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12:00 nahuel gmcharlt, thanks for the answer in zebralist
12:03 jwagner gmcharlt (or anyone) -- with regard to bug #3091 about patron images no longer uploading, do you know if anyone is working on a fix?  One of my sites is asking.  I haven't heard anything since the initial bug reports.  I know this worked as recently as February of this year -- something in one of the recent releases broke it.
12:03 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3091 major, P5, ---,, NEW, Problem uploading patron image.
12:28 |Lupin| bbl
12:28 |Lupin| bye everybody
13:01 gmcharlt nahuel: please let me know if sortmax works
13:01 nahuel gmcharlt, it works :) thanks
13:01 gmcharlt jwagner: double checking - can you confirm it's also broken for you?
13:08 jwagner gmcharlt, it was broken when I tested a few weeks ago -- haven't tried since then.
13:16 gmcharlt jwagner: ok, I'll look into it
13:18 jwagner The bug report had a suggested fix from someone, but it seemed to be a Perl install fix, not a Koha fix.  I was just curious if you'd heard of anyone working on it.
13:52 rhcl Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to SMUG they Go.
13:53 rhcl My director and tech services manager want to talk about Koha.
13:53 owen SMUG! - the official website of Sexual Minorities Uganda?
13:54 rhcl SMUG, huh, no. Something Sirsi * Users Group
13:54 rhcl In Nebraska (that's in the United States)
13:54 atz @cybog SMUG
13:54 munin atz: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
13:54 rhcl They are supposed to talk about Sirsi stuff, but the past couple of yearly meetings there have been side discussions about Koha
13:55 atz @cyborg SMUG
13:55 munin atz: downloading the Perl source
13:55 wizzyrea Sirsi Midwest Users Group?
13:55 atz sounds plausible
13:55 rhcl Yea, that's probably it
13:55 wizzyrea atz++
13:55 wizzyrea for the excellent work on SIP
13:55 rhcl Yea, actually it is. They let me go one time.
13:56 wizzyrea OMG they let you out of your office?
13:56 wizzyrea ^.^
13:56 rhcl Good bagles and I think they had orange juice. The amenities are how I rate conferences.
13:56 jdavidb wizzyrea:  :P  Once in a while.
13:56 rhcl Oh, I get out all the time.
13:57 jdavidb rhcl: The lunches have always been good, when I've been.  Bellevue did it all the times I went; they've got nice facilities.
13:57 rhcl They actually try to get me to go to stuff, but I just finished my MS and while I was working on that I didn't have time to go anywhere.
13:57 atz "I try to get out... and they *drag* me back in."
13:57 rhcl Yea, the conference itself is good; getting off the Interstate and finding a parking spot is hard.
13:58 wizzyrea you mean the interstate isn't a parking lot?
13:58 jdavidb Barbara Cornelius usually picked me up;  We parked in the lot "below" the library, and never had much trouble.  Bit of a hike to the campus center, but that's okay.
13:58 rhcl It could be; all you'd have to do is jump that 10' chain link fence and you'd be on campus.
14:00 jdavidb I did pre-conferences all three years I went, as well as a sesson during the breakouts.  Would have done it again this year, but wasn't invited to.  (Am told they're cutting back a little.)
14:00 rhcl Well, everybody keeps leaving Sirsi; I suppose they do have to cut back. ;)
14:01 jdavidb Heh.  True enough.
14:03 rhcl jdavidb: so obviously you aren't even going to attend this year.
14:03 rhcl ?
14:03 jwagner Different group, but I'm going to be doing a presentation at a DC regional Sirsi conference this fall.  First-time regional conf for this users group.  Some Sirsi sites are still going strong!  (I have a foot in both camps, although for Sirsi it's more like a big toe rather than a whole foot any more.)
14:03 jdavidb Nope.  
14:04 jdavidb rhcl:  That wasn't my regional group; I just got invited to come speak a lot.  I am a past-president of the South Central UUG, but live outside that area now, too.
14:04 Snow_Fox morning all
14:04 owen Hi Snow_Fox
14:04 jdavidb Howdy, Snow_Fox!
14:04 rhcl Snow, you've been missing out on a good conversation.
14:04 Snow_Fox oh?
14:05 rhcl Yea, about SMUG and Sirsi
14:05 Snow_Fox do i want to know?
14:07 rhcl Oh, it wasn't that big of a deal. Just that the SMUG conference is starting and the side issues are Koha and Koha.
