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00:50 brendan cya in a bit #koha
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01:35 chris_n^2 g'night
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03:39 brendan heya amit
03:39 Amit hi chris, richard, brendan
03:39 Amit good morning #koha
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05:52 kf morning
05:55 Amit hi kf
05:57 kf hi Amit
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06:30 Ropuch Good morning #koha
06:35 kf morning Ropuch
06:50 kf chris here?
06:57 hdl_laptop hi
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07:30 chris am now kf, but it was a farewell for one of the people at work, so i have drunk a bt of beer
07:31 kf no problem :) I wonderes about the IMG comments in translation - but it seems to be used for alt-tags
07:32 chris yep
07:32 kf so translation should be no problem
07:33 chris cool
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08:54 kf has someone tested messaging in 3.2? I can not change messaging preferences for a patron in opac or staff
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09:11 hdl_laptop staff => patron
09:13 kf hdl?
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12:08 * chris_n wonders if anyone is awake....
12:09 chris_n @quote random
12:09 munin` chris_n: Quote #27: "<jdavidb> ("A helicopter does not fly; it is a collection of quasi-unrelated parts moving in close formation, beating the sky into submission.")" (added by gmcharlt at 09:21 PM, August 22, 2009)
12:09 chris_n heh
12:15 hdl_laptop chris_n I am
12:16 hdl_laptop kf sorry. Are you there ?
12:18 kf hdl_laptop: here
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12:21 hdl_laptop kf: you wanted to ask me a question ?
12:22 ebegin good morning koha!
12:22 hdl_laptop hi ebegin
12:23 ebegin Hi Henri-Damien.
12:26 slef chris_n: no, I'm asleep.
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12:34 chris_n slef:lol ;-)
12:36 hdl_laptop oh... This was about my message staff=>patron
12:37 hdl_laptop kf : If you go to Patron edition, then you are able to choose what messaging preference should be applied.
12:37 hdl_laptop Kf it seems curious to me that the table values cannot be edited.
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13:06 kf hdl_laptop: sorry, lost internet connection
13:10 chris_n kf:
13:10 chris_n <hdl_laptop> oh... This was about my message staff=>patron
13:10 chris_n <hdl_laptop> kf : If you go to Patron edition, then you are able to choose what messaging preference should be applied.
13:10 chris_n <hdl_laptop> Kf it seems curious to me that the table values cannot be edited.
13:10 hdl_laptop thx chris_n
13:11 chris_n bbiab
13:13 kf chris_n: I think I have a translation problem here - I can change but not save. values got translated
13:13 kf value="E-Mail" instead of email - I just discovered that it works with English templates, so this could be a reason
13:13 slef chris_n: I think I work better when asleep
13:14 kf chris_n: thx for repeating :)
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13:22 hdl_laptop kf : I have fixed translator on 3.0.4 for that issue
13:23 hdl_laptop are you working with latest 3.0.x ?
13:23 kf hdl: so it will get to 3.2 too?
13:23 hdl_laptop It has been sent on patches iirc.
13:23 kf hdl_laptop: because of sip2 and some other things we will use 3.1 for the library
13:24 kf hdl_laptop: and update to 3.2 later - but those things will probably get lost when not starting from 3.0.4?
13:25 hdl_laptop hopefully no.
13:27 hdl_laptop Bug fixing : translation process on submit and checkbox
13:27 hdl_laptop patch sent on 22/09
13:27 kf thx a lot - will search for that and try to change po file so that it will work until we get it
13:28 hdl_laptop no need to change po file.
13:29 kf hm?
13:31 kf how would you fix it? I think German template is not working because there are German terms where there should be the original values
13:35 hdl_laptop kf : is used twice for translations :
13:36 hdl_laptop 1- generates po file (create) or merge po file with diffs (update)
13:36 hdl_laptop 2- generate translations.
13:36 hdl_laptop my bug fix fixes both of those usage.
13:36 hdl_laptop But you only need to fix translation generation and it is ok for you.
13:36 kf ah, so changing tmpl_process3 and regenerate templates would be enough?
13:37 hdl_laptop yes.
13:37 hdl_laptop vertanden
13:37 hdl_laptop verstanden
13:37 kf hdl_laptop: yes and thx a lot
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14:11 * owen going through the IRC log looking at the lists of Koha-using consortia
14:11 * owen notices LibLime's site says NPL migrated to Koha in 2007
14:12 owen I guess the time we were using Koha before we contracted with LibLime doesn't count.
