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00:12 brendan heya #koha
00:13 chris hi brendan
00:13 brendan good afternoon chris :)
00:14 brendan lunch time yet?
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01:37 brendan catch you in a bit #koha
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01:47 chris_n2 call number splitting strikes again :-P
02:05 chris_n2 g'night
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03:11 Amit hi chris, brendan
03:11 Amit good morning #koha
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05:44 brendan good night #koha
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06:25 magnusenger good morning #koha!
06:33 Amit hi magnusenger
06:33 magnusenger hi Amit
06:33 Ropuch morning everybody
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06:38 nicomo morning #koha
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07:04 magnusenger good morning BibLibre! ;-)
07:05 nicomo hi magnusenger
07:06 magnusenger hi nicomo
07:06 nicomo yes: we're all clicking in, but you'll notice I've been here slightly before the others :-)
07:06 magnusenger yes, i noticed!
07:06 magnusenger ;-)
07:07 nicomo which probably only means I'll be the first to take a coffee break
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07:12 paul_p hi magnusenger
07:12 magnusenger hi paul_p
07:14 chris evening
07:14 paul_p hi chris
07:14 chris hdl: i didnt manage to get anything more done today
07:16 chris wll no more cherry picks anyway
07:38 hdl ???
07:38 hdl hi
07:39 chris :)
07:39 chris i didnt get any cherry-picks done sorry
07:45 hdl have you said you wouldnot do any other ?
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07:53 chris no, i just meant i got none today :)
07:54 hdl thanks anyway
08:00 kf good morning chris + hdl
08:00 hdl hi
08:01 chris hi kf
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08:01 |Lupin| good morning #koha
08:01 |Lupin| guten morgen kf
08:02 kf guten morgen |Lupin|
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08:06 paul_p hello jransom & |Lupin| & kf
08:06 |Lupin| chris: hi
08:06 |Lupin| chris: around ?
08:06 jransom hello all
08:06 |Lupin| salut paul_p
08:07 |Lupin| or paul_p you may have ideas, too
08:07 kf chris: when I download the po-file from pootle, will merge work ok when uploading it again? I gave up on pootles search, intranet is just not working.
08:07 kf hello all again :)
08:08 |Lupin| I'd like to have some MARC fields automatically filled with URLs that include parameters from other fields.
08:08 |Lupin| I'm wondering where in Koha is the right place to do something like that
08:09 |Lupin| Not even sure the value should be stored in the marc fields themselves actually
08:11 kf I dont know what you want to do, but I think you could use a plugin, there are already some plugins for acquisition_date in items or coded fields. plugins can be linked to MARC-fields.
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08:15 |Lupin| kf: yeah plugins may be the way
08:16 |Lupin| kf: it's just that I don't know how a plugin can fetch the value from another MARC field
08:16 jransom hi merete
08:16 |Lupin| kf: what I'd like to do is this: assume an item associated to the biblio #1234 and whose ccode is 56
08:17 |Lupin| then I'd like to associate to this item a link to the URL http://somesite/
08:19 kf never wrote a plugin, so I dont know. I think you might need javascript to get the values entered in the other marc fields
08:20 kf so this might be a problem. you want them to be filled during import or in cataloging?
08:21 |Lupin| kf: in cataloguing...
08:22 |Lupin| kf: I'm not even sure they should really be stored in the MARC field. The only sure thing is that they shold appear on the generated pages, and since they are completely determined by other fields, it may just be a matter of modifying the templates the right way !
08:25 |Lupin| actually, is it possible to tel KOha to use another template than the one that comes with it, for a given page ?
08:25 |Lupin| kind of a template overloading ?
08:26 kf there are paramters in admin for changing the used templates but I dont know if it really works
08:27 |Lupin| kf: ah ! interesting...:/ thanks. Will have to try this, then.
08:30 kf perhaps ask owen about it, he should know
08:32 |Lupin| kf: good idea, thanks
08:32 |Lupin| !
08:32 |Lupin| kf: and perhaps also pianohacker ?
08:33 kf dont know, perhaps just try and ask later, when USA is awake
08:33 |Lupin| kf: yeah, good idea
08:35 |Lupin| kf: many thanks for your help
08:35 jransom Merete: if you are about still I'd like to get started if possible.