14:08 Snow_Fox ah
14:09 rhcl jdavidb: were you the person that called me with info about ContentDM?
14:09 jdavidb I had originally planned on presenting there again this year--rehashing something I'd done at SuperConference on "Open-Source tools to make a sysadmin's life sane."  (And yeah, Koha would be one of them.)
14:09 Snow_Fox theres tools that make a sysadmins life sane?
14:09 jdavidb Probably not; I'm not a fan of ContentDM.
14:09 Snow_Fox is it prescription?
14:09 jdavidb Snow_Fox: Everything is relative.
14:09 Snow_Fox i beg to differ :P
14:11 jdavidb At the time I presented at SC, I had found a few gadgets to make my life a little *less* crazy.  Dealing with Unicorn was all the madness I could handle.
14:11 jwagner Speaking of Sirsi, there's been a discussion on the Unicorn sysadmin list about allowing sites to customize their own help files for the OPAC.  One of Sirsi's people, during that discussion, posted a link to a blog about "open system" (very definitely not open source).  I found it interesting and somewhat amusing.  http://sirsidynixsustainablede[…]-open-system.html
14:11 Snow_Fox huh
14:12 Snow_Fox maybe they are getting antsy about market share?
14:12 jdavidb I'd been doing that sort of thing on iBistro since about 2003.  Are they finally getting around to making it do-able for the non-API geeks?
14:13 jwagner The problem is with the newer versions (Symphony & Enterprise) the help files aren't directly editable.  This is not going down well, especially with consortia & other places who want to customize to local practices.
14:13 jdavidb SirsiDynix--
14:13 jwagner Sirsi-sysadmins++
14:15 rhcl You know, somebody sent an email to the list about Koha on a Sun Fire V240, and it caught my eye because we have Unicorn running on one.
14:16 jdavidb That's what we were doing, too.  It'd be interesting to see.  No reason it shouldn't be do-able, though, and I suspect it'd be blazingly fast.
14:16 rhcl So we have this very very expensive (very capable) machine, and I'm wonding myself how well it would run Koha.
14:16 rhcl Or more correctly, how hard getting Koha to run on it would be.
14:17 jdavidb Even with the overhead of running VirtualBox, as was suggested, it'd still be pretty quick, and that'd narrow down some of the difficulties.  
14:18 jdavidb Doing it on a system that is *currently* running Unicorn...that might be hairy, with all the nonsense that SD does to Perl.
14:18 rhcl Well, actually that was my thought exactly--installing Virtual Box and then Koha in that. My tech services manager would freak out.
14:18 jdavidb Heh.
14:19 rhcl It ain't gonna happen, but I was just thinking about it.
14:19 Snow_Fox i can see it now
14:19 Snow_Fox whats that black box covered in dust in the corner with power and nic
14:19 Snow_Fox nothing......
14:20 jdavidb The "other" ILS...
14:20 Snow_Fox ive seen situations where there is a black box and no one know what it does
14:20 jdavidb I had a couple of virtual boxen running on my test server (a V240) in addition to a Unicorn instance.  Seemed a pity to not use that capacity for *something*.
14:21 rhcl Actually, we were playing with trying to get Koha to manage our serials (we don't have that Sirsi module), and we (my assistant and I) actually had a big ol' monsterous Compaq ML350 G2 sitting in our admin area with us.
14:22 rhcl We're all deaf now.
14:22 jdavidb I imagine so!
14:22 Snow_Fox hehe
14:22 Snow_Fox i have one
14:23 jwagner Been there, done that, got the earplugs....
14:23 Snow_Fox i use him for databackup-
14:23 Snow_Fox he's only on when i need to get something
14:23 jdavidb Years ago, I had a DEC AlphaServer 1000 in my office.  Dual power-supply...sounded like a jet engine was running loose in there.
14:24 rhcl We finally ditched ours. I'll try to come up with something a little more modern and we'll reload it. I think Koha was working OK, but we couldn't get the data transfer right from Unicorn to Koha for the serials.
14:25 Snow_Fox ah
14:25 Snow_Fox i only had one PS
14:25 Snow_Fox and it wasnt horrible
14:25 Snow_Fox cept on powerup
14:26 rhcl This one we have is dual everything--power and CPUs
14:28 rhcl brb, need some coffee
14:28 Snow_Fox ah
14:29 Snow_Fox mine was only a single core single PS but had a hotswapable SCSI bay for about 5 drives
14:29 Snow_Fox wish it was SATA
14:29 Snow_Fox drives are far cheaper
14:29 Snow_Fox and need to expand
15:25 owen If you do a keyword search in the OPAC, it doesn't do a tag search at the same time does it?
