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12:04 Amit hi jwagner, nengard, nahuel
12:09 jwagner Hi Amit
13:07 owen Hi collum
13:07 collum hi
13:08 gmcharlt hi folks
13:15 kf hi galen, collum and owen
13:18 rhcl_away @seen wizzyrea
13:18 munin rhcl_away: wizzyrea was last seen in #koha 17 hours, 2 minutes, and 43 seconds ago: <wizzyrea> owen++ # for jokes and the admonition to tip your waitresses
13:18 rhcl_away @seen chris
13:18 munin rhcl_away: chris was last seen in #koha 5 hours, 38 minutes, and 42 seconds ago: <chris> hi Amit
13:18 ebegin good morning all!
13:18 rhcl_away morning
13:18 owen rhcl_away: chris ought to be sleeping now. If he's not he should be!
13:19 rhcl_away Yea, I just wanted to pass on some brief scuttlebutt from the SMUG conference. It can wait.
13:20 rhcl_away Yea! I knew I'd wake somebody up!
13:21 kf who does not :)
13:22 rhcl_away OK, well, wizzyrea is in Kansas, and one library in Hays bought Sirsi Enterprise (I'm not familiar with that) from them (Sirsi). It seems that Sirsi demo'd v3.0, but then sold them 2.0. Appears they are unhappy and disappointed.
13:22 rhcl_away I don't think that Hays is part of wizz's group.
13:22 kf enterprise can do fuzzy search - was not impressed by that ;)
13:22 owen Wow, they certainly have a right to be more than disappointed
13:24 rhcl Apparently my director is talking Koha w/ Hays.
13:26 rhcl Josh F. did a presentation for the KS group in Lawrence, what, over a year ago now. Seems there is considerable interest in having a Koha rep do a follow-up performance.
13:26 rhcl Somebody is tweeting this, I'd like to know the stream. I'm getting second hand info.
13:27 owen When you say the KS group is that not NEKLS?
13:28 rhcl Yea, it was.
13:28 rhcl Our library was at that meeting (including me).
13:29 owen I guess I'm confused because NEKLS is using Koha now
13:30 gmcharlt owen: right, but IIRC the talk in question was also hosted by NEKLS but libraries throughout KS were invited
13:30 rhcl OK, over a year ago NEKLS had Josh come in for a presentation on Koha (there was also a videoconference with someone from Evergreen.
13:30 rhcl Subsequently NEKLS went to Koha, but Hays isn't part of that group.
13:31 rhcl yes, galen is correct. We are actually from Missouri, but NEKLS graciously invited us to attend too.
13:32 owen Liblime is probably afraid if they sign any more libraries in Kansas they'll have the government's anti-trust lawyers after them ;)
13:34 rhcl Yea, well, the lawyers will probably be using Koha to do their anti-trust research at the library.
13:34 gmcharlt rhcl++
13:48 rhcl @seen Snow_Fox
13:48 munin rhcl: Snow_Fox was last seen in #koha 18 hours, 46 minutes, and 44 seconds ago: <Snow_Fox> lol
13:54 Snow_Fox BOO!
13:56 rhcl AWYSANW! You scared me!
13:57 rhcl So what do you know about the library at Hays?
13:57 Snow_Fox the public library or the library at the college
13:58 Snow_Fox nut much about there pub lib
13:58 Snow_Fox but i know the college has some pretty nifty tech toys for there IT dept
13:58 rhcl humm, not sure which.
13:58 rhcl probably the public library
13:59 Snow_Fox sorry rhcl but that would be diddly and whatever google could tell me
13:59 rhcl ok, tnx
14:10 wizzyrea there are several koha consortia in kansas
14:10 wizzyrea and good morning
14:11 wizzyrea NEKLS is one, SEKLS has one (sek n find) and SCKLS has one (pathfinder central)
14:11 wizzyrea NEKLS migrated from a Sirsi consortia, SEKLS is migrating from follett/winnebago/alexandria
14:11 wizzyrea sckls is same as sekls
14:11 wizzyrea and then there are a couple of libraries that struck out on their own with koha, Salina/KWU and Derby are the two I know of
14:12 Snow_Fox say that 5 times fast
14:12 Snow_Fox :-D
14:13 kf :D
14:13 wizzyrea that's the 7 regional systems in kansas
14:13 Snow_Fox ah cool
14:13 Snow_Fox i had mild curiosity about that
14:16 wizzyrea That's Northeast, Southeast, South Central, Central, Northwest, North Central, Southwest, in order
14:16 rhcl So who does Hays belong to?
14:16 wizzyrea 1s, let me look
14:16 wizzyrea
14:17 wizzyrea I think CKLS
14:17 rhcl Snow, which group are you?