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09:54 jransom hola
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10:49 Ropuch Is there a quick way to avoid  "Could not get the IP address of koha, DNS fault? at rewrite-config.PL line 68."?
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11:32 Willem Hi there, I'm using MarcEdit successfully to change biblios, but changes of items (e.g. shelving) seem to be ignored. Is there a different approach that needs to be followed to update items?
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11:55 kf Willem: once a item is created it can only be changed within koha, not by import
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12:00 Kivutar anybody knows how to setup gitstat?
12:05 chris i know its a pita
12:06 chris if you are talking about the php one
12:07 chris i set it up at liblime when i was working there, 2 years ago .. its annoying to do and has bad instructions
12:07 Willem Thanks kf, I'm an experienced VB programmer, but need to be shown the way into koha. How could I tackle my learning route?
12:09 kf Willem: nicoles manuals on are a good starting point
12:09 kf Willem: depends on what you want to do
12:09 Kivutar chris: looks like it hasn't changed much in 2 years ;)
12:09 nahuel chris, because it exists a python or perl one ?
12:09 chris gitstats is a python one
12:09 nahuel ah ?
12:10 chris
12:10 chris what i use here
12:10 chris git clone
12:10 Willem Thanks kf, will have a look there. By the way, could you explain to me the additional 952 fields that koha seems to create if there are several items of the same biblio? Is it possible to switch that function off?
12:10 chris ./gitstats path/to/repo /where/i/want/the/files
12:10 nahuel chris, ok
12:10 chris done
12:10 chris much nicer :)
12:11 nahuel a cronjob ?
12:11 chris i just run it every so often, could be cronned easily tho
12:11 kf Willem: there is one 952 for every item
12:11 chris nahuel:
12:11 chris you have a lot more commits in the version 3 branch :)
12:12 nahuel ah yes
12:12 kf Willem: do you only want the items of a specific library for export or why would you want to switch it off? atm the item information in marc-xml is needed for Koha to work correct. but I understand that its planned to change that, so that item information will be only in items tabel at some time.
12:12 chris ok bedtime for me
12:13 nahuel i'm in the top 25 :p
12:13 Willem kf, yes but koha produces additional 952 lines with cascaded summaries of info from the normal 952 items, separated with ' | ' (space,vertical,space) That's the one I don't understand.
12:13 Kivutar i don't know why gitstat can't find my git binary at /usr/bin/git
12:13 Kivutar good night
12:14 kf Willem: do you have an example?
12:14 kf Willem: which koha version do you use? I saw summary records once in a catalog hosted by liblime and wonder if that is what you might see.
12:15 Willem kf =952  \\$8AAA | AAA | AAA$70$p3635200002010 | 3635200002014 | 3635200002012$40$00$90$bCFCE | CFCE | CFCE$yAAA | AAA | AAA$10$d2009-06-17 | 2009-06-17 | 2009-06-17$aCFCE | CFCE | CFCE
12:16 Willem the barcodes 36352..... x3 represent the items' barcodes that are listed separately as 952 items
12:17 Willem not sure where to find my koha version...
12:18 kf where do you get this from? exported marc data or one of the marc views?
12:18 kf AAA = akadmisches auslandsamt?
12:19 chris_n g'night chris
12:23 Willem expkf this was exported, but the cascaded 952 also show as "additional" items which don't get counted in OPAC searches, but give incorrect counts when logged in as a librarian.
12:24 Willem forget expkf, typing went wrong
12:26 kf Willem: I cant explain what you see, never saw that in our data. could be something like a summary record or something really going wrong there.
12:32 chris_n Willem: are you running zebra or nozebra?
12:41 Willem well I might be running giraffe or hippo  i have no idea.
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12:49 chris_n Willem: if you are running zebra then running 'misc/ -a -b -r -v' will most likely cure the discrepancies in the opac searches
12:49 chris_n Willem: you had to select either 'zebra' or 'nozebra' during the web install routine
12:50 Willem I'll need to ask the person who installed it whether it's zebra or nozebra
12:50 chris_n there are a variety of install docs included in the tarball or git clone which explain the zebra
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12:50 * chris_n thinks that zebras do kick occasionally... :-)
12:51 Willem the opac search is actually fine - it's the librarian's version of showing how many items there are that goes wrong, counting the cascaded 952 as additional items
12:52 chris_n Willem: a cron job will need to be setup to rebuild the zebra indexes at regular intervals
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12:56 chris_n Willem: where are you seeing "cascaded" 952 fields?
