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12:16 kf hi, is it possible to generate a link to a koha-record in opac using field 001?
12:16 kf i tried sn, but cant get it to work
12:16 gmcharlt kf: yes, if you've indexed the 001, you can generate a permalink using that index name
12:16 gmcharlt depends on your Zebra config
12:17 kf where to look at?
12:17 kf searching in zebra files, but im a little confused
12:17 gmcharlt first, look at the record.abs for your MARC format to see if the 001 is indexed at all
12:18 gmcharlt there would be a melm 001 IndexName line
12:18 gmcharlt then look at bib1.att and to see if that index is mapped to a search index qualifier
12:19 kf ok, I have a printed version of that here, but I will check the file directl
12:19 gmcharlt have you made any changes to your Zebra config?  if not, if you tell me whether you're using MARC21 or UNIMARC, I can look it up for you
12:19 kf y
12:19 kf MARC21 - but I know we did some changes, or a colleague did, who is now on vacation
12:21 kf ok, there is melm 001 Control-number - differnt from my print out
12:22 gmcharlt ok, so now look for Control-number in the biblios bib1.att
12:23 kf att 9001    Control-number
12:23 gmcharlt ok, so now we know that it's properly indexed
12:23 kf yay :)
12:23 gmcharlt so now check for Control-number and/or 9001
12:24 kf Control-number 1=9001
12:24 gmcharlt ok, so that means that using Control-number as the full index name in your permalink should work
12:25 kf case-sensitive?
12:25 gmcharlt I don't think so
12:27 gmcharlt if you want a short index name, you can add a 'cn Control-number' line to
12:27 kf[…]-number:208862560 <wrong
12:28 hdl_laptop kf
12:28 kf hi hdl
12:28 hdl_laptop Control-number should be declared in ccl
12:28 kf it is, I checked with Galen
12:28 hdl_laptop for you to use it in query
12:37 kf had to reboot :(
12:37 gmcharlt was wondering :)
12:38 kf software update, wanted to click no, clicked yes ... now all windows and documents got closed
12:41 kf gmcharlt: do I have to reindex after changing
12:41 gmcharlt kf: no
12:41 gmcharlt only maps from the CCL codes used by Koha's C4::Search to the Z39.50 attributes
12:42 gmcharlt you don't even need to restart zebrasrv
12:42 gmcharlt one thing to check
12:42 kf great, thx!
12:42 gmcharlt if you resave your 208862560 record and index it
12:42 gmcharlt and it turns out that the URL works
12:42 kf ok, will try
12:42 gmcharlt that means that a reindexing wasn't done after the melm 001 Control-Number index was added
12:43 gmcharlt in which case, you would have to reindex
12:43 kf oh, is it possible to translate xsl-files for detail and results? I tried, but it seems its only using en/xslt
12:44 gmcharlt kf: not a present
12:44 gmcharlt there's a simple fix (letting it look for XSLT outside of the en tempalte directory)
12:44 kf ok, perhaps I should file an enhancement-bug for this :)
12:44 gmcharlt yes
12:45 gmcharlt but the other thing is that you currently have to translate the XSLT yourself
12:45 gmcharlt it's not handled by Pootle at
12:45 kf thats ok, but I noticed that the xslt-files are in DE-de
12:46 kf but my changes were not visible - so I tried en and it worked
12:46 gmcharlt right - just not used, but as I said, that part is the simple thing to fix
12:58 kf added cn Control-number and link works now - thx again!
13:00 gmcharlt you're welcome
13:32 pianohacker Good morning
13:56 nahuel pianohacker, hi jesse !
13:56 nahuel pianohacker, what's up ?
13:57 pianohacker Not much, busy working on Koha
13:57 pianohacker Yourself?
14:04 nahuel the same :)
14:04 pianohacker Anything exciting?