14:17 Snow_Fox i think NCKLS
14:18 Snow_Fox and a shiney nickle it is
14:18 Snow_Fox ill call him phillip
14:18 Snow_Fox bonus points for where that is referenced
14:21 rhcl "The Mask of the Red Death"??? "The Deep" (Jacquelin Bisset)???  "Beginning Perl"????
14:21 Snow_Fox Fairly Odd Parents
14:21 rhcl I was close.
14:22 owen I get that and "The Deep" mixed up all the time.
14:22 owen Makes for some interesting morning TV for the kids.
14:22 rhcl hehe
14:22 Snow_Fox heh
14:23 rhcl Well, I'm off to a LUG meeting somewhere in KS, I'm taking a map, but if I don't return in 10 hours call the sheriff.
14:24 Snow_Fox i would think SAR would be a better response
14:24 Snow_Fox just remember
14:24 Snow_Fox if you hear a banjo, your not in kansas anymore
14:24 rhcl_away Snow, you ought to go too. It's in Overland Park.
14:24 Snow_Fox blehg
14:24 Snow_Fox thats a nice 4 hour drive
14:25 Snow_Fox be careful in larence
14:25 rhcl_away Well, you get compensated for mileage, right?
14:25 Snow_Fox ya but convencing my staff to let me go instead of figuring out HOW stuff is gonna work
14:25 Snow_Fox thats the sticky part
14:26 rhcl_away Well, you need to be in charge so that you don't have to get permission.
14:26 Snow_Fox prob not gonna happen im the low man on the totem pole
14:31 nahuel gmcharlt, is it great for koha-commits ?
14:31 gmcharlt nahuel: ?
14:31 gmcharlt nahuel: is what great?
14:31 nahuel gmcharlt, all that you ask me
14:31 nahuel gmcharlt, by mail
14:32 gmcharlt nahuel: ah, I understand - yes, it's fine
14:32 nahuel cool :)
14:32 gmcharlt just one more glitch - now that the homepage is generated dynamically, need to fill in descriptions for all of the lists
14:32 nahuel héhé
14:32 nahuel this is not made in mailman ?
14:32 nahuel in the web admin ?
14:33 gmcharlt yes, but it's the one line descriptoin per list
14:33 nahuel ah
14:33 gmcharlt and has to be changed in web admin per list
14:33 nahuel by the admin
14:33 nahuel and you're not the admin of all lists :)
14:33 nahuel i suppose
14:33 gmcharlt no, I'm not TM
14:33 gmcharlt *ATM
14:33 nahuel ok
14:35 nahuel gmcharlt, can you email me a description for each list ?
14:36 gmcharlt nahuel: sure
14:36 nahuel thx
14:45 wizzyrea oh mailman. How I love and loathe thee
14:52 Snow_Fox there is a farside that pops into my head
14:52 Snow_Fox though rain shine hail or sleet will not deter a mailman, they never counted on Dogbo
15:03 Snow_Fox ok i gots a question, one of a million ive prob shoveled out to you poor chaps over the course of the last couple months :-P
15:03 owen We don't come to #koha for the cookies.
15:03 Snow_Fox how do you print lables in koha
15:03 Snow_Fox really theres cookies in here?
15:04 wizzyrea yea, some of us come for the trout slaps
15:05 wizzyrea OH lables
15:05 schuster Labels?  Which type?  patron or item?  
15:05 wizzyrea labels
15:05 Snow_Fox item
15:05 schuster Trout...  I want Northern!
15:05 wizzyrea oh no, schuster is undeserving of trout slaps lol
15:06 schuster You have to build a template in the label design and tell it how it should lay out.  From what I have read you have to think of it as if you are going to print a full sheet which we don't do here.
15:06 schuster Just stick the trout back in the water...;)
15:06 Snow_Fox they told our aquisition dept that you can do it one lable at a time
15:06 schuster I'm just back from California with my new tan...;)
15:06 Snow_Fox schuster: would a brick be better?
15:07 Snow_Fox label
15:07 Snow_Fox man i just cant spell that word today
15:07 schuster Oh you can - but depending on your printer and label stock.  I can do one label at a time but you have to go into the label printing area to print them.
15:07 schuster As long as the brick is made of styrofoam.  the trout is better it is bio degradable.
15:07 Snow_Fox i meant for you
15:07 Snow_Fox i mean i gots lets see
15:07 Snow_Fox crowbars
15:08 Snow_Fox flamethrowers always fun
15:08 Snow_Fox baseball bats
15:08 Snow_Fox rubber chickens
15:08 Snow_Fox pretty much anything i can slap ya around with
15:08 schuster Ah the joys of being a sysadmin...;)
15:08 schuster is an IRC newbie.
