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12:06 nahuel gmcharlt, ping ?
12:06 nahuel gmcharlt, where did you find the @bug plugin ?
12:06 gmcharlt nahuel:
12:07 nahuel cool
12:07 nahuel thank you
12:07 gmcharlt nahuel: setting up a supybot of your own?
12:07 nahuel yep, for biblibre channel :)
12:08 gmcharlt :)
12:11 jdavidb gmcharlt: ping?
12:11 gmcharlt jdavidb: pong
12:12 jdavidb jwagner asked me to apply atz's self-check patch to a box for her, but I'm getting the whole patch rejected against a clean git pull.. "does not apply."
12:12 jdavidb It's listing all the files right, and sees the commit message correctly...just..doesn't apply anything.
12:12 jdavidb Ever seen something like that happen?
12:13 gmcharlt jdavidb: yep - lemme try applying the patch myself
12:13 jdavidb K.  I'd love to see that one land in the, and save me a hair-pulling.
12:14 gmcharlt jdavidb: applies cleanly for me
12:14 jwagner David, do you have any hair to spare?
12:14 gmcharlt so will be pushed soon after testing
12:14 gmcharlt jdavidb: one thing to note - I always run git-am with the -3 option to do automatic three-way merges
12:15 jdavidb I tried that, too, and got nada.
12:15 jdavidb jwagner:  :P  No, I do not.
12:15 jwagner (chortle)  
12:15 gmcharlt another possibility - if a MUA or MTA in your chain happens to strip trailing whitespace, could cause patches to fail to apply
12:16 jwagner Galen, depending on how soon "soon" is, I might be able to wait for this until it does get pushed.  If it's in a day or two, I could wait.
12:16 gmcharlt jwagner: today
12:16 jdavidb I betcha that's what happened...
12:16 jwagner Good news, then.  David, let's wait a bit & get it in an update.
12:16 jdavidb Sure thing, Jane.  Thanks, gmcharlt!
12:17 jwagner Always cleanest to work on nice new delivered code :-)
12:17 jdavidb gmcharlt++
12:32 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: there is an option not to apply whitespace changes or override them.
12:34 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: none that I know of that cause git-apply to ignore or add trailing whitespace when checking diff context
12:36 hdl_laptop gmcharlt:
12:37 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: right, but that's only for dealing with whitespace when applying the patch
12:37 anasha what is the marc tag for keyword
12:37 gmcharlt so if your diff is like this
12:37 gmcharlt - foo     <end of line>
12:37 kf keyword search in opac?
12:37 gmcharlt + bar<end of line>
12:37 gmcharlt and your MTA strips whitespace so that patch looks like this
12:38 gmcharlt - foo<end of line>
12:38 gmcharlt + bar<end of line>
12:38 kf or do you want to catalog keywords?
12:38 hdl_laptop anasha: all indexedtages.
12:38 gmcharlt there's no git option I know of to tell git-apply to ignore whitespace when checking patch context
12:39 hdl_laptop mmmm....
12:39 hdl_laptop ok.
12:40 gmcharlt anasha: if you want to explicitly store keywords, like those assigned by a (human) indexer
12:40 gmcharlt MARC tag 653 is a possibility
12:40 anasha my guys are trying t add port some data into koha, the data has a field keyword
12:40 anasha gmcharlt, thanks
12:42 anasha gmcharlt, earlier they were using 650 to store keyword
12:42 anasha and 650 is for subject
12:43 gmcharlt anasha: 650 is a possibility, but is really meant to be used for subject *headings* that are linked to authority records
12:43 gmcharlt whereas 653 is for "uncontrolled" index terms, e.g., keywords
12:44 gmcharlt that said, the distinction matters more only if you foresee exchanging your MARC records with anybody else
13:51 jwagner gmcharlt or anyone -- I'm sure I remember someone talking about a script to convert standard MARC 949 fields to Koha 952 fields, but I don't see any mention of it on the wiki.  Is there such a script somewhere in the wiki or elsewhere?
13:52 gmcharlt there is such a thing as a *standard* 949 field?
13:52 gmcharlt seriously, I know people tend to use MarcEdit to do that
13:52 gmcharlt but I don't recall anybody putting up example scripts
13:53 jwagner Well, MODERATELY standard, anyway.  Yes, I'm in MarcEdit now & playing around. I just thought I remembered that someone had posted a script somewhere.  Our dataloader probably has some tools, but he's out today.
14:07 nahuel atz, hi
14:15 atz greets nahuel
14:16 nahuel atz, what's up ?
14:18 atz can't seem to get my messages through to ...
14:22 nahuel atz, aaah ... perhaps it's spamd fault
14:22 atz i think so...
14:23 atz something changed w/ our DNS or something
14:23 nahuel ah ?