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12:57 chris_n ie what part of the staff interface
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13:01 Willem chris_n, the incorrect item count comes up when displaying a single biblio search result - the "cascaded" items appear when choosing "edit items", in the same table as the normal items
13:05 chris_n Willem: so you are seeing the '|' separated fields within a single table division rather than seeing a separate table row for each item?
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13:10 chris_n if so, I suspect corrupt data
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13:11 Willem chris_n have a look at my screenshot at
13:12 chris_n Willem: looks like corrupted data in those last two items
13:13 Willem well this kind of extra data appears automatically after a while of having multiple items per biblio - they are everywhere in our data
13:13 chris_n I would not be sure how it happened, but millions of records have been imported into koha w/o issues
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13:14 chris_n what software are you migrating the data from
13:14 Willem I use MarcEdit
13:15 chris_n so you create the record in MarcEdit from scratch?
13:16 Willem I edit the text, for instance for adding info like publication dates etc, in a text editor. then load the plain text into MarcEdit. then convert to *.mrc to export to koha
13:17 chris_n I'm not sure where the corruption might be occurring, but you might try importing the record w/o editing it first and see if the item data is still messed up
13:18 chris_n if it is, the problem is with the original record
13:18 chris_n if it is not, perhaps the work with MarcEdit is the introducing some problems
13:19 chris_n there are some others here and on the list that have migrated from a variety of proprietary ILS's and so might be able to give more insight
13:19 chris_n bbiab
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13:24 Willem to show the difference between records a month ago and the additional 952 fields I've placed an example at[…]for%20chris_n.txt
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13:38 slef @dict corrollary
13:38 munin` slef: No definition for "corrollary" could be found.
13:38 slef @dict corollary
13:38 munin` slef: wn, gcide, and moby-thes responded: wn: corollary n 1: a practical consequence that follows naturally; "blind jealousy is a frequent corollary of passionate love" 2: (logic) an inference that follows directly from the proof of another proposition; gcide: Corollary \Cor"ol*la*ry\ (k?r"?l-l?-r?; 277), n.; pl. {Corollaries} (-r?z). [L. corollarium gift, corollary, fr. corolla. See {Corolla}.] 1. That which (4 more messages)
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13:45 |Lupin| hi again, everybody
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13:46 |Lupin| I'm wondering: can anyone pls explain me the syntax of the isbd system preference ? The manual is not very talkative about this and I'm oo new to the field to fully understand it just by reading the default value...
13:55 kf does someone know if @bug 3164 is fixed in current head? I can not find the patch on the mailing list or in git
13:55 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3164 major, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, OPAC-placed holds broken in SingleBranchMode
14:03 owen kf: it looks to me like Ryan submitted a patch for it, although it wasn't attached to the bug report
14:04 owen A search of the patches list for "bug 3164" doesn't turn up anything
14:04 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3164 major, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, OPAC-placed holds broken in SingleBranchMode
14:04 kf owen: yes, but im not sure it made his way over the patches list and into koha
14:04 kf owen: I have a 3 week old koha installation from head here where its not fixed
14:05 owen Ah, I found it in my mail archive. Looks like Ryan submitted a patch and gmcharlt asked for a revision
14:05 owen I wonder if the revision never happened
14:06 kf ah ok
14:06 owen[…]9-May/003592.html
14:07 kf owen: thx! hm, what to do about it?
14:08 kf I can test again at home on a current dev install and update the bug if its still not fixed?
14:08 owen Here's gmcharlt's response:[…]org/msg02592.html
14:08 owen (not sure why Google returned those from different sites, but there you go)
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14:10 owen kf: the best solution is probably to take Ryan's patch and correct it according to gmcharlt's recommendations (it doesn't appear ryan plans to do so)
14:10 kf kf: I would do that, if I would know how - I cannnot program in perl (yet) and this is a bit more complicated.
14:11 owen Yeah, this one is over my head too :(
14:12 owen kf: I'll update the bug report with ryan's patch and gmcharlt's response
14:12 kf thx owen!
14:12 wizzyrea owen is so nice.
14:12 wizzyrea :)
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14:14 chris_n Willem: the record is clearly corrupted; what version of koha are you using? (under 'More-About Koha')
14:18 owen Bug updated, patch-sent status removed. Fingers crossed.