15:29 nicomo_ owen: no
15:31 owen What about a message at the top of your search results that says, "Your search matched tagged items," with a link to those results?
15:32 owen You'd probably want to do a fuzzy match on the tags, though
15:32 jdavidb That would be very, very cool...    
15:33 owen Did you buy that lottery ticket yet jdavidb?
15:34 jdavidb I bought one, owen, but we'll see how it goes.  ;-)
15:34 nicomo owen: I'm not sure about mixing a search between subjects headings provided in the record by librarians and user provided tags
15:35 owen nicomo: That's why I thought maybe a message offering a link was better than mixing the results by default
15:35 nicomo ah ok, got it now
15:36 nicomo why not, yes
15:38 Snow_Fox huh
15:38 Snow_Fox i just noticed a bad tag
15:38 Snow_Fox on the demo
15:38 Snow_Fox how do you go in a remove say offensive tags
15:39 owen You go into Tools -> Tags in the staff client
15:39 owen You'd probably want to have tag moderation turned on so that they have to pass a librarian before going on the opac
15:40 Snow_Fox public demo has "bitch" as a tag in the cloud
15:42 Snow_Fox well thats fixed :-P
15:42 Snow_Fox now i just gotta fix my screen shot for our documentation
15:47 jwagner gmcharlt, around?
15:47 gmcharlt jwagner: yes
15:48 jwagner I've been trying to keep an eye on all the SIP patches atz has been doing, but I've lost track.  I saw you'd pushed the latest one to head (the 3M Chute thing).  Have the others that came out last week gone into head yet?
15:49 gmcharlt jwagner: yes
15:49 jwagner OK, great.  Thanks.
15:50 jdavidb gmcharlt++
15:50 jdavidb Hm.  I wonder...
15:50 jdavidb @karma gmcharlt
15:50 munin jdavidb: Karma for "gmcharlt" has been increased 28 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 28.
15:51 gmcharlt gmcharlt-- # gotta be some balance
15:51 munin gmcharlt: Error: You're not allowed to adjust your own karma.
15:51 gmcharlt but I guess I won't be the one to do it
15:51 owen You'll have to pick a fight with someone
15:51 jwagner Certainly no one ELSE is going to decrease your karma!
15:53 kf gmcharlt++ (for SIP patches - started SIP-testing this week :) )
15:54 jdavidb hee.  Poor galen.  He's so awesome, he can't avoid high karma.
15:54 kf :)
15:56 gmcharlt speaking of testing, if anybody other than me has a moment test Koha with the latest version of MARC::File::XML (0.91), I'd appreciate the feedback
15:56 gmcharlt there *shouldn't* be any regressions, but...
15:58 wizzyrea kf what are you using your SIP for?
15:58 wizzyrea self check/RFID?
15:59 kf yes
15:59 wizzyrea what platform?
15:59 kf the library had no barcodes so they decided to start directly with rfid
15:59 kf check in and check out using a self check station, no sorting
16:00 kf its a German vendor called EasyCheck
16:00 wizzyrea oh cool
16:00 kf we just started with some test cases for the sip server and got a reader with keybuffer program for the desk
16:01 gmcharlt kf: assuming it tests out OK, please update the compatibility list at the bottom of[…]:development:sip2
16:01 kf will do
16:02 wizzyrea yea, NEKLS has put some dev bucks into SIP, we hope it's working for you :)
16:02 kf NEKLS++
16:02 gmcharlt NEKLS++
16:02 wizzyrea ooh, karma for nekls
16:02 wizzyrea fwiw, it works great for us now
16:03 kf nice to hear that!
16:03 gmcharlt atz++ # he does most of the heavy lifting for SIP2
16:03 kf does the wiki page need other upgrades with the new patches?
16:03 wizzyrea we're using 3M hardware and computer management with Envisionware
16:03 gmcharlt kf: probably, yes
16:03 wizzyrea atz++
16:05 owen Does anyone know if vufind offers a "tag cloud" view?
16:08 eiro hello guys
16:08 owen wizzyrea: Looks like NEKLS patrons aren't jumping all over the tagging feature either.
16:09 owen NPL patrons have barely noticed it.
