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01:36 chris_n2-away google andriod & koha++
01:37 chris :)
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02:06 ricardo Time to go to sleep... Take care everyone!  :)
02:15 ricardo chris: Still there?
02:18 ricardo Question to everyone/anyone... I know today (6 Sep) is / was the feature freeze for 3.2... And is there some freeze date already set for 3.0.4 (fixes)?
02:21 ricardo Well... I guess all the other people ARE asleep, eheh... OK. I'll probably be back in 12 hours or so. Take care!
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03:11 chris @later tell ricardo 3.0.4 is a bugfix release ... permanent feature freeze :)
03:11 munin` chris: The operation succeeded.
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03:42 Amit hi chris, brendan
03:42 Amit good morning #koha
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03:45 Amit hi pianohacker
03:45 pianohacker Good morning, chris
03:45 pianohacker and amit
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05:10 pianohacker Hrm. A tad late
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05:51 chris evening
05:52 bob hi chris: got a koha qu for you
05:52 chris hi bob, whats that?
05:52 bob in the koha i'm trying to set up i get urls like this
05:52 bob eg / | 65
05:53 bob what's with the | bit?
05:53 chris weird what version?
05:53 bob
05:54 chris http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]?biblionumber=559
05:54 chris i get versions like that
05:54 bob that's what i'd expect to get too
05:54 chris what page links you to the weird url?
05:54 bob all of them
05:54 bob sorry
05:54 chris the search results?
05:55 bob i mean search results have them
05:55 bob yeah
05:55 chris sounds like a bug in the template
05:55 chris i dont think ive ever seen that though
05:56 bob ah i didn't check the template
05:56 bob me thought it was some wigginess from importing from v2
05:57 bob it happens both on opac and intranet
05:57 chris hmm 2 things to check then, the template
05:57 chris and then the db
05:58 chris to make sure the number isnt doubled up in it
05:58 chris if it happens in both, id suspect the db
05:59 bob you mean duplicate biblionumber?
05:59 chris yeah check the marcxml column in biblioitems
05:59 chris specifically teh 999 tag
06:00 chris im wondering if the biblionumber is doubled up there
06:01 bob ah i think my data is using 090 rather than 999
06:01 chris 999 c i think it is
06:01 chris i wonder if that might be the problem
06:03 bob when i imported the data from v2 and indexed it - search initially didn't work then i read about changing the zebra to index on 090 instead of 999 (from google)
06:03 bob and that got the search working
06:04 chris its not doubled up in the 090 is it?
06:04 bob i'm just checking that now
06:06 bob there does look to be 2   <datafield tag="090" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
06:06 bob one with just a subfield code =d
06:06 bob the other with both c and d
06:07 chris ahh that would be doing it i bet
06:07 bob i note the subfield code d values are different
06:08 bob can you have more than one subfield code =d within the same <datafield></datafield> ?
06:09 chris d is biblioitemnumber i thnk, c is biblionumber
06:09 chris either way, it can only have 1 of each
06:09 bob ah ok
06:09 chris i suspect the one with 2 values (c and d) is the right one
06:10 bob same - as the c and d match
06:10 * bob just wondering what the other number matches
06:10 chris and do they match the biblionumber and biblioitemnumber ?
06:11 chris select biblionumber,biblioitemnumber,marcxml from biblioitems where biblionumber=65;
06:11 bob ah no the biblio number matches but the biblioitemnumber is the other number
06:12 chris ahhhh
06:13 chris you might have to figure some way to clean those up, (maybe shift them to 999 too)
06:13 bob do you know if anyone has written a script to do that?
06:14 chris i think mason might have
06:14 chris for kapiti
06:14 bob ah cool, i'll email him and ask for advice
06:15 bob thanks chris
06:15 chris bribe him with coffee :)
06:15 * bob has a much better idea of my problem now
06:16 hdl_laptop bob is that XSLT related or template  ?
06:16 bob he still the kohaaloha email?
06:16 chris yep
06:20 bob in changing the 090's to 999's is it safe to say the 090's can be removed or do both need to exist?