14:12 brendan :)
14:12 brendan morning owen
14:12 owen Hi brendan
14:13 owen Are you up early or not back on the west coast yet?
14:13 brendan yup early
14:13 brendan wife work me up
14:13 brendan s/work/woke
14:13 brendan you can tell it's early
14:39 owen Hmmm... Why am I seeing a "Publisher description" link in my search results?
14:39 owen "Availability: Publisher description Checked out (1)"
14:39 owen That seems to be out of place.
14:44 wizzyrea mornin folks
14:44 owen Hi wizzyrea
14:53 chris_n atz ++ #for taking time to participate in Koha
14:54 * chris_n greets wizzyrea, owen, brendan, everyone else
14:54 wizzyrea hi chris_n :)
14:54 brendan hello chris_n
14:55 brendan morning wizzyrea
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16:21 kf1 gmcharlt: around?
16:21 gmcharlt kf1: what's up?
16:23 kf1 gmcharlt: I rewrote my patch for serial enumeration and wanted to ask if you can push it
16:23 * gmcharlt looks at it - yep, it's fine, and I'll push it
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16:25 kf1 gmcharlt: I know many other patches are waiting to be pushed and I normally would not ask, but can you tell when? *ducks*
16:26 CGI140 dsadsasda
16:26 gmcharlt kf1: no need to duck, it's a fair question.  I'll be working on them this week
16:26 CGI140 sdadsa
16:27 CGI140 hey
16:28 CGI140 just testing the webchat panel
16:28 ccurry Can anyone tell me why Koha stores call numbers and cutter numbers in the same field?  Our current catalog has this information in 852$h & $i; in order to import the data into Koha, I have to merge these subfields into 952$o.  Is this compliant with AACR2?  Doesn't this remove the ability to sort these two fields in separate ways?
16:28 kf1 gmcharlt: thx :)
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16:29 gmcharlt ccurry: history, basically, although I must say that I've never heard of a use case that call numbers and Cutters be sorted separately from one another
16:29 ccurry Also, does anyone know of a better tool to manipulate MARC data than MARCedit?  It seems to work, but it's a bit unwieldy.
16:30 kf1 gmcharlt: new building of our library will be finished tomorrow and library starts working on 12th... time runs too fast :(
16:30 gmcharlt call number browses generally are done based on the whole call number, including Cutter, though I agree that sometimes it is helpful to know exactly where the division point it is to sort them correctly
16:31 kf1 isnt there a field for sorting in items.table? I think its filled according to the chosen classification
16:31 kf1 filing rules or something
16:33 gmcharlt kf1: items.cn_sort
16:34 ccurry gmcharlt: I'm not a MARC expert, but since the first part of the call number is supposed to be sorted like an integer (with alphabetization for LC) and the last part is supposed to be sorted like a decimal, it seems that it's necessary to define where the decimal exists in order to facilitate the different sorting behavior.  I could be wrong about this; I'm being questioned for merging this...
16:34 ccurry, though.
16:36 gmcharlt ccurry: there is almost invariably a literal decimal point in the call number string, though, and one can generally figure out where the Cutter starts based on the structure of the call number
16:37 gmcharlt I'm not saying that it wouldn't be better for Koha to store the classification part and the Cutter separately, but in practice, it usually isn't absolutely necessary that an ILS do so in order to sort call numbers correctly
16:38 ccurry gmcharlt: good to know; I wasn't worried about it, it seemed like the koha virtual shelf browser works correctly; I was running on faith in Koha by believing this, though (being ignorant of the programming behind the feature).
16:49 kf1 ok, time to leave work - bye #koha :)
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18:10 cait_laptop hi :)
18:37 chris morning
18:37 cait_laptop good morning chris
18:43 chris[…]e-tsunami-warning
18:44 brendan morning chris
18:49 chris yikes
18:49 chris Two villages in Samoa have just been hit by a tsunami, unconfirmed reports from Samoa radio say.
18:49 chris Polynesia Radio in Apia told Stuff that they were receiving reports from Siumu and another village that a tsunami had come ashore.
18:50 chris i hope thats not true
18:51 chris_n howdy chris
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18:52 pianohacker Hello
18:52 chris_n hi pianohacker
18:52 chris_n hows the hand?