16:10 wizzyrea yea, they're not
16:10 wizzyrea we haven't really publicised it
16:10 wizzyrea (aside: oi, british spelling)
16:12 owen My introduction to tagging for our staff is meant to be a precursor to starting some publicity.
16:12 kf I think you need a critical mass - perhaps library should tag books, so that there is a cloud and people get an idea how it can look like
16:12 wizzyrea well that could be
16:15 owen That's a pretty good idea actually. wizzyrea can you get right on that?
16:15 wizzyrea heh
16:16 wizzyrea I can add an enhancement bug for it >.>
16:18 jdavidb So, you'll have the patches ready for gmcharlt tomorrow or so?
16:18 jdavidb :D  
16:18 wizzyrea yea, I'll get right on that
16:21 jdavidb Yay!
16:22 jwagner To paraphrase certain persons of our acquaintance, I want complete functionality and I want it yesterday!
16:23 jwagner You know who I mean.....
16:23 jdavidb A-yup.  
16:26 jwagner But thanks to NEKLS for sponsoring all the SIP stuff!
16:27 gmcharlt If I'm not mistaken, one of the outcomes of the SOPAC features may be a way to get a better shot at a critical mass for tags
16:28 wizzyrea well I hope it helps someone out. I made sure to remind the library that needed all of the enhancements that their problems were not in vain, that koha users around the world would benefit from their struggles
16:28 jwagner Yep.  Benefit almost immediately, as a matter of fact.
16:31 jdavidb When we first started talking tagging at ALC, one of the catalogers wanted to import all the LC subject headings for the bibs into the tags.  *headdesk*
16:32 rhcl chris: online?
16:33 rhcl @seen chris
16:33 munin rhcl: chris was last seen in #koha 6 hours, 19 minutes, and 24 seconds ago: <chris> its 10.15pm .. no one is paying me at the moment :-) its addictive
16:45 kf one question: our library will start with koha in october - thats (hopefully) not far from 3.2
16:46 kf and seeing the additions for SIP we probably need... im not sure which version to install - HEAD or 3.0.x
16:48 kf I have test installations for both atm
16:49 kf no advice? :)
16:50 gmcharlt I'd say HEAD - the SIP2 stuff is dependent on other circ changes that may be a bit tricky to backport to 3.0.x
16:51 kf it seems very stable and I like the new features
16:53 kf the patches for AllowOnShelfHolds are also very interesting
16:54 kf I want to go with HEAD, but not sure if I can convince my colleagues. :(
16:56 kf Is it safe to update a production system from HEAD when 3.2 is officially released?
17:03 gmcharlt kf: yes
17:07 kf gmcharlt: thx
17:12 kf time go go home now - bye #koha :)
17:21 owen Hi petermayr
17:25 owen Has anyone done anything with Amazon content and 13-digit isbns? I can't remember if someone has worked on that issue.
17:29 owen Using the Operator Firefox addon is great for discovering how people are using microformats
17:29 Snow_Fox what exactly is authoiryt search?
17:31 owen Snow_Fox: In what context?
17:32 Snow_Fox Opac Search
17:33 Snow_Fox Browse by subject
17:33 Snow_Fox Authority Search
17:33 Snow_Fox and main entry has ($a only)
17:33 owen Does your library use Authority records?
17:33 Snow_Fox ihavnt a clue
17:33 owen Then you probably don't :)
17:33 Snow_Fox looks like it worked
17:34 owen Some libraries purchase authority records just like they purchase MARC records
17:34 owen Authority records are the authoritative format for data like author, subject, etc.
17:37 Snow_Fox ok seriously why do we have something like this in our Opac
17:39 owen Uhh... In case someone might want to use it?
17:39 Snow_Fox i can barely use it
17:40 Snow_Fox meh oh well
17:40 owen System preference: OpacAuthorities. Set to OFF.
17:41 Snow_Fox not my call to make
17:41 Snow_Fox however nice to know it can me removed easily
17:49 ecorrado is there anything I have to do to activate changes in opac-auth.tmpl? I edited the file but I don't see my changes.
17:52 pianohacker ecorrado: What specifically did you change?
17:53 pianohacker Also, if you did a standard install, editing the files in the tarball won't do anything
17:53 pianohacker You have to change them where they were installed
17:54 ecorrado I removed the stuff about seeing a librarian to get a new card.