14:23 atz yeah, my process and git config are all the same as before
14:25 nahuel and you smtp server ?
14:30 nahuel and what is the email's content ?
14:30 chris atz: have you tried just sending to ?
14:31 atz chris: no, i'll try that now
14:31 chris since just is a forward to that
14:34 atz let me know if you see anything
14:34 gmcharlt atz: patches showed up
14:34 atz i guess I'll just skip then
14:35 chris yeah thats what ive started doing
14:35 atz freaking lame
14:36 nahuel héhé
14:36 nahuel atz, else, I had a question for you
14:37 atz ?
14:37 nahuel atz, it seems you did the stage-marc-import tool?
14:37 atz nahuel: i don't think so
14:37 gmcharlt nahuel: no, I wrote it
14:37 chris ok, 2.40am time to go back to sleep (i hope)
14:37 nahuel ho
14:37 atz g'night chris
14:38 nahuel paul said it was you atz :p
14:38 nahuel scuse :)
14:38 nahuel good night chris
14:38 nahuel gmcharlt, well so I have a question for you : how does it work ? :)
14:38 gmcharlt nahuel: git-log and git-blame are your friends when figuring out the provenance of a script :)
14:39 nahuel gmcharlt, of course, but I thinked paul was right :p
14:39 gmcharlt nahuel: as far as your question goes, that's pretty broad
14:40 gmcharlt but is basically a wrapper for C4::ImportBatch::BatchStageMarcRecords
14:40 nahuel gmcharlt, well, i'm trying to fix a problem with this tool, the items are no more imported in "items" table
14:40 nahuel ok
14:40 gmcharlt the main thing the script itself does is handle file uploads, invoking BatchStageMarcRecords, and generating log output
14:41 nahuel ok
14:41 gmcharlt note that staging just copies records to import_records, import_items, and import_biblios
14:41 nahuel oh, and which one import them in the database ?
14:41 gmcharlt  
14:42 jwagner atz, with regard to your email to the list this morning, "I am currently extending the Granular Permissions to cover circ, cataloguing and admin tasks."  We have been working on expanded granular permissions for a client, and it's in testing.  There are a lot of new circ ones and some cataloging ones.  Dunno if you want to coordinate on development?
14:42 atz actually, i'm done w/ circulation and cataloguing
14:43 jwagner OK, guess we'll worry about merging things later :-)
14:43 atz yeah, i'm sure a lot of it is similar in intention
14:52 nahuel gmcharlt, how can I debug importbatch ?
14:53 nahuel gmcharlt, it seems that it's runned as another process
14:53 gmcharlt nahuel: there are command line equivalents that you may find it easier to debug
14:53 gmcharlt misc/
14:53 nahuel ah okay
14:53 nahuel cool
14:53 nahuel thank you galen
14:53 nahuel :)
14:53 gmcharlt and misc/
14:54 nahuel cool thank you :)
15:23 Sharon Is there a cron job that cleans out the bib reservoir?
15:25 gmcharlt Sharon: not presently
15:25 Sharon ok, ty
15:46 wizzyrea is there another name for the "news" functionality in the staff interface?
15:48 gmcharlt wizzyrea: just news
15:48 gmcharlt why do you ask?
15:48 wizzyrea i'm looking for bugs, want to make sure i'm searching for the right thing gmcharlt: thanks
15:49 wizzyrea we had a strange scheduling issue with a news item, it disappeared before it was scheduled to and I wanted to know if there was a report of that or if it was a new bug
15:49 wizzyrea it already appears that you have to schedule a news item to appear the day before the day you want it to actually appear
15:50 wizzyrea and the news item we posted yesterday, set to expire friday, disappeared today
15:50 wizzyrea very perplexing
15:50 atz wizzyrea: probably just a bad conditional check
15:50 atz > instead of >=
15:50 wizzyrea i shall file a bug for it
15:51 wizzyrea we're going to verify that things expire wierdly, but I'll file the "news has to be posted yesterday" bug
15:52 gmcharlt lol - my kitty wants that lizard walking on the outside of the window screen so very, very bad
15:53 pianohacker heh
15:53 jwagner gmcharlt, no need to encourage kitty behavior.  Next thing you know, kitty will be emulating my sister's cat and bringing mice and shrews and whatnot in to share with the rest of the family....
15:54 gmcharlt jwagner: indeed.  mine don't go outside, though, so the local fauna is safe
15:56 jwagner Hope springs eternal in little kitty hearts.  Better watch the doors :-)
15:57 wizzyrea gmcharlt: my kitties have an unreasonable obsession with bugs. And talk to the birds outside; They only speak a little bird though: trite phrases and swear words, mostly.
