IRC log for #koha, 2009-08-05

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12:26 jdavidb Morning, schuster.  :)
12:26 schuster HAYLO!
12:26 paul_p hi jdavidb & shuster
12:26 jdavidb Howdy, Paul!
12:27 Amit hi jdavidb
12:27 jdavidb Howdy, Amit. :)
12:34 gmcharlt hi schuster
12:35 kf - koha dhoom?
12:37 Amit kf: Koha-Dhoom
12:37 schuster interesting...
12:39 indradg__ kf, "Dhoom" in Urdu (the state language of Pakistan) means a loud bang or a startling happening that grabs everyone's attention
12:39 gmcharlt Koha-Dhoom++
12:40 gmcharlt indradg__: how is the 'dh' pronounced?
12:42 indradg__ gmcharlt, follow the song's lyric.... its used in the same context too =P
12:44 gmcharlt indradg__: thanks
12:44 indradg__ gmcharlt, anytime :
12:44 indradg__ :)
13:15 nahuel gmcharlt, ?
13:15 nahuel gmcharlt, around ?
13:15 gmcharlt nahuel: what's up/
13:16 nahuel héhé need an info
13:16 nahuel what does it needed to allow to limit by "available" items ?
13:16 nahuel "onloan" index no ?
13:17 gmcharlt that would be one part
13:17 gmcharlt also items that are not in transit, although that's not currently indexed
13:17 gmcharlt also items that not not lost or withdrawn
13:18 nahuel ok, but atm I have a zebra error...
13:20 nahuel gmcharlt, this one :
13:20 nahuel 16:15:13-04/08 zebrasrv(5474) [request] Search biblios ERROR 114 1 1+0 RPN @attrset Bib-1 @and jean @and @not @attr "1=_ALLRECORDS" @attr 2=103 '' @attr 1=8024 @attr 2=103 '' @attr 1=8002 @attr 4=109 @attr 2=3 0
13:20 nahuel and if I execute the query by hand, I have this error :
13:21 nahuel arf 2s
13:26 nahuel gmcharlt,     [114] Unsupported Use attribute -- v2 addinfo '8024'
13:28 gmcharlt nahuel: ok, to debug, start by checking bib1.att to see the name assigned to Z39.50 use attribute 8024
13:29 nahuel att 8024    onloan
13:29 nahuel and onloan is defined in the record.abs
13:29 nahuel melm 995$n      onloan:d,onloan:n,onloan:s
13:29 gmcharlt is items.onloan mapped to a tag/subfield per the MARC frameowrks?
13:30 gmcharlt and specifically 995$n ?
13:30 nahuel should I add onloan:w ?
13:30 nahuel yes it is
13:30 kf are the codes in RandomizeHoldsQueueWeight / StaticHoldsQueueWeight branch codes or LOC codes?
13:30 gmcharlt check the biblioitems.marcxml of one of the records that has an item on loan, and check
13:30 gmcharlt kf: branch codes
13:30 nahuel in marc21 framework onloan index have ":w" index
13:30 gmcharlt nahuel: ok, then doesn't hurt to try adding ":w'
13:30 nahuel :p
13:30 kf thx galen, thoght that but the text is not clear
13:31 kf gmcharlt: perhaps explanation should be changed, it tells:  "based on all location codes, or by the location codes specified in..."
13:31 nahuel let's go :)
13:34 gmcharlt kf: sure, file a bug
13:34 kf arg - I know you would say that ;)
13:45 kf @bug 3437
13:45 munin kf: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3437 minor, P5, ---,, NEW, ReturnBeforeExpiry system preference needs changes to explanation
13:45 kf oh, wrong
13:46 kf @bug 3501
13:46 munin kf: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3501 trivial, P5, ---,, NEW, Change explanation of RandomizeHoldsQueueWeight/StaticHoldsQueueWeight from location code to branch code
14:29 wizzyrea <- is a LL customer and doesn't agree with code embargo. FWIW
14:29 wizzyrea just sayin.
14:30 jdavidb g'morning, wizzyrea!
14:32 nicomo hi wizzyrea
14:32 wizzyrea mornin.
14:32 nicomo we gathered as much from the meeting notes :-)
14:33 wizzyrea oh, I wasn't at the meeting. I got wind of it the same way you guys did
14:33 nicomo ah ok, I was mistaken then
14:33 wizzyrea it's ok :)
14:34 wizzyrea made me feel a  bit sick, tbh.
14:35 nahuel gmcharlt, it was this index :)
14:38 gmcharlt nahuel: cool
14:38 nahuel :)
14:41 sekjal well, for better or worse, at least the community has something concrete to deal with, rather than rumours and worries
14:51 nahuel gmcharlt, about the bug 3497
14:51 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3497 trivial, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Don't show copyright but publicationyear
14:51 nahuel gmcharlt, what should be the column title ?
14:51 gmcharlt just Year
14:51 nahuel I have no idea, to be more "generic"
14:52 nahuel ok
14:52 nahuel :)
14:52 nahuel thanks :)
14:52 gmcharlt yw
15:40 wizzyrea actually remarkably quiet today
15:41 rhcl I'm hungry.
15:42 rhcl rhcl goes to eat tomatoes.
15:44 pianohacker Hmm
15:44 pianohacker @lart rhcl for eating tomatoes too early
15:44 munin pianohacker: Error: There are no larts in my database for #koha.
15:50 atz rhcl: come by my place.... i've got 2 gallons of cherry tomatoes in the fridge...
15:52 atz i had this moment a couple years ago where i read the packaging on the seeds and the splash lead description was "Super Prolific!"
15:52 pianohacker Truth in advertising, huh?
15:53 atz and I thought "wow, that's the kind of thing that would seem like a warning.  i'm sure they're exaggerating."
15:53 paul_p wizzyrea, pianohacker & atz: good morning to you !
15:53 pianohacker paul_p: Good evening
15:53 atz but yeah, the clincher is that *i didn't plant ANY of them this year*
15:54 wizzyrea atz: lol!!
15:54 atz they're all leftovers from last year
15:54 wizzyrea garden_tomatoes++
15:54 atz very jack/beanstalk kind of stuff
15:54 atz hi, paul_p
15:54 wizzyrea mornin' paul_p
16:01 Sharon I can't get my pole beans to grow beans!  Not enough sun or something
16:10 atz wizzyrea: you can see my crazy corn and ginourmous sunflowers on facebook
16:12 rhcl tomatoes: (1) I had a fasting lab appointment this morning--I'm powerful hungry. (2) Here at work people bring extra stuff from their gardens for free redistribution (but some people do hold back some of their stuff) (3) Yesterday there were a bunch of tomatoes in the break room (4) Today they are all gone. (5) I'm still hungry.
16:16 hdl hello
16:16 hdl gmcharlt: around ?
16:16 paul_p hi hdl !
16:16 gmcharlt hi hdl
16:16 paul_p what are you doing on the internet ?
16:18 hdl just a quick note to tell that i won't be able to make it tomorrow.
16:18 hdl I donot bring my laptop along.
16:18 hdl and cyberspace is not open at 12.
16:18 hdl I hope you are well.
16:20 hdl gmcharlt: any hint on reconciliation branch ?
16:20 gmcharlt hdl: poking at it  this week; check IRC log for fuller status after tomorrows meeting
16:21 gmcharlt i.e., hoping to get a lot done with it this evening
16:29 hdl ok thx.
16:35 hdl @all ok. time to go back to holidays.
16:35 munin hdl: I suck
16:35 paul_p hdl: bye & amuse toi bien !
