19:37 jdavidb left #koha
19:40 richard joined #koha
19:40 richard hi
19:42 cait_laptop1 hi :)
19:47 jwagner left #koha
19:55 chris_n hi brendan, chris, et. al.
19:55 chris_n cfouts++
19:55 chris_n gmcharlt++
19:55 brendan heya chris_n
19:55 chris_n # for work on fixing
19:57 Nate word to the wise, whilst snorkeling in Puerto Rico, do not let your body come into contact with anything that has the prefix "fire" attached to it
19:57 Nate specifically "fire" coral
19:58 cait_laptop1 sounds like a good advice
19:59 chris_n would that be experience talking?
20:00 Nate you know it
20:02 gmcharlt Nate: I feel sorry for your "friend" who ran into the fire coral ;)
20:02 rhcl joined #koha
20:02 Nate thanks gmcharlt ill let him know
20:03 chris back
20:12 chris_n chris: still times out from us east coast.... traffic appears to drop at the same router
20:13 chris yep its 20Mbit/sec international pipe
20:13 chris we a saturating it
20:13 chris and pushing 290Mbit/sec national
20:13 chris they need to buy more overseas bandwidth
20:14 chris_n sounds like it
20:14 chris its stupidly expensive though
20:14 chris_n not to mention that the latency is horrible on the Asian side
20:14 rhcl Tsunami news is overloading it.
20:14 Nate left #koha
20:14 chris_n 350 plus ms rtt
20:15 chris rhcl: tsunami + indonesian earthquake + peru
20:17 chris nz air force (what there is of it) is over there now (samoa)
20:20 Nate joined #koha
20:28 ebegin left #koha
20:49 rhcl chris: what's that link to recent earthquakes in the NZ area you've posted before?
20:49 chris[…]ecent_quakes.html
20:50 rhcl TNX
21:04 chris_n^2 joined #koha
21:09 Jo joined #koha
22:14 cait_laptop1 good night :)
22:26 Nate left #koha
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23:39 Sadiq joined #koha
23:40 Sadiq hi
23:40 Sadiq anyone here got experience installing koha ?

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