15:57 gmcharlt wizzyrea: :)  mine use to do that in Chicago, when they had pigeons to talk to
15:57 wizzyrea kitty chirping is hilarious
15:58 atz i once had a very vocal adopted-alley-cat named Mao
15:59 atz when i lived in a rather serious ghetto
15:59 atz he had a really good range of vocalization, and would imitate people talking on the phone, for example
16:00 atz sometimes it was really freaky because you could swear somebody was in the other room...
16:04 gmcharlt @quote add <jwagner> Hope springs eternal in little kitty hearts.  Better watch the doors :-)
16:04 munin gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.  Quote #2 added.
16:04 jwagner I have achieved immortality!
16:06 ebegin jwagner, again? :)
16:06 jwagner When was the first time????
16:07 gmcharlt wizzyrea: before I assign bug 3289 to somebody, that may be a good one for you to tackle if you want to practice Perl
16:07 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3289 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, News items do not appear on current date, must be backdated.
16:07 ebegin jwagner, You don't remember, in your previous life?
16:07 wizzyrea gmcharlt: i like your style, I'll take a look and see
16:08 wizzyrea afk a lil
16:08 jwagner No, the Broth of Oblivion (cf Barry Hughart, The Story of the Stone) was apparently successfully administered.  Unless of course this is my first life.
16:13 jwagner I think I'm going to go take a nap.  Brain is no longer functional....
17:13 Ricardo Hi everyone!  :)
17:14 slef hi dr Ric!
17:14 slef (sorry, couldn't resist)
17:15 Ricardo slef: Well, actually here in Portugal we call people that have a "Bachelor" (sp?) degree "Dr.", and call it "Doctor", although we can NOT write it "Doctor", because that's reserved for people with a Doctorate. Weird, I know!
17:16 slef it was a Simpsons reference... ;)
17:16 Ricardo slef: OK. I must have missed that episode  :)
17:16 slef though he usually said "Hello everybody!"
17:16 slef    TXT     "Nick Riviera, M.D. is a recurring character on
17:17 Ricardo right
17:17 slef the animated television series The Simpsons. He is voiced by Hank Azaria, and first appeared in the episode \"Bart Gets Hit by a Car\". Riviera is an incompetent quack physician, a satire of doctors who have st" "udied at dubious medical schools."
17:17 Ricardo Cool :)
17:18 Ricardo slef: Do you (or anyone else, for that matter) can give me a tip regarding this:
17:18 Ricardo [Koha] bulkmarcimport and different framework
17:18 Ricardo[…]-June/018698.html
17:19 Ricardo (Rafael António replied, but I did not understand exactly what he meant)
17:21 slef oops
17:23 Ricardo Why "oops"?
17:23 pianohacker Ricardo: It looks like the default framework is hardcoded
17:23 pianohacker Line 186 of
17:24 pianohacker You could replace $record, '' with $record, 'CODE' where CODE is the framework you want to use
17:24 pianohacker Just out of curiosity, why do you need this?
17:25 Ricardo pianohacker: I'm using Koha 3.0.1 and line 186 for me is blank. Could you copy it here, please?
17:25 pianohacker Let me find the equivalent line number, one sec
17:25 Ricardo pianohacker: Well, I'm doing data migration from another system/software and some of the fields must be changed, and so I'd rather NOT change the default framework for doing that
17:26 atz Ricardo: are you using MarcEdit?
17:27 Ricardo atz: Hi Joe! Not right now (and I haven't used it in several months) , but I do have it installed, yes
17:27 atz that's best to use if you are doing bulk data cleanup
17:28 Ricardo atz: Agreed, but I believe that's a good advice *in addition* to using another framework (than the default one)  :)
17:28 atz actually, i avoid messing w/ frameworks at all costs
17:29 atz if you need one, then you need one... but I try not to need one
17:29 Ricardo atz: LOL! I understand that, but most people that I know want the frameworks customized to only show the fields that are important to them
17:30 Ricardo (when they do the cataloging, I mean)
17:30 atz yeah, that makes sense
17:30 Ricardo :)
17:30 joetho hello all you happy kohanians... is Galen the administrator in charge of the page listing Koha listservs?
17:31 joetho this one:[…]ts/mailing-listsg
17:31 slef no idea - josh is the most likely, but maybe Tina
17:31 atz joetho: not sure who, but you can file a bug if there are any problems/additions
17:32 slef all of us existing web editors are currently locked out (see koha list recent past)
17:32 joetho Hmm, I edited something the other day, I think.
17:33 pianohacker Frameworks are one of Koha's more ugly areas, and one that no-one is likely to pay to fix (it works just well enough not to get too much attention)
17:33 slef only news or your libraries entries on the map, unless something has changed
17:33 atz there is no problem for content you add yourself
17:33 joetho I was editing the reports page, where we share SQL
17:33 slef atz: unless it's content we added to the old version of the site.