15:08 Snow_Fox oo i gotta suggest the pit filled with system boards
15:12 Snow_Fox well printer wise were using a microline 320 turbo 9 pin printer
15:12 Snow_Fox i know its amazing they still work
15:12 Snow_Fox what would be a good replacement
15:13 wizzyrea you know, honestly, it seems that it would work better to use the label export function and merge it with a word doc
15:13 wizzyrea then print that
15:13 wizzyrea you get a lot more control
15:13 Snow_Fox ya but peeps want to print one label at a time
15:13 wizzyrea yes, that's what I mean
15:14 Snow_Fox because they want to affix the labels as they go
15:14 owen Snow_Fox: I recommend a standalone label printer if you're trying to print one at a time
15:14 Snow_Fox well im not entirly of the setup that had to be done but it was rather extensive from the sounds of it
15:14 wizzyrea i'm with owen
15:14 Snow_Fox suggestions on make and model
15:16 Snow_Fox its ok wizzy
15:19 Sharon Snow_Fox some of our libraries have successfully used the labels as they are - both for spine and book plates
15:20 Sharon I think a lot of them do stockpile so they have a full sheet, more because labels gum up printers otherwise
15:23 owen Snow_Fox: We use this:[…]ktop/tlp2844.html
15:24 jdavidb Zebra makes *good* thermal printers.  We used a bunch of them when I was at Honeywell.  Sturdy, reliable, and easy to maintain.
15:26 Snow_Fox how easy were they to integrate with Koha?
15:27 jdavidb The Honeywell application was a warehousing system, so I can't speak to that.  owen?
15:28 owen I'm trying to remember the workflow... It's not a direct, print-from-Koha kind of thing.
15:28 owen The catalogers generate label batches, export them, and print them using the Bartender software.
15:30 Sharon Teaching mail merge skills to our librarians is high on our to-do list, and not just for the catalogers and their labels
15:30 owen The nice thing about our print-software combination is you can easily print your own sequence of barcodes by sending it a CSV file
15:30 owen We used to buy our book barcodes from a supplier and now we can print them in-house.
15:30 Snow_Fox hrm
15:31 Snow_Fox were currently buying our barcodes from a supplier as well
15:31 Snow_Fox Oh my
15:31 Snow_Fox apparently those printers we have
15:31 Snow_Fox are still for sale
15:31 wizzyrea jwagner++ for abbreviated slip patch
15:31 Snow_Fox at almost 400dollars
15:31 Snow_Fox :|
15:32 wizzyrea owen: I've contended for a while that the export function is probably a much more flexible solution to label printing.
15:35 wizzyrea so I"m glad you're doing it that way
15:40 jdavidb @karma jwagner
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15:40 Snow_Fox @karma snow_fox
15:40 munin Snow_Fox: snow_fox has neutral karma.
15:40 Snow_Fox sweet im chaotic neutral
15:41 jdavidb Snow_Fox++ for a laugh when I really needed one just now...
15:42 Snow_Fox heh
15:42 Snow_Fox your welcome man
15:42 Snow_Fox heh, i like being chaotic neutral myself, lets me do whatever i want
15:43 Snow_Fox add in a compulsion of some sort
15:43 Snow_Fox and you can have lots of laughs
15:43 jdavidb Well, yeah.  LN tends to be rather regimented and structured, but it suits me; my life tends to be kinda like that.
15:43 Snow_Fox i had a theif, who had to unlock challenging locks just for the challenge
15:46 jdavidb Compulsions and similar quirks are fun to play with.  I had a CG fighter with a compulsion to leave the mark of his faith carved in things everywhere he went.  Kinda like a Gideon, with a sword...
15:47 wizzyrea wow, this channel just ascended 4-5 levels of nerd.
15:47 wizzyrea as if that were possible
15:47 jdavidb :D
15:47 owen :D
15:48 jdavidb Nerd check:  wizzyrea, did you understand it?  
15:48 owen wizzyrea is going to start handing out wedgies soon
15:48 wizzyrea yep, I did
15:48 jdavidb, meet kettle.  
15:48 wizzyrea pft, I have an intense soft spot for all things geek
15:48 wizzyrea you will see no wedgie-ing from me
15:50 jdavidb @quote add <wizzyrea>you will see no wedgie-ing from me
15:50 munin jdavidb: The operation succeeded.  Quote #20 added.
15:50 jdavidb That's one for the books.