14:04 nahuel this ... stuff of holding by public/branch/itype
14:05 pianohacker Oh, yes
14:05 nahuel toooooo "hard" stuff
14:05 nahuel it's breaking my head
14:05 pianohacker Rules often seem so simple in theory and so frustrating to implement
14:05 pianohacker I feel your pain
14:05 nahuel hehe
14:06 nahuel :'(
14:06 nahuel but well, i'll complete this task! I'm sure i will !
14:53 jwagner gmcharlt or anyone -- Does someone know if there has been a change in the way Koha deals with cancelled holds?  I had a SQL query working that checked the old_reserves table for expired or cancelled holds.  Both were showing up in that table.  In latest Koha (give or take an .03x level), cancelled holds don't seem to be written to that table.  I am dumping out the entire table contents, and there is no change before and after I cancelled a couple of hold
14:53 gmcharlt jwagner: no intentional one - they should be going to old_reserves
14:55 jwagner Hmmm.  They aren't going there on my test system.  Wonder what could be blocking them.  I'm running a straight install.
14:56 gmcharlt what path are you using to cancel the requests?
14:57 jwagner In staff mode, go to the patron record, look at the holds tab, set the pulldown in the Delete column to Yes, click Cancel Marked Requests.
14:58 jwagner Just logged into the OPAC & cancelled one there too.  Neither show up in old_reserves.  Any sysprefs that could be a factor?
15:02 jwagner It's gotta be something unique to this system, I think.  I'm testing the same SQL on another server that's at the same level (, and a cancelled hold shows up fine in the old_reserves table.  A puzzlement.....
15:04 gmcharlt yeah, I'm not seeing any syspref that would be overriding it
15:05 gmcharlt if the database in question is (supposed to be) completely up to date
15:05 gmcharlt a git diff origin/master will tell you if there are in fact any differences in the code
15:06 jwagner Running under git checkout master doesn't show anything with the diff.  There are a lot of code branches on this server, and some table changes, but I can't see that any of them would be a factor here.
15:06 jwagner Gonna try it on another development server, I think.
15:07 gmcharlt table changes could do it if there's a column in reserves that's not in that DB's old_reserves table
15:07 gmcharlt and would be evident in the Apache error log for that DB
15:07 jwagner AHA.  I think we've made a reserves table change.  We'll investigate that, thanks.
15:13 wizzyrea_away jwagner: we got the same report this morning
15:13 wizzyrea_away that it wasn't telling the staff member where to transfer the item to after cancelling a hold
15:13 jwagner On expired holds?
15:14 wizzyrea_away yea
15:14 jwagner Have you done any table changes?  I'm strongly suspecting that in our case, because there are some reserves changes.
15:14 wizzyrea_away no maam
15:14 jwagner Harrumph.  Why can't there EVER be one simple explanation!
15:14 wizzyrea *shrug* :)
15:17 wizzyrea I'm missing it in the docs: is there an AND type operator in jquery? like, I want #div AND tr
15:17 wizzyrea sorry to be such a nub >.<
15:18 pianohacker How do you mean? If you want to find a tr with a given id, you can just do tr#id
15:18 pianohacker Although, since ids have to be unique, #id is usually enough
15:18 wizzyrea this table has a div, but no table ID
15:19 wizzyrea or maybe I'm misunderstanding
15:19 pianohacker $("#id tr") ?
15:22 wizzyrea this is what I'm trying to do:
15:22 wizzyrea $("#patron-messaging-prefs tr:contains('Upcoming Events')").css("border","3px solid red");
15:22 wizzyrea or somesuch
15:24 wizzyrea but this only selects the entire div
15:24 wizzyrea i want the row containing upcoming events selected so I can squash it
15:24 wizzyrea (since it doesn't work)
15:24 pianohacker Try $("#patron-messaging-prefs td:contains('Upcoming Events')").parent()
15:25 pianohacker I think :contains() only finds text contained within that element, not any of its children
15:25 wizzyrea AH
15:25 wizzyrea ...trying
15:27 pianohacker You might also try th if td doesn't work. Not familiar enough with the HTML of that page to tell you which it is
15:28 wizzyrea right. it's gotta be something parent/child-y
15:28 wizzyrea that's keeping me from my goal
15:28 wizzyrea thanks for the tip
15:28 pianohacker No problem, good luck
15:28 wizzyrea thanks ^.^
15:45 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: question about issues and foreign keys.