16:35 paul_p (repose toi bien surtout ;-) )
16:36 hdl will try
17:06 wizzyrea atz I saw them! My god, what have you been feeding your plants!!
17:06 atz water.
17:07 atz i just turned over that little patch of yard this year, so nothing's really grown there before
17:07 atz i think they like it, though.
17:08 wizzyrea hehehe
17:08 wizzyrea our container tomatoes are doing really well, despite the lack of hot weather
17:08 atz my big'uns are all still green
17:09 atz but i think they'll come around
17:10 atz ok, time to go vote
17:11 atz (polling day)
17:44 schuster Owen in?
17:45 schuster munnin owen
17:50 pianohacker @seen owen
17:50 munin pianohacker: owen was last seen in #koha 3 days, 21 hours, 20 minutes, and 29 seconds ago: * owen has been released.
17:50 pianohacker schuster: Anything we can help you with?
18:04 pianohacker bbl
18:08 schuster No I was going to point out a broken link at Athens...
18:17 chris morning
18:19 jdavidb Hi, chris!
18:20 chris hey there jdavidb, hows the day going?
18:20 jdavidb Pretty quiet, really.  Getting ready to migrate a customer from 3.0.x tarball, with some local tinkering, to a HEAD-based git some back-and-forthing there.
18:21 chris *nod*
18:29 brendan morning #koha  (a little late on my part)
18:32 chris :)
18:32 atz hah... i just installed firefox 3.5 yesterday, and they want me to upgrade to 3.5.2 today
18:32 chris :)
18:37 sekjal is there an established practice on how to capture the current 'circulation state' when doing a migration to Koha?
18:38 atz : /
18:38 chris sekjal: nope, it pretty much depends entirely what you are migrating from
18:39 sekjal chris: makes sense.  I'm thinking a bulk checkout tool would be handy
18:39 chris basically you need to end up with a bunch of rows in the issues table
18:39 sekjal have it take in a list of item and patron barcodes, as well as optional dates, then just run through
18:39 chris *nod*
18:39 atz sekjal: same as offline circ
18:39 atz except for the dates, perhaps
18:40 sekjal atz: yeah, I looked at that.  its designed to use existing loan rules to determine when an item is due
18:40 chris probably need 2 dates
18:40 chris issuedate and datedue
18:40 chris (tho you can get away with just date due)
18:40 sekjal if I could capture the number of renewals, that'd be gravy
18:41 chris usually getting the data out is the hard bit
18:41 sekjal My current ILS lets me export lists in CSV with most any bit of data I want.
18:42 chris cool
18:42 sekjal so I'd just need to tell it patron barcode, item barcode, outdate, indate and maybe something else
18:42 sekjal then be sure to check that I only get one value in each of those four columns
18:42 sekjal (patrons and items can have multiple barcodes currently)
18:44 brendan yup -- or get ready to very bored and have some one do it by hand  :)
18:44 sekjal hey, brendan.  yeah, a certain amount of our migration is going to have to be manual
18:44 brendan heya sekjal
18:45 brendan sorry for the bad joke
18:45 sekjal its cool
18:45 sekjal thinking about solving this problem is better on the brain than solving the 'linked bibs' issue
18:47 atz sekjal: sounds like you have a normalization problem... can patrons get barcodes, then un-get them... then somebody else get that one?
18:53 sekjal no, all the patron's barcodes stay on their record forever
18:54 sekjal though our plan is to only keep the 'latest' barcode, and retire all the others
18:55 sekjal of course, in theory, it would be possible for a patron to be issued the same barcode as someone else; the ILS doesn't prevent that
18:56 sekjal we've found different item records with the same barcodes
19:01 joetho I have wondered what happens with identical barcodes and koha
19:01 joetho what happens when you scan a barcode like that?
19:02 joetho Does a kitten die somewhere?
19:02 sekjal well, at least using, the item with the duplicate barcode does not get imported
19:03 sekjal though I'm sure there are other ways to make a duplication happen
19:03 chris the database doesnt let you have 2 items
19:03 joetho so how do you get duplicate item records with the same barcode?
19:03 chris with the same barcode
19:03 chris the barcode column is unique, ... unless you take that constraint off
19:04 chris mysql will throw your duplicate on the floor, and laugh at it
19:04 sekjal our current ILS, however, cares not for such logical considerations
19:04 sekjal it boldly scoffs at unique values
19:04 chris hehe
19:04 joetho So a duplicate barcode would be an anomaly, and probably generate errors of some sort.,
19:05 chris it wouldnt exist in koha
19:05 chris so if you put the same barcode on 2 books (physically)
19:05 chris then when you scanned them, they would both say there were the same thing
19:05 joetho <--boldy throws self on floor, laughs uniquely
19:06 chris theres no way for koha to tell that you didnt just scan the same thing twice
19:06 chris until we add the cameras
19:06 chris and robot arms
19:06 chris which smack you for putting duplicate barcodes on items
19:06 sekjal every library needs a koha-bot
19:07 joetho item barcode can be anything up to 15 characters, right? Just has to be unique?
19:07 chris yup
19:07 chris 20 even
19:07 joetho I thought somebody told me 15 max
19:07 chris (is what the database will accept)
19:08 chris | barcode              | varchar(20)  | YES  | UNI |
19:08 joetho Hmmm. Not the first time I have had an artificially low credit limit.
19:08 chris is what my db is telling me
19:16 chris breakfast time
19:43 chris back briefly before i go to catch my bus
19:51 wizzyrea joetho you always lighten up the place
20:32 richard hi
20:43 joetho ha ha ha well wizzy, *MY* screen says "sekjal quit"
20:43 joetho jwagner quit, schuster is away,
20:43 joetho I'm thinkin I know how to clear out a room.
20:44 wizzyrea well first there's the smell...
20:51 chris back
20:52 wizzyrea wb
20:52 chris its blue skies, no wind and the sun is shining
20:52 chris good day
20:54 Jo Good morning all
20:55 chris heya Jo
20:59 Jo howaya
20:59 chris loving the sun
20:59 Jo yeah - it is nice.
21:00 Jo was dreading opening my inbox this morning but its all good.
21:00 chris don't jinx it :)
21:00 Jo hey what NZ time is the Koha meeting on the 5th
21:00 Jo lol
21:00 chris its tonight
21:00 chris at 10pm
21:00 Jo oh thats cool. I can do that!
21:03 chris heya Sharon
21:03 Sharon howdy
21:04 Jo hi Sharon
21:06 joetho lets see - american central time would be... 2:00 pm?
21:07 Sharon joe, it's 4
21:07 Sharon you should know this... ;-)
21:07 joetho oh now you are just yankin my chain
21:07 Sharon I trust my computer clock
21:08 joetho like my brothers telling me that santa wasn't coming til noon that one christmas
21:10 joetho ok ok ok , I looked it up.
21:11 joetho hmmm, no Christmas for me THIS year
22:23 chris awesome
22:23 chris just spent 1.5 hours proving that our code to parse the feed from the stock exchange is working right
22:49 chris heh
22:52 chris_n-2nd hey chris
22:52 chris hey chris_n-2nd, hows things?
22:52 chris hi ruth
22:53 ruth hi there
22:53 chris_n-2nd chris: going in a general forward direction
22:53 chris good to hear :)
22:53 ruth hi
22:54 chris_n-2nd chris: just grinding away at the "labels" rewrite... :-P
22:54 chris rather you than me
22:54 ruth new computer, making sure it works for tomorrow's chat. will try to be here by 6 am.
22:54 chris_n-2nd hehe
22:54 chris timezones are fun
22:54 ruth dpm
22:55 ruth oops. don't know which is worse.
23:03 ruth see you all tomorrow.
