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00:17 chris @quote random
00:17 munin chris: Quote #18: "<pianohacker> nitpicking synergy FTW" (added by gmcharlt at 05:35 PM, July 24, 2009)
01:20 brendan heya #koha
01:21 chris_n2-away is now known as chris_n2
01:21 chris_n2 g'evening #koha
01:21 brendan heya chris_n2
01:21 brendan how goes the labels
01:22 brendan just recently did a branch switch and working my way through testing :)
01:22 chris_n2 brendan: all submitted, but there are a few things to be done
01:22 chris_n2 chris scared up a couple of items
01:23 chris_n2 I need to change the method of logging errors
01:23 brendan i saw chris 's comments
01:23 chris_n2 and I'd like to add the code to permit batching from multiple branches as suggested by atz
01:23 brendan cool -- actually like the first screen  - nice little picture include
01:23 chris_n2 tnx
01:23 brendan yup saw the atz comments too
01:24 brendan that's key isn't it
01:24 chris_n2 I told chris that pic took longer than the re-write... :-)
01:24 brendan are you testing in a multi-branch setting
01:24 chris_n2 no, which is why I really overlooked that aspect
01:25 brendan ahhh  the good thing about koha -- so many dimensions
01:25 chris_n2 our library is small by comparison so I get rather narrowly focused at times
01:25 brendan yup -- I'm recently in the support game -- so you kind of start testing for all environments
01:26 chris_n2 after the 3.2 release, I will begin work on putting back in a complete patron card creator module
01:26 chris_n2 *nod*
01:26 brendan cheers :)
01:26 chris_n2 see ya!
01:26 brendan later
01:27 chris i think after 3.2 the key will be public topic branches early, with merges from master every so often so the need to cherry-pick 100s of commits goes away :)
01:29 chris we are all still learning about git, but i think that will take a lot of the hard slog out of it
01:29 chris still patches for little fixes, but pulling from topic branches for the big things
01:29 chris (makes it a ton easier for others to test too)
01:32 chris ok out into the sun i go
01:37 chris_n2 hi chris
01:53 chris_n2 is now known as chris_n2-away
03:04 brendan good evening #koha
03:04 pianohacker Hi, brendan
03:05 pianohacker Even later where you are
03:05 brendan heya pianohacker
03:05 brendan yup -- missing home -- fly back tomorrow
03:05 pianohacker Cool
03:07 brendan hows your mowing etc. going
03:07 pianohacker Heh.
03:07 pianohacker Right now, finishing up schoolwork
03:07 pianohacker How's your etc. going?
03:08 brendan etc. going well
03:08 brendan although I locked myself out of my room about an hour ago
03:09 brendan went to get ice and realized  I didn't have my card with me
03:09 pianohacker very good
03:09 pianohacker Those things can cause you endless grief
03:10 pianohacker I've had to ask for a new card more than once
03:10 brendan yup
04:06 brendan good night #koha
04:11 pianohacker Good night
04:11 pianohacker I'd better ring off too
04:11 pianohacker Have a good flight
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08:17 chris evening
08:30 chris @seen hdl_laptop
08:30 munin chris: hdl_laptop was last seen in #koha 13 hours, 42 minutes, and 22 seconds ago: <hdl_laptop> thx wizzyrea ;)
08:30 chris hdl_laptop: if you are around let me know, i might do some more cherry-picking but dont want to get in you way
08:50 chris working on it  now
08:54 chris will send an updated todo when i stop
09:27 * chris calls it a night
09:28 chris @later tell hdl_laptop done some more cherry picking, sent an email
09:28 munin chris: The operation succeeded.
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09:34 cait_laptop good morning
10:32 cait_laptop sent patch with wrong bug number *sigh*
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11:55 davi When is the next IRC meeting?  I was unable to attend the 2 Sep
13:10 gmcharlt davi: 7 October @ 10:00 UTC+0
13:59 davi thanks, gmcharlt.  Noting it in my agenda
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18:14 pianohackr|work custom_built_computer_booting_up_first_try++
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20:51 chris morning
21:54 ricardo joined #koha
21:54 ricardo Hi everyone.