14:19 kf owen: that was fast! thx for your help!
14:24 jdavidb @quote random
14:24 munin` jdavidb: Quote #23: "<gmcharlt> /msg munin register nick password" (added by wizzyrea_ at 04:25 PM, August 06, 2009)
14:25 jdavidb @quote random
14:25 munin` jdavidb: Quote #1: "<pianohacker> resolve, rather, I doubt it needs lotion" (added by gmcharlt at 03:05 AM, May 31, 2009)
14:25 * jdavidb raises an eyebrow
14:25 jwagner @quote random
14:25 munin` jwagner: Quote #6: "gmcharlt: kf: hold requests are a plot to sell more aspirin ;)" (added by wizzyrea at 04:13 PM, June 16, 2009)
14:26 kf nice
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14:31 rhcl wizzyrea: I seem to recall you were going to have a telecon w/ LL. Has that happened yet, and if so, how did it go down?
14:49 owen How time changes things:
14:50 owen "All of the development that has been planned will be done by August 2008 and then shared back with the community."
14:50 sekjal Been trying to get WALDO to issue a statement about their intentions
14:51 sekjal so far I've only heard back that they are EXTREMELY busy working to catch up to their schedule, and to try asking again in mid-Oct.
14:53 * jdavidb hears a run-around there.
14:55 sekjal I wouldn't think it would take too much time to dash off a quick email to the koha list, but I don't know the details of their current workload and staffing, so perhaps I'm off
14:56 owen If there were misconceptions about the situation I would think they'd want to correct them right away
14:57 jdavidb Ditto for the whole, "LibLime has withdrawn from the community" thing...if that's not the case, where are they?
14:57 sekjal I started my thread with them on Aug 9., so its been over a month.
14:59 sekjal I hate to draw conclusions about WALDO and LibLime without hearing from them
15:00 sekjal but their silence is creating a void into which conclusions seem to want to draw themselves
15:00 sekjal gtg to a Drupal training.  back later
15:02 kf I got the impression, that they cant say its wrong so they stay silent.
15:03 jdavidb It'd be nice if they'd stand up and say so, one way or another.
15:05 slef I think it needs to be the users who really press on the LL-in-or-out topic, not we other vendors.
15:06 slef Although given how much I've been flamed by LL+co when our workload and staffing problems caused us to fork 3.0, maybe I could take this opportunity for revenge.  I'm not going to, though.
15:07 owen I've seen the beginnings of that (the users asking questions), slef, in a non-public forum, but no response yet
15:07 kf I think most of them dont know whats going on
15:08 owen ...or don't see what the fuss is about, since their support company is on top of things from their perspective.
15:14 chris_n hrmm... 'protection against vendor lock in'
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15:16 owen chris_n: Not every Koha library has fully internalized the open source idea obviously
15:19 kf ok, need to go - bye #koha!
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16:31 brendan ahh...  good morning - very pleasant bike ride to work this morning :)
16:31 paul_p hi brendan
16:31 brendan hi paul_p
16:33 brendan I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this file in koha --- sort-string-utf.chr
16:33 brendan does zebra utilize that -- or is it there for an example for me?
16:51 chris_n hi brendan, paul_p
16:51 brendan hi chris_n
17:03 owen If I check out the labels_recon topic branch should it automatically prompt me to update the database?
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17:28 Sharon I'm at a training for a standalone koha system and the OPAC says "Search (in POMONA only)" when I am logged in, but then gives 0 results.  If I log out of the OPAC, I get search results. - What syspref is screwy??
17:30 owen Search my library first?
17:30 Sharon i'll go look!
17:30 owen Are there items in the catalog for POMONA?
17:31 Sharon owen that was it!, thank you.
17:31 Sharon yep, they've cataloged 200 items
17:32 Sharon We just impressed them with this quick Community answer ;-)  Go OS!