17:33 Ricardo pianohacker: OK...
17:34 slef joetho: on the wiki?  The wiki is still open and galen is an admin on that
17:34 atz slef: verb tense is important.
17:34 pianohacker By the way, the line seems to be 160
17:34 slef atz: but what promise that we won't get locked out of anything we add from now on?
17:35 Ricardo pianohacker: on line 160 I have     my ($guessed_charset, $charset_errors);
17:36 pianohacker Hmm. Apparently that wasn't the right git tag. Grr. It should be about 10 lines below that
17:36 atz slef:  no "promise" would be sufficient anyway.  
17:36 pianohacker the AddBiblio part
17:37 Ricardo eval { ( $biblionumber, $biblioitemnumber ) = AddBiblio($record, '', { defer_marc_save => 1 }) };
17:37 pianohacker Yup
17:38 Ricardo pianohacker: So, I'm guessing that the ''  after $record stands for the Default framework, right?
17:38 pianohacker Just change the '' to 'CODE' (where code is the code of the framework you want)
17:38 atz what promise do we have that freenode or katipo's IRC are going to be around forever?  none.
17:38 Ricardo Right
17:38 pianohacker Yup, an empty string
17:38 Ricardo pianohacker: Yep
17:38 pianohacker You do want to keep the single quotes, just put something between them
17:39 Ricardo pianohacker: OK  :)
17:39 Ricardo Talking about .pl files, I have a pet peeve:
17:39 Ricardo -h   shows a help screen (good)
17:40 Ricardo -h   starts rebuilding right away  :(
17:40 Ricardo I guess I could submit a patch for that
17:40 atz hah... yeah, that's bad design
17:41 atz nozebra is junk, imho... probably why nobody bothers updating it
17:41 Ricardo atz: Don't call NoZebra junk please. I *need* it for my installations   :)
17:42 atz Ricardo: seriously, we have considered dropping nozebra support entirely, and it might eventually happen.
17:42 slef atz: we did?
17:42 Ricardo atz: I tried to set up Zebra in openSUSE, failed to do it, and just moved on (our catalog is just some tens of thousands of records, so I think that we don't need Zebra)
17:43 slef I'd like to see the fireworks when an RM suggests dropping noZebra from the next release... but maybe I'm wrong.
17:43 atz Ricardo: zebra searching is clearly superior in featureset and performance
17:44 pianohacker Though rather inferior in how infuriatingly quirky the install process for libyaz and idzebra is
17:44 atz i suspect you can get zebra on openSUSE by compiling from source
17:44 pianohacker Even from source
17:44 pianohacker I love zebra, but it is a royal pain
17:44 Ricardo atz: I believe that. In my experience, it just wasn't worththe hassle
17:44 Ricardo pianohacker: Agreed!
17:44 atz Ricardo: your zebra server doesn't have to be the same hardware, btw
17:44 pianohacker That and CPAN modules are roughly 90% of my install time for Koha on a new machine
17:45 Ricardo pianohacker: CPAN Modules? Why, you have been reading my wiki article / INSTALL.opensuse file about installing Koha on openSUSE, haven't you?  ;-)
17:45 atz pianohacker: yeah, indexdata turn out great performing code... but the packaging isn't very user friendly
17:46 atz when they moved their servers it broke a lot of the accepted packages' tests
17:46 slef I don't find the install process too bad, but the error/debugging output isn't the most helpful
17:47 pianohacker No kidding
17:47 Ricardo slef: You're probably using Debian (for what distribution, I believe, the installation process is more automated)
17:48 pianohacker It's kind of sad/funny to see 50 lines of debugging output followed by a three-character error code
17:49 gmcharlt slef: I'm not planning to drop NoZebra, but I ultimately see us getting more bang for the buck by improving Zebra support, and particularly making it easier to configure
17:49 atz yeah... "Error 19"
17:49 slef Ricardo: we're debian developers. What else would we use when we're given the choice?  Actually, I've also installed it on OS X without too much pain.
17:49 gmcharlt drop-in support for other indexing engines would be nice, but obviously a longer term project
17:49 slef Ricardo: I'm pretty sure I've installed koha on a SuSE but it was probably pre-zebra.
17:51 Ricardo slef: Well, installing it on SUSE it's possible, but painful... Actually, there's now a Koha 3.0.1 RPM package in the project "openSUSE-Education". I couldn't find yet who created it and what options did he choose for installation. It's on my TODO list to investigate it
17:53 Ricardo gmcharlt: Hi Galen! I appreciate your input regarding Zebra / NoZebra
17:54 Ricardo gmcharlt: Actually, I believe there's one thing (at least) that should be used for Zebra / NoZebra: having a "NoZebraIndexesUNIMARC" and a "NoZebraIndexesMARC21" system preference  (which one would be active, would depend on the MARC flavour that was active at one given time).
