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12:56 gmcharlt hdl_laptop++ # 3.0.2
12:57 gmcharlt nahuel: about?
12:57 nahuel gmcharlt, yap
12:57 nahuel what's up ?
12:57 gmcharlt just a small request - there are a lot of bugs you opened where the patch has been accepted
12:58 gmcharlt could you go through them and close them?
12:58 nahuel yes I can :)
12:58 gmcharlt would you? :)
12:58 nahuel yes I will :)
12:59 gmcharlt thanks
14:53 atz how does our translator handle input buttons
14:53 atz like: <input type="submit" value="Submit" />
14:54 atz would it be better for us to use something like   <button type="submit">Submit</button> ?
14:54 atz seems like the translator would have a better chance at that
14:57 hdl_laptop atz: I think input button are well managed.
14:57 hdl_laptop What is more a problem is optgroup
15:07 slef hi all - can someone twitfilter this for me: tools/ accepts username but doesn't use it anywhere and neither does AddMember?
15:09 slef wb Sharon
15:10 schuster slef - username for us put the username into the opac login along with password, but I am using it through the web when loading borrowers.
15:12 slef from the Tools screen?  3.0?  If so, I'll just look closer to see how it works
15:13 schuster slef - I have a comma delimited file that I use with all the headers and it loads very nicely.  I have loaded over 53,000 borrowers this way.
15:14 slef ok, looking closer
15:15 jwagner schuster -- that works fine for us too, until something changes the structure of the patron table :-)  Then it's just a matter of pulling the new table format (download new sample .csv from the patron import page) and revising our import scripting.
15:16 slef jwagner: we've recently sent changes that lets old CSVs keep working as long as you have a new headerrow and the new field can be blank.
15:16 slef sorry, headerrow, not new headerrrow
15:18 jwagner Yes, that would work.  Just wanted to point out that people need to keep an eye out for table structure changes.
17:04 wizzyrea I just got the strangest report from one of my librarians... they claim that they got "kicked out" of koha when we updated the news... is this even a possible scenario?!
17:05 wizzyrea (i'm with occam, it was probably something else, and a coincidence)
17:06 atz wizzyrea: not likely
17:07 Sharon Unrelated question from the same librarian - before the updates, using a * before a number (say a barcode) would pull that exact search string
17:07 Sharon after the updates, that behavior disappeared.
17:07 atz that seems odd, usually * is a wildcard
17:07 Sharon I train that % is the wildcard
17:08 Sharon are they both?
17:08 atz Sharon: not sure, there are many different "searches"
17:08 atz % is truncation/wildcard operator in mysql
17:08 Sharon keyword search via the staff client
17:09 atz keyword search on catalog? patron? aqcuistions? sysprefs? etc...
17:09 Sharon patron and/or catalog
17:10 Sharon scenario:  librarian wants to find the status of a book with a specific barcode.  Used to be they could type in *BARCODE and find the specific item with that barcode.  Without the *, Koha would find ANY item that contained the same digits/integers as that barcode.
17:11 Sharon the * 'seemed' to make koha search for that specific series of numbers, if that makes sense
17:11 atz Sharon: right, so that's no good if the barcode is something common like "12"
17:11 atz the real answer is to use adv. search and search just the field that you want
17:12 wizzyrea the star usually pulled the exact item
17:12 atz keyword searching is still just keyword searching
17:12 Sharon not practical answer for a busy public library
17:12 Sharon the * made the keyword search function as an exact search
17:12 Sharon we are forever finding shortcuts to make the keyword search function like an exact search.
17:13 atz it may have, but i've no understanding of that implemenation or syntax
17:13 wizzyrea that's fair ;)
17:13 atz it's still not exact, right?  it doesn't know you want a barcode and not say... an ISBN
17:14 Sharon right - it's just searching an exact string of 'something'
17:15 pianohacker Does searching for barcode:BARCODE work? It should in theory
17:15 wizzyrea it's much faster than fiddling through the adv search, even if you get more results. The one with the exact barcode is usually the top of the list
17:16 wizzyrea pianohacker++ that works
17:16 atz that syntax makes a lot more sense to me, too
17:16 atz pianohacker++
17:16 Sharon it works, it's not as fast as typing * but I'll share this with my librarians.
