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12:00 chris step 2 is finding someone to write the code :)
12:00 kmkale humm. Its a absolute must have for all public libraries in Maharashtra, India
12:00 chris i can think of a few ways to do it
12:00 chris all of them involve a cron job
12:01 kmkale a new db table to track it?
12:01 kmkale or a new fine type woulddo?
12:01 chris new finetype would do
12:02 Amit kmkale: Your library charges monthly fees?
12:02 kmkale Amit: yes
12:02 chris there would have to be a section where you can set up the amount, and when it is charged
12:02 chris could be monthly, could be bimonthly, could be yearly etc
12:03 Amit yes chris
12:03 kmkale actually it is so chris
12:03 kmkale monthly, bi, quarterly and life
12:03 kmkale and also annual
12:03 chris yes, but for a feature to go in, it should be customisable
12:03 chris so that if some other library charges weekly
12:03 chris it still works for them
12:04 kmkale yes
12:04 kmkale so a frequency type
12:04 kmkale new finetype = fees
12:04 chris and also you would need to be able to choose what category of patron gets charged it
12:04 kmkale new feesfrequency
12:04 chris ie dont charge the staff
12:05 kmkale yes
12:05 chris do you ever charge different rates
12:05 chris for different categories
12:05 kmkale yes
12:05 chris (all things that should go in the enhancement request)
12:05 kmkale students, external patrons, life members all are charged diffrent rates
12:07 kmkale but the staff can feed fees as per member type or it can be picked up from a table linked to patron type
12:08 kmkale that way all fees get updated when fee structure is changed
12:08 chris yep, just make sure the enhancement request contains as much of these requirements as you can put in
12:09 kmkale chris: in your opinion how doable is this? in terms of expertise and man hours?
12:10 chris its doable
12:10 chris because it is dealing with money
12:10 chris you have to get it right
12:10 kmkale cause the public libraries here are so poor they wont be able to sponser this. so I will try with other interested koha users
12:11 chris you dont want to charge people too much
12:11 chris or debar them when they have already paid etc
12:11 chris so it would need lots of testing
12:11 kmkale true chris
12:11 kmkale I have a few libraries like this already on koha
12:12 kmkale and willing to beta
12:12 chris cool
12:12 chris i have to go to sleep now
12:12 kmkale a few more are waiting for this feature to jump in with koha
12:12 kmkale by chris thanks
12:12 chris_n g'night chris
12:13 chris its past midnight and i have work in the morning, but file the enhancement and i will take a look and give you an estimate bout how many hours i guess it would take
12:13 kmkale thanks
12:13 kmkale will do it right away
12:33 Amit hi jwagner
12:34 jwagner Hi Amit
12:34 Amit jwagner: some one asking me parton data in MARC format it is possible
12:34 Amit i think no
12:34 Amit i m right
12:34 jwagner Not sure what you mean
12:35 Amit i mean to say it is possible parton data in marc format
12:35 gmcharlt Amit: at least one system can output patron data in a pseudo-MARC format, but it's not standard
12:36 Amit galen: which system?
12:36 gmcharlt don't remember for sure, but I think PALS or DRA Classic
12:36 Amit ok
12:36 Amit i will check
12:36 Amit thanks
12:36 jdavidb Wasn't DRA Classic, I don't think, unless they added it after Sirsi bought 'em.  Used to be on that system, and don't recall ever seeing that.
12:37 Amit i think VTLS  uses patron data in MARC format
12:38 jdavidb It would be kinda handy, I suppose, to be able to use your MARC handler to build and unravel records like that, but expressing people in MARC-ish form is *so* non-standard, that the hazards would outweigh the benefits, I'd think.
12:38 jwagner Unicorn did a pseudo-MARC, I think -- flatfile layout anyway.
12:39 gmcharlt hmm - looks like Innopac did as well
12:39 jdavidb Yeah, the flatfile layout *groan* worked, but it could be a pain.    "*** DOCUMENT BOUNDARY ***" anyone?
12:40 jdavidb Galen, I'll take Sirsi API for $500, please.
12:40 gmcharlt that little? ;)
12:40 jdavidb First round, after all.
12:40 jdavidb (And it's been a year since I've done any SD API.  Might be rusty.)