06:21 chris you need to check you marc mappings in admin, and your zebra config
06:22 chris but then you can remove the 090's
06:22 bob cool, ta for you help
06:22 bob it has been very informative
06:23 chris np
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06:29 chris hi |Lupin|
06:32 chris @quote random
06:32 munin` chris: Quote #26: "<chris> as an aside C4::Search makes my brain hurt" (added by jdavidb at 09:21 PM, August 22, 2009)
06:35 |Lupin| hi #koh
06:35 |Lupin| hello chris
06:35 |Lupin| chris: do you remember the conversation we had about using logs to keep track of who added /modified a record ?
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06:38 chris iyep
06:38 chris hi nicomo
06:38 nicomo hi chris hi all
06:41 |Lupin| hi nicomo
06:41 |Lupin| chris: I'm wondering how to deal with the initially bulkmarcimported records.
06:42 |Lupin| chris: In our current system we know who has created a record and we'd like to import this information into KOha, too.
06:46 chris just gotta feed and bathe kids
06:46 chris back in a while
06:50 |Lupin| chris: np
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07:19 Amit chris: in this URL is there any maintenance branch
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07:37 paul_p Amit: (hello) look at the bottom of the page ("HEADS" section)
07:38 Amit hi paul_p thanks
07:48 |Lupin| grrr, deleting a borrower requires javascript...
07:48 Amit hi lupin
07:49 |Lupin| hi amit
07:55 chris back
07:58 |Lupin| chris: is it possible to delete borrowers cleanly without using the web interface ? Is it just a matter of moving the lines from the borrowers to the deletedborrowers table ?
08:02 chris nope
08:02 chris you need to check a lot of things
08:02 chris the issues table
08:02 chris and the reserves one too
08:02 chris plus also accountlines
08:03 chris or you might leave dangling issues, reserves and fines
08:11 |Lupin| chris: ah ok... we don't have such things here. Just migrating atm so nothing happened.
08:11 chris it would be best to write a script that calls the members/
08:12 chris ahh if you dont have any of that, then yes, thats safe
08:12 |Lupin| chris: ah yes
08:12 |Lupin| chris: the thing is we have bibliographic records bound to deleted users
08:12 |Lupin| so we have to migrate these deleted users from the old system to the new one, too
08:13 |Lupin| chris: did you see the question I asked you just before you left to take care of your children ?
08:14 chris in order to do that with the log, you would have to edit bulkmarcimport
08:15 chris so that it inserts the appropriate value in the log
08:25 |Lupin| chris: do you think it would be a difficult thing to do ?
08:25 chris lemme check something
08:25 |Lupin| chris: thanks
08:26 chris so it will depend on how it stored in the old system
08:29 chris there are 2 ways you can do it, you can get the info out of the old system .. find the borrowernumber in the new system and use that as the user in action_logs
08:29 chris or
08:29 chris you can use a user called migration (or something like that)
08:29 chris and then store the name of the person who created it in the info column
08:30 |Lupin| chris: awesome
08:31 |Lupin| chris: the first one should be doable. I have added tables in the Koha database that mapthe old identifiers (for users, books) to the new ones
08:31 chris cool
08:31 |Lupin| chris: yeah it proved to be useful so far
08:40 |Lupin| chris: just in case you have some time
08:40 |Lupin| chris: I think there is a small bug in misc/
08:41 |Lupin| chris: the -t option is not taken into account I believe
08:41 |Lupin| chris: no time to fix this myself, I'm sorry
08:43 chris true, it is just ignore
08:43 chris d
08:44 |Lupin| chris: yeah. I assume it is not the intended behaviour...
08:44 chris localNEWmodbiblio($dbh,$record​,$biblionumber,$frameworkcode) unless $test_parameter;
08:44 chris it looks like it should work
08:46 |Lupin| chris: yeah but I think this line is not even reached, because the test variable is not checked after getopt has ben called. Or am I wrong on that ?
08:47 chris that is the line checks it
08:48 chris so if its set, that unless will be true, so it wont change the db
08:48 chris it should run, printing lots of things out, but not actually changing anything
08:50 |Lupin| if ($version || (!$confirm)) {
08:50 chris yes
08:51 chris you need -c -t
08:51 |Lupin| chris: so it means that if the script is ran with -t as its only argument, it will print the syntax and exit. Is that the intended behaviour ?
08:51 chris yes
08:51 chris you need -c -t
08:51 |Lupin| chris: ah so -c is mandatory ?
