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12:23 No_Reply hello all
13:00 No_Reply anyone about
13:00 No_Reply ?
13:00 No_Reply trying to set up zebra on our new koha 3.0.1 and could use a little primer on configuration
13:06 kf hi no_reply, I dont know much about Zebra
13:07 kf but perhaps I can help you, with a more concrete question?
13:07 No_Reply sure, things seem to come up more or less ok
13:07 No_Reply but when I try to search, zebra pushes out ERROR 109
13:08 No_Reply i'm looking at previous issues, and i think it is because my is doing nothing
13:13 No_Reply ok, i originally was getting no output from that .pl
13:13 No_Reply now i get "record didn't contain match fields in (bibl,Local_number)
13:14 No_Reply and rather than error 109, i get search biblios OK, but no records
13:15 gmcharlt No_Reply: are you using UNIMARC or MARC21?
13:15 No_Reply 21
13:16 gmcharlt by default, the MARC21 frameworks should be putting the Koha biblionumber in the 999$c
13:16 gmcharlt did you happen to make any changes to the MARC frameworks?
13:16 gmcharlt another thing to look at is the loaded marcxml
13:16 gmcharlt e.g.
13:16 gmcharlt select marcxml from biblioitems where biblionumber = 1
13:17 gmcharlt and make sure that it has a 999 tag with the biblionumber in $c
13:17 No_Reply sure
13:17 No_Reply i haven't made any changes to the frameworks yet
13:17 No_Reply i'll see what i get with a query on marcxml
13:18 gmcharlt also, using -v will get more verbose output when you run
13:20 No_Reply no, looks like no 999 tag
13:20 gmcharlt hm
13:20 gmcharlt how did you load the bib records?
13:21 No_Reply imported them from a mysqldump backup and updated from 2.2.9 to 3.0.1
13:22 gmcharlt ahh
13:22 gmcharlt you should run
13:22 gmcharlt check that the 999s are added
13:22 gmcharlt then reindex
13:22 No_Reply ok
13:23 No_Reply ok, it tells me koha.marc_biblio doesn't exist
13:24 gmcharlt yeah - just noticed
13:24 No_Reply which is expected, the update process had me manually drop the table
13:24 gmcharlt you'll want the newest version of that script
13:24 gmcharlt which you can grab from
13:24 No_Reply great
13:25 gmcharlt[…];hb=HEAD
13:25 No_Reply any particular place i should run it from? or is my home directory going to work fine?
13:26 gmcharlt home directory is fine, assuming you have PERL5LIB and KOHA_CONF set in your environment
13:26 No_Reply sure do
13:31 No_Reply hmmmm, not a git user.  What's the best way to grab that file on through unix?
13:34 gmcharlt No_Reply: wget the link agove
13:34 gmcharlt *above
13:35 No_Reply that pulled in a bunch of xml
13:35 No_Reply not the .pl file itself
13:36 No_Reply if i browse to that in firefox i get it, but i need to do it via command prompt for the production machine
13:36 atz No_Reply: try wget w/ specific "accept" criteria
13:37 gmcharlt No_Reply: alternatively -
13:37 atz or FTP from your FF desktop to the production machine
13:38 gmcharlt btw, noticed that my was to the wrong file anyway
13:38 No_Reply yes, i already adjusted for that
13:46 wizzyrea can anybody talk to me about[…]0b4eb4deea00a410f this? How does this "fix" it? We've noticed that it's currently broken and I think we have a bug filed for it but I think we want to know if this will put it back the way it "used" to be, i.e. when you check in a book that needs to be transferred it will tell you where it needs to go
13:47 wizzyrea simple answers of yes/no are fine
13:48 gmcharlt wizzyrea: that commit is from 2008, so you already have it
13:48 gmcharlt so if there's a problem, we need to go from the current behavior that you're seeing
13:56 wizzyrea gah, sorry >.<
13:58 wizzyrea[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3270 this is the problem we're having
13:58 munin Bug 3270: major, P5, ---,, NEW, Cancelling a hold request after transfer initiated orphans item
13:59 wizzyrea also if you check in an item that is not issued
13:59 wizzyrea it doesn't prompt to send the item home
14:00 atz wizzyrea: you would have already rec'd the prompt at a previous point, no?
14:00 No_Reply gmcharlt: batchRepairMissing... .p counts up to about 3000 then hits "Can't call method 'field' on an undefined value at .../C4/ line 2663."