23:11 pianohacker1 I would argue, even in 2009, that a 1TB NAS for $160 is unnatural
23:16 chris that is pretty damn cheap
23:18 pianohacker1 New from Iomega on Newegg, even, not open box or bargain basement
23:19 chris wow
23:20 chris i may have to get one delivered to my father in laws house hehe
23:50 chris
23:52 chris_n-2nd heh
23:53 chris_n-2nd koha++
03:18 Amit hi chris, brendan, Jo
03:18 Amit good mrng #koha
03:18 brendan hi amit -- /me goes to cook dinner
03:33 Amit brendan: today is meeting
06:02 kf good morning #koha
06:36 chris hi kf
06:36 kf hi chris
06:41 chris hi laurence and magnusenger
06:41 magnusenger hi chris and everyone
06:41 chris kf: much quieter day on the lists eh
06:45 kf just came into office - forgot to shut down IRC and computer yesterday
06:45 kf ah mailing list... sorry, I m not really awake
06:45 kf yeah, it got quiet
06:57 indradg hi all... a good afternoon from India :)
07:02 nicomo hi all
07:03 nicomo chris: you're around?
07:09 chris mostly
07:09 chris :)
07:14 indradg hi nicomo
07:14 nicomo hi indradg
07:20 kf pootle drives me crazy :( "Ausliehen für" should be "Ausgeliehen an" - but cant find it :(
07:21 chris yeah i use poedit
07:37 chris hi paul_p
07:37 paul_p hi chris
07:38 kf hi paul
07:38 paul_p hi kf
07:39 paul_p and hi to anyone else on this channel
08:17 indradg hi paul_p
08:17 paul_p hi indradg
08:31 Amit hi indradgm, paul_p
08:34 yesan hello
08:35 yesan i would like to know which of the linux flavour is stable for koha
08:35 yesan is anyone out there
08:36 yesan sorry for asking this question
08:36 kf we use ubuntu - but I dont know if its more stable than others
08:36 kf we had no problems so far
08:36 yesan ok
08:37 Amit hi yesan
08:37 yesan anyone else got a different
08:37 yesan answer
08:37 yesan welcome amit
08:38 chris debian lenny
08:38 yesan any more ansers
08:38 yesan thanks lenny
08:38 chris people have installed it on pretty much every distro
08:38 Amit chris: opensuse is not best?
08:38 yesan k
08:39 chris but lenny has almost all (if not all) the perl modules packaged
08:39 yesan Chris??:)
08:39 chris so you can apt-get them all on
08:39 yesan on debian :)
08:39 yesan ??
08:39 chris yes
08:39 Amit chris: but yast also not sure
08:40 chris a lot of them are not packaged for other distros
08:40 paul_p Amit: I bet suze lack some modules. Some are VERY specific, and are not in most distros
08:41 paul_p some have even be packaged in Debian Lenny because of the Koha dependancy.
08:41 yesan amit
08:41 chris they are only in debian because a debian developer was working on packaging Koha
08:41 paul_p the long term goal being to be able to do apt-get install koha
08:41 Amit paul_p: yes ur right
08:41 yesan i am getting better answers
08:42 yesan that's great
08:42 yesan Chris, thank u
08:42 Amit chris: some one said me on IRC redhat problem with perl i forget her name
08:42 chris karmic koala will be good to, because it will have all the modules packaged for lenny
08:42 chris jaunty is only missing a few
08:43 chris but the real answer is
08:43 chris you should use the distro you know best
08:43 yesan ok
08:43 chris because you will have less problems that way
08:43 Amit chris: this is right
08:44 Amit for ex: Delhi public library uses koha on Centos-5.2
08:45 yesan yes amit
09:08 chris nicomo: do you know any drupal developers in paris?
09:09 nicomo personaly, no
09:09 nicomo but that'd be easy to find
09:10 chris one of my colleagues at work, does the postgres support for drupal
09:10 chris and is off to drupalcon in paris in september
09:11 nicomo we'll be there
09:11 chris so i was gonna give him some ppl to look up .. any biblibrans planning on going?
09:11 nicomo Paul will be
09:11 chris excellent :)
09:12 chris he will probably be the only maori there :)
09:12 nicomo and Jean-André (kivutar)
09:12 nicomo and I might go there for 1 day
09:12 chris so yell out Kia ora
09:12 chris and see who looks ;)
09:12 nicomo I have meetings in Paris during the same week
09:12 chris cool
09:12 nicomo eh eh will do
09:14 paul_p chris: we will probably speak of SOPAC (with another SOPAC guy)
09:14 chris excllent
09:14 slef 45m before meeting?
09:14 chris i will send an email tomorrow to you and him doing introductions :)
09:15 chris yes slef
09:15 slef cool
09:16 slef morning all
09:16 nicomo morning slef
09:16 paul_p chris ++, thanks
09:16 slef has someone sent a last reminder to koha-devel?
09:17 slef I've not read that mailbox in a few days
09:17 chris galen did yesterday
09:17 slef cool, thanks gmcharlt
09:17 gmcharlt hi folks
09:17 kf good morning galen
09:17 chris hi gmcharlt
09:18 slef biab
09:18 kf have to leave soon (my team goes on a boat trip today :) ) - but really interested in git tutorials
09:18 chris ohh boat trip, lucky
09:19 kf around island mainau - hope we will stay in the boats
09:22 Amit hi galen
09:33 joetho .
09:34 chris hi joetho
09:40 paul_p hi gmcharlt. It's very early for you isn't it ?
09:40 gmcharlt paul_p: yes :)
09:41 gmcharlt bb in 10 minutes
09:51 indradg savitra, hi
09:51 savitra hello indradg (indranil?)
09:55 indradg savitra, any plans to conduct any koha sessions in Kolkata?
09:56 savitra yes, in talks with a kolkata college to host the workshop. should know more in a couple of weeks..
09:56 chris_n-2nd g'morning #koha
09:56 savitra likely in nov.
09:56 paul_p chris_n-2nd: wow... complex nickname ;-)
09:56 chris_n-2nd heh
09:56 chris_n-2nd hi paul
09:57 indradg chris_n-2nd, is it you mr. fellow IPL fan? =)
09:57 paul_p (does it means it's chris nightswonger on his second computer ?)
09:57 chris_n-2nd paul_p
09:57 jransom hi all
09:57 indradg jransom, hiya
09:57 chris_n-2nd paul_p++
09:58 mason mason waves....
09:58 Amit heya jransom
09:58 Amit hi mason
09:58 indradg savitra, good to hear that. there is some serious interest in the East, but very few movers
09:58 gmcharlt back
09:58 indradg gmcharlt, wb
09:59 gmcharlt slef: if you don't mind, I'd like to volunteer you as notetaker and updater-of-the-meeting wiki page
09:59 kmkale hi all
09:59 slef gmcharlt: ok, this is all logged by work's server anyway :)
09:59 sekjal morning, everyone!
10:00 gmcharlt slef: thanks :)
10:00 IrmaCalyx Good evening all
10:00 paul_p mmm...11:59 in France, so yes it's still morning
10:00 paul_p oups... nope, it's no more morning now :D
10:00 gmcharlt ok, it's six o'clock EDT - do you know where your Koha Hacker is?