17:54 ecorrado I edited /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs​/opac-tmpl/prog/en/modules
17:55 ecorrado (I confired I actually have en selected as the language in the admin module and not something like en-NZ)
17:56 ecorrado I want everthing after and including "Don't have a password yet?" off of:[…]koha/
17:57 pianohacker Hmm.
17:57 pianohacker If you edit anything else, do your changes show up?
17:58 ecorrado nope, but I didn't try other files, only that one.
17:58 ecorrado should it automatically show up?
17:58 pianohacker It should, yes
17:58 gmcharlt ecorrado: in the active koha-conf.xml, make sure <opachtdocs> is in fact /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tmpl
17:59 gmcharlt ecorrado: also make sure that the opacthemes system preference is set to prog
18:01 ecorrado gmcharlt: those two things are set properly
18:04 ecorrado ok.... I edited rn-NZ and it worked
18:04 ecorrado so the proble is it is displaying the wrong language in the Admin module
18:05 ecorrado odd
18:05 ecorrado but that does explain the spelling of catalogue
18:05 gmcharlt opaclanguages = 'en', not 'en-NZ'?
18:05 ecorrado yep, I have it as en
18:07 ecorrado there must be somethign wrong underneath...
18:08 ecorrado It doesn't take any language changes, although the admin web page sas it does
18:08 ecorrado is there a file where these are saved on the server? Maybe I have a permissions issue?
18:10 ecorrado hmmmm.....
18:10 ecorrado Someehow I got it to work.
18:10 ecorrado I changed it to Italian and back and now it is in regular English.
18:10 ecorrado Still, something is weird.... I'll have to look into it
18:10 ecorrado thanks for your help
18:19 |Lupin| hi again everybody
18:20 |Lupin| gmcharlt: are you around ?
18:23 gmcharlt |Lupin|: hi
18:24 |Lupin| gmcharlt: hi
18:25 |Lupin| gmcharlt: I was wondering... would you accept a patch that adds country and a B_country fields to the borrowers table ?
18:25 |Lupin| gmcharlt: we'd need the country one, so I could do something similar to what I provided for bug 3440
18:25 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3440 enhancement, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, More information in the branches table
18:26 gmcharlt |Lupin|: I suppose.  Is your patron population multi-national?
18:26 |Lupin| gmcharlt: yep
18:27 |Lupin| gmcharlt: since our books are distributed as files, we already have patrons in France, Switzerland and a few North-african countries
18:27 |Lupin| african, rather, and we expect to have canadian readers, too.
18:27 gmcharlt OK
18:28 |Lupin| gmcharlt: did you already review the other patch ? just to know whether I can use it as a model to prepare the new one.
18:30 gmcharlt |Lupin|: yes - OK to use it as a model
18:31 atz @seen kados
18:31 munin atz: I have not seen kados.
18:31 pianohacker atz: He hasn't been in here for a while, though he's occasionally available on freenode
18:31 |Lupin| gmcharlt: ok, thanks. Shall I submit an enhancement bug for this one, too, or is it okay to just send the patch and indicate its similarity with the previously mentionned 3440 ?
18:31 gmcharlt |Lupin|: file a new bug
18:32 |Lupin| gmcharlt: ok, will do so, thanks, sorry for having disturbed you.
18:32 gmcharlt not at all
18:37 brendan good morning #koha
18:37 brendan finally back from my honeymoon and ready to do some work
18:37 |Lupin| :)
18:38 |Lupin| good evening brendan :-)
18:38 pianohacker brendan: Hey
18:38 gmcharlt hi brendan
18:38 brendan evening Lupin
18:38 gmcharlt congrats!
18:38 brendan thanks gmcharlt
18:38 wizzyrea ohh... your head is clear then...
18:38 pianohacker We have some encoding issues we want you to take a look at
18:38 wizzyrea and congratulations
18:38 pianohacker Congratulations, though :)
18:38 brendan sweet :)
18:39 pianohacker They only occur on a full moon when the user stands on one leg
18:39 brendan and you need a left-handed smoke signal
18:40 pianohacker Hehehe
18:40 pianohacker Where'd you go for your honeymoon?
18:40 |Lupin| see you later everybody !
18:40 |Lupin| bye
18:40 pianohacker bye
18:40 brendan We went to Catalina Island off the coast of LA
18:40 brendan Los Angeles
18:40 pianohacker Sounds peaceful
18:42 ebegin brendan is married!!! congratulation!  brendan++ brendan++ brendan++ brendan++ brendan++ some extra karma points for him :)
18:42 ebegin @karma brendan
18:42 munin ebegin: Karma for "brendan" has been increased 7 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 7.
