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12:30 Amit hi gmcharlt
12:31 gmcharlt hi Amit - how goes it?
12:32 Amit life is fine doing some translation on dari languages
12:32 gmcharlt cool
12:32 Amit how is your's
12:33 gmcharlt fine - doing some patch testing now
12:33 Amit k
12:37 greenmang0 Amit: dari?
12:42 Amit greenmang0 translation
12:44 Amit greenmang0 ???
12:47 Amit bye gmcharlt have a nice weekend
12:48 gmcharlt thanks, you too
14:13 slef updated the progress chart on[…]opment:roadmap3.2 to something that's all in one image
14:15 gmcharlt slef: thanks
15:40 slef troll troll troll troll troll troll troll troll troll troll
15:40 slef (to the tune of "spam spam spam spam")
15:52 slef to be clear, I don't mean mine or thd's posts
15:53 thd slef: what do you mean?
15:55 slef I feel that josh's announcement is trying to start some arguments
15:55 slef particularly after how he's replied
15:55 thd slef: I am trying to stop some arguments and have been for a few weeks now:)
15:56 thd or at least defuse the arguments to a calm rational tone
16:03 pianohacker Bleh, has gone from having a minor style bug on the front page to crashing my firefox
16:24 pianohacker slef: Do you have Firefox with firebug available?
16:29 slef pianohacker: maybe somewhere
16:29 slef pianohacker: currently invoicing so can't mess my browser up right now
16:30 pianohacker Just curious because I think I've figured out a simple solution to the "Features" visual bug on (removing the height: property from #news)
16:31 atz pianohacker: FF2 or 3?
16:31 pianohacker FF#
16:31 pianohacker 3, rather
16:34 slef blah... just seen josh's latest "all your website are belong to us" email
16:36 slef really annoyed by it
16:36 slef not replying yet
16:38 atz plone was going to be a big change, and people were complaining last year that it was overdue.  At least we are past the point of arguing about skins that nobody wants.
16:47 slef atz: yes, long overdue and now 2 days and no edit access to fix the bugs with
16:48 atz so?
16:48 slef seems a crazy way to carry on
16:48 atz it's not "out" yet
16:48 slef but it will be this weekend
16:48 slef according to the announcement, at least
16:49 atz yeah, we'll see.  maybe they'll step it back
16:49 slef here's hoping
16:50 slef by the way, I thought I was very kind suggesting I'd been asking for edit access for only just over a week when I found me asking for it back in July 2007 when Plone was first installed...
16:50 slef (almost certainly a different Plone)
16:50 atz credit for not giving up
16:53 slef In the words of former British PM John Major: "We've got out our backs against the wall. Now's the time to turn and fight." There's nothing like banging your head against a wall.
16:54 atz hah... is that quoted as a famous funny misstatement?
16:54 atz uk politicians sound smarter than ours, even when we're comparing dumbass things they say
16:56 gmcharlt which is why broadcasts of PM's question time have a small but avid following in the US
17:00 slef no, it's quite a hard quote to find
17:00 slef trouble is less stupid things to say mean fewer satirical mashups and nothing quite like The Daily Show
17:01 slef Conservatives did go through about six years of saying really stupid things though
17:01 slef that was Major's rallying cry as they slumped to defeat in the 1997 election
17:02 slef they fought the 2001 election with the slogan "we're thinking what you're thinking" which was gold for the comedians ("you what? I was thinking about biscuits. If you want to run the country, I hope you're thinking about something more important than hob-nobs."
17:07 pianohacker slef: does the uk have any cute, shiny, don't look at the economy plz stories like the Obama dog saga was?
17:21 slef pianohacker: our lot keep falsifying their expense claims to distract from the economy
17:21 slef pianohacker: best one yet: Home Secretary's expense claim for some pay-per-view porno watched by her husband
17:22 pianohacker hehehe
17:38 pianohacker Have to wonder how intentional that is
18:36 brendan good morning #koha
18:37 brendan fires last night starting heading towards us.  but the winds changed this morning and it's somewhat clear overhead
18:40 gmcharlt brendan: glad to hear they ended up staying away from you
18:40 gmcharlt I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you
18:40 brendan thanks gmcharlt
18:41 brendan fingers crossed here too.
20:11 JavierFM hello friends
20:20 gmcharlt hi JavierFM
20:32 chris morning
20:32 gmcharlt hi chris
20:32 gmcharlt how's your Saturday?
20:32 pianohacker Good morning
20:32 chris so far so good, kahu is with his grandparents, i slept in til 8am .... what a luxury :)
20:33 pianohacker I know, you're up late
20:33 brendan chris you doing anything fun this weekend?
20:33 brendan heya pianohacker
20:34 pianohacker hey brendan
20:34 pianohacker How's your part of the world?