08:52 chris if you want it to do anything at all, then yep
08:52 chris thats how it was written anyway
08:52 chris its so someone doesnt accidentally run it
08:52 |Lupin| I find it a bit odd actually. Is it to prevent people from runnig the script by accident ?
08:53 |Lupin| yeah...
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09:03 slef hi all... does this sound fair:
09:03 slef need to describe the Koha project's current structure (which is the subject of some disagreement between the pro-Kaitiaki and post-Kaitiaki developers).
09:04 chris oh?
09:04 chris i thought there was only 1 post-kaitiaki developer
09:07 chris or should i say, former developer
09:09 slef ok, so I'm being more than fair ;-)
09:10 chris :)
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09:18 slef anyone know the URL to the Ohio KSF?
09:18 chris hmm i was looking for it the other day
09:18 chris i remember you and i found it
09:18 chris but i cant remember where
09:19 chris i found the Koha Foundation one instead :)
09:21 chris[…]83b3e39383d262525
09:24 chris got it
09:24 chris[…]ATION1.SHOW_PARMS
09:24 chris search for koha there
09:25 chris[…]rg_values=1839255
09:25 chris might work
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09:27 slef tyvm
09:29 slef ok, think I'm overtime... updated
09:30 chris slef: imm a member of spi too
09:30 slef chris: cool. You can edit the wiki too ;-)
09:30 chris :)
09:30 chris ill add that
09:31 slef chris: which project did you join from (if any)?
09:31 |Lupin| hmm
09:31 |Lupin| is it possible in mysql to undo the last operation ?
09:32 paul_p |Lupin|: if you have started a transaction and not commited it yes. Otherwise, no
09:33 chris slef: none at moment, just a private member
09:34 chris edited
09:37 |Lupin| paul_p: ok, thanks :)
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09:56 chris hi cait_laptop
09:56 cait_laptop hi chris
09:56 chris added you to the history today :)
09:56 cait_laptop just started reading my mails - no internet connection here
09:56 cait_laptop thx :)
09:56 cait_laptop but I think you have 2 96th commiters now
09:58 slef I wondered about the wisdom of numbering them in the text.  Sorry for not mentioning it to chris
09:59 cait_laptop but I m happy, I dreamed about the code tonight (I always do when I try to program)
09:59 cait_laptop but it got accepted so perhaps I did not make all the mistakes I dreamt about :)
10:00 chris thats only the 2nd mistake ive made
10:00 chris and unless someome manages to go back in time and commit in the past, shouldnt be an issue :)
10:00 chris ill fix it now
10:01 |Lupin| paul_p, hdl_laptop, fredericd: unimarc question please
10:02 |Lupin| In a few imported records there is a 410$a field (collection). This field does not appear in marc view, neither at OPAC nor in the staff client.
10:02 |Lupin| any idea ?
10:02 chris fixed
10:03 cait_laptop thx chris :)
10:05 paul_p |Lupin|: maybe you did not activate it (it may be unactive by default)
10:06 |Lupin| paul_p: ah maybe... what do you mean by activate ?
10:06 |Lupin| paul_p: do you mean in the cataloguing framework, or where ?
10:06 paul_p |Lupin|: yep, in the cataloguing framework
10:07 |Lupin| paul_p: ok, will check that, thanks
10:12 slef what's the label enhancement bug number?  I'm failing to find it
10:14 cait_laptop slef: never saw a bug number for label enhancement - perhaps there is none
10:15 slef I'll stick it in bug 3583 then ;-)
10:15 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3583 blocker, P5, ---,, NEW, Patron Card Labels should print
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10:18 chris_n2 who is Jonathan Sowash?
10:19 chris liblime's lawyer
10:19 chris reading up on the foundation?
10:19 * chris_n2 grimaces
10:19 chris_n2 yup
10:20 chris yeah its not pretty
10:22 slef list traffic or following links?
10:22 chris_n2 slef: a little of both
10:29 chris_n2 pianohacker++ #for the new syspref editor
10:31 chris_n2 is now known as chris_n2-away
10:36 davi Where are the files which modify the Koha database schema
10:36 davi ?
10:36 davi I need to add some fields
10:48 slef kohastructure.sql and I think
10:48 slef There is a page on about database revisions
10:56 davi thanks
11:25 gmcharlt good morning
11:29 nahuel hi gmcharlt
11:32 cait_laptop good morning gmcharlt
11:33 cait_laptop gmcharlt: and thx for the welcome mail. Im really happy that my patch got accepted.