15:50 wizzyrea lol
15:52 jdavidb @quote random
15:52 munin jdavidb: Quote #4: "< kf> I often get asked: You have to study to be a librarian? perhaps MARC was invented to answer it ;)" (added by chris at 12:50 PM, June 12, 2009)
15:54 wizzyrea @quote random
15:54 munin wizzyrea: Quote #9: "pianohacker ponders drumstick->ear as a method of food acquisition...We haven't gone to this good mexican restaurant in a while..." (added by wizzyrea at 08:23 PM, June 19, 2009)
15:54 jdavidb lol
15:54 wizzyrea that was a funny day
16:11 kf lol
16:13 jwagner wizzyrea, a belated You're Welcome on the patch.
16:26 wizzyrea jwagner: you have a screenshot of how that looks?
16:26 wizzyrea I have a curiosity
16:26 wizzyrea :)
16:26 wizzyrea (as an aside, it sure would be cool if when people did interface changes they posted screenshots of how it looks on bugzilla for comment)
16:27 wizzyrea (it's extra work though)
16:27 wizzyrea (please don't beat me)
16:29 jdavidb We better be careful, kf; she'll neg-karma us both.
16:29 kf there is not so much to neg with my karma
16:30 kf but I think its a good idea, I am always curious about new things to koha :)
16:30 jdavidb Me either; I think I only have one, and she gave it to me.  What wizzyrea granteth, wizzyrea can taketh away...
16:30 kf we use SnagIt
16:32 wizzyrea I like jing, it's so fast and you can upload to in 30seconds
16:32 wizzyrea and  have a URL ready for pasting justlikethat
16:33 kf bookmarked that long time ago... have to look at it soon
16:34 kf MARC21--
16:34 jwagner wizzyrea, I just added a screenshot to Bug #2652
16:34 wizzyrea jwagner++ for screenshot :D
16:34 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2652 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, Add a hot key to print slip from circulation
16:34 kf jwagner++ positive motivation for screenshots g
16:34 jwagner I'm just getting karma all of the place today :-)
16:34 wizzyrea hee
16:34 wizzyrea so is the message editable?
16:35 wizzyrea lol
16:35 wizzyrea SnagIt is good too
16:35 jwagner Apologies for the generic library name etc. -- it's my devel server.
16:35 wizzyrea oh, that's fine
16:36 wizzyrea so what does that look like from the circ screen?
16:36 wizzyrea (sorry, more work...)
16:36 jwagner Message is editable if you edit the template (separate one from the full slip).  I saw your pointer to Bug #2349 and would REALLY like to go that route.
16:36 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2349 normal, P2, ---,, NEW, Allow CSS customization of circulation receipts
16:37 jwagner The Today's Checkouts is available in the Print button on both the Checkout & Details tab of the patron record.  wizzyrea, is that what you were asking?
16:37 kf I think every slip, notice and email etc. should be editable (wanted to say edible first ;) ) and translatable
16:38 kf perhaps I should go home and cook dinner...
16:39 jwagner kf, I agree -- the notices are now handled that way, no reason other messages like slips, suggestions, etc. should be.
16:39 jwagner Speaking of edible, I think it's my lunchtime.
16:39 wizzyrea yep, that's what I'm asking thanks
16:40 kf jwagner: you would get many karma points from me for a patch like that... :)
16:40 wizzyrea bug 2349
16:40 wizzyrea is the one to request editable slips
16:40 kf where is teh one for edible scripts? g
16:40 wizzyrea doh you beat me
16:40 jwagner kf, I Are Not A Real Programmer :-)  I just nibble around the edges (to continue the edible theme).
16:41 kf not a real programmer too... but I dream of getting a patch into Koha one day
16:41 wizzyrea yea, I think owen would agree that having to edit the templates directly is not a particularly good solution :/
16:41 kf perhaps we can talk about the tutorials nicole suggested on next IRC meeting
16:41 wizzyrea it's not very sustainable (I've tried to do it... the pain, the agony)
16:41 owen Isn't this usually the time when someone brings up Template Toolkit?
16:41 kf it gets worse, when you support more than one library
16:42 wizzyrea hehe yea
16:42 kf didn't remember the name :)
16:43 owen Why does the the label for tags in opac-detail read "Tags from this library:" ?
16:44 owen Is the "from this library" significant?
16:44 owen As opposed to tags from this MARC record?
16:44 owen As opposed to tags from...another library?
16:44 kf tags from the user I think
16:44 wizzyrea does it select tags added only from patrons of the library of the logged in user/
16:44 wizzyrea ?
16:44 wizzyrea wow that sentence made no sense
16:45 wizzyrea is there some logic that shows only tags created by patrons of the logged in user's library?
16:46 owen wizzyrea: that seems complicated enough to sound implausible.