12:44 Amit thanks galen, jdavidb, jwagner
12:45 Amit i have to go home see u tomorrow
12:45 Amit bye
12:48 tomascohen is there any bot "recording" this room? i'd  like to review what's been said about liblime contrbutions
12:49 tomascohen i'm interested in the days fines stuff
12:50 tomascohen as we're already implementing them
12:52 gmcharlt tomascohen:
12:53 tomascohen galen: thanks
13:31 cau0730 hi all
13:47 cau0730 so there has been a tragedy at my work and now i am not sure that we will be continuing with Koha.  We have too much to do on it and our lead programmer died in a motorcycle accident and now I must take over as lead programmer for our SIS
13:48 gmcharlt cau0730: I am very sorry to hear that
13:48 jdavidb cau0730: Gosh, I'm sorry to hear about that!  
13:48 gmcharlt my best to you and your colleagues at your SIS
13:50 cau0730 thank you all.  i hope we still keep koha but I can't promise this as now there is politics that will play a role
13:56 jdavidb cau0730: This is a very helpful community; no one can usually promise any given time to help out, without some planning, but pop in here any time, and there's usually someone that can help with any issues you've got.  
13:57 cau0730 i have found that all ready.   i appreciate all the help everyone has given all ready
14:35 wizzyrea what ever happened to sysgroups?
14:35 wizzyrea is that still coming in 3.2?
14:35 wizzyrea gmcharlt?
14:37 gmcharlt wizzyrea: the skeleton thereof, most likely, but that project was never fully sponsored
14:39 wizzyrea that's what I thought. Damn shame.
14:39 wizzyrea so... there's an opportunity there >.>
14:50 joetho sysgroups seems like a bit of an orphan, referred to in many potential enhancements
16:40 pianohacker meetings_sans_drama++
16:40 paul_p2 hi pianohacker
16:40 pianohacker Hello, paul
16:41 pianohacker How are you?
16:41 paul_p2 you're right, it's fine to have a chat sans drame (in french ;-) )
16:41 pianohacker Hehe
16:41 paul_p2 working on BibLibre business plan for 2010-2012. VERY interesting !
16:41 paul_p2 otherwise, it's quite calm in France. Everybody is in vacation in France :D
16:41 pianohacker Heh. Cool
17:23 nicomo yeah, the US is the land of the free, we in France are the land of the vacationer :-)
17:23 jdavidb The United States:  Land of the Free-until-you-see-that-bill-ZOMG!
17:23 nicomo I'm still searching for the land of the Free Vacationer though
17:25 nicomo gmcharlt: a few tropical islands look a lot like that, I guess. At least from afar
17:26 nicomo and with that piece of philosophy, I'll leave you for today all
17:26 nicomo seeya
17:34 atz hah... there's a little yellow finch perched on my tomato plant by the window....
17:35 gmcharlt atz: nice.  do the kittens know?
17:35 atz no, they're still sleeping
17:51 jdavidb Here's a puzzler---why would a brand-spanking new upgrade--with reindex--from 3.0.x to HEAD not be able to search the catalog by barcode?  Anyone have a clue?  Checked record.abs, and it's right.
17:51 atz dunno... did you modify frameworks?
17:51 jdavidb Nope.
17:52 jdavidb Right out of the box, pretty close.  Very confusing.
17:52 pianohacker jdavidb: Are you searching using just the plain barcode, or using barcode:<barcode> ?
17:52 jdavidb Both ways, pianohacker, and neither work.
17:52 pianohacker That is very odd.
17:53 pianohacker Can you search by itemtype, ccode, etc.?
17:54 jdavidb Jane says not.   Click a type in advanced search, with no terms, and you get nothing.
17:54 gmcharlt checking Zebra logs for errors is a good idea at this piont
17:54 pianohacker jdavidb: It sounds like item indexing in general is broken
17:54 jdavidb Well, but other searches by keyword work fine.
17:55 atz jdavidb: but that's *title* searching
17:55 atz not item searching
17:55 pianohacker bib-level indexing
17:55 pianohacker Zebra just can't see the 952 tag, for whatever reason
17:55 atz run your marc frameworks test... just in case
17:56 jdavidb Framework test is good.  Logs...
17:57 jdavidb ...are empty.
17:59 atz then you aren't searching that instance.
17:59 jdavidb The only instance on the box...  *boggle*
17:59 atz or your "real logs" are someplace else?
17:59 gmcharlt depends - default run script for zebrasrv keeps the log level pretty quiet nowadays
18:02 jdavidb Hrm.  ps -ef shows the process, and all the params look like I expect.
18:05 jdavidb I know there's a way to talk to Zebra dreckly, but don't recall the process--painful?
18:06 gmcharlt jdavidb: not particularly
18:06 gmcharlt yaz-client
18:06 gmcharlt open /path/to/bib/socket
18:06 gmcharlt base biblios
18:06 gmcharlt f query
18:06 gmcharlt depending on config, may need to put auth command before doing the open
18:08 jdavidb This is novel:  "Could not resolve address /var/run/koha/zebradb/bibliosocket"      ...but such a file exists.