11:34 gmcharlt cait_laptop: you're welecome
11:55 gmcharlt slef: where on are the RFID:: modules?
12:01 |Lupin| pls
12:01 |Lupin| what should I do to activate a subfield in a cataloguing framework ?
12:01 |Lupin| for the moment it is said the field is ignored,...
12:06 gmcharlt |Lupin|: check the visibility setting
12:06 |Lupin| gmcharlt: where is it ?
12:06 gmcharlt in the framework subfield definition editor
12:07 |Lupin| gmcharlt: does it correspond to the tab column of the marc_subfield_structure table ?
12:07 gmcharlt |Lupin|: no
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12:08 gmcharlt tab = 0 - 9 corresponding to which MARC Yxx tag it is
12:08 gmcharlt tab = -1 does suppress the subfield
12:10 |Lupin| gmcharlt: I'm not sureI understand. Are you saying that if tab is between 0 and 9 then it contains the first digit of the tagsubfield column ?
12:10 |Lupin| gmcharlt: I thought it was to tell koha on which page the field had to be displayed...
12:11 gmcharlt |Lupin|: it says what tab in the editor to display the subfield
12:11 gmcharlt and usually is set to the first digit of the tag
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12:11 chris_n g'morning all
12:12 |Lupin| gmcharlt: ok
12:13 |Lupin| gmcharlt: so which field shoudl I check in the db for the visibility ?
12:14 gmcharlt marc_subfield_structure.hidden
12:16 |Lupin| gmcharlt: it's 0 for the field in quesiton, so it means the field is hidden, or is not hidden ?
12:17 gmcharlt for that, please read the help associated with the MARC framework editor - it's complicated
12:17 cait_laptop bye #koha
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12:21 |Lupin| gmcharlt: I'm sorry, I can't see it with lynx... Is the help stored in some file in Koha, or in the database ?
12:22 gmcharlt koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modules/​help/admin/marc_subfields_structure.tmpl
12:22 |Lupin| gmcharlt: thanks a lot !!
12:26 |Lupin| I don't know what Collapsed means... could somebody explain, pls ?
12:33 Amit hi galen
12:33 gmcharlt hi Amit
12:34 gmcharlt |Lupin|: not expanded by default - label shows, but form for entering subfield is not shown by default - user has to click to view it.  not relevant to lynx
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12:37 |Lupin| gmcharlt: here it's for other users I'm trying to have the field showed in a nice way.
12:41 |Lupin| hmm hidden was 0, set it to -1 but nothing changes...
12:48 |Lupin| could anybody help ?
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13:13 |Lupin| paul_p or fredericd: one of you knows in which unimarc field to put the collection titles, pls ?
13:19 slef Question about[…]installperldebian - don't you need "install" after "cpan" in the last one?
13:21 slef answering myself: nope
13:21 slef sole -i is optional
13:22 |Lupin| slef: do you need a double check or is everything okay ?
13:23 slef everything ok now
13:23 slef I'm pretty sure dh-make-perl should be used instead of cpan when we can
13:26 slef Does curl -I http://koha/cgi-bin/koha/errors/ show "HTTP/1.1 200 OK" instead of 404 Not Found for other people?
13:27 |Lupin| slef: the URL isnot valid...
13:28 |Lupin| slef: ah you mean on an installed koha, oops, sorry
13:28 slef |Lupin|: did you replace koha with your koha's server name?
13:28 slef heh
13:28 |Lupin| slef: HTTP/1.1 200 OK
13:29 slef ok, it's not just me.  That's a bug, isn't it?  Looks to me like C4::Output::output_html_with_http_headers doesn't pass status codes.  Anyone reported this bug before?  I don't find it in a search.
13:31 |Lupin| slef: don't know
13:32 slef I'll wait to see other opinions for a few minutes while I deal with my immediate problem (I need to 503 Service Unavailable some pages)
13:33 |Lupin| slef:
13:35 |Lupin| slef: ok :)
13:37 slef gmcharlt: chris: any opinion on this?
13:37 slef or paul_p
13:38 paul_p slef: don't know, sorry (and for technical questions, you'll probably have more luck with nahuel or hdl_childdoctor)
13:40 slef I suspect hdl_childdoctor might not be there just now ;-)
13:44 nahuel hi
14:01 slef hi nahuel - should files in /errors/ return the corresponding NNN status codes, do you think?
