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12:02 Amit hi jwagner
12:02 jwagner Hi Amit.
12:14 davi nicomo,  So the patron-import have to be done via the web frontend?  Is not anyway to do it via a script at shell console?
12:20 jwagner gmcharlt, around?
12:20 gmcharlt hi jwagner
12:21 nicomo davi: don't know
12:21 jwagner Morning Galen.  My calendar says there's an IRC meeting this Wednesday, starting at 6:00 ET US.  Is that still on?
12:21 gmcharlt davi: a useful patch would be to make the patron import work from both a command-line script and the web interface
12:21 gmcharlt jwagner: yes
12:21 jwagner OK, thanks.  Wanted to make sure.
12:32 davi thanks nicomo & gmcharlt
16:14 wizzyrea wow, reading back... the karma thing is neat
18:03 atz gmcharlt: can you confirm sco/ should be deleted?
18:03 atz references non-existing C4::Authsco;
18:10 atz also uses getpatroninformation, an undefined sub
18:10 atz probably outdated crap also
19:08 gmcharlt atz: appears opac/sco/ doesn't work
19:09 gmcharlt there are some references to it that woudl also have to be cleaned up
20:00 wizzyrea how long has AutomaticItemReturn been a system preference? Is it new?
20:02 wizzyrea nm... :P
20:03 atz gmcharlt: i know it doesn't work.... i'm asking "can i delete it?"
20:06 gmcharlt atz: sure, it and references to it
20:06 atz th
20:06 atz *thx
20:09 gmcharlt atz: & its template can also go
20:09 atz good
20:10 atz i'll have a patch out tonight
20:10 gmcharlt cool
20:12 atz i also fixed the focus issue for normal sco page
20:12 atz and added some other stuff you'll like
20:13 pianohacker atz: Do you mean autofocusing on the barcode field? If so, you have my thanks, my library just asked for that
20:13 pianohacker about to roll out self-checks
20:13 atz yeah
20:14 atz there are some odd security model problems w/ IE and FF doing body onload
20:14 atz they want a named function, for whatever reason
20:14 atz not inline script
20:15 pianohacker Hmm. Does jquery's $(document).ready have the same problem?
20:15 atz pianohacker: it seemed so, in my tests.
20:15 atz so now i use jquery inside a named function
20:15 atz try to make everybody happy
20:15 pianohacker Huh.
20:16 atz test it for yourself... i thought $(document).ready() would have been enough too
20:19 pianohacker Did you mean like this? (forgive me if I'm attempting to figure out the wrong problem)
20:20 atz yeah, that's fine, it will work
20:21 atz but try, like:   $(document).ready(function() { $(".focus").css({"background-color" : "pink"}); $(".focus").focus; } );
20:22 atz (assumes one .class input object)
20:22 atz .focus, rather
20:22 atz it will turn pink, but it won't focus
20:24 pianohacker Oh, right, focusing
20:26 pianohacker I did notice that that acted differently across not just browsers but platforms. What are you testing on?
20:28 atz Mac OSX 10.4, FF 3
20:29 pianohacker After designing a page that used $().focus() and worked in FF3/Linux, a coworker reported that it was broken in FF3/Win. Minor thing, might be related to your problem
20:30 atz yeah, i think it is basically the script security model... might test it after adding the server to your "trusted sites"
21:22 JeremyLC anyone awake?
21:23 pianohacker yes
21:23 JeremyLC I've a quick LDAP question, think you might be able to help?
21:23 pianohacker Maybe, yes. What's up?
21:23 JeremyLC I need to set default flags
21:23 JeremyLC for permissions
21:24 JeremyLC I have this
21:24 JeremyLC <flags        is="">128</flags>
21:24 JeremyLC in the mappings section of my Koha conf, but it seems to be ignored
21:24 pianohacker Koha LDAP unfortunately does not allow you to do that right now, to my knowledge
21:25 JeremyLC strngely, looking at I don't see any code that explicitly ignores thatm apping
21:25 pianohacker You have to sign in as the staff member in question (to import their data from Koha), then set their permissions manually
21:25 pianohacker Let me take a look
21:26 JeremyLC could be caught somewhere else, I guess
21:27 pianohacker Yup, AddMember ignores flags
21:27 JeremyLC Ah, okay
21:28 JeremyLC well, I guess we'll have to do it differently then
21:28 JeremyLC I can still use the LDAP stuff for my staff
21:29 pianohacker cool. You could, if you wanted to, customize AddMember to pay attention to flags (doesn't look too difficult)
21:30 JeremyLC For now, we're looking to set up what we can that will be common with 3.2, when it hits.  We really need the hourly circulation policies.