15:45 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: go ahead
15:45 hdl_laptop can you account for the fact that ON borrower UPDATE and item update issue row is set to NULL ?
15:46 gmcharlt that's wrong
15:46 gmcharlt although on borrower update (i.e., changing the ID of an existing borrowernumber) shouldn't happen often
15:46 gmcharlt likewise for on item update
15:47 hdl_laptop So should be considered as a bug.
15:47 gmcharlt but ON UPDATE CASCADE would be better for both of those
15:47 gmcharlt I'd say so
16:12 wizzyrea plenty of mentions of koha on twitter these days
17:15 gmcharlt hdl_laptop, nahuel, nicomo: any you around to translate sysprefs
17:15 gmcharlt viewISBD - Allow display of ISBD view of bibiographic records
17:15 nahuel gmcharlt, i'm here for 2mn and go home
17:16 gmcharlt viewLabeledMARC Allow display of labeled MARC view of bibiographic records
17:16 gmcharlt viewMARC - Allow display of MARC view of bibiographic records
17:16 gmcharlt are the three
17:16 nahuel "Autoriser l'affichage de la vue ISBD des notices bibliographiques"
17:16 gmcharlt any accent characters in that?
17:16 gmcharlt if so, better use pastebin
17:16 nahuel no accent for the first then the 2nd :
17:17 nahuel "Autoriser la vue MARC des notices bibliographiques"
17:17 nahuel and the 3rd
17:17 nahuel hmmm
17:17 nahuel i'm wrong
17:17 nahuel the 2nd:
17:17 nahuel arg
17:17 nahuel 2s :)
17:17 gmcharlt :)
17:18 nahuel viewISBD - "Autoriser l'affichage de la vue ISBD des notices bibliographiques"
17:19 nahuel viewLabeledMARC "Autoriser l'affichage MARC labellisé des notices bibliographiques"
17:19 nahuel viewMARC - "Autoriser l'affichage de la vue MARC des notices bibliographiques"
17:19 nahuel now i'm right :)
17:19 gmcharlt nahuel: thanks!
17:19 nahuel well have a good day in usa :)
17:19 nahuel and others countries :)
17:19 nahuel -s
17:19 nahuel :)
17:19 gmcharlt you too
17:20 nahuel hehe i'm going to sleep, too tired :)
17:20 nahuel see you tomorrow
17:58 Sharon Hello
17:59 pianohacker hi
17:59 Sharon I have words of praise and thanksgiving to share from the staff at one of our libraries...they are thrilled with how the label maker now works and are happy to see $b, $p and $n of the 245 in OPAC search results.
17:59 Sharon kudos, kudos, kudos
18:00 Sharon I was told they did a 'happy dance'
18:01 jwagner Happy dances are always fun :-)
18:01 Sharon gmcharlt our LOST functionality magically returned after the updates...that bug can be closed.
18:14 gmcharlt Sharon: thanks
18:14 wizzyrea atz: didn't you fix the labelmaker? apparently it's a huge hit here lol
18:15 atz wizzyrea: partially fix, anyway
18:15 atz it still can't do diacritics
18:18 pianohacker Are there any plans to change the PDF output module for the label maker? I've had luck outputting diacritics using PDF::API2
18:21 ryan pianohacker: no, but i'd give you a ++ if you took the reigns on it.  
18:21 wizzyrea atz: even with that limitation, it works much better
18:22 ebegin pianohacker, do you have problem to output diacritics with PDF::Reuse?
18:23 pianohacker ebegin: From my investigation, the module does not support it unless you use a difficult-support hack involving custom-loading TTF fonts
18:24 ebegin pianohacker, hold on... I'll check how I solved this :)
18:24 pianohacker ebegin:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2246
18:24 pianohacker ryan: I might get to it by the end of summer; so many coding projects I want/need to do...