17:17 wizzyrea harder to remember though
17:17 atz wizzyrea: not really, if * is still a wildcard elsewhere, it's harder to remember when it is and when it isn't
17:17 pianohacker There's a file buried inside zebra's configuration directory (called record.abs, I think) that details all of the indexes, all of which can be used by searching for index:SEARCH_STRING
17:18 atz pianohacker: with the unfortunate side effect of blocking searching containing ":"
17:18 Sharon considering ":
17:18 pianohacker @query :
17:18 wizzyrea (imagine you have a lady with 6 kids, and has her receipt with barcode number and wants to know if she's turned it in, and you have another lady behind her with a screaming 6mo old... I might have trouble, in that moment of fluster, to type barcode: but that's just me)
17:18 Sharon is used to separate titles from subtitles
17:18 munin pianohacker: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2785 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, dbdependant tests fail
17:18 munin pianohacker: Bug[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=988 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, issuing rules message when issuingrules=0
17:18 munin pianohacker: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2726 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, in instead of doing a comparison try binding.
17:18 munin pianohacker: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2635 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, Adding non-digit chars to cost fields in items causes data corruption
17:18 munin pianohacker: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3197 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, Problem editing Authority MARC Subfield Structure: no "subfield code" box
17:18 pianohacker Hmm, that didn't work
17:19 pianohacker I know there's a bug for it
17:19 wizzyrea yea, it's an early one if I remember
17:19 atz wizzyrea: need a keyboard macro
17:20 Sharon Joe, dude....we're talking about librarians.  I am one, was one, work with them...they don't know what a macro is
17:20 Sharon ;-)
17:20 atz yeah, but if you just say "ctrl-b" inserts  "barcode:" and put it on a post-it, they should get it
17:20 Sharon lol
17:20 atz especially if they ever used the old terminal driven ILS's
17:21 wizzyrea well they'll remember anything that's on a post-it, that's true
17:21 wizzyrea nah, most of em didn't
17:21 wizzyrea until you swap out their monitor, lol
17:21 wizzyrea kidding, kidding. I tease b/c I love
17:21 atz i'm still like shift-control-gold-9
17:21 wizzyrea rofl
17:21 pianohacker Or, if they're like the librarians at my library, they'll take your accurate handwritten post-it and turn it into an incorrect typed-out label
17:22 wizzyrea ooh, yes, this I am familiar with
17:22 atz ahh.... multiLIS on VMS... those were the days...
17:22 Sharon I had macros that sailed through 3-4 screens when I cataloged in Horizon
17:22 wizzyrea most of our librarians grew up on follett with a mouse
17:22 Sharon but Liz is right - our librarians are mouse-addicts
17:23 atz Sharon: yeah, terminals were blazing fast once you got up the learning curve
17:24 Sharon As long as I could tab and hard return through the data, the macro was golden
17:24 wizzyrea ty for the tip on the barcode: search, that's actually really helpful b/c it gives a better result than the old way anyway
17:25 wizzyrea harder to remember, but better result, so they'll learn it
17:25 pianohacker Cool
17:26 Sharon I think we should JING creating the macro
17:27 wizzyrea with what were you thinking we would create said macro with, atz?
17:28 atz i think there are a ton of different apps for it...
17:28 atz FF-addons, or OS widgets
17:28 atz "witch" on OSX
17:29 Sharon I just want my * back...if I whine, will I get my way?
17:29 gmcharlt wizzyrea: check your email settings - patch for 3289 doesn't seem to have hit the patches list
17:29 wizzyrea hrm, okies
17:29 atz Sharon: dunno... it probably should be something else anyway
17:30 atz maybe ^
17:30 Sharon that's what I was thinking - what symbol isn't used
17:31 pianohacker Actually, you could probably emulate it with an intranetuserjs hack
17:31 atz pianohacker: good point
17:32 wizzyrea emulate the *?
17:32 atz yeah, just add an onsubmit for the form, check if the value starts w/ *, expand to barcode:, return
17:33 wizzyrea hm. icwutudidthar
17:36 joetho what's the difference between a search with and without whatever wildcard symbol works? I just checked and I seem to get the same results with and without a %
17:36 Sharon the % works great if you don't know how to spell - ex, "king, ste%"
17:37 Sharon or you know all but the last 2 digits of a patron barcode 10030060026%
17:39 joetho Hmmm. I still get the same results with or without the %.
17:40 joetho btw: new list of patches at[…]cket/Home/updates
17:40 joetho Ours is scheduled for June 15
17:43 wizzyrea Yep
17:45 pianohacker wizzyrea: for the emulation, you could also check, in javascript, if the field was composed entirely of numbers. That way, if * becomes useful for something else, you could use it for that and still keep your hack
17:47 Sharon that sounds promising, since patron barcodes are unique, item barcodes are unique and isbns are (or should be) unique
17:49 gmcharlt "should be" being the operative term for ISBNs
17:50 pianohacker wizzyrea: Is that your first code-level patch?
17:51 Sharon she's afk
18:07 ShunDi hi everyone :)
18:09 pianohacker Hello
18:09 joetho Hi SHunDi
18:10 ShunDi does anybody have an idea why the keyword search doesn't return any results unless you add  kw=  to the search term (latest koha git on lenny with zebra and icu.xml chain)
18:10 ShunDi all the other searches (author, title etc) seem to work fine
18:25 pianohacker Have you checked your zebra error log?