14:00 ebegin morning!
14:01 ebegin Is there any .install file for RedHat?
14:01 wizzyrea yes, except sometimes items get status checked by checking them in
14:02 wizzyrea and our users want the behavior
14:02 wizzyrea example: book is sitting on the desk, librarian doesn't know what to do with it, easiest way (used to be anyway) to check it is to just check it in
14:04 wizzyrea (doesn't necessarily mean it's the BEST way to accomplish that, but it was certainly an EASY way)
14:16 gmcharlt No_Reply: hmm - for now, could wrap the call to _koha_marc_update_bib_ids  in an eval { }
14:17 gmcharlt wizzyrea: atz will be taking a look at 3270 today
14:22 No_Reply gmcharlt: to check i understand you right i'm  putting in eval { } around "C4::Biblio::_koha_marc_update_bib_ids($record, etc...)
14:22 gmcharlt No_Reply: yep
14:25 No_Reply i've little experience with programming perl, but I'm tossing in an if($@){print"Breaking at $record - $biblionumber - $biblioitemnumber\n";} if that looks ok to you
14:26 gmcharlt that's fine
14:27 wizzyrea gmcharlt is no biggie, thanks
14:29 gmcharlt wizzyrea: oi, I'm not *that* short ;)
14:31 wizzyrea gmcharlt LOL
14:32 wizzyrea *it* IT  is no biggie
14:40 No_Reply gmcharlt: it throws errors on about 35 records and doesn't seem to add 999 to any of the others
14:42 gmcharlt No_Reply: what is the output of select tagfield, tagsubfield, frameworkcode from marc_subfield_structure where kohafield = 'biblio.biblionumber';
14:44 No_Reply 090
14:45 No_Reply the records have 090, as near as I can tell
14:45 gmcharlt No_Reply: ah, you have two options
14:46 gmcharlt 1) update the active etc/zebradb/marc_defs/marc21/biblios/record.abs to map biblionumber and biblioitemumber from the 090 subfields instead of the 999
14:46 gmcharlt then reindex
14:46 gmcharlt 2) update the MARC frameworks to map biblio.biblionumber to 999$c and biblioitems.biblioitemnumber to 999$d
14:46 gmcharlt run the repair script again
14:46 gmcharlt then reindex
14:46 gmcharlt second option will take a little longer
14:47 gmcharlt but will put you in sync with most other MARC21 Koha installations
14:48 No_Reply right, i suppose it is a question for the librarian, then...
14:48 No_Reply there might be some reason it was mapped to 090 on the older system
14:49 gmcharlt that's just the old default for Koha 2
14:49 No_Reply ok
14:49 No_Reply should be safe to change, then
14:49 gmcharlt and it isn't  really standard - 090 normally contains a local call number, not the record ID
14:50 No_Reply right
15:01 No_Reply ok, remapped
15:01 No_Reply do i need to run anything else before
15:02 gmcharlt just if you haven't done so already
15:05 No_Reply and any clever ideas on manually fixing the 36 records that skips?
15:05 No_Reply i suppose i could weed them out, delete them and tell the librarians to recatalog
15:05 No_Reply they're all exited about having copy cataloging working
15:06 gmcharlt No_Reply: may have fewer skips, since it's not looking for 090 fields
15:06 No_Reply seems about the same
15:07 No_Reply but 999 is there on the rest, now
15:10 No_Reply beautiful
15:10 No_Reply it's searchable now
15:10 No_Reply thanks a bunch
15:10 gmcharlt you're welcome
15:10 No_Reply i'm sure i can figure out how to clean up the rest, now that there's a working system up
16:39 Sharon Hi Mickey
16:39 wizzyrea hola mickey
16:43 pianohacker Hello, sharon, wizzyrea
16:49 MickeyC Hi everbod
16:51 atz has anyone else rec'd my "Cleanup SCO - OPAC self checkout" patch?
16:52 atz gmail marked my CC as spam, so maybe our list moderation did also?
16:57 atz on [patches] list
17:07 rhcl Anybody (from NZ?) know Kim Shepard at Waikato University?
17:07 rhcl I see he's a developer for DSpace.
17:09 jwagner_lunch atz, I haven't seen a SCO patch, but if you have one in the works I'd like to see it -- need to modify the sco script for something local.