16:46 wizzyrea (if so that would explain the label)
16:46 wizzyrea yea, I don't *think* that's the case
16:46 owen And besides, it says that whether or not you're logged in
16:46 wizzyrea well there you go
16:47 kf I guess it just means all tags opposed to the user's tags
16:48 Sharon what time is the koha irc meeting next week?
16:48 owen Git blame blames Christopher Hyde
16:49 owen Ah, I see.
16:49 owen Tags from this library as opposed to tags from LibraryThing.
16:49 owen It changed when he integrated LTFL stuff.
16:49 owen (which I'd still like to test, but I guess you need an account)
16:49 kf git++ ;)
16:50 wizzyrea oh, HA somebody's already done that
16:50 kf yes, you need one :( would like to test that too
16:50 kf and it would be great for a koha opac presentation
16:50 wizzyrea jdavidb: pbbbbbt
16:51 owen However, I would expect to see the analogous label "Tags from Librarything" and I don't...
16:51 kf hmm owen...
16:52 gmcharlt Sharon: 06:00 a.m. EDT, 05:00 a.m. CDT
16:52 Sharon not 4 am?
16:53 Sharon my converters are confusing me.
16:53 Sharon it's the daylight time deal...
16:53 kf do you think its possible to add buttons for next and back to opac detail to go to the next title from result list?
16:53 Sharon we may have to have diana, our early morning person, sit in on it
16:53 kf ask wolfram alpha
16:53 gmcharlt Sharon: yeah, pretty sure it's 5 am. for you, not 4
16:53 wizzyrea wolfram_alpha++
16:53 kf it did know where I live and gave me the right time :)
16:55 Sharon omg, that is the coolest site ever
16:55 owen kf++ for the tip. I'd tried Google before for that and it failed.
16:55 kf yeah, I tried several converters first
16:56 kf Im always confused about am and pm, wolfran alpha also tells how many hours to midnight g
16:56 kf @karma kf
16:56 munin kf: Karma for "kf" has been increased 3 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 3.
16:56 owen Always nice to not wake up at 5AM and discover you're an hour early!
16:57 Sharon I want to share that at tech day in the lightning round.  reference librarians will squee
16:57 wizzyrea WA is great for anything that has "an answer"
16:58 wizzyrea I just did $10 in euro
16:58 wizzyrea $7.06, by the way
16:58 kf :)
16:59 wizzyrea but $15 in NZ, so..
16:59 wizzyrea :_
16:59 wizzyrea :)
17:00 owen Wow it was really touchy about the Czech crown. Had to say "czech koruny" or "KÄ?"
17:09 owen Well, here's an example from Christopher Hyde's library:[…]iblionumber=71921
17:09 owen Under the "Tag Browser" tab is where the "tags from" appears.
17:11 owen Hm, LibraryThing and Syndetics. They go all out.
17:14 wizzyrea aha!
17:15 owen Colonel Mustard in the library?
17:16 jdavidb With the pipe!
17:27 wizzyrea |
17:29 kf ok, time to go home - bye #koha!
17:30 owen gmcharlt around?
17:30 gmcharlt hi owen
17:30 owen Hi, I notice you mentioned using Total Validator
17:30 gmcharlt that's right
17:30 owen I hadn't tried that, so I installed the Firefox extension.
17:31 owen When I use it to validate, I get errors about URLs not being escaped properly
17:31 owen These are urls which contain TMPL_VARs which have ESCAPE=URL
17:33 gmcharlt can you give me an example page?
17:33 owen[…]?biblionumber=427
17:34 owen I notice the docs for HTML::Template say "It will do URL escaping, like replacing ' ' with '+' and '/' with '%2F'."
17:35 owen And the source for that page certainly doesn't say ",+Yoshiko."
17:35 gmcharlt hmm - what is the specific error message - 'Bad character(s) found in link in attribute 'href':
17:35 gmcharlt '?
17:35 owen Yes
17:36 gmcharlt hmm - you may have found a HTP bug
17:36 gmcharlt should be easy enough to make a tiny test case
17:37 gmcharlt also, try fiddingly with where the 'ESCAPE="URL"' is placed int he TMPL_VAR wrt to NAME=
17:43 owen The position doesn't seem to matter
18:42 pianohacker brb
18:48 schuster question I'm still a newbie...  I need to put a link on the login page for the intranet.html or index.html(I can't remember) what the name of that page so I can put a link on it.
18:48 owen schuster: The login page for the staff client?
18:49 schuster Yes
18:49 owen I think it's auth.tmpl
18:50 owen Yeah.
18:50 schuster Well that would explain why I can't find it!  I kept seeing Auth thinking Authority... doob...
18:52 owen So you're editing templates eh schuster? How are you managing that along with Koha updates?
