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12:04 kf good morning
12:04 gmcharlt hi kf
12:05 kf hi gmcharlt :)
12:28 gmcharlt nahuel, paul_p: need a syspref translated
12:29 gmcharlt FilterBeforeOverdueReport - Do not run overdue report until filter selected
12:29 paul_p "Ne pas lancer le rapport sur les retards tant qu'il n'y a pas de filtre"
12:29 paul_p 'morning gmcharlt
12:29 gmcharlt good morning paul_p
12:29 paul_p (no more morning here :D )
12:29 gmcharlt any diacritics in that phrase? if so, pastebin might be better
12:31 paul_p hey ! no diacritics here (it's quite uncommon...)
12:31 gmcharlt :)
12:31 gmcharlt thanks
12:38 gmcharlt paul_p: so a bunch of acq patches coming later today?
12:39 paul_p yerp, I hope. Do you want them through or pm ?
12:39 gmcharlt send them to
12:39 paul_p there are some patches not related to new_acq. How to send them with the -n ?
12:40 paul_p (I have a meeting in 20mn, I hope it will last less than 2 hours, then your expected patches)
12:40 gmcharlt paul_p: that's fine - if there are are some of them that are not related to acq and that you think should be apply before I merge the new_acq branch into master, just let me know which ones
12:40 paul_p will do that.
12:41 paul_p (unless i've missed some, they are all at the beginning, or at the end, and contains a "not related to new_acq" comment)
12:41 gmcharlt ok
16:36 paul_p gmcharlt: patches sent. Time to go for me. See you tomorrow. good day to everyone !
16:36 pianohacker paul_p++
16:37 gmcharlt paul_p: cool
16:50 atz repair guy says I need a new washing machine  :(
16:50 pianohacker Ouch, not fun
16:51 pianohacker If it's like our recent changeout, moving it could be the most difficult part (dang things are heavy)
16:59 cait paul there? just wanted to say that I love reading the acquisiton patches, cant wait to see new acq in action!
17:00 pianohacker He went home, its ~7:00 in france
17:01 cait I know, in Germany too :)
17:01 cait I will simply repeat saying it, until he gets to hear it
17:01 pianohacker Can't wait to test it with the staff at my library, tho, our current acquisitions process involves a couple of wiki pages and PBWiki's email notification feature...
17:02 pianohacker cait: Good plan
17:02 cait sounds interesting
17:02 cait * adding column to booksellers table: gstrate that will tell the gst rate for the bookseller.
17:02 cait * adding sysprefs: AcqCreateItem (define when item creation is done ordering/recieving/cataloguing), CurrencyFormat
17:02 cait those features are what we really missed until now
17:02 pianohacker Oh, I missed those paging through, those do sound cool
18:30 Ricardo Hi everyone  :)
18:30 gmcharlt hi Ricardo
18:31 Ricardo gmcharlt: Hi Galen. I saw your reply to my patch to the "INSTALL.opensuse" file. Thanks for accepting it and providing input regarding the branch  :)
18:31 gmcharlt no problem
18:37 Ricardo Newbie git question: is there any argument to git-branch to show the origin/remote branches side-by-side with our ones (that are based on them)? Not sure if I'm being clear here  :)
18:39 gmcharlt Ricardo: a couple tools that would help visualizing them include gitk and tig
18:40 gmcharlt if your looking for list of commits that are in the new branch but not its origin
18:40 gmcharlt you could try
18:41 gmcharlt git log --pretty=oneline master..origin/master
18:41 gmcharlt and  git log --pretty=oneline origin/master..master
18:41 gmcharlt replace origin/master and master with the branch names you're interested in, of courxe
18:41 Ricardo gmcharlt: actually I was trying to find a command to know if "ricardowork" local branch "points" to origin/HEAD or origin/3.0.x
18:41 Ricardo ("points" is not the better word to use here, granted)
18:42 danny Ricardo, I don't know if there is a better way, but you could switch to that branch then do a git config --list
18:42 gmcharlt or look at .git/config directly
18:42 gmcharlt e.g.,
18:42 gmcharlt [branch "3.0.x"]
18:42 gmcharlt        remote = origin
18:42 gmcharlt        merge = refs/heads/3.0.x
18:43 gmcharlt that will tell you the default branch that a git pull would work from
18:43 Ricardo gmcharlt: .git/config ... BRILLIANT! Thanks!  :)
18:44 ryan Ricardo: I've played with qgit a bit.  seems easier to work with than gitk.  interesting for visualization, but in the end commandline works best.