18:08 jwagner The site does not seem to be using collection codes -- just item types (i.e., no 952$8).  Relevant?
18:09 jdavidb I wouldn't think that'd affect barcode searching.
18:09 thd jdavidb: have you really purged the zebra index before reindexing?
18:10 jdavidb I shut it down last night, reinstalled, and reind...waitaminit.
18:10 thd jdavidb: Had there been a Zebra index previously?
18:11 jdavidb There had been, but I wiped out the socket files after I shut it down.  
18:11 jdavidb Just to be safe, I just did it again. change.
18:11 jdavidb And I reindexed with -r -w, as I always do.
18:12 thd Old Zebra indexes act like undead creatures.
18:12 gmcharlt jdavidb: anything interesting if you run with -v ?
18:13 jdavidb That's what I did last night, gmcharlt, and it looked normal, then.  Run now with what params?
18:13 gmcharlt -b -r -v
18:14 jdavidb Won't that dump it and start over?  Did that last night.  
18:15 jdavidb (it'll also take a couple of hours.  Biggish catalog.
18:15 gmcharlt yup
18:15 gmcharlt could try selective indexing
18:15 gmcharlt insert rows into zebraqueue, then -b -z -v
18:16 jdavidb There were a few out there already that hadn't been done.  -b -z -v looks very normal.
18:18 Sharon Amy says Hi, Danny
18:24 jdavidb Somethin' amiss.  Yaz-client still can't connect to the bibliosocket, and that Just Is Not Right.
18:24 atz jdavidb: check permissions on socket
18:24 atz if that doesn't work.... try switching to port
18:24 jdavidb *nod*
18:29 jdavidb all right...that time it worked  (typo...)   It just didn't *find* anything:
18:29 jdavidb Z> base biblios
18:29 jdavidb Z> f 33295000395969
18:29 jdavidb Sent searchRequest.
18:29 jdavidb Received SearchResponse.
18:29 thd I have found the following necessary to have some hope of replacing the Zebra index zebraidx -c Path/To/Zebra/Config/zebra-biblios.cfg -g iso2709 -d biblios init
18:29 jdavidb Search was a success.
18:29 jdavidb Number of hits: 0, setno 2
18:29 jdavidb SearchResult-1: term=33295000395969 cnt=0
18:29 jdavidb records returned: 0
18:29 jdavidb Elapsed: 0.006083
18:30 jdavidb Hrm.  That, and then reindex, thd?
18:31 thd yes
18:31 thd but I have still found some phantom records after even that measure
18:31 thd Zebra is still much too mysterious.
18:32 jdavidb Lordy.  Well, I guess I gotta.  (tonight.  It's partly working anyway...)
18:32 thd much too much like a black box with a few poorly labelled knobs
18:33 pianohacker jdavidb: If you run zebrasrv in a console, does it print out anything interesting when you search?
18:33 pianohacker thd: I agree. The source code is actually _worse_, even
18:33 jdavidb Hadn't tried that, pianohacker...never been necessary before.
18:33 pianohacker jdavidb: I've found it helps sometimes
18:34 jdavidb Hm.  Only problem right *now* is that the connection I have to the server is hiccupy.  Very frustrating.
18:44 jdavidb I'm gonna try thd's suggestion this evening; in the meantime, title search is working, and that'll keep 'em going along, for the nonce.
18:45 thd jdavidb: I had not found my suggestion to be a perfect solution
18:45 thd jdavidb: I still had some phantom index results for records which no longer existed
18:46 jdavidb Beats what I've got, at the moment, though, so it's worth a shot.
18:46 thd using the command I reported and then the usual reindexing procedure
18:47 thd I favour wiping the filesystem as a solution
18:49 thd jdavidb: maybe with rebooting in addition my suggestion would work without wiping the file system
18:49 jdavidb Might see about doing that, thd.  
18:50 thd jdavidb: the command I gave also has a an authorities corollary
18:51 jdavidb Figured as much.
19:00 danny *laughs* Thank you Sharon for passing along the message from Amy
19:00 pianohacker danny: ?
19:00 Sharon We're demonstrating our Koha install for her now.
19:01 danny oh very cool
19:01 Sharon Howard County - we have Amy Begg De Groff here for our annual tech conference
19:01 Sharon theme this year is Open Source
19:01 pianohacker ah
19:01 chris hi from NZ
19:01 pianohacker Hallo, chris
19:06 jdavidb Howdy, chris.
