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00:19 pianohacker brb, accursed vpn
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01:31 ricardo Sleep time. Take care, everyone!  :)
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02:18 gmcharlt chris_n++
02:19 gmcharlt chris_n: note e-mail I just sent to koha-devel; I've merged the labels_recon branch to master
02:19 gmcharlt chris: also means a second sponsor for the history tonight
07:49 chris patches sent
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14:26 gmcharlt @later tell chris and now a new committer for you to record
14:26 munin` gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
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14:30 ricardo Hi all
14:30 ricardo <rant>This is just great. Connecting to the IRC Freenode network disconnects my SMC router. I upgraded my router firmware and yesterday that solved the problem. Today, the problem returned</rant>
14:49 * ricardo is running
15:04 ricardo 4781 MARC records done in 1118.67990207672 seconds
15:04 ricardo 18 minutes... it could be worse
15:38 ricardo Anyone awake? Can anyone tell me if accepts any switch (like does)?
15:42 ricardo By reading the source code of the file, it *seems* to me that it doesn't
15:55 gmcharlt ricardo: pretty sure that's correct
15:55 ricardo gmcharlt: Actually, reading the source closer it SEEMS that some of them are used, but just a few
15:56 ricardo gmcharlt: namely "d" for directory and "s" for sysprefs
15:57 ricardo "s" is actually "typed in the file" for 2 different things (skip_export => NOT used; and "sysprefs" => USED) which seems impossible, and that strikes to me as a "bug"
15:57 gmcharlt ricardo: ouch - just noticed the double use of -s as well
15:57 ricardo gmcharlt: eheh
15:57 ricardo gmcharlt: I'm patching this as we speak
15:57 gmcharlt cool
15:57 ricardo :)
15:58 ricardo Don't forget to increase my karma later  ;-)
15:58 gmcharlt in fact, I'm dubious about *either* use of -s
15:58 gmcharlt $skip_export isn't needed
15:59 gmcharlt as it isn't exporting any records
15:59 gmcharlt and -s qua sysprefs
15:59 ricardo gmcharlt: Agreed about $skip_export   I'm commenting that line (and the "reset" lines, and "keep export", and "biblios" and "authorities"
15:59 ricardo "qua"?
15:59 gmcharlt qua = in the sense of
15:59 gmcharlt so -s qua sysprefs is dangerous
15:59 ricardo sys "qua" sysprefs is being used lower down:
16:00 ricardo ("lower down"... gee. Sorry for the redundancy)
16:00 gmcharlt why provide an option to wipe out the indexing config that somebody may have spent hours tweaking
16:00 ricardo if  (!%index || $sysprefs ) {
16:00 ricardo if (C4::Context->preference('marcflavour') eq 'UNIMARC') {
16:00 ricardo Hey... I didn't type that one. I'm just trying to keep the current behavior for now  :)
16:01 gmcharlt heh - yeah, I know
16:02 gmcharlt *sigh*
16:02 gmcharlt for that matter, the code to rebuild the indexes
16:02 gmcharlt seems to be an out-of-date copy and paste of C4::Biblio::_AddBiblioNoZebra()
16:03 ricardo Isn't life great ?  :-S
16:04 ricardo I'm actually COPYying + PASTEing code from  (and CUTting when I see that a Zebra option is NOT used for NoZebra)
16:04 ricardo But I think this should warrant a closer look later
16:04 gmcharlt definitely
16:05 ricardo I'm also using the same strategy as rebuild_nozebra (instead of only using "GetOptions", I'm saving it in a $result variable... But I have to test this)
16:05 gmcharlt it doesn't looking has had any real attention paid to it since 2008
16:05 gmcharlt so
16:05 gmcharlt ricardo++ # for looking at it
16:05 gmcharlt :)
16:06 ricardo Yeah... rebuld_nozebra is the "poster child" of the rebuilding scripts!  ;-)
16:06 ricardo Thanks  :)
16:07 ricardo Quick question: Do you keep "koha-httpd.conf" and "koha-conf.xml" of your git setups in your git branches or OUTSIDE them?
16:08 gmcharlt ricardo: I keep it outside mine
16:08 gmcharlt the advantage is that I don't inadvertantly slip local config into any patches I push or submit
16:08 ricardo gmcharlt: OK. That's also my setup. Chris has them inside them (although he doesn't push them, of course)
16:09 gmcharlt the disadvantage is that I have to manually sync changes
16:09 ricardo Right
16:09 ricardo gmcharlt: And do you have some shell script to export the KOHA_CONF environment variable, when you switch branches, like I do?