18:43 atz ... he'll need'm.  
18:43 brendan thanks
18:43 ebegin atz, hehe
18:43 brendan if should really be Sonja++
18:43 gmcharlt Sonja++
18:43 pianohacker Sonja++
18:43 atz congratulations, brendan
18:43 brendan thanks atz
18:44 brendan time to read a months back log of emails
18:44 brendan :(
18:57 owen Hi brendan, welcome back
18:57 brendan heya owen :)
19:00 jdavidb pianohacker++ #New syspref editor...
19:00 wizzyrea yea, hawtness
19:01 pianohacker I've managed to get more karma mileage out of one screenshot and some fast talking...
19:01 Snow_Fox lol
19:01 wizzyrea pianohacker++
19:01 pianohacker heh
19:01 jdavidb @karma pianohacker
19:01 munin jdavidb: Karma for "pianohacker" has been increased 15 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 15.
19:02 wizzyrea heh... we'll turn you into a bitter old IT guy someday
19:02 pianohacker Hehe
19:02 pianohacker Grumbling about users forgetting their passwords and how Windows XV is a pile of crap
19:02 jdavidb He'd make a great PFY, though, wizzyrea ....he already has the cynical nature of the BOFH...just needs more practice.
19:03 pianohacker Seriously, if any devs have a little spare time, I'd appreciate some code nitpicking
19:06 owen :)
19:07 pianohacker That would also be helpful.
19:20 wizzyrea jdavidb so what you're saying is... we should go over your patches and make them purty?
19:22 jdavidb Oh, somewhat, wizzyrea.  I try to take care of the basics.  In particular, though, when it comes to a webpage, I tend to make things really sparse and functional.  People like owen are nice to have around.
19:24 chris morning
19:24 owen Hi chris
19:24 gmcharlt hi chris
19:25 jdavidb howdy, chris! :)
19:25 jwagner Morning, chris
19:29 brendan morning chris jdavidb jwagner
19:29 jdavidb Hiya, brendan! :)
19:29 pianohacker Good morning, chris
19:33 rhcl chris: I know Auckland and Wellington aren't close, but is Stewart anybody you might know by chance? (I'm reading lbr as possible library)
19:34 chris us wellingtonians try not to mix with dorklanders
19:34 chris :-)
19:34 chris nope havent run across that name before
19:35 chris the .ac tells me academic institution
19:35 wizzyrea dorklanders... priceless
19:35 chris so will be auckland university
19:36 chris work on dspace huh?
19:38 chris rhcl: don't know him, can probably find someone who does tho :)
19:38 chris wizzyrea: dorkland or bucklame  
19:38 rhcl yea, dspace
19:54 chris rhcl: do you want me to ask around? or was it idle curiousity?
19:55 chris ive heard some of those west virginian ones
19:55 chris from pennsylvannians
19:55 chris we tend not to make jokes about marrying your cousin
19:56 chris so probably not the same :-)
19:56 chris its probably more those kinda jokes the aucklanders make about us
19:56 chris they are the sophisticated by city after all :-)
19:56 chris by=big
19:58 owen Here's the one I first heard when I moved to Ohio: Why did the West Virginians build a bridge over the Ohio river to Ohio?
19:58 owen So they could swim across in the shade.
19:58 owen <rimshot>
19:59 owen Thanks everyone, I'll be here all week!
19:59 rhcl chris: sorry, no, it was just idle curiosity on my part when I saw he was somehow involved with Dspace and from NZ
20:03 chris 3cool
20:03 chris hmm -3
20:03 chris ok work time
20:03 chris bbl
20:15 wizzyrea owen++ # for jokes and the admonition to tip your waitresses
20:21 cau0730 hi everyone.  sorry i have been really coding today so i needed to stay away from talking :)
20:22 cau0730 i have been working on our Koha<->SIS connection.  This is exactly why we branched our code
20:25 rhcl SIS = Student Information System?
20:28 cau0730 yes
20:31 rhcl I subscribe to a list which includes a lot of school sysadmins. I'm  not familiar with them, but the sysadmins seem to generally dislike whichever SIS they happen to have.
20:32 rhcl They seem to need a lot of attention.