19:47 chris ok time to go to work
19:47 chris ttyl later
19:55 pianohacker Just did first upgrade with improved interface, gmcharlt++
19:59 chris_n 3.175cm hail... not bad for NC, USA
19:59 pianohacker Wow
20:36 richard hi
20:42 pianohacker hello
20:59 Jo Good morning all
21:00 chris hiya jo
21:01 Jo nice day again
21:01 chris sure is
21:01 thd Is there an IRC meeting now?
21:01 Jo work going ok for you ?
21:02 Jo no thd
21:02 chris was last night thd
21:02 Jo about 12 hours ago
21:02 thd really?
21:02 Jo :)
21:02 chris yep
21:02 joetho 4 am for me
21:02 joetho it was surreal
21:02 chris we move it round joetho
21:02 Jo share the love :)
21:02 chris so everyone gets a turn of the crap time
21:02 joetho good for the soul.
21:03 thd Was it not 10.00 GMT?
21:03 Jo jjoetho: gives you a nice long day to gets heaps done
21:03 chris yes
21:03 chris on the 5th
21:03 Jo U time
21:03 thd Today is the 5th
21:03 chris not gmt
21:03 thd not GMT
21:03 joetho read log here[…]25%3A00&save=save
21:04 pianohacker thd: 10:00 AM GMT
21:04 chris its nearly 20:00 GMT
21:04 chris or 10pm
21:04 thd Wow
21:05 joetho read summary here[…]etingnotes09aug05
21:05 joetho cordial meeting
21:06 chris they pretty much always are
21:06 joetho I slept through a lengthy part of it
21:06 chris heh
21:07 joetho i am very pleased to hear of the surprise additions to 3.2
21:08 joetho and that the oct date seems realistic.
21:08 gmcharlt <chris> so everyone gets a turn of the crap time
21:08 gmcharlt relatively speaking
21:08 chris they werent total suprise, but yeah not publicised enough
21:08 gmcharlt I'm never planning to hold one at 2 a.m. in my time zone ;)
21:08 chris hehe
21:08 Jo devel;opment seems tobe happening really fast
21:09 chris yep, from multiple sources jo
21:09 joetho surprise to us, particularly since we had considering sponsoring a similar effort
21:09 Jo gmcharlt: i think you are entitled to pull rank on thatone ;)
21:09 joetho speedy development makes communication critically important.
21:09 joetho bugzilla bugzilla bugzilla
21:10 chris and things like WIP branches of public git repos too
21:10 chris because often people are working on overlapping features
21:10 chris and the earlier you can reconcile the easier it is
21:10 joetho git for those doing the heavy lifting; bugzilla for everybody
21:11 thd I had misread the time in accordance with my expectation of what it would be.
21:11 joetho correct?
21:11 chris *nod(
21:11 joetho thd: I had 2pm us central time on my calendar. Silly me.
21:11 pianohacker thd: I made the same mistake up until a day ago
21:11 chris the good news is, the majority of developers agree on the need for more open communication and development
21:11 chris so its only gonna get better
21:12 joetho I even used a french translater thing while perusing the biblibre site this morning. I am SO global today!
21:13 thd GMT should be expressed in 24 format but my mind inserted PM when my eyes were not looking.
21:14 joetho thd: see links above for log and summary
21:16 chris was a good meeting, got through the agenda, didnt drag to long, lots of positives
21:17 chris ohhh russel is gonna make a cake for koha anniversary
21:17 chris cake++
21:17 pianohacker cake!
21:24 joetho please pass the CAKE, pianohacker  (ducks quickly)
21:24 pianohacker Hehehe
21:24 pianohacker You get the rubber cake, I get the real one
21:24 pianohacker everybody's happy
22:56 atz speaking of cake, i started playing "fat princess" on PS3 last night
22:56 atz pretty fun
22:56 chris heh
22:58 pianohacker Hey everybody, come quick and look, a PS3 owner!
22:58 pianohacker In the flesh
22:59 atz my best friend from high school is a PS3 developer, so that affected my decision
23:00 pianohacker Oh, cool
23:00 pianohacker How do you like it?
23:01 atz pretty well.  hasn't died on me yet or even had any problems
23:02 atz had it since.... well... whatever day GTA IV came out.
23:13 pianohacker (re mailing list) It's like there's a hornet's nest with a giant target painted on its side, and people can't resist the urge to kick it
23:14 chris heh
23:14 chris smart move by PTFS though
23:14 pianohacker Sending the message, yes.