18:52 schuster I'm not editing actually just exploring right now.  I am going to DOCUMENT any changes I make very carefully in case I need to "reinsert" them.
18:53 owen I can help you with the custom javascript method if you're interested.
18:55 schuster You already have to some extent.  I'm trying to figure out a good place to put a link to selfcheck so they don't have to type the URL
18:57 wizzyrea opac nav?
18:57 wizzyrea opac footer?
18:57 owen Hmmm... If the facets sidebar doesn't show up, does that mean they're not using Zebra?[…]
18:59 schuster I wanted to do it from the login of the Staff for the circ desk...
18:59 wizzyrea ohh, I see I misunderstood
19:00 wizzyrea you know, you could just create a separate page entirely that has the form elements to submit the login and put whatever you want on it
19:00 wizzyrea i.e. not use the "official" log in screen at all
19:01 wizzyrea use your own custom one stored somewhere else
19:01 wizzyrea similar to re-creating the koha search box on another web page, I think owen did a post on that.
19:02 schuster We have firefox deployed with the login page to automatically come up at our 67 schools so that is why i wanted it on the login page.
19:03 owen $(document).ready(function(){ $("#login").append("<p><a href=\"/path/to/self/checkout.​pl\">Self-Checkout</a></p>"); });
19:03 owen You could put that in intranetuserjs
19:03 wizzyrea that works too
19:04 wizzyrea schuster: how long until school starts?
19:05 schuster Teachers back August 17, kids 24th I think are the dates.
19:07 schuster OWEN! you are TOOO SMART!  That is way cool.  Can we force it to open a new tab?  I know I'm not asking for much but doesn't hurt to ask!
19:08 owen $(document).ready(function(){ $("#login").append("<p><a href=\"/path/to/self/\" target=\"_blank\">Self-Checkout</a></p>"); });
19:08 wizzyrea owen is too fast lol
19:08 owen That would open it in a new window, or a new tab if you had configured Firefox to handle new windows that way
19:09 owen Well, I just fell back on the old target=_blank trick. Not very XHTMLish of me.
19:13 schuster hmmm the Self-Checkout is now showing up though on every page under the location
19:14 schuster I also should have known about the target ="blank"...
19:17 owen schuster: Where is it showing up?
19:17 schuster upper right hand corner under the location by where your login name is and logout.
19:19 owen Oh, so back to the drawing board.
19:19 owen The login form doesn't have a unique ID
19:20 owen How about...
19:20 owen $(document).ready(function(){ $("#login #submit").after("<p><a href=\"/path/to/self/\" target=\"_blank\">Self-Checkout</a></p>"); });
19:22 schuster very nice... Beautiful thank you...
19:30 rhcl_away SMUG Update:  "There are about half as many users here as last year.  Sirsi has 4 people here compared to 1 last year."
19:32 wizzyrea HA
19:33 owen schuster: One more tweak: $(document).ready(function(){ $("#login #submit").parent().after("<p><a href=\"/path/to/self/\" target=\"_blank\">Self-Checkout</a></p>"); });
19:38 pianohacker What an odd concept. Treat your customers horribly, then lose them
19:39 owen I remember around the time we were switching to Koha our spurned ILS vendor came for a meeting and let it slip that there had been something like 14 upgrades to that ILS since they last offered us one.
19:41 schuster Oh very nice...  I will give you credit for that anytime!  My boss really likes it.
19:43 rhcl Well, the way I see it is Sirsi really mishandled (or got mishandled) with the switch in ownership to Microsoft Vista. IMHO that process was so badly done that that caused them to alienate their own staff and customers.
19:43 rhcl And now they are trying to finally clean up some of the mess, but a lot of the harm has already been done.
19:44 pianohacker rhcl: They switched their workstations/servers to Vista, is what you're saying?
19:44 hatori hi! sorry just a quick question: does anyone use koha for ILL? I didn't found a dedicated module for it..
19:44 rhcl No, poor sarcasm.
19:44 owen hatori: No, there's no integrated ILL module
19:45 hatori i see, so you would just add a new patron (the library where you request the book) and handle it that way?
19:45 rhcl The holding company for Sirsi switched several years ago from 'somebody' to Vista partners. I sometimes refer to Vista Partners as Microsoft Vista,.
19:45 hatori or rahter the other way round when you loan..
19:45 pianohacker hatori: We just have a single ILL card and mark the borrowing library in the item notes, but you could do it either way
19:45 rhcl One of the principals in Vista Partners is an ex-MS executive.
19:45 pianohacker Ahh
19:46 owen hatori: At my library we manage ILL through a separate system, and add records to Koha for the items we receive.
19:46 owen that they can be circulated.