18:29 ebegin pianohacker, Ok... I had to normalize the $field->{data} using Unicode::Normalize.  NFD($field->{data}).  Maybe there is a best way to do it.  I guess PDF::Reuse has some trouble with NFC unicode.
18:30 pianohacker Hmm. The error I was getting was far more basic: "Wide character in string"
18:31 pianohacker If you solved the problem and have a patch for #2246, though, you would make many non-US libraries very happy
18:34 ebegin pianohacker, I'll check that soon ;)
18:34 pianohacker thanks
18:34 atz ebegin: the limitations are you don't get to know what fonts are on the server or the client
18:34 atz so we aren't embedding anything
18:35 atz pianohacker: we used to use PDF::API2, but it had ample problems as well
18:35 pianohacker I've noticed a few oddities. What were some you noticed?
18:36 atz not maintaining spacing on the barcodes, for example... makes them useless
18:37 pianohacker That's mildly problematic, for a barcode printer
18:39 atz[…]42798bac4b4401ccb
18:39 atz example of the old code
18:40 atz bad design... writes everything to a tempfile first
18:40 pianohacker Yeah. I don't think that's necessary with PDF::API2
18:41 pianohacker I'll have to investigate the barcode problem
18:41 pianohacker Were there any other showstoppers?
18:41 atz i remember there were enough widespread issues (format creep, performance) that we were ready to try something else
18:42 atz but a lot of that could have been that our implementation also sucked
18:42 pianohacker Heh
18:42 pianohacker PDF support in Perl does seem to be a lesser-of-several-mediocrities problem
18:43 atz yeah, i'm sure there are great commercial executables that you can just throw postscript at and it will make a PDF
18:44 atz but the CPAN stuff isn't really 100% yet
20:47 chris morning
20:47 pianohacker Good morning
20:47 hdl_laptop hi chris
20:48 Jo Morning
20:48 Sharon Chris we can officially edit reports now - our install was updated last night with the dev weekend patches and improvements...thank you
20:48 Jo I am over whelmed at the very generous and munerous responses I have had to my  plea for a cataloguing coach.
20:49 chris Sharon: awesome :)
20:49 Jo Sharon moreland?
20:49 Sharon yes
20:49 Jo hello Sharon!
20:49 brendan hey Jo Sharon, chris
20:49 Jo Hiya Brendan.
20:49 Jo (Sharo is one of the generous souls ..
20:50 Jo and pianohacker was instrumental in getting another offer to us.
20:50 brendan hey pianohcaker
20:50 pianohacker Hey brendan
20:50 Jo this is the beauty of a warm, supportive, cooperative koha community... I fel a blog post coming on :)
20:50 brendan whoops -- sorry about hacking your name
20:50 chris :)
20:51 pianohacker Hmm. I think I prefer this version, especially as I'm kind of hungry right now
20:52 chris mmm piano cakes
20:58 chris now im hungry too
20:59 brendan ha -- yup I'm hungry
20:59 Jo well i'm not - its not long after breakfast!
21:00 Jo is the socer over (was 2-nil) when i left home
21:19 Ricardo Hi everyone!  :)
21:20 Sharon Is the 586 Awards field included in the notes/comments search?
21:23 gmcharlt Sharon: not currently
21:24 Sharon it came up in some search training I did - US public libraries have a lot of questions about newbery and caldecott winners
21:25 Ricardo Galen: Hi Galen!  :) Is it possible to "cherry pick" my "INSTALL.opensuse" update/patch to the 3.0.x branch (besides of HEAD where you already placed, thanks for doing that BTW)?
21:25 gmcharlt Ricardo: yes, but that's for hdl to do - I'm sure he'll get to it tomorrow
21:25 Ricardo gmcharlt: Oh, OK. Thanks for the info!