23:14 chris an email like that earlier from others could have stopped this in its tracks
23:19 Jo I'd liked the email - and yes, wish it had been sent 6 months ago :)
23:19 Jo chris: email sent  to you
23:21 chris thanks Jo
23:29 Jo This is so cool: Thanks Owen, I love reading your stuff
23:29 atz uh, yeah... sounds good, but "show us the code"
23:30 chris yeah owen might be the first of my 'Sung heroes, but needs to be sung more loudly" posts
23:30 chris atz: we have a public statement we can hold them too know, and they are sending feature patches, so it's looking up
23:30 chris know=now
23:31 atz yeah, but to be clear at kohacon david was talking about all kinds of features we haven't seen a hair of
23:31 atz in general, that's the right posture though
23:34 chris Jo: forward the email to Don to read, but I like it
23:37 Jo his email same pattern as yours?
23:37 chris sorry i meant i forwarded it
23:38 chris typing fail
23:40 Jo :)
23:40 Jo cool
00:30 pianohacker night
00:56 brendan see you in a bit #koha
01:26 chris whats the big news there?
01:26 chris[…]rvivors-continues
01:26 chris is the big news in nz at the moment
01:31 chris_n-2nd I'm beginning to believe the old adage: No news is good news.
01:32 chris_n-2nd In all of its various implications... :-P
01:32 chris :)
01:33 chris[…]ui-a-helping-hand
01:33 chris that's good news
01:37 chris_n-2nd neat
01:37 chris_n-2nd a similar thing happened to my wife's first cousin some years ago
01:38 chris_n-2nd his restaurant was burned out - he closed for nearly two years to rebuild a new place
01:38 chris_n-2nd paid all of his staff the entire time he was shut down
01:38 chris_n-2nd and put them back to work once the new building was complete
01:38 chris that's awesome
01:48 chris yeah its a good blogpost
01:50 chris_n-2nd how's the pg work coming?
01:51 chris havent really got very far, got distracted doing DBIx::class
01:51 chris which i think is a way around having to have 2 schema's
01:52 chris[…]8354ca285574e3f9a
01:52 chris_n-2nd yeah, seems abstraction is best
01:52 chris thats the schema files
01:53 chris and using that, should be able to create a db in any sql engine
01:54 chris using DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader
01:54 chris_n-2nd cool
03:38 chris heh
03:38 Amit hi chris, brendan
03:39 chris hiya amit
03:46 brendan hi amit
05:02 digitalfredy Hello friends, any know if are some recipe for select the server hardware (Procesor, memory, hard disk ...)
05:10 chris digitalfredy: how big is your library?
05:11 digitalfredy how is big?
05:11 chris how many items in the catalogue, how many circulations do you do in a day
05:11 chris that kinda thing
05:12 digitalfredy moment please, go to searsh notes
05:20 digitalfredy chris not find my notes about library,  you wil do tomorro in the IRC?
05:21 chris yes, i should be here
05:21 digitalfredy i thik that is small or medium
05:21 chris a rule of thumb tho is
05:21 chris go for as much ram as you can afford
05:21 chris next is fast(ish) disk
05:22 chris finally if you have money left over spend it on the cpu
05:22 chris :)
05:22 digitalfredy chris, tanks
05:22 chris lots of ram will allow the database to run mostly out of ram, and be a bunch faster
05:23 digitalfredy if my proyect is approved i wil made the first instalation in my country
05:23 pie cool!
05:23 digitalfredy i not see any reported in the koha web
05:23 chris ohh what country is that?
05:23 digitalfredy Colombia
05:24 digitalfredy we speak in spanish
05:24 chris ohhh
05:24 chris i think there is maybe one
05:24 digitalfredy yes? i not se any in the map
05:25 chris yes, i might be mistaken but i think i have heard of one before
05:25 chris i will look around
05:25 chris you have seen[…]ers#south_america
05:26 chris (no colombia there either)
05:26 chris
05:26 chris there are still a few words to be translated for spanish
05:26 chris but not many
05:28 chris is this you digitalfredy ?
05:29 chris this was what i was thinking of, but they might have stopped work ... no entries for this year
05:29 digitalfredy nop
05:29 digitalfredy i am a Free Lance
05:29 digitalfredy i love linux and open source
05:29 chris but that is who i was thinking of
05:31 chris digitalfredy: cool :)
05:33 digitalfredy chris, is a log of instalation of koha in a universty deparatament
05:33 digitalfredy i not know obout it
05:34 chris ahhh thanks
05:34 digitalfredy i wil try go to university and review if koha is working
05:34 digitalfredy and made the report
05:37 digitalfredy have to sleep
05:37 digitalfredy tanks
05:37 digitalfredy very tanks friends
05:37 digitalfredy ;)
05:38 chris sleep well
05:38 chris buenos nuchos
05:38 chris i hope i spelt that right
06:32 kf good morning #koha
06:33 nicomo morning kf, morning all
06:33 nicomo so kf, nice boat trip?