17:10 atz jwagner: i think reverse-DNS has fallen off for our dev server... resulting in mail-filterers disliking my sending from there
17:10 jwagner I can sympathize.  Servers don't seem to like me, either :-(  Which piece of SCO are you changing?
17:11 jwagner I need to work on
17:11 atz that's the only one that's worth anything (and help)
17:11 atz i'm actually deleting the rest: they don't run anyway
17:11 atz cleaning up the template and focus handling issues in particular
17:12 jwagner Hmmm.  If you can't persuade your server to send it out, maybe you could send me your patch directly?  I have a time crunch on doing this particular mod, and assuming your code is going to go into main Koha eventually, I'd like to base off it.
17:13 atz adding a js check for a "magic barcode" that completes the current patron session and gets the interface ready for a new patron barcode (instead of item barcode)
17:13 atz jwagner: i'll fwd it to you
17:13 jwagner Thanks much.  I was going to work on that tomorrow -- I'd hate to waste the effort on soon-to-be-outdated code :-)
17:16 jwagner gmcharlt or atz, speaking of soon-to-be-outdated code, do either of you know the status of 3093 (placing multiple holds)?  I also need to do some work in that area, and wanted to get this patch.  Last report I saw was that he's hoping to send it out this week.
17:25 gmcharlt jwagner: the functionality has been there for a while
17:26 gmcharlt Stephen is working on some additional improvements, but not ones that should have any user-visiable consequences
17:26 jwagner OK, thanks.  The main concern for me is again basing local changes off the most recent code.  I'll give him another day or two, then start working of existing code, I guess.
18:29 pianohacker atz: When will the magic barcode check be added? My library, as it turns out, needs that too
18:29 atz pianohacker: i fwd'd the patch today
18:29 pianohacker Ahh, okay, it's one patch
18:29 pianohacker You rock
18:40 brendan good morning #koha
18:40 pianohacker Good morning
19:06 eiro hello koha people
20:53 wizzyrea is so quiet lately!
20:55 chris not in my house
20:57 richard how's the nipper settling in?
20:59 chris not too bad, kahu is just finishing breakfast then im taking him to kindercare
20:59 chris atarau is pretty quiet, but pretty hungry
21:00 richard how's laurel?
21:02 chris pretty tired and sore, but otherwise good, shes asleep on the couch at the moment
21:04 richard cool
21:05 chris ok, breakfast finished time to get on the road
22:46 atz i think i might need paul to figure out why my patches aren't going through anymore
22:57 collum I've submitted several in the last few days.  Are they not getting there?  I just figured gmcharlt was busy with the acquisitions patches.
23:01 atz collum: i see 2 of yours from May 30
23:01 collum Cool! Thanks atz
00:04 kurama456 lol
02:00 atz wow... just purged 270,000 old sessions from my test DB
02:01 atz that's a lot of me logging in to test...
02:29 chris ahh that explains it
02:30 chris atz: might be easier to just send patches to (bit more typing tho)
02:47 atz chris: is "branchprinter" used by anybody?  it doesn't seem to make it into the CGI session at all
02:48 chris it used to be its own cookie
02:48 chris predates cgi::session in koha
02:48 chris it will need to come back in some form for hlt, but probably as part of the session
02:48 atz i hate trying to "update" features that are totally broken to begin with
02:49 chris yeah got broken somewhere round 2.2.3
02:49 chris take it out, i need to do it again for hlt before they go live
02:49 chris but i will do it as part of the session, makes sense
02:49 atz or i'll leave what I have around it in there, and add some FIXME's
02:49 chris sounds like a plan
03:11 Amit hi chris: how is your baby
03:11 chris fast asleep, so that's good
03:12 Amit hmm
03:14 Amit hi mason
03:20 atz my G1 phone just reset itself... 2nd OS update in 1 week
03:21 chris apart from the reboots, how do you like it?
03:21 atz pretty well all-around
03:21 chris sweet
03:21 atz there should be an android emulation layer for ubuntu out soon too
03:22 atz so you can run all your phone apps on desktop
03:22 atz (and develop, obviously)
03:22 chris nice
03:24 chris hopefully one of hte carriers here will get some in the future
06:57 chris ohh cool, the first patch from india
06:59 chris must google that
07:00 chris but now i must go run a bath for my sons
07:02 eiro hello guys
07:26 Amit hi eiro
07:27 Amit chris: lexile number patch from our company osslabs
07:30 hdl_laptop hi all
07:31 Amit hi hdl
08:00 hdl_laptop chris:  all the translation up to date are commited into 3.0 ?