18:45 Ricardo ryan: Oh... I don't have any alternatives to the command line. I have created a virtual machine running openSUSE 11.0 *without* any XWindows. Thanks for the tip regarding qgit, though  :)
18:46 Ricardo Now, if there was a git "graphical" client based on curses/ncurses that I could run on the command line... THAT would be awesome!  :)
18:47 gmcharlt Ricardo: tig is the closest that I know of for that
18:47 gmcharlt there may be others, of course
18:49 Ricardo gmcharlt: Oh. Tig is curses based? Cool. I didn't know that.
18:49 gmcharlt Ricardo: yep -
18:50 Ricardo gmcharlt: I get it. I should have RTFM  ;-)
18:51 Ricardo yast -i tig  ... done!  :) Let me check this
18:53 Ricardo gmcharlt:  Looks very nice (openSUSE 11.0 has tig 0.11 while the latest version is 0.14, but I think that's OK for now). Thanks for the info!  :)
18:53 gmcharlt thank beppu, who pointed me to tig
18:54 Ricardo Thanks beppu... wherever you are!
19:00 Ricardo While chris isn't here yet... What's a good way to test locally my translation (po file and "pt-PT" new directory) , before submitting it through git?
19:01 gmcharlt Ricardo: grab the PO files and rebuild the templates
19:01 Ricardo gmcharlt: Right... I tried that at work and got an error. Let me try it here also, and I'll tell you what the error is.
19:02 Ricardo I'm guessing that, for translations for 3.0.2, I should be working on the 3.0.x branch, right?
19:02 gmcharlt yep
19:03 Ricardo Right, thanks
19:22 Ricardo gmcharlt: OK. I now have the two PO files in my /rickohaclone/misc/translator/po directory. Now what should I do?
19:26 gmcharlt Ricardo: ./ pt-PT from the misc/translator should do it
19:26 Ricardo OK. Missing Locale/ That one is easy to solve (CPAN to the rescue)
19:32 Ricardo Very nice... It's working! (Creating folders and files under "koha-tmpl")
19:33 Ricardo "The install seems to be successful."  :)
19:37 Ricardo gmcharlt: Now, should I run perl Makefile.PL in /rickkhohaclone again?
19:37 gmcharlt Ricardo: no reason to - assumiing that your database was already fully installed
19:37 gmcharlt all you need to do is check your language sysprefs
19:37 gmcharlt and activate pt-PT
19:38 Ricardo gmcharlt: Hmmm... Let me check that
20:02 Ricardo Not bad  :)  I'll have to correct some things... but I think I can make it. I wonder if chris is back now. Chris?
20:14 Ricardo I'm going to have dinner. If Chris shows up, please tell him, that he's FORBIDDEN to release 3.0.2 before I can submit the latest version of the Portuguese translation in a few hours... PLEASE!  :)
20:15 gmcharlt Ricardo: well, I think that's more hdl's decision :)
20:30 richard hi
20:38 Ricardo Hi richard
20:39 richard hi ricardo
20:39 Ricardo gmcharlt: OK. Thanks for the tip. I hope hdl shows up here... but it's probably a bit too late for that (I think it's now 23H40 in France)
20:40 Ricardo Actually, it's 22H40. Not bad: I gained one hour in a second, eheh
20:41 Ricardo gmcharlt: A problem of interpretation...
20:41 Ricardo gmcharlt: When you say "Manage global system preferences like MARC flavor..."
20:42 Ricardo do you mean " [You] manage global system preferences..."
20:42 Ricardo or "[To] manage global system preferences..."  ?
20:43 gmcharlt Ricardo: both, more or less, in English
20:44 gmcharlt but "[To] manage global system preferences..." is closer
20:44 Ricardo gmcharlt: Right... The problem is when I want to translate it. In Portuguese and French, the distinction is clearer
20:44 Ricardo OK thanks  :)
20:53 Ricardo gmcharlt: Still there?
20:54 gmcharlt yep
20:54 Ricardo I see something that seems to be an error
20:54 Ricardo String to translate:
20:54 Ricardo "> List Fields
20:54 Ricardo in /koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modu​les/labels/label-edit-layout.tmpl:68
20:54 Ricardo That line reads as:
20:54 Ricardo <input type="radio" name="layoutchoice" value="layout_string" <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="formatstring" -->checked="checked"<!-- /TMPL_IF -->"> List Fields </input>
20:55 gmcharlt yeah, the translator doesn't like it if you embed a TMPL_IF inside an HTML tag
20:56 Ricardo But isn't that " (double quote) before    > List Fields     wrong?
20:56 Ricardo (I mean, I don't see the opening of it)
20:57 gmcharlt yeah, that's also wrong
20:58 Ricardo :(  OK. So, how should I translate it in order for it NOT to crash in a terrible way?  :-S
20:59 Ricardo Should I just translate the    List Fields      part (without any quotes)
20:59 Ricardo ?