16:11 gmcharlt ricardo: no, but I tend not to play with 3.0.x that much; when I do, as I'll need to to ensure that the 3.0.x to 3.2 upgrade is smooth, I'll likely just set up a dedicated koha30x user
16:12 ricardo gmcharlt: Ahhh... Interesting. A koha30x Linux user, that has the correct environment variable set up for those branch? So, would you do a "su - koha30x" when you want to switch branches,then?
16:12 gmcharlt ricardo: no - it would be completely separate clone + DB
16:13 gmcharlt but that's mostly because I'd be needing to do a lot of comparisons between a 3.0.x DB and a 3.2 DB
16:13 ricardo gmcharlt: Different git working directory as well ?
16:13 gmcharlt right
16:13 ricardo OK
16:13 ricardo Something like /root/gmcharlt30xclone and /root/gmcharlmasterclone  right?
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16:18 ricardo Hi brendan !  :)
16:18 brendan hi ricardo
16:25 ricardo Bug 3582
16:25 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3582 minor, P5, ---,, NEW, Missing usage information for -h / --help switch for
16:28 gmcharlt hi brendan
16:28 brendan heya gmcharlt
16:28 gmcharlt ricardo: and since you're working on it, assign 3582 to yourself
16:28 brendan everyone enjoying there weekend?
16:28 ricardo gmcharlt: Sure :)
16:28 gmcharlt yep
16:28 gmcharlt and you?
16:28 brendan just got back home :]
16:29 ricardo Bug 3582
16:29 brendan making some quiche with Sonja
16:29 ricardo Bug 3582
16:29 ricardo munin` is sleeping  ;-)
16:29 munin` ricardo: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
16:30 gmcharlt brendan: I'll be happy to taste-test - just email it over when you're done ;)
16:30 ricardo RDA ?
16:30 gmcharlt ricardo:
16:30 gmcharlt new cataloging standard meant to replace AACR2
16:30 ricardo gmcharlt: Interesting. Thanks for the info
16:31 ricardo gmcharlt: So, is that a "munin" joke, or is it rebuilding something?
16:31 gmcharlt ricardo: course, since I presume your cataloging tradition is not 'Anglo-American', not sure if it applies to you ;)
16:31 gmcharlt ricardo: it's a munin` joke - if munin doesn't understand your request
16:31 ricardo gmcharlt: OK :)
16:31 gmcharlt it randomly pulls an error message from a database
16:31 gmcharlt you can add to that database using @dunno
16:32 ricardo OK... Let's try this again then
16:32 gmcharlt bug 3582
16:32 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3582 minor, P5, ---,, NEW, Missing usage information for -h / --help switch for
16:32 gmcharlt Bug 3582
16:32 ricardo Ah!  :)
16:32 ricardo Cool
16:32 gmcharlt testing Bug 3582
16:32 gmcharlt ok, it likes lowercase
16:32 ricardo LOL
16:32 ricardo I think that's a BUG (Pun Fully Intended!  ;-)
16:32 gmcharlt all bow before the mighty and pedantic munin` !
16:32 ricardo Eheh
16:39 ricardo Does "mailx" use the and git config variables?
16:40 ricardo (well, at least the patch file has them correcty set for the "From" header)
16:41 ricardo Patch sent... Let's see if that went
16:41 gmcharlt ricardo: right, but using git-send-email is better
16:43 ricardo It may not go (because mailx seems to be using "root AT" to send the e-mail. And I own that domain, but that e-mail address is NOT subscribed to the mailing list)
16:43 ricardo I'll try to use git-send-email
16:43 gmcharlt @later tell chris_n have a look at commit b1197477d476ddaedec43392bdd92396b94b0852 - a bit more tweaking is needed
16:43 munin` gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
16:44 ricardo Hmmm... Using git-send-email seems to make no difference for this
16:45 ricardo Wait. Maybe it did... At least, ONE of the e-mails arrived the Patches mailing list
16:46 ricardo[…]ember/004486.html
16:47 gmcharlt ricardo: it was the one that came via git-send-email
16:47 ricardo gmcharlt: Cool. Thanks for the info :)
16:47 gmcharlt the other one is in moderation, but I'll reject it since we have the good copy
16:47 ricardo gmcharlt: *nod*
16:47 gmcharlt so, lesson is to use git-send-email
16:48 ricardo Lesson learned... at least for now  ;-)
16:48 gmcharlt and as long as the address specified in your git config
16:48 gmcharlt is subscribed
16:48 gmcharlt to the patches list, it will get through
16:48 ricardo Right
16:50 gmcharlt ricardo: OK, pushed
16:50 gmcharlt if you're planning to spend more time on it, some things I'd like to see are
16:50 gmcharlt 1. add use warnings (bug 2505)
16:50 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2505 blocker, P3, ---,, NEW, enable Perl warnings in all modules and scripts
16:51 gmcharlt 2. use routines in C4/ for reindexing, replacing the copy-and-paste work
16:51 gmcharlt 3. have the script exit if NoZebra is off
16:52 ricardo gmcharlt: I think those are great ideas... for 3.4  ;-)
16:52 gmcharlt heh
16:53 ricardo bug 3582
16:53 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3582 minor, P5, ---,, RESOLVED FIXED, Missing usage information for -h / --help switch for
16:54 ricardo Just FYI, adding "use warnings" results in lots of these lines:
16:55 ricardo Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at ./ line ...