08:01 hdl_laptop chris: strange that french on Pootle is not 100%
08:15 chris i committed the versions that you sent
08:15 chris so yes, its weird
08:16 chris and yes, everything is committed, as of 2 days ago
08:16 chris ill check again right now
08:17 chris some turkish and tetun updates, pushing them up now
08:25 chris done
08:25 chris http://www.visionofhumanity.or[…]ts/rankings/2009/
08:28 hdl_laptop thanks chris.
08:28 hdl_laptop I shall package it today
08:29 chris yay!
08:31 nahuel hey chris ! gratulations about your kid !
08:32 chris thank you nahuel :)
08:32 chris so far, he has been pretty easy, eat and sleep is what he does :)
08:33 nahuel not crying ?
08:33 nahuel or shooting ?
08:34 hdl_laptop shouting not shooting, or it is a footballer
08:36 nahuel hdl_laptop, you're right :)
08:36 nahuel hdl_laptop, or a sniper :)
08:37 chris hehe
08:37 chris he only cries when we change his nappies
08:37 chris fingers crossed it stays like it :)
08:40 hdl_laptop nahuel: babies are like ticking bombs ;), you never know when it will blow out ;)
08:40 chris :)
08:41 nahuel ahah
08:41 paul_p lol
08:41 nahuel I prefer don't know :)
08:41 nahuel and don't smell
08:41 paul_p chris: very happy for you. Our best friends also had their (6th) baby, just 3 hours after you.
08:43 chris thanks paul_p may is a good month for birthdays (mine is in may also)
09:30 chris hi kf
09:31 kf hi chris
09:31 hdl_laptop hi kf
09:31 kf hi hdl
09:31 hdl_laptop koha 3.0.2 going out soon
09:32 kf is the IRC meeting in half an hour?
09:32 kf not sure if my calculation is right
09:32 kf nice to hear that, im really looking forward to testing acq too
09:33 Amit chris: r u around?
09:33 Amit i m translating koha in hindi but i have no permission .
09:38 chris whats your username on pootle?
09:38 Amit savitras
09:38 Amit i need submit permission
09:39 chris k
09:39 Amit thanks
09:41 chris done
09:41 Amit ok thanks
09:41 Amit i will se
09:41 Amit see
09:43 Amit it work!
09:50 Amit chris: can we upload .csv file in koha pootle
09:50 chris not that i know of, it works on .po files
09:51 gmcharlt good morning
09:51 Amit ok
09:51 Amit hi galen
09:51 Amit morning
09:52 nengard morning
09:52 nengard I'm awake - I'm here - no volunteering me for things without me knowing this time :)
09:52 nengard although no one told me what i was supposed to do last time
09:53 gmcharlt nengard: was in the meeting log :) but anyway, can talk about the mailing list notices today
09:53 nengard gmcharlt - I was out of town all month - I had enough trouble keeping up with work - I didn't read the logs :(
09:55 chris thats[…]koha_list_welcome
09:55 chris i started it
09:55 chris you just have to finish it nengard :)
09:57 hdl_laptop hi
09:59 gmcharlt hi hdl_laptop
10:00 gmcharlt ok, it's 6 o'clock where I am - do you know where your Koha users and developers are? :)
10:00 jwagner We may be HERE, but are we AWAKE????
10:00 gmcharlt in other words, time for today's general IRC meeting
10:01 gmcharlt let's start with a roll call
10:01 gmcharlt gmcharlt = Galen Charlton
10:01 jwagner jwagner = Jane Wagner
10:02 chris im sorta here
10:02 chris Chris Cormack
10:02 chris until the baby wakes up
10:02 chris or the toddler
10:05 IrmaCalyx Hi from Sydney
10:06 hdl_laptop hi IrmaCalyx
10:06 jdavidb Howdy from west Texas.  :)
10:06 nengard nengard = nicole engard
10:06 IrmaCalyx Chris: Welcome to ...Te Po Atarau William Creed Barr Cormack ...Congratulations!
