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00:02 nelson joined #koha
00:03 nelson Hey everyone
00:03 pianohackr|work Hello
00:03 nelson I am looking for a little help with installing koha - I've gotten all the way to logging into the staff back-end for the first time
00:03 owen joined #koha
00:03 nelson The trouble is, I get a blank webpage
00:04 nelson Any help would be GREATLY appreciated
00:04 pianohackr|work Hmm. Have you checked the error log?
00:04 nelson I have - and it is complaining of not being to query a bunch of DB tables - which makes sense because I haven't gotten to that part in the install
00:04 nelson Am I supposed to install the DB tables prior to logging in for the first time?  The guide I followed says no
00:05 pianohackr|work No, you shouldn't have to
00:05 pianohackr|work What page is in your browser's address bar?
00:05 pianohackr|work It should have redirected you to the installer
00:06 nelson I point my browser to http://localhost:8080 which redirects me to http://localhost:8080/cgi-bin/[…]taller/
00:06 pianohackr|work That's correct
00:06 pianohackr|work Which kind of install did you do? standard?
00:06 nelson standard
00:07 pianohackr|work Could you give me a link to the guide you're following? Also, does anything else show up in the error log besides the missing table complaints?
00:08 nelson Sure, one second
00:08 pianohackr|work thanks
00:08 nelson I am running CentOS 5 so I am following :
00:09 nelson (Also note that I elected not to install Yaz/Zebra and made sure all Perl pre-reqs were installed)
00:10 owen Hi pianohackr|work
00:10 pianohackr|work Hi, owen
00:10 pianohackr|work How's your weekend going?
00:10 owen So far so good
00:10 owen I got a query from someone from vokal, a question about their opac
00:11 nelson These are the only-non DB related errors
00:11 nelson [Sat Sep 19 19:39:54 2009] [error] [client] built-in find_file: can't find file /usr/intranet/templates/prog/e​n/modules/installer/auth.tmpl [Sat Sep 19 19:39:54 2009] [error] [client]  with path = [ [Sat Sep 19 19:39:54 2009] [error] [client]  '/usr/intranet/templates/prog/en/includes' [Sat Sep 19 19:39:54 2009] [error] [client]  ] [Sat Sep 19 19:39:54 2009] [error] [client]  [Sat
00:11 pianohackr|work Ahh, there we go
00:11 pianohackr|work Where did you install koha to?
00:11 nelson \etc\koha and \usr\share\koha
00:12 nelson It looks like I have a bad install of HTML::Template::Pro?
00:12 pianohackr|work Nope, htp is fine
00:12 pianohackr|work Just need to change your koha-conf.xml a bit
00:12 nelson Alrighty :)
00:12 pianohackr|work Near the bottom, there's two entries for opachtdocs and intrahtdocs
00:13 nelson Yep
00:13 nelson <opachtdocs>/usr/opac/templates</opachtdocs>  <intrahtdocs>/usr/intranet/templates</intrahtdocs>
00:13 pianohackr|work You need to make sure that those point to the directories in /usr/share/koha where the templates for the opac and intranet live
00:13 nelson Ahhh Ok
00:13 nelson I'll give that a try and report back, thank you
00:14 pianohackr|work owen: But they don't use community Koha; how could you possibly help them? It's just out of your hands
00:15 owen :)
00:15 owen One of their installs is showing no facets on the search results page
00:15 owen I'm not sure if it's a template-mod problem or if there could be something else
00:16 owen Now that I look again I suspect a template mod... If they'd switched on NoZebra by mistake their searching would break wouldn't it?
00:17 pianohackr|work Yup
00:17 owen I wish I'd gotten to them before they started changing templates :(
00:18 pianohackr|work Blurgh, no kidding. Are they at least using git?
00:18 owen Don't know. If they are they're not publicising the fact.