14:02 nahuel yes they should
14:02 nahuel and if it isn't, i think it's a bug
14:05 slef ok I will file one RSN
14:17 |Lupin| RSN ?
14:20 slef
14:21 nahuel héhé
14:22 slef @dict RSN
14:22 munin` slef: jargon, foldoc, and vera responded: foldoc: RSN {Real Soon Now}; jargon: RSN /R-S-N/ adj. See {Real Soon Now}; vera: RSN Real Soon Now (telecommunication-slang)
14:27 chris_n gmcharlt: patch submitted to correct css issues in the labels code
14:31 |Lupin| please folks
14:31 |Lupin| when a patron does a simple search in the OPAC
14:31 |Lupin| which fields are searched ? I assume this is customizable ? Is there a syspref for that ?
14:35 nahuel |Lupin|, As I know, there is no syspref, it's zebra configuration
14:38 slef Bug 3586 Submitted
14:38 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3586 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, errors pages are sent with HTTP 200 OK header
14:43 |Lupin| nahuel: and in the case of nozebra systems ?
14:44 nahuel |Lupin|, ah, no zebra is a black box for me :p
14:44 nahuel never used it
14:48 |Lupin| nahuel: ok, thanks
14:49 nahuel |Lupin|, you should look at C4/
14:49 |Lupin| nahuel: ah yeah, good idea. Thanks a lot for the hint !
14:50 |Lupin| enf of working day so this will have to wait till tomorrow...
14:50 |Lupin| bye everybody !
14:58 nahuel ++
14:59 slef damn, these French people always seem to quit an hour early ;-)
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15:27 pianohacker Good morning, #koha
15:35 Kivutar :)
15:35 nahuel slef, !
15:36 nahuel i'm not gone
15:36 nahuel hey pianohacker !
15:36 pianohacker Hi, nahuel
15:36 nahuel what's up ?
15:36 pianohacker Not much, school and work as always
15:41 slef hehe
15:42 slef don't you hate it when you finally get the network router login from the network manager and then discover that the router has changed IP address and no-one told you? (AFAICR)
15:42 slef happily, /usr/sbin/arp to the rescue! :)))
15:43 nahuel ^^
15:43 nahuel Hopping this never arrive !
15:43 nahuel happend
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18:16 bigbrovar .
18:16 pianohacker cd ..
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18:36 * chris_n thinks some folks have been at the command prompt tooo long ;-)
18:36 pianohacker Just trying to keep bigbrovar company
18:36 pianohacker How are you, chris_n?
18:36 chris_n trying to fix a programmer's nightmare
18:37 hdl_childdoctor is now known as hdl
18:37 pianohacker Koha has many examples of those. Can you be more specific? :)
18:37 chris_n my catalogers begin manually entering barcodes and *figured out* the wrong pattern... 8-O
18:37 bigbrovar hi guys been working on configuring koha for my schools library ( am not a librarian or in fact knowledgeable on library matters) am just a normal generic system admin.. am doing this because there just no one to do it . i have it up and running but its the cataloging part that am lost.
18:37 chris_n thankfully it was only 12 items and not 1200
18:38 pianohacker chris_n: Always good to catch data corruption issues
18:38 pianohacker bigbrovar: Yes; unfortunately, all Koha cataloguing is done using MARC
18:38 bigbrovar what i need now is to understand how this MARC thingie works .. a good guide would be appriciated
18:38 pianohacker Gah, I'm too used to typing out the directory name that way
18:39 chris_n bigbrovar: you might try for starters
18:39 bigbrovar because it just keeps coming up and it something i would have to know ( oh there :pianohacker: u see what am saying :0)  )
18:39 pianohacker bigbrovar: Did you set up Koha to use MARC21 or UNIMARC?
18:39 bigbrovar MARC21 i
18:40 bigbrovar yep MARC21
18:40 pianohacker Then the LOC site is a good place to start
18:42 bigbrovar chris_n: pianohacker:  thanks (its going to be a long night for me and a cup of coffee wont hurt)
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19:38 chris morning
19:39 pianohacker Good morning, chris
19:39 nicomo morning chris
19:39 hdl hi chris
19:39 * chris fights the temptation to reply to nick on the mailing list, and say "i wouldnt ever expect a response"
19:39 chris its a hard fight
19:39 chris hiya hdl :)
19:40 chris i will try to get a few more cherry-picks done today, if you want to send me an updated list
19:41 nicomo chris: imo Nick doesn't really expect a response
19:43 chris yep, i didnt even bother
19:43 chris requesting a listing
19:44 nicomo maybe you should have, you know, just placing a stone here on the path saying: hey, I followed procedures, see?