06:36 kf yes
06:36 kf yes, but aching muscles today
06:41 indradg kf, went sailing?
06:41 kf more canoeing
06:41 indradg aah
06:53 chris morning europe
06:55 eiro hello nz :)
06:55 eiro hello rest of the wolrd also :)
06:55 chris :)
07:23 Kivutar hello
07:53 chris hi paul_p and Kivutar
07:54 Kivutar hi chris
07:54 paul_p internet connection working poorly this morning...
07:54 chris the foreign legion fire artillery at it?
07:55 chris (that made the news here, the fact they set fire to the hills)
07:55 paul_p lol no, they have too much to do with putting fire on the country :D
07:55 chris :)
07:55 Kivutar do I have to submit a bug report before pushing a unimarc pluggin wich will be usefull only to us?
07:55 paul_p (in fact, it should be :\ )
07:56 chris you dont *have* to, but it doesnt hurt to do it :)
07:57 Kivutar ok :)
08:51 Amit hi kf, paul_p
09:03 kmkale chris:hi, did you have a chance to look at the enhancement I filed? About recurring fees?
09:03 kmkale[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3504
09:03 munin Bug 3504: enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Recurring patron fees.
09:09 chris at a total estimate, id say between a week and 2 weeks work
09:09 chris (includng testing)
09:09 kmkale humm
09:10 kmkale cost estimate if someone were to sponsor it?
09:10 chris that would depend entirely on who was doing the work and what they charge
09:11 kmkale yes. If we were to attempt it ourselves, any suggestions on how to go about it?
09:12 chris take it in steps
09:12 chris 1st step build the interface and code to set the rules in the db
09:13 kmkale do you think its a good idea about a new table to hold frequency, patron type nd fee amount?
09:13 chris yep
09:14 kmkale how to hold the actual fee transactions? same as fines?
09:14 chris yes, using the accountlines table
09:14 kmkale ok. thats what I thought.
09:15 kmkale yesterday you said a new finetype would do. can you elaborate that idea?
09:15 chris for the accountlines
09:16 chris you need a different finetype, so it doesnt get mixed up with overdue fines etc
09:16 chris and so you can report on it etc
09:17 kmkale ok
09:17 kmkale anything else you would suggest?
09:17 kmkale 2nd step?
09:18 chris write the code to be run as a cron job
09:18 chris 3rd step
09:19 chris edit the circulation code, so that if you have the syspref set to enable recurring fees, circulation checks if its overdue
09:19 chris and stops you from issuing to borrowers with overdue fees
09:21 kmkale syspref to enable recurring fees and one more to set the number of days overdue tolerated?
09:21 chris yep
09:21 chris unless
09:21 chris that is patron specific too
09:21 chris in which case just one syspref to enable it
09:21 chris and you store the days overdue in the same table as the frequency and amount
09:21 chris actually that is a better way
09:21 kmkale right
09:22 kmkale with a default value
09:22 chris yep
09:23 kmkale I really hope the GIT tutorils come through ;)
09:24 kmkale thank you very much chris.
09:25 kmkale I hope there are others interested and will helpout. I am going to try this one..
09:26 chris im sure there must be some other indian developers who might be able to help out
09:26 chris I dont have much time, but i can help with testing
09:27 kmkale :) and guidance now and again
09:29 chris heya lamiette
09:30 lamiette hey chris :)
09:30 chris nicomo, lamiette is who is working on the moodle SSO
09:30 nicomo hi lamiette
09:30 nicomo nice nick
09:30 lamiette bonjour nicomo :)
09:30 paul_p (at least nice nick in french ;-) )
09:30 nicomo yeah :-)
09:30 matts hi chris, i'm here
09:31 chris matts: lamiette may have some questions for you about SSO stuff .. you should make her ask you in french though :-)
09:31 matts :-)
09:32 matts hello lamiette... how can I help you ?
09:32 nicomo lamiette: don't know if it's intended but "la miette" is "the (bread) crumb"
09:32 lamiette haha, apologies, but my french is far too rusty these days :
09:32 lamiette haha, apologies, but my french is far too rusty these days :)
09:32 Amit hi nicomo, lamiette
09:32 lamiette oopse, apparnelty my enter skills are also!
09:33 nicomo hi Amit
09:36 lamiette hey matts, I probably don't have many questions right now actually as I have a bit of research into CAS etc to go
09:37 matts ok... feel free to ask !