16:55 ricardo So, further correction(s) would be necessary
16:55 gmcharlt yup
16:56 ricardo The problem(s) lie in lines 178:
16:56 ricardo if ($result{$key}->{"$_"} =~ /$biblionumber,\Q$title\E\-(\d);/) {
16:56 ricardo and 196:
16:56 ricardo if ($result{__RAW__}->{"$_"} =~ /$biblionumber,\Q$title\E\-(\d);/) {
16:57 gmcharlt right
16:57 gmcharlt although, order of steps 2 and 1 should be reversed
16:57 gmcharlt i.e., switch to use the C4 routines
16:57 gmcharlt then turn on warnings
16:58 gmcharlt that way, you don't need to fix the index creation code twice
16:58 ricardo Agreed
16:59 ricardo The problem is that this "" script is just that: a LONG script, without subroutines (other than the "print_usage" sub that I just added). It seems that I would have to debug this almost "line by line" to see where I should place the subroutine calls and what variables I would have to pass as "parameters" (or is that "arguments"? I'm never sure)
17:01 gmcharlt parameters, arguments are pretty much the same thing
17:01 gmcharlt there's a technical difference that escapes me at the moment
17:01 gmcharlt but for the most part they can be used interchangeably
17:01 ricardo gmcharlt: Right... That's the problem I have too  ;-)
17:02 ricardo I think I read somewhere, long time ago, that the "variables" (names) passed were the "parameters" and the VALUES of those variables were the arguments (or the other way around)
17:07 ricardo @gmcharlt
17:07 munin` ricardo: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
17:07 ricardo OK
17:08 ricardo @help
17:08 munin` ricardo: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.
17:57 ricardo Gotta go...
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17:58 ricardo gmcharlt: If you see HDL later, could you ask him to please backport "INSTALL.opensuse" text file to the 3.0.x branch? It's guaranteed that it won't introduce any new bugs, eheh
17:58 gmcharlt ricardo: sure, but you can do it yourself by doing @later tell hdl_laptop ...
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17:59 ricardo @later tell hdl_laptop Hi Henri! Could you please backport "INSTALL.opensuse" text file to the 3.0.x branch? It's guaranteed that it won't introduce any new bugs, eheh (asked by ricardo)
17:59 munin` ricardo: The operation succeeded.
17:59 Ata hi all
17:59 ricardo gmcharlt: Cool. Thanks :)
18:00 ricardo Ata: Hi Ata! Unfortunately, I have to go now. Take care
18:00 gmcharlt hi Ata
18:00 Ata take care ricardo
18:00 ricardo Ata: thanks! :)
18:00 Ata thanks gmcharlt
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18:01 Ata can someone guide me about the printing of patron cards from koha 3?
18:01 Ata can i put patron foto on it?
18:03 slef evening all
18:03 gmcharlt hi slef
18:03 Ata hi slef
18:03 Ata wc
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18:07 Ata no response?
18:08 Ata :(
18:10 slef ??
18:10 gmcharlt <Ata> can someone guide me about the printing of patron cards from koha 3?
18:10 gmcharlt [14:01]  <Ata> can i put patron foto on it?