00:19 owen It sounds like they're go-getters with their hearts in the right place and they need some guidance
00:20 nelson Alright I'm sorry to say that that did not work :(
00:20 nelson To get the intranet function to work, I changed the line to <intrahtdocs>/usr/share/koha/intr​anet/intranet-tmpl</intrahtdocs>
00:21 nelson Oh wait
00:21 nelson That was mildly stupid of me, I forgot the htdocs in the directory tree :P Now it works
00:22 pianohackr|work Cool
00:22 nelson Thank you for your help, pianohackr :)
00:22 pianohackr|work owen: I hope so. Getting these apparently much-desired consortia features into open-source Koha from any vendor seems to be like pulling teeth
00:22 pianohackr|work nelson: Not a problem
00:23 pianohackr|work Let us know if you need anything else
00:23 nelson Will do - have a good night
00:23 nelson left #koha
00:31 owen Koha needs a league of superheros to pile into an invisible jet and race to any library considering modifying their template
00:32 pianohackr|work Not all of us are so willing to abuse jQuery, owen ;)
00:33 pianohackr|work But yeah, it can make maintenance difficult even if you have git and familiarity with Koha's innards
00:33 owen It's not abuse if jQuery is willing ;)
00:33 pianohackr|work Gah
00:35 owen Anyway, no more Saturday night Koha for me. Back to goofing off.
00:35 pianohackr|work Heh
00:35 owen left #koha
00:35 pianohackr|work I'd better kick off too, bye all
00:35 pianohackr|work left #koha
00:39 brendan joined #koha
01:02 * chris is in an open source in education talk
01:07 chris_n2-away cool
01:11 chris so far talking about LTSP
01:26 chris one guy is really monopolising it
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01:50 * mason clocks in from SFD
01:51 mason chris, im werking upstairs near the coffee machine...
01:53 chris cool
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02:07 chris_n2-away g'night
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04:41 brendan joined #koha
04:41 brendan good evening #koha
04:46 brendan night all
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05:41 fredericd joined #koha
05:45 chris hi fredericd
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07:56 snail joined #koha
08:16 snail chris: http://randymetcalfe.blogspot.[…]t-governance.html
08:35 chris ta
09:42 indradg chris, whats that "Request post?
09:43 chris 2nd one will have more detail
09:44 indradg ok :)
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19:37 chris_n2-away is now known as chris_n^2
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19:51 hdl_laptop chris about ?
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19:52 sh_ is now known as sh
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20:24 brendan heya #koha
20:34 chris hi hdl_laptop
20:40 richard joined #koha
20:40 richard hi
20:40 chris hiya richard
20:50 chris_n^2 howdy brendan, chris, richard, hdl_laptop
20:51 brendan heya chris_n^2
20:51 brendan what are you up to today?
20:52 chris_n^2 working on db table designs for the patron card creator
20:52 brendan nice --
20:53 Ropuch Hello all
20:53 chris hi Ropuch, chris_n^2 and brendan
20:54 chris_n^2 hi Ropuch
20:54 brendan afternoon Ropuch chris
20:54 brendan chris - I went to an excellent Mets game yesterday
20:54 chris cool :)
20:57 brendan *sigh*
20:57 brendan sad car commercial
20:58 brendan 10 more days - <counting>
20:58 chris til?
20:58 brendan nengard starts
20:59 chris ahh cool
20:59 brendan yup -- <excited>
21:46 Ropuch Hm, where exactly are marc subfields desc stored? I can see them in marc_subfield_structure.libopac, but after changing some 245's subfields values in table remains the same
21:47 Ropuch I've changed them via Adm>MARC Framework
21:58 chris_n^2 chris about?
21:59 chris_n^2 Ropuch: sorry I'm not up to speed on that area of things
21:59 Ropuch chris_n^2: no problem, I'm just curious [;
22:00 Ropuch Guess I'll figure that out tommorow
22:00 Ropuch Good night
22:00 chris yep whats up chris_n^2 ?
22:01 chris_n^2 I think I found my answer.... I was looking at embedding binary data in xml
22:01 chris ahh
22:02 chris_n^2 looks possible, but how difficult remains to be seen
22:02 chris heh yep
22:09 chris_n^2 actually looks to be a bad idea atm due to potential encoding issues
22:09 * chris_n^2 throws that idea out
22:28 brendan chris -- when is kohacon10
22:29 chris hasnt been decided yet
22:30 chris probably november
22:31 brendan november 2010
22:31 chris yep
22:31 brendan cool - maybe by then I can afford to send nicole and nate :)
22:33 chris :)
23:16 brendan cya later #koha
23:16 brendan be back in a few

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