09:37 lamiette but awesome that you did that work for Koha! :D I think it's going to make my end with Moodle a lot easier
09:37 lamiette I thought mainly I'd just pop in and say hello as I'm hoping I can slowly infiltrate my way into the Koha dev community. chris has won us over with his talks on koha :)
09:41 kmkale hi lamiette
09:41 kmkale I am also very interested on moodle SSO
09:42 kmkale 2 major pieces for any college
09:42 lamiette yeah, definitely
09:42 kmkale ILS and moodle
09:42 lamiette I am very interested in the whole "school in a box" idea
09:42 nicomo kmkale: lamiette here is refering to the exchange we had around this bug
09:42 nicomo[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3511
09:42 munin Bug 3511: enhancement, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, Integration with Moodle
09:43 kmkale yes I am watching this bug
09:43 chris @karma
09:43 munin chris: Highest karma: "paul_p" (54), "hdl_laptop" (40), and "chris" (34).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-9), "failed" (-9), and "<-" (-5).  You (chris) are ranked 3 out of 346.
09:43 nicomo oh yes, I just see now that you're in the cc list, sorry
09:44 chris lol
09:44 chris someone must have pasted a template in here
09:44 nicomo this thing is fixed
09:44 chris and munin has got confused
09:44 chris <!--
09:45 chris @karma for <!
09:45 munin chris: for <! has neutral karma.
09:45 chris @karma <!
09:45 munin chris: Karma for "<!" has been increased 0 times and decreased 10 times for a total karma of -10.
09:45 nicomo eh eh
09:45 paul_p lol !!!
09:45 nicomo paul_p I wonder if that explains your high ranking somehow, you know, hasty cut and paste or something
09:46 chris heh
09:46 nicomo :-)
09:46 paul_p it's just that i'm beloved here, it's not like on our BibLibre channel. PPl here see that i'm a smart guy...
09:46 chris jesse did that, he went through the old logs, and fed it into munin
09:47 chris so it has ++ from the history of the channel
09:47 chris @karma nicomo
09:47 munin chris: nicomo has neutral karma.
09:47 chris nicomo++
09:47 chris there you can do one bad thing now
09:47 chris :)
09:47 nicomo I just did
09:48 nicomo taunting my business partner
09:48 nicomo :-)
09:48 chris @quote random
09:48 munin chris: Quote #1: "<pianohacker> resolve, rather, I doubt it needs lotion" (added by gmcharlt at 03:05 AM, May 31, 2009)
09:50 nicomo @quote random
09:50 munin nicomo: Quote #7: "Snow_Fox: a rift opens in space the information is shuffled to dev_hyperspace rift then closes" (added by wizzyrea at 03:28 PM, June 18, 2009)
09:50 nicomo @quote random
09:50 munin nicomo: Quote #20: "<wizzyrea> you will see no wedgie-ing from me" (added by jdavidb at 03:50 PM, July 31, 2009)
09:50 chris @quote random
09:50 munin chris: Quote #16: "< wizzyrea> i mean, the point of american bacon is to erm, use the belly of the hog (I think)" (added by chris at 09:37 PM, July 17, 2009)
09:51 chris ahh the bacon conversation
09:51 chris i remember that one
09:51 nicomo never knew bacon had a point
09:52 chris heh
09:52 chris lamiette would agree with you there
09:53 lamiette hehe
09:56 chris lamiette: another fun thing munin can do is
09:56 chris @weather marseille
09:56 munin chris: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 27.0°C (11:30 AM CEST on August 06, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: 18.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
09:57 gmcharlt @wunder 32605
09:57 munin gmcharlt: The current temperature in FoxFire Woods, Gainesville, Florida is 21.3°C (5:57 AM EDT on August 06, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 99%. Dew Point: 21.0°C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013.1 hPa (Rising).
09:57 nicomo @weather wellington nz
09:57 munin nicomo: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 8.0°C (9:00 PM NZST on August 06, 2009). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 6.0°C. Windchill: 6.0°C. Pressure: 30.39 in 1029 hPa (Rising).
09:57 nicomo brrrr, that's cold
09:57 chris well its night time :)
09:57 gmcharlt @wunder anchorage, alaska
09:57 munin gmcharlt: The current temperature in The Spurlocks at Airport Heights, Anchorage, Alaska is 12.2°C (1:57 AM AKDT on August 06, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 89%. Dew Point: 10.0°C. Pressure: 29.94 in 1013.8 hPa (Steady).
09:57 nicomo and winter
09:57 nicomo eheh, colder than alaska
09:58 nicomo @weather lyon, france
09:58 munin nicomo: The current temperature in Lyon Satolas, France is 28.0°C (11:30 AM CEST on August 06, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 42%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Steady).