18:52 pianohacker hey, chris_n
18:53 pianohacker alright, healing slowly but surely
18:53 pianohacker how are you?
18:53 chris_n if it gets any better, I won't be able to stand it :-)
18:54 pianohacker oh really?
18:54 * chris_n wonders if chris is overloading 's website
18:55 pianohacker 'tis a bit slow
18:55 chris yeah, its my job to keep it up
18:55 chris_n tsunami must be big news... the page times out
18:56 chris i thnk the ad servers have crashed
18:56 pianohacker What's making your life so great, chris_n?
18:56 pianohacker also, hi chris
18:56 chris_n I'm above ground
18:57 chris_n and the weather is cooling down
18:57 chris servers are fine, so all my bits are working ok ... that makes it SEP
18:58 chris now i just have to decide wether to catch a bus into work, given i have to go down the hill to the coast to catch it
18:58 chris hmm 2 hours until the wave would get here, if there is a wave, right, off i go
18:58 * chris_n resorts to google news
19:00 chris_n here's a cool site:
19:00 pianohacker hmm, definitely some danger there
19:01 chris_n[…]es/us2009mdbi.php
19:01 pianohacker chris, other_south_pacificers: good luck
19:04 pianohacker[…]hquake/index.html
19:04 chris_n 2685km NNE of Auckland.... take care chris
19:06 brendan yup -- take care chris
19:08 chris_n[…].09.29.185743.txt
19:10 chris_n or more broadly:[…].09.29.185430.txt
19:24 pianohacker hmm. if it was going to hit samoa, it would have done so by now
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19:36 richard hi
19:36 pianohacker hello richard
19:36 chris right in at work now
19:37 pianohacker wb nzers
19:37 richard hiya chris and pianohacker
19:37 pianohacker how are things
19:37 brendan hehe -- yup wb nzers
19:37 Ropuch Evening
19:37 pianohacker good evening Ropuch
19:37 richard wet morning here - maybe a tsunami on the way from the earthquake off samoa earlier this morning
19:38 pianohacker we've been talking about that
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19:40 wizzyrea :( tsunamis--
19:40 chris[…]after-Samoa-quake
19:40 chris its gonna be a busy day for the stuff team
19:40 wizzyrea soo... what does a new zealander do, head inland?
19:41 chris its unlikely to be any danger to nz
19:41 chris but if i lived on the solomons, id head to the hills
19:41 richard yeah, it will be pretty small by teh time it gets here
19:41 pianohacker yay, that's good
19:41 wizzyrea whew, happy to hear that
19:41 wizzyrea something to see though?
19:42 wizzyrea even a lil tsunami is still kind of a big deal
19:42 wizzyrea ?
19:42 chris 160Mbit/sec ...
19:43 pianohacker outgoing?
19:43 chris yep
19:43 wizzyrea hehe, it's veeery slow from here. still waiting. That's nuts traffic :)
19:43 pianohacker I'll try not to add to it then :)
19:44 chris luckily its still nice and fast in nz
19:44 wizzyrea good!
19:44 chris i suspect we have maxed out our overseas connections tho
19:44 wizzyrea prolly
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20:20 chris ohh that sux :(
20:21 pianohacker what happened?
20:22 chris A massive 8.3 earthquake and tsunami in the Pacific has resulted in a number of deaths in American Samoa, it has been reported.
20:22 pianohacker ouch
20:23 chris i think the earthquake did most of the damage
20:23 chris 8.3 ... with 1 to 5 mins of shaking
20:24 wizzyrea :(
20:24 wizzyrea are you guys "due" for a big one?
20:26 chris Coromandel residents told to shift to higher ground immediately because of tsunami threat
20:26 chris ok, they are starting to tell nzers to move
20:27 chris i hope that is just an overreaction
20:31 wizzyrea :( definitely
20:31 wizzyrea your house isn't too far from the coast? but there's a biggish cliff there right?
20:32 chris yeah, it will only be ppl on the beach, or in small boats near the coast that will be in trouble
20:32 wizzyrea you're on the south anyway, suppose it wouldn't matter as much, since the wave would be perpendicular to your location
20:32 chris *nod*
20:33 * wizzyrea envisions dropping stones into puddles...
20:33 wizzyrea wave theory was always one of my favorite parts of physics
20:34 * pianohacker is studying physics this year; high-school or college level?