18:11 slef urgh... patron card printing is not nice
18:12 slef I have a mod that puts the library logo on the card - might be possible to use that for their photo instead
18:12 slef I'm hoping that the 3.2 label rewrite will include patron cards
18:12 gmcharlt slef: yep, I'm inclined to treat that as a blocker for the release - needs to at least meet what was in 3.0.x
18:14 slef gmcharlt: I'd agree.  If upgraders can't print patron cards from koha, we'll be flamed to a crisp.  Which bug(s) is it?
18:14 gmcharlt slef: I haven't gotten around to creating a bug for the regression
18:16 Ata what is the expected date of release for 3.2?
18:16 slef shall I?  I'm currently thrashing disk trying to reconcile/port the two changes in my tree
18:16 gmcharlt slef: please go ahead
18:16 Ata @selef can i have that mod?
18:16 munin` Ata: I suck
18:16 slef Ata: koha 3.0?
18:17 Ata 3.0.3
18:18 slef ok... will link a patch here soon
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18:19 Ata ok
18:24 slef [branch "master"]
18:24 slef remote = origin
18:24 slef merge = refs/heads/master
18:24 slef is origin/master 3.2?
18:25 gmcharlt slef: yes
18:25 slef ok, cool... not such a big download required
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18:27 slef gmcharlt: is sessionlog rewritten in 3.2?
18:27 slef also, I'm just checking bug 3243
18:27 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3243 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---,, REOPENED, Patron Card Label Add Patrons to Batch sorting headers lose track of batch_id
18:28 gmcharlt slef: I don't think so
18:28 slef 3243 is fixed in 3.2, not in 3.0 AFAIK
18:29 slef sessionlog is bug 3296 and bug 3295
18:29 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3296 enhancement, P3, ---,, NEW, replace sessionlog with Perl4Log implementation
18:29 gmcharlt slef: correct, though with labels revamp its status is now not-fixed in 3.2 also
18:29 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3295 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, sessionlog does not contain real times
18:29 slef depending whether you want the rewrite or the bugfix
18:30 slef "Pushed patch for HEAD."  ------- Comment  #2 From Galen Charlton  2009-06-15 18:04:40
18:30 gmcharlt right, so 3295 should be closeable
18:30 slef so the bugfix should be in there... cool
18:30 gmcharlt if you've got the code for 3296, I'm interested
18:30 slef Version: rel_3_0
18:31 slef so 3295 needs to be left open in the hope that hdl might check for bugs
18:32 gmcharlt slef: right - hdl and slef have been doing quite a lot of cherry-picking bugfixes into origin/3.0.x, so it may be swept up for 3.0.4
18:32 gmcharlt s/second slef/chris/
18:32 slef ITYM chris
18:34 slef Bug 3583 Submitted
18:34 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3583 blocker, P5, ---,, NEW, Patron Card Labels should print
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18:48 * chris_n2-away finds the level of interest in the patron card feature interesting in light of it being rather half-baked
18:49 slef I always forget this: how do I squash a branch into a commit?
18:49 gmcharlt chris_n2-away: considering people have been filing bugs against it, it *was* in use
18:49 chris_n2-away I'll try to put time in on it over the next two weeks to bring it back to at least its former glory ;-)
18:49 gmcharlt slef: git merge --squash
18:49 chris_n2-away is now known as chris_n2
18:50 slef I'll see if I can help, but I'm overcommitted - as one can tell from this Sunday night freeze-day hacking :-(
18:50 chris_n2 slef: I'd be interested to see your mods to the exiting module
18:51 slef chris_n2: I'll generate a patch once I've got RFIDEnabled and group-editor first patches published
18:52 chris_n2 I plan to add the option to print a photo and/or a library logo in a couple of different layouts and/or a water-mark
18:52 slef now I'm sure I hardcoded the name of the RFID device, which doesn't seem a great idea
18:52 chris_n2 most of which simply amounts to pdf stream manipulations
18:53 slef chris_n2: my mod is a crude hack to print a library logo from a syspref
18:53 slef most of which simply amounts to pdf stream manipulation
18:53 * chris_n2 's three year old growls like a bear at him
18:53 gmcharlt a small bear, I would hope
18:53 chris_n2 very :-)
18:54 chris_n2 I hate to hardcode layouts, but short of writing a wysiwyg...
18:55 slef no suitable wysiwyg in the javascript libraries already used?
18:56 slef If they're hardcoded, can they be booted out to extra modules or template files or anything which might be extensible fairly easily during 3.2.x with contribs or minor upgrades?