19:44 hdl I had no minutes to devote to cherry-picking today.
19:45 chris nicomo: im exercising my passive resistance ala ghandi :)
19:45 hdl My son Emmanuel had 3 medical interviews.
19:45 chris s/ghandi/gandhi/
19:45 chris oh no hdl .. i hope he is doing better?
19:45 nicomo chris: as "Gandhi of the Beige Brigade"
19:46 chris hehe
19:46 hdl It was mere checkups, and simple stomachal problems.
19:46 chris nicomo: ill send a request today, as you say, follow the procedures
19:46 hdl But took all my time.
19:46 chris hdl: ahhh that is good news :)
19:46 nicomo chris: it's always sad to fell like you're just going through the motions, but well, that's how things are
19:47 nicomo right now
19:47 nicomo chris about my tweet: I sent an email point out the "error". We'll see
19:50 chris :)
19:52 chris ok time to catch my bus, good night to those who will be gone by the i get back online
19:52 pianohacker See you soon
19:54 chris_n pianohacker: nice work on the syspref editor
19:54 pianohacker chris_n: Thanks
19:54 chris_n order from chaos
19:56 pianohacker Speaking of which, still needs translation suppor
19:56 pianohacker *support
20:03 chris_n time to head out
20:03 chris_n ttyl
20:03 pianohacker See ya
20:38 chris back
20:44 gmcharlt hdl: glad to hear it was just routine checkups (re your son)
20:46 hdl Well he was early so he "deserves" peculiar attention from doctors ;)
20:48 chris :)
20:48 chris nicomo: sent my request to be listed
20:49 nicomo hum... can you point me to an install you made?
20:49 chris hehe
20:51 gmcharlt chris: any windmills left standing in Wellington? ;)
20:51 chris knocked em all down now :)
20:51 mason joined #koha
20:56 chris_n2-away is now known as chris_n2
20:58 ricardo joined #koha
20:58 ricardo Hi all!
20:58 chris hiya ricardo
20:58 gmcharlt hi ricardo
20:58 mason left #koha
20:59 ricardo Hi Galen / Hi Chris!  :)
20:59 mason joined #koha
20:59 ricardo I'm updating now to the current HEAD of the 3.0.x branch... In the Web Installer step, after logging in, I'm getting this message (seems relatively benign, but I wanted to check it with you, anyway):
20:59 ricardo [Mon Sep 7 20:57:30 2009] inside 3.00 at /root/ricardokohaclone/installe​r/data/mysql/ line 1963.
21:00 gmcharlt pretty sure that's entirely benign
21:00 chris yep
21:00 chris 125 cherry-picks to go into
21:01 chris[…]nce.git;a=summary
21:01 ricardo gmcharlt: Right... It seems the result of an "almost-unconditional"  warn instruction in the Perl code:
21:01 chris and then that will get merged into 3.0.x and lots of testing then 3.0.4 ..
21:01 ricardo Line 1962:
21:01 ricardo if (C4::Context->preference("Version") =~/3\.00/) {
21:01 ricardo Line 1963 (the "guilty" one):
21:01 ricardo warn "inside 3.00";
21:03 gmcharlt just a debug warn - nothiing serious
21:03 ricardo But, because we're NOT using a "Centralized" Source Control Management System, I don't know if anybody else is already changing this file to comment that line, eheh
21:04 gmcharlt well, I'd wait until chris & hdl finish cherry-picking, but you can always send a patch
21:04 chris yeah id give us a day or 2
21:04 chris and then if its still doing that, a patch would be appreciated
21:05 ricardo Well... A side effect seems that it introduces a "loop" in the web installer (when clicking on the "Click to continue to log in to Koha" takes again to the "Step 3" of the Web Installer (the one that you must "update your database")...