21:31 pianohacker What kind of library do you run?
21:31 JeremyLC We have students who are required to spend X hours per week in our facility using our materials, and we need to be able to track their checked out time
21:31 pianohacker Ahh, okay
21:32 JeremyLC we're not a library proper, we're a foreign language lab with books, DVDs, CDs, tapes, software, VHS tapes, etc.
21:32 JeremyLC an ILS seems the best way to keep track of our materials
21:32 JeremyLC (we function like a library in that sense)
21:32 JeremyLC we are also a computer lab and stud facility
21:32 JeremyLC er, studY
21:34 pianohacker Hmm. If koha had a timestamp for checkout and checkin, your needs would be met
21:34 JeremyLC LibLime is adding it for 3.2
21:34 JeremyLC I believe they're testing it now
21:34 pianohacker Yup, remember hearing about that
21:34 JeremyLC (done for one of their customers, not us)
21:34 pianohacker Is there anything else I can (try to) help you with?
21:35 JeremyLC for now, that was the only question I had
21:35 pianohacker Okay
21:35 JeremyLC I have to figure some logistical details with getting our patrons in, but that is as much planning as technical
21:35 JeremyLC thanks
21:36 pianohacker Have you considered using the git? You can still stay on the stable 3.0 version, but keep any local changes tracked
21:36 pianohacker np
21:36 JeremyLC I'm not familiar with git
21:37 atz it's a distributed version control system.. worth using if you are going to customize any code or develop a feature
21:37 JeremyLC frankly, I'm leary of having to re-install or upgrade Koha, on a stock Debian installation it was a nightmare to get it installed
21:38 JeremyLC (Debian 4.0)
21:39 JeremyLC I had some trouble with the dependencies not being part of he stable repositories, and then a lot of hassle with the various perl modules
21:39 atz well, eventually you'll want to upgrade... so when that happens, you can take the opportunity to switch to a local git repository
21:42 JeremyLC yeah
23:24 hdl_laptop chris around ?
23:26 hdl_laptop see you.
02:08 chris i suspect vicki has just invented a word, or is inactivate a word?
02:08 richard hiya chris
02:08 richard contratulations :)
02:08 chris thank you :)
02:08 richard deactivate is the one she was prolly after
02:08 chris yeah
02:09 richard ah
02:10 chris had to zoom home to let the dogs out, so now im warming the house up and donna is gonna bring them home
02:10 richard ah yep
03:24 Jo how lovely :) I am so pleased for your guys. Hope you have a yummy cassorole on for tea too!
03:26 Amit hi brendan, chris, mason
03:26 brendan hey Amit
03:26 brendan congratulations chris
03:27 Amit hi chris NZ win the practice match against india in england
03:27 Amit hi Jo
05:39 Amit hi hdl
06:00 hdl_laptop hi Amit
06:22 ron chris: presumably Mrs Chris had a baby? if so, congrats.
06:23 hdl_laptop ron: you're right
06:23 hdl_laptop Chris and his wife just had a Baby
06:24 hdl_laptop Congrats twice ;)
06:24 eiro oh ... some biblibrians here :)
06:24 eiro hello all
06:26 ron ugh, I think I just found a contender for the worst use of flash:
06:42 kf good morning #koha
06:50 hdl_laptop hi kf
07:16 Amit_ hi kf
07:16 Amit_ Chris congrats
07:17 kf hi Amit & hdl
08:23 chris both sons asleep, i figure i have about 15 mins :)
08:32 kf chris: congrats chris, he looks really cute!
08:32 kf both :)
08:35 chris thanks :)
08:48 Amit_ hi chris congrats ..
08:49 chris thanks Amit_
09:49 paul_p hi chris. And so many congrats for cormack #2 !
09:50 paul_p (shame on you to have choosen a so impossible firstname, but it's not a surprise to me :D )

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