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18:10 CGI078 hello
19:41 pianohacker gmcharlt: around? not crucially important, know it's a sunday
20:14 chris morning
20:14 pianohacker Good morning, chris
20:15 chris hows the weekend goin?
20:15 pianohacker Pretty good
20:15 pianohacker How was yours?
20:16 chris nice and quiet, which is good
20:16 pianohacker Heh
20:16 pianohacker How's kahu doing?
20:16 chris good, he was eating breakfast when i left
20:18 pianohacker How's laurel? I know that things are starting to get a bit more tense with the baby
20:19 chris good, tired but good, we have the house all ready and she has finished work, so more organised than last time :)
20:20 pianohacker Hehe, organized
20:20 pianohacker I imagine it will be easier this time
20:20 chris yeah we have some idea whats going on this time :)
20:48 richard hi
21:15 chris hi richard
21:15 richard hi chris
23:59 chris man i wish we could just see what is going on with the foundation, otherwise we are just gonna be talking about it on the lists forevere
00:02 Jo Morning all
00:02 chris hey jo
00:02 Jo Yep : I agree. Wonder whose driving it at Liblime and whether they could update the community.
00:03 Jo Might need the Kaitiaki to take this bull by the horns and wrestle into position!
00:14 chris just a page on the wiki
00:14 chris or even an email to the list saying whats happened, what they plan to do etc
00:14 chris problem solved
02:22 chris jo: your blog post
02:23 chris especially the managing people
02:23 chris could well be applied to the current situation
02:23 chris specifically
02:23 chris Talk. People will hop over ripples if they know they are coming and are prepared, its the  unexpectness that knocks frogs of lily pads not the ripples themselves.
02:25 Jo yep - I agree. I also like the concept of people 'surfing' - its the skill that you exhibit in negotiating problems and mistakes
02:26 chris *nod*
02:47 Jo Hi rach
03:38 Amit hi chris, brendan, mason good morning
03:39 ebegin exit
03:40 ebegin oups... wrong window :)
03:51 mason and a 'good morning'  to you, amit
03:51 Amit mason: how is your weekend
03:52 mason great thanx
03:52 mason i really liked your pazpar2 demo too
03:52 Amit thanx
03:53 mason did it take a long time to set up?
03:53 Amit it take around one week
03:53 mason and did you set it up, or someone else at OSS?
03:54 Amit it set up on opensuse 11.0
03:54 mason ah, 1 week  - good work :)
03:54 mason you set it up on opensuse?
03:54 Amit but development head Mr. Satya set up this pazpar2 demo
03:55 Amit sory
03:55 mason ah, ok..
03:55 Amit our  development head Mr. Satya set up this pazpar2 demo
03:55 mason yep :)
03:55 mason i think OSS is the first pazpar2 demo i have seen ever!
03:56 Amit hmmm
03:56 Amit but i think liblime already set pazpar2 demo
03:56 Amit not sure
03:57 ebegin Amit, do you have the URL?
03:57 ebegin I'd like to see it too :
03:57 mason hiya eric ;)
03:57 Amit yes
03:57 Amit wait i will give u
03:57 ebegin Hi guys
03:57 Amit hi ebegin
03:58 Amit ebegin:
04:00 Jo hi guys..
04:00 Jo hey can someone tell me what pazpar2 is
04:00 Amit hi Jo
04:01 Jo i do like the demo Amit
04:01 Amit hmm
04:01 chris in a nutshell jo, its federated searching
04:01 ebegin Hey Jo!  Pazpar2 is a tools allowing to do federated searches
04:01 Jo it s so cool...
04:01 Jo just playing with it now
04:01 chris so what hlt want
04:01 Amit hi chris
04:01 chris is pazpar2 searching koha and kete
04:01 Jo yes!
04:01 Jo yes we do...
04:01 chris and it can merge the results
04:02 Jo and the cemetery records at council too
04:02 chris *nod*
04:02 ebegin I did set it up for a client few months ago.  But this client is not running Koha though... well, not yet ;)
04:02 Jo (reminds me i must email richard ..)
04:03 Amit hi richards
04:03 Jo its fast
04:04 Jo must carry on on or i'll get yelled at by chris for dragging the chain
04:04 chris :-)
04:05 ebegin Anybody though abour having pazpar2 integrated in Koha interface?