21:32 Ricardo Back in 10 mins (machine highly unstable)
21:49 Ricardo OK. I logged off (Windows), logged back in disabled the "Automatic [hard disk] Defragmentation" in Diskeeper 2008. My machine seems to be more stable now
21:49 chris :)
21:49 chris i can make it more stable :)
21:50 Ricardo chris: Hi Chris!  I know, I know... You'd install Linux or Mac OS X, right?  ;-)
21:50 chris Linux ... no point replacing something proprietary with something else proprietary ;)
21:51 Ricardo chris: Well, that depends on what's your goal... but OK, I understand you  :)
21:52 Ricardo chris: Still regarding translations... Should the .tmpl files also be submitted through git?
21:53 chris nope
21:53 chris we only store the english ones
21:53 chris because we can create the others ones from them + the .po file
21:54 Ricardo chris: Right. I thought so, but wasn't sure. Cool!  :)
22:30 pianohacker Time to get off, have been staring at the same line of code for way too long
22:30 pianohacker bye, all
22:40 Ricardo I really, Really, REALLY *hate* editing the "INSERT INTO"  SQL statement for the NoZebraIndexes system preference  :(
22:40 chris oh?
22:41 Ricardo Let me try to show you
22:42 Ricardo chris:
22:43 chris ah yeah not fun
22:43 Ricardo Right!
22:43 chris  <-- for future ref
22:43 Ricardo chris: Nice! Thanks for the info  :)
22:44 Ricardo I know, I'll copy the French one:
22:44 chris good plan
22:45 Ricardo
22:45 Ricardo Much nicer output/layout  :)
22:45 chris sure is
22:45 Ricardo Eheh
22:55 Ricardo chris: I see that "authorised_values_\[COUNTRY\].csv.sql" (in the ru-RU and uk-UA translations) use LAST_INSERT_ID() function + some number... Is this safe /recommended?
22:56 chris hmm how does the english one do it?
22:57 Ricardo Can't find it for English  :(
22:58 chris it feels dangerous to me
22:58 chris i wonder if gmcharlt is around?
22:58 Ricardo Right. It looks dangerous to me too
22:58 Ricardo I think I found it:
22:58 Ricardo File: blib/INTRANET_CGI_DIR/installer/​data/mysql/en/optional/auth_val.sql
22:58 Ricardo INSERT INTO `authorised_values` (category, authorised_value, lib) VALUES ('LOST','0','');
22:59 Ricardo No IDs... I like that better !  :)
22:59 chris yeah
23:00 Ricardo The French hardcode IDs (I like that EVEN less):
23:00 chris hehe yeah
23:00 Ricardo INSERT INTO `authorised_values` (`id`, `category`, `authorised_value`, `lib`) VALUES (457, 'qualif', '650', ' Editeur');
23:00 chris yeah thats even more dangerous
23:00 Ricardo Right. At least, that's also my opinion
23:01 chris well it assumes to much to be safe really
23:01 chris ill have a chat with paul and hdl if i see them tonight (nz time)
23:01 Ricardo OK  :)
23:03 Ricardo Actually, I think this localization should take a major change, regarding SQL files (to avoid much copy+paste+doing similar things/inserts in slightly different ways in several languages)... but that would require a pretty big change to the data model. And that's NOT nice NOR easy  :(
23:05 Ricardo The PO/Pootle part, on the other hand, works pretty well IMHO  :)
23:13 Ricardo (there's a deafening silence here, now  ;-)
23:44 chris heh
23:45 chris was at meetings
23:45 chris yeah we need to work out a way to make .po files from the sql
23:46 Ricardo Yeah... Maybe add a "language_id" column to some of the tables. That will be a BIG headache first, but better later, I think
23:47 Ricardo Speaking of which, I think I detected several mistakes, regarding Country Codes in the authorised_values.sql file of the French. I'm wondering if it's good etiquette to submit that in git  :-S
23:48 chris you should talk to jesse (pianohacker)
23:48 chris he has done some stuff to make the systempreferences translatable
23:49 chris Ricardo: yep, do it as a separate patch
23:49 Ricardo OK (to both. Thanks!  :)
23:49 chris that way if its not accepted it doesnt block your other stuff
23:49 chris if that makes sense
23:49 Ricardo Kinda...