20:34 brendan calm for now
20:36 chris brendan: mothers day tomorrow, thats about all i have planned for now
20:36 brendan cool -- thanks for the reminder -- I need to make sure i send my mothers day present
20:37 pianohacker Don't wanna forget that
20:37 JavierFM hello
20:37 JavierFM se me apago la PC sorry
20:37 JavierFM brendan: my love are you there??
20:37 brendan hmm...  interesting greeting JavierFM
20:39 JavierFM brendan: donde estan los OPs de este canal??
20:41 brendan que OPs ?
20:42 pianohacker si es un OP a veces
20:42 pianohacker pero no ahora
20:43 brendan no se.
20:43 JavierFM brendan:  los operadores de este canal
20:43 JavierFM no me digas ke no hay
20:43 JavierFM yo en mi pais (Cuba) soy NetAdmin
20:44 JavierFM estudio informatica
20:44 brendan ok -- I think the OPs are in new zealand
20:45 brendan and all around the world
20:46 brendan *(spanish not strong enough to continue)*
20:50 chris that was interesting :)
20:52 JavierFM brendan: i have to go byebye
20:52 brendan adios Javier
20:52 JavierFM brendan: tkm
20:57 chris wizzyrea: you about?
21:23 rhcl2 She's got the flu. -jk
21:23 brendan one cool thing is I get to hear governor Schwarzenegger speak about fire a lot...  he's just got a great accent
21:24 chris hehe
21:32 pianohacker chris: Didn't feel like joining the kados/slef shootout?
21:36 chris heh
21:36 chris i just me too'd erics email
21:36 chris i think he summed it up pretty well
21:38 pianohacker Yup, and in a fairly diplomatic fashion
21:39 brendan eric ++
21:54 chris hows the wind now brendan ?
21:55 brendan blowing about 10~15 mph
21:55 brendan so not bad yet...  
21:55 brendan give it another 2 hours...
21:57 chris i guess we could hope it blows back on itself and blows the fire where it has already been
21:57 chris to help put it out
21:57 chris im sick of chilling, i want twitter back
21:57 brendan yeah...  I think it's just going to need a few days
21:58 brendan it should be back up in a few
22:00 chris :)
22:04 chris brendan: they have entered the house where the gunman was holed up, just now
22:05 brendan wowo chris that is a long time coming
22:05 chris yeah, they wanted to talk the guy out, and there was no immediate danger to anyone else
22:05 rhcl what gunman? where? is that related to the slef/kados shootout comment?
22:05 pianohacker hahahahaha
22:05 pianohacker verbal shootout, _verbal_ shootout
22:06 brendan that would be a riot
22:06 rhcl ooohh
22:06 brendan that was just prefect timing on all parts
22:07 pianohacker ahh, irc, the home of unintentional comedy
22:08 chris but in more upbeat news
22:08 rhcl I'm outta here, time for the weekend.
22:08 chris[…]-from-burning-car
22:12 gmcharlt hee - old school CS reaserch, in 2009:
22:14 gmcharlt quite interesting - and one can play along at home using a simulator for the IBM 1130 -
22:16 pianohacker A regex parser in fortran? Sounds like padded cell+straitjacket material
22:21 chris hehe
22:21 chris have you guys seen intercal?
22:21 chris[…]gramming_language
22:23 pianohacker I remember that the Google April Fools AI was supposedly written in INTERCAL :)
22:25 chris hehe
22:25 chris i like the having to say please
22:25 pianohacker you wanna print some text, BOY?
22:25 pianohacker Are ya sure 'bout that, BOY?
22:26 chris hehe
22:31 chris man owen is doing well, answering mail with a new baby, i gues when you have done a couple of times before you cope better :)
22:34 gmcharlt he's already putting the baby to work!!!
22:34 gmcharlt :)
22:34 chris hehe
22:36 chris got debian-jr all hooked up :)
22:41 pianohacker mailman really does need a "run and hide and hope everyone's alive when you come back" button
22:43 chris heh
22:43 chris procmail filters :)
22:48 chris what the hell was that don't rewrite history bit about anyway
22:48 chris does anyone understand that?
22:54 pianohacker That is oddly apropos, given the wildfire near brendan's house
22:54 chris hehe
22:59 chris i could turn off the heater and use the laptop, save on power :)
23:01 pianohacker Ha
23:01 pianohacker 'night all
23:12 chris ok, im calling it, this is getting too nasty, im disengaging
00:27 brendan chris ++
05:57 chris back
06:02 chris blue skies and hanging out with your family
06:02 chris does wonders for healing
06:36 brendan yes chris - that is great to hear -- quite night here -- at least the winds did not go crazy...
06:36 brendan s/quite/quiet/
06:42 chris yay!
06:42 chris that is good news
07:15 fredericd Nice exchanges on various koha lists...
07:15 fredericd It isn't meritocracy, it's pure first stage democracy exercise
07:21 chris :)
08:09 chris http://google-opensource.blogs[…]ng-webdriver.html
08:09 chris looks interesting

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