04:05 ebegin s/abour/about/
04:06 chris it is already :)
04:06 chris well it uses it to do its frbr stuff
04:07 ebegin ok.. I'll have to try it though.  Do we have to do something else than saying YES when the installer ask for pazpar2?
04:08 chris you have to switch the frbr stuff on in system preferences
04:08 Jo i did that
04:08 chris and choose your sources
04:08 Jo (oops - sorry)
04:08 chris then it will use pazpar2 to search those sources (using isbn) and try to group together related records
04:09 ebegin Anybody would be interested to use a local repository for book covers instead of having to use Google, Amazon and al.?
04:10 chris im sure they would
04:10 chris its all about the legalities
04:10 chris publishers are mental
04:11 ebegin of course :)
04:11 ebegin here a sample:[…]
04:11 chris "stop making it easier for people to find the books we publish"
04:12 chris cool, just keyed off the biblionumber eh?
04:12 ebegin Yep
04:13 chris i think that would be useful for a lot of reasons
04:13 chris 1/ there are still a signficant amount of things not in amazon especially nz published content
04:14 chris 2/ serving images locally on the opacs in the library rather than fetching from the US would make the opac a ton faster
04:15 Jo goodbye all.
04:15 ebegin Right now, the detail image link is a bigger image, however, it could point to another type of file.  For example, I have a client that take picture of a kit for some school classes (eg chemistry, physics kits, ...).  The link would be the kit's description in an URL file
04:16 ebegin Can you beleive that clients have to pay to a third party if they want to have a publisher images...
04:17 chris i can totally believe that
04:17 ebegin My plan is to meet with the major publisher here and offer them a place to store their covers.
04:17 ebegin Actually, they should pay for that.
04:18 chris :)
04:18 chris logic and common sense doesnt often seem to have a place in the business world :)
04:18 ebegin If they pay, I'll make the cover available to anybody... free of charge!
04:21 ebegin Oh, and the image could link at a place like amazon and if someone click on it and buy the book, I could get some money ;-D
04:21 chris heh
04:22 ebegin Do the school libraries in NZ can make money out of their Amazon links?
04:23 chris in theory they would if people clicked on the links and then bought the book
04:23 chris im not sure if it is happening in practice
04:23 ebegin In Canada, they can't, it's prohibited. Which make the Amazon Content useless for them
04:24 chris ohh right
04:24 ebegin unless I set up everything under inLibro account ;)
04:26 ebegin Do we still use Image::Magick somewhere in Koha?
04:26 chris I think for patron images yes
04:26 chris but im not sure
04:26 ebegin cd ..
04:30 ebegin nope, not anymore I guess... grep didn't find any Image::Magick
04:31 ebegin goodnight everyone!  Sunday, 30 past midnight... time to go to bed ;)
04:32 chris sleep well
05:53 chris hi nicomo
05:54 nicomo hi chris
05:54 nicomo had a nice week-end?
05:55 chris yep nice and quiet
05:55 chris you ?
06:04 nicomo nice weather : spring is truly there now
06:05 nicomo bycicle ride with my 5 year old daughter, etc.
06:05 nicomo nice and quiet
06:05 chris sounds like fun
07:26 hdl_laptop hi kf
07:26 hdl_laptop chris around ?
07:27 kf hdl, good morning :)
07:28 chris am now hdl_laptop
07:28 chris whats up?
07:28 hdl_laptop was wondering if translations had been updated on Pootle.
07:29 hdl_laptop I can check on my own.
07:29 chris ahh i push them up whenever they get updated
07:29 chris[…]=shortlog;h=3.0.x
07:30 chris do you think we are finished with any string changes?
07:30 chris if so i will regen and remerge all the .po files
07:30 hdl_laptop yes. I think so
07:30 chris ok ill regen them all
07:31 hdl_laptop it should have only very little string change
07:32 hdl_laptop mmm... maybe should we release with completed translation. And leave it up to ppl to dl from Koha Pootle and install incomplet translations.
07:34 hdl_laptop nicomo sent me the complete translation last Thursdat
07:34 hdl_laptop nicomo sent me the complete translation last Thursday for french
07:36 chris lets give people a bit more time to translate
07:36 chris because its quite hard for people to download and install
07:37 chris ill regen the .po files and send the translate list an email and say they have x many days to translate
07:37 kf perhaps not only complete but more than x %?
07:37 chris how many days do we want to give them?