17:43 gmcharlt owen: yes, I belive that hte labels_recon udpate is automatic
17:44 owen I'm not getting a prompt to do a database update
17:44 chris_n owen: check the version number
17:45 chris_n if you were running the syspref branch it may be ahead
17:45 owen
17:46 chris_n roll it back to 52 in the syspref editor and the update should run after you save it
17:47 owen I'll try it, thanks
17:47 chris_n alternately you can run the installer/data/mysql/ script from the command line
17:48 owen Interesting...the version in system prefs says 3.0100058
17:48 chris_n it should be automagic as long as the version is earlier than 53
17:48 chris_n hrmm
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17:49 chris_n syspref branch is at that version
17:50 ricardo Hi all
17:50 chris_n hi ricardo
17:50 chris_n owen: you've been working with that branch so that probably explains the discrepancy
17:50 ricardo This time, I have more of a "MARC::Record" / "MARC::Field" Perl modules question, than a purely "Koha related" one
17:51 chris_n rolling the syspref version to 52 should apply the labels upgrade, but you may see a few errors from the db update script after that due to later changes already being applied
17:51 chris_n they should be harmless, however
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17:52 ricardo Does anyone have experience of "capturing" multiple occurrences of the same MARC field /subfield in a bibliographic record (in order to "concatenate" the strings of the several occurrences  to another MARC field / subfield)
17:52 ricardo ?
17:52 * chris_n 's head swims
17:53 ricardo chris_n: Maybe I'm not being clear enough?
17:54 chris_n ricardo: more likely my understanding (or lack thereof) of MARC stuff in general :-)
17:54 ricardo chris_n: Ah, OK  :)
17:55 ricardo Then, to the "larger" audience:
17:55 ricardo This is UNIMARC, but it could be MARC 21 just as well... Imagine, that I have a Record with 2 occurrences of the 300 field (Notes), and each of them has only the subfield "a" filled in
17:55 ricardo like:
17:55 ricardo 300
17:55 ricardo a. Purchased
17:55 ricardo 300
17:55 ricardo a. 20 USD
17:56 schuster joined #koha
17:56 ricardo I now want to copy those two informations to the 010 tag, subfield "d" and I want that one to have the information, like so
17:56 ricardo 010
17:56 ricardo d. Purchased; 20 USD
17:56 ricardo It's "that" simple  ;-)
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17:57 chris_n hi pianohacker
17:57 owen Okay, after bumping version back to 52 I get an error from the updater: DB ERROR: Table 'oleonard_koha.labels' doesn't exist
17:57 pianohacker Hi chris_n
17:57 pianohacker Hi, owen
17:58 chris_n owen: om
17:58 chris_n owen: it appears the upgrade/update has already been applied
17:59 chris_n so the tools page should have a link for "Label Creator" and no reference to Patron Cards
17:59 ricardo Hi David (schuster) and Jesse (pianohacker)!
17:59 pianohacker Hi, ricardo
17:59 chris_n ricardo: pianohacker might have your answer
17:59 pianohacker Uh-oh
17:59 chris_n hehe
17:59 ricardo chris_n: OK. Thanks.
18:00 pianohacker ricardo: What's up?
18:00 ricardo pianohacker: I have a Perl programming question, regarding "MARC::Record" and "MARC::Field"
18:00 owen chris_n: That is the case, no patron card mention
18:00 ricardo pianohacker: What I want is to "capture" multiple occurrences of the same MARC field /subfield in a bibliographic record (in order to "concatenate" the strings of the several occurrences to another MARC field / subfield)
18:01 chris_n owen: then you should be kosher then
18:01 ricardo pianohacker: Clear as mud, right? Do you want an example?
18:01 pianohacker ricardo: No, that actually makes sense
18:01 ricardo pianohacker: Cool  :)
18:02 pianohacker $record->field( 'my_marc_tag' ) will return a list of MARC::Fields with that tag number
18:03 pianohacker Then, for each $field in the results, $field->subfield( 'my_marc_subfield' ) will return a list containing the contents of each occurence of that subfield
18:03 brendan joined #koha
18:03 ricardo pianohacker: OK. I'm guessing that I have to use that in a "list context" ( using the @ sign) and NOT in a "scalar context" (using the $ sign), so I get the several "items"
18:03 ricardo pianohacker: Thanks for the tip! Let me try
18:03 pianohacker ricardo: yes
18:04 chris_n did labels go to working for you owen?
18:05 owen Everything looks good on first glance.
18:05 chris_n ok
18:05 owen I'll go look for interface nick-picks now ;)
18:05 chris_n owen: feel free to dress up the css/templates etc
18:05 * chris_n is no html/css/etc guru :-P
18:05 pianohacker chris_n: Run for your life!