23:50 chris (you dont wnat your translation patch depending on the fixes to the french one, or mixed in with it)
23:50 chris because then if for some reason they say "oh but we need it like that"
23:50 Ricardo The "smallest" problem they have is that they use 2 letter lowercase country codes (I think country codes, according to ISO 3166, should be UPPERCASE). The Russian do it as UPPERCASE
23:50 Ricardo Oh yeah... agreed
23:51 Ricardo Not sure how I split that in git, though...
23:51 chris just do them as 2 commits
23:51 Ricardo Do a commit first ?
23:51 Ricardo right
23:51 chris *nod*
23:51 Ricardo Again: I think git is very powerful, but lacks a bit in the "User friendliness" section
23:52 chris *nod*
23:52 chris its getting better though
23:52 chris rapidly
23:52 chris so thats good
23:52 Ricardo Yep!  :)
23:53 Ricardo Do you use some kind of Graphical Interface for git or do you use it like me  (command line only)?
23:53 chris i use gitk sometimes
23:53 chris but mostly commandline
23:54 Ricardo OK.Thanks for the info
23:54 chris for fun sometime, just change into your koha git repo
23:54 chris and type gitk
00:00 Ricardo Application initialization failed: no display name and no $DISPLAY environment variable
00:00 Ricardo Error in startup script: invalid command name "image"
00:00 Ricardo    while executing
00:00 Ricardo "image create bitmap tri-rt -background black -foreground blue -data {
00:00 Ricardo    #define tri-rt_width 13
00:00 Ricardo    #define tri-rt_height 13
00:00 Ricardo    static unsigned cha..."
00:00 Ricardo    (file "/usr/bin/gitk" line 2696)
00:00 Ricardo Sorry, eheh
00:00 Ricardo That's what happens when you have a Virtual Machine WITHOUT XWindows  :)
00:01 chris :)
00:01 chris yep
00:02 Ricardo Is the order of the INSERT INTO `authorised_values` ... lines relevant for something (e.g: for display in a list)?
00:22 Ricardo Hello?
00:31 Ricardo Back in 30 mins, I think... See ya!  :)
01:17 Ricardo Time to go to bed. Take care everyone. Chris: Thanks again for the tips / help!  :)
03:26 Amit hi brendan, chris, mason
03:26 Amit morning #koha
03:27 mason morning amit
03:27 mason long time no chat
04:24 brendan hey amit
04:25 Amit heya brendan
04:25 Jo hey Amit
04:25 Amit heya Jo
06:41 chris evening
06:51 paul_p hello chris
07:25 Elwell chris: the /. story on MS/NZ -- ([…]=09/05/26/0155209 ) will that actually open up the door to more Open Source stuff or in reality just mean each dept buys their own MS licences?
07:27 chris well its a big opportunity
07:27 chris one that hasnt been available before
07:28 chris whether much comes of it or not, is to be seen, but at least it is possible to actually consider other than MS
07:28 Elwell cool. Good Luck :-)
07:29 chris and give the Electoral commission, and the electoral role all run on OS, and the Ministry of Justice use plone .. there are some feet in the door already
07:31 chris roll even :)
08:27 chris hi jo
08:48 wxcv anyone know how to "emulate" a user session in koha from perl?
08:50 chris you could use mechanize, to fake a cookie
08:52 chris well www::mechanize + http::cookies
08:56 wxcv yeah, i guess.
08:56 wxcv i was wondering wether there was something easier, like set_userenv :)
08:56 wxcv but doesn't look like that's the way to go
08:57 chris yeah, i think you need to fake a cookie
09:03 wxcv thanks, i'll try without doing that, but i have a feeling you're right.
11:44 gmcharlt good morning
11:51 jwagner Morning!

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