17:55 Ricardo atz: What's your problem? I think "Error 19" is a perfectly clear error message!  ;-)
17:57 atz Ricardo: i don't understand the application of marcflavour-specific nozebra modes
17:57 atz either you're using zebra or you aren't... the marcflavour doesn't come into it
17:59 Ricardo atz: Sorry. Above I wrote "should be used for Zebra / NoZebra" but I meant "should be used for NoZebra". My tip for NoZebraIndexes only concerns NoZebra, granted.
18:00 gmcharlt Ricardo: I can see having some sort of access to alternate default values for a system preference
18:00 gmcharlt but until Koha DBs support MARC21 and UNIMARC simulteneously in the same DB, most of the time I'd think you'd only care about the index definitions for the MARC format you're actually using
18:01 atz yeah, that's why i don't get it... you can't switch back and forth currently
18:01 slef Ricardo: it's clear but what do they mean?
18:02 Ricardo gmcharlt: I'm mentioning this because of the following bug that I reported a year ago:
18:02 Ricardo Bug 2178 - "NoZebraIndexes" system preference is being set to MARC21 values in UNIMARC installations
18:02 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2178 critical, P3, ---,, NEW, "NoZebraIndexes" system preference is being set to MARC21 values in UNIMARC installations
18:02 Ricardo Hey!  Thanks munin, eheh
18:03 atz yeah, i'm still getting used to a working bot in the house
18:03 Ricardo One step to solve that Bug, I believe, would be to have two distinct System Preferences
18:04 gmcharlt Ricardo: yeah, I see what you mean - having two distinct sysprefs might be quicker to implement, although overriding that syspref value could also be done in the SQL scripts that load the UNIMARC frameworks
18:05 gmcharlt definiing a  installer/data/mysql/en/marcflavour/​unimarc/mandatory/unimarc_sysprefs.sql to change the value of NoZebraIndexes would do it
18:05 gmcharlt assuming I'm remembering correctly that the MARC framework SQL scripts are loaded after the mandatory non-MARC SQL scripts
18:07 Ricardo gmcharlt: OK... But that would mean an additional step (correction) for the system administrator running Koha, wouldn't it? Or am I misunderstanding you?
18:07 slef pianohacker (from 23 May): javascript should be optional not a requirement. nirvana would be being able to use koha completely from a mobile phone
18:07 gmcharlt Ricardo: no, it would be picked up during install time
18:08 Ricardo gmcharlt: Oh, you mean AFTER someone corrects that bug, right?  :)
18:08 gmcharlt Ricardo: yes, as it's essentially an installation bug
18:08 Ricardo gmcharlt: Right
18:09 slef ah heck - how did I schedule today's IRC meeting as 10pm not 10am?
18:09 Ricardo slef: That's easy. You switched a "p" with an "a"  ;-)
18:09 gmcharlt slef: was your soujourn in Spain a vacation?
18:10 slef gmcharlt: partly
18:10 slef gmcharlt: well, mostly.
18:10 gmcharlt :)
18:11 Ricardo Talking about bugs and NoZebra: is HDL around here? I would like to know if it's OK with him to submit the very small patch suggested by "Amer Denni" to solve Bug 2599
18:11 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2599 major, P1, ---,, NEW, Search limits not working for NoZebra
18:12 Ricardo Thanks munin ;-)
18:13 gmcharlt Ricardo: since Amer said that he's comfortable letting somebody else write the patch, go for it
18:14 Ricardo gmcharlt: OK. I'll see if I can submit that patch today. I can't test it in other installations, though... Should I submit it for HEAD and 3.0.x or just to HEAD and suggest Henri to test it and, if it works for him, cherry pick to 3.0.x?
18:14 gmcharlt the latter
18:14 Ricardo gmcharlt: OK, thanks :)
18:15 atz slef / pianohacker : my mobile phone browser(s) do javascript.
18:16 atz i think most of them have for many years
18:16 atz mobile usage depends more on other design factors
18:17 slef at least some current SonyEricssons don't
18:18 slef clean CSS primarily IME
18:26 joetho atz: are you there? check liblime email?
18:28 atz joetho: yep, i'll probably implement your SIP2 tomorrow
18:30 joetho great. I have heard the tale of woe from Liz about hers, and I am hoping our vendor will be a little more pliable.
18:32 pianohacker slef: Even if it means your code is about 1.5-2 times the size and harder to understand? I'm all for progressive enhancement, but Koha's current framework makes it very difficult.
18:34 atz joetho: yeah, that reminds me I need to call EnvisionWare back....
18:34 slef joetho: can we have a mutual comiseration about legacy library suppliers support ;)
18:34 slef pianohacker: if it means the code is that much bigger, there's a deeper bug needing addressing.