18:06 * chris_n quickly flings his laptop into the I95 traffic
18:06 pianohacker Heh
18:06 chris_n puts a whole new meaning on 'mobile computing'
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18:19 owen Hi hedgesst, cybrarian
18:23 hedgesst hi, owen!
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18:28 ricardo hdl_laptop: Wb Henri!  :)
18:29 chris morning
18:29 pianohacker Hi, chris
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18:30 brendan morning chris, pianohacker ricardo et. al
18:30 pianohacker Hi, brendan
18:31 brendan if anyones up for it -- I've got a question about zebra
18:31 chris_n hi chris
18:32 brendan so I'm searching for an author -- named daniélou -- shouldn't I just be able to enter in danielou -- without the ' over the é and find it?
18:33 brendan just wondering if anyone had some suggestions for me to trace through or read through...
18:33 pianohacker brendan: Yes, but you have to make sure Zebra is set up correctly
18:34 brendan you mean mapping charset in zebra.cfg
18:34 cait_laptop morning chris
18:34 pianohacker brendan: Yes
18:35 chris cait_laptop: congrats on you message to the list :)
18:35 cait_laptop chris: thx - wanted to do this for some time now, glad we finally sent it today
18:35 hdl_laptop joined #koha
18:36 cait_laptop I just wondered if it got through because I did not see it
18:36 hdl_laptop hi chris
18:36 cait_laptop hi hdl
18:36 hdl_laptop hi cait_laptop
18:41 pianohacker owen: Tested your patch, had a few problems applying against current sysprefs_editor, but it's there. Like the new layout. The highlighting code will need some updates, though, as it's mostly client side
18:42 pianohacker Only thing that is server-side highlighted is jumped-to prefs
18:43 owen Hmm... sorry about the patch problems.
18:44 brendan pianohacker -- I'm seeing this word-phrase-utf.chr  -- is that even utilized by zebra?
18:44 pianohacker brendan: I think that is, yes
18:48 ricardo pianohacker: Got it to work perfectly!  :)
18:48 pianohacker ricardo: cool
18:50 ricardo pianohacker: Thanks a lot for the tip regarding $record->field( 'my_marc_tag' ) and $record->field( 'my_marc_tag' )
18:50 pianohacker No problem
18:50 ricardo (... and " $field->subfield( 'my_marc_subfield' ) ", I mean)
18:50 ricardo pianohacker: :)
18:53 hdl_laptop chris I sent some more patches today
18:53 hdl_laptop I think that with shelves It should be ok
18:53 hdl_laptop But would be great If it passed all the tests.
18:54 chris cool, ill hopefully get some time at work to day to have a look
18:59 ricardo left #koha
19:19 hedgesst left #koha
19:32 Ata joined #koha
19:35 Ata hi all
19:35 pianohacker Hello
19:35 jdavidb left #koha
19:35 Ata can someone update me about release of koha 3.2?
19:36 cait_laptop 3.2 feature freeze was last sunday
19:36 pianohacker Ata: Possibly an early alpha in October
19:36 cait_laptop I think end of november is planned for release
19:37 Ata I wonder, the current relase is 3.0 and the upcoming is 3.2, where is 3.1?
19:38 pianohacker Ata: No 3.1, unfortunately
19:38 pianohacker It would be an unstable release
19:38 pianohacker Closest equivalent would be following git master
19:38 Ata ok thanks @ piano, cait
19:39 Ropuch Quite similar to linux kernel numbering rule ;>
19:39 gmcharlt Ata: it's following (kinda sorta) linux versioning
19:39 pianohacker Ropuch: yup
19:39 Ropuch [;
19:39 gmcharlt snap
19:39 Ata is there any easy way to upgrade from 3.03 to 3.2?
19:39 gmcharlt Ata: not quite yet, but will be for alpha release of 3.2
19:39 Ata any updater?
19:39 pianohacker There will be upgrade instructions included. It will actually be pretty easy, as it will update the database schema for you
19:40 Ata hmmm Ok
19:40 Ata Thanks all ... it is a great forum...Instant reply...
19:41 pianohacker Happy to help :)
19:41 Ata Thanks for positive and promt response @ piano, cait, gmcharlt
19:41 Ata Take Care and Bye
19:41 pianohacker bye
19:42 Ropuch How does the translations work? I've made some suggestion in polish opac .po some times ago and they are still "suggestions"
19:42 Ata left #koha
19:42 pianohacker Ropuch: You made changes in Pootle?