10:00 IrmaCalyx past 8 pm in Sydney
10:00 gmcharlt let's get started
10:00 slef EDT always makes me smile... Eau De Toilette
10:00 Amit 3:35pm in india
10:00 gmcharlt first, let's do a round of intros
10:00 gmcharlt gmcharlt = Galen Charlton, release manager
10:01 dbirmingham I want to be in Sydney
10:01 jdavidb jdavidb eq J. David Bavousett, PTFS
10:01 jransom Joann Ransom. Horowhenua Library Trust. NZ
10:01 jwagner jwagner = Jane Wagner, PTFS
10:01 chris chris = chris cormack, translation manager 10pm here :)
10:01 slef slef = MJ Ray,
10:01 sekjal sekjal: NYU Health Sciences Libraries
10:01 IrmaCalyx irmacalyx = Irma Birchall from CALYX information essentials
10:02 dbirmingham => David Birmingham, PTFS
10:02 paul_p paul_p = Paul Poulain, France, from BibLibre, reprensenting hdl, ( 3.0 RMaint), that is in vacation
10:02 savitra savitra, Nucsoft OSS labs..hello all
10:02 magnusenger = Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway
10:02 chris_n-2nd chris_n_2nd (&& chris_n) = chris nighswonger, FBC
10:02 Colin Colin pyfs-europe Ji
10:02 kf Katrin Fischer, BSZ - leaving in half an hour, will log chat
10:03 schuster schuster = David Schuster Plano ISD Plano TX
10:03 mason = mason james,  new zealand
10:03 kmkale Koustubha Kale Anant Corporation Thane India and
10:03 indradg indradg == Indranil Das Gupta, L2C2 Technologies, Kolkata, India... hi all
10:03 Amit Amit Gupta Nucsoft osslabs
10:04 gmcharlt ok thanks to all attendees, especially those getting up early or staying up late to attend
10:04 gmcharlt the page for this meeting on the wiki is[…]etingnotes09aug05
10:05 paul_p (or is hungry because it's lunch time :D )
10:05 gmcharlt and the agenda items are
10:05 gmcharlt 1.Update on Roadmap to 3.2
10:05 gmcharlt 2.Update on Koha 3.0 Roadmap
10:05 gmcharlt 3.Follow-up on actions from General IRC Meeting 1 July 2009
10:05 gmcharlt 4.Management of KohaSocialNetworks
10:05 gmcharlt 5.Tutorials for new contributors
10:05 gmcharlt so without further ado
10:05 gmcharlt there has been some craziness recently
10:06 gmcharlt but I will say this, and no more
10:06 gmcharlt I join with everybody in applauding LibLime for their contributions to Koha
10:06 gmcharlt and encourage many more fruitful years of a global collaboration on a great open source ILS
10:07 gmcharlt so moving on to specifics
10:07 gmcharlt thanks to hdl, we're getting closer to having a stabilized new_acq branch ready to push out to head
10:07 gmcharlt I encourage people to check out (or even checkout) the koha-biblibre.git tree hosted on
10:07 gmcharlt and also note the use of a new topic branch for their SOPAC stuff
10:08 gmcharlt which will be another good addition
10:08 chris *nod*
10:08 Wizzyrea_ biblibre++
10:08 gmcharlt last meeting I said that would would declare feature freeze at the end of the August
10:08 gmcharlt so now, to (re)set a firm date
10:08 paul_p the SOPAC stuff could probably be added quickly on main trunk, as it has strictly no consequences on the rest o fKoha
10:09 paul_p note also that on biblibre branch, there are a LOT of other new features than new acq
10:09 paul_p let me summarize a few of them :
10:09 gmcharlt feature freeze I'm calling for the end of the day, Sunday, 6 September 2009
10:09 gmcharlt paul_p: please wait a second
10:09 paul_p ok
10:09 gmcharlt that will give time for us to discuss any last minute stuff at the next IRC meeting (which will be 2 September)
10:10 gmcharlt before feature freeze
10:10 gmcharlt ok, paul_p, please go ahead
10:10 chris sounds good to me
10:10 paul_p I wanted to point that there are a lot of other new features, not only new_acq.
10:10 paul_p we have counted, that's something like 350 patches
10:10 paul_p 200 for new_acq, 150 for the others new features
10:10 paul_p for example :
10:11 paul_p - move an item from a biblio to another one (in case of a mistake)
10:11 paul_p - merge biblios
10:11 paul_p - add basket facilities to staff (like in OPAC)
10:11 paul_p - enable many export format for biblios
10:11 paul_p - interactive merge of biblios
10:11 schuster *applause*
10:12 paul_p (all of them sponsored by Aix-Marseille universities)
10:12 sekjal paul_p: we were just thinking of an item-moving tool... that's excellent!
10:12 jransom you guys are great - well done
10:12 paul_p and many more, that I don't remember atm
10:12 chris do you think you would be able to do a page listing them?
10:12 kf biblibre++
10:12 gmcharlt other cool stuff that I hope gets in before feature freeze
10:12 paul_p chris, no, I think we MUST do a page listing them ;-)
10:12 chris paul_p++
10:12 gmcharlt * labels rewrite by chris_n-2nd
10:13 Wizzyrea_ Aix-Marseille++
10:13 gmcharlt paul_p: yes, you must, I command it :)
10:13 gmcharlt * sysprefs editor by pianohacker
10:13 mason FYI: i have a recent interactive-merge tool from kapiti-libraries
10:13 paul_p gmcharlt: sir, yes sir !
10:13 gmcharlt * RFID stuff from slef and gang (yes? pretty-please)
10:14 slef gmcharlt: yes, can do
10:14 jransom we hungry for rfid stuff too
10:14 mason and a bunch of devs/features ready to get commited
10:14 gmcharlt plus bunch o'stuff from PTFS
10:14 mason chris_n, thanks for the labels tidy-up too!
10:14 slef jransom: we're using TRF7960 chips bit I also had it working with another one.  What's yours?
10:14 slef s/bit/but
10:14 gmcharlt in conjunction with all of the new stuff, I have a couple requests re bugs
10:14 jransom techlogic
10:15 jransom Chris is our Guru :)
10:15 gmcharlt first, I am calling for a concentrated effort for people to close out any bugs that are actually fixed
10:15 slef ok, will follow up later so hopefully we can make it work with all three :)
10:16 gmcharlt second, I'd like interested people to go through and start marking bugs that are potential blockers and criticals
10:16 gmcharlt the blockers and criticals I'm particularly interested in are:
10:16 gmcharlt * UTF-8 issues
10:16 gmcharlt * circ stuff, for which we really need more automated test cases
10:17 gmcharlt I'd also like to propose a couple bug-squashing sessions
10:17 gmcharlt perhaps one this month if we can fit it in
10:17 gmcharlt and one or two after feature freeze
10:17 chris bug squashing sessions are fun
10:17 paul_p in october, BibLibre plans to organize an internal hackfest/coderun (1 week with all developpers working on koha).
10:18 gmcharlt as far as the roadmap is concerned, obviously with what's going on it's a bit uncertain what will make it into 3.2 as such
10:18 gmcharlt so I'll be decding based on the calendar
10:19 gmcharlt and setting up a post-3.2 branch for pushing any new features submitted after feature freeze
10:19 paul_p gmcharlt: this month, matts is working on new_acq, to improve some things and fix some bugs (full time)
10:19 gmcharlt if we end up with a flurry of submissions after 6 September, I may reconsider the feature freeze, but only if we're looking a bunch of submitted stuff that's complete, not just work in progress
10:20 chris that sounds sensible
10:20 gmcharlt as far as roadmap page is concerned, I'll be editing with my best guesses and information about what will end up in 3.2
10:20 chris hopefully in the next week or 2 we might get a clearer idea of what will make it in
10:20 gmcharlt and although it's a little too soon to discuss in great detail, we'll need to think about the next version, whether it will be a 3.4 or a 4.0
10:21 chris i guess it depends on how much makes it into 3.2
10:21 gmcharlt i.e., 3.4 = more incremental changes, 4.0 = the re-architecting that varous of us have been making noises about for the past year
10:21 slef also whether we want to make any earth-shattering changes
10:21 chris my one point would be
10:22 chris that if we do do a 4.0
10:22 slef maybe during the freeze we should poll users, once they can see the probable featureset of 3.2?