07:37 chris yeah more than 50% is a good rule
07:38 hdl_laptop some translations are 0% :(
07:38 hdl_laptop I would say rather more than 66%
07:39 hdl_laptop 50% looks very weak imho.
07:40 kf compromise on 60 %? ;)
07:40 chris i think that 50% still might make it useful
07:40 chris and might make people want to finish it :)
07:42 chris but 66% im fine with too
07:42 chris i think whatever the rule is, we need to send an email and say you have x days to translate your language
07:42 chris if its not over 66% it wont be in the 3.0.2 release
07:44 hdl_laptop let's stick to 66% and let's give 10 days for translations.
07:47 chris sounds good
07:48 chris 10 days from today? which would be the 28th of may?
08:05 chris ok story read, and goodnight song sung, and kahu asleep
08:05 chris time to merge po files
08:15 hdl_laptop chris: does 28th May sounds ok ?
08:16 chris yep sounds good to me
08:16 chris strings for opac actually went down :)
08:16 chris from 3853 to 3839
08:20 chris kf:
08:20 chris nothing for you to do for the opac
08:22 kf ooh
08:22 kf I like translating, its more fun than other things on my todo list
08:23 chris havent done the intranet yet ... might be some for you there
08:23 kf ok :)
09:00 chris there ya go
09:24 kf thx chris
09:24 chris hi paul_p
09:24 paul_p hi chris.
09:24 paul_p in London today for "Breaking the barrier conference"
09:24 paul_p
09:25 kf [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/var/lib/pootle/intranet3_0/de/d​e-DE-i-staff-t-prog-v-3000000.po'
09:26 kf chris: getting an error message, when submitting directly
09:26 kf suggest seems to work
09:29 chris cool paul_p
09:29 chris hmm lemme check that out
09:29 chris kf: can you try now please?
09:30 kf its ok now
09:31 kf did you do something or was it my logout/login?
09:33 chris no it was something i did
09:34 kf thx chris
09:36 Amit hi kf
09:39 kf hi amit
09:47 kf chris: cant reach
09:48 kf too many translators at work?
09:50 chris yeah after i sent that email everyone logged in, try now
09:51 kf its great now and fast
09:52 kf and I'm done :)
09:54 chris :)
09:54 paul_p fire alarm gone. We had to leave the conference room. Fortunatly, false alarm
09:59 Hui_Nan_ hi all
10:00 hdl_laptop hi
10:00 Hui_Nan_ I git-cloned koha's repo, checked out origin/master branch as local myinstall
10:00 Hui_Nan_ I can't see any localized templates there
10:01 hdl_laptop it is perfectly expected.
10:01 hdl_laptop you have to install them
10:01 Hui_Nan_ url plz
10:01 chris the versions in 3.0.x are much more up to date
10:01 chris (the .po files that is)
10:01 hdl_laptop via misc/translator/
10:02 Hui_Nan_ ups, I'm in a development branch!
10:02 Hui_Nan_ %-)
10:02 hdl_laptop and use ./
10:02 Hui_Nan_ ok
10:03 hdl_laptop it will install every language.
10:05 chris but be warned, the .po files in master are out of date, we havent started translating there, and wont until we get closer to 3.2.0 release .. but you can use the files from the 3.0.x branch
10:05 chris they are more up to date
10:17 Hui_Nan_ I'm a bit worried about switching between development and maintenance versions
10:18 Hui_Nan_ it seems that I have to take care on db backups
10:19 Hui_Nan_ backup current db, restore from the backup corresponding to the correct branch, switch to that branch
10:20 Hui_Nan_ is testing db compatible with maintenance?
10:28 hdl_laptop From my point of view, it is.
10:28 Hui_Nan_ ok, I don't need to care of db, just checkout the codebase and everything gonna be ok
10:29 Hui_Nan_ nice
10:29 hdl_laptop I have not added table updates which were in dev version.
10:29 hdl_laptop Hui_Nan_: just make a copy of your database, just in case.
10:30 Hui_Nan_ ok
10:51 chris also if you want you can just clone another copy of the repo
10:52 chris and checkout the 3.0.x branch, or the maintenance branch in there and leave your dev version alone
10:52 Hui_Nan_ still no choice but English on the step 1 of Web installation
10:53 Hui_Nan_ misc/translator/ required?
10:55 chris yes after you install you can run that then change your language choices in the systempreferences
11:12 Hui_Nan_ looks like an infinite loop

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