21:54 ricardo Is any "git" user awake now?  :)
21:55 chris yep
21:55 ricardo Hi chris!  :)
21:55 chris its fathers day here tho, so im only half paying attention :)
21:55 ricardo Cool. Happy Father's Day then!
21:55 ricardo My git shortcomings is starting to show...
21:55 ricardo I am checking out a branch that follows / tracks the 3.0.x branch
21:56 chris right
21:56 ricardo But after doing a git pull, the git log only shows, as the two most recent commits, these
21:56 ricardo (pasting to
21:57 chris k
21:57 ricardo
21:57 chris[…]=shortlog;h=3.0.x
21:57 ricardo This may be working "as designed" but I actually wanted / expected to get the history from Deb 2008 to now, when doing a git log  :-S
21:57 ricardo s/Deb/Dec
21:58 chris yep
21:58 chris it does it in reverse
21:58 chris you will notice that if you look at that one from galen is the recent
21:59 chris this is because HDL and I are cherry-picking bugfixes from master
21:59 ricardo Oh boy... my head is starting to hurt now
21:59 chris getting ready for 3.0.4 which will contain all the bugfixes
21:59 ricardo OK...
21:59 chris so althoug that was committed in december on master .. it was cherry-picked to 3.0.x 2 days ago
22:00 ricardo So git log has the "author" date and not the "commited" date, right?
22:00 chris the original commit date
22:00 chris if you go
22:00 ricardo You don't happen to have some Paracetamol that you could give me, do you?  ;-)
22:01 ricardo
22:02 ricardo So... "original commit date" = date of the commit in the original branch from where this commit was cherry picked?
22:03 chris git log --pretty=fuller
22:03 chris thats right
22:04 chris that will show the original one as author date, and commitdate as when it was cherry-picked
22:04 ricardo git log --pretty=fuller   => BRILLIANT. Thanks!  :)
22:04 chris you can set that to be the default in gitconfig
22:05 ricardo I'm betting you're already doing that
22:05 ricardo in the [alias] section  ?
22:05 chris i cant remember ... man git-config will tell ya :)
22:06 ricardo I only have this in the [alias] section for now:
22:06 ricardo [alias]
22:06 ricardo co = checkout
22:07 ricardo There's a "format.pretty" reference in man git-config but I still have to see where should I put it and/or if some value is needed
22:08 chris[…]oha.git;a=summary
22:08 chris git config format.pretty=fuller
22:08 chris i think
22:08 ricardo OK. Thanks. I'll google for that
22:09 chris (those are bunch more cherry picks to be merged over)
22:09 ricardo I'm now getting some strange warnings when trying to checkout to other branches:
22:09 ricardo You have local changes to 'docs/history.txt'; cannot switch branches.
22:09 chris ahhh
22:09 chris git diff
22:09 chris will show you what the changes are
22:09 chris and if you dont want them (you probably dont)
22:09 chris git stash
22:11 ricardo Never mind...
22:11 ricardo the problem was that I was doing the "git checkout" INSIDE the ".git" directory
22:11 ricardo I think git could at least *warn* me that this *might* be the problem, but OK
22:14 ricardo Done deal... In the [alias] section:
22:14 ricardo lpf = log --pretty=fuller
22:17 chris :)
22:18 ricardo That's the good news...