20:32 cau0730 our boss undertook this 3 years ago and the old team couldn't get it done, but we have a working product all ready within 1 year.    now i am working on integration with Koha and the SIS
20:32 cau0730 that is why we have decided to create our own
20:32 rhcl Are you doing a SIP connection or something more than that.
20:32 rhcl ?
20:33 cau0730 between Koha and our SIS?
20:33 rhcl Yes
20:35 cau0730 it is connections from one db to another right now.  it is more than enough for what we want to accomplish
20:35 cau0730 for instance...
20:35 cau0730 i have have Packages for SIS.  One of the functions looks like
20:35 cau0730 sub deleteStudentsWithNoIssues()
20:35 cau0730 {
20:35 cau0730 my $koha_dbh = C4::Context->dbh;
20:35 cau0730
20:35 cau0730 my $koha_sth = $koha_dbh->prepare("select borrowernumber,userid,cardnumber,ho​meroom,branchcode,firstname,surname from borrowers where borrowers.categorycode='ST' order by branchcode");
20:35 cau0730 $koha_sth->execute();
20:35 cau0730 my $i = 0;
20:35 cau0730 while (my ($borrowernumber,$userid,$cardnumber,$hom​eroom,$branchcode,$first_name,$last_name) = $sth->fetchrow())
20:36 cau0730 {
20:36 cau0730 my $koha_has_issues_sth = $koha_dbh->prepare("select 1 from issues where borrowernumber=? and returndate is NULL");
20:36 cau0730 $koha_has_issues_sth->execute($borrowernumber);
20:36 cau0730
20:36 cau0730 if (!$has_issues_sth->rows)
20:36 cau0730 {
20:36 cau0730 $koha_dbh->do("delete from borrowers where borrowernumber=$borrowernumber");
20:36 cau0730 $i++;
20:36 cau0730 }
20:36 cau0730 }
20:36 cau0730 return $i;
20:36 cau0730 }
20:36 cau0730 oops i see paraenthesis
20:36 rhcl Oh, yes, ic ic
20:37 cau0730 and that is a bad example cause it doesn't connect to the SIS db but you get the idea
20:37 rhcl yes, indeed
20:37 cau0730 so the plan is to add cron scripts that update borrowers every time a new student is added
20:38 cau0730 this is a good one
20:38 cau0730 sub getLibrarianForSchool
20:38 cau0730 {
20:38 cau0730 my $building_code = shift;
20:38 cau0730 my $dbh = SIS::Context->dbh;
20:38 cau0730 my $sth = $dbh->prepare("select first_name,last_name,email from hrdata_employee,hrdata_hiredemploye​e,hrdata_genericjob,hrdata_job,hrda​ta_job_facility,facility_facility where facility_facility.building_code=? and hrdata_job_facility.facili​ and and and hrdata_genericjob.title like 'Libra%' and hrdata_hiredemployee.job_titl​e_id=hrdata_job_facility.job
20:38 cau0730 $sth->execute($building_code);
20:38 cau0730 my $row = $sth->fetchrow_hashref();
20:38 cau0730 $sth->finish();
20:38 cau0730 return $row;
20:38 cau0730 }
20:39 cau0730 that gets the email address of the librarian.  this way if the librarian changes in the SIS then it changes  in koha.   since there are two dbs we need this functionality
20:40 cau0730 and of course they are written in two different languages
20:42 cau0730 i will say that this isn't the best way to do it but i am under a real  time crunch for koha to stay in our school division and without koha i could possibly be out of a job
20:43 richard hi
20:43 cau0730 hi richard
20:44 chris back
20:56 Sharon quick reports question - does biblio.title include 245 $b, $p and $n? Trying to overcome that cart bug discovered yesterday via a report.
20:56 cau0730 i don't think it does.   not in 2.2 at least
20:56 Sharon crudders
20:56 cau0730 what bug?
20:57 Sharon 3455
20:57 cau0730 ah i don't look at the koha bugs cause i am using an outdated version  lol
20:58 Sharon are they making you feel bad about not using 3.0??  
20:58 cau0730 lol   :)   nope i wish we were using 3 :)
21:01 chris Sharon: nope is the answer
21:02 chris you can check by going to /cgi-bin/koha/admin/
21:02 chris it tells me title = 245a
21:02 Sharon ok. I want full titles in my report, not just a
21:02 Sharon am I outta luck?
21:03 chris using the report writer?