19:46 hatori thanks pianohacker, that seems doable..
19:46 pianohacker It works well enough for us.
19:46 hatori thanks owen! what system do you use for ill?
19:47 rhcl
19:48 owen My library is in Ohio, and we're part of statewide resource sharing system:
19:49 hatori I see.. well I'm just writing a quick evaluation of koha for my studies in Germany and wanted to do a quick fact check.. thanks for your help and greetings from Cologne!
19:49 pianohacker Hallo, Cologne
19:53 owen I could totally tell he was from Cologne from his username.
19:55 rhcl :)
20:04 Snow_Fox yawn
20:08 chrishome morning, my vpn to work is busted, i blame sysadmin appreciation day
20:09 owen Not the electric fences?
20:09 pianohacker Oh, no, not the electric fences!
20:10 pianohacker chrishome: PPTP VPN?
20:10 Snow_Fox i tried steping over a electric fence one day
20:10 chrishome openvpn
20:10 Snow_Fox lightning startled me
20:10 Snow_Fox and failed
20:11 chrishome (its not just my vpn, its everyones vpn .. so im sure it will be fixed shortly)
20:11 pianohacker Yah
20:11 Snow_Fox today is sysadmin appreciation day?
20:11 chrishome yesterday was for me, so today for you
20:13 Snow_Fox hrm
20:22 chrishome owen: do you remember the richard scarry books?
20:22 owen Yeah, though not that well
20:23 chrishome i found a dvd of them for 4$ the other day, its kahu's new favourite .. richard scarry's nursery rhymes
20:24 chrishome he's sitting at his table eating his toast and honey singing along at the moment
20:24 owen :)
20:24 owen Thatcher's favorite for many months has been Monsters Inc.
20:25 owen It's all he wants to watch.
20:27 chrishome ohhh
20:27 chrishome i havent actually seen that one myself
20:30 pianohacker I recommend it
20:31 pianohacker At least you're raising a kid in the DVD era. My parents actually bought a dedicated VHS rewinder so I could watch Alladin again with minimal delay
20:33 chrishome lol, that's awesome
20:33 chrishome or vhs player is broken
20:33 chrishome kahu shoved a book in it cos he wanted to watch the book, and dad took it apart to get it out, and didnt put it back together right
20:33 pianohacker Hahahaha
20:38 Snow_Fox nice
20:38 Snow_Fox at least it wasnt a
20:38 Snow_Fox the VCR was hungry
20:38 Snow_Fox and in went a sandwich
20:38 chrishome hehe
20:39 chrishome yes that would have been worse
20:40 pianohacker "But daddy it made some bad noises so I added the pepto bizmol like mommy uses"
20:40 chrishome hehe
20:41 wizzyrea deep breathing exercises needed..... I just tried to deal with the government.
20:42 pianohacker Tell us alll about it
20:44 wizzyrea lol suffice to say it involves a car, an incomplete title, small windows of time for vehicle inspection, a name change, money, new tags, and new schedules
20:45 chrishome hehe
20:45 Snow_Fox wizzy
20:45 Snow_Fox your in kansas
20:45 Snow_Fox there are no cliffs
20:46 pianohacker she'll have to find the nearest curb
20:46 Snow_Fox or river bank
20:46 wizzyrea oh, good point.
20:46 Snow_Fox if its any consolation
20:46 Snow_Fox i just got a look at the new obamacare plan hr3200
20:46 Snow_Fox its friggin scary
20:46 Snow_Fox say good bye to some freedoms
20:47 Snow_Fox after reading some of the synopses
20:47 Snow_Fox im tempted to just start speaking soviet
20:47 chrishome pianohacker: hmm i dont think agnes read your email before she replied :)
20:47 pianohacker Snow_Fox: Please, we have enough drama without bringing in the outside world
20:48 pianohacker Besides, I think you mean Russian :)
20:48 Snow_Fox russia is now a democracy
20:48 chrishome alos they are more capitalist than you guys
20:48 wizzyrea so, changing the subject, I guess librarything tags are already included?
20:49 pianohacker chrishome: Heh, yeah, it's a lot like the 1900s era US with all of the oligarchs
20:49 chrishome with librarything for libraries i think so wizzyrea
20:50 wizzyrea sweet, will have to check that out
20:50 pianohacker I can confirm that, wrote the syspref description not too long ago
20:50 wizzyrea ooh
20:53 pianohacker chrishome: Maybe. My editor is technically a replacement rather than an addition to the current editor, though
20:53 wizzyrea owen was talking about it earlier.
20:54 chrishome pianohacker: true, but no reason you cant have both eh?