20:59 gmcharlt for the moment
20:59 gmcharlt and that will probably be OK even after the template is fixed
20:59 Ricardo Right. I'll do that thanks. Should I submit a patch later to correct that tmpl file?
21:00 Ricardo Right. That's what I thought  :)
21:01 chris morning
21:01 gmcharlt hi chris
21:02 pianohacker hey chris
21:02 richard hi chris
21:03 Ricardo Good morning Chris! :)  How are your lobbying skills in order for hdl wait a few (just a few! honest!) more hours for the string freeze for 3.0.2?
21:04 chris well he is asleep now
21:04 chris and he hasnt tagge the repo yet
21:04 chris so go for it :)
21:04 Ricardo chris: Great! :)
21:04 chris im about to push up a round of .po changes
21:05 Ricardo chris: I'm near 100% (althout some strings are still marked fuzzy) for the Portuguese OPAC
21:05 chris cool, its all at eh?
21:05 Ricardo What happens to the fuzzy strings? Will they appear or not?
21:05 chris yes
21:05 Ricardo Yes, it is  :)
21:05 chris thats purely for the translators
21:05 Ricardo What does %p mean in Pootle?
21:05 chris to go hmmm im not sure thats right
21:06 Ricardo Right... I mean... err, you know  ;-)
21:06 chris no idea what %p is
21:07 Ricardo chris: I don't know if you scrolled up. The thing is there's a mistake in /koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modu​les/labels/label-edit-layout.tmpl:68
21:07 Ricardo <input type="radio" name="layoutchoice" value="layout_string" <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="formatstring" -->checked="checked"<!-- /TMPL_IF -->"> List Fields </input>
21:07 Ricardo The " (double quote) before   > List Fields   should NOT be there
21:07 Ricardo And then the translator shows:
21:07 Ricardo String to translate:
21:08 Ricardo "> List Fields
21:08 Ricardo ... and the Portuguese translation (not sure how it ended up there... maybe Rafael António using POEdit, shows as this:
21:08 Ricardo %p Lista de campos
21:09 chris and the %p breaks things?
21:09 Ricardo I don't know  :-/  It's in Labels that I don't use. Let me try to check it
21:12 Ricardo It seems that it ended up not being translated... at least it shows more or less the original strings (untranslated) at:
21:12 Ricardo[…]
21:13 chris and if you take the %p out is it bette?
21:14 Ricardo Not sure... I think that I have to do the "full cycle" to test that (change it, download PO file, run ./ ... right?
21:15 chris you can just edit the .po file with a txt editor
21:15 chris then run
21:16 Ricardo The problem is running  It's S-L-O-W in my 512 Meg virtual machine. Let me change some more things in the STAFF PO file, besides that  :)
21:16 chris :)
21:21 Ricardo OK... Pootle started to slow down now. Probably, too many people hitting on it now. I'll try to download the file, do the change and test it then
21:22 Ricardo I hope wget from the web site respects UTF-8  :-S
21:24 chris i think someone is uploading piles of stuff to pootle
21:25 chris faster now?
21:25 Ricardo Yes. Faster now. Thanks  :)
21:26 chris was an upload of spanish
21:27 chris everyone is racing :)
21:29 wizzyrea Dah! Are we coming up on the string freeze?! Wowie zowie!
21:29 chris we have been on the string freeze for a while (for 3.0.2)
21:29 chris we are coming up on the translation freeze
21:30 chris and then release shortly after that
21:30 chris i suspect HDL is writing the release notes for 3.0.2 (or was earlier)
21:31 chris so 3.0.2 will come out, then not that long after (a month or 2) will be 3.0.3
21:31 chris somewhere round there will be feature freeze for 3.2.0 .. and string freeze after that
21:31 chris confused yet? :)
21:32 Ricardo chris: Nah... That's way too easy.
21:33 Ricardo Spanish and Portuguese are alike: we thrive on deadlines! ;-)
21:33 chris hehe
21:49 wizzyrea oh I read wrong... for 3.0.2, not 3.2
21:49 wizzyrea that's why I was wowied
21:50 gmcharlt nope, no string freeze for 3.2 :)
22:15 chris not yet anyway :)
22:38 Jo Morena
22:38 chris ata marie jo
22:39 Jo ( 2 ways of saying good morning in Maori for those non-Kiwi's among us)
23:00 Ricardo chris: Still there?
23:03 Jo he'll be biab
23:03 Ricardo Jo: Thanks  :)
01:05 pianohacker gmcharlt: I know you've mentioned this before, but I if I wanted to get something reasonably large into 3.2 (like the new sysprefs editor), when should it be finished by, roughly?