18:34 pianohacker I've has been fighting a donated 3m self-check machine for the past three months, so I could join that party...
18:35 atz 3M hardware, ime, has been a lot better to work with than 3rd party software
18:45 joetho slef: consider yoseff mutually comiserated.
18:46 atz anybody get my "Standalone branch selection" patch from the list?
18:46 gmcharlt atz: yep
18:47 atz ok, cool
18:48 joetho where do I find the list of patches that have been applied to our liblime system? SEKnFIND
18:48 gmcharlt joetho: there's a support page for it - should have gotten link last time you got an upgrade
18:51 Ricardo Going home now. Take care everyone!  :)
18:57 joetho gmcharlt: this shows all the patches, and I am looking for the list of what has actually been applied to our installation
18:58 atz joetho: you just need to know the last date you were updated, read up to that point
19:02 joetho When will we get the June 1st list that is posted there?
19:03 gmcharlt atz: looks like ./koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/en/js/sco.js could be removed unless I'm missing something
19:03 atz i don't know.  ryan is in charge of the schedules, i think.
19:03 atz gmcharlt: yeah, it can go afaic
19:10 gmcharlt atz: do you have any other SCO patches at the moment?
19:10 atz gmcharlt: no
19:31 gmcharlt atz: just sent a couple more SCO patches; please eyeball
19:33 atz did i have an extra </div> in there?
19:33 gmcharlt predates you
19:34 atz ok, the rest looks fine then
19:57 JeremyLC Okay, I'm getting this: No "ldapserver" in server hash from KOHA_CONF
19:57 JeremyLC even though I have the ldap config in the SAME PLACE in my koha-conf.xml as my other, WORKING Koha installation
19:58 gmcharlt JeremyLC: can you post of diff of the two KOHA_CONFs?
19:58 JeremyLC in fact, except for the installation paths and the admin pass, the files are identical
19:59 gmcharlt is the KOHA_CONF env var correct?
19:59 JeremyLC the non-working install is pulled from git, and running in dev mode, though
20:00 JeremyLC the diff is 223 lines long (all the paths), I don't think I should just paste it in
20:00 gmcharlt pastebin
20:00 JeremyLC ?
20:01 gmcharlt go to
20:01 gmcharlt you can paste in the diff
20:01 gmcharlt and it will spit back a URL that I can look at
20:01 JeremyLC okay, but I'm going to remove the password section
20:01 gmcharlt of course
20:06 JeremyLC
20:07 JeremyLC sorry for the delay, someone just walked through a locked door into my lab, had to go check it out
20:07 gmcharlt neat trick
20:08 JeremyLC I looked at the files side by side in emacs, and I can't find any differences other than the paths
20:08 JeremyLC (well, in the ldap section update:0 vs. update:1)
20:10 JeremyLC the guy was from facilities management, they have keys to everything, and don't always let you know they're coming
20:11 gmcharlt hmm - not seeing anything obvious in the diff
20:11 gmcharlt KOHA_CONF is pointing to the active koha-conf.xml, not the one in the git repo?
20:12 JeremyLC yes
20:13 gmcharlt and the ldapserver element is in fact with the the config element?
20:13 JeremyLC as in, between the <config></config> tags?
20:14 gmcharlt and the actual error message is "No "ldapserver" in server hash from KOHA_CONF" followed by the path to the correct koha-conf.xml?
20:14 gmcharlt (yes)
20:14 JeremyLC It isn't that way on my working server. that gave me an error, in fact
20:14 gmcharlt JeremyLC: oh, right
20:15 JeremyLC No "ldapserver" in server hash from KOHA_CONF: /usr/src/koha-dev/etc/koha-conf.xml
20:16 JeremyLC it continues with the path to
20:17 JeremyLC brb, need to run to a classroom for a minute
20:24 JeremyLC back
20:27 gmcharlt new one checks out OK in xmllint?
20:30 JeremyLC I'm not familiar with that tool
20:30 JeremyLC still, it didn't give me any errors
20:38 JeremyLC is it possibly related to the fact that I'm running in dev mode, from git?
20:38 gmcharlt JeremyLC: shouldn't be, as long as the env vars are set correctly
20:38 gmcharlt what do the SetEnv in apache config
20:40 gmcharlt look like?
20:40 JeremyLC   SetEnv KOHA_CONF "/usr/src/koha-dev/etc/koha-conf.xml"
20:40 JeremyLC   SetEnv PERL5LIB "/usr/src/kohaclone"
20:40 JeremyLC for both the opac and staff sections
20:41 JeremyLC I have my staff interface running on https, though, rather than port 8080
20:43 gmcharlt what do you get when you run
20:43 gmcharlt perl -e 'use C4::Auth_with_ldap;'
20:44 JeremyLC Can't locate C4/ in @INC
20:44 gmcharlt try setting PERL5LIB in your local shell
20:45 JeremyLC okay, if I run it from within /usr/src/kohaclone I get a different output
20:45 JeremyLC unable to locate Koha configuration file koha-conf.xml at C4/ line 312.