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20:36 pastebot "rangi" at pasted "testing pastebot" (1 line) at
20:37 chris hmm thats not quite right
20:37 pianohacker oh, still cool though-
20:37 chris 2 secs ill fix
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20:38 pastebot "chris" at pasted "Does this work?" (1 line) at
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20:39 pastebot "pianohacker" at pasted "Testing testing testing" (1 line) at
20:39 chris heh, cool
20:39 chris ill leave it running then
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20:40 pianohacker does it have an  option to turn off ip display? it looks like it's just displaying your gateway
20:41 chris yeah its being proxypassed so it will display that, ill turn it off
20:41 pianohacker cool
20:43 Topic for #koha is now It's not open source until you release it |  koha foundation polling begins 29 September 2009[…]sep15#action_item | for long copy-pastes
20:43 pianohacker what do you think?
20:43 chris cool :)
20:45 pastebot "hdl" at pasted "test" (2 lines) at
20:45 chris hehe its gonna fill up with tests :-)
20:45 pianohacker heh
20:45 hdl_laptop cool
20:45 pianohacker does it have auto expiration?
20:45 hdl_laptop just passing round.
20:45 chris yep
20:45 hdl_laptop Good night.
20:45 chris night
20:46 pianohacker good night
20:46 hdl_laptop Thx chris for setting that up
20:46 chris chris_n asked for it
20:46 chris so thank him :)
20:46 pianohacker chris++ regardless, for hosting it
20:51 pastebot "chris_n" at pasted "What obvious thing am I missing here?" (1 line) at
20:52 chris_n heh... cool
20:52 chris_n tnx chris
20:52 chris_n 'night hdl_laptop
20:53 pastebot "wizzyrea" at pasted "Do you like stuff and things?" (1 line) at
20:53 wizzyrea ohh neat
20:53 wizzyrea eye sea wut u did thar
20:53 pianohacker I'm all about the whatchamacallits myself
20:55 pianohacker chris: do you run many webservices through proxy? I've been thinking of doing, but startup management for every piddly little thing seemed a hassle
20:56 chris i do on my own box, cos i cant be bothered punching holes in the firewall
20:57 pianohacker ahh. managed through the daemon(8) program?
20:57 chris naw, just mod_proxy in apache
20:57 pianohacker does it take care of starting the external servers?
20:59 chris naw, i just make init.d scripts for those
20:59 pianohacker ah
21:01 chris_n bbl
21:32 wizzyrea that's a cool site... a catalyst deal?
21:32 chris the paste one?
21:33 wizzyrea nah, the givealittle
21:33 wizzyrea and why in gods name aren't we doing that for koha developments?
21:34 chris ahh don't think its a catalyst one
21:34 wizzyrea or procuring foundation funding
21:35 chris wizzyrea: cos there is no one to give it too ... well really KUDOS could do something like that right now
21:35 chris id like to see local groups like kudos, kohala etc
21:35 chris being the channel for fundraising
21:36 wizzyrea I'm wondering though
21:36 wizzyrea given the format of that site (anybody can ask for funding for anything, it looks like)
21:36 chris and then funding stuff they want
21:36 chris yep
21:36 wizzyrea what would stop NEKLS from making a cause "improve X about koha"
21:36 chris absolutely nothing
21:37 wizzyrea "we are going to contract Y to do the work, give us your bucks"
21:37 chris yep
21:37 wizzyrea I just hadn't seen anything like that before, where the givers are (sorta) public
21:38 chris *nod* its a good idea
21:38 wizzyrea I mean, there's paypal (nah, to closed)
21:38 wizzyrea too*
21:38 wizzyrea I shall have to think about it
21:38 chris :)
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22:08 Jo Good motning
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22:34 chris_n2-away is now known as chris_n^2
22:34 chris_n^2 hi Jo
22:36 chris_n^2 hmmm... aftershocks
22:37 chris yeah samoa is a mess
22:38 chris_n^2 some fairly big aftershocks too
22:38 chris_n^2 5.0 to 5.6
22:39 * brendan hasn't been near an earthquake in my life -- hoping to keep it that way
22:40 brendan I feel sorry for all those involved
22:40 pianohackr|work wow, living in california?