18:57 chris_n2 the cursory look I gave it sometime back did not show up anything quick and easy
18:58 chris_n2 slef: by all means; I was thinking of some sort of module to hold only layout subs or something along those lines
19:00 chris_n2 gmcharlt: is that commit md5 you mention above correct? does not seem to know about it
19:00 * chris_n2 thanks gmcharlt for doing the log/warn conversion
19:00 gmcharlt chris_n2:[…]2bdd92396b94b0852
19:02 chris_n2 gmcharlt: sorry... I am definitely *not* a css guru :-P
19:03 chris_n2 however, there are some known issues with the greybox css and yui's grid interface css
19:04 gmcharlt chris_n2: no doubt
19:04 slef anyone, can you give me a quick reminder how to add a syspref neatly in 3.2 please?
19:05 * chris_n2 thinks 'syspref' and 'neat' are oxymorons
19:05 gmcharlt slef: boils down to
19:05 gmcharlt 1. updated English sysprefs.sql
19:06 gmcharlt 2. update French version - if time permits, ask a French person for a translation
19:06 gmcharlt 3. add new syspref to category in admin/
19:06 gmcharlt 4. add entry - feel free to use a XXX DB rev number, and I'll assign the real one
19:06 gmcharlt submit patch
19:07 slef ok, thanks
19:07 chris_n2 interesting UK news:[…]devon/8240294.stm
19:08 slef installer/data/mysql/en/mandatory/sysprefs.sql ?
19:08 slef chris_n2: neighbouring county to me.
19:12 gmcharlt slef: correct
19:12 gmcharlt French file is installer/data/mysql/fr-FR/1-Obliga​toire/unimarc_standard_systemprefs.sql
19:18 gmcharlt bbiab
19:18 slef bbiab - dinner
19:18 * chris_n2 heads out to play with a bear.. a very small one
19:18 chris_n2 is now known as chris_n2-away
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20:14 chris morning
20:21 hdl_laptop hi chris
20:21 chris hi hdl, sorry I only got about 50 picks yesterday (checked and either applied or cancelled) got distracted by fathers day :)
20:22 hdl_laptop hi
20:22 chris but i sent an updated todo list, and you can pull from my branch again
20:22 hdl_laptop sorry for I could not really get much further during the week end.
20:23 |Lupin| joined #koha
20:23 |Lupin| hi, there :)
20:23 chris thats ok, we are getting near the end now, ill try and do some more today during my lunch break
20:23 chris hi |Lupin|
20:24 hdl_laptop Hopefully, latest few patches will be harder to get in. But they are worth the bore.
20:24 chris yes
20:24 |Lupin| hello hdl_laptop, chris
20:24 chris a couple of new ones got pushed to master the last few days, that will want too
20:24 hdl_laptop And we wil have finish in a couple of days, as you stated in your email
20:25 hdl_laptop aye you're right
20:33 hdl_laptop MANY MANY thx chris
20:34 hdl_laptop Have to go to bed now.
20:34 hdl_laptop left #koha
20:37 Topic for #koha is now Happy 10th birthday Koha
20:38 richard joined #koha
20:38 richard hi
20:38 chris hi richard
20:38 richard hiya chris
20:49 slef French for "browser" anyone?
20:49 chris |Lupin|: do you know the french word for browser?
20:50 |Lupin| chris: yes
20:50 slef The current French syspref translations are very free
20:50 |Lupin| chris: navigateur
20:51 slef |Lupin|: pouvez-vous m'aider?  Traductez "If set, use that type of RFID::Reader on all circulation or cataloguing staff clients" svp?
20:51 slef comme tentative, j'ai "Type de RFID::Reader sur tous les clients professionnelles"
20:51 |Lupin| slef: traduisez :-)
20:51 slef which is very free translation, but so are most of them
20:52 |Lupin| slef: just give me one second pls
20:52 slef |Lupin|: oui, ça aussi ;-)
20:53 |Lupin| Si défini, utiliser ce type de lecteur RFID sur toutes les interfaces bibliothécaires de circulation et de catalogage
20:54 |Lupin| slef: would that satisfy you ?
20:54 slef Yes, but I'm going to s/bibliothécaires/professionelles/ for consistency with the other french sysprefs
20:54 slef (is interfaces feminin?)
20:55 |Lupin| slef: yes
20:55 |Lupin| slef: ok
20:55 |Lupin| slef: professionnelles is ok also, yeah
20:55 slef |Lupin|: many thanks
20:55 |Lupin| slef: you betcha !
20:56 * |Lupin| practicing what he has learned on #koha
20:56 |Lupin| ah it's today that koha celebrates its 10th birthday ?