10:22 chris we should be careful to make sure we do plenty of interim releases
10:22 chris good idea slef
10:23 gmcharlt related to features
10:23 gmcharlt I also call for active Koha devs and vendors to publish public git trees with well-organized topic branches
10:23 gmcharlt for their work in progress
10:23 davi the problem is lose customer
10:24 davi due to bad competence behavior
10:24 paul_p davi: lose customer ???
10:24 gmcharlt I will be very happy, and feel ever-so-slightly like Linus, if I get to merge in at least one new feature in 3.2 via a pull request
10:24 schuster When will you decide on a release manager as that will impact if it were a 3.4/4.0 would it not?
10:24 chris not really
10:25 slef I think choosing 3.4 or 4.0 will impact on the RM choice
10:25 schuster ok
10:25 matts :;
10:25 davi paul_p, say I have a EDIFACT work in progress. I would like to resell it to two or even 3 customers before publishing it
10:25 paul_p schuster: there will be something after 3.2, for sure, so we will need a new RM anyway ;-)
10:25 gmcharlt schuster: I imagine that discussion will start in September, at least formally, but don't imagine a decision being made before October unless somebody jumps in raring to go with a good proposal for 3.4/4.0
10:27 paul_p davi: 1- someone else may publish some EDIFACT work before you release it. 2- that would be much more complex to deal with, from a technical point of view. But all those 2 problems would be yours !
10:27 gmcharlt given the state of flux, I now don't expect to do a 3.1-alpha tarball until right after feature freeze
10:28 gmcharlt before we move on to 3.0 update from paul_p, questions about 3.2?
10:28 davi paul_p, If I publish my work in progress it would be a lot lot more probable that someone else publish some EDIFACT work before I release
10:28 indradg paul_p++, release-early-release-often
10:28 slef gmcharlt: any idea how soon will you update roadmap3.2?
10:28 chris davi working in secret always causes more problems than it solves
10:29 davi I know chris, but I fear a lot :(
10:29 paul_p davi: that would be good news for you, as you could get benefit too !
10:29 slef davi: need to structure payment carefully so you get paid for developing, not for supply.  But this isn't much of a 3.2 issue.
10:29 gmcharlt slef: I'm giving myself a deadline of 12 August for that
10:29 slef gmcharlt: noted. thanks.
10:29 davi ok slef
10:29 slef no more Qs from me
10:30 gmcharlt ok, on to you paul_p
10:31 gmcharlt btw, hdl++ for releasing 3.0.3
10:31 paul_p hdl finished the 3.0 / head reconciliation. So a 3.0.4 should be ready soon. it includes all bugfixes & some improvements that LibLime already deployed on some customers (thus the name "reconciliation branch".
10:31 schuster Again I might request people to enter enhancements they are "working on" in so everyone knows they are being enhanced or can connect with interested parties.
10:32 paul_p with 3.0.4, we can have 3.0.x branch going his way, and head going his way
10:32 paul_p before leaving for vacation hdl called for some tests on 3.0.4
10:33 paul_p dunno if he had some feedback, i don't read his mails ;-)
10:33 chris i have the branch running here
10:33 paul_p he will be back next monday
10:33 chris havent hit any big obvious errors
10:33 paul_p I think he will "string freeze" and ask for translation quite quickly
10:34 paul_p and the translation process should not be too long, as there are not zillions of string changes
10:34 paul_p (my feeling, did not check any numbers)
10:35 chris yeah there arent many changes
10:35 paul_p I don't know when 3.0.4 can be published. But would be good to have it in september (early, or middle ?)
10:36 gmcharlt paul_p: I vote for early
10:36 paul_p me too, but that will depend on translator speed i think
10:36 gmcharlt yep
10:37 chris we need to give translators at least a week, preferably 2
10:37 chris_n-2nd paul_p: the labels rewrite is being done over the 3.0.x code base and so should apply easily to it if you are interested
10:37 chris so we can try to get some of the other languages finished too
10:37 schuster Is there a write up of the label rewrite someplace so some of us know what is involved?
10:38 paul_p chris_n-2nd: in theory, it's interesting. But a lot of new features could be added too. So I think it's better to concentrate on new features for 3.2
10:38 gmcharlt chris_n-2nd: I'd prefer that it go into 3.2 first
10:38 slef schuster: brief discussion on mailing list last week
10:38 paul_p (that's almost the same question jwagner just asked me privatly !!!)
10:38 paul_p 3.2 should not be that far, so I prefer having all the features into it
10:38 jwagner Yes, I haven't been through a major release yet.  What would be the target timing for 3.2 release?
10:38 chris_n-2nd schuster: basically we are shooting for the same level of functionality as currently exists for starters
10:39 gmcharlt jwagner: after feature freeze, about a month for intensive bugfixing + translators getting started
10:39 slef jwagner: freeze early September and then it depends how quickly you/we test and fix the remaining bugs
10:39 gmcharlt then a string freeze, and translations finishing up
10:39 gmcharlt so ideally, late October
10:39 chris_n-2nd schuster: minimal new features (like single label printing) will be added and bugfixes on this round
10:40 gmcharlt but as slef says, the bug count will ultimately drive the timing
10:40 slef jwagner: past major releases are not an indicator of future performance, happily.
10:40 jwagner OK, that's good to know for planning.  Thanks.
10:40 gmcharlt at any rate, I don't plan to release with open blockers
10:40 gmcharlt anythign more to say about 3.0?
10:41 paul_p gmcharlt: no.
10:41 gmcharlt (back in a minute - time to wake up my wife)
10:41 paul_p but something about 3.2
10:41 schuster Great code...:)
10:42 paul_p if i'm not mistaken, noone at BibLibre has written the script to updatedatabase smoothly for new_acq, for libraries that uses acquisitions in 3.0. So, it basically means : you'll loose all your acquisitions stats. hdl should work on that this month I think/hope
10:42 paul_p s/mistaken/mistaking/
10:43 jwagner paul_p your new acq does not include EDI, does it?
10:43 gmcharlt back
10:43 nicomo jwagner: no it does not
10:43 gmcharlt paul_p: yeah, make that update work will definitely be a blocker bug for 3.2
10:43 paul_p jwagner: right, there's nothing about EDI (not requested by SAN-OP, that sponsored new_acq)
10:43 jwagner OK, thanks.
10:44 gmcharlt so on to next agenda item
10:44 gmcharlt action items from last meeting
10:44 gmcharlt 1. the welcome message for the Koha mailing list is in fact - thanks to nengard and everybody who worked on drafting it
10:44 gmcharlt 2. slef: any luck munging the wiki edit log for the relicensing?
10:45 gmcharlt hi nengard
10:45 paul_p davi: just FYI => the SAN-OP funding for new_acq was not complete, something like 50%. but it improves global quality of Koha, so we think it will be easier to convince libraries to use it, so more incomes for BibLibre
10:45 nengard hiya - I assume I missed the meeting :(
10:45 paul_p hey...
10:45 paul_p gmcharlt leave to wake up his wife and ... nengard arrives. are those events related ?
10:45 gmcharlt nengard: we're on egenda item #3, so still in time for your #4 and #5
10:45 paul_p :D
10:45 gmcharlt paul_p: umm, no :)
10:45 chris nengard: no koha meeting has ever taken less than 1 hour :)
10:46 davi I know paul_p
10:46 slef gmcharlt: not yet, but hope to start the process between now and next meeting.  Seemed a good idea to let it run into the academic year anyway.