10:06 chris thank you :)
10:06 gmcharlt chris: so when can we expect his first patch? ;)
10:07 chris couple of months
10:07 chris have to build him a new computer
10:07 gmcharlt ata++
10:07 hdl_laptop water proof ;)
10:07 IrmaCalyx his brother might beat him to it...
10:07 gmcharlt ok, so we have three items on the agenda
10:07 gmcharlt 1/ Update on Roadmap to 3.2
10:07 gmcharlt 2/ Update on Koha 3.0 Roadmap
10:08 gmcharlt 3/ Follow-up on actions from General Meeting on Wednesday, 6 May 2009
10:08 gmcharlt so regarding 3.2
10:08 gmcharlt the biggest news is the new_acq patch series by BibLibre
10:08 gmcharlt I'm making my way through them
10:09 gmcharlt and will be publishing a topic branch for them tomorrow
10:09 kf katrin fischer here
10:09 Amit Amit from India
10:09 gmcharlt some other RFCs that are now completed include
10:09 gmcharlt Filtering and sorting the overdue report using patron attributes
10:09 gmcharlt Support for multiple PAC interfaces by URL
10:09 paul_p hi from Marseille (sunny weather)
10:10 gmcharlt OPAC display with XSLT for UNIMARC
10:10 gmcharlt Default Messaging Settings
10:10 Amit galen: mean to say sort1 & sort2
10:10 Amit for patron attributes
10:11 hdl_laptop patron attributes : extended patron attributes not only sort1 &2
10:11 gmcharlt Amit: although it's a good point that sort1 and sort2 should be added to the list of filters
10:11 gmcharlt other stuff coming in June
10:11 gmcharlt pushing Paul's OPAC patron privacy patch + some improvements
10:12 gmcharlt I'll be pushing a topic branch of holdings/summary records
10:12 gmcharlt patron proxies, opening hours, and hourly loans
10:12 gmcharlt as well as pushing 'Calculate fines in days debarred'
10:12 gmcharlt and some circ policy rework that ryan did
10:12 Amit galen: i have already done sort1 & sort2 in overdues report
10:13 gmcharlt Amit: cool - send a patch
10:13 Amit ok
10:13 nahuel hi gmcharlt :)
10:13 gmcharlt howdy
10:14 chris 94
10:14 chris if the recent patch from savitra is accepted
10:14 gmcharlt which it will be
10:14 paul_p (chris: if john soros is not listed, you can add him. Even if new_acq patches seems to be from me, pls add him though)
10:15 paul_p (+ mason, but i'm sure he's already listed)
10:15 gmcharlt paul_p: chris can do, but if John could also send a small bugfix patch directly or something, would also get his name in to Koha's Git history
10:15 chris yep mason is way back, before even joshua
10:16 gmcharlt I'll be doing a pre-alpha package towards the end of the month
10:16 gmcharlt and otherwise timing remains the same from last meeting
10:16 paul_p gmcharlt: yep. Some patches (new_acq) still coming soon
10:16 gmcharlt feature freeze by end of August
10:16 wxcv :)
10:16 gmcharlt two months for translation and stabliization
10:16 kf what will pre-alpha include? topic branches and head?
10:17 gmcharlt so 3.2 by end of October
10:17 gmcharlt pre-alpha will be HEAD
10:17 gmcharlt new_acq I expect will have been merged into HEAD by that point
10:19 gmcharlt that's essentially it for my 3.2 update
10:19 gmcharlt unless people have questions
10:19 nengard I have a question about the multiple opacs
10:19 nengard i saw one patch for that that said it was starting the process
10:19 nengard you said it was finished
10:19 nengard if so - where should i read about this to update the documentation
10:19 gmcharlt the feature itself as RFCed is finished by that patch
10:20 gmcharlt so the RFC page on the wiki is the place to start for updating doc
10:20 nengard okey dokey
10:20 nengard thanks
10:20 gmcharlt there is some interest in enhancing it, but no sponsorship yet
10:21 hdl_laptop nengard: location in subscription is added in order to add kind of items.location default for issue received.
10:21 nengard isn't that shelving location? If so it's an authorized value and should be a pull down not a free text field .... right?
10:21 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: hmm - raises a question for me, then, as it doesn't seem to be actually setting it as a default for new received items
10:21 gmcharlt and nengard is right about the drop-down
10:22 nengard that's why i was so confused when I saw it originally
10:22 nahuel yo
10:22 hdl_laptop nengard: gmcharlt yes.