20:56 slef practising - even en_GB uses s there
20:56 slef oh yeah - happy birthday koha
20:56 chris by one measure yep
20:57 chris its about now that coding started in earnest, 10 years ago
20:57 |Lupin| hapy birthday koha and thanks to all there for the good job done dring this first decade !!
21:12 |Lupin| fetchsnv
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21:18 |Lupin| there is a typo in docs/history.txt:439
21:18 |Lupin| s/patched/patch/
21:18 chris ta
21:18 |Lupin| Shall I submit a patch just for that, will someone else include it in another patch, or will it remain the way it is ?
21:19 chris ill fix it with the next update
21:19 |Lupin| chris: k, thanks
21:20 |Lupin| k, have to go to bed no, getting up early tomorrow morning
21:20 |Lupin| bye !
21:21 |Lupin| left #koha
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21:36 slef Bug 2244 processed
21:36 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2244 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, RESOLVED FIXED, RFID Cataloguing and Circulation
21:38 slef gmcharlt: needs perldoc and other things, but next step for me with it is to tarball and upload the RFID::Reader::TRF7960 modules
21:38 chris cool, got the ok from my boss to officially say catalyst is offering koha support and development services
21:39 * chris works on a draft of an email
21:39 chris and w00t about the RFID
21:39 slef chris: did you see owen and me talking about the koha foundation IRC session?
21:39 chris ahh no i missed that
21:39 chris we really should send a mail to the list about that he?
21:40 chris s/he/eh/
21:40 slef chris: no-one announced it.  Probably should put it back now?
21:40 chris yeah
21:40 slef is it Monday for you?
21:40 chris yup
21:41 slef ok - you or me to do?
21:41 chris if you could, ill hear hear it :)
21:42 slef what date do you think?  1 week later or what?
21:42 chris i think a week is good, that gives people time to shuffle schedules
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22:10 slef sent
22:10 slef took me a while to remember dokuwiki syntax :-/
22:10 chris cool :)
22:11 ricardo joined #koha
22:16 chris hi ricardo
22:17 ricardo Hi chris!  Good morning to you... and good evening to me!  ;-)
22:21 ricardo_ joined #koha
22:22 chris nice email slef
22:22 slef great artists steal
22:25 ricardo_ slef: LOL
22:26 ricardo_ slef: I just "vandalized" your[…]etingnotes09sep15  page   ;-)
22:26 slef ricardo_:
22:27 ricardo_ (meaning, I just added myself as an expected "attendee"  :)
22:28 chris :)
22:28 slef after "Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal" Picasso
22:29 slef just seen "That quote is often attributed to Pablo Picasso" though
22:29 ricardo left #koha
22:29 ricardo_ I left  the channel?
22:30 chris picasso always considered himself a realist :)
22:30 ricardo_ Oh. I'm "ricardo_" now. OK... Fixing that
22:30 ricardo_ is now known as ricardo
22:30 slef "Bad artists copy; great artists steal" is more likely the Picasso quote it seems
22:31 ricardo slef: Probably... And I think the quote is even funnier in that form  :)
22:32 gmcharlt back
22:33 ricardo Wb Galen!
22:34 Topic for #koha is now Happy 10th birthday #koha, koha foundation meeting[…]etingnotes09sep15
22:36 gmcharlt slef: thanks for foundation message, though inquiring minds want to know if there was ever a first IRC meeting on that topic
22:36 chris there have been a few infoi
22:36 chris ack
22:36 chris informal discussions on irc
22:37 gmcharlt dunno, "infoi" may have been close enough
22:37 slef gmcharlt: I'm sure it has been covered in other IRC meetings
22:37 gmcharlt kinda an acronym of "INFormal discussions On Irc"
22:38 chris heh
22:40 * ricardo has fixed the problem of my SMC router disconnecting, when connecting to the Freenode IRC network (I had to disable the "SPI - Stateful Packet Inspection" feature of the router. Grumble...)
22:44 * slef wanders off
22:45 chris spotya later slef
22:45 gmcharlt cya slef
22:46 ricardo Take care slef! And thanks for the initiative to set up a Foundation meeting  :)
22:53 ricardo_ joined #koha
23:00 ricardo left #koha
23:02 ricardo_ BRB
23:02 ricardo_ left #koha
23:34 ricardo joined #koha
23:34 ricardo Back
23:58 ricardo Away for now
23:58 ricardo is now known as ricardo_away

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