22:18 ricardo The bad news is again regarding Koha upgrade (and *not* git)
22:18 ricardo install DBD::SQLite2 in CPAN is giving me errors for "t/ak-dbd.t" (Failed 38/49 subtests)
22:18 ricardo Time to search the mailing lists to see if this has been found by anyone else
22:19 chris ahh you only need that for offline circulation
22:19 chris so you could skip that if you dont plan to do it
22:20 ricardo OK... Thanks for the info
22:28 ricardo ("make test" is taking ages... as usual)
22:40 gmcharlt ricardo: patches to speed up make test welcome, of course
22:40 gmcharlt ;)
22:41 ricardo gmcharlt: Eheh... I "kind of" have one, but that involves that change in the translations that I have in mind... And that will take a while to spec / implement, granted
22:42 chris hey gmcharlt .. i think we ahve about 100 or so cherry-picks left
22:42 ricardo chris: Actually I'm doing this setup so I can close a bug and that will be one more to cherry-pick (if you haven't done it already)
22:42 gmcharlt chris: cool
22:42 chris cool ricardo
22:43 ricardo Bug 2599
22:43 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2599 major, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, Search limits not working for NoZebra
22:44 chris ahh that might be on 3.0.x already but if not it will be in our list :)
22:45 ricardo chris: Cool!  :)
22:49 ricardo Do you do like I do, and have 1 Apache Virtual Host + 1 different MySQL Database for each Koha git branch?
22:52 chris yep thats what i do
22:53 chris well a pair of virtual hosts
22:53 pianohacker joined #koha
22:54 chris for each
22:54 ricardo chris: Right. A pair (OPAC + Intranet) for each Koha git branch
22:56 ricardo chris; That's what you meant by "a pair", right?
22:56 chris yep exactly
22:57 ricardo chris: Cool. Thanks!  :)
23:05 ricardo chris: And do you have ONE git working directory *or* ONE git working directory for EACH branch?
23:05 pianohacker one working directory
23:05 pianohacker It takes turns showing each branch
23:06 ricardo pianohacker: Right... That's my setup, as well. Thanks
23:08 chris yeah thats what i do
23:09 chris i have my koha-conf.xml file inside the branches (never pushed up of course as well as my apache confs)
23:09 chris so i can change branch, restart apache, and away i go
23:10 ricardo chris: Inside the branches, like in "/root/mykohamasterbranch/etc/koha-conf.xml" and "/root/mykoha30xbranch/etc/koha-conf.xml"  ?
23:11 gmcharlt chris: new sponsor for you to add to history - see latest master commit
23:12 chris as in /home/chrisc/git/koha.git/l​ocal_configs/koha-conf.xml
23:12 chris and then changing branch changes my config
23:12 chris sometimes i dont even need an apache restart
23:12 chris since the path to the config doesnt actually change
23:13 pianohacker chris: To use different databases?
23:13 chris a couple of my branches are testing mod_perl tho
23:13 chris yeah cos the config file in each branch points to a different db pianohacker
23:14 chris so when i check out a branch, i get the config file that works with that branch
23:14 ricardo chris: Oh... OK. So you have "koha-conf" xml files in your LOCAL branches, that never gets pushed / pulled to remote ones. Is that it ?
23:14 chris thats right :)
23:15 chris im lazy
23:15 ricardo chris: That's a pretty nifty idea!  :)
23:15 chris so anything to save keystrokes
23:15 ricardo chris: That actually makes LOT of sense. That should (also) be part of a "Koha git Tutorial"
23:16 pianohacker chris: Hmm. If it were possible to do programmatic SetEnvs somehow, you wouldn't even need to worry about keeping them in source control
23:16 chris gmcharlt: cool, will add that
23:16 chris pianohacker: you could have a perl block in your koha-httpd.conf
23:17 chris ok, i better go spedn some time with my kids on fathers day
23:17 pianohacker Yes! See ya, chris
23:17 gmcharlt have fun, chris
23:17 ricardo chris: Have a Great Fathers' Day!  :)
23:25 ricardo Bug 2599
23:25 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2599 major, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, Search limits not working for NoZebra
23:28 ricardo gmcharlt: Should I close the bug, before knowing if it has also been backported / "cherry-picked" to the 3.0.x branch?
23:29 gmcharlt ricardo: since it was reported in 3.0.x, should remain open until confirmed fixed in that branch
23:29 ricardo gmcharlt: *nod* thanks

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