10:22 nahuel arf
10:22 hdl_laptop It is forecast.
10:23 gmcharlt "light periods of snow, followed by raining patches"
10:23 hdl_laptop Not done because done for a migration purpose.
10:24 gmcharlt nengard: please file a bug so we don't lose track
10:24 nengard will do
10:24 gmcharlt any other 3.2 questions?
10:24 hdl_laptop not question but adds :some other cool feature on the way, batch item editing, interactive merging biblios ,  CAS authentication ...
10:25 paul_p and opac search history
10:25 kf CAS?
10:26 hdl_laptop CAS is an authentication system used by Academic Libraries in France.
10:26 kf thx hdl
10:26 gmcharlt paul_p: how is the SOPAC work coming along?
10:26 hdl_laptop done.
10:26 paul_p you should get the patch this week
10:26 gmcharlt cool
10:26 hdl_laptop It is implementing ILS-DI for Koha part.
10:27 paul_p (official announce : Jean André Santoni is now a BibLibrarian)
10:27 hdl_laptop And using it for SOPAC integration.
10:27 IrmaCalyx BibLibre ++
10:27 paul_p (so, we are 10, including half time secretary Aurélie, that will never send a patch probably ;-) )
10:27 hdl_laptop (part of ILS-DI though)
10:28 paul_p he should push the ILS-DI WebServices on, and the Drupal part on sopac itself (he has a SVN write access
10:28 chris cool
10:29 gmcharlt indeed
10:29 paul_p we will probably have to build a package & add some links on to advertise the feature
10:30 gmcharlt let's move on to the next agenda item
10:30 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: you're up to talk about 3.0.x
10:30 hdl_laptop 3.0.2 should be packaged today.
10:30 hdl_laptop official announce also.
10:31 hdl_laptop Seems that koha-maintenance branch was quite good.
10:31 hdl_laptop few bugs noticed.
10:31 hdl_laptop And all of them fixed.
10:32 hdl_laptop everything is pushed on 3.0.x branch now.
10:33 hdl_laptop This month will be devoted to reconciliation with HEAD before all new features are pushed.
10:33 chris all of the languages that made 3.0.1 will make 3.0.2 and a couple more
10:34 gmcharlt cool
10:35 gmcharlt regarding action items from the last meeting
10:35 gmcharlt I need to get started on the reorg
10:35 hdl_laptop So we can expect 3.0.3 testing  maybe at the end of the month, and release maybe middle july. (translation)
10:35 gmcharlt and revive the relicensing
10:36 hdl_laptop sorry.
10:36 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: no, that's fine
10:36 gmcharlt schuster has sent some updates to the enhancement process -
10:36 gmcharlt and we now have fields in bugzilla to track the sponsorship status of enhancements and bugfixes
10:37 gmcharlt nengard: chris sent you the link regarding updating the monthly mailing list notices
10:37 gmcharlt it's meant to provide a useful set of links and information
10:37 gmcharlt whenever somebody subscribes to the Koha mailing list
10:38 nengard will read the log from the last meeting and tackle that this week or next
10:39 gmcharlt I've added a supybot, munin, to this channel
10:39 gmcharlt and I'll be publishing a git repo of the plugins
10:39 gmcharlt so that anybody can send patches against them
10:39 chris sweet
10:39 gmcharlt some things you can do with munin
10:39 gmcharlt @bug 3093
10:39 munin gmcharlt: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3093 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Enhance placing of holds in staff interface
10:39 gmcharlt look up bugs
10:40 gmcharlt @quote random
10:40 munin gmcharlt: Quote #1: "<pianohacker> resolve, rather, I doubt it needs lotion" (added by gmcharlt at 03:05 AM, May 31, 2009)
10:40 gmcharlt keep and add quotes said by others on channel
10:40 nahuel gmcharlt, ??? with munin ?
10:40 nahuel ah the nickname :)
10:40 paul_p @bug 1
10:40 nahuel it's not munin software
10:40 munin paul_p: Bug[…]show_bug.cgi?id=1 major, P2, ---,, CLOSED FIXED, Missing uploadedmarc table definition
10:40 gmcharlt right, supybot is the software
10:40 nahuel hoooo it's a hype feature :)
10:41 paul_p I test to see if munin detect the @bug 1000 in a message
10:41 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1000 enhancement, P2, ---,, RESOLVED INVALID, installer: drop/suppress entries in mysql if re-launching installer script
10:41 paul_p yeah ! munin +++
10:41 jdavidb Very clever.