21:05 ricardo ... But, yeah, if you're "cherry picking" I can wait a few days, of course  :)
21:06 gmcharlt ricardo: ah, you've just jumped the gun, it seems - better wait a couple days, as chris says
21:06 chris its night time for hdl, so im taking over for the day
21:06 chris[…]oha.git;a=summary
21:06 chris thats where im up to
21:07 hdl ricardo: this was a useful hint for me.
21:07 chris you can track progress there if you want
21:07 chris (just picked a new one)
21:07 ricardo hdl: Good night Henri!  :)
21:08 hdl But i agree  it should be not displayed.
21:08 richard joined #koha
21:08 ricardo hdl: of course, understood... The bigger problem seems that it's getting the web installer "stuck", at least in my setup
21:09 gmcharlt the warning itself probably isn't doing it - I suspect just a missing SetVersion call somewhere
21:09 hdl Well, still have some other stuff I work on to make.
21:09 hdl ricardo: yes.
21:10 hdl gmcharlt: is right. I realized that reconciliation Version missed a last SetVersion on the last updatedatabase
21:10 hdl => loop
21:11 hdl I updated that on my version. But maybe I forgot to push update on koha-maintenance/reconciliation
21:11 chris its fixed now :)
21:11 chris yeah, its not fixed in 3.0.x yet hdl
21:11 hdl should be at least
21:11 ricardo chris: Right... I'm pulling from the "regular" 3.0.x branch
21:11 chris but it is in hte maintenance
21:11 chris so it will be fixed in 3.0.x in a day or so when we merge over
21:12 ricardo chris: OK
21:13 ricardo gmcharlt: Regarding this question from "Savitra Sirohi" :
21:13 ricardo [Koha-devel] problem git cloning maintenance branch over http
21:13 ricardo[…]ember/010039.html
21:13 chris well its actually a repo, not a branch
21:14 chris otherwise could just get it from
21:14 chris unfortunately we cant change the set up
21:14 ricardo gmcharlt: ... I clearly remember that you set up "Cloning over HTTP" following a request from me (thanks again!) a few months ago. So I'm finding strange that it's now giving problems to Savitra. Any ideas?
21:15 gmcharlt there's a step that has to be done per repository, and at moment I don't have access to do anything about it
21:15 chris yeah its the fact its a different repository
21:15 ricardo gmcharlt: Ah! OK, understood. Thanks for the explanation
21:15 ricardo chris: Right. Now, I get it
21:15 chris ricardo: do you want to clone it over http?
21:16 ricardo chris: I will, when I get to my workplace tomorrow (I have the same problem that "Savitra" has - there I am behind a "Big Bad Firewall")
21:16 chris i can set to mirror it
21:16 ricardo chris: That would be much appreciated :)
21:17 chris doing it now
21:17 ricardo ... at least, while Galen doesn't get his "super powers" back
21:18 ricardo On a related note:
21:18 ricardo Three Doors Down - Kriptonite
21:18 ricardo
21:18 ricardo Here's to you Galen!  ;-)
21:19 chris ok, mirror is starting
21:21 gmcharlt lol
21:21 ricardo gmcharlt: :)
21:24 richard is now known as rich-away
21:30 ricardo Back in a hour or so
21:30 ricardo is now known as ricardo_AWAY
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21:50 chris @later tell ricardo
21:50 munin` chris: The operation succeeded.
21:51 brendan hey chirs
21:51 brendan hey chris
21:51 hdl gmcharlt: at the moment, it is not possible to udpate only the item part which is not linked to any subfields as far as i can tell.
21:51 chris heya brendan
21:51 hdl gmcharlt: ModItem(undef, $itemnumber, $biblionumber, $dbh, $fwkcode,
21:51 brendan hello hdl and gmcharlt (I know you're lurking out there somewhere)
21:52 hdl (v=>update, z=>otherupdate)
21:52 hdl hi brendan howdy ?
21:52 hdl )
21:52 pianohacker Hi, hdl, brendan
21:52 brendan heya pianohacker
21:52 hdl I can cope with that.
21:53 brendan getting ready to start some testing on your branch
22:03 pianohacker reconciliation, or sysprefs_editor?
22:04 chris hdl: i will send an updated email with the picks left to do before i finish work today
22:04 hdl thanks.
22:05 hdl Will continue thereafter
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22:59 hdl good night
23:00 hdl is now known as hdl_asleep
23:48 rich-away is now known as richard
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