18:25 pianohacker If it's not saving it anywhere, you can test by running it from the console
18:31 ShunDi error logs are clean so far ...
18:34 ShunDi ok in verbose mode it says error 120
18:44 wizzyrea pianohacker: yessir
19:00 wizzyrea hehe[…]71b&id=1078323327
19:49 chris morning
19:49 chris nice mug wizzyrea
19:50 rhcl Hi Chris
19:50 brendan hi chris
19:51 rhcl Liz: is what way is there a relationship, if any, between the xtra strength Tylenol and the Koha cup?
19:53 wizzyrea :D
19:53 wizzyrea come on, it never gives you a headache? ;)
19:54 wizzyrea chris: ty!! just got it today
19:54 jwagner Some of us bypass the Tylenol and head for the booze.... (At least in our dreams)
19:54 wizzyrea well I like my liver, so I avoid doing both at the same time...
19:54 wizzyrea but yes, sometimes booze is required
19:57 chris ohh that is pretty cool
19:58 chris User has to enter a word in english and press space or return to transliterate the word. The destination language can be selected from a drop down list. User can        
19:58 chris +temporarily turn on/off the feature by using "ctrl +g".                                                                                                                  
19:58 chris A system preference - GoogleIndicTransliteration can be used to turn on this feature.
19:58 gmcharlt chris: yep
19:59 gmcharlt the google API also supports transliterating Arabic as well as the Indic languages
19:59 chris patches_from_india++
20:00 chris sweet
20:00 gmcharlt there is a downside, though - means that all your OPAC searches pass through Google's servers
20:00 gmcharlt or rather, all of the ones that you have transliterated
20:00 chris true
20:02 chris probably need to add that to the help
20:02 chris so people are at least aware thats happening
20:13 chris still getting used to this new routine, im on 4 weeks paid leave from work, and laurel is on 14 weeks parental leave (paid for by the govt) its been 2 years (since i worked at home) since I have spent this many consecutive days at home hehe
20:13 wizzyrea <3 NZ, so, so very much
20:14 chris http://www.visionofhumanity.or[…]ults/rankings.php
20:14 chris wizzyrea: its parental too, so you can split it, i could take 7 she take 7, or i could take 14, or 10-4 etc
20:22 chris <--interesting
20:27 pianohacker bye, all
20:28 chris @karma
20:28 munin chris: Highest karma: "gmcharlt" (3), "koha" (2), and "patches_from_india" (1).  Lowest karma: "patches_from_india" (1), "pianohacker" (1), and "git" (1).
20:28 atz sirsi--
20:29 chris heh
20:29 chris did you see the ptfs-europe announcement
20:29 atz git++   # git's not allowed to be lowest karma
20:29 atz chris: the evergreen one?
20:29 chris library shifting from unicorn to koha .. i think that might be the first unicorn to koha?
20:29 chris http://www.librarytechnology.o[…]
20:30 atz that doesn't seem likely to be the first
20:30 atz i'm pretty sure we've migrated ppl, but maybe I'm just thinking staff... since david was a unicorn admin like me before
20:32 chris you are probably right, its always nice to get a sirsi/dynix one that isnt moving because horizon has been killed :)
20:32 atz yeah, true
20:37 richard hi
20:39 chris hi richard, another nice day today eh?
20:40 richard sure is. actually any day when it's not blowing a screaming southerly at this time of the year is nice :)
20:41 wizzyrea nekls came from unicorn
20:42 chris ohh cool, i knew you were cool
20:42 wizzyrea you know, the more I look at the word unicorn, the weirder it looks
20:42 chris :)
20:42 wizzyrea HA
20:43 wizzyrea I honestly didn't have a lot to do with automation when we were on unicorn... much more for me to do with koha, and I like it.
20:44 wizzyrea someone's gotta muck about with the nerdcore aspect of it :P
20:44 chris heh
20:50 ShunDi does anybody have an idea why the keyword search doesn't return any results unless you add  kw=  to the search term?
20:51 joetho ShunDi: I saw this question earlier and I have been thinking about this.
20:54 ShunDi zebrasrv gives  reports "Search biblios ERROR 120" if you leave out the kw= ... can't figure out why only the keyword search is broken
20:55 joetho what happens if you add kw: instead of kw=  ??
20:55 ShunDi if I remove the icu chain keyword search works normal again
20:55 joetho ah
20:56 ShunDi kw: works, too
21:00 ShunDi don't get it how the chain breaks only this search ...
21:05 joetho I am reading up on this a bit and I don't see how the icu chain would affect only one search. It seems like it would be an all or none.