19:43 Ropuch Yes
19:43 Ropuch Have ~80% made in local test instalation
19:44 pianohacker Ropuch: Those changes are only pulled just before release
19:44 Ropuch Oh
19:44 Ropuch Ok, thanks
19:44 pianohacker Also, the strings you're translating against will be constantly changing up until the string freeze
19:44 cait_laptop ropuch: your suggestions need to be approved
19:44 cait_laptop i dont know who can approve for polish
19:44 cait_laptop I have only the rights for German
19:44 cait_laptop ask chris about it
19:44 Ropuch I will
19:45 cait_laptop you can download the file from pootle then and use for your installation
19:45 cait_laptop but strings need approval first i think
19:46 Ropuch My local opac is nearly 80% complete, I've just wanted to share ;>
19:46 cait_laptop perhaps ask chris to give you the right to approve,  he can also merge your file
19:46 cait_laptop with the file in pootle
19:47 Ropuch We're going to make koha working in public in month or so
19:47 pianohacker translators++
19:47 Ropuch I'll thing about it
19:48 jwagner left #koha
19:48 cait_laptop translation is a hard job, still seeing so many strange things... will eidt po-file directly now, because pootle search is acting strange
19:48 Ropuch Guess i'll contact some koha users in Poland first, maybe we can form some translate group
19:49 Ropuch ep, and translating out-of-context can lead to funny results ;>
19:49 cait_laptop yep
19:50 cait_laptop I think thats the main problem
19:50 cait_laptop I had to kill some cats... because it was translated as the animal and not as abbreviation for category ;)
19:50 Ropuch apart from plural problem
19:50 Ropuch hehe
19:50 cait_laptop german is not easy there too
19:50 cait_laptop and german is often too long, while english is nice and short
19:51 Ropuch Well, we'll have the german version of opac too
19:51 Ropuch Hmm
19:52 cait_laptop I think the opac will be ok
19:52 Ropuch nice
19:53 cait_laptop I need to do some corrections - but our library will go live end of september, so it has to be ready then
19:53 Ropuch Well
19:54 Ropuch I'm making some crazy moves now, because i want to get rid of our old ils, which sucks
19:54 cait_laptop which is it?
19:54 pianohacker Ropuch: What are you using?
19:54 cait_laptop jinx?
19:54 Ropuch Polsih one, Sowa
19:54 Ropuch It's dbf+delphi
19:55 pianohacker cait_laptop: Yeah, that seems to be happening a lot lately
19:55 Ropuch Every second i have to launch it i want to torture the gui creator
19:55 cait_laptop hehe
19:56 * chris_n seems to remember a bug with the news in an earlier 3.0.x version
19:56 Ropuch Nevermind, it's song of the past,
20:01 owen left #koha
20:05 pianohacker Ropuch: Hmm, I can't find much info on that. Do you have a website for it?
20:10 Ropuch pianohacker: you mean Sowa?
20:10 Ropuch
20:11 hdl_laptop owen : what do you think about thickbox ?
20:27 Sharon joined #koha
20:27 pianohacker Ropuch: thanks
20:27 magnusenger left #koha
20:28 Sharon left #koha
20:29 * chris_n heads out
20:30 Ropuch pianohacker: from what i can see in "Jobs" they switched/planning to switch from delphi/dbf to postgress/python, but they suck anyway
20:30 Ropuch Our it goes berserk every time they had to mess with their stuff
20:34 richard joined #koha
20:35 richard hi
20:35 chris back
20:35 richard hiya chris
20:36 Ropuch chris: who can approve translation for polish?
20:37 chris no one yet, you are the first to ask :)
20:38 chris if you join pootle, under my account set your language to polish and let me know your usercode
20:38 Ropuch Strange
20:38 chris i can set it up so you can approve
20:43 richard is now known as rich-away
20:45 collum left #koha
20:57 Jo joined #koha
20:57 Jo Morning all
20:57 chris heya Jo
21:00 nengard joined #koha
21:02 chris hey nengard
21:02 wizzyrea yo nengard
21:02 nengard yo wizzyrea hey chris
21:03 chris_n2-away joined #koha
21:03 schuster left #koha
21:05 hdl_laptop chris : when shelves are done, we could try and update translations.