10:46 gmcharlt ok
10:46 gmcharlt there was discussion of making loose guidelines for command-line script argument processing
10:46 nengard chris i have been on meetings that are less than an hour :) but glad i made it in time for some of the agenda
10:46 nengard sorry for oversleeping
10:47 gmcharlt somebody made the change to the coding guidlines on the wiki, and as they seem fine and I haven't heard any problems with it, they stand
10:47 gmcharlt interim 3.1 alpha didn't happen, obviously - as I said earlier, will do an alpha tarball after feature freeze
10:48 gmcharlt I still have admin access to, so will be working on some of that sometime this month, though it will be a sideline to working on 3.2 itself
10:48 gmcharlt and I think that's it for #3, unless people have questions
10:48 gmcharlt if not, #4 is management of Koha Social Networks
10:48 gmcharlt[…]ohasocialnetworks
10:49 gmcharlt nengard: that's your agenda item, so please go ahead
10:49 slef gmcharlt: nengard: I added it
10:49 gmcharlt slef: oops, ok, you go ahead then :)
10:49 nengard slef - didn't think it was me :)
10:49 slef basically, what are we doing?  Are we allowing almost anyone into all of them?
10:49 slef or should some of them be limited to users and developers?
10:49 nengard here's the link to the ones I knew of:
10:50 slef nengard: I copied that to the and added some more I think
10:50 nengard slef I have been letting anyone join them but admins are only developers and users
10:50 nengard thanks slef!!
10:51 gmcharlt I think it would be a good idea to put the list of the admins for each network on the wiki page
10:51 nengard also slef and I worked on updating the Yahoo Pipe to add some sites I had missed so those are now going out to the kohails twitter users
10:51 slef ok - and when do we remove someone? (spam?)
10:51 nengard gmcharlt I can do that
10:51 slef basically we need to be singing from the same song sheet on this, minimally
10:52 nengard we can remove them for spam - are we getting any on any of the networks -
10:52 gmcharlt slef: to propose a guideline, if somebody's contributions on a particular network are not majority Koha related, they can be removed
10:52 nengard seems that most people who join these things are looking for us to give them info
10:52 gmcharlt obviously, any viagra spam or the like can be shot on sight
10:52 nengard hehe
10:52 slef gmcharlt: ok.  What do others think of that?
10:52 chris works for me
10:53 nengard i'm fine with it - except that there are some networks we can't remove people from
10:53 indradg gmcharlt,++
10:53 nengard if someone uses the koha hashtag on twitter with viagra spam - I can't stop them ....
10:53 slef nengard: can you label which those are?
10:53 Wizzyrea_ fine by me
10:53 nengard slef - twitter is the only one that comes to mind - I will have to look into the others - as i've never had to remove anyone before :)
10:54 slef I think we don't have any yet, but shall we say that networks which are just koha users and developers are "social" and don't have the "majority Koha" requirement?
10:54 nengard slef++
10:55 slef heh, there's but it doesn't have many members yet
10:55 gmcharlt slef: sounds good to me
10:55 Wizzyrea_ slef++
10:55 nengard slef will join when meeting is over :)
10:55 slef ok... nengard and slef to coordinate update of the wiki page
10:55 gmcharlt slef: I don't know if it's been an issue for the planet, but if say somebody has a general blog where they talk about Koha 25% of the time and other stuff 75%, that may be a candidate for encourage them to make a topic-specific feed
10:55 slef gmcharlt: yes, we've done that
10:55 gmcharlt ok
10:56 slef both mine and chris's are like that - maybe others are too
10:56 nengard I too have koha specific feeds
10:56 chris i have topic feeds
10:56 gmcharlt good enough
10:56 chris i dont think the planet is using it tho
10:56 gmcharlt anything more on social networks?
10:56 nengard and just as an FYI - for the Pipe I always picked the Koha feed if there was one
10:57 jransom (off to bed - night all)
10:57 nengard nothing more from me on social networks
10:57 paul_p bye jransom.
10:57 nengard sleep tight jransom
10:57 slef nothing from me
10:58 gmcharlt ok, last agenda item, organizing tutorials for new contributors
10:58 nengard that was added by me
10:58 dbirmingham Interested
10:59 davi for Git, just link to
10:59 nengard davi i learn better when i see things in action
10:59 gmcharlt davi: I think the idea was for something a little more interactive, where a few Koha old hands would show newbies the ropes
10:59 nengard i was thinking of us being able to join a webinar or screensharing session of some sort
10:59 sekjal me, too.  plus, we have local Koha practices on top of what Git can do
10:59 davi that book is completely free, updated and a very very basic introduction
10:59 nengard i want to help out, but i have to admin i'm scared I'll mess something up
11:00 gmcharlt heh:[…]ns-screen-sharing
11:00 nengard so i only do small patches right now
11:00 slef gmcharlt: erm, been doing that for aaages :)
11:00 gmcharlt so it looks like we have a few things to decide
11:01 gmcharlt topic - Git & Koha Git usage seems to be it
11:01 pie hi guys, just thought I'd say hi and say something about new contributors
11:01 nengard I'd add -- topic - file locations and editing the db
11:01 Colin Some folk find useful
11:01 pie I mean, I'm happy with Git but with Koha, it's kinda hard where to know where to start :)
11:01 gmcharlt who - I volunteer to help facilitate (and pontificate), but would like another volunteer or two
11:01 sekjal a summary of our coding guidelines would be good as a reminder, as well
11:01 pie I got it up and running once, but wasn't sure what to look at next
11:02 nengard sekjal maybe someone can put that on the wiki - that's something I can read :)
11:02 gmcharlt so topic 2: how to navigate Koha's codebase including file locations
11:02 paul_p jdavidb: sometimes, "half geeks" are easier to understand for "true newbies"
11:02 gmcharlt nengard: what do you mean by editing the DB?
11:02 jdavidb Only to you, nengard.  :P
11:02 jwagner I have a Webex account -- we could probably host a session.
11:02 paul_p i've had hard time starting with git, because I found only "high level" tutorials
11:03 nengard gmcharlt sorry distracted  - i meant how to edit the codebase when it alters the database - example there are typos in the syspref definitions that I could easily fix if I knew where to go and what needed doing
11:03 jdavidb I've been cobbling together a cookbook-style tutorial here, that might be useful.
11:03 gmcharlt topic 3 - coding database updates
11:03 slef jwagner: isn't webex another blasted java application mislabelled as a webinar?
11:04 paul_p nengard: the syspref problem will be killed by jesse patches (but your core question still relevant)
11:04 slef oh it annoys me
11:04 jwagner slef, dunno what drives it but I've used it successfully for years (training and individual troubleshooting)
11:04 nengard paul_p - yipppppppeeeeeee
11:04 indradg slef, and prolly one has to pay to use webex?