20:46 gmcharlt ok, also need to set KOHA_CONF environment variable in your local shell
20:46 JeremyLC repeated many times, then some "Can't call method..." errors
20:47 JeremyLC I'm fairly certain it is finding, and using the config file, because it orked before I turned on useldapserver
21:18 danny just reading through the meeting notes, munin++! I am always having to look up bugs when someone mentions a bug number
21:19 chris gmcharlt: cna you make this work?
21:19 chris @fix_bug 3205
21:19 munin chris: Error: "fix_bug" is not a valid command.
21:19 chris dangit
21:19 chris :)
21:20 JeremyLC Hmmm
21:20 JeremyLC in
21:20 danny lol that would be nice
21:20 JeremyLC changing this my $ldap = C4::Context->config("ldapserver") to this my $ldap = C4::Context->zebraconfig("ldapserver")
21:20 JeremyLC fixed my problem, but why?
21:21 JeremyLC I specifically configured it not to use zebra
21:22 chris maybe you have the ldapserver configuration in the wrong place in the config file, ie in the zebra section?
21:23 JeremyLC I have it just before the <config></config> section
21:24 JeremyLC EVERYTHING in the config file is enclosed with <yazgfs></yazgfs>
21:24 JeremyLC so
21:25 JeremyLC <yazgfs> <configstuff /> <server id="ldapserver" ...>...</server> <config>...</config></yazgfs>
21:25 chris no idea in that case
21:25 JeremyLC I have another, working koha server that has its config file organized identically to this one
21:26 chris exactly the same version of koha?
21:26 JeremyLC no
21:26 JeremyLC the working install is 3.00.00
21:27 JeremyLC the new install calls itself
21:27 chris ahh so something must have changed between the 2
21:27 chris lemme look
21:27 JeremyLC I pulled it from git
21:28 JeremyLC I wanted to start working out some details while we await 3.2
21:28 JeremyLC (we really need the hourly circulation policies)
21:29 chris[…]fc6083510390cc013
21:29 chris could that be it?
21:30 JeremyLC it didn't work when I put it in the <config> section either
21:30 chris the useldapserver bit
21:30 chris ?
21:30 JeremyLC that is there, yes, and set to 1
21:31 JeremyLC wait, I see
21:31 JeremyLC it changed from <server id="ldapserver"...> to <ldapserver>
21:32 chris that could well be it
21:32 JeremyLC yes
21:33 JeremyLC for my 3.00 installation I needed <server id="ldapserver"...> and it had to be outside the <config /> block
21:33 chris right
21:33 chris[…];
21:34 chris (how i found changes)
21:35 JeremyLC thanks!
21:35 chris no problem, just using the awesomeness that is git
21:35 chris git++
21:36 JeremyLC of course, since our IT department has implemented a grossly non-standard LDAP, I'll have to modify the code a bit regardless
21:36 JeremyLC mostly, this $userldapentry->dn();
21:37 chris if you can think of any way to do it in a configurable way, we would love patches :)
21:37 JeremyLC returns a dn that isn't allowed to bind, even with a valid password
21:37 chris ahh that's handy of it :)
21:38 JeremyLC I could probably just put in a flag to customize it or use the default dn returned
21:38 chris that would be cool, then you wouldnt end up with code that would need to be changed each upgrade
21:38 JeremyLC yeah
21:39 chris just out of curiousity whereabouts are you JeremyLC ? (in the US somewhere im picking)
21:39 JeremyLC Arlington, TX
21:39 chris oh, cool, i first visited texas in april for kohacon
21:40 JeremyLC kohacon, interesting
21:40 chris in plano
21:40 chris which i dont think is that far from arlington?
21:41 chris start saving for next year, its looking like kohacon will be in my neck of the woods (wellington nz) :)
21:41 JeremyLC yeah, plano is close, less than an hour away
21:42 Jo mornign all.
21:42 JeremyLC NZ, though, would be a much more fun trip
21:42 chris hi jo
21:43 Jo hey Chris. How is the whanau.
21:43 chris quiet ... its freaking me out
21:43 chris hehe
21:43 Jo what a good baby
21:43 chris atarau and laurel are asleep still
21:44 Jo and is Kahurangi coping alright?
21:44 chris and kahu has just finished breakfast and is drawing pictures
21:44 chris yep, he is still pretty excited
21:44 Jo that is so cool.
21:44 Jo really pleased for you all.
21:44 Jo hey, if i want to all 'bits' of the dewey number out in a php report, ie 920AND not the 920, wopuld you expect that specifying 'dewey' as the field to display would work, or is there a second 'bit' to specify..