22:40 Jo reports are the tsunami is about 1m high and has been extended to the taranki bight now
22:41 brendan well I just moved here about 10 months ago
22:41 brendan been quiet so far *
22:41 chris jo: theyve downgraded them now
22:41 chris but there are 14 confirmed dead in samoa and lots missing and injured ;(
22:42 brendan :(
22:42 chris
22:42 Jo ok good (having a beachfront property with 4 chiuldren at home by themselves - thats good to know!)
22:45 chris some fairly horrible stories coming out of samoa, i might stop reading the news
22:47 Jo just rang the children and hauled them off the beach and back to the house ... just in case :)... and just until 2pm
22:47 chris better safe than sorry
22:48 pianohackr|work definitely
22:49 * chris_n^2 remembers spending time on Guam and watching the couch walk back and forth during tremors
22:49 Jo Connor is very angry though - practically spitting down the phone at me!
22:49 pianohackr|work chris: givealittle is reputable? if so, definitely might donate a little
22:49 chris yep, its actually all going to the redcross
22:49 chris Jo: Lyall Preston and a group of holidaymakers from Dargaville in Northland watched from higher ground as the tsunami hit their Sinalei resort located on Samoa's southern coastline.
22:49 chris The group then witnessed the bodies of three young children wash towards them.
22:49 pianohackr|work jesus
22:50 brendan oh man
22:50 Jo oh lordie
22:50 Jo thats hideous
22:50 chris im not suggesting you traumatise connor by telling him that
22:50 Jo lol
22:50 Jo no - I won't
22:50 Jo he's angry enough already
22:50 Jo no point having him angry and scared!
22:51 Jo where are you getting your news from
22:51 chris my job :)
22:51 chris
22:51 chris[…]tsunami-hit-Samoa
22:52 chris that story has been viewed 400,000+ times since 7.40am
22:52 pianohackr|work wow
22:54 Jo gosh
22:54 Jo[…]-swallowed-resort
22:54 Jo thats a huge wave!
22:54 chris yep, ive certainly learnt tons about doing a dynamic site with high traffic, tips i can use on koha
22:55 chris yeah, its down to 40cms now for nz
22:55 chris but the thing with a tsunami is that its a surge, not a wave
22:55 Jo which is less thana normal wave on the coast
22:55 Jo yep - just thinking that.
22:55 chris_n^2 still times out from the east coast us
22:55 Jo its a kg of weight per litre aye - imagine that smacking down on you!
22:55 chris thats annoying :(
22:56 chris_n^2 surge = much more inertia
22:56 Jo the stuff site is your work Chris?
22:56 chris yep, most of the time, when im not doing koha
22:56 chris im on the fairfax team
22:57 Jo oh cool :)
22:57 chris not the content obviously, but the code behind it
22:57 chris pie on here works on stuff too
22:57 pie yup, that's me
22:58 pie it's quite a sad morning
23:03 Jo yep - it must be quite hard, esp given how many Samoans are in NZ and so many of us will know people affected; my sister in laws family are in coastal samoa
23:03 chris_n^2 chris: you guys run ?
23:04 chris nope, but its part of the fairfax empire
23:04 pianohackr|work I was going to ask if any of you knew people from samoa
23:04 chris_n^2 traffic going my direction appears to be hung up at one of their routers
23:04 chris yep, nz has a big samoan population
23:04 chris ahh yeah the stuff gear sits in the same rack as the trademe gear
23:05 pianohackr|work possibly qos prioritization for local ips
23:06 chris_n^2 maybe an edge router handling their backbone link
23:06 chris woot, gmcharlt is pushing patches :)
23:07 brendan ahh  -- stuff loads on the west coast :)
23:07 chris in totally unrelated, but good news
23:07 chris[…]Caps-beat-England
23:08 brendan good addition chris
23:08 chris_n^2 brendan: the latency is terrible between here and west coast as well just now
23:08 chris_n^2 and really bad on the links to asia
23:09 gmcharlt hi chris
23:09 chris heya gmcharlt :)
23:09 gmcharlt random question for you - have you and dbs ever chatted about translation?
23:09 chris_n^2 gmcharlt: howdy
23:09 chris briefly
23:09 gmcharlt I know he set up a test Pootle for EG at one point
23:09 chris i explained to him how koha does it
23:09 chris but not in depth
23:10 pianohackr|work hi, gmcharlt
23:13 gmcharlt hi chris_n^2 pianohacker|work
23:13 richard is now known as rich-away
23:19 chris kgs is leaving equinox?
23:19 chris oh yes
23:20 chris[…]munity-librarian/
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