11:04 gmcharlt indradg: hosts do, users do not
11:04 slef if it's called a webinar it should work in a web browser without downloading applications
11:04 indradg gmcharlt, thanks... didnt know that
11:04 slef which usually aren't available and aren't cooperatively-developed
11:04 nengard I mentioned earlier that WebHuddle and DImDim are open source options
11:05 chris i think a lot can be done in an irc session
11:05 nengard but I have never been able to get the VOIP parts of them working
11:05 paul_p i've a mail from him asking how to translate the file he plans to do. It's just a yaml file
11:05 nengard chris - I really need/want to see the screen as the edits are made - it makes all the difference to me
11:05 paul_p so, no more definitions in the DB itself (it was a stupid idea -from me iirc- )
11:05 chris where someone picks a bug, and fixes it, talking people through what they are doing
11:05 slef IRC with a screen may be the simplest
11:05 chris yep
11:05 paul_p slef++
11:05 nengard slef++
11:05 slef could probably even have screen for those who want that and screencast it for those who prefer that
11:06 slef although I'm not up-to-date on screencasting
11:06 joetho jingo
11:06 slef I used x2x which was like 10 years ago
11:06 slef and timbuktu 15 years ago
11:06 Wizzyrea_ joetho: it uses flash, expect protest
11:06 nengard hehe
11:06 slef Wizzyrea_: I don't mind as long as it's not the only route.
11:07 nengard i like the screencasting idea because we can record that and put it up for those who can't attend sessions and for future community members
11:07 nicomo nengard++
11:07 paul_p nengard++
11:07 gmcharlt well, I expect we can organize something that uses screen(1) as well as other screencasting options
11:07 paul_p nicomo already did some screencasts
11:07 schuster Nengard ++
11:07 paul_p (in french, for some customers)
11:07 slef I just feel it's wrong to expect people to use non-FOSS to get started developing FOSS
11:07 paul_p (very very usefull)
11:07 chris slef++
11:07 nengard paul_p was going to ask where they were - but unfortunatly I don't know French :(
11:08 slef (eating our own dogfood IYKWIM)
11:08 nengard NEKLS has some awesome ones - but they're not about developement
11:08 Wizzyrea_ it's too early for me to parse the intricacies of human social interaction.
11:08 davi instead x2x maybe we could try "Neatx NX server" which is a lot quicker in low connections
11:08 slef gmcharlt: "Sorry, you don't have enough rights to continue. Perhaps you forgot to login?"
11:08 nengard i have some FOSS screencasting apps bookmarked
11:08 slef gmcharlt: from wiki, which is odd because I've been actively editing during the last hour
11:08 nicomo beyond this particular issue with git I think nengard's point really is we need to do a better job helping non-coders help in, right?
11:09 slef nengard: can we pretest them?
11:09 nengard nicomo absolutely
11:09 chris and coders
11:09 paul_p nengard: try for some example (it's about koha, so even if you don't understand french, you should understand the context)
11:09 gmcharlt slef: odd - there's a timeout, but I ubmped that up ages ago
11:09 nengard slef - don't remember - let me get you the links
11:09 Wizzyrea_ well, if you have an army of semi-geeks able to fix typos that makes it easier, right?
11:09 gmcharlt slef: possible glitch in dokuwiki's OpenID support?
11:09 slef gmcharlt: can't be timeout because I've been editing.  It's like there's some maximum session length.
11:10 nengard[…]source+screencast
11:10 slef gmcharlt: possible.  Thought I'd let you know in case you get more reports.
11:10 gmcharlt slef: ok, thanks
11:10 slef nengard: ta
11:10 gmcharlt nicomo, nengard: what it sounds like this is becoming is a need for a series of tutorial sessions
11:11 nengard i'm up for that!!
11:11 gmcharlt possibly as something that's regularly scheduled
11:11 nicomo +1
11:11 gmcharlt monthly or bimonthly, perhaps
11:11 Wizzyrea_ Koha Uni
11:11 nengard love it Wizzyrea_
11:11 nengard we can start a chanel on and/or youtube
11:11 nicomo the Brand: start with a brand ;-
11:11 gmcharlt Wizzyrea_++
11:11 slef chris: what's "welcome" in maori?
11:12 chris theres a bunch
11:12 chris nau mai
11:12 nicomo not too formal then
11:12 chris haere mai
11:12 davi gmcharlt, I would propose the creation of a mailing list specific to teaching, announce new screencasts, etc. because it is lot hard read all the email in the dev list
11:12 slef chris: "welcome to koha" or "invitation to koha"?
11:13 nengard davi I recommend instead a blog or a rss feed of some sort :)
11:13 chris watea, powhiri, pohiri
11:13 nengard too many mailing lists
11:13 slef and youtube both work most of the time
11:13 gmcharlt davi: I think a koha-newbies list is a good idea, but for it to work, enough people have to commit to helping out on it for it to be effective
11:13 davi nengard, yes, something like that ...
11:13 gmcharlt otherwise, it will become ignored
11:13 chris Nau mai ki a Koha
11:13 nengard slef i was thinking of trying to reach out to the world using a popular tool :) we can post them on our own blog too
11:13 chris welcome to koha
11:13 slef Does everyone here know makes some of the koha lists available as blogs?
11:13 nengard we can set up a WP blog with multiple users accounts and we can all post our tutorials
11:13 indradg nengard, you can use Istanbul for doing the screencasting... can even do a voiceover
11:14 nengard oooo - can you tell i'm getting excited :) hehe
11:14 dbirmingham davi: I don't believe it would work
11:14 Wizzyrea_ could also do something like the planet
11:14 nengard indradg these all have voice recording too:[…]source+screencast
11:14 gmcharlt slef: if we go with the blog route, is your offer to set up WP-MU blogs still open?
11:14 Wizzyrea_ where peeople can add their feeds
11:14 slef (the links to have recently gone from I think)
11:14 Wizzyrea_ for koha tutorial
11:15 slef gmcharlt: yes, I need to do it anyway (our job reference 1123)
11:15 nicomo I like nengard's idea of going where people are: or youtube
11:15 joetho I think it is important to link to (and back from) existing sites, like
11:15 davi dbirmingham, we need some central point to post all the tutorial, etc. material
11:15 slef Wizzyrea_: our MU has FeedWordpress installed
11:15 dbirmingham Looks like reply fail for me. Sorry!
11:16 joetho too many websites !
11:16 Wizzyrea_ nicomo: me too, fwiw
11:16 nengard hehe
11:16 sekjal so, its sounding like we're looking at asynchronous presentation of these tutorials.  Is there still interest in a live presentation?
11:16 sekjal and if so, when?
11:16 schuster Could they not be linked from the development page?
11:16 nengard sekjal
11:16 joetho yes!
11:16 nengard yes
11:16 gmcharlt schuster: umm, I'm *not* in favor of disallowing links for any reason
11:16 kmkale yes please
11:16 slef joetho: you'll need to ask's editors about that.
11:16 nengard schuster gmcharlt we can put links all over the place
11:17 nengard but i like the idea of a central repository
11:17 schuster Well we are all editors now if you login are we not?
11:17 slef sekjal: presentation with live Q+A?
11:17 slef schuster: did something change in the last week?
11:17 joetho nengard: yes, centralize
11:17 nengard schuster you are able to add if you login - and edit your own stuff - but not edit other stuff
11:17 sekjal slef: something like that, sure
11:17 schuster i LOVE central repository..
11:17 gmcharlt that gets recorded for posterity on a central Koha Uni blog ..
11:17 schuster Ah sorry...  I've been on vacation remember...
11:18 davi nengard++  for central repository, else it would be a nightmare of coordination
11:18 nengard hehe
11:18 slef :)
11:18 kmkale central repo++
11:18 nengard okay - in the interest of time i say that I set up a page on the wiki where we can all get the specifics outlined
11:18 Wizzyrea_ there ya go slef
11:18 paul_p slef++
11:18 joetho I also like the idea of a Delete Czar who can consolidate and streamline what is beginning to become a somewhat bloated web presence. If I may be so bold.
11:18 davi ++
11:18 nengard i will post all of our suggestions and unanswered questions
11:18 gmcharlt nengard++ # wiki
11:19 gmcharlt slef++ #
11:19 schuster Thanks to nengard the documentation guru...