21:44 chris in the old koha?
21:45 Jo yep.
21:45 chris try classification and also subclass
21:45 chris i think its some combo of the 3
21:46 chris JeremyLC: have you talked with David Schuster in the Plano School District, they run Koha .. for quite a big number of schools
21:46 chris you might be able to compare notes
21:46 Jo cool - thanks for that
21:46 JeremyLC chris: I haven't heard of him
21:47 Jo subclass did it - thansk chris.
21:48 chris np
21:48 chris @seen schuster
21:48 munin chris: I have not seen schuster.
21:49 chris he is sometimes on irc, otherwise he mails to the lists every so often
21:49 JeremyLC that's good to know
21:50 JeremyLC I'm still trying to figure some details for how we need to setup our system
21:50 chris never hurts to know your neighbours :)
21:50 JeremyLC is it possibly to have it use the ldap server when looking up patrons for circulation purposes?
21:50 JeremyLC er, possible
21:51 chris ahh, i have never really done much with ldap, atz is the man you want to ask
21:51 gmcharlt JeremyLC: not currently
21:51 JeremyLC okay
21:51 chris or gmcharlt  ... he knows everything
21:51 chris gmcharlt++
21:51 JeremyLC it may be when we're done
21:51 chris :)
21:51 gmcharlt JeremyLC: that would be cool
21:52 JeremyLC we don't need to import all eleventy-gazillion of our students into our koha system, we'd rather just query from ldap and create accounts as needed
21:56 JeremyLC thanks again for the help, I need to go. (gotta run errands before church, can't be late 'cause I'm leading worship)
21:59 chris gmcharlt: any thought to making a git plugin for munin?
21:59 chris im thinking @git_short
21:59 chris shows you the last 3 commit messages or something
21:59 gmcharlt chris: sounds good
22:00 gmcharlt also - @git commithash
22:00 chris yeah that would be cool
22:00 gmcharlt to return info for specified commit
22:00 chris *nod*
22:02 gmcharlt chris: so you're volunteering to write it? :)
22:03 gmcharlt having the plugin scrape should be enough
22:04 gmcharlt avoid the bot having to have a separate git clone
22:05 mason heya folks, i have recently been playing been munin too...
22:05 chris i may give it a try, baby willing :)
22:05 mason i was wondering if there was a way to scrape performance stats from zebra, for a munin plugin..
22:05 mason heya chris
22:06 gmcharlt mason: what do you mean by Zebra performance stats?
22:07 mason a fair call, something similar to these mysql ones , perhaps
22:07 mason http://muninexchange.projects.[…]D=on&os%5B6%5D=on
22:08 gmcharlt uptime should and connectivity shouldn't be too hard
22:08 gmcharlt for the rest, you'd have to dig through the indexdata docs
22:08 mason or  'mysql>  show innodb status'  something like that
22:09 gmcharlt of course, munin-the-bot != munin-the-monitoring tool
22:09 mason yah, i mean the monitoring-tool
22:19 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: should the 3.0.2 release have as 3.0.1 "stable" in its name ?
22:22 chris i wouldnt bother
22:42 chris ok everyone is awake, im outta here
22:53 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: yeah, simply v3.00.02 should be OK for the tag
22:53 hdl_laptop OK
23:03 Ricardo Hi all
23:08 Ricardo chris: Are you here?
23:17 schuster IRC Dev meeting June 3, 10 UTC -
23:17 schuster So is that actually Thursday June 3 at 6 am Central time?  I'm still trying to get these time UTC things figured out.  I almost missed the last one due to date/time settings - just so happened I was on IRC when it happened!
23:18 schuster Central time US that is...  Thanks for clarification..
23:19 schuster OK never mind - I'm a day off at work!  It was today!
23:19 Ricardo schuster: Err... June 3?
23:19 Ricardo Right
23:26 Ricardo Time to go to bed. Take care everyone! :)
03:32 Amit hi chris, brendan, mason good morning
03:36 mason morning amit
03:36 Amit first patch from india
03:36 Amit from our osslabs
03:37 Jo Good mornign AMit
03:38 Jo hey, have you good ideas oif where abouts I could find another set of icons for library materials (to assign to item types) in Koha 3.0 setup.
03:40 Amit_ Good morning Jo
03:41 Amit_ Jo: R u interested in T-20 World Cup
03:42 brendan_ heya amit
03:43 Amit_ heya brendan now T-20 world cup start from tommorrow
03:44 mason jo: take a look at the famfamfam site
03:44 mason
03:59 Jo thanks Mason
04:04 Jo nope - too small. looking for some different icons we could use
04:20 Jo I just want a beautiful seclection of icons representing a wide range of library materials.

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