20:54 pianohacker Maybe
20:54 pianohacker I've been trying to figure out how to have text paste-in, easy editing, and authorities and hidden subfields
20:54 chrishome 2 links, 1 to the big old one, and 1 to the new one
20:54 pianohacker Edit as Text or summat like that
20:55 chrishome *nod*
20:55 wizzyrea I wonder if that might make it more confusing instead of less
20:55 pianohacker It's possible that I might be able to get a textual editor with these features using some horrifying designMode hack
20:55 pianohacker Possibly
21:02 Snow_Fox hey quick question
21:02 Snow_Fox if i wanted to print a single lable
21:02 Snow_Fox i would still have to create a batch?
21:04 wizzyrea yepper
21:05 Snow_Fox ok and when a new book is entered into the system
21:05 Snow_Fox the call nubers are pluged in therea
21:05 Snow_Fox and when the batch is created it does all the work placing them?
21:05 Snow_Fox according to the template
21:05 Snow_Fox ?
21:05 Snow_Fox :-P
21:10 wizzyrea i believe so it's been a while since I looked at it. I can ask our librarians if you like
21:14 Snow_Fox that would be awesome
21:19 schuster Have a good weekend and chat with you all next week...
21:20 gmcharlt have a good weekend, schuster
21:20 wizzyrea later schuster
21:29 chrishome ok off to gymnastics i go
21:29 pianohacker bye
21:35 wizzyrea ook I have a totally half baked idea
21:35 wizzyrea what if...
21:35 Snow_Fox put it back for another 10 mins
21:35 wizzyrea but
21:35 wizzyrea but
21:35 wizzyrea but
21:36 Snow_Fox :-p
21:36 wizzyrea instead of cataloging and label creation being totally separate operations, what if they were integrated a little so that at the bottom of "add item" there was a "add this item to label batch" function
21:36 wizzyrea of course  you'd have to create the label batch each day
21:37 wizzyrea and it might be predicated on library specific label settings
21:37 wizzyrea (for consortia, annyway)
21:37 wizzyrea (like I said, half baked)
21:47 Jo help reqd: i need to list the features in koha 3.0not normally found in a LMS ... what are the biggies?
21:49 Snow_Fox as to the exact features im not sure man
21:49 Snow_Fox im new to this as well
21:49 Snow_Fox :-P
21:54 wizzyrea Tagging
21:54 wizzyrea is a big one
21:55 Jo yep - mentioned that
21:55 Jo i think machine generated text notifications
21:56 Jo the budget control in acquisitions
21:56 Jo is serials management special in koha?
21:56 gmcharlt Jo: not as such
21:56 Jo i find that i take koha features for granted and imagine every system has them
21:56 gmcharlt i.e., most LMSs have it in one form another
21:57 Jo this is for a survey fopr a group investigating a nationwide public library management system for NZ
21:57 wizzyrea AHH
21:57 Jo so i really REALLY want to sell them Koha
21:57 Jo naturally ..
21:57 wizzyrea :)
21:57 wizzyrea naturally
21:57 gmcharlt it's a little low-level, but one thing that Koha has that many don't (by virtue of Zebra) is more more control over how Z39.50 and other search interface can be configured and exposed to the world
21:57 Jo but i have never worked with another system so have no comparison
21:58 wizzyrea an enthusiastic and involved and (most importantly) helpful users group :P
21:58 gmcharlt Koha's flexibility of customizing the OPAC *and* the staff interface is a pretty good distinguisher
21:58 wizzyrea yea, definitely
21:59 wizzyrea rapid pace of change/improvement
21:59 Jo free online help 24/07
21:59 Jo :)
21:59 wizzyrea well there is that
21:59 Jo than k you all for helping me here
21:59 wizzyrea sure
21:59 Jo good stuff here
21:59 wizzyrea user editable help files
22:00 gmcharlt relatively easy to have Koha interface with other software
22:00 wizzyrea site specific in client help would probably be more accurate
22:01 wizzyrea ok, off to pick up the spud :)
22:01 Jo many translations available
22:01 wizzyrea yes, definitely
22:01 wizzyrea and a NZ english specific one, at that
22:01 Jo we are doing tagalog now but willaunch with 6 translations avauilable for our public (
22:01 Jo refelcting out popultaion cultural profile)
22:04 Snow_Fox people running screaming off a cliff
22:04 Snow_Fox in kansas
22:04 Snow_Fox :P
22:19 pianohacker Jo: A crazy teenage developer might be a unique feature
22:52 Jo pianohacker :)
22:53 pianohacker bye
06:07 greenmang0 @wunder mumbai
06:07 munin greenmang0: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 29.0°C (11:10 AM IST on August 01, 2009). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 84%. Dew Point: 26.0°C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Steady).

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