21:05 chris sounds like a good idea to me hdl_laptop
21:06 nengard having some issues with template editing
21:06 nengard got me a side to side scrollbar - and i don't want that!!!
21:17 sekjal left #koha
21:18 wizzyrea nengard: grats on the new job :D
21:18 nengard thanks wizzyrea
21:20 rhcl Nicole has a new job? Pray tell...
21:20 wizzyrea[…]ember/010085.html
21:21 brendan :D
21:21 nicomo :-D
21:21 brendan we're excited!
21:21 rhcl icic I'm always the last to find out things. Congrats!
21:21 nengard rhc1 it just went out like 2 min ago
21:21 nengard you're not the last
21:21 rhcl Well, I usually am anyway!
21:21 brendan news is fast these days though
21:22 cait_laptop nengart: grats :)
21:22 cait_laptop nengard... sorry for the typo
21:25 nengard thank you everyone - and like i said - thanks for being so nice on that chat earlier this month
21:25 * nengard making dinner be back soon
21:25 brendan enjoy
21:28 cait_laptop time to go to bed - good night :)
21:28 cait_laptop left #koha
21:35 chris_n2-away is now known as chris_n2
21:35 chris_n2 congrats nengard
21:36 nicomo and with that piece of good news I'll go collapse into bed right now
21:36 nicomo see you tomorrow #koha
21:37 nicomo left #koha
21:45 jwagner joined #koha
21:54 pianohacker back
21:54 pianohacker Hi, nengard, rhcl, wizzyrea
21:57 rhcl Hi Hi
21:57 chris hiya pianohacker
21:57 pianohacker Hey chris
21:57 pianohacker How's it going?
21:57 chris its friday .. so good ;)
21:57 pianohacker Very good
21:58 chris and the uk finally apologised to alan turing
21:58 chris
21:58 pianohacker Wow
21:59 pianohacker From the Right Honorable Gordon Brown, no less
21:59 pianohacker Very nice
22:04 rich-away is now known as richard
22:17 EdwinUCGCOLOMBI joined #koha
22:22 EdwinUCGCOLOMBI left #koha
22:26 gmcharlt about time
22:26 chris yup
22:34 wajasu joined #koha
22:35 * richard amazed that they even admitted behaving badly
22:36 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
22:45 CGI394 joined #koha
22:50 CGI394 left #koha
22:52 Colin joined #koha
22:57 EDWIN joined #koha
22:59 Colin_ joined #koha
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23:05 EdwinCOL joined #koha
23:07 Colin left #koha
23:07 nengard left #koha
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23:09 EdwinCOL left #koha
23:10 brendan bug 2629
23:10 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2629 major, P1, ---,, NEW, Diacritics not being ignored when searching
23:20 Colin_ left #koha
23:20 pianohacker left #koha
23:21 pianohacker joined #koha
23:25 nengard joined #koha
23:25 nengard question about system preference patches - I have made changes to the OPAC that changes the description of  the OPACPatronDetails preference ... do I submit that on the main branch or the sys prefs branch?
23:27 chris did you change it on the sysprefs branch?
23:27 chris or on the main one?
23:27 chris you probably want to make the change on the sysprefs branch, and send a patch for that
23:30 brendan gmcharlt can always ask you to send it from a different branch if needed
23:31 gmcharlt nengard: and you can also send it to jesse first for him to look it over
23:31 nengard gmcharlt I can do that - send jesse the description and just submit my patch which i wrote on the main branch
23:31 nengard they're not dependant on each other
23:32 nengard just that one changes the default description needed for the other
23:37 Jo so happy that Bywater and Biblibre have hired Nicole - congrats
23:39 nengard thanks Jo
23:41 pianohacker nengard: Backlogged with missing prefs, but when I put that in, it will have the right description
23:43 nengard thanks pianohacker
23:43 pianohacker np, thanks for letting me know
23:43 nengard also, i'm on vaca for the next few weeks
23:43 nengard so if i can help, let me know how
23:44 pianohacker I will, thanks for the offer
23:50 ryan left #koha
23:54 Jo Nicole: now you aren't at Liblime how do people contact you before you start with Paul and Brendan?
23:55 brendan Jo -- smoke signals work the best :)
23:56 nengard Jo - or here or on chat
23:56 nengard all my contact info is on my website:
23:56 Jo smoke signlas ...
23:56 Jo very cool :)

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