09:58 nicomo much better
09:58 lamiette it is really cold, I can see my breath in the air inside my house it's that cold! (really wish we had double glazing on our windows)
09:58 chris nicomo wins
09:59 nicomo yeah, 28°C is pretty much the limit before it gets uncomfortable
09:59 chris altho if its 21.3 at 6am in gainesville, i think its gonna get hot where galen is today
09:59 gmcharlt oh, definitely
10:07 magnusenger @wunder bodø, norway
10:07 munin magnusenger: Error: No such location could be found.
10:07 magnusenger @wunder bodoe, norway
10:07 munin magnusenger: Error: No such location could be found.
10:07 magnusenger @wunder, bodo, norway
10:07 munin magnusenger: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
10:08 chris heh
10:08 magnusenger @wunder bodo, norway
10:08 munin magnusenger: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 21.0°C (11:50 AM CEST on August 06, 2009). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 64%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 30.24 in 1024 hPa (Steady).
10:08 magnusenger cheeky munin!
10:09 chris heh
10:12 kf @wunder Konstanz
10:12 munin kf: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 22.0°C (12:00 PM CEST on August 06, 2009). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 52%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Falling).
10:13 nicomo magnusenger 21°C is actually good for someone living above the polar circle, it seems to me, no?
10:13 magnusenger oh, yes, it's very good! And we have had a lot of good days this summer! ;-)
10:14 magnusenger[…]8/statistics.html For anyone who is REALLY interested! ;-)
10:15 chris -11 ??
10:15 chris thats crazy talk
10:16 chris :)
10:16 magnusenger chris: you need some of that to get the snow that should be a part of any normal winter... ;-)
10:17 chris more crazy talk :)
10:17 magnusenger lots of places get colder, but we have a lot of wind and high humidity, so it feels much colder than what the thermometer shows
10:18 nicomo which is more crazy talk, if you ask me
10:18 chris heh
10:19 chris sounds like nicomo and i will both be retiring to a tropical island in the south pacific :)
10:19 nicomo ++ to that
10:20 magnusenger sounds like it! ;-)
10:20 magnusenger perhaps we could do a Koha conference up here in the middle of winter some time in the future?
10:22 chris which country has the ice hotel?
10:22 nicomo the idea of UP is relative, you know
10:22 nicomo depends how you look at earth
10:22 nicomo to I'm all for doing a conference up in, say, Fiji
10:22 nicomo s/to/so
10:22 nicomo :-)
10:25 gmcharlt polar_KohaCon++
10:25 chris says the man who live in alaska
10:26 chris s/live/lived/
10:26 nicomo polar_kohaCon in 2011
10:26 gmcharlt Palin aside, it's nothing to be ashamed of ;)
10:26 nicomo tropical_KohaCon in 2010
10:26 nicomo that's settled
10:26 gmcharlt ha!
10:26 nicomo paul_p: goes in 2011
10:26 nicomo I'll go in 2010
10:26 nicomo :-)
10:27 chris well its semi tropical
10:27 chris october in nz
10:27 chris gmcharlt: i actually want to do a cruise in alaska sometime
10:29 gmcharlt chris++ # highly, highly recommended, particularly if you go with a small ship
10:30 gmcharlt as long as you don't mind a couple chills, I recommend doing it very early in the tourist seasno
10:30 gmcharlt i.e., May
10:32 magnusenger chris: cruising along the coast of Norway is nice to, with Hurtigruten
10:33 magnusenger a bit expensive, though...
10:35 magnusenger an on topic question: i know Koha has a way of importing patrons, but how difficult is it to import active loans and reservations?
10:36 chris depends
10:37 chris on what info you can get out of your old ILS
10:38 chris basically you need a way to match the item and borrower to the values in your koha db
10:38 chris (itemnumber and borrowernumber)
10:39 magnusenger borrower should be ok, as long as they keep their barcodes
10:39 magnusenger more worried about the items
10:39 chris yeah you can do a search to find the borrowernumber where cardnumber = barcode
10:40 chris how does your old ILS store the info
10:40 magnusenger don't know what the old system can give me yet
10:40 magnusenger doing it for a client
10:40 chris if it stores borrower barcode and item barcode then not too hard
10:40 magnusenger good to hear!
10:40 chris if it stores it with some internal number
10:40 magnusenger not so easy...
10:41 chris then you have to match that with barcode, then match the barcode with the borrower in koha (or item)
10:42 magnusenger ok, i have asked the old vendor how they can export the data, so i'm eagerly awaiting their reply
11:37 Amit hi indradg_, kmkale
11:38 indradg_ Amit, hey!

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