10:41 gmcharlt paul_p: and you can do it like this - tell me more about bug 2505
10:41 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2505 blocker, P3, ---,, NEW, enable Perl warnings in all modules and scripts
10:41 gmcharlt munin also keeps track of karma
10:41 munin gmcharlt: Error: "also" is not a valid command.
10:41 gmcharlt koha++
10:41 gmcharlt @karma koha
10:41 munin gmcharlt: Karma for "koha" has been increased 2 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 2.
10:42 nahuel @karma gmcharlt
10:42 munin nahuel: gmcharlt has neutral karma.
10:42 nahuel gmcharlt++
10:42 nahuel @karma gmcharlt
10:42 munin nahuel: Karma for "gmcharlt" has been increased 1 time and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 1.
10:42 gmcharlt and I'll have munin do the channel logging
10:42 paul_p gmcharlt: +++
10:42 gmcharlt so newlogbot will go away at some point
10:42 paul_p @karma gmcharlt
10:42 munin paul_p: Karma for "gmcharlt" has been increased 1 time and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 1.
10:42 paul_p gmcharlt+++
10:43 paul_p @karma gmcharlt
10:43 munin paul_p: Karma for "gmcharlt" has been increased 1 time and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 1.
10:43 gmcharlt munin should *hopefully* be a bit more reliable than newlogbot
10:43 munin gmcharlt: Error: "should" is not a valid command.
10:43 gmcharlt paul_p: no +++ operator ;)
10:43 paul_p so, we can't give more than 1 karma at a time ;-)
10:43 paul_p gmcharlt: ++
10:43 paul_p @karma gmcharlt
10:43 munin paul_p: Karma for "gmcharlt" has been increased 1 time and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 1.
10:43 paul_p and it don't work with the : either
10:43 gmcharlt nope, has to be paul_p++
10:44 gmcharlt I'll also be picking up a few of the plugins used by the zoia bot on #code4lib
10:45 gmcharlt ok, is there anything else that people want to bring up for the meeting agenda?
10:45 chris just that for the future meetings, would be good if we could do a reminder email the day before
10:45 gmcharlt good point, sorry about that
10:46 gmcharlt speaking of future meetings, I'm calling the next one for 1 July
10:46 chris np, i coulda sent one too
10:46 gmcharlt I'm inclined to alternate between the time we used last month and this meeting time
10:47 gmcharlt unless anybody has suggestions about when we meet
10:47 IrmaCalyx this time is best for us "down under"
10:47 chris yep
10:47 IrmaCalyx 8:47 PM now
10:47 chris 10.47 for me
10:48 chris but early for the usians
10:48 chris so alternating is fine
10:48 gmcharlt one thing I like about this time is that it works for Amit and everybody else in his neck of the planet
10:48 chris true
10:48 gmcharlt so I'll continue alternating
10:48 IrmaCalyx no problem
10:48 gmcharlt ok, anything else?
10:49 paul_p this time is very good for us
10:49 nengard if you have a feed you want to show on the kohails twitter account send it to me
10:49 nengard I have a lot of them already - it has to be Koha specific
10:49 IrmaCalyx nengard ++ for updating documentation
10:49 nengard
10:50 chris did you fix the issue?
10:50 nengard nope
10:50 nengard not yet
10:50 nengard not sure how
10:51 Amit galen: 4.21 pm in india
10:51 nengard my guess is it has to do with valid v. not valid feeds
10:52 gmcharlt I think slef had noticed some sort of validation problem with the SCLS feed
10:53 nengard gmcharlt so that may be it - I haven't been pleased with typepad blogs overall ....
10:54 gmcharlt looks like that's it for the meeting
10:54 gmcharlt thanks to everybody for attending
10:54 nengard thanks all
10:54 paul_p thank's for waking up so early america ppl
10:54 jwagner I'll be on vacation next time -- see you the one after that.
10:55 chris cya's all
10:55 jdavidb No problem, paul_p.  :)    Y'all take care.
10:55 paul_p paul go back to testing new_acq for 3.0.2 for SAN-OP
10:56 paul_p mmm... no... I go to lunch...
10:56 IrmaCalyx Thanks all and goodnight.

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