21:03 chris yep
21:03 chris the 245b is in the marcxml
21:03 chris so you would have to have a custom report to get it out
21:03 Sharon ugh. no 6xx at all
21:03 chris that used to be in bibliosubject
21:03 chris but that table got deaded
21:03 Sharon i have my support request in now.
21:04 atz if it's not in the table, you're not going to get it from report writer
21:04 atz there's no way around that
21:04 chris yep thats what i said :)
21:04 chris need a custom report that gets it from marcxml
21:04 atz I defy anybody to try parsing MARCXML w/ mysql regexps
21:04 chris she didnt say she wanted to search it, she just wanted to display it
21:05 atz chris: right, a custom script can do it
21:05 chris id just write a little search that uses zebra
21:05 Sharon well Joe, when the request comes in, you can jump on it ;-)
21:05 chris or C4::Search
21:05 chris and not bother with doing sql ;)
21:05 Sharon or just fix the damn bug and show the full 245 in the cart/list
21:06 chris oh is that it?
21:06 chris is the bug just that the cart uses biblio.title?
21:06 Sharon yes, i think so.
21:06 chris the trick with that sharon
21:07 chris is title isnt the same in UNIMARC
21:07 chris thats why we map it, and use it
21:07 Sharon Ah, international issues.
21:07 chris but, we could make the cart use xslt
21:07 chris to get round that
21:07 chris maybe
21:07 Sharon makes sense, but still very needed.  Try finding a Go Diego Go video without a subtitle...impossible
21:07 chris whatcha reckon atz?
21:08 atz there's also biblio.unititle and .seriestitle
21:08 chris yeah
21:08 atz biblio.abstract
21:08 chris there was another table for subtitles
21:08 atz biblioitems.volume
21:09 Sharon and a 3rd table for parts and numbers??
21:09 chris does anyone ever use unititle?
21:09 atz biblioitems.number .publicationyear .volumedate .volumedesc .collectiontitle .editionstatement .editionresponsitbility
21:09 Sharon maybe academics
21:10 chris what we really need is somewehre to link 245b to eh?
21:10 Sharon and 245n and 245p
21:11 atz what is volumedesc, if not a description of the volume?
21:11 Sharon if patrons try to use the cart/list to create a bibliography, the full title is needed
21:12 Sharon biblioitems.volume and biblioitems.volumedesc - i'll play with these
21:20 cau0730 got to go...  later all
22:00 pianohacker chris: Thanks for putting up the demo. Can't get in, though, what's a valid login?
22:04 chris[…]achines-they-work
22:11 rhcl SMUG photo:
22:17 pianohacker bbl
22:19 chris http://librarian.koha.workbuff[…]in/
22:19 chris ask me for a login if you want to take a look at pianohacker's new preferences stuff
22:27 brendan later #koha
23:49 pianohacker back
01:45 pianohacker Good night
03:19 Amit hi chris, brendan
03:19 Amit good morning #koha
03:19 Amit @wunder New Delhi India
03:19 munin Amit: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 30.0°C (8:30 AM IST on July 31, 2009). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 66%. Dew Point: 23.0°C. Pressure: 29.56 in 1001 hPa (Steady).
03:45 brendan heya Amit
03:47 Amit cong for marriage
03:47 Amit brendan
03:47 brendan thanks amit
03:47 brendan amit++
03:48 Amit brendan: whr is my party /treat
03:48 Amit ?
03:48 brendan in the mail :)
03:50 Amit whr is mail?
03:50 Amit brendan: i have not rec any mail
03:51 brendan :)
04:37 brendan @wunder 93103
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05:44 Amit hi nicomo
05:44 nicomo hi Amit
05:44 nicomo hi #koha
05:46 kf good morning
05:46 kf chris here?
06:09 Amit hi kf
06:10 kf hi Amit
06:37 Amit hi indradg_
06:38 indradg_ Amit, morning dude
06:38 Amit indradg_: hw is life in kolkata
07:00 chris am now kf
07:02 kf hi chris
07:03 kf I saw the link to your koha installation... and was curious about the new syspref editor
07:04 chris ahhh i think you know the password already :)
07:04 chris i set you one to check the translation once i think?
07:08 kf yes... but I lost it :(
07:16 kf thx chris!
07:22 chris http://socialnetworkinglibrari[…]catalog-programs/
07:22 chris everone should comment here :)
07:39 Amit hi chirs
07:39 chris hi Amit
07:39 Amit i m checking ur URL
10:09 Amit chris around
10:09 Amit whr is get_today() subroutine is defined in

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