21:06 schuster FYI South Central is Classic Dynix moving to Koha...;)
21:07 joetho schuster: did you get my email the other day abou the consortium listserv?
21:07 schuster Question for those RSS guru's...  Is there a way to do a search limiting by date added in the OPAC?
21:07 schuster Joetho - yes I did, is this a different consortium list from the Incolsa one?
21:07 joetho one and the same
21:07 schuster I'm technically not a consortium, but like to lurk...
21:08 schuster Joetho - what do you need me to do for registration?
21:08 joetho Hmmm. I didn't think of that. School District= branches.
21:08 ShunDi joetho: exactly my thoughts ...
21:08 schuster Yep...  different beast all together!  67 branches/locations...
21:09 joetho It is now listed on the Koha listserv page
21:09 joetho[…]ts/mailing-listsg
21:09 schuster OK I'll check it out when I have a few minutes...  or now since you provided me the link!
21:09 joetho 67 sounds like a lot.
21:10 schuster We'll be 68 next year, then 69, then 70!  One a year then we will see what happens.
21:12 schuster joetho - I'm on that page, but don't see anything about a consortium list?
21:12 schuster doo... sorry second one on the list not sure what I was looking for.
21:13 joetho So, you turn 68 next year, then 69 the next year, then 70 the year after that...
21:14 joetho We are adding two libraries later this summer and that is plenty for me.
21:23 schuster Much better than the year we opened 3-4 at a time...  Our neighbor city is now doing that but they are doing about 5 a year!
21:24 schuster Well off to pickup the kids!  Their last day of school...  My oldest is now a 3rd grader at 8 years old 9 in october... they do grow fast.
23:23 gmcharlt testing logging
23:31 gmcharlt test message
23:32 gmcharlt another test
23:52 gmcharlt @bug 2499
23:52 munin gmcharlt: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2499 normal, P3, ---,, ASSIGNED, Improvement on text wrapping algorithm needed
23:55 gmcharlt @bug 2505
23:55 munin gmcharlt: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2505 blocker, P3, ---,, NEW, enable Perl warnings in all modules and scripts
23:57 gmcharlt @bug 2501
23:57 munin gmcharlt: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2501 trivial, PATCH-Sent, ---,, RESOLVED FIXED, Spelling Error - Serials Summary Page
23:58 gmcharlt @bug 2502
23:59 munin gmcharlt: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2502 major, PATCH-Sent, ---,, RESOLVED FIXED, Placing a hold via staff interface gives errant warning of patron account expired.
01:08 IrmaCalyx G'day #koha
01:08 IrmaCalyx Is anyone online?
03:16 chris afternoon
03:16 richard hey chris
03:17 richard yeah. it does look really nice out there
03:18 chris kahu and I even got an ice cream each and played at the park
03:31 Amit hi brendan, chris, mason
03:31 Amit good morning
03:32 Amit chris: i have completed 100% translation koha (OPAC) in Hindi
03:32 chris cool
03:32 chris unfortunately you just missed the 3.0.2 release
03:33 chris but people can at least download the .po file until 3.0.3
03:35 Amit ok
03:37 Amit chris: I think this is first 100% translation
03:38 chris for Hindi yes
03:39 mason hello peoples
03:39 Amit hi mason
03:40 mason hiy amit
03:43 mason i wonder how much effort it would take to get the title/author fields in the import_biblio records to be indexed, and searchable with zebra...
04:00 Amit hi honey
04:00 honey Hi amit
04:01 honey I saw that ur opac hindi translation has been completed....great
04:03 Amit hmm... thanks
04:15 Amit hi selfish Man
04:20 Amit chris: Today i m going to Delhi
04:32 chris for work?
04:35 Amit no i m going to my home for 1 week first delhi then dehradun
05:29 Amit chris: check
05:30 Amit see some indic search button
05:30 Amit on the site
05:54 Amit chris: see this and select hindi
05:55 Amit
06:30 Elwell nice comment about sth->finish. I must admit I hadn't read the man pages recently :-)
06:38 kf good morning #koha
09:38 CGI452 hi
10:45 litarena hi
11:27 kf hi
11:32 chris hi
11:32 kf hi chris, still awake?
11:33 chris yep, mum and 2 kids are asleep, just catching up on tons of emails
11:35 kf got a mail from German koha list .)
11:35 kf problems with icu.xml and Koha
11:36 chris ahh
11:37 kf always exciting to find out about other people in Germany experimenting with Koha :)
11:37 chris yep thats good to hear :)
11:38 kf but I told him to write to Koha, we had similar problems, but I dont know how we solved it and colleague is still on vacation
11:38 chris good idea
11:40 chris ok time for sleep
11:42 kf good night chris

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