11:19 slef nengard: can you link it from[…]_new_contributors please?
11:19 chris joetho: the * sites?
11:19 nengard absolutely slef
11:20 chris joetho: or someone who goes round the web hackng peoples websites to remove stuff?
11:20 slef ok... if anyone who arrived late wants adding to[…]09aug05#attendees please tell me now
11:21 nengard slef i arrived late
11:21 schuster Too much power.
11:21 Wizzyrea_ me too
11:21 gmcharlt chris: well obviously you have to give the czar a big red delete button first
11:21 ruth me also
11:21 dbirmingham davi:  I may have been off point.  Early in my day for me :-)
11:21 davi slef, add me with my coop name
11:21 slef please tell me "Name, Organisation/Affiliation"
11:21 gmcharlt chris: whether you hook it up to anything is a different question ;)
11:21 chris hehe
11:21 slef so I don't embarrass myself getting them wrong ;-)
11:21 Wizzyrea_ Liz  Rea, NEKLS
11:21 davi np dbirmingham
11:22 ruth Ruth Vargas, Howard County Library
11:22 nengard slef: nengard = Nicole Engard / Koha Doc Manager/LibLime
11:22 slef Currently locked by: indradg
11:22 slef indradg: let me know when you're done, please
11:22 davi slef, "Davi Diaz,"
11:22 indradg slef, done.... was correcting a small typo
11:23 gmcharlt looks like we're winding down - any last minute stuff that anybody wants to bring up in the next two minutes?
11:24 slef ok, anyone else needs to add themselves
11:24 gmcharlt *BONG*
11:24 slef or beg smeone else
11:24 schuster gmcharlt - great work...  Now I'm off for more coffee and a shower and off to work!
11:24 gmcharlt thanks everybody for attending
11:24 gmcharlt next meeting will be 2 September - I'll send an email
11:24 nengard thanks all - sorry for being late
11:24 nengard but i'm very excited
11:24 paul_p thanks to everybody waked up early ;-)
11:25 schuster gmcharlt thanks again for being a great RM!
11:25 gmcharlt thanks
11:25 jdavidb Thanks, gmcharlt!    *wave*
11:25 schuster paul_p can now go have lunch!
11:25 sekjal thank you, gmcharlt, and everyone else, too!
11:25 indradg thanks gmcharlt
11:25 Amit thanks galen
11:25 Wizzyrea_ ttyl. 30 more minutes of pillow time for me
11:25 Wizzyrea_ :)
11:25 Wizzyrea_ oh man, I want tea
11:25 slef[…]etingnotes09aug05 updated - I'm out of it
11:26 Wizzyrea_ after pilllow time.
11:26 chris heh
11:32 chris and the room clears out
11:32 chris man, i drunk too much coffee to stay awake
11:33 chris now  i have to wait for that to wear off
11:33 kmkale can some one here please explain to me how monthely patron fees work?
11:34 chris the what?
11:34 kmkale I mean how to set it up, how to get overdue warning on the circulation screens in staff client and print fee receipts etc
11:34 kmkale monthly library fees
11:35 chris ummm i dont know anything about monthly fees im afraid
11:37 kmkale some libraries ( public ones ) here charge a set amount per month
11:38 joetho is Chris too awake for this?
11:38 kmkale and would like to track fees rcpts, overdues, etc in koha so that non paying patrons are not lent books till dues are cleared etc..
11:39 chris right overdues, rental fees etc koha does
11:39 chris but i dont think there is any concept of monthly fees
11:39 chris unless its a new feature
11:40 joetho patrons can be "auto-debarred" for such things, which prevents additional checkouts
11:40 indradg kmkale, sounds interesting, can you describe the use-case step-by-step and put it up somewhere?
11:40 kmkale I have gone over the fines etc. That is not fitting the bill here
11:40 kmkale indrag : yes I will
11:41 chris kmkale: yes it sounds like it would need to be a new feature
11:41 indradg chris, this sort of model has place in india, in fact, the way its going, might need integration into micro-payments using mobile phones
11:41 kmkale pl pardon my ignorance
11:41 chris membership fee
11:41 kmkale but dont public libraries in your contry charge any fees?
11:41 chris not time based ones
11:42 chris only overdues
11:42 kmkale chris :one time or recurring?
11:42 chris or rental charges
11:42 idg|lunch bbiab in 10
11:43 chris i dont know of any publics which charge a monthly fee in new zealand
11:43 idg|lunch chris, the model here for some public libs is like paying for cable TV or any utility... small amount every month for lending
11:43 chris right
11:43 kmkale yup
11:43 Amit Delhi public library charge Rs 2 per membership fees
11:43 chris so it would need to be a new feature, specced out and coded :)
11:44 kmkale under we have started installing koha in public libraries
11:44 kmkale this is a need no one for them
11:44 Amit hi kmkale
11:44 kmkale as these fees are their sustainance
11:44 kmkale hi amit
11:45 chris idg|lunch: here it is still primarily funded by local government taxes
11:45 kmkale the libraries also have to give detailed reports of same to govt and its founding trust bodies
11:46 chris altho there are people who wish it to be more user pays based
11:46 chris i personally think those people are crazy, and that that model disadvantages the people who need the library the most
11:46 chris but i dont rule the world ..... yet
11:47 kmkale Amit DPL does not charge a monthly fee right?
11:47 kmkale :)
11:47 Amit no monthly fee
11:47 Amit dpl charge only one time fee at the time of registration
11:48 kmkale thought so amit. met some of DPL ppl at NCRA
11:48 Amit bu they will also charge for CD/DVD
11:48 Amit i know u meet dpl people at NCRA
11:48 Amit only charge Rs 2
11:49 kmkale Chris: if its to be new feature who is working on similar stuff any idea?
11:49 chris fees stuff? hmmm
11:49 kmkale or who is doing most work on fines and rental charges?
11:49 chris i think biblibre
11:49 kmkale so if I manage to do something I can align it with their work
11:50 kmkale should I aks paul?
11:50 kmkale s/aks/ask
11:50 Amit i think one time fee is good idea as compare to monthly fees
11:50 slef kmkale: search for/file an enhancement bug on at some point
11:51 Amit kmkale:
11:51 kmkale slef, amit: yes I have searched bugs and patches
11:52 kmkale I have also gone over existing code relating to fines and rentals etc. could not find anything similar to monthly fees so thought yo ask here
11:52 slef ok - if it's not there, put in an enh bug and it should attract attention from anyone working on it already
11:53 Amit sandeep ask me this question already to me
11:53 kmkale yes amit sandeep and me are working together
11:53 Amit kmkale: what DPL people to say about this
11:53 Amit about fee
11:53 kmkale they are not tracking fees in koha
11:53 Amit they are tracking but only CD/DVD
11:54 Amit fees
11:54 kmkale ya they dont have this monthly fees suff. cd/dvd is rentals
11:54 Amit not monthly fee
11:54 Amit yes CD/DVD is rentals
11:55 Amit wait i will see again to dpl staff login
11:55 kmkale slef: I will do that ( enh bug )
11:57 tomascohen hi everyone, sorry i'm late
11:57 tomascohen have you already talked about debar fines?
11:58 chris[…]etingnotes09aug05 is the minutes tomascohen
11:58 Amit kmkale: they are manging with Till Reconciliation
11:58 Amit hi tomascohen
11:58 tomascohen thx!
11:59 kmkale Amit: yes but does not solve my problem of monthly fees and overdues thereof
11:59 Amit but monthly fee too complex i think
11:59 chris yes, it is definitely a new feature that someone will have to write
11:59 chris file it as an enhancement as step 1

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