01:06 gmcharlt pianohacker: feature freeze is end of August
01:07 pianohacker Okay. Thanks
01:07 Ricardo Chris: Are you back now?
01:07 gmcharlt although it would be a good idea to have at least a prototype of the sysprefs stuff out for the devs to look at by the end of June, given its size
01:07 pianohacker Yup
01:07 pianohacker Do you still have any back-burner plans for a change to the sysprefs upgrade mechanism?
01:08 gmcharlt pianohacker: yup
01:08 gmcharlt that's pretty much essential for 3.2
01:08 gmcharlt there's also[…]ystem_preferences floating around
01:09 pianohacker Hmm. Seems to cover both sysprefs and other config tables (branches, issuingrules)
01:09 gmcharlt yeah, but syspref import/export alone potentially could fall out naturally from what you and I want to do
01:09 pianohacker Yup
01:14 Ricardo When is the code freeze (not string) for 3.0.2?
01:15 gmcharlt Ricardo: I don't know if Henri has declared it frozen formally, but I suspect it's basically frozen now for everything excpet blocker bug fixes
01:15 Ricardo gmcharlt: OK, thanks
01:21 Ricardo If Chris show up here, can you PLEASE ask him to submit one last time the patch for pt-PT (OPAC and Intranet)? The files in Pootle now are up-to-date. I'm exhausted (it's 2H20 AM here) and won't be able to translate any further  :)
01:22 pianohacker can do. Thanks for your work
01:22 Ricardo pianohacker: You're welcome, Jesse!  :)
01:23 gmcharlt Ricardo++
01:23 Ricardo gmcharlt: Thanks Galen!  :)
01:25 Ricardo I must say our names (in the Translations page) went into Bold (strong). I don't know why. If you want to un-bold them, be my guest. But please, DON'T remove them! :)
02:11 Ricardo_AWAY Back. Thank you very much Chris. Just saw the pt-PT files in gitweb!  :)
02:12 Ricardo_AWAY Time to go to bed now. 3H12 AM! Take care everyone. Here's to another Great KOHA Release!
02:12 chris cool
02:12 chris :)
02:12 Ricardo_AWAY :)
02:12 Ricardo_AWAY Take care!
02:21 pianohacker Gah, finally finished commit. Good night, all
02:22 chris night pianohacker
04:09 Amit hi chris, mason
04:09 Amit good morning koha
04:09 Amit hi jo
04:10 richard hi Amit
04:11 Amit hi richard
08:20 nahuel did someone has already seen a tmpl_process segfault ?
08:47 kf hi nahuel
08:56 chris yep
08:57 chris was reported on the koha-translate list
08:59 nahuel ok
08:59 nahuel too bad
09:55 hdl_laptop1 chris: have you seen this segfault too ?
10:04 chris no
10:05 chris but i have 4 gig of ram on the machine i build templates on
10:05 chris and i suspect its caused by running out of ram
10:06 chris im rerunning to generate all the templates for every po file
10:06 chris so ill see what happens
10:07 chris it worked ok last time
10:29 chris hmm done 20 languages, and no segfault yet
10:34 chris yep, done them all no segfault
10:41 hdl_laptop1 .....
10:49 nahuel hdl_laptop1, on my laptop I have not this bug, with the same source code as in the remote install
10:50 nahuel I think it's a perl module bug
10:50 nahuel like Locale::Po
10:50 hdl_laptop1 F..... da perl
10:50 nahuel ^^
10:51 hdl_laptop1 sorry
10:51 gmcharlt hdl_laptop1: there's a problem with the marc_field_007 value builder template that I'm working on
10:52 gmcharlt it has a rather long JavaScript string that appears to be causing the segfault
10:52 gmcharlt (note this is HEAD only, not 3.0.x)
10:52 hdl_laptop1 thx gmcharlt
10:53 hdl_laptop1 So not a perl problem...
10:53 nahuel my segfault is on 3.2
10:53 nahuel hmm 3.0.2
10:53 nahuel hdl_laptop1, perl shouldn't segfault
10:53 nahuel raise an error yes, segfault no :)à
10:54 gmcharlt nahuel: alas, it is possible to make the Perl interpreter segfault
10:54 nahuel alas ?
10:54 gmcharlt alas = unfortunately
10:54 nahuel ahah ok:)
10:54 nahuel but it shouldn't :)
10:55 nahuel time to lunch
10:55 nahuel happy meal :)
10:55 gmcharlt no, but Perl's not TeX - it has at least a couple bugs :)
10:55 gmcharlt enjoy :)
11:59 hdl_laptop1 gmcharlt_